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How to Win at Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

teacher avatar Digital Steve, Teaching Success with Digital Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro to Local Service Business Digital Marketing

    • 2. Local Service Business Website Training

    • 3. Local Business Citations Training

    • 4. Local Digital Marketing Review Reputation Training

    • 5. Local Service Business Social Media Presence

    • 6. Local Service Business SEO Training

    • 7. Local Service Business Paid Traffic

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About This Class

This class focuses on covering the fundamentals for local businesses that need to do digital marketing. Topics covered are:

  • Web Design
  • Local SEO and Directories
  • Social Media Presence
  • Reputation and Reviews
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Traffic

Meet Your Teacher

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Digital Steve

Teaching Success with Digital Marketing


Hello, I'm Steve....thank you for checking out my courses.

My goal with all of my courses is to help anyone learn how to build a Web based business and make money online. I enjoy teaching others about Websites, Internet Marketing, and other online income earning methods to help people achieve their personal and financial goals.

My #1 goal is to provide my students with easy to understand training and tools to be successful online.

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1. Intro to Local Service Business Digital Marketing: all right. Thanks for coming. I hope today I can give you some valuable training on how to help with your local service business online with digital marketing. And this presentation is going to show you the six things your local service business must do to win at digital marketing. And I want to give you some value today because I know there's I've talked a lot of local service business owners that struggle with this stuff and let's just jump right into it. 2. Local Service Business Website Training: so the first thing is websites on our list and probably most of you have a website. If you don't, you need to scramble and get one as soon as possible because your website is your home base . Your website is the place that customers are going to end up when they're searching for you . Online. Your website is something that you're going to refer People Teoh in a discussion or when you're talking to him, you meet people in person on a business card. There's a lot of reasons that you need to have a good website, and the main purpose of your website is to get leads, get new customers into your business, and if you have a nice website that has the right things on it, this is going to make this a whole lot easier for you. So when I say you need a website, what am I talking about? So you definitely need to have a website that has a clean and professional design. You need to have something that is modern looking, you know, doesn't look like it was made in 1995. It needs to be responsive for mobile. So basically what responsive means is the website will change size and adapt and make it user friendly for whatever device you're customers on. And I still see a lot of websites that are only designed for desktop. So you know, somebody hit, sit on a desktop, it's fine. But if they try to look at it on any other device, it's just it's basically unusable. So having a responsive website is very important, especially if you look at the usage of Web users. Everything has shifted to mobile, so a lot more people are looking at stuff on their phone and you need to make sure that your website looks good when somebody pulls it up on their phone. I also need to have a clear list of services offered and displayed on your website. Now this seems like common sense, but you would be surprised if you're a plumber, for example, you need to have a clear list of services, so when somebody hit your website, they know what you're doing. You also need to have an easy contact method with a form and a phone number, and the worst thing you can do is make it difficult for a customer to get a hold of you and then you also need to have Google analytics and a Facebook pixel installed Google analytics is the standard that most people use to track usage on the website. It gives you all kinds of insights on the types of visitors where they're coming from their behavior on your website, and there's a lot of different uses for it. You also need to have a Facebook pixel installed, and this is becoming more and more important over time. Most people are on Facebook, so the purpose of having a Facebook pixel installed is once somebody visits your website, you can grab them, you know they have visited and we could do some retargeting later on to get in front of those customers again. And the last thing on this list is you need to have an SSL certificate and that is basically you have a secure version of your website that pulls up when people load it. Google places a lot of importance on this, especially lately and to the point where if you do not have an SSL certificate, it will on most of the browsers. Now it will display a little indicator saying that the site is insecure and even if you're not selling stuff online and you know if you don't have an e commerce site, it doesn't really matter. People are going to see that your potential customers are going to see that, and it's going to scare him and they're just gonna click off and go find one that is secure . And this is very important. I'll show you what I mean with an example here shortly. So those are the things you need on a website. What I thought I'd do is I would just pop over to the Web real quick and pope a few websites and kind of show you what I'm talking about. So I'm going to use Denver plumber through this training plumbers in general as kind of my local service as I give you these examples and show you what I'm talking about. So let's say I was a customer looking for a plumber in Denver, and this is gonna