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How to Vlog | Make Engaging Vlogs People Will Actually Watch!

teacher avatar Adi Singh, Videographer and Youtuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Contents for the class

    • 3. Theme of your Vlog

    • 4. Things to Pre-Plan

    • 5. Being Authentic in Front of the Camera

    • 6. How to Talk so People Listen

    • 7. Vlogging in Public

    • 8. Tips for Filming your Vlog

    • 9. Tips for Editing your Vlog

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Are you dreaming to become like on of your favourite vloggers? Do you want to have the same confidence they have? And you want to get rid of that awkward feeling when speaking to your camera in crowded places? Then you have come to the right place!

What you will learn
In this class I will give you tips about how to become better at vlogging. We will go in-depth about how to make engaging vlogs people will actually watch and how you can work on yourself to be more presentable and confident in front of the camera. I will also share tips and tricks I use to make my vlogs interesting.  

Structure of the class

  • Finding the theme and pre-planning: The most important thing about your vlog? A theme! You will learn how to choose a theme and how pre-planning will make your life easier.
  • Working on yourself to become a confident vlogger: What character you want to be in your vlog? In this section, we will discuss how you can find your character and how you become better at storytelling. We will also talk about how you can be more confident while vlogging in crowded places.
  • Filming and editing tips: I will share some tips and tricks you can apply to enhance the production quality of your vlogs.

Is this class interesting for you?
This class is welcoming to student of all levels, though the class is built for beginners in mind.

So, do I see you in my class? Let’s learn and create!


Who am I?
My name is Adi – and since a few months I am living in the Netherlands. Since I got my first camera back in 2015 to capture my travels, I am hooked with videography! Every day I learned something new and eventually I started my own video production company and YouTube channel! I learned all the ins and outs of videography online or by self-teaching and I would love to share my knowledge with all of you!

My equipment
Check the gear I use: Adi Singh (@letsmeetabroad) gear • Kit

Let's connect!
My YouTube channel: Let’s Meet Abroad
Instagram: @flexmediafilms @letsmeetabroad 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adi Singh

Videographer and Youtuber


Hi there! I’m Adi.

In 2015 I got my first camera to capture my travels to New Zealand. From then on I was hooked with videography! Every day I learned something new and eventually I started my own video production company and YouTube channel!  

The reason why I love online teaching is simply because it has been the foundation of my filmmaking career. I learned all the ins and outs of videography online or by self-teaching and I would love to share my knowledge with you! I truly believe that if e-learning is taken seriously, anyone can be professional in anything. I really hope I can help others with making content and creating videos.

So where are you waiting for, let’s learn and create!


