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How to Work for Yourself & Tutor Subjects you Love

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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    • 1. 1)Wyzant Course Welcome

    • 2. 2)Applying to Be a Tutor

    • 3. 3)Applying to Be a Tutor (Part 2)

    • 4. 4)Applying to Be a Tutor (Part 3)

    • 5. 5)Applying to Be a Tutor (Part 4)

    • 6. 6)Applying to Be a Tutor (Part 5)

    • 7. 7)How to Adjust Pay Rate & Location Settings

    • 8. 8)The Easiest Way to Get Your First Students

    • 9. 9)How Students Will Find You

    • 10. 10)How You Can Find Students to Tutor

    • 11. 11)How to Tutor Students from Anywhere in the Country

    • 12. 12)Being Prepared for Your Lessons and Course Wrap Up


About This Class

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for yourself?

Have you ever wanted to set your own hours?

Have you ever wanted chase a passion without that sense of risk?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this Course is exactly what you're looking for.

Whether you're just looking for an extra part-time job to make ends meet or you're searching for that new business opportunity, there's no better time than now.

Learn how to get paid to teach people the skills you already possess. There's a market for your talent and your passions. You just need to know how to exploit it!

This Course will teach you how to tutor people locally (&online). You literally tutor almost anything, from subjects like Math, Science, & English to niche skills like Poker, Chess, Soccer, & Baseball.

This is hands down one of the easiest ways to generate Income AND get to do what you love.

Enroll today.