be a very big broad market, but it will give us an example of what I'm talking about. So if I were searching for a Denver plumber, first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna see all these ads and these local listings that will get into later. But if I was just clicking through and I want to look at some websites, let's just pull up a few websites and kind of see what I'm talking about on some of the things that we've discussed. So this one right here is the 1st 1 that pulls up to stop the natural search results. So let's take a look at it. And the other thing that is important is that the site loads quickly. It needs to look quickly on your desktop, and it needs to look quickly on a phone. That's another thing that's very important. So this site is pretty busy. It looks like the style of it is a little bit older, so it's not bad. There's a clear way to contact them with a phone number and a button to schedule service, which is really good. They've clearly got their services. It looks like listed, and that's really good. So the basic things we talked about look good. It does have an SSL certificate, so how you can tell that is on all the browsers will be a little lock and you know it secure. It says connection secure. So all of the things that we talked about so far it looks pretty good. Okay, so if I shrink this thing down, it should stretch to the size of the window, are collapsed to the size of the window. And it does. So you could pretend that this is a mobile phone that we're looking at it on. So see how it shrinks down and you can still use the website. So it is a responsive design. That's good. And then this would be approximately the size of a tablet. So it is a responsive website, so that's good. So the last thing we're gonna check for is to see if it has a Facebook pixel installed. Most websites have analytics installed, so I'm not even gonna check that. But we are gonna check and see if a Facebook pics was installed. So I can simply over here I can pull it the website. And once it loads, I can see that a Facebook pixel has been sold. So this website covers all of the basic things that we talked about. The design is okay. I think the design should be a lot cleaner and not is cluttered. That would be my one. That would be my one negative. But overall, it doesn't Okay, job. So let's do another one real quick. Let's go and see if we can look at another one. So this was not too bad. It's got the big slider here with the schedule. Now Button. It's got they again. It's got the phone number up top, and it's got a big button schedule now, so that is excellent. That is what I'm talking about. Customers can easily contact you. It's got a list of the services, so this is looking good. So far, we've got a secure website. See, we got the little padlock, so that's good. And if I go like this, see if it's responsive and it is so that's good. So this website passes the same tests that the last one did. So not too bad. Let's go over and see if it has a Facebook pixel. Okay, so this one has a Facebook pixel as well, So this site is in pretty good shape, and it's not too bad. Got nice service, keep pounds on the home page so that it looks not too bad. Now, what you're gonna see is we look at these, we're gonna we're gonna pull up one more and I'm gonna find I'm gonna try to find an example of not good so you can see the comparison. We pulled up sites that are on the great first page for Denver plumber, which is very competitive. The fact that these websites covered the basic stuff we talked about. What does that tell you? It tells you that Google rewards sites that have the things that are needed. So I'm gonna search through some of these and find one. That is a bad example. And I'll be right back to you. So here on the third page, I found one that is an example of some some bad stuff. So first off, there is no SSO certificate installed, So see how you got the padlock and it's got the cross through and it says connection not secure. So customers going to see that and it's probably gonna scare. The next thing is the design is very old and dated. I'm not sure when this was made, but it's it's pretty old. The next thing is it is not responsive. So if I were on a phone and I wanted to look at this on a phone or a tablet, it is not going to display all of the content. See how we're messing all of this over here because the site is probably in tables or something. That's a fixed width, and it's just it's not gonna display other than on your on your monitor on your computer on your desk top. It does not have a clear list of services offered. There is a services tab, but I don't see here on the home page. I don't see a clear list of services, so I think that is a mistake. It does have a phone number up top, which is good, and there is also this button right here to schedule service. So these two things are OK. The color of this is is a little hard to see, but these two things are OK and finally, let's go and look and see if Facebook pixel is installed. I would be very surprised if it is so. There is no Facebook pixel installed. So all the visitors, all the people that are visiting the site the owner is missing out on all of that data that could be collected for future use and also advertising on Facebook. So overall this site is not good. Ah, customer clicks on the site. And if I were searching for a plumber, if I pulled up the site, I would probably click off and go to the next one. So that covers websites and just what is important and what to look for. And hopefully it opened her eyes a little bit. If you are a local business owner and you have a website and you have any of these issues, you need to get them fixed immediately because, like I said, customers are probably looking at your site and they're clicking off because one of the things is affecting their experience on your website. 