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How to Use and Understand Instagram Analytics for Massive Growth

teacher avatar Kate Horodyski, Pinterest Marketer and Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. How Can Analytics Help You?

    • 3. What Should You Track? Determining your IG Objectives and Goals

    • 4. Setting Up your Account to View Insights

    • 5. How Often Should You Check Your Analytics?

    • 6. Insights #1: Content

    • 7. Insights #2: Activity

    • 8. Insights #3: Audience

    • 9. Post Insights

    • 10. Story Insights

    • 11. IGTV Insights

    • 12. Putting it all Together

    • 13. Extro

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About This Class

Instagram analytics can seem confusing and overwhelming, but they're actually essential to an essential Instagram strategy. Without them, you're just blindly putting out content with no real way of knowing if it's working for you.

In this class, I'm going to take you step by step through Instagram's analytics (or Insights) and show you exactly how to use them to help to grow your account and reach your marketing goals

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kate Horodyski

Pinterest Marketer and Strategist


Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm a Pinterest Marketer based in Halifax, Canada. I'm passionate about helping mindful entrepreneurs and brands flourish online through conversion-led Pinterest Marketing!

Thank you so much for checking out my account and classes! 

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1. Intro: you guys. My name is Kate, and I am a social media marketer specializing in instagram. In this class, I'm gonna show you everything you need to know what Instagram analytics and how to use them to help grow your account and reach your barking goals. Now, a lot of people tend to want to avoid the analytics because they seem overwhelming or complicated and then rather focus on what sort of Islam the fun side of social media like posting photos and engaging other cats. But when you start to learn how to use analytics, you can get so much more out of your account because these analytics help you to see what is working, what isn't working on why or why not with O Logan of the analytics. You're just kind of blindly posting and hoping that things work. But when you start looking at the numbers, you'll see what you do need to be doing changing or what is going well and what you can change to start region your mark wrinkles. So I'm gonna walking step by sector, every piece of data that Instagram gives you, and then I'm going to show you how to use this information to tailor it to your own personal marked vehicles. So together we're gonna take the overwhelming vote of Instagram analytics and help you to use the more effectively to grow your account and be all around more successful with your INSTAGRAM account. So if you're ready, let's jump into lesson. What? 2. How Can Analytics Help You?: So before we get into how to use our analytics, I quickly wanted to go over why we should use our analytics. So most of us find that the most enjoyable part of Instagram is the fun social creative side, like posting photos, checking on it comes that you follow and engaging with her followers. And it can feel like look at the numbers and analytics, construct the fun of things. I know I felt this way at first, too, but when I really started diving into the analytics, I actually started enjoying instagram a whole lot more because I could really see what kind of contact my followers were interested in. And then I was able to put more that out there. And so the main thing with Instagram analytics is that it lets you see what is working, what is working and why or why not. So when you know that you can start growing or following improving your engagement and building an all around more successful instagram cat. So if you're already looking at the number of likes you get in and your follower count, then you're already looking. I athletics. But what I'm gonna do in this class is help you dive in deeper and take a look at all those numbers that you might have overlooked before and show you how understanding them can help you to grow your account. So let me get the numbers, lets you see what's working, seeking a more content that is working and grow your extreme a cat. 3. What Should You Track? Determining your IG Objectives and Goals: to get the most out of your analytics, you're gonna want to focus on certain objectives circles, and I'll extend you a great overall picture. But when you're focusing on one specific area, you can check the data associated that to see if you are meeting your goals. There's no right or wrong goal or objective. It's all of what your folks and on your marketing strategy at that time. So objectives can include things like increasing brand awareness, increasing your follower count, improving engagement, building more of a community, increasing sales, things like that. There's lots of different objectives. And when you have something of mine, you're able to specifically track the data associated with that and see interviewed your goals and if not, what you could do to improve it. 4. Setting Up your Account to View Insights: so before who access your analytics, you're going to have to have your INSTAGRAM account set up as either a business account or a creator account. Typically, a business account is the best option. If you are a brand, your business in a creator count is best. If you are an influencer, there's a little more tool. But that's the basics. And you can search that online if you want a little more information about deciding which is the right one for you. So I didn't show you how to switch from a regular cab to either business or creator, and I manage a few different Instagram accounts for my clients. But