1. 1)Wyzant Course Welcome: Hey, guys. Eso welcome to the course. I got a great one for you. Here s so basically what this is is Ah, it's going to teach you the ins and outs of how you can tutor different subjects. And when I say different subjects, I mean, you know, thousands of subjects anything that you can pretty much think of you can tutor Given now this year is U. S based. This isn't for global currently wise and is currently only for the U. S. I just want to stress that so you know, if you if you're not from us, obviously this doesn't apply to you, but in inside the U. S. You can literally tutor anywhere in the country. It's wonderful. So I This is something that I did when I was first getting started, and I was kind of trying to escape my the corporate environment. I was in my 9 to 5 and kind of free myself to give myself a little bit more time while still making money, you know, on my entrepreneurial journey. So there's two reasons that you might want to, you know, investing a course like this or, you know, basically you know, follow this business model and the reasons for those are simple. The first reason is, you know, maybe you need you know, if you like your job or your you know, you're comfortable with the job. You need it, for whatever reason. Totally understandable. You know, there's a lot of great 9 to 5 jobs out there. Don't get me wrong. So if you're into into a job like that and you love it, that's wonderful. But if you're looking for a supplemental source of income, you know, to kind of, you know, give you another another basically income stream while doing what you love. This course is for you. Also on top of that, if you're trying to escape that 95 it's not for you, you know, and you're looking to kind of free yourself. But you don't have that kind of nest egg to, you know, really? Go search your dreams for sexual dreams. Teoh, go search. You know, for that job of your dreams or kind of launch onto your entrepreneur journey on, you kind of need a little bit of funds and you know, some income. While you're doing so completely understandable, this mob business model is also for you. So what this will do is this will give you a little bit of income stream. You know why you're doing what you love. You get the tutor things that you're already good at. So you bring that to the table and you also get to kind of set your own hours. You know, set your own what you're going to charge and really free up your time to chase whatever you might want to chase. So that's really what I'm teaching, you know, to you. But like I said, this could always also always be a supplemental source of income for people that are just looking for a little bit extra money in their spare time to teach what they love. So it's it's a great business model. I want to bring it to you guys. I want teach it to us because this is actually something that I used when I was first starting. Like I said, you know, my entrepreneur attorney and it really gave me the insight. Um, you know, on charging and selling myself basically and branding myself and it's not as hard as you might think. So I'm gonna go with the ins and the outs. You know how you can basically figure out You know what you're good at? You bring that to the table. I would say Identify five subjects that you really are good at. That you might bring to the table. Maybe you're good at sports, and literally there are so many subjects. I'm gonna go into them. So maybe you're good at sports. Like I said, you're you know, maybe you're gonna baseball. Always use the baseball example so you can tutor baseball, Believe it or not, two people that are in your area now, obviously, if you're more centralized around the city, given about an hour or so from a city or within the city, obviously you're gonna have more clients that potentially tutor. The higher the population around you, the better. But on top of that, there are also launching a digital platform now where you can tutor people online. So that's something to keep in mind too. So you're not necessarily restricted on wise and to your area. But it does help, you know, to be a little bit less rural. But like I said, if you're still roar, you can you can watch into that. So going back to it, Maybe you're gonna baseball on you. Consider baseball. Maybe you're good at math. Maybe you're really good at teaching math. It doesn't have to be calculus every time you can Set which math parameters and subject subjects you'd like to teach. And actually, I made a lot of my money teaching math. You know, you can teach pre cock. You can teach algebra. You can even teach geometry anything. You know, elementary math, whatever you're good at, you can teach it on. And maybe you're gonna English. Maybe you want to prove your papers. There is literally anything that you can think of, you know, under wise and subjects you can tutor. Now, I would like I said, stress for you to find maybe 3 to 5 subjects that you're really good at. And make that your your bread and butter. And initially, when you're starting out, you're gonna want to kind of identify people in that subject and find students to tutor in those subjects. But once you get established, once you get a client, you know your 1st 1 you can really branch out to every subject do you want? You can have 100 subjects and really be open to earning and every one of those subjects, you know, as long as you enjoy it, you know? So really, that's all that matters. Whether you enjoy it, you're still trading your time. In a sense, this isn't 100 sent passive your trading, your time to tutor students. But you know, the business model was great because you can charge up to, you know, there are tutors on here that charge $100 an hour. Now, how does the revenue share work? I want to get into that. So obviously, you're not gonna be charging $100 an hour right off the bat. I like Teoh. I'm trying to think it was about two years ago that I started doing this. I want to say I charged about $30 an hour for the first two months. I'm pretty sure it was $30 an hour. Might have been 25 but relatively 30. So when you're first starting out rising, it takes a pretty penny. They take ah, high percentage of that. But you don't have to do any of the marketing. You don't have finding this. Students. You basically get students and in those subjects that you're tutoring handed to you and you get to apply for their for that student. So you don't have to do anything you want to find the students or the clients. Ah, wise, it will do all that for you. And like I said, we're gonna get into this in future lectures. Just give me the brief rundown of this. So why is it does take 40% right off the bat of your hourly charts. So say you find a math tutor, a math student. Sorry on, and you charge you charge $40 an hour and you let's just run some numbers here, any chart and you tutor for two hours. Okay, so $40 an hour, two hours rising. It's gonna take 40% when you're first starting out. So let's say that's 80 total over two hour period. If you're charging $4 an hour now, what? 60% of 80. That's what you make. So that's still $48 in two hours. Now people get all you know up in arms about the 40% wise and takes 40% But let's say just hourly. If you're making $4 an hour, you're charging $40 an hour or you know what? Let's even say $30 an hour to start, we'll start you a little bit on the lower end. I suggest starting lower to build kind of social proof and, you know, a customer and client base, and then you can start charging more. But let's just say you charge $30 an hour. What's 60% of 30? That's still $18 an hour. So $18 an hour anywhere in the United States is a decent paying job, especially when you know you're talking about teaching things that you love. And it's better than, you know, 90 99.9% of jobs that you're going to get that aren't in a corporate structured environment that aren't salary based. You know, most jobs are 10 to 12 hour dollars an hour, maybe 15. If you're lucky and granted, you get to set your own hours, you get that. You get to decide who you want to tutor, when and how much. Really the earning potential is up to you now. Well, there's a little caveat there. The 40% don't get all up in arms because once you establish yourself and you start to charge more, not only was it will your earning potential go up as your hourly charge goes up, but also once you get more established wise, it will lower the percentage that they take from you. So I think when I finished, I was roughly about 30%. But I was really close to that 25% tier. So and I think I was charging about I want to say 45. I don't think I ever made it upto $50.50 per hour barrier. But let's say 45. So what was 30? What was 70% of $35 an hour be or $45 an hour? Sorry, because I was wise. It was taking 30% of every hour that I made, So that's still 31 50 an hour. Now that is a great, great hourly pay when you factor and everybody else is, you know, take a doctor, for example. They make they might make a great you know, mouth a great living, you know, take a lawyer, for example. They might make a great living, for sure. No one, No one is disputing that. But they're also working, you know, 80 maybe up to 100 hours a week. And you know, when you factor in the hours the effort, the stress, you know, and the fact that you would get to teach something you love and obviously that doesn't stress you, it really starts to, you know, look a lot more lucrative and a lot better because, you know, you're getting to teach what you love. You're getting paid that hourly, that hourly rate that's really up to par and in line with those top tier jobs. And why is it has the student based to do this? I'm telling you, hop on this. You guys will be amazed. Now, this doesn't have to be a 40 hour week job for you. If you want to take this 40 hours a week, you by all means, you can. It's gonna take some time to build up to that clientele in that student base, but you definitely can do that. But more importantly, this is really just the, you know, a side job. You can work 10 hours a week. You can work 20 hours a week and still make that. Let's say you let's say you know, that I was working 20 hour week, just doing wise. And now what would that be? So is making 31 50 an hour roughly after that after Wise, and it took their 30% off my 45 hope you guys are still following that. Let me just repeat that I'm still making 31 50 an hour, you know, after Wise and took that 30% off the $45 that I charged this student. Okay, so 30 31 50 times, 20 hour work week, not 6 30 a week. That's not bad money for working 20 hours. That's that's really not that bad at all. Now we're always in that monthly craze. I know everybody likes, you know, to get into the monthly charges, so let's just multiply that by four. That's 2520 a week that you make tea tutoring students. Our sorry. A month 2520 a month, $2520 a month. Guys, you know, tutoring 20 hour work weeks on stuff that you love. You could tutor baseball. Like I said, I tutored a kid doing baseball. I also applied to soccer jobs. Also, there was poker. There was a bunch of different stuff. I tutor math. I tutored some scientist stuff like that. These are things that you're interested in. You can choose this. You can set your own hours. You can set your hourly rate. And more importantly, you know, you're not bogged down to any one thing you get. You get to accept, you get to apply, you know you don't have to wake up. And, you know, I dread the fact that you've to go work the next morning. You know, in this sense, so you know, it really leaves the freedom up to you while giving you also earning potential. And I really think that this is a great business model when you're first starting out. So that being said, I'm gonna delve into the specifics of it in the next lecture. But I just kind of want to break down the business model and why it's so lucrative and why I love it and why you should too 2. 