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How to Watercolor a Stylized Portrait

Katelyn Marotzke, Illustrator

How to Watercolor a Stylized Portrait

Katelyn Marotzke, Illustrator

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5 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Drawing the Face

    • 3. Facepaintingpart1

    • 4. Facepaintingpart2

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About This Class

In this class we will use this reference to create a portrait in watercolor. I will be teaching how to shade with colors such as blue and green to create convincing shadows and undertones on the skin. There is also a drawing tutorial that is optional if you need help drawing the portrait before we get started with the paint. 



Meet Your Teacher

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Katelyn Marotzke



Hello, I'm Katelyn!

I am a professional full-time illustrator and I recently finished my first book, The Woman at the Edge of the Woods. I tell stories primarily with watercolor and collage. 

I graduated last spring with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in illustration, certificates in both Portfolio Development and Book Illustration, and a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. I loved mentoring while I was in college and am happy to continue to do it here on SkillShare!

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1. Intro: Hi. My name is Caitlin Brodsky, and I'm a professional illustrator. Today. I'm so excited to be teaching you how to do a watercolor portrait. I do a lot of portrait's figure to work in my own artwork, and I'm excited to be sharing some of the techniques I've picked up along the way with you guys today. This class is mostly in real time, so you'll be able to fall along one big, long video and we'll be using a reference photo to paint this portrait right here. So if you are ready, feel free to start my class. I would love to see what you guys come up with. Please post your final portrait. It's you find that reference phone out of the class materials that I'm excited to get started. 2. Drawing the Face: Hello, everyone. Thanks so much for taking my school share class today. Um, I'm gonna get started and show you how to paint this stylized portrait in watercolor. The first thing that we dio is tape our watercolor paper down again. I'm using marches, watercolor paper, cold press attends to handle there. It's like I like to add. It really depends on how you like to paint Which paper is most appropriate for you. Um, so to see your research when it comes to that. So this is artist tape. Um, I'm just taping down the borders here. It keeps my paper from buckling up when it dries. It also gives your paper a nice clean border when you're done, and it's very satisfying to peel it up at the end. When you're completely done with your portrait, just run over a couple of times with my phone just to keep it in one spot. Make sure no water is gonna get through. Perfect. No, we're ready to go. Um, so I'm gonna teach here how to draw this face. Amazing. This is my reference photo. Just because I really like the color in the portrait. And I also wanted to show you guys how to paint a portrait that straightforward before adding the 3/4 angle or anything like that. I wanted to keep it pretty basic. Doesn't really like the lighting in this photo. A lot. It kind of shows the different tones in her skin. We have different oranges and pinks and even greens in there, which is really what I was hoping to show you guys how to you paint today. Um, the value is pretty good. It's a little, um I wish he was a little bit more contrast, but we can add that in our painting if we want to. You, um I really like the colors happening and her face isn't too washed out from the natural light. You get a lot of selfies like that. I actually got this reference photo from E app called Sketchy, where people upload selfies and then you can choose. You can choose the paint or draw one of these selfies and then posted and they're posted together. It's pretty fun. I'm not paid to mention that or anything like that. But if I'm feeling like I'm in a creative rut, sometimes we'll use that just because It's a good community as well. Um, I said I wish I was getting paid to mention that I just really like it, So I thought it was worth mentioning because that's where I got my reference photo today. All right, so if you don't feel like you need practice drawing this portrait, you can skip this video and go straight to the water coloring. But for those of you that want to learn how to draw faces Well, um, I can give you a pretty brief lesson here and show you how to get started. Draw a circle here. Usually I would be drawing thistle lot lighter, Teoh. Uh, just so I don't have less to raise or deal with when I water coloring. But for the purpose of this video, I would like it's a