3. Local Business Citations Training: So let's move on to the next topic, which is directory listings and citations. Directory listings are critical for local Seo search engine optimization because it helps customers find you online. So the important thing for any local business owner is basically to be better than the competition. And one of the ways you could be better than the competition is to be listed in some of these directories. Not only do you want to be listed in these directories, but you also want to make sure that your information is accurate and consistent across these directories. Now, the most important directory listing is Google my business. So on local search results. Google. My business shows that name your business. It can show Annapolis scene. It can show information about your business, and it's important that your Google business listing is claimed, verified and optimized, and I'll show you here in a minute. But this right here just this one item alone. If you're gonna take anything away from this training, this is probably the most important thing while the websites important. But this is probably one of the easiest things you can do to get more leads coming into your business. So let's jump out to the Web and I'll show you what I'm talking about. So there are directories and some people call them Citation sites that are out on the Web that basically list local businesses. So what am I talking about when I say local directories? Local business listings? Here's a big list of the most important directories that are available on the Web. Facebook is a business director because you've got your business information. You got your website. You've got your phone number. You got your address. Any place you have a business address of phone number, the name your business that is a business directory listing. So you're probably familiar with Yelp. That's 14 square. Yeah, who has a business directory? Yellow Pages. Angie's list, man a dot com Super pages, Thumbtack Yellow Book. So you've seen some of these, and you probably are familiar with some of these Now. The important thing like I said, is you can get listed in these for free, but most of them don't cost anything, but you need to make sure that your accurate and your consistent with your listings what I mean by that so Let's go over here and I'll show you what I'm talking about. So I search for Denver plumber. And let's just pick this 1st 1 Just out of curiosity here. This is a very popular plumber here, so let's get other website. Actually, we need together website. All we need to do is search for the business name. So now I'm gonna search for applewood plumbing and heating. Okay? So when I search for Apple what plumbing heating? This is what comes up. So most of these listings beyond their website is gonna be these directories that I'm talking about. So you see better Business bureau, Facebook. LinkedIn is if there's an address on there that counts. And then here is the Google my business listing that I talked about. So the address is 5000 West 29th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, 80212 So what you want to make sure of is that your address? Your city? There's a code, your phone number and your business name. You want to make sure that you list this consistently the same across all of these directories. So this is what I'm talking about. This is the business name This is the address, and this is the phone number and you'll have a website address. Usually you can list on most of these. So on every one of these directories that you go out and you get a listing on, Do you want to make sure that consistently, you listed exactly like this and then also on your website, And let's see if they follow the let's see if they follow best practice here. So when I click on the website, usually the addresses down in the footer. Okay, so let's see if this matches trying to sell me here. Let's minimize that. So we got up. What? Plumbing heating an electric. 29th Timber, Colorado. To now the phone numbers different, Which this is probably a like a call tracking number. Or actually, this could be one of these could be a call tracking numbers, so that might be why they're different. Otherwise, the important things that the name, the name of the business and the address are the same. So that's good practice. So when I go through and I did that search and I looked at all these business listings, you want them to be consistent and you want to be the same. So back to my point on Google, my business listing. You want to make sure that your Google business listing is claimed, so if it's not claimed, you would claim it, and then you can add photos and you can add all of your business information. And also on the back end, you can see all kinds of analytics on people that are visiting the business listing cooking to your website, and you can actually see how many leads air coming in from that. And the reason this is important here is because this is what shows up right here. So see this business right here that we've been talking about? They show up number one now. I'm not in Denver immediately here. I'm just using this as an example. So part of part of the order of this depends on how close you are to the business. There's other factors that determine how this pulls up, but you can see how important this is When I search for Denver plumber and this pulls up first. I guarantee you, this business is getting a very, very large amount of leads from this alone So it is. It is absolutely critical that if you have a local business, you go and you claim your Google my business listing if you haven't already. 