2)Applying to Be a Tutor: The very first thing you're going to do is you're going to imply to be a tutor. So you're gonna go to this? You're all right here. And I'll have this linked in the ah, in the actual lecture. Um, and in a document attached to a lecture, because every once in a while, most people conflict the the attachments. We're sorry, the the links in the lecture. But every once in a while I get a student that says that they're unable to click that. So actually attached not only that in the lecture, but I'll attach the URL in a document attached to this lecture to and that's lecture to Ah . So the first thing we're gonna do is you're going to, um, in the girl's right here. Just type it in its https of la Wiesner dot com slash tutor. Sign up start. So I'm going to sign up to be a tutor. Obviously, I'm already tutor, so I'm just gonna sign it with, like, a fake name and a fake email just to kind toe. I don't know what kind of hiss just the kind of, ah, you know, show you guys the process that you have to go through Teoh, you know, apply and and basically, you know, get get accepted to the wise and platform. It is a bit difficult to get accepted right away, but that's a good thing. They are somewhat strenuous and strict on who they accepted, how they accept them. But just because you get did not, it's not like a accepted night type thing. It's more so you apply and then they say, All right, well, that's great. But, you know, maybe you should modify it slightly. This this is more of what we're looking for. And then you simply modify your application and you go back to them and then they might come back and say, Oh, that's great where they might come back and say, You know, that's that's phenomenal. But we also like we could see improvements here. Or you might wanna, you know, also improve this and then, you know, you come back to them and you re apply. I think when I actually applied, I had a pretty good application and obviously, you know, some good um, you know, a good base of knowledge about this, and, ah, you know, the things I want the teeter were like fitness and personal trainer math. And I had good s a t scores on math and obviously I was, uh, a ah math minor. In college, I had a good base, but they still, you know, kind of came back and forth with me and wanted to meet a modify my application. I'm gonna go through that process with you 100% to show you how to improve your odds, you know, and really minimize that time. But that is a good thing because it really lowers the competition on Why isn't if everybody was tutoring on rising around you, it would be hard for you to find students. However, the fact that they are so strict and it is difficult to get accepted makes it great once you do get accepted because there's not as much competition. And there's more students basically meaning that you can make more money s so I'm gonna like I said, apply here with a fake name. Will go Tim Grover, because I just actually read his book. Um, and it was phenomenal. It's called a relentless. If you guys want check that out. Um, it's it's he's basically Kobe Bryant, Um, and ah, Dwyane Wade and Michael Jordan. He's their trainer. It's beyond the scope of this course, but it's great if you want to check it out. He's one of my burner old emails that I don't use any more. Um, and we'll just create a pope. Didn't do that. There we go. And next Now, have you ever been a teacher? Obviously. Just going to simply answer these questions. How many years a tutoring center do you have? Um, we'll say 2 to 4. Um, I don't want to do any college People are adults. Really? So I'm just going to say through high school, you can obviously answer these questions however you want. It really just depends on what you know you're looking for to otherwise. So it's pretty self explanatory. I'm just gonna fill these out really fast in the more gonna hit next. And one more thing here is they actually did like I alluded to in the first lecture. I always click all of these you can kind of none of these were set in stone. You can these air just basically giving them an idea of what you're open to. So I'm gonna check them all. They obviously did our launch recently. The online platform, which is phenomenal. You're definitely gonna want to click that and opened so many possibilities too. Because you're not just restricted to the type of area that you live in. You can tutor people all around the country. And for that reason you really want to get involved in the online platform. Now I hook students location, library and location. I select to because I want to be opens that a lot of students will. You know if if you know, obviously you'd like the east potentially of them coming to your house. And some students are open to that. But a lot of students, if, like, their younger and they have, like a parent, the parent will want to drop them off it like a public place, like a library for a tutoring. Because if they haven't met you before, um, it's a little bit. It's a better trust factor. Once you get established, a relationship with them, obviously you can kind of bend that are a little bit, but ah, the majority of them want, like, you know, either the students location at their home or a library. Which of these defund warning proving grades helping students get ahead? Teaching a hobby? Yes. Yes, in this pretty self explanatory. How many hours you work currently outside, Guys. And I want to say 35 because I through a lot of hourly content creation stuff. But obviously that depends on what your stuff is. So then you're simply going to go through this process, you know, choose your subs. Actually, I'm gonna teach. You can literally go through. I think initially you have tow. This is actually very important. You're gonna want toe really delve into and decide which five topics now I'd say five because that opens you to mawr. Potentialities of tutoring. But you're really gonna want to delve into hard. Ah, and think hard about this, you know, which are your five that you're going to start with because that's what you're going to establish a starting base with. Now, once you get accepted to these, you could basically apply to other ones and you could apply to literally all of them if you'd like. As long as you know, given the fact that you can actually tutor them and help student with them. Um, but you want to start out with a good base of five. So maybe you want to start with a couple of math ones? I think I did algebra out of her to calculus. Um, where the other ones like geometry or something? Geometry. And we'll just go finite math. So I'm gonna assume that my basically my basic, you know what I'm bringing to the table, basically, initially is math. So when I filled out my application, I'm going to basically tell them why I'm good for, you know, as a math tutor. Now, you that my change through, maybe urine in Ghostie? An English teacher, maybe, Or an English major. Um, you know, maybe you've written a book. Maybe you're good at history. Maybe you literally you know, whatever it is, you have to look through all these and really just figure out what that is now their sports and recreation here. Ah, soccer, maybe played, You know, Ford for college or something like that. You know, the the possibilities are endless, but you just want to go through and you want to simply identify which five that you want to build your base off of to get started. And then from there, you know, we'll move on to the next the next dumb part of the application. But I'm gonna let you Ah, I'm gonna end it here so you can kind of pause it if you want. We'll go through this process together, and then you simply choose yours, and I'll see you guys in the next lecture and will go on to step two. 3. 3)Applying to Be a Tutor (Part 2): Alright, guys. So here I am in step to, um hopefully you took some time and you identified five good solid topics that you could build your you know, your your wise and teacher profile around now. Like I said before that you're not strictly, you know, limited to these five. But they are five that you're gonna wanna build your base around, you know? But once you do get that based around, you know you tutor a student, you can apply 200 more if you want you quite a 10 more. You know, you buy them off, you really want, but it's upto wise. It's discretion to accept you. So there is the application process in the beginning to become the tutor. And then there's a simple application process when you apply to all the other individual subjects after. So say you you know you like me. For example, if I I you know, I'm applying to be a five subject math tutor. Basically. Well, suppose I wanted to tutor poker later or soccer later or something like that. They're gonna ask me a mini application of you know why I feel like I'd be a good fit for that subject on what my credentials are basically, so that's something to keep in mind. But you're not limited to those five. I just want to stress that you can basically apply to as many as you want, Um, given that there on the platform. But initially, you kind of want to set your base with those those main five. So I'm hopping into the second step here. You should be on number two with me. Now, Granted, I haven't done this in a while because when I applied to be a tutor, it was, you know, it was a wild back. So I'm gonna go through the process, just kind of show you guys what to do and how you can go through it to. So if you thinks first we're just gonna hit next your relationship with lies and you can read all this obviously, if you want. It's pretty self explanatory. All right. Here's an independent that used why isn't it ok? Guests just kind of, you know, basically going through the motions to make sure that you ah, you know, understand the platforms rules. So just to recap really fast into complete profile, you can search tutoring, job boards and message students. That's all something and we're gonna get into. I'm gonna go through the process of actually doing that on my other on my account. Um, and soon it's gonna actually find you, and you can apply to jobs, too. So that's there's two things that we'll talk about later on in the course, you know, structure doing share, recording more tutors. This is definitely something that's big. You want to maintain your good ratings, so you definitely want students apply to you. Um, and they apply for your services or ask about you know, your potential availability during a given day or week, even if you're not available. Even if you you know you don't have any plane that plans on tutoring, that subject or anything like that. You still want to apply to the reply to them and and, you know, basically be kind and, ah, you know, tell them why, uh, why isn't big on the response rate receiving high lessons ratings? This is pretty self explanatory, you know, the better you tutor. You know, the really the more customer service and the nicer you are to both the student and the parent. The parent, especially. They'll give you the good ratings because the parents the one giving you the rating factors that affect your especially all the above. I didn't know the father. Actually, I feel like this is knew they didn't have this before. Okay, so this is important right here. And this is what I was talking about in the initial lecture. So why is it will keep a commission of around 20 to 40% on each lesson you have together. Now, I'm not gonna go through and read this, um, and it goes through five business days after the u submit election plan. Ah, so basically, it starts out at a 40% rate. So when you initially start out like I said, you can You can decide what you want to charge. But if you don't have any social proof, if you don't have any ratings, you're gonna want to charge a low rates. Not, you know, it doesn't have not saying, you know, charge $5 an hour. Anything crazy like that. But what you will you will want to do is start lower, you know, towards the lower end. So $20 an hour, maybe $30 an hour if you're if you're You know, if you're good and you bring a lot to the table, you feel like But remember why I say it's gonna take 40% of that. So, you know, whatever the case may be, you want to factor that into what you're actually potentially earning. So let's just run some numbers here. Let's assume that initially you had a plan to, you know, for the 1st 10 hours that you tutor, you're going to charge $20 an hour just to kind of get a base in there. You know, a couple ratings and some tutoring hours. So let's say you're gonna charge 20 now. Like I said, why is it it's gonna take 40% of that off the top, so you're only making 60% of that. That's still still $12 an hour. So the 1st 10 hours you're gonna be making $12 an hour Now, As you tutor more hours, I forget what the exact number is. And when that scale moves, it's not as much as you would think that slowly goes down so set with say the number and I don't remember the exact number. Let's say the number is 20 hours As soon as you get hit that 20 hour mark on your 21st hour that this percentage goes down so wise him then might only take 35%. And then, you know, you tutor 10 more hours, They might only take 30%. And then if you turn tutor all the way up to 100 hours, they might only take 25%. I forget the exact where the scale slides, but it starts at a 40% rate that they take, and that slowly moves down to 20%. As you increase the hours that you tutor s. Oh, that's something. Keep in mind, you won't always be. It won't always be taking 40% off the top. So if they're only taking 20% and ah, you know, you're charging as you move up and you have, like, 100 hours tutored and you're charging, you know, $50 an hour, then well, then you're making 80% of that which is $40. So that's $40 every hour when they only take 20%. So it's just something to keep in mind. the 40% is only temporary. It's not, you know, it's basically a ah deterrent to, you know, forced. It's one of the ways that they basically vet tutors and kind of, ah, you know, make sure that students like them and are, you know, are accepting their services and that they provide value we hit next year, which is hate these questions. Which of the following things affects why dance commission rate number of testimonials receding over our do tutor job. Having going to say all the above even though, jeez, the number hours you cheated. Yeah, important rules. Which