show for you guys in my camera. So I'm just trying a little bit darker than I normally would today. Seven, we're gonna continue this circle kind of straight down with a straight line, and then we can see her jaws pretty angular. So we're gonna take that angle and created here, come around with the curve of her chin. Come back up angle it again from the spot across. Teoh are connecting point here. I like to add another lines here. So kind of crazy. Most like a Venn diagram looking thing for where her eyes will go. Um, I like Teoh. Start with the eyes. I guess once we have this shape happening, so I'm just gonna create, usually create two circles. That's kind of my base. Um, and then I create the lid, Her lids air pretty heavy here. Our eyes aren't super wide open. So cut across the circle like that. Um, and I'm gonna do the same in the bottom. And then kind of where this circle these circles are her eyeballs, basically. So where that comes through, we're going Teoh at a lid That looks really nice and natural. All right. And then So what? I was told And what's helped me is that, um and it differs from person, that person because everybody's features are a little bit different, but basically the space between the eyes and it's like and I with the parts of like, this much is like between these two. If that makes sense, E drop her, um, viruses and these air gonna you're not going to see the whole circle. Um, because your eyes are very open like that. You're not going to see the full circle either direction. So we're just gonna do that? You can draw her pupil if you want. Lately. All right, So we have the I Stone. Um, if you want to get into more detail drawing it, this is all the detail I'm gonna do for my watercolor, cause I'm gonna add all the rest of the details of watercolor and I'll show you how to do that later. So I'm gonna come up just a little bit with her. I brown's way don't see the whole eyebrow because of her hair, but I'm gonna kind of pencil And what I think it will look like anyway, Mr It's a little behind her eyeballs. I've come out a little too far here and, uh, at least had used, like my brother, my pen Teoh scope out different angles. So, for example, right now, I'm just using my phone as the reference photo. You can print it off. Whatever works best for you, Alex, be able to like zoom in. I find that really helpful, but so for example, finding like where her eyebrows starts from where her I starts like, I take that I find the angle, and then I do the same thing in my drawing. It's the same angle. Um, so that's like a good rule of thumb, I guess. And I'll be showing you how to use that more when it comes to finding where her nose is. That and her mouth is that, um I use it a lot when I'm doing, like, every find commission to do a portrait of a particular person instead of, like, my own character design, because I just find it to be a little bit more accurate. So here, I'm going to you draw the eyebrow like that, we can see this Kind of like the for average here. All right, so then I'm gonna take the angle from the edge of her. I see the edge of her nose, and I'm gonna create that same angle. I'm gonna draw that, actually, and then I'm gonna do the same with the other side. It's like this and that from that angle. Um, and then I'm gonna kind of eyeball how far the noses down. Um, you can do different things. Like, what's the measurement of this? I from like, the corner of her eye, Or like something like that. So then I market like that for the end of her nose is you're like, the bottom of it. Um, I'm gonna draw a circle here. And I noticed that her nose and directly below her I start so you could draw little guidelines like that. Um, and then I'm gonna dress like, half circles joining the main circle. Uh, I'm going Teoh create half moon shapes here. If you just really need to look at your portrait to see how the nostrils are at a little shape of the inside here, highlights gonna go about here. Most people don't draw on their highlights. Ideo So it's whatever you like to dio it was a tutorial, but feel free to do things. How they make sense to you. Um, there's, like, a 1,000,000 different ways to create art. So, um, just go. It's fun. Just learned how you operate best, and then apply that. All right, so I can see shortly down from her nose. I'm gonna create that little shape there underneath the nose. Um, I'm going to start the lives. So I guess how I do lives is again measure so I can see the lives and directly below the middle of her eyeballs. And this is true for like, a lot of people, this is like a general rule of trying again, it differs with different phrases that you do. This face follows those rules pretty accurately. So I'm going to draw kind of the lion. She's doing this like, half smile, almost duck face thing that's a little bit different open expression. So I'm gonna do, like, almost like a little smile and then