today I am using one of my friends, a cat. So it's not one that I imagine they have. Let me use that. So setting up your account is super easy. I'm gonna go through it with you now. Okay, start screen record. All right, so all you have to do is go into settings in the annual top account, and then you scroll down. You could see here switched a personal account or switched creator. It come. That's because it's already sexual business again. But you can just pick whichever option you want and you market to go. So with haute switching to a creator business account, you can't see your analytics. So that is the first step to getting to know your 5. How Often Should You Check Your Analytics?: now that you are set up on Instagram to access your analytics, I wanted to talk quickly about how often you should be checking with that. So if you are taking your instrument analytics on the room for most of the data, it's only recorded for one week. So you'll want to check in at least a week's that you know you're not missing any information. There are some third party sites that you can get your analytics on these air subscription type sites like Spring Social later or plan early was a ton of there. But those are three of the big ones, and for those of your subscription, you can access your analytics for a lot longer. So, like up to a year, you could be looking back at your analytics, and this is really helpful to help you see overall trends in hunger doing. But regardless of what platform you use, you're gonna want to check in with your analytics at least weekly so that you're up to date on what isn't isn't working and you're not missing any information, so I am usually check in. I take a quick look daily, but at a minimum, checking your analytics once a week will keep you up to date with your cat 6. Insights #1: Content: Okay, now we're ready to jump into the actual analytics insults. So when you get into the analytics section of your instagram and instagram pickled insights , you'll see three different sections, and the 1st 1 is content. So content really shows your content is do it so it looks at your static up your static post intervene. It looks at your is different stories, and it looks at your promotions. And unlike the other sections in your analytics, you couldn't see this information for. I think it's up to two years so you could look at overall trends and how your content is doing this section is really helpful because you could see what content your followers engaged with most of what they prefer. So, for example, if you are a lifestyle influencer, you can look at how, for example, post with you in them do versus post of objects. Maybe you find that when you're in the photos, those pictures get a lot more engagement. And when you post pictures Oh, say your breakfast. Maybe they don't respond as well. So we're going forward. You can use MAWR posts with you in that to increase your engagement. If your brand. You can look at the difference between how user generated content is received versus, um, perfectly styled product photos that you do in studios. So maybe people prefer the stuff about us. Maybe they prefer the user generated content. Maybe they prefer quotes. You won't really know until you start posting stuff and look at the data overall and see how people are responding. Another thing to keep in mind is that the content might not just be related to what's in the picture, but maybe in the caption as well. So maybe you'll find that post with long, long form captions do better than short captions or vice versa. It's all about looking at what is and isn't working with your contents. You can start posting or the content that is working. All right, let's take a closer look so you could get a better feel for him. So go back into the account that I I'm using for this class, our top other insights and like a content. So first up here you have all the static post, then you have stories and then you have promotions of the bottle sold. We'll start off with post will tap see all. And then you can choose how long you want to go back. So you know anywhere from one week, 22 years, So we'll sit with one year for now. You can also toggle between photos, videos, Carousel coaster, shopping coast If you want to compare how they're doing, and then this happens is where you really start getting information so you can see how the post do based on different interaction types so you couldn't check to see in the last year which posts got most likes. Or you can check the rich they received, or how many times people went from that post to check out your profile. So depending on your objectives, you will want toe look at different things here. So if you're focusing on improving sales, you want to know OK, did this post get people to the angle clicking My Let's say you'll check that If you want to boost your engagement, you click the engagement one you could look at, which posts people engage with engaged with the most. Um, you could do the same here with your stories for up to 14 days. There's another way where you can check of the analytics longer for a longer period, which will look after and again. You can see different interactions here and see how your stories did. So this section is super helpful. Probably determine what content you should put the future. 