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How to Use the Plann App to Grow Your Instagram

Mackayla P, Marketing Manager

How to Use the Plann App to Grow Your Instagram

Mackayla P, Marketing Manager

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Start Plann Webinar

    • 2. Part 1 Strategy

    • 3. Part 2 Photo Finding + Editing

    • 4. Part 3 Stories Scheduling

    • 5. Part 4 Hashtags

    • 6. Part 5 Analytics

    • 7. End Plann Course

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About This Class

Ready to learn how to grow your Instagram account?

In this course, you're going to learn how to use the Plann app to increase your Instagram following, engagement rate, and you'll even learn the tricks of the trade to create the perfect Instagram grid.

What is Plann?

Plann is a multi-award-winning Instagram Scheduling, Strategy, and Analytics app that was founded in Sydney, Australia by Christy Laurence.

This app offers a variety of features that help Instagram users to grow their accounts, including:

- A signature Drag + Drop interface

- An in-built Instagram Content Marketing Strategy planning tool

- An in-depth Instagram Analytics tab (with the ability to spy on your competitor's analytics!)

- An easy-to-use Instagram Stories Scheduling functionality

- Over 60+ professional photo editing and content creation tools

- A time-saving Instagram Hashtag Mangement system

And the best bit? You can download the app and use it for FREE!

Who is the Course Instructor?

My name is Mackayla and I'm an Instagram Marketing Specialist from Australia.

In 2017 my website was named one of the Top 50 Instagram Marketing Blogs in the world by Feedspot, and I've also been a finalist in three Social Media Marketing awards including for 'Best Use of Instagram'.

I've been using the Plann app since it launched back in 2016, and it's an app that I am proud to have recently joined as a Marketing Manager.