come in with the bottom lip here, just barely. Her lips were barely parted. So did you that create this bottom shape have a starting thin coming out stickers going back in? I think that's a little too big. Their lives were almost like, more round. And then I'm gonna come up for her top lip. Just got kind of que up here. Then I can see she's overdrawn her lip line. I was like a personal preference in her makeup. I don't think I wouldn't include that in my illustration, just cause I'm not personally offend. Awful Look but you can probably your references accurately or inaccurately. Is your flight drawn her lips? No. I'm gonna work. She's got some pretty defined cheekbones. So I'm gonna come in about where her eyes are cut across. Kind of Just make note of those cheekbones with same right here. I'm gonna go through, and I'm gonna erase all of my guidelines that I have. And some people like to keep guidelines, like in their final works, to make it look more gestural or more sketchy. Um, I usually really like doing that. Or at least keeping some of them, uh, for the purpose of this tutorial, I'm going to end up just erasing most of them and keeping the finals. Brian, work e think as another guide. I'm going to you add her eye makeup, but she has, like the cat I so she could have pulls it almost to the edge of her. I growl. Do that on the other side. Just cause it's so bold in this painting. Sometimes I add it after, but yeah, that's pretty bold. Okay, um I'm going Teoh at her years now, so we can see right from where her I ends here directly across is kind of where her, your starts and years we're kind of complicated, like it's it would be beneficial to you to just study like, take an hour in just study years, just trying years over and over over again and kind of like, understand, I'm just coming out like this. I hope it doesn't room the audio too much, but it's a thunder starving right now. It's a nice rainy day, my favorite days to paint and draw on whatever. I followed the same rule on the other side and thes ears from the front. She has pretty small ears, and they're pretty flattened. They're from a different angle of the front, so you don't have to draw him out like this could become nice and compact here. Her neck starts kind of people over her eyebrows that I'm always looking for those different angles and comparisons just to keep everything, Um, everything like consistent with each other and for the reference that I'm using on the other side of her neck comes down almost exit like 2/3 out from her. I but and come down it a little bit of an angle. We have muscles and things like that. And there. I know a lot of drawings tend to have the neck comes straight out, which is a little more inaccurate. So I'm gonna come in now like this. But Claire Bones here. Sure down like this. I don't know if I really include the shirt, my final, my final illustration. So stay tuned. That's how it's looking. Even include her necklaces. So I like that. And you can choose to or you could just not you whatever feels good to you. Okay, s. So now we're gonna continue on with your hair, so it looks like your hair kind of story. It's almost for her. Eyebrow does like that's where her part is. Anyway, we're gonna come down just a little bit for her hair down from this. Where the top of her head is her hair when it comes down. Angle. But she was around like this. Kind of covering her eye a little bit. There's a piece that comes out like this. Her here's a little bit more complicated. Yes, I have a chance for choosing reference. Complicated hairstyle. But practice makes perfect, and it comes up like this. It's it looks like it's actually pulled back here in a race like were hurt. The top of her head is that we drew earlier because your hair is gonna cover all of that. You And if you're drawing a bald person would be a little bit more nuanced than just that half circle. Also, just look out for like, a little like David's. Or like the unique things that pic of the shape of a person's head princely in where this hairs coming out. There's some straight years, and, um, I'll just You got a pain later. I don't think I need a pencil that in. If you want to pencil in some straits, that's totally fine. Looks like it comes just a little bit for here for me till so we'll just make sure that's all separated and painting. All right. Just fixing up a little curious like I'm gonna make this a little less harsh square job, all right? And there's the face that we're prepping to paint. Thanks so much for watching and stay tuned in the next video so we can start adding our layers 3. Facepaintingpart1: mixing a skin toned something to use lots of yellow. Here, add a little bit of red or yellow going back and forth here. This is gonna be an orangey we're gonna have, like, just the tiniest, tiniest bit of blue. Okay. And some water here, even a little bit more red. I think I wanted to