7. Insights #2: Activity: The second category is the activity category, and this looks at the activity that occurred on your account during the week. So it covers a few different areas, including breach, which is how many accounts he reached impressions, which is how many impressions your contact received. So this is generally a lot higher than the reach, because the same account could have seen your content. Multiple science. Next is profile visit. So the amount of accounts that viewed your profile website clicks the number of accounts that click through to your website, phone calls and emails to the number of accounts that called you, which is the number you have untouched to your account or another hurt. Think about this section of the insights is that it breaks it down by Dave the Week to show you when you got the most activity on your cut. So if you were testing owed a type of content, then to see which they got the most activity is a good indicator of if you're content. Waas. Successful or not, if you are a brand, it might not also be your content that got you all the activity. But if you're doing a collab with another with an influencer, or if someone gave you a showed Oh, then that could result in more activity on your account as well. So you wanna keep an eye open for who might have mentioned you or what? Active. You might have gone on outside of your own account that could have contributed to it. So now I'm gonna pull off the activity category on my phone here, and we can take a look at it together. Okay, so here you'll see the activity section, and I will just scroll down and at the top here. It shows you the accounts that you reached during this week's period, and it shows you on what days of the week this You Richie's account. So you can see a really big difference on Tuesday and Monday, as opposed to the days in between. So I take a look at what activity happened on those days to see what might have drawn this in it. And by activity, I mean, I would take a look at what posted thean stories you posted as well as what other people might have posted about you. So this shows you hear the reach that you received this week the number of accounts that you reached and blow here, too. It shows how you did compared to before, so that's really helpful. When you're tracking, especially see, if you've missed a week, you can go down and look at the difference, and that will tell you what you have the week before. Impressions you can see here. So that's the number of accounts, and you can see that there's 1000 more impressions than breach, which would mean that the same accounts have seen your content potentially multiple times sets called the Discovery section. So who was discovered your cat? Then we have the interaction section, which is three data that looks at who was interacting with your kept. Like I said, this looks at profile visits, website clicks, e mails and phone calls. Emails and phone calls are listed here because they didn't receive any this week. So it's just isn't listed. And again, just like the, uh, Discovery section, it shows you the difference between this week and the previous week in with the Discovery section. It shows you on what days of the week these actions happen. So I just talked to your own a graph, and it will give you the actual number, and you can see that the most actions happened on Wednesday, so I might go look at what content I post on Wednesday because of that led to a lot of actions. Then maybe it led people from scrolling through their feet and seeing a post that I had posted and it through their interests. So they click through to our profile. Or maybe it was a new specific product in that through people's interests of angle to our website and look into it. This could also be the day that a blown posters put up and promoted on Instagram. So just doing a little investigative work. Teoh understand why these numbers are the way they are on Friday, you might want to a little dignity. See why there was so little there was yet there wasn't that many interactions, so maybe didn't post that day. Or maybe the contact you put out there just didn't land while or maybe there was no instance stories that day just taking a look through the content that you put out the content that others boat you two Big Euro. Why these numbers are the way they are and that is it for the activity section 8. Insights #3: Audience: The third category in your inside section is the audience category, and this gives you insights into your audience. So it does this in a few different please and shows your follower count and how it's changed from the previous week. It shows you some demographics, and it also shows you what Instagram consider is the best time of day three to post. So the demographics are pretty basic, but they show you some helpful things, such at the top locations that your audience is in their age range and their gender. So this is helpful because it lets you know if you are successfully targeted your target audience. So maybe you are trying to reach, um, people in their forties who are establishing their career have a little extra money to spend. But your analytics tell you that you're actually reading a region high school students. Well, you're not going to be a successful with your campaigns if you're putting a content and starting and it's reaching the wrong I. So this part of her demographics could show you if your region your ideal audience. But it can also show you that you might have a new audience that you can tap into that you hadn't thought of that would be interested in your product. Also, it say you only ship to certain countries and you're not really breaching these people in those countries that can help you to pivot and maybe do some targeted ads or some influencer collaborations of people in the specific countries and gender as well. If you are trying to target to a specific gender than you could see if you're being successful this way or pivot otherwise, then the section of the bottom shows you one. The majority of your followers are online, and it correlates us to the best time to post. You can try this own if you're trying to find the best hunter pose. But personally, I haven't found this to be helpful. I define the best, some depose. It's simply playing around to see what works. So also in a couple weeks posting at a certain time of day, if I'm not really getting the results, I want all