How to Work with An Art Licensing Agent | Ronnie Walter | Skillshare

How to Work with An Art Licensing Agent

Ronnie Walter, Artist, Writer, Art Biz Coach

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10 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. What does an Art Licensing Agent do?

    • 3. Should you have an Agent--or Not?

    • 4. Why an Agent wants YOU

    • 5. Finding the Right Agent

    • 6. The Decision Process

    • 7. Yikes--The Contract!

    • 8. Your Final Decision

    • 9. Frequent Questions

    • 10. What I know for sure...


About This Class

“I just want to make art!"

How many times have you said that when confronted with all those irritating little business details?  If there's one thing all working artists have in common, it's that the business of making money from your art gets in the way of, well…making art!

 “I need an agent—like yesterday.”

 Wouldn't it be great if somebody else handled all that biz and marketing stuff for you?

 Agents can do that, but not everybody needs an agent.

In this class you will learn how agents work, how to decide if getting an agent is right for you, how to find the right agent and how to determine if they are a good fit for you. You’ll also learn about the artist/agent contract: what should and should not be in it so you’ll be ready to go when the time is right.

Artist, art business coach, former agent and well-known industry expert Ronnie Walter will walk you through how to find the right partner to grow your licensing business. She will show you steps and techniques that work, all delivered in her trademark friendly, supportive style.





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Ronnie Walter

Artist, Writer, Art Biz Coach

Hi! I'm Ronnie Walter. I'm an artist, author and Art Business Coach. I license my work on all kinds of cool products like greeting cards, fabric, giftware, books, plus 17 (and counting) coloring books for adults.

I am frequently caffeinated.

I love what I do and I particularly love teaching and coaching artists to help them move further on their journey no matter where they are! My goal is to help you calm the overwhelm, discover your unique gifts and make a game plan where you ...

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