be a little bit more kinky pinky and peachy Add lots of water and I'm gonna start applying it all over the skin. So what I'm going to do here is I'm just getting like a base color down just to get something down. You want to definitely make sure it's light because of watercolor. You wanna work from later. It's your darker because it's a little bit less forgiving than something like oil paint or acrylic paint. And so I'm literally just gonna cover everything like even the lips, the whites of the eyes, a little bit of everything, and then we can see that she uses, like, a fair amount of blush. And again, this is pretty stylized. So I'm going to take my red while this is still wet. I did. I'm going to add it to my mixture just to make it a little darker on. Then I'm going to add that color to like her nose. Um, kind of under her eyes a little bit the tops of her cheekbones. Not going past the jawline that we drew earlier. I'm gonna add it to her lips. The tip of her chin, Um, maybe a little bit on top of her collarbone, and so that's gonna bleed out. And that's fine, because again, we're gonna refined everything a little bit more, um, in depth as we go. But for now, this is just getting some general color on her skin, so I'm just kind of like working it in Nice. Um, don't work it too much, all right? And then we're going to wait for this layer to dry before we continue on, because if we add any hair, anything right now, it's gonna bleed into her skin, and her skin is gonna be all orange on the forehead. And we don't want that. And actually, you know what? Before you refer too dry, add some pink to be yearsas. Well, if you like. All right. Now we'll wait for this to drive. Okay? Now that that layers dried we're gonna start adding some sheeting. Um, and to do that, I'm actually going to start adding, um, like greens and blues. And I know it sounds crazy, but what we're gonna do is do that and then go over it more with some more natural looking colors, and it'll all even out and you'll get the undertones. Um, yeah, and that's kind of how it works out. So I'm gonna go in with a greenish color. You can kind of see that There's some greenish undertones near, like, the bridge of her nose. So I'm going in with a light green mixture, kind of blending it out by adding a little bit more water with it. I mean that it looks almost kind of bluish on the side of her nose. So I'm going in with blue color very, very, very lately there, creating the bridge of her nose. It's pretty narrow. Lend it out, take some more blue, put it under her nose and then, um, great. Here, kind of bringing out the circle on the end of her nose like the tip of her nose. We're gonna take some of this blue and we are going to run it along her jawline. You know, this looks totally crazy right now, guys of affair with me because the thing is, when you are trying, if you try to shade, like if I try to shade this with more of her skin tone, um, I really couldn't get a rich value through that. You have to add different colors to get the values that you want. And I think it makes it a little bit more interesting and accurate as well, because we're not just, uh you know, we're not just one single skin tone color. Um, we have undertones. Like where there might be more veins and, um, blood flow. And that kind of thing, I'm just gonna fill in that in could make a shape right here. And I'm gonna bring more green kind of under her lips here. Okay. It was a little bit too much time trying to wipe it away. You add a little bit more here towards her forehead, you hear that shadow's gonna be We can actually make that shadow. I want to add a little bit of blue to that shadow, particularly right underneath her hair, and I think that'll look really good. Um, with her orange hair as well on the complement and contrast each other pretty well. I think more of the screen and put it right under her neck. Then add blue. Kind of like directly under her neck. Since that will be the darkest See, it's seeping in here a little bit. You just wipe that away. It's a similar tones. It's fine. So now she looks totally crazy. She looks green and blue again. Hang in there with me, Um, at a little bit of blue here. Well, I'm at it. Her eyes are blue. So I'm just gonna like some very light blue. Um, just start us out here, and with that, I'm going to you go ahead and let this dry again before we start going in with the top coat . Um, and then we'll detail it 4. Facepaintingpart2: Okay, Um, now that that layer has dried, I'm going to start working on the shading on the rest of the face. I'm so I'm going to do that. And then I'm gonna work on each detail, if that makes sense. Uh, so just pulling at my reference photo here, I'm gonna take my peachy color that we've been using this whole time and to be bold, I'm gonna add a little bit of blue to it. And I'm going to use that color as the, um shading on her pupils. So I'm