switch to a different time the next week. And whenever I have tried to use the insights that Instagram suggests, I really haven't gotten the best results. So you couldn't use. This is a starting off point, but it might not be right for your account. One thing is that the time of David Instagram's recommending is like I said, the time most of your followers are online. And if a lot of your followers are online at this time, then this might be a town that a lot of brands are putting a content and yours come or keys like it lost in the shuffle. So something sometimes it can actually be more beneficial to you. And you can get more views if you are posting at a time when there's less viewer, less followers and lost brands online. There's your postal stand out because there's less posts to compete with such a something. So now I'm gonna open up that up here. Animal just goes through what this section looks like together so you can see here rip in the audience insights section. So the top of the screen here you have your follower count and tells you how your followers are from the previous week, and then it also shows you who followed and unfold you and on which dates. So that is interesting to take a look at and that can tell you how your content resonated with your audience through the week. And it's not always a bad thing to lose followers because of those people were cooking with your content. They're probably not gonna buy it from you or from over business. So while it can kind of sucked to lose followers, really just think of it as honing in to the audience that really does want to see your content. Another thing you might notice is that on a day when you see a big spike in followers, you can also see a spike in on follows on. What that could mean is that you have posted something that did really well. So we've got a really big breach. And maybe some of your follower that don't typically interact with your contact got shown your concept because the algorithm was seeing it as a really popular post, and it might remind people who followed you from a long time ago that all right, I am following that account. You know, I don't really not interested their private him or somebody going follow, so it's not uncommon to see a spike of one follows with the spike follows, both probably indicating that something you put out there or something that on influencer put up there for you has gotten a lot of traction. And again, you're just honing in on your best follower base. So think of it as a win all around. Of course, if you're seeing a stay, do you cruise involves. That's something to look at. And you know this graph is really handy. You're breaking down day by day. What happened with your workout? Then you'll see your top locations. You can toggle between cities and countries age range. You can see the age range of men that follow you, Adrian to women that follow you or the drainage in total. And then here at the box at the bottom of this section, you have a gender breakdown, and then at the bottom, you will see when your followers are most engaged on most likely to be online. And for this account, this is nine PM But whether or not that's actually the best time to post it may or may not be the case. So that's explains, and this shows you disease of the week that your followers are most likely online. And this is pretty straight across the board again. You could tapas the actual numbers, so, yeah, all of these are just good things to take a look at one thing. I want to mention it. You're going to this on your own, and you forget with the analytics. Me? Just tap this information button here and it will give you some information. On what? That section beans, and that's it for the audience section. 9. Post Insights: Now that we've looked at the sections in the instagram insights, the three categories, we're going to take a closer look at the individual post insights. So in addition to that instagram showing you overall insights for your entire account, you can actually go into each individual static post that you have in your feet and looking insights for that particular post. So this is really helpful because it's a much more detailed look at what went on with that one post and one day. I particularly find really helpful about these posts. Insights. Is that a post I put up that maybe didn't look like it was the most successful at a quick glance? Be son likes and comments can actually have been much more successful, much more successful than I thought when I take a deeper look and by this I mean, maybe it didn't get a ton of likes, but we got some followers just from that one post, or we got people cooking through drawer but site or people saving the post for future reference. So sometimes, for whatever reason, the pope opposes and get that he likes or Commons, but you can tell that it had value to people because they're interacting in other weights. And these posts insides let you see what a full scope of what went on with that puts another part of the post inside that is really helpful in the discovery section. So just like your instagram insights main, the median sites tell you how people discovered your count. You can see how people discover individual posts, and this is really helpful because you know where your audience is coming from. So let's take a closer look at the Post. Insights themselves to give you a better idea of what you can expect to see and what kind of information can get out of that. So I picked this photo here, and all you do is you tap our view insights and you swipe up and you're able to see all of the insights that come with that post. So at the very top here, you're seeing how people interacted with the posts in. You can see that there was 243 likes eight comments 22 shares, which means they shared this post with a friend or someone that they follow on Instagram and nine