of the following is true about Why isn't undersea famous directed from students? There was a payment information on file before lessons can occur. I think that's all of the above. So that is one big thing you're not supposed to a message them outside the app, so it you know, if you get their number, you're not supposed to, you know, And this is something that will go through later on in the course. Don't worry about this, but why is it actually has an app that will get into for both students and for teachers. Obviously you're gonna take? You're gonna be downloading the tutor application unless you want, you know, by any means to get to to to and then you can go down the both of them. But you're not. You're supposed to keep all communication within the APP. They have a messaging platform on the app where you can literally message your students and they can, you know, message back on their phone. It's basically think of it like a ah, like a WhatsApp for for tutoring s. So it's really, really cool that way. But they really want to stress that, you know, to keep all your communication on the app so that if you ever, you know, get stiff money or if they give you bad rating or something like that, there's a reason. And trust me, they want to protect you. You're basically their employees. I know that. One question that we just answered recently said that you weren't there employees, but they look at it like you're their employee. Essentially, um, they do want to protect you, and they want to make sure you get paid and get ready to well, but they can't protect you if you don't. If you do communication or payments outside of the outside of the white sand platform, so it's important to always make make sure that the tutor, sometimes they'll offer, you know, cashier there, make sure that all the payments go through the app. Obviously, why's it once that so that they can get their percentage? But they also want that so they can pay attention to little idiosyncrasies and make sure that you're protected, you know, whether that's payments or messaging. So I promised to follow the wise hit marketplace rules and we'll click that and then we'll move on. I'm gonna end this one here and then we'll jump right into three and the next one and keep going through this. 4. 4)Applying to Be a Tutor (Part 3): All right, guys. Moving on. So we're in step three now. Um, now, email confirmation is step six. I actually just did that during the break, you know, in between lectures. So that will be the last step usually. But I just did that. So we're moving on to step three. Um, we'll get into that, you know, obviously, at the end, I'm simply just gonna fill out what these are, um, insulation note. Okay. So you want to fill out how much you know your cancellation notice office. Pretty self explanatory. I'm just gonna fill it out, but you can obviously go through it. You know, if you want to be a little bit flexible now that you can change this, You know, once you you know, you get accepted. Um, I was like, the couple hours cancellation notice because he never like somebody that cancels right When you're about to go meet them, you know our too. So I'm gonna see, you know, we'll say three. No, this is the important step here, mainly because it's commissioned for May. You don't have to do it by any means. You know, they basically ask you How'd you hear about Why isn't you know? You click Google if you want. I'm gonna click Google because obviously sorry, obviously on myself. And I don't want to pay myself commission, but I'd really appreciate it, obviously, if you click one of our tutors on and then you could basically put my my email address in there that my email addresses Gara. It's my last name. 447 at yahoo dot com. This is the one of my personal emails that I don't really use anymore that I use way back when I was, you know, applying to tutor. So right, right there if you want to. Obviously, I think I'm pretty sure that pays me a commission. Um, that'd be really great if you guys did that. If not, you know, just pick one of the other ones. No big deal. Uh, so that's Gara G U E r. A. 447 at yahoo dot com. Uh, like I said, I'm not gonna do that because I'm myself, obviously. And I don't want to pay myself a commission. Now, here's where here's the interesting part. Most do. Discharged between $35 on $65 an hour. It's important to keep in mind. Like I said, you want to start closer to the low end and they do take a percentage of 40%. So my opinion is start really, really low because when people are and students are looking through the platform, budget is a main factor. And a lot of these, especially if you don't have rating. So if you have a couple of ratings and you're some social proof, you get away with charging 40 bucks an hour, 60 bucks an hour or something like that, Um, you know, in a lot of cases, but if you don't have any ratings, you don't have any, you know, hours tutored, yet you're simply gonna want to choose something relatively low. I'm gonna stay 20. You can go up up to 35. You want us down the low end of what most to discharge. In my opinion, I'd stay low, just get get in our tutored. You get a good rating on their least, give you a little bit of social proof. Now here's your address. You're gonna fill all this in. It's pretty self explanatory. Um, and you know your education, your degrees. If you have any. Whether or not you have any certifications or anything like that, I'm gonna feel all this in in between lectures. Um, but, you know, you can obviously feel that in now. Now, now is the important part. And we're going to move down here, the location settings. So when you're first starting out, obviously and remember you have the online platform true that they just recently launched. So it's low. You're not location, you know, basically restricted necessarily. You can tutor people all around the country, but I always go, you know, privacy radius of, ah, half mile, so people don't know necessarily where you live. Um, and I always say the travel radius is basically where you're willing to travel to, you know, to otherwise. So if you if you will only put 10 miles when you goto basically apply and look to see what's available, it's only going to show you potential students within 2010 miles of you. So that might not be bad if you live in a city, but something to keep in mind. You know, when you're first starting out initially is you want to keep that number high. So whereas when you're first starting out. You want to keep your your charge rate relatively low to get students, you want to keep your travel radius pretty high because that will allow you to see you know , applications and potential students in a you know, a bigger area basically, is one of trying to say, you know, there's more potential students that you can teach you tutor. So I'm to say, 30 miles. That's relative. That's pretty big where I am in the suburbs, that kind of will include, you know, Philly and beyond. So maybe I'd say like 20 miles, But I'm gonna say 30 just for the purpose of this it's not. Nobody wants to drive 30 miles to go to. To somebody get that. I don't that I definitely don't want to do that. I understand if you don't, but when you're first starting out, you want to get that first student. You want to get that first hour tutored. You want to get that first rating that's going to give you social proof, and that will allow other students to, you know, basically trust you when they apply to you or when you apply to them. So if you have to drive 30 miles to get your first student. If you have to drive 15 20 miles to get your first student, you don't have to. But I would advise you to do that. It's important to get that student not be picky initially and get a couple hours tutored and get a good rating. And that will give you more social proof so that you can kind of be picky with your hourly rate and your students in the future. Um, neighborhood? I don't know. I'm not in any of these neighborhoods. I don't know why. What is? Okay. Got you. That's and that's basically listing where you're gonna be tutoring from. So would that being said. Um, show your travel radius. We're not gonna load that, but so I'm gonna say, even continue after I obviously fill this out. I'm gonna end this year, and I'm gonna fill these out. Um, and then we'll go ahead and we'll move on to the next step, you know? So I'm obviously not gonna fill in all my personal information. Even though this is a burner account, I think I need, like, legitimate Naja address and stuff like that. So that we when we apply, actually be legitimate. So I'm gonna fill this out like I said in between lectures, and then we'll move on. 5. 5)Applying to Be a Tutor (Part 4): I feel it all the rest of that out, as you should have to sew world number four here. Personalize the profile. This is a big one on. And this is the majority of the application. Here s oh, you're gonna want a decent profile headline. I put friendly and outgoing with a minor in math. I feel like that, you know, not only inspires, you know, approachability for students, but it also basically in the title and a short, concise way demonstrates, You know what I bring to the table as Matthew. Now, this can change as I start tutoring. You know, more subjects if I were applying, you know, later on. But like I said, we're gonna build those five. Subject that five subject base. So this basically speaks to what I bring to the table and that I'm approachable. I uploaded a file. You're gonna want a headshot of of a profile picture. You know, that basically shows your face who you are as a tutor. Said thinking, identify you when you meet up. I uploaded a random picture of some lady because this isn't actually we don't know, actually applying here, just going through the process So you guys understand the process yourselves. Now moving on down here. Rapid your profile. I filled this out first. It basically encourages students to contact you. Schedule lessons now. I just wrote something fast. You can obviously take a little bit of time and right, A couple, you know, sentences if you want. But something along these lines, you know, have a question. Need help with something? Don't be afraid to ask. I'm always willing to help. It basically just inspires that call to action essentially, at the end of your profile, when to eat when students see this, you know, basically start tells them to contact you or to, you know, schedule lesson something along those lines with that again, that same approachability factor. So now, moving on your math qualifications and your bio. Now, these air two important things. These are gonna be a majority of your application on your bio. I'm not gonna actually right out of bio. Basically, these are self explanatory, you know, Do you have experienced tutoring or teaching? This has nothing to do with what with my wife's aunt Tutor profile. But it's just a bio. And I'm not gonna write an entirely new one for the simple fact that I'm not actually applying eso your subjects in your math qualifications. Because remember, I'm applying for these three algebra, one algebra to calculus finance, math geometry. So I'm gonna submit my math qualifications. Now, this is the important part. This is, if I remember correctly what they actually, you know, kept, you know, basically asking for more now. Now, if you're applying to be, you know, soccer instructor or something like that and you're already a soccer coach. Then you know, you basically say that you basically just want to outline your qualifications. So I'm gonna give you an example, actually have mine here for what actually submitted. Um, and you basically just want to demonstrate in a nice way to y isn't what you bring to the table as a ah, you know, as that That subject tutor. So here. I'm gonna read mine, too. You really fastest kind of demonstrate. You know what? My qualifications were in that, and then we'll move on and actually put that in there. So said high on Brian, which actually switch the Tim really fast because implying his Tim Grover. Um, hi, I'm Tim. I'm a nutritional sciences major at Temple University. Mining, Math in math Growing up, I always did well in school. However, it wasn't until I started Start. I started studying the subjects that intrigued me and looking and learning through different ones. I really developed a passion for knowledge. I believe a student's perspective makes a huge difference in their willingness and ability toe wearing. For this reason, I not only teach the subjects and information needed, but also tried to instill this passion of my students. I'm motivated by teaching the subjects curriculum effectively so my students can receive the grades that they deserve, as well as teaching the valuable learning habits. There's relus teaching valuable learning habits for the future. So in this first paragraph, I didn't really outline any of my credentials for being a math tutor, necessarily other than the fact that I majored at Temple and I minored in math. Um, now, you know, I'm gonna go on to some more specifics about math in the next home progress, but what this does is it brings a different