How to Use your Imagination When You Sing - 6 Strategies to Bring Colour and Life to Your Voice

Jayne Carmichael Norrie, Professional Singing Teacher, Choir Master

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    • Intro How to Use Your Imagination

    • How to Use Your Imagination


About This Class


This is a topic that I have been discussing quite a lot recently.

Sometimes when you are developing your Technique you know exactly what you must do, but it's really difficult to know how to develop a strategy for it.

In this Guide I talk about how we can bring the use of our own imaginations into our Singing Technique.

I don't just tell you it's a good idea and then I'm off on my merry way.

I have 6 strategies to help you with incorporating your Imagination into your Singing Technique.

When you use your Imagination when you Sing, it immediately has benefits to your Voice as it brings more dynamism in terms of Vocal Colour.  When it is in place, you no longer need to worry about whether or not your Singing will be interesting.  

When your mindset is prepared in advance of starting the performance, you have a greater understanding of the song and your Vocal Colour will subconsciously adapt according to what is most appropriate for the Song.





Jayne Carmichael Norrie

Professional Singing Teacher, Choir Master

I am a professional Singing Teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

I love helping people. Join my mail list for a free resource folder at

I am the Choir Master for the Shell Workplace Choir and Cover Musician for Big Noise (Sistema Scotland) in Torry, Aberdeen.

My experience as an opera singer has helped me with developing new ideas such as the Upload Opera group, and joining Professional opera groups such as Voicearc in Edinburgh

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