4. Local Digital Marketing Review Reputation Training: So let's talk about reviews and reputation, and we kind of touched on that a little bit, and you probably started seeing some of that on the last. If we were looking at with the ratings and the reviews, and just like the last stuff we talked about being listed, it's not only important to be listed, but it's also important that you have positive reviews. Now the question I want to ask you is, How positive are your reviews? Do you go out and do you look at him? Do you have many reviews? How good are your competitors? Reviews. So if you have weak reviews week, you don't have a lot of positive reviews, and your competition has a lot of positive reviews. Then they're gonna dominate you in local search. When a customer searching for a local service a lot of the time they're going to pick the service with the best reviews, that's just that's just how it works. This is just like when you shop online and you're looking at products like on Amazon and you see positive reviews and see negative reviews and which one to usually choose. You must always cheese. The one with the better reviews. And the same thing applies with customers that are they're basically shopping for a service , So they're gonna go with one that has the best review. I'm gonna pull up some examples and kind of show you I'm talking about. And then I'm also going to talk about how you can get more positive reviews. So let's go back over to the web real quick. Okay, So in this example, we're gonna stay in the Denver area, But I'm gonna go out to one of the suburbs because I think it's ah, it's going to show us more clear what I'm talking about. So I have searched for Broomfield, Colorado. Ah, abbreviation state plumber. So I'm a customer looking for a plumber and Broomfield. So the first thing I'm gonna see is these top listing right here. These are actually adds, So companies are paying to be in these spots Now, the next thing I'm going to see that this is the second most important piece of real estate on this page. Is this area right here? This is commonly known as the map packs a three pack. This is Google Maps listings. So the only thing that's gonna display in here usually especially in a city of any size or that is competitive at all are businesses that are claimed have good reviews. And overall, their digital presence is good. So the example that we just talked about when we when I started talking about reviews is I said, if you're a customer and you're looking to buy, you know, purchase a product or service where you need something done like plumbing. When I pulled us up, I see I immediately see these three listings. Okay, Now the top one has the most reviews by far and the most positive reviews. So this one right here, this one right here stands out. Then I've got this one. And then I got this one that doesn't have his good reviews and not as many reviews. And then I got this one has overall good reviews, but just not very many at all. Now, if you were a customer, which one of these would you choose? I can tell you. Probably eight out of 10 people would probably just click on this right here, go to the website and get started and their websites. Okay, it looks like All right. Now, these are just the top three listings. These are the businesses that Google has shown Preference, too, for different reasons. Let's click in here and let's look at other businesses that are listed here in these business listings. I could scroll down here. I can see all of these businesses. This is probably pretty. You can see. Here are the businesses in this area that are listed, and since I'm not in this area again, the order of this may change. Like you can see. If I move the map around, it's gonna change the order in the listing of it, because I'm not right there. But this gives you an example gets gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. So as I scroll through here, let's just kind of talk about what we're seeing here at the top. You're typically going to see, Here's the three that we saw on the home page. So they're gonna be at the top. This is the best competition right here. These are the guys that are doing all right. As I scroll down and we go through these, you're going to see the reviews. The amount of reviews. Drop up and you're going to see bad reviews starting to pop up. And there's a reason for that. There's a correlation between bad reviews, the number of reviews and how high you display and these maps listings. The other thing I see which is very bad is some of these don't even have a website. So if a customer sees something like this would never use no website me, there's no way to contact this person. There's a phone number. I guess I take that back. There is a phone number, but it just it doesn't look professional. It's just not. It's not giving me a good feeling, and I could click through here. If I go to the second page, you can see that you know no reviews. Three. You know, three stars, two stars. So it gets worse and worse as I go on, and that's kind of that's kind of what happens. Google's not gonna give very much preference, too. These businesses that have weak reviews and a weak reputation online, and this goes back to the whole reputation online thing that is important for your business . Now Google is probably the first place they're going to search. But there's also all these other directory listings that we talked about where a customer could find you. So let's go. Let's say I'm on Yelp and I've already got this pulled up exact same thing. I'm looking for a plumber in Broomfield to start with. You know, these first ones have the best highest ratings. Best best reviews, right? Because they're at the top. As I scroll down here, I'm gonna start seeing some Maybe not on this first page, but by the time I get to the second page here, I guarantee it's going to start dropping off. Okay, see there there's a T star. See, we're starting to see drop ups. There's a fair amount of reviews, but these air being pushed to the bottom because customers have left batter views. So the last part of this is how do you fix if you have bad reviews or no reviews? How do you get better quality reviews? And there's different ways to do this? One of the easiest ways to do this is just simply to ask your customers after you do a service forum, have some type of process that says, Hey, Mr Customer, I hope you had a good experience. Please leave me a review on Google. Or please leave me a review on Yelp. Send out an email to your customers or a text here, customers and just ask for reviews. That is the easiest way to get more reviews. Also, what you can do when you send something out like that. As you can say, Hey, Mr