Meet Your Teacher

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Mackayla P

Marketing Manager


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1. Start Plann Webinar: hi there. And welcome to the become a pro plan. Of course. My name is Makayla, and I'm instagram marking specialists from Australia. And in this course I'm gonna teach you how you can use its grant to grow your business. But better than that, I'm going to show you the best. Instagram should relate strategy and analytics tool that. Seriously, I don't know how you living without it right now, but it's going to change a game when it comes to your instagram account. So all you need do is make sure they've got the plan at downloaded on either your mobile device, your tablet, and then we can jump right in. Now what I'm gonna share with you in this school are few things like creating a winning instagram content marketing strategy, becoming a master credit finding, editing and inscribed good styling. How you can impress your friends with perfectly researched Instagram hashtags. And finally, we're gonna go through high, get your take on and monitor and act on doing scrum and lyrics. So if all that sounds right to you, I cannot wait to see you later 2. Part 1 Strategy: Hello. And I hope you all feeling good and excited and raring to go because it's the time for us to car through how you can use plans to create a really amazing Mr Grand strategy for your business or your creative Chris. Cute. So this pot is really important. I know if you have you probably rolling your eyes and you like him to go, why don't I need to cry and scream strategy? But let me tell you, creating an instagram strategy is absolutely essential. If you want to get amazing results out of your instagram price, you know, you could just kind of wing it. Sometimes you may feel like, oh, I just open the half in The captions just flow out of May. But the truth is, a lot of us don't realize when we are being repetitive without content. So it's really important to have a strategy so that we can actually plan out what content types going to be to make sure that there's a variety and that we're not boring out audiences. So the first step in creating your Instagram stone do with plan is, of course, opening the plan at so on screen. I'm gonna show you exactly what I'm doing in the flat and ups you can follow him on. Sue, you do too. Okay. So as you can see here, this is just the plan account that I'm looking after, which is plan. Oh, my gosh. It's playing exception right now, but the first thing I need to do to create a strategy is to tap on the strategy icon in the bottom section off the Andi from here. This is where you can stop planning out your instagram strategy. Now, as it can say, we've got a few plan top things which are different content types to inspire you on. You can also create your own custom content types. Four things, so have no think. What types of content could you create that use relevant for your business? Oil? Creative pursuit, is it? De idolizes it. Travel fighters. Is it reviews? You know, have a little steak on come up with a few customized against myself. Maybe you wanna pulls a video right down a few ideas, maybe have a look at what your friends are doing or your competitors will look at what types of content They're experimenting with. Or if you're just raring to go and you're like my Kainer, I just want to play around with it. Okay, then don't freak out. You can just top on some of the planet top things, and you can stop posing a strategy from it. So let's I want to do education one. I want to do a behind the scenes post. Then maybe I want to do exploration parts. Then maybe I want to go for a testimonial. It's really kind of like you're right about five years taking all the different types of content you want to create anyway, So we've got employed into your then maybe only another education, please. And there were guys. Now, if I'm not happy with the lad off this, I can drive and drop to change up the layout of it. I can also delayed things. If I'm like, Oh, actually, I don't want to do an employee interview. Get with that and I'll add a deal with Project agents. So once I'm happy with the layout of my instagram strategic, all I need to do is click a little add button it in the bottom, right hand corner on it will add the strategy to my plan. Great. Now, from here, this is where you can stop adding the types of content that you want to be an educational content piece of the talk. So, basically, to do that, you just tap on the different contact pieces one at a time. You can't double the loans. I know you're just gonna do one of the time, so let's go. Okay. I'm gonna creating educational these contents now. I'm going to choose whether I want to do a photo or video and where I want to pull that piece of content from so you could do it from your device. You could take a photo over here in a moment on Google Drive. Dropbox could also repost, which will go through a reverse a little bit later. But for now, I'm just gonna pick from my device. And I think I think Okay, that is such cool door anyway, so this is an educational piece of content. Now, if you want to come back and come up with the caption later, if you just want to split up images, you can just write educational in the caption and just live with that which is what I'm gonna do now. Anyway, you would just guard through and keep adding your images and Clinton over the top. Do it one by one. Right. The whole caption out. Do everything and then schedule it. Or if you're the kind of person that just wants to get all the content in, you can do that as well and just kick the strategy item the same in the captions to remind you when you go back to Adam Captions. So anyway, I hope you found this little section on the INSTAGRAM strategy Planning Tool within plan. Really exciting. Really helpful. Trust may play around with it. It is seriously gonna change your instagram gay. 3. Part 2 Photo Finding + Editing: who? Ok, now it's time to start talking about how you can find awesome fighters. Edit them on style. Your Instagram grade using plan. Oh, my gosh, this is going to be quite fun. I mean, I personally really love looking for instagram images and videos to post I mean, it's kind of therapeutical waste. So anyway, to get started, all you need to do is pretty much pick up where we left off in the last figure. So what we're gonna do here is I'm gonna show you. First of all, how to find some fighters and one of the easiest ways that you can do this week plan right inside