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1. Introduction: so everybody's talking about. How can you make cinematic flogs? How could you make cinematic drone footage? How can you make all those cool transitions in your vlog? But nobody is talking about How can you work on yourself to become a better storyteller, to become more presentable in front the camera. I'll get you talking from the camera confidently. So those are the things that we'll talk about in this class. All right, so let's get started. My name is Heidi, saying I'm a freelance videographer and photographer and I also love making travel blocks. I started looking about four years ago, and in this class I'll share with you my experiences and all the lessons I've learned throughout my journey. 2. Contents for the class: so Day two here in the Humala's in unimportant circuit planets to walk for 5 to 6 hours. Our case. I broken down this class into a few different segments, so the first segment would be more sort off. How do you pre plenty of log? How do you decide what type of theme you want to log on and the second segment would be more set off. How can you work on yourself or have to log in public? Say it's more sort of. How can you work on yourself to become a better of lager to become a better story tender And the third segment is more set off tips and tricks when you can use in your logs to make it look more cool, more interesting and more professional at the same time. Okay, so let's start with the first section. Oh, can we have the drum roll, please? 3. Theme of your Vlog: good morning here in Kaufman, with cities just waking up and places so magical. It's so quiet now. But in half in our passing, this class will be talking about how to do the theme for your flog. So the theme for the vlog, the most common themes for the logs are maybe a day in your life morning routine. Or say, if you're traveling somewhere like, say, you're talking about any product or say you're talking about any event so all those things they can be different feeds for your blocks. So, for example, if I'm making a vlog, I need to really think about OK, so what would be the story? What I would want to tell to the audience. So I'm not destroying the cameras following me throughout my whole day. But there's also like a background story off. What I'm talking about in that video or what I'm showing actually in that video today is a bit of, uh, seem so that your audience would be more interested in watching that video, that maybe they can relate to it. Or maybe there those are the topics that they're interested in. So that's why a theme is really important because if there's no theme, a video would just look like a random video off you walking with the camera and just filming all the random stuff and think of it as a small movie. So it should have, like a little beginning. So in the beginning, you are sort of giving your audience a bit more idea about. Okay, this is what the video would be and there would be this middle part. They're actually, whatever the theme we have chosen, that would be actually going on and the ending with more sort of conclusion. So say that can be end of your day or conclusion off what you talked about or conclusion off why you should what you showed in the video, if that makes sense. So in conclusion of this episode, think off it as a small movie. So there should be a particular starting point Paul middle section and the end section, which would be the conclusion. So yeah, theme is really important 4. Things to Pre-Plan: progress in this section will be talking about how to pre plan your blog's. So yeah, it might sound really stupid that Oh, it's just a block. I have to be natural in front the camera the whole time. I just have to show what is authentic. But it's really important to plan the whole of log with planning. You dissect. Figure out that what would be the introduction part of the vlog. What would be the ending part of the law? For example, you cannot just start of log in the middle off something. So every time you start, you just have to give a brief introduction that this is what is going on. Alright, guys. So in this episode, we'll be doing a real world test of Panasonic Blue Mix s one on. I'm having 24 to 1 of five lens on this and it's so freakin cold. Let's go. Don't trust what you heard from a bubble, Doug. You started something else. Then you come back to the introduction so it should. It should look more structure and same with the ending. When you're ending, you can just chop the video and that's all you can do that. So you have to have, like, a conclusion, beginning or guys, thanks so much watching the video, blah, blah. It's all this little stuff you just have to figure out. Introduction, beat and the ending made that where and when you would film that, so that when you're editing it, it'll it'll be so much easier for you to put that beginning middle part in the next year. And it would make more sense to you and your audience and with pre planning. You can also decided, what are the places which are the most important part of the Lord at that time? I can film a lot of B rules that I can also film a lot of me talking from the camera. And what times end of log Are there things what are not that important? That you could just take a short B roll and you don't have to talk to my name from the camera, so pre planning that would just reduce the work what you would be doing? So that's what pre planning doesn't that it just gives you a bit more idea that what you're doing and why you're doing 5. Being Authentic in Front of the Camera: I think that walk for day for is almost over. That's our base camp. Tomorrow morning vehicle. You The views are so in this chopper how to be more authentic in front the camera. So