Customer, please give me a good review. If you had a bad experience, please let me know. You know, please reply back and tell me about your experience and let me know if you had a bad experience. If you approach it like that, you're gonna catch the batter views before they go out in the event and a levy a one star on one of these directories. So as you can see your reputation, your reviews online for your local business are their critical. They're very important, especially in smaller cities, because if you are in a smaller city and let's say there's four of you that are doing the service and your business has two reviews like, let's say on Google has two reviews and you know, the three stars or something, and then your competitors have decent reviews. People see that when they pull it up and it affects their decision. So make sure you're looking at your reviews. Make sure you listed in these directories and you are going to be ahead of your competition . 5. Local Service Business Social Media Presence: all right. So the next thing I wanted to talk about with social media presence and what I mean by that , so are you on all of the major social media platforms. I'm talking about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for local service. These are the three that matter. Are you doing regular posting a relevant content that is engaged in your customers. Now what I mean by engaging content. It could be industry news. It could be company news. It could be fun content, local for your company photos, anything that's going on with your business. It could be new products. It could be services. It could be just about anything that is relevant for your business and people. Companies tend to overcomplicate this and they get scared and they don't know what a post. It's not that big of a deal. You just need to do something consistently on a regular basis. Your ultimate goal is to get everything link back to your website when possible. So you're always trying to educate your customer. You're always trying to get them back to your website to look at your services and ultimately contact you to get those services done and Also, when you get regular posting, it sends signals to Google that tells them that you're active. So let's go and look at just a couple of social media profiles and see what we got. So probably the easiest thing to do here is I search for a Facebook Denver plumber and I can quickly pull a couple of these up and kind of see what they look like now. This is the first thing that pulls up, so it tells me it's probably one of the more prominent plumbers that's in the Denver area. But if you look at the page, there's not much going on. I mean, it's it's actually pretty weak. There's not very many people that like it. It's good they have their business information on here. But if you look at the posts, you know there was one not too long ago, and then you go back. There's a huge gap. You know, there's a there's a gap of a couple three months August May, so there's huge gaps in the posting. So if I were a customer and a lot of people spend a lot of time on Facebook, so it's very important some people actually live on Facebook and they search, You know, this is their search. They don't use Google. This is our search. So if they search for Denver Plumber, this pulled up. There's just not much going on, and it doesn't give a customer a warm and fuzzy. They all wanna contact his business. So that's an example of what I'm talking about that posting on a regular basis. It's important because customers see this, and it just not only is it important for customers just the visual of it and just the appearance of it. But it's also important to Google, because when you're posting regular on all the social media channels that matter, Google sees that you're active, plays into the bigger puzzle of your digital presence and how Google sees you online. So that was an example of Facebook. I got a Twitter example here, has pulled up the 1st 1 So at the time of this recording, he posts. The last post they did was about nine months ago. They just stopped posting so they probably might had somebody in the office. It was doing it or they had a service. It was doing it. But they just quit again. A customer hits his page and they see, you know, they've been They've been on here since 2010. So if I were customer, if I was a big Twitter user and I hit this and I saw the last post was March 30th I might think they were out of business. So do you see the importance of this? It doesn't have to be crazy content. It doesn't have to be this big plan. You just need a plan to do it on a regular basis. It could be simple. And again, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. All of these sites act as directories. You want to make sure that your business, your website, your contact information is on here as well. So that's another reason that social media platforms are important. 6. Local Service Business SEO Training: The next topic is s CEO, which is search engine optimization and s e o has gotten about her out and forget a reason because a lot of companies have gone out and sold all these promises that you're gonna rank on the first page and you're gonna get this. You're gonna get that, and you're gonna get all these leads and customers. And the truth is S e O is very valuable. It's very important, but it has to be done properly, and it's not a quick fix. It's something that takes a while to do. You have to have a strategy. You have to have a plan, and you have to execute it. What you can do as a local business owner is you can simply add new content to your website . Fresh content on a regular basis, you can get relevant back links from other blog's that are in your industry. You can get back links from directories, so some of those directories we talked about before those do count. Also, there's bigger national directories that you can get links from there's associations. So the plumber example, I'm sure there's probably local charters, local associations, pride, national associations. You can t sponsorship so you can