animal, basically in a different personality to the profile that says, Hey, I'm not just in it to tutor math subjects to students to make money. I genuinely have a passion. I want help teach people. Now it is true. This is literally what I submitted to wise at the the first time around. Now this I don't remember if it was a year or, you know, a year and 1/2 ago or whatever it was, it was a while back. But this is what I actually submitted. So you can put a nice little personal spin on that on your profile, if you'd like. You can. Like I said, you know, if you want you basically, um, take my mold here and remolded around what you're doing. Don't copy it word for word, obviously. But if you want to use this as an example, I'm totally cool with that. So I hope it helps you now moving on. I specialize is a math tutor because I love the subject. And there's always an exact number, which makes it easier to gauge whether whether where the students where student is that in the learning process. If they're unable to come up with the right answer, I can take a look at exactly what they came up with so as to diagnosis where in the problem they went wrong this last for more efficient use of time by not by only focusing on on the part of the problem. The student isn't understanding. This will also provide more time to practice once they dio Throughout school, math was my strongest subject. I frequently took math AP math courses on did very well and accumulate G p a at graduations 37 I scored 700 minutes, Bob. All, um, how to possibly 100 in college have taken many math courses as electives to keep my skills sharp. And I will turn a minor and math when I graduate. I also used to help tutor at my church part time s o. I'm familiar with student tutor For morning I mainly help students with algebra and geometry. No geometry there. Now that is true. I did you tutor at my church part time and that was a one time thing Eso I didn't necessarily tutor at my church. I I tutored once for I think it was like an hour, but that's that's not necessarily lying because it's true, but it is so sort of bending the truth slightly. You know, use whatever you can to basically, you know, demonstrate value. Now, I'm not saying why, but, you know, if you if you've done something before and you bring to the table, make sure that they know about it. This is this is basically an application for a job. Ah, On top of that, I'm also certified personal trainer and nutrition. And I put this in at the end because I I actually started applying to fitness and, you know, soccer and stuff like that so that this was good. But this obviously doesn't really have to do with math. On top of that, I'm certified personal trainer and nutrition enthusiasts ready to help people reach their goals. Even my strongest attribute is okay. We don't need to read this, but I'm basically going to Oops. Copy this and we will paste it in there. And then we will save and continue. And I will see you guys in the next 6. 6)Applying to Be a Tutor (Part 5): Alright, guys. So moving on if you've been through that entire process now, um, and you submitted all your stuff your relatively close to being finished Your at least your your profile Submission. Ah. So the only two things that I didn't show you were the email confirmation, which is obviously self explanatory. And the picture the picture cropping that will take you to a screen here and basically your profile submitted for review. Ah, and it will. You know, you're basically applied the wise, and now they're most likely if you get except the first time. You know, congratulations, because I didn't, um you know, perhaps the U. But if not, you might simply just have to go back and, you know, readjusted slightly and reapply. Now, this might take a week to ah, you re just a couple times and reapply. It might take, You know, I don't know the exact time frame. Um, but, you know, if you don't get accepted the first time, it's not the end of the world simply, you know, readjust and then reapply. Now we're gonna hit get subject approval, and that's gonna take you to the subject approval screen, which is basically where you have to take tests and submit your qualifications to basically be able to actually teach Teoh. Sorry. Tutor these subjects. So for submit qualifications. I am actually going to minor in math here and for qualifications here. I'm simply just going to put here for my qualifications, and then we'll submit that approved. Okay, so, yeah, I have been haven't been approved for any of these, that because you have to a similar qualifications. See, it's pending approval there. And be, um you're going to basically have to take tests if you don't have some, it's qualifications. Not every once in a while. While you will be able to, ah, you know, not take a test or not submit qualification should just be approved for it. Or you simply just have to write like, a quick qualification thing. And I'll show you that in a second when we add subjects. But basically, we're gonna do is take a test to be approved for algebra, and it's a it's simply an algebra test. So, you know, I would brush up on your Alger really, really fast, you know, just kind of the main concepts. You know, if you do take the test. You can always x out of it. You don't submit it if you're not ready for it. Um and you can also obviously use Google and stuff like that. There's nobody that's gonna make sure that you're not cheating or anything like that. Eso you want to make sure that you are tutoring? I do want to stress this. You want to make sure that your are triggering subjects that you actually know because at the end of the day, you're you're helping people. You're exchanging your expertise and your tutoring skills in exchange to a student for, you know, to help their grade in exchange for a payment. So you want to make sure that you can actually legitimately tutor these subjects. But that being said, passing the test isn't everything, so just make sure you pass the tax, you get approved. Um, I like to. One thing that I like to do is I'll submit the lesson plan. Um, and you know, if you're teaching tutoring, algebra or something like that or something, that's I mean to me, That's relatively simple. I don't know where you're at math wise, you know, you should be ableto basically translate and help a student now. But one thing I do like to do and we'll get into this later is once you actually get approved for a job and say, Like, say, I applied to a job in somebody accepted it and that jobless for today's a Tuesday. It's Tuesday, 10 17 at 11 45. Let's say that the job was for Thursday night. What I would do is I would then say Okay, well, why don't you, you know, talk to Sally or suit or whatever, Whoever you're tutoring. Um, and this you're obviously talking to the parent nine times out of 10 and, you know, get back to me with the curriculum, their curriculum or what the test is on. A lot of times they'll get a tutor right before a test. Or really what, you want me to go over So I have a better understanding of you know what, what she needs to be taught or what she needs to learn better so that I can better utilize our time. That does two things it gives you. It gives you the information that you need to be to be a better tutor. Uh, and that way you can kind of brush up on that for an hour or two before you go tutor. And that way you'll be, you know, locked in when you actually do the tutoring and be it tells them that Hey, I need this so I don't waste your time. Basically, you're not paying for something, so I could learn it on the spot. You know, im I'll be prepared when the lesson actually happens. And they'll like that. Trust me. I got a lot of a lot of the feedback that I've gone is literally the fact that I was prepared and that was the way that I prepared. I basically said ahead of time, Why don't you send in the lesson plan? You know what she needs to learn or what she needs to know for the test or what he, you know, wants to actually get better in or something like that. And that way I can, you know, better utilize our time. You're not saying that way. I don't waste your time. It's you know, the subtleties in the words, but basically that that you're saying that without saying it so something to keep in mind, But you obviously want to take your tests fairly easy. Nothing crazy. As long as you didn't apply the like calculus. You're not good at calculus. Um, but here's where you can add subject. So, like I said, you want to build your top five? Um, you know, main subjects, and then you can obviously add subjects to this will take you back to that. Same. Why is this Ah, jumping around on me, okay. And then you could literally go through an ad all your subjects, you know, if you maybe you want to do to do biology. But that was 61 on you only had room for five. When you're first starting out, you can literally go through and apply to all of these. Um, but Grant, you have to take a test for most of them, or you to submit qualifications. There's literally a 1,000,000 subjects that you can tutor on here. Um, and as you tutor, these are as you get eligible to turn to do the subjects Obviously the mawr students you'll be able to see, and the more available that there will be students around you. Because if you're your only tutoring one math subject, you know, And your radius is 20 miles. You might only see 20 to 30 students, potentially a week that you could apply Teoh. But if you're tutoring, you know, 30 subjects in that same radius, you might see 1000. So, uh, really helps. You kind of scale up and and really kind of improve. You know, your hourly tutoring, Um, availability, Uh, and what should be a little bit more picky once you get, you know, more kind of seasoned along in the process. So that being said, I'm gonna end this one here on, we're gonna move on, and I'm gonna show you that. You know, once you get applied, once you get approved in everything, you know how you're going to basically change your rates. You know, your radius some of your other stuff and actually apply to jobs, Uh, and and how people can actually apply to you. So we're gonna move on with that in the next lecture. But like I said, you might want to just go through, obviously, take those tests so you can get approved, uh, and go back and reapply and, you know, maybe click on a couple of these other subjects so that you can better have an opportunity to make your first tutoring session. But I'll see you guys the next one, and then we'll hop right into that. 7. 7)How to Adjust Pay Rate & Location Settings: All right, guys, Moving on. Now that you've applied and you know, hopefully got accepted, uh, we're gonna move on really fast, and I'm gonna show you how to adjust those settings both location settings and the payment settings before we actually get into the process of applying for jobs, getting if you're Spurs student, you know, and all the real meat of it. Andi actual tutoring process and how that works. Eso We get into that in the next lecture and left after that. But really fast. Just kind of want to go over how you switch your rate and your policies and how you switch your location settings on wise dance website Really fast. So you can see here you literally click your picture right here and you go down to profile and then on profile, you needed a tow location, settings or rate and policies and location settings. You can see here that mine's 1/2 mile privacy radius. I always advocate for just the most eligible that you can be privacy wise just for the simple fact that you know, nobody really needs to know where your house is or where you know you're registered because I mean, maybe registered in your business address. Maybe you're registering your house address, and, you know, if you're registered in your biggest business address, that doesn't necessarily mean to too much. But, you know, random people that are searching the site for tutors don't need to know your address. So, you know, you could make an eighth of a mile radius. You could make 1/4 of a mile radius. I would just keep it to the most. That doesn't really do anything other than just provide you cover so that if anybody basically I mean, this right here is an example of the travel radius. But basically, what it does is someone looks you up and sees where you are. They're just going to see that you're within a certain range. That's where you're located, that you're not actually on, you know, blah, blah, blah or blah, blah, blah, exact location. You know what I mean? So it makes sense just to kind of advocate for that. That extra privacy radius. I always say that if you don't want to it, you know that's up to you. Uh, now, initially, when you're starting out, you can see here I've reduced mine to 15 miles my travel travel radius A Because when I was doing this hard core, I was teaching a lot on mine, which I really, really, really advocate for you to do on that web. She will get into that the last lecture. Um, but more importantly, when you're first starting out now, you're gonna The reason that mines lower than I advocate for when you're first starting out and I went over this in touch