the amp without having to go in Google or anything. It's just going to the repost section. So clicking on this will what you look almost having look, die spot previously. Anyway, you know that I'm going to have a look at some different pieces of content that worry on Instagram from public uses. And I'm gonna search through hashtag make do flat lay makeup and you can come up with these hashtags on the spot. Well, maybe there's particular hash taxi when I look sorry for content that basically what I'm gonna do is go through this whole group of content and I'm gonna choose something that I like. It's not really anything blue here that's gonna match the grid, is there? I'm actually going to take that one out on top in I have this thing with blue, which is usually what I do from trying to match a color. Same. So if there's a particular color that you're looking for like Grandal pink just talkin hashtag I have this thing with blank be color and you'll generally find some Clinton that matches that color escape. So anyway, as you can say, there is a lot more blue things in this hashtag. So I'm gonna choose a few that I like the look of its OK, and I'm going to add that to my plant fruit. How cool is that? Oh, my gosh, Game changer. But no, Only that if you want to find something a little bit different maybe looking for free stock photos when I would recommend doing is having a look at the plan. Stop the cat. So we've actually created for you, which makes it really easy for you to find free stock images that don't require any crediting. So basically, we need to do is typhon plan your business? What plan? Your lifestyle and you can find just a bunch of stock images that you can just repost within plan Easy peasy. You don't even have to go out this and such for stock images yourself, which is helpful. Anyway, I'm going to stick with basins that have chosen already. And now I'm gonna show you how you can edit photos with plan. So the first thing that you need to do is tap on the image that you want to edit and then tap on the edit image icon, which looks like what's a different levels so you can tap on that And we've opened the editing tools so we didn't plan. There are a bunch of different ways that you can edit your images. You could use filters. You can adjust things. You could add stickers you couldn't text. Oh, my gosh, So much you could do. So I'm gonna show you a few of them right now. So something that's actually quite popular with enough planned community is a question What ? They called I was gonna call them filters, but they're not filters. Phrase adding friends. So you could add a white frame. You could add a little thank wood frame. I really like this one. And also this one. So let me know what you think. Do you like this one or this one? I think I'm gonna go with this one. If you want to let me know. Just met. Suggests on its to crime will leave us a Coleman Interstate high. I sold the video, and this is what I perfect anyway, so added a border to this. And now I'm actually going to add a filter, I think, due to do to do as you can see here, there are a lot of filters. So seriously, you're gonna have a fun time playing around with this. Now, if you're trying to come up with a signature grit style, I find it's really helpful if you choose the filter up and you stick with it all the time because then it's just easy to create a flowing grip. So I think the one that I'm gonna go with is keen, and I'm going to leave it at about 55. I like that. Well, maybe I could do pale blue 00 no, I'll stick with cane and hold her back to 55. OK, also So I can say that and I actually choose to save the edited image to plan or just to my camera roll what to buy I'm gonna do back and then we go. Now I've got a beautifully edited image and I can go and start doing that to other images in my plan Grip to make them consistent. So I'm gonna go here. I'm gonna go to frame due to do a frame Delta and I'm gonna look for Kaine. Do todo I think it's really fun. Have apply Haven't play with me, you know, have a look at what filters you like. Okay, I think I'm going to like this one a lot, I think with this particular image. So I needed to be right then the other one a little bit less. You okay? I like that. It's a birth and wanna That is pretty funky. So again, you can continue going through and doing that to all of your photos. And again if you want to move around and do that pretty easily with plan just drag and drop till hot is content. Okay, So that is basically how you would do Freddie finding and editing with plan. And you can also starting grid using the drag and drop to create your perfect instagrammed grit. I hope this is exciting for you. I cannot wait to see what filter you've decided to use as your signature style. I would love it if over on Instagram, you call it on one about post and let us know what your new signature style is using a plan filter because, you know, there are so many. I would love to see what everyone is working on and creating. Anyway, I would talk to you in the next video. I hope you're enjoying it so far. 4. Part 3 Stories Scheduling: has up. If you're a little bit forgetful. I know I certainly him. So if you want to make sure that you are not forgetting to post instagrammed stories, then you definitely going to love this feature within plan. If you haven't heard about it within plan, you can actually schedule your instagram stories in advance. It is a game changer, so let's get started and jump right it. So open up your plan after, you know as usual. And from here, you just need to go to the stories tab within plan, which is to the left off the strategy icon. So once you've tacked on that one, it will open up your stories, and it's pretty similar to the way that the rest of plan works. You tap a little plus button to grab your content, whether it's photos, videos and then you can stop to shuttle through instagram stories. Now I'm just gonna grab a few little pieces of content from here on. I would actually show you how you can use the plan editing tools to create You'll instagram stories, make them graphic and cool without having to use any other applications. So let's dive into this one and jump into the ending tools. Now, from here, I'm going to use one of my favorite fighter favor speeches from the editing tools, and that is the sticker. So I'm gonna grab this sticky here. I'm gonna make you treat bigger. And when I'm going to leave that and add some text So maybe I want to say, Hey, Wells. And then maybe I'm gonna change the color. Now think about make it