this is a tricky one. So let me explain why I put this segment. Why? I told that this segment is the most important part because when you're blogging, you are the most important part off the vlog. Yeah, So you have to figure out that what character you are presenting out in front the camera throughout the whole of log. So by that I mean is that Look, let's do a bit off spiritual course. I'm just getting So what? What's happened? What happens is of the There's no real me. Okay, so there's no real me. So every time we found with my friends, I am acting in a certain way on behaving in a certain way. If I with my parents on behaving in a certain way, fabric my girlfriend and behaving in certain if I'm summer official, if I'm at work, if I'm behaving in a certain way and when you're by yourself, you're behaving a certain way. So you also have to figure out the opinion Front camera. How would you behave and what would be your character from the camera? So how can I make it simple? Is that I see sort off know that who I really am? Kind of. So I So when I'm in front of the camera, I would try to be as close as possible as a person who am an avid, my friends urban and with my family, because what would happen is that little burb. So what would happen is that if I'm in front of the camera and if I'm being more authentic , it would feel more natural to me to hold the camera and talk to a camera, as if an act as if it's a friend of mine, which I'm talking to you. But if I'm acting in a very different way and I'm filming myself while putting the character until or the whole day, it might be really exhausting at this. For me, it's really exhausting, and it just put so much pressure on. Imagine putting that character in front of the camera, and if you're blogging in public, that's like twice as stressful. So that's why it's really important to first for know who you are. And then how can you bring that character as close as possible in front the camera. So, yeah, And with, like, this thing for me, it came by a lot of practice, sir. I would want a lot off YouTubers and I would act like like them. So just to look more interesting, but the more I've loved, the more I found an easy way off me talking from the camera. So right now, how I'm talking to you, that's what That's how I will talk to my friends if I'm explained them something important . So yeah, and it is just very easy. And it just makes more sense, you know? And I can literally talk like this whole day, and it would be a little bit exhausting because, yeah, I'm putting out a bit of energy because of what I'm talking. I feel that it's really important. So, yeah, I mean, you just have to figure out that what character off yourself you would want to put it out in front. The camera. And how would you figure out is that you just have to try. You just have to try. Uh, you just have to do a lot off. Not a lot of blocking, but you just have to try talking that a camera and to see that what's the easiest to you feel and what's the most comfortable you feel what you feel is the most comfortable. 6. How to Talk so People Listen: way we have to do now. Take off our shoes. Keep walking. We just took off our shoes way. Teoh, across this water for my camera doesn't get so now we know what our character is in from the camera. So now we just have to figure out How can we work on my character a bit more so that I can tell a better story so that I can talk in a way that people actually listen to me? And for some people, it's really easy. They can tell story in a way, which would sound super funny, super interesting. But for some people, they have to work a lot on their storytelling skills to just tell our good stories to just tell an interesting story that people actually listen to it. So with talking from the camera, if you talk like in a consistent pace, it sounds a bit boring. So it's like you're just reading out. So if I just read out from my laptop that yeah, I was a lot of videos about how to tell better stories and how to talk so that so you see, like it's here, it's really it's it's really boring and there's no emotion. So that's why I think that while you're talking in front the camera, the pace off the pace by which how you talk, it should be really different. For example, if I'm talking and in some of the segments, if I talked really fast and in some segments I talk really slow so you see what I just did there. So I'm changing the pace. Affinity changed the pace of how you're talking. It becomes more sort of a greeting style, so more sort of a talking style. So as soon as like you pause and then you're talking really slow and you're emphasizing on certain things your audience might pay a lot of attention on. Okay, so he's going to say something important, so I hope that makes sense. And the next day what I'll give is that before telling the most important part, pause for a little bit so that it keeps suspense to your audience. Your audience are more tempted in all of what is he gonna say, what's gonna happen? So after 10 minutes, one Jeep comes and we started, like loading our bags and all that, and then I'm like, I asked my porter that Hey, what about the other G? And they needs light. There's no other Jeep time Like, how are we gonna fit 10 people in this cheap on then? Then he's like, Oh, be standing the back. It was a frickin insane right? There's a room for just six people thing, but then we were feeding 10 people in that small G theme has changed the pace off your sentences and use these pausing techniques. So as soon as you hype it up so much, you have the whole things too much. And then as soon as you have to say something really important or assuming you're giving the conclusion, is that a pause for a little bit? So they would just it would just