on it and passed lecture slightly is because I don't need, you know, to solicit so many students anymore. I have a history of tutoring. I have a good ratings. I have, you know, I've earned on the platform so you don't be ranks me hot. You do, Meanwhile, turned on that platform to clearly, But it is the wife's aunt ranked any higher on their platform and search results. You know, some if a student was searching for, like, a math tutor, or now Deborah Tudor or, you know, soccer tutor or something like that, I would rank higher because I have a history of tutoring, and that's something to keep in mind. It's gonna be slightly harder to get your first students and get your first ratings, then it is want to pick up speed. It's like that snowball effect would any business. So you know, the most important thing is getting that first or second student getting a rating in their city of social proof like I've touched on before. And then once you have that rating, once you have that sale and you've made some money, other students will be going to trust you. And you'll notice that that you know you. Ah, you start 19 more students. You start learning more students, you start learning more hours, and not only that, you'll start to build your network, but you can continue to build a relationship with those people that you tutor initially. And that's also important. Hey, so they rate you good. But B C can potentially keep them as a long term client. That's something to keep in mind. So, like I said, I don't really need my travel radius to be too too much any because I tutor online slightly are used to, um and be because, you know, I didn't really feel like driving 20 miles out of, you know, away from my house when I didn't have to When there was plenty of students that were, you know, within that 15 miles that were too terrible, because I lived relatively close to a Nerb in area number one and number two. Because, like I said, I ranked higher on the platform because I have a history of tutoring. When you're first starting out, I would suggest going, you know, at least 20. To be honest, at least 20 if you're you know, you're, you know, way if you really, really, really want to get started and you're you know you're willing to do to go the extra mile, which I completely, completely, you know, around Paul's for that. That's amazing. You know, in any business model, you're gonna have to roll your hands up your car with your hands. If you don't have to roll your sleeves up, you know, kind of get get your hands dirty a little bit and, you know, get your first. You know, your client get your first sale get, you know, get get some traction in that business or in that you know, in that medium. So, you know, I would even recommend going 30 miles. You might have to drive, you know, 30 minutes to 45 minutes to potentially an hour to make your first student. That's worth it. Trust me, it's better than sitting around for 23 weeks applying to a bunch of jobs and not getting anywhere, because there are other tutors that are ranked higher than you and have social proof. Because trust me, social Proof is a big, big indicator of other people potentially signing up for your service or messaging you. Because when they see that somebody's ready to do well in the past and you already tutored , that's a big indicator. The fact that they can trust you. So what I'm saying basically is you're going to want to put this, you know, if you're willing to drive two hours and more power to you that make it 50 miles, you know that's awesome, but I would recommend at least 20 to 30 initially. If you want to go more than that, then that's awesome, and I quality for that. If not, you know, your that's up to you, and that's totally fine if you maybe don't have the means to do that. But just be Understand the fact that you're going to have Teoh, you know, wait a little bit longer. If you're not willing to travel as much, I'm gonna keep this back of 15. But, you know, just let you know. Like I said, I recommend going as high as you're willing to go if you have to drive, you know, an hour or 45 minutes or even two hours if you want. Like I said to get that first student worth it, worth it, worth it, Worth it and then some. So moving on really fast, just the rating policies you see here that mind 65 an hour. I don't also recommend that when you're starting. Like I said, uh, I forget the exact ratio that they said that they said most tutor suitor at I believe it was like 35 to 50. I would recommend going under that, uh, I would recommend going about 20 to 25 to get your first student and and really keep it there for a couple students and start building that base. And then once you build that base and you've tutored a couple hours, maybe like 5 to 10 on you have some ratings, then raise it up because you got that social proof you've got that, you know that? Ah, that that clientele and that that list of, ah, you know, students that you could basically fall back on while you search out for other students and other students starts out find you because there's two parts of it, and we're gonna get into that in a second. You can apply to the students job when they post it, or students will find you on the search engine basically on my stance platform so that the two ways that you're gonna get paid. But like I said, if I were starting out right now and I didn't have any clients and I was in your position and I was fresh and have any ratings or any hours tutored, I'd probably put this at 20. You know, you'd be thinking twenties relatively high. Maybe you're thinking 20 slow. The reality is wise. It's gonna take 40% of that. So you're not making the entire 20 number one and number two relative to other tutors on the platform twenties? Actually, relatively. Well, now, if you're really, really, really like I said in the Travel Radius that you're willing to drive two hours. You know, more power to the chances are that the person that's willing to drive two hours is much more inclined to get a student faster in the person that's only willing to drive, you know, 20 minutes, obviously, right. That makes sense while the same thing goes for the hourly rate. You know, if I were first going out on and I had my hourly rate at 65 nobody's gonna hire me. I'm just gonna completely called the way it is. Nobody's going to hire me. Know if I have my hourly rate at 35 or 40. That's relatively high, not not in the school of wise and tutors, but in the scope of new wise and tutors that don't have a history of tutoring or any ratings yet or any social proof. Does that make sense? So I would recommend, you know, maybe going 20 or 25 to start if you really want to get bold and you're just trying to acquire that first student. Like I said, I applaud you for that and more power to you. You know, you could go as low as 10. If you want time. Don't. No, there's a minimum. I don't believe that there is. Ah, yeah. Okay, So the most suitors charging between 30 and 60. I don't believe that there's a minimum you could charge. Ah, believe 10. It might stop you, but whatever the minimum is, go for the minimum. If you're really trying to get students, I like I said, I don't believe that there is a minimum. I'm gonna change us back to 65. We've already gone over the cancellation policy. Pretty much I like two hours at least. Sometimes three. You know, it's just basically, it protects you in case they can. So, uh, you can still charge them. You don't. I wouldn't necessarily recommend that all the time, but it basically just speaks volumes to the student that you're not playing games number one and that your time is valuable. But, you know, that's that's up to your discretion. What, you want to do that? So I'm gonna change anything. I'm not going to save any of these, but I just kind of want to go over. There was a touch on those with you really fast. So that you can modify them and change them as you grow your your tutoring business on the wise and platform. 8. 8)The Easiest Way to Get Your First Students: Alright, guys. So now the fun begins. Really? We're gonna start acquiring students. I'm gonna get into the methods that you can go about to the methods that you can actually execute on to acquire students. There's three of them. Really? And there were these three techniques that will bring students to you. So this is the 1st 1 I'm gonna get into it really, really fast, and then we're gonna hop into the 2nd 1 Um, on the actual site, which is student driven. And then the 3rd 1 is something that you will do yourself on the app that I'm to show you that school eso The 1st 1 is really the easiest to be honest. And that piggybacks off the network that you already have a network of, you know, maybe potential people that you already know business wise. Maybe it's your friends and your family. Now, if they live in the same household, is you or if they have the same last name as you do not use them, that's crucial because, you know, why is it does not like that. But if they're your friend, if you know their ah ah, family member that does not share the same last name or is not directly related to you. It's not like your sister that's married or something like that on her name has changed. Its if it's someone like that, or it's, you know, not a direct family member, and it's a friend. You, by all means. You can use this with them. Other than that, you can really market this however you want. You know, use your mind. Use your imagination. But you really just invites students. Now the benefit of inviting students is you get $40. I've done this many, many times, and it's phenomenal. They literally pay you $40 in credits on Do you redeem your points so they pay you in in a $40 worth of points and what you hit, A certain points you can redeem. Uh, and basically they don't have to. So there's two ways that this can happen. If you say you invited, you send an invite code to your friend and they signed up 99 times out of 100. You tutor them, they you get 100% of that commission. So say you're charging an hourly rate of $20 initially when you're trying to get students on and they, you know, click through your Lincoln signed up for was and and use us a tutor because that will prompt them. To do that, you keep 100% of your commission of your of your rate so your hourly charged it would be 20 bucks. Why is it doesn't take anything off the top except the 7% service fee per each lessons. So if that was, you know two lessons over the scope they would take, you know, 7% of class, and it's just one that we just take 7% of that 20 for the lesson service fee. But you keep basically 93% which is. Obviously it's not 100 but it's basically 100. It's a lot better than 60% right, so 93 versus 60%. Uh, now you there's the benefit of obviously, you get 100% of your rate and the hourly charge, and there's the benefit of clearly that will give you an hour or two or three, or however many or tutoring tutored on the site so you'll improve in search results. You'll improve rank wise you'll also improve, you know, social proof wise because you'll have that those hours Next, your name on how many you tutored. On top of that, you can obviously ask your friend or family member who ever close knit, you know, associate to give you a good rating on that will also be crucial in driving you know you to that next step. You know, just like any business, you were kind of need to give it that initial push in the beginning to get going. This is a great way to do it. So even if you only have one person that you can ask on, you invite them. You get 100% of that rate if they sign up through your link. And I assure you that in a second, um and then you can literally you get those hours tutor next your name and you get that that rating extra name will really, really, really help you rank and you know, give you social proof for so other students will start reaching out to you more and more and you start to notice that this is really you know, the gates, the barrier to entry completely you simply you just go to I believe it's toolkit. And then why is it rewards? And it's right here in the 1st 1 Eso The second thing is, if you just want market it randomly on the Internet. You know, maybe you're really good at Facebook at that. You feel like you can get a good return on your investment. Um, Facebook advise. Maybe you have an instagram following that, you know, with a bunch of different people. And granted, these people don't have to be near you because you can tutor online. Ah, in a minute. Get into that with you in a later lecture, you get supposed for whatever reason that they sign up through your invite, code or your way, and they don't get and they don't choose to get tutored by you, but they But eventually, you know, they come back and the cookies, they're still good, like a week or two later, and they get tutored by somebody else. Or maybe they just click through your links, sign up for wise. And but they decided that they don't need a math tutor. They don't need an English tutor or something like that, but they get tutored by somebody else, you automatically get $40. So that's actually where the $40 comes in. Even if