black, baby Blue talk new peple used. Okay, let's move it around. And I can also change the background color ho or you could just gave it blank. What if you feel like and you can change the form as well? We do love stuff. It's funky. Was this one? I actually like that one. That's really cheeky and fun. So any way you can do that change that you can also add overlays and things like that. But I'm just going to stick with this for now. So this is just an example of how you can actually edit and create different types of graphics for you. Instagram stories Martin plan just super super helpful. So Game one is going to say that to plan as again. You can do it with this one. You can add Philistines if you want to stick with that consistent built up. I believe that we were using key King kinkiness Bang. Okay, is that one? Obviously, you can add your texting within instagram stories after you have started to move across once you've been sent the push notification. So I'm just gonna put in a caption that I would like to go on my instagram stories when on this. And let's just say something like what? Just look fine in London, actually schedule it for a few minutes time. Lucky so And, you know, it's the ground stories. Once you go ahead and schedule all of that content, you don't have to worry about it too much. When you get sent the push notification, you can immediately just price it to instagram that any hesitation that any drama it is super super easy. So anyway, I'm gonna show you what it is like to press to your instagram stories. When you have general it to go up, it's gonna take three little moments. Here we go. So I'm just gonna cookie and priced. It's a chapel Instagram Square gonna go to story on If I want to get that capture when he deduced it paste in Montana, you can make it whatever you feel like connection that change between same colors that isn't it. Now, another way that I like to use captions when I'm scheduling instagram stories within plan rather than having text is to actually cooking my hash tag list and put them in his captions. Because with Instagram, you can actually type in hashtags like this great a business or just place your whole section and you can color change text to make insane colors a background and you can hide it. And then no one knows that you've got hashtags in your instagram stories. But those hashtags are gonna help to increase your views on your instagram stories. So there's a little bit of a hat for you as well hurt. You held that one exciting slash Interesting. Anyway, thank you so much for watching this one, and I will take you through how to create and understand. Do all the cool things with your instagram analytics in the next video, so make sure to keep on watching 5. Part 4 Hashtags: Okay. Who is ready to learn how to create amazing perfect hash tag lists? I think you might be okay now. Seriously, I really do love how you can organize. You'll hash tablets right within plan. It makes life so much easier. And it's actually you a little hidden nifty things within the hashtag management system that are going to completely blow your mind. So anyway, let's jump right into them. So when you've opened up plan or you need to do to get your hashtag, it's to go to a little flat in that is a little bling hashtag in the bottom, right hand corner of spray. So if you tap on that it will take you right to your hashtag. Now, as you can see here, we've got quite a lot of hash tags that plan hate cute on. We tried to organize them his best we can with numbers and dark seeming them. But honestly, you can organize your hash title in the way you want. You could organize them by day of the week, so maybe have a Monday trees. They wasn't present Friday hash tag list. Maybe you have different Samed hashtags. So if you do lots of different content. Like, perhaps you are Boga and you talk about makeup, beauty and skin care. You'd have three different lists with those names. You know the sky's the limit. Come up with creative nights. You could call them silly. Random sayings lack Welcome away hash tag list. When it's completely known about both moly seals, right is it? Wouldn't be wants to go catch Douglas anyway to create a new hatch, Douglas, ready to do is tap on the add button down at the bottom of page. And from here at UT Daniel set. So you know what? Let's just cool. This one will come only and from here, what you need to do is just start talking in random wins. I mean, ideally, we're not gonna type random words. You'll be typing in hashtags that you know generally what you want your Clinton to be found amongst on the instagram. So, for example, with planned, we worked with a lot of businesses and creative somebody. I'm going to start talking in the wood creative and see what has, like scope up because yes, are my goodness, we have a special little tool inside plan that will help you choose hash tag. You can just type in words like hash tag created. And then the act is going to show you which hashtags, uh, you can really use. So as you can see here, it's color coded. So if I just click on here, this explains it perfectly. So with the orange aellacredit hash science, he probably wanna avoid them at all costs. I generally try and focus on the hash tags with a color coded green or dark blue, the Doctor Lee ones all still competitive. But you know, if you've got a large following or engage dwelling, you're probably gonna be OK. It's good to have a mix of different sizes of hash tags to make sure that you a kind of covering all of your bases. So anyway, let's go back here and let's talk and traded to get. So I'm gonna scroll down here and I'm gonna go with creative process and with a touch of creative again. Maybe credit agency created sign regained business, and I could just keep on doing that until excellent. My hunch stabilised now, always so you could do your heart a break such and otherwise. If you wanted to, but this is a pretty quick and easy way to do it. Andi plans really helpful in that. If you're cooking, pacing Hashtags from somewhere on the Internet where you found some mentioning a bloke post maybe, Uh, what plan is actually gonna help you to do is to make sure that you don't double up with hashtags cause all the time when I'm on instagram, I see people have used the same hashtag twice in the same post on that doesn't make your hashtag stubbly is effective. It's kind of a waste. So with plan, you can actually top in a hash tag that you already have in your list. It just work at it. So let me show you. Creative is on, doesn't go in. So that