just gonna add set for No, no worry about the rest yet. Start on the nose here. I have a red color loaded. I'm going to put that in the same spot that we put the blue and then I'm gonna start spreading it around. Her nose is pretty pink here. I think she applied some blush often in my illustrations. I do that anyway. Like, regardless, I really like that style. Keeps reading that read on to her nose. That's way to veterans. I'm gonna spread that out a little bit, not panic. And I'm gonna go about halfway out. Just like that. She looks a little cloudy right now, so I'm going to keep kind of working it into the rest of the drawing. I believe that one spot there where that highlights gonna be you. So, all way for that to dry. But this at this point, when we were working on each individual part, we can start working in like, um, like, I can start on the nose and the wall and waiting for the nose to dry, can work on the lips and then vice versa. Like when that's dry concert, we can that again and then working on I so I don't have to stop Quite is often, which is nice. So she's gonna really bright red colors. I'm gonna start applying. Read to her lips as well. - Basically just filled it in. That's all I take my peachy color, a little bit of brown to it. I'm going to add that to the bottom. She's got some makeup underneath her eye, so I'm using that. I'm just going halfway. Then I'm gonna also feel in her crease here. Um, if you do a lot of makeup, this part might come pretty easy to you. And add Cem, uh, water and blend it out just a little bit, just a little bit on the bottom. And then I'm actually gonna blend it out quite a bit on the top, following that curve. Do the same of this side reaching that same brown color, and I'm gonna add it to her nose again. Just right here. It's a little wet suit spitting out a little bit, which is finally know there. And I'm liking that a little bit better. Remove on, Teoh her cheekbones. I'm going to take like, a blue and red and make a kind of purple color, and I'm just gonna have a ton of water to it. I'm gonna start feeling of those cheekbones again. This photo they're kind of a weird color. They're kind of a purple e bluey color. So I'm gonna add just a little bit of that and then spread it around. That's a touch here. I'm going, Teoh a little bit of like an orangey color. My good gold color, I guess, um, to the inside of her, like onto her eyelids, since she's wearing kind of like gold makeup. It looks like Walt on that down in a bit. Teoh, It looks a little cloudy right now. Then we're gonna add in orange, color her eyebrows. They're super orange. So I'm going to add that here. I might end up toning that down a little bit to you. You just follow that. I like to sometimes make my ends of the eyebrows a little bit darker from the the front of the eyebrows. Take some that purple color from before and at it right under her neck. We're under her chin on to her neck. I'm gonna pull it out just a little bit and at a little bit here for the collarbone. Two. That's more of a green color. That little bit of blue here just to make this part stand out a little bit more. And at this point, it's a lot of back and forth until things look right, if that makes sense. So now I'm adding like, a little bit more orangey red right here on her cheek. Do that on the other side as well. And this is kind of where the building that I was talking about earlier, um comes into, like, the later to the darker and see that I'm outlining it with red like for these lips here. Um and then I'm adding water to blur it out a little bit and blend it. I think that the, um below her drop ball got a little bit too dark for me. Or like Teoh, um, blue. So I'm just adding, like a little bit of yellow, like yellow orange to, um, leading up just a little bit. Getting water to just blend things out a little bit better. Acting a dry brush to kind of stop this bleeding. What's happening. Work on the pupils a bit more, but adding more blue top here, I would actually fill in the pupils with this blue as well. And the outside start working on the hair by laying down the face with a larger brush of orange, yellow, orange. - You're going Just kept doing that. And then, um, breaking on the details in a bit when the hairline in just a little bit there. Right now, I'm gonna work a little bit more on the eyes. This is an orangey color again that I'm using to kind of try to bring it together a little bit more. It's delicious. Brown tryingto fill in the shape here 5. Face3: take my purple color. I'm gonna add the pupils. Now, I don't like to fill out the entire thing. Just black. I like to do like, little half moon shapes here on the bottom from my brush and then blend the rest our Otherwise, they look a little too dead or hollow. Uh, and then after, like, one of the last steps going to show you here in my process is I'm gonna take whitewash and use it to highlight