get some really nice back links back to your site that count that help you rank higher on the search results. Video is becoming more and more important for digital marketing, and it plays a huge role. Just like a lot of people spend a lot of time on Facebook. A lot of people spend a lot of time on YouTube, you know, use my wife as an example. She can't hear me, so I don't care. But every night she is on YouTube. YouTube is YouTube Is her Google. So she doesn't even start in Google. She starts on YouTube if she wants to know how to do something if she wants to. I seen her. You know, if she wants to find a service, she'll actually just search in YouTube. So you have to keep that in mind as well. The nice thing about YouTube is if you get a video rank there, it can also be ranked out in Google so you'll get a dual benefit. You'll get people finding you in YouTube if they're searching within YouTube and you'll get the benefit of them finding you out on Google. So let's go out on the Web and do a couple of searches and I'll show you what I'm talking about. So let's go back to the Denver Plumber example and let's just start over. So Denver Plummer is a very competitive term, I can tell you, and the sites that are showing up at the top have probably invested a lot of time, money and energy. They have a good plan that is making them ranked this high when I search from Denver. Plumber. So any local search, you're always going to see sites like Yelp. You're gonna see sites like Home Advisor Consumer Affairs, Angie's List. Those are big national sites that have a lot of authority. So you're always going to see those popping up on the first page of local search results like this. But in between, you've got these local businesses, and these are the local businesses that are fighting to get on this first page. If you can get your business on the first page of Google, the amount of traffic that you're going to get the amount of leads that you're gonna get is going to exponentially increase. That's when we talked about these Google Maps listings before, Like this company here. If you can get in this spot just right below the paid advertising, you are going to get a lot of traffic. So we looked at the couple of these sites. Let's go to the second page. So again, on every page of quick on, you're going to see these ads, These air. This is a relatively news type of ad for service based businesses and you've got the regular search ads and then you've got some of these. These are the businesses that are there fighting for a spot here. So my point is you want to do everything you can to do the things we talked about. Make sure you have good content, make sure you get relevant back links and that's S E o at a very high level. I mean, it's very technical. It's changing all the time. That is the advantage of going with somebody that knows S CEO because things are ever changing. But there's easy and safe things you can do for your website to boost your search engine rankings. So I hope that helps you understand. S CEO 7. Local Service Business Paid Traffic: and my final part of this train is I want to talk about paid traffic and I won't talk about Google and Facebook in particular. Now what is paid traffic. So I showed you on a couple of those examples there at the top that was on Google search. Those were those were people. Those were companies that have paid to be at the top, and you can see the power in that because it's the first thing that the customer sees when they're searching. There's two types of pay traffic that I'm talking about. I'm talking about search paid traffic, and I'm talking about display paid traffic. Paid search traffic is like the examples that we saw before and display paid Traffic is where you could get banners and actually text ads to display on relevant websites. And then you've got Facebook, which the most common type of Facebook advertising is where it displays in a user's feed. So as you're browsing on Facebook, it's just going to be kind of embedded and all the stuff they're looking at, and that's what makes it powerful because it just kind of blends in with whatever their interests are. So let's jump over real quick and look at Google Search again, and then we'll look at Facebook to show what I'm talking about. So again, here are the search ads. This is a special type of ad that shows for service based businesses these air regular search ads. So people have been on certain key words like Denver plumber and their pain to show up in these spots right here. And I can tell you some of these local search terms are not cheap. It just depends on the market and how competitive it is. So an example of a paid display ad would be on something like this. It would be on a plumbing forum site so you can see here these air just generic text type ads. But you can see it's it's basically a banner, and you could have text, or you could actually have an image like a regular banner display, and then when somebody clicks on it, they're gonna go to your website. So the way this usually works is if I were an advertiser, I could go into Google ads and I could set up an ad and I could have my ad display on this site and more specifically, talking about the targeting part of it, I could only display it to people that are in my area. So I could say, Oh, I wanted to show in the Denver area maybe a radius of 50 miles around the main city of Denver, and it would only show when people meet that criteria. Now let's go over to Facebook and it would It would show up in this area right here as an ad like Here's an example right here of an ad. So have a picture of your service or something with your company on it. Just a little bit of text. A lot of people, a lot of companies like to run specials. You know, that'd be one way to get a customer to click through, and then you could track it. The real power of Facebook is when you have a Facebook pixel like we talked about, then you can retarget him, and then you can offer them a special at that point to get him back to get him to be your customer, and that works very, very well