is going to really help you to make sure that he's got incredible Instagram hashtag set up organize and Lawson feel seriously get impressive pointed this. But anyway, I the last thing I want to show you what it comes to that Chablis is These girls are acting up again. You can track and drop, just like on the plan grid. So if you want to rearrange your lists. Maybe show a little bit O C d like me. And you're like, OK, when you travel one to be there when he'd cheer his want to be there and has conceived as a little extra delayed but hashtag listed, they're done with it. Yeah. How cool is that? Oh, your fears. Like I love this feature. If you don't become obsessed with this Basia, I Yes, I'm. Anyway, I hope you really enjoyed this video and I'll see you in the next one. 6. Part 5 Analytics: Okay, It's time to get your take on and Monetario Instrument Analytics plan now to get started. You probably guessed by now you just saying that. Are you not the plan? App encouraged the performance tab, which is to the right off the stranger cab. Now from camp there, the whole wanted out of the great through. So let's break it down into sections. So the top section is all about your best pulling media, and you can have a look at your best performing media from the past week month, three months, a lifetime. So depending on what kind of reporting you're going to be doing, you could have a look at the past month and from there, choose whether you're looking at the mercy like media. Most commented for the most engaging Now from here, What I find really interesting is at the bottom of H Coast. You will save the number of life comments, the engagement right for that particular parts and also the date that that case of content was prices through instagram solders information. It's really helpful. So definitely recommend having a look. And actually, I'm laws ing why this purse were so popular. Gave take down any notes. It could be color it being a caption. It could be the day that it was priced ID. Have a look and see what you can say on your instagram accounts and figure out what your audience are really enjoying from your best performing media. Now, if we scroll down, you can have a look at your best time to post based on the last 30 days of your instagram account. Sorry, this page here or this section is really interesting because obviously, pricing time affects your instagram results massively. So come back and check this probably every single month. And, you know, make sure you're experimenting with the pricing times. Otherwise, you're going to get the same crossing times. And as we keep on scrolling up, we're going to stay your pellet. So this is the appellate Based on that you will last 12 images. What's really important is to compare your existing palate from the last 12 price content to the color palette of your best performing media, which you can find if you just girl down past your best performing media actually do earlier. Now, as you can scroll down a little bit, further, you'll see that there's focus. Note what? You're gonna help you in again planning Hiko instagram strategy and analyzing things within plan. Amazed that you don't have to have these notes flying about in little random notebook sold all over the place, You could just have them here within the plant, which makes it super easy. Now, you can also see your full of girth on your best performing hashtag sets, which, if you accidentally deleted your bins before me Hashtags you can cited your sense right here into your Hoscheit list again. Super theory. Now, the last thing I want to show you in performance tab isn't sneaky pig. So this is pretty exciting. So if there's someone on Instagram that is Patrick upended out or someone that inspires you , you can talk in their use and eso gonna talk by, Use the name and you can have a look at the Instagram analytics as long as their public part. Well, how for him? Cool. Is that so? With this, you can have a look at what content is performing right for your competitors or for the people who inspired you. You can have a look at their best time. Surprised if you're running out of ideas of when departs, You can also have a look at the color palette that full account. And you can also have a look at the best performing hash tag sets so you can steal him for yourself. How cool is that? I definitely want to say that you applying round of the same pain because it makes such a big difference. If you're kind of sitting there and you're like, Oh, what should I try next? Have a look. Use make you pick. It's really good for that. Anyway, I hope you really enjoy the section. Seriously, take some time out and figure out what Donna you can have a look at. That's gonna be really helpful for you in making better decisions for your instagram Clinton. In the future, it's gonna make a big impact and make sure that you were constantly improving your results . Anyway, I'm gonna see you at the end 7. End Plann Course: I am sorry. So excited for you. Because now you have finished the become a pro plan. Of course. So now you pretty much everything about how to use plan for you says over your creative pursuit or in Devon I'm really, really excited to see what you create with your plan account what your strategy looks like . Hash times look like what? Filthy Have decided to bury pool. Seriously, I cannot wait to see what you send us, so I would love it if you would take some screenshots of your plan account. Now that it's all set up and damn us on instagram, you know, we would love to teach you in instagram stories and just to say how you're using the AB. And if you do have any questions at all, you can open up the menu within frying just very left. It's a little icon on Click on that one, and you can click the little many abutment since context. What if you need any help? It'll if, in suggestions for us of how it could buy plan even fessed up. Now, if you have finished the schools and you're like, Oh my gosh, planets like the best things in slash spread. I mean, I know, but I would love it if you would leave the up a review in the ab stool. Seriously, Every single review making massive difference for us. And it made, you know, the bull reviews we have. It's a little less likely that we're gonna have to eat Rama noodles to dinner tomorrow night. So please thank you. Anyway, I hope you really enjoy the course. And if you do have any questions or you just love the course and you want to talk to us about it played students to ground the Emma's loved chap you. Anyway, I hope you have a really great day by