the eyes. Um, so that we'll have a light back into them and look way less dead. Give them life. I'm gonna chase, uh, purple again. Make sure it's mostly blue this time. Reuse it. Us The islander that we drew earlier, sir, Model here has pretty thick makeup. E think it looks a lot better with that? Um, eyeliner. I think it defines her eyes. Really? Well, um, we'll add eyelashes. That will also be another step that comes later with the details. But I think I'm almost ready to start with the detail ing, so take like a dark brown color, and I'm gonna get those nostrils she has here. I just got out later on very, very lightly. I'm using a very thin brush for this. I had the inside here, but I'm gonna take a brownish red color. I'm going to line the nose and you don't have to create, like, I like to use a lot of line work in my paintings. Uh, you don't have to if you don't want to, you can leave it as is. You see that dark British brown and use it to kind of laying the crease and to find the crease here. Something that I sometimes like to do is, um, ad dots kind of run her eyes, especially. She's wearing, like, my shadow justice, like nice detailing and at a little bit of water and just kind of do that kind of creates a fun texture for us. Alone on the eyebrows. I like to create fine little hairs just like that. Maybe at the front here as well, in a later way. Actually a line her face just because I like doing that again. It's a stylistic choice whether or not you want to use any line work or not. And this is kind of in a orangey brown color. All right, so now I'm going to start adding a little bit more. Um, and we get darker. Don't Here on the bottom lid, just adding more line work here on the nose. Way to add a little bit of, um, like a curb shape here because I think it looks a little bit Teoh shirt, Same on the other side. It's happening on that a little bit. I'm gonna take my red mixed with just a tiny bit of blue. It's not gonna be purple this time. Just making a nice burgundy color when you use that to help share the lips. So I'm going Teoh draw in the actual, um, else lying here like the part of the mouth. What's going to use its flying the bottom? I'm gonna bring it down just a little bit more. I don't think I brought it down enough from my reference widow read, and I'm gonna blend it in with that So doesn't look like her lips are horribly, um, mind. I just use water to keep lending. - You're heading a little bit of read to the bottom of her makeup here just because I like it just a style thing. It's a little bit reddish in the photo, but not quite this red. You can see everything is just a really big glaring process, because I'm going back in time adding a little bit more of this dark blue to her eyes, - a little bit more of like a reddish orange tint to you. Her eyebrows just bring this out a little bits and things were starting to get a little bit more value to them. It balances it out, spending more gold here, getting a little bit more definition, just building all those years, getting things to pop more. I'm gonna touch upon these ears, outline things using this reddish brown color. It's telling the neck that was just pretty randomly, he said. I jumped back and forth so much usually. Listen, I'm working on the other ear, but I'm not too worried about making that year is perfect because a lot of we're gonna be covered by her hair. I just think it's nice at that base. There's that doesn't look too jarring if we do see a little peek of it color in the bottom , like below the top bridge here. All right, now I'm gonna get some kind of the fun details of the face do the hair. It's gonna be one of the last things that I work on here. So I'm at a few more of those little dots. It's like a dotting technique. It almost kind of looks like litter or something. I think it's a nice texture choosing it, freckles or anything. But if you want to act like freckles, you can do the same kind of thing on cheeks in the nose, the chin line there, a little bit more prominent purple. I realize it dried pretty light. Same thing right there. You know, I'm gonna start betting details to the hair. I think she kind of looks like Taylor Swift. Thanks. The makeup. It wasn't really the goal. I just got this weird curl here, but I'm just laying down Lee. Some general line work like the direction of the hair. Take a bigger brush now. Yes, I too much bigger. Just bigger than my detail brush. Gonna add some darker color here. I'm just alternating between yellow orange. Kind of with lighter spots of her hair. Are I'm just using the reference photo for that? Well, we wait for it to dry. I'm gonna work three eyelashes using that purple color from earlier. So draw like a little bit of a lash line there. Just a tiny little strokes feeling like you're trying to make this look like the reference photo on, The more you do that, the more it looks like a really sweet. And my