they get tutored, you know, So it's good and bad because you just get a flat rate of 40 bucks on you. Get it in the points that I was talking about before. Uh, but you basically it's good in the sense that if they only get tutor for an hour and that person's rate is lower than than 40 obviously then you're making more money than you would have. However, they get tutored by like an $80 an hour person, you still only get 40 bucks. You understand what I'm saying, so it's a flat fee. But really, you can get a good return on your investment, what you're doing. Facebook ads being as a Google ads, and you just want to market this. It's a very, very viable to send traffic to to this listening because if they sign up through your link , and that's a completely different thing beyond the scope of this course, really the first way, it's the easiest way, you know. It really negates the barrier to entry. Like I said, it if you only have one friend. If you only have one family member, you know, maybe it's a good grandpa or something. And you just, you know, ask them to do you a favor and sign up for your link and you tutoring for an hour on something that he wants the you know, he wants to learn he can. Then not only does he give you that our tutor, like I said, but it gives you that good rating that will really exponentially increase your your opportunities across the platform. Other students will see you more. They'll be more willing to sign up for your services and message you and reach out to you. So that's the 1st 1 That's the, you know, really the easiest. And I want to bring this one to you first so you can kind of hopping and get started. You simply quick invites students. This button right here and it will either give you the link so you can either send this link right here, copy it and send it to people. If you want market that way where you can literally send somebody an email with an invite code very, very easy I never used the tax one. You can use that one to the majority of time. I would send somebody through an email because I do a lot email marketing. If you the easiest way, in my opinion, is actually just get away with that being said, we're gonna hop into the next way, which is the students one way, and then I'm gonna happen to the way that you can do it. 9. 9)How Students Will Find You: All right, guys, moving on. We're gonna move on to the second way that you can actually actually acquire students. And that is through the wise aunt. Search results. You know, I have a lot of background in S e o more so e commerce, etc. On sites like eBay, especially Amazon. But I'm going with Seo in general. Google, Bing, yahoo, all those things. But really, really, this is more like an e commerce CEO type search whistle. If you don't know what s CEO is basically search engine optimization. So I'm gonna demonstrate it for you really fast And how students could potentially find you never haven't signed up as a student on wasn't so I don't actually have a profile, but I'm still gonna demonstrate it for you here. And you'll start to notice that as you get better ratings, you know, as you get more hours tutored, you're going to get higher conversion rates. More students will reach out to you. You'll be able to two or more hours or, you know, be able to choose if you want to know more hours. There's two reasons for that. The first reason for that is like I keep reiterating its that social proof students war, you know, see, you click on and they'll be much more like, more likely and inclined to message you because they'll notice that you have more hours tutored on you Have you don't good ratings. And if other students it's it's that Ah, it's that psychological benefit where they think, like, you know, if if other people have seen it and read it good, basically, you know, there's then you're a good tutor in their eyes. It's that social proof. So that's the first reason Clearly the second reason is because when you have two more hours and you have higher ratings and you have you no good customer feedback and wise and ties, they're gonna rate rank you higher in search results and you're gonna get more more students and more opportunities based on that. So I'm gonna demonstrate it for you really fast. This is what students go to when their own wives and are looking for a subject. They're gonna type of subject. Then I just typed in English right here. Um and we're hit nest and obviously your location. Now, one thing I forgot to mention too. But you could really just modify it really easily in that same settings tab on your actual , you know, wise anything. We go back to rise in here. I believe it's in, Um, it's here and then settings, I believe. Ah, and that is just your, uh, availability. So if you have A if you have a part time job or a full time job, you set your availability if you don't have a job. And this is, you know, just something that you're doing on the side or you're doing to kind of start a business. That's totally great. But I would suggest, and obviously my availability has changed slightly over or had when I was tutoring. A lot has changed slightly, as I, you know, got more tenured on the platform, so to speak, and I had more hours to do it and more ratings. But when you're initially starting out just like the location settings, just like the pay scale and your rate in your hourly rate, you want your availability. You want to be as available as possible so that you get more opportunities to tutor more students. Initially, you know if there's have ribbit availability, restrictions like a job. You have something you work around. That's totally fine. You know, it's up to your discretion, Teoh. Choose your availability. All I'm saying is, the more available you appear to be and the more flexible you are with your schedule, the higher chance you will be to be able to get some students now, especially this they're not going to getting students in acquiring students. You can be, but you don't have to be forever. You really we just want to kind of build a base of maybe 5 to 10 students or maybe up to 40 students. If you really want to seal this up and do you make a full time living out of this? It's up to you. But really, once you get that, that base clientele will stick with you for a while. If you're a good tutor and you have a good relationship with them and you're very personable, inflexible on and that's something that you're looking for. So you have a regular, so you don't have to worry about that. But we're just gonna go through this this example really fast to show you how students might find you. Eso We're gonna say for school English, Um, board said persons in middle school and learn grammar within a few days because most wanted one in a few days. And here's the availability thing. Um, we'll just say any time I'm flexible, but, you know, obviously they might put in different, you know, they might put in after school of what? Maybe that's like three o'clock three PM or maybe after baseball practice. Just, you know, something like that, you'll notice now that there's that chance to turn to click online, which will literally open the search results wide to the entire country, and that's great. But most people will say a public place. We're at home, so I'm gonna say that. And then, um so you'll see here rising. It pumped out 59 English tutors that are relatively close to me because remember, I didn't click on mine, and I will pump out a lot more if I had clicked on mine. Now you can scale the hourly rate, and a lot of people will do that. So let's say if I scaled down we'll probably see some newer tutors. Yes, so this person has no reviews that she's 13 hours. She's probably in the same boat as you guys. She's probably just starting. She goes to Penn State. She's a biomedicine major, Um, and she she's anatomy math. So she is relatively new to this person, has eight. They're relatively new to toe on. You'll see. You'll start to see a lot of people. So this gives you guys. Do you know if you undercut them with price wise and you can do this yourself on, do your own. You know, Searcher's old you know, research, so to speak. If you undercut them at, like, maybe 20 an hour to get first student, there's a good chance that you're gonna a lot more people are going to inquire about your services. But just for the sake of doing this, we're gonna go back to the other guy who's 60 an hour. Ah, this is the best fit that that Ah, why isn't it thanks for me, based on all the criteria I gave it and in my area. Then it slowly goes down. You'll notice that, uh, he's got a five. They really value rating. So So that's something to keep in mind, especially when if you you're inviting friends and family that initial ratings really gonna help you a lot in search results. But this just give you a basic idea of how people are gonna find you. This is the second way. But, uh, really what? I'm gonna wanna, you know, touch on here and really make known is that you don't get a bunch of students through this initially until you have good ratings and, you know, have a decent history of tutoring on when I say a decent history that doesn't have to tutor 1000 hours or 100 hours. But you're gonna have to tutor a couple hours, and you're gonna have to have a rating or two before you really start toe even see any request student wise through the search results. Really? Your best bet initially, if is obviously the inviting of friends and family. But if you're not inviting friends of family or you don't have any success in that, your best bet is really reaching out to students on. And that's the third way. And I'm gonna get into that in the next lecture for you here in a second 10. 10)How You Can Find Students to Tutor: So now here we are in the wise and app. Now download the app in the APP store or Google play, I believe. Make sure you download the wise in a tutor app. Okay. And make sure it's tutor app, not the student at There's Tuapse ones, the tutor ones, the student. Make sure you're on the two to wrap eso you see here. It's pretty basic. I'm just gonna browse jobs and it will literally show you all the jobs in my area that have been posted that fit my criteria. And when they were posted and what subject they are. And now you'll Seymour, based on how many subjects you offer or how much how many subjects here you're willing to tutor. You also see more based on your So this is actually 20 miles now. I'm not 15 based on your radius, you know what they're looking for two. And you know your filter status. I'm gonna show you filter in a second, but basically, you can obviously go up, down, You know, put your zip in that you're in relatively close, so if you're in a different you know area, you can you know that you might find different tutoring potential eso That's something to keep in mind. But just to show you the brief overview, this is the third way Really? That you're going to find students. And if you don't invite students initially when you're starting out, you know, friends and family. Like we talked about that to electors ago. This is really your best bet you're gonna want to pump out, you know, just applications to students and really get that first student. Now, I believe if I'm not mistaken, they limit you to 10 a day, so you can only apply to 10 jobs a day. So what you do is you're gonna click on them. This person's a reading student. Maybe you want to tutor them. Maybe you don't. Um, you know, you can kind of vet them if you want. I would count caution you not to be as picking initially and just kind of pick someone that you feel like you could do a good job with. And then once you pick them, you know, you're basically when I'm going to one of message them, I'll show you exactly mean So let's say right now that this this Randy right here on October 17th posted an elementary mass student request. We'll see what it says, and sometimes they won't say anything, says my son. Is a need of tutoring in elementary math. His name's Randy. Obviously, that's the parent, not the Sun. It's elementary math and his student Grade Levels Elementary in Philadelphia. Ah, he would like the lessons to begin within a few days. Saturday morning availability afternoon. I prefer the lesson Location is at his house. So that's something to keep in mind. That's something that we really could could get involved in. So I'm gonna apply to that. But I really just want to show you right here. What you would say so an example of that. If I wanted to apply, I would say I would basically say, hi, Randi. And it doesn't have to be simple or it doesn't have to be long. It could be a simple paragraph. And one thing that I that I like toe basically advocate for is if you have a bunch of different subjects, you know, take some time, right? A good, uh, you know, just a general overview. A general mold, basically, oven application paragraph that you want to send to, you know, the majority of students that you're going to apply to, uh, and then you can literally copy and paste that if you want to do that in your notes on your iPhone or on your phone. If you want to do that on computer, that's fine, too. But it just makes it a lot easier