attract audience, and it would just help them do pay more attention to you. And then you say the important thing. So then you say, then you just give the climax, so I hope that makes sense. I am I saying too many times? I hope that makes sense. So now you know these techniques. Now go watch your favorite YouTubers and go watch and just observe how they're talking from the camera and you would see that they used these are of techniques. And for them, it might be natural. For some people, it's 100% natural. But for some people, they have to learn it, and then you and then you practice it so many times that it just becomes a part of you and it just starts coming supernaturally so these other techniques, you just have to keep it in mind. And there's so many other ways to tell that story. So, yeah, I mean, you just have to keep in mind that okay, I know I am, but I have to excel this character so that this character should be really good at telling stories. Really, this character should be really interesting. A telling story, so so that when this character is talking, people actually listen and people are there, they're actually hanging on to your video. 7. Vlogging in Public: I've been using this camera for past six months, and every time I use they just keep surprising me because there's so many different features in this one. Today will do a real test. We'll be going at his academy, Vladi in public. So this is also are really important episode. So I know a lot of people struggled with this, including me. So let's start from the beginning that how can you become better and from the camera. So start with vlogging with your friends. So, for example, if I feel really awkward is holding the camera and walking down the street by myself, just ask my friends to come along with me, and then you are too awkward people talking in from the camera in the whole crowd, so it just feels a little less awkward that okay, if people think that I'm stupid, my friend also look stupid. So that's fine. But in reality, it on three. Stupid. I'm just giving an example. It was just an example. This guy and the second is what I'll give is that even if you are at home, tried a practice talking from the camera. So there was a point where when I was really struggling to talking from the camera, So what I did waas I would just get my point and shoot. And every night, just before going to bed, I'll do like a journal, things off, talking from the camera, and I will explain my whole data. This is what happened in the morning. This is what happened in the afternoon on. I would talk as if I'm talking to a friend. I'm explaining to a friend. It helped a lot. So it's more about you getting used to the fact that you're talking to a piece of machine, but you're tricking your brain that it's not actually machine. It's it's your friend what you're talking to. So, yeah, you just have to keep in your mind that yeah, when you're talking the camera, don't review the machine treated as a different person. So it will be just easier for you to convey the message. And the 30 protective log in public is start by long in the place of our Super quiet. Where is no one's out there to start by flogging their there in this park and there's literally no one. So, yeah, I mean I get log. And I wouldn't even be awkward and practice more there and eventually moved to the place in which is not that crowded, but still there people, you mean? Yeah, and then eventually moved to the places where there it's super packed them. Yeah, so, yeah, you just have to just just be brave and do it, you know? And once you do it, you would you would feel if it was not even bad And like, how much? I thought that so many people would pay attention to me talking to this piece of machine. They were not. They were busy doing their own stuff. And I just got a really cool frog. So yeah, just go out there and do it And what era we're living in, Everybody kind of knows. You know that if you're talking about it in front of the camera, which is mild and global, everybody would know that, like, Okay, it's not something they have seen. Like for the first time in real life, you know, they would know that you might be of Logar, or you might you're doing for the instagram or whatever. So they would know what you're doing so you wouldn't get those beard looks. What do you might have gotten five years back. And when I started blogging, I would always say this thing to me myself when I was in the crowd that I'm not gonna let that other person in the crowd who is giving me that weird look control my vlog. So, yeah, you just gotta do it. And just think that there whatever place you are at, you're not gonna be there in next five minutes of Just Just do get in there, vlog. Get out, And then you come back home. You would be always glad that I'm so glad I feel myself there. So whatever story I'm gonna put in the log, that would make more sense to my audience. So you just gotta do it. Just gotta do it, man. I know it's awkward, but yeah, I mean, every every blogger go through this face, every blogger, So you just have to do it 8. Tips for Filming your Vlog: So now we talked about what type of video you're gonna make, how to pre plan on all the sort of star we talked about? How can you begin veteran from the camera? So now we'll be talking about little tips and tricks to film in a way so that your video looks really cool. So first of what I'll say is film in a right video setting. So all of his make sure that whatever camera using I wouldn't ask, you make it too complicated but just filming the right setting so that your body is on point your brightness contrast. Water focuses on point say you just have to take care of all these things, and that also depends on the camera. But just always make sure that