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10 Videos (23m)
    • Welcome to Class

    • Safety Tips

    • Preparation

    • Sun Salutation A

    • Sun Salutation B

    • Bonus Video: Sun Salutation A

    • Bonus Video: Sun Salutation B

    • Conclusion

    • Your Class Project

    • Next Up: Intro to Power Yoga


About This Class

Wake up with yoga in 10 minutes. Set the tone for your day with this energizing morning yoga workout. In this class, I'll lead you through two flowing sequences designed to warm up your body and jumpstart your day without caffeine. No prior experience or any special equipment is needed. Join me for a great start to your day. Grab your mat and let's get started. Enroll today!

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Just did this-this morning, feeling refreshed and buzzed. Really great lesson :)
Emma Hall

Teaching, Creating and Making

Great information loved the presentation.
Drs. Rob & Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

The Power Couple of Teaching





Ivory Howard

Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Ivory Howard, MPH is the founder of Flat Belly Pilates, the author of five guides, and a certified Pilates and yoga instructor.

For nearly a decade, Ivory has provided her clients with challenging, balanced workouts focused on strength, balance and flexibility to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

Ivory established Flat Belly Pilates to offer a studio alternative by delivering Pilates and yoga classes at the time and location you need. Flat Belly Pilates is a mobile personal training studio in the Atlanta area that delivers Pilates and yoga classes at the time and location clients prefer, allowing them to achieve studio results in the privacy of their homes or offices.

Ivory also loves to chat! Connect with her on Instagram and Twitter.