rather than having to fully type it out. It will save you time, and I'm all about saving time. So I would literally just copy and paste this paragraph. I would put his name in instead of Latina on. And then I would, you know, just let let the let them decide if they want to hire me or not. It's really that simple, and you get 10 a day. You know, if you don't have any ratings and you don't have any tutoring hours, you're probably not going to get everything every single day that you that you apply to 10 people. You're not going to get your response back necessarily, or you're not gonna get a higher. But you know, if you keep pumping out 10 a day, you should get a response back relatively quickly. it shouldn't take that long. Okay, So, like I said, just just keep kind of molds of things. So if I were going to send this to him like I would say, I would basically say Hi, Randi. I see you're looking for a math tutor for your son and obviously change that if it's a daughter or vice versa, just slightly personalize it to the person. Um, I specializes math tutor, and I'd love to help. If you're interested in working together, let me know. Thanks easy. Simple to the point. Doesn't waste their time, doesn't waste mine. So that's really the gist of it. You can see here if you filter and then you come back and you click this tab right here that says, show online jobs above is it. Then you can simply apply that to the available search results and you'll see so many more available to search results because they're all online jobs. Now I'm gonna demonstrate the online job system and platform with you in a second, but you can apply to his many online jobs. You know, I like to look for stuff like fitness. This is would be a perfect one. for me. Kinesiology, uh, slightly different than I'd want a tutor. So I won't go to that Al Jarreau and on and death is really a great subject. A tutor online because they don't really need to be in front of somebody the online platform. And I'll show you in a second has, you know, basically a face to face interface and drawing board for you both to work on together simultaneously. It's a really great tool to really easy to use. And they actually have a tutorial system that will teach you how to use it before you even apply to these if you'd like to use it. But that's really the gist of it, guys. That's how you apply. Used the app. You basically sent out applications, you know, You know, you literally just type the message here, and then I'd paste it in. Ah, and then I'd send It's really that simple 11. 11)How to Tutor Students from Anywhere in the Country: all right. So we went and touched on the fact that you could basically apply the students. Now you can apply the students, obviously in your you know, your area based on your location, your application settings, and you can also apply the students for online lessons. The way that you can get to the online lessons is basically your dashboard, and then you There's a little thing all the way on this, the bottom, like right about here that says all nine lessons and that will bring you here. Now you can schedule in online lesson with student. If you've already that will. Basically, you know, when you request students, you're going to schedule the lesson. It's very, very easy. But if you're scheduling a Norman, listen, that's how you do it. You have to quit this this lesson. Everything else could be done right through the B ack. It's self explanatory. It's very, very easy to do it very, very easy to use. You know, I don't really need toe kind of insult your intelligence with that, but here you can see that you can really just get into the process of installing all the software that you need the rising platform, which so somewhat like Skype in a way and or the Why isn't like online platform and you can really wear. And there's a bunch of great tools here. So you can. You can click this about online tutoring, and that will tell you everything that you need to know really kind of gives you the overview of what it is and how to use it. On this video chat, there's a white board that you can both use. There's clearly a code editor if you're into, like, all mine coding or, you know, program or something like that. If you're teaching that to a student, obviously you're not. Don't worry about it. There's a text editor to insert documents and stuff like that. You know, obviously the text editor would be more gear to something along lines of like English. But you can really use any of these that you want, you know, whiteboard. If they're writing math problems, you know you can obviously upload them and then work on them together with the whiteboard and both see each other right? Doing this very, very easy to use. Very, very awesome. Really a great tool on git really opens up the possibilities because you don't have to be fate. You don't to be in the same room as somebody or in the same location. You know, I'm in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, relatively, but I can tutor someone in California based on this online, you know? So I really opens the possibilities of who you can tutor how many people you can tutor, you know, and really gives you all the power as a tutor. And clearly you can video chat to with, like, it was something like poker. You could video chat and you could both, you know, go on to, you know, one of the poker sites I've done that before. You can really use this a multitude of different ways. Just use your imagination. That basically gives you the overview of that, not online tutoring jobs. You can look into this, too. It's pretty much the same thing. It will just let you know all the tutoring jobs that are available in your area. And clearly I don't do this because I usually do it on the app. I find it easier now. You can check your 80 settings pretty self explanatory and make sure that they're all depart your audio visual, obviously. Ah, And then if you want to open the demo room, you can clearly download everything here you could skip to the set up. And that's how you would download it. Or you could just simply see the features and get the demo. Uh, so you kind of go through the motions and kind of play around with it and make sure that you understand it before you tutor a lesson. They have literally a tutorial that will show you how to use it. It's great stuff, you know. I'm not gonna go into it because I feel like they've done a great job of showing you how to use it and literally laying out all the features for you to use. So I wanted Soldier intelligence. If you're interested in that, check that out. Simply skipped with set up. If you feel comfortable, it's pretty much like Skype with all those other features that I alluded to earlier. So that's basically the are mine. Ah, you know, platform in the online set up Really cool brings another element to the game of tutoring. Like I said, you don't have to be anywhere close to these people, and it really ups your value as a tutor and the amount of people that you can potentially to here, you know, across the country. 12. 12)Being Prepared for Your Lessons and Course Wrap Up: so I think feeling we've pretty much covered everything. Everything was important. You know how to went from basically applying and getting accepted on the platform. And that was an entire process. Really. What you have to worry about is just applying, getting accepted. If you don't get accepted right away, you could always apply again. It's not the end of the world. Just keep. Like I said, keep uh, readjusting that application until you do get accepted. You know, there's that slight barrier to entry. Potentially. I had to readjust mind. I think it was like 2 to 4 times I don't really remember. But, you know, it's not the end of the world. Just keep at it. You will get accepted eventually, you know. And then from there, we really touched on, you know, the platform, how to find students, how they contrive you, how you can get your first initial tutoring, you know, hours in and your first ratings and how important they are. But really, when it comes down to it, that's that's the gist of it. You know, you just got to apply, get accepted, used ever. All the all the tips and tricks that I taught you to get your initial students. And then from there the sky's the women. Once you rank, once you rank. And once you have ah rating or two and you have some our student, you'll notice that it's really an exponential growth pattern. Doesn't go in like a straight line up necessarily. So if you watch the mouse right here, it doesn't going this on the scale and look straight up. It's more of a compound. In fact, that goes like this. It'll slowly kind of creep up like that. So just demonstrated its a compound, in effect, slightly as you get you know, your your first initial ratings. They're difficult to difficult, too difficult. And then once you get them, it picks up very fast. It's not like a gradual increase like that. Okay, so that's what I'm going to stress you guys. The first couple are the hardest. You really roll your sleeves up, get to work, and once you Rankin and get those initial reviews and hours, then the ball is in your court. Then you could be more picky. You don't have to tutor online if you don't want to. You can tutor online only if you want to. You could really make your own choices based on location, time, availability and, you know, all along the lines one more thing that I want to talk to him really fast too is being prepared for your lectures. This is crucial. You want to be prepared for your lectures. You know, when you actually apply whether you're applying or they reach out to you first or whatever the case may be and the parent or student accepts, you want a message them right after that Were relatively soon after that before your you know, before the day of your lecture, uh, or your your tutoring hours And you want to basically ask them in a nice way for, you know, more information on what the student really needs to know what? That what they want. Because a good tutor is going to teach the student what they want to know, Not not what they think they should know. You know what I mean? Ah, the student knows best and apparent probably is the second best on what the lesson plan actually ought to be. So your best bet is to, you know, not text them but on all the messaging goes through the wise and platform like I alluded to previously. But you're gonna you're gonna gonna message them on the platform and basically stay in a nice way. You know, something like this, you know? Hey, I'm really glad we were able to set this up. I'm really looking forward to our meeting. By any chance, could you reach out? Could you ask? You know, if the students named Sally be like, you know, by any chance, could you ask Sally, toe look over on and come up with with a couple of things that she really thinks she needs the work on? Or maybe if it's a test, you could basically say, like, you know, what are the the areas of the subject that she's really struggling on for this upcoming test? I would really like to develop a lesson plan so that I can better utilize our time. And like I touched on this before it's in the wording, it's in the way that you said it. You know what I mean? So you can kind of use that mold that model, but But that's crucial. You want to be parent for your lectures. You want to be prepared for your lessons. You don't wanna, you know, Just go in there willing nilly and, you know, not really know what you're getting into because the worst thing that you can dio is go into into your first or second lecture or lesson and not be prepared because you don't know what it was supposed to be on. You thought it was supposed to be on algebra. And you your you know, idea of algebra was this. But then it turns out that it was actually on this. So it gives you not only chance to demonstrate your value to the parent and the fact that you want to be prepared, and you don't want to waste their time and money. But it also says not only that your time is valuable to, but that it gives you the opportunity to, you know, readjust. And it's kind of touch, you know, your knowledge base up on that a little bit if she's learning geometry problems. And she sent you examples of geometry problems to give you an example on your you know, you don't remember those There's type of problems you can. You have, you know, hours to go over and kind of take up. You know, look on mine for similar problems and kind of, you know, retouch your your scales a little bit because clearly, you know that subject. But the worst thing you can do is going to be unprepared. So I just wanted to kind of rehash that and reiterate that for you guys, because I really think that's important. You want to be prepared, You want to reach out as soon as the lesson. He doesn't have the right away. But before you kind of go obviously a couple of before a couple hours before or the day of obviously, And you really want to get that message across and figure out what the lesson should be on and develop a game plan for your lesson. That will really help you be successful. And that's half the battle, Guys. Okay,