advice for eyelashes this don't overdo it don't, like, make too many. Um, don't make him all the same. Otherwise, it's gonna look and are just not very natural. Um, this is more paint in this reddish brown color. I was struck Inning up again. We're going from light to dark right now. We're gonna go in with either a whitewash whitewater color or you could even do acrylic paint If you have that on hand, any use that an ad highlights to these eyes. So she's got one right here, right above her pupil. Dumbbell blow. This one just got smaller one here, don't below. Also add some of this week wash Don't here to kind of give her another like the top of her bottom lid on her eye. Same here. Um and that'll It's going down quite a bit as it dries. Met actually have to go over it again, going to give you that on the tip of her nose. It's kind of a highlight, maybe around where her nostrils are, just ever so lately. Maybe on the other side of her nose to stand out just a little bit cleaner. Anyway, Clean up the mouth here a little bit, too. Right here, street above the lips. Go with the inner corner of her eye as well, and it's just like little details, just cleaning it up a little bit. It's one of my favorite parts. It's really, really enjoyable for me. I had a little bit here, right there because you're kind of glossy that one in a little bit more, all right. And they were from the hair, just a tad more working between the yellows and the dark oranges right here actually comes up quite a bit more than what I had previously drawn. So I'm gonna add some volume to it because I really like that. I think it's really cool, and part of art is just part of it is honestly just problem solving and learning kind of problem solved, like for example, I could have left it that way if I wanted it to be that way. But I decided not to, You know, in problem solving and how to you blend it in with the rest of my painting. Ultimately, don't be afraid, watercolor. It could be a little bit more tedious than a lot of different mediums. But don't be afraid, all right? We'll wait for that to dry. I'm going Teoh Painter necklaces in, and I'm actually gonna take my artistic license. And I'm gonna make her jewelry more gold ish or more coppery than I think. It's a silver here in the photo. And that's just a personal preference thing. I'm also gonna make it like a chain. So I'm just gonna do a little line here and in a circle, lying circle just following the line that I drew earlier. This could be a nice and loose to. It's not the focal point of your painting, so really? You just like to imply it had independent from the photo. One more Nicholas here. I don't think I'm gonna do all three. I think I'm just gonna do that to you. - There we go. There's her jewelry. This is feeling dry. I'm gonna start adding more detail again, Have some more orange here to the top of her head. And then I'm gonna wait that for that to dry a little bit longer. Let's try it a little bit more. So now I'm gonna keep adding onto you the hair. Right now I'm gonna add a little bit more purple in the Islander. I can see in my photo the reference photo that her eyeliner is actually a little bit bigger than what I have even, um, in the end game here, I'd like to make those little adjustments. Um, as I see fit just a little bit more up here comes of higher says an element that I really liked in this photo was her eyeliner. Bring it down here a little bit more. I was thinking her eyes were looking just like a little too big A swell, like the anatomy of thumb was a little bit too big, but I think it's because I didn't make her Islanders thick. See how that makes her eyes look smaller and a little bit more natural. I'm going to continue to work on the hair asserting yellow kind of in the really bright spots a little bit more shape to her hair in the background we have here, I'm still gonna keep it pretty late. Like a straight hair here comes out of bed. It's like the shape that that makes wait for that to drive 40. Dealing it again. Um, help. Could it help the viewer decipher what's going on here with these girls? All right. And as a final touch, I'm going to take my white wash or, um, watercolor or acrylic paint, Whatever you decided to use. And I'm going Thio added to the hair. Um, mostly just these front pieces here at some highlights. - Bad . So wait up here. It's kind of catching that band of highlight in the middle. And here you're just, um, softening those highlights a little bit. All right. And there she is. Feel free to put your name indeed. Right there. So you can keep track of your progress today. Study is finished. If you are interested. I have a few more videos up on skill share. Feel free to check him out. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you'd like to see anything specific or in particular that I can always put into a class. Thanks so much for your support. Thanks for watching