you're filming in the right setting. And then next thing you have to make sure is that keep your foot, it's stable. I also mentioned that in my last course, but with this one as well, a keeper footage always stable. Try to be a stable as possible because nobody would like a jittery footage, and it just turns off your audience. He just makes your video looks like it's not that professional, and the next step is. Always make sure that you have enough light wherever you're filming or you have enough light on your face. So, for example, you have to make sure that what is the source off light? Where is it coming from? So I can put my face against that line so that it's visible in from the camera. So you just have to be a bit more mindful about the lighting situation while you're blogging and the next day has learned creating ways to film be roles, severe ALS. You can either film in slow motion if you're filming in normal 24 frames per second. All this make sure that you're being creative. Off course. You can't be creative every time, but just be more mindful that what will be role you're taking, It's just It's not like a random video that you just put the camera like this and you just try to find creative angles. Try to find are different ways to film our core breed role, and, yeah, I mean, if you want to know more about it, you can check my previous class and the last but the most important tip is the good order here. So let's make sure that you're getting an external might, which you can put a couple of your camera and that will just increase the audio quality so much. And it just make sure you look so professional that even like 1st 5 10 seconds, your audience would know that. Okay, this video is worth my time, and I'm gonna watch it because as soon as if you put out a video is doesn't have a good audio in, like 5 10 seconds. Why would someone watch that video for next 10 minutes of the audio is not good. And it it's just a bit annoying. You know that It's become so hard for people to list, actually center where you say, and there's so much ambient noise. So, yeah, make sure that your whatever camera you buy or what a camera you have it has a good mike. Or if it doesn't by an ex devil mind. So, yeah, audio is the most important part, many of logging, because you're most of time you're talking, so you just have to make sure that whatever you talk, your audience actually get it. You know. So yeah for you. And also make sure that sometimes film yourself as well or awesome went to food yourself. If you don't have anybody to film yourself mind you're in a certain place. You can sleep your camera summer. You can leave a camera on the tripe or or gorilla poor and just walk in the frame so that audience can also get more information that this is how you look against the whole environment. So it just gets more information to the audience, and it also looks good because the audience can also get bored off this angle. There you're holding the camera. You're just talking to them so it can be good to just change up different angles just to make a video a bit more interesting. 9. Tips for Editing your Vlog: the last episode how to edit so that you're making your blocks look interesting. So your home with a ton of food is turned off footage of you talking kind of footage of bureaus. So I would say is, Cut it, shark cut it shot because you don't have to see that vlog from your eyes. You have to see that flog from your body and size that Would they really find it interesting? Or do I just chop this part off and keep just the interesting bit? So you just have to be This is like you have to decide. You just have to be a bit more mindful. Whatever I'm putting in the video, I don't have to put a lot of things. What I filmed so sometimes things wouldn't even make sense for your audience. It would make sense for you because you would know the background. You would have the background knowledge of the whole story, but some things in the logs that might not make sense for your audience to just chop it off , even if it's the best seen or you ever, And if it's not making sense to your audience, just chop it off. So yeah, all this while editing all the think through your audience point of view, not your point of view. So then you would realize that. Okay, this might be a bit boring, so I might have to just take it down and put the other interesting bit s Oh, yeah, The Scotch cut it shot and remove along the crap from the video. And the next day, I would say, is that whatever background music you're putting in a vlog, what I do most of the times that I would let the music play for to maximum 2 2.5 minutes and then I just think that it becomes a bit boring. It becomes a bit staten. So I just change the music while I'm in a different environments. You just have to keep tending the music just to make it look more cool and more interesting . 10. Conclusion: All right. So, conclusion of the videos of Finally, if you have made it this far Thank you so much for your time. And I really appreciate it, man. Man. So if you made it this far thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate your time on. I hope that he got some value from this class. And if you haven't checked out my previous class, just make sure that check it out. That class is about how to make a cinematic video, See if they're interested in making more cool travel videos. You can check that out. And, yeah, thank you so much for watching. And I'll see you guys in the next class And also make sure that whatever projects you're putting in, you can upload it down below that I can have a look. And if you have any questions regarding anything, what we talked to in the class feel free. The commented down biller, I'm gonna sign off and yeah, thank you so much. Gave