shares which means they saved it for future reference. And this is really great, especially. I think this is something that if you're in sales or you're running instead of a camp for a brand A brand or business this one here, the scenes is really helpful because it probably means that people are interested in considering this purchase out of futures hot. Then below that, you see a profile visits. So from this one post seven people bed went on to look at the profile, which means they're likely interested in the content based on the post and wanted to see more. And then this post reached 5790 people in this next sectional sea interactions. In this particular post theme Onley interactions were profile visits. But if there was a website clicks, calls and e mails, and that would also show up in this section, then we get down Teoh, the Discovery Page or the Discovery section so you can see that 5790 accounts were reached , and another really interesting part here is they break down the percentage of people that this post reached who weren't artificial. So this is really helpful information. If, say, you're focusing on brand awareness or trying to have your account reach a wider audience if this Waas like ah 100% were already following you, then that means that the people following you are engaging well with the content. But it's not bridging any new people. So it's always great to be having your count reaching people so that you can expand to get more followers. So this is a good number to look at. This shows that we gained one follower from this post, and then it breaks down where with the impressions are and where these impressions came from. So again, impressions differ from bridge, because impressions are the amount of time the post with C as close to the amount of accounts reach. So the same account may have seen the post multiple times. So you can see how many impression this got from Hashtags. And that's really important if you're trying to figure out what hashtags work for your content. So if you're getting a really small number of hash, takes the front cache exception that maybe you need toe thank abo attaches you're using and switch them on and then it shows you from home how many impressions were reached. So that means through your home feed. So likely that is, people who already follow you, seeing it through their home feed. Then, from your profiles of someone comes to your profile. No scrolling through this image caught their eye. So they went from your profile to this post that would indicate to me that this image students to people if there's a number and then there is the other section so the other section could be overlooked because it's a little bit bag. But actually this section is super helpful, because what it shows is that the people that there was extra effort involved in coming to your to your posts and what I mean is that the other section includes things like hosts that was sent India. So someone saw this image and they really liked it. They send it to your front, their friend and then their friend looked at it. So someone like the image enough to take the extra set, or it means someone saved it again. We talked with that earlier as to why that could be really important, and then they went back to look at the saved post that they had on. It can also be in the follow section where people are looking at what people they follow. But how they're interacting with their comes. It means that they could have found it there. So it means that your content is getting extra attention away. So this isn't a category to overlook. This could also be the Explorer pH, which is, you know, the goal of everyone to get their posts on the Explorer page because that's when you really get some traction and reach new highs. And then, if you were to promote this pose, all of your information about the promotion would be found here. But this post wasn't promoted, so we don't have that information there. So that is a look at everything that you can find out about your individual posts. This part is really, really helpful and should definitely not be overlooked. 10. Story Insights: The last insight section we're gonna look at is for instagram stories. Instagram stories are really important part of any instruct strategy and to know much stories are working. You're gonna want to take a look at the insights if you want more information about making your own instagram stories and how to brand, um, take a look at my other class called the APS. You need to make amazing instagram stories. So let's just I'm right into the insights here, and we can take a look at what you can find in the instagram stories. So to reach your instagram stories, you're going to go into the menu bar and click our guys. And here you can toggle back and forth between posts and stories. But we're gonna keep on stories right now so you can go back and see all of your instagram stories the inside state. But you won't be able to see who viewed your story after 24 hours, but you'll still have access to all your insights. So let's scroll through and we'll pick. Um, I took this post here, So what you do is you swipe up and then you see the graph here that means insights. And then you concede the insights for your story. So the top here, it shows the interactions that occurred because of the story. So here you had one. We had one reply to this story, and this shows that customers are showing interest in this in this story. And I say customers, but this could be followers. I'm big getting more in terms of a brand. But one of your followers report, one of the followers replied, and this shows interest in the story that they want some more information, and then you could also see profile visits. In this case, there was zero. But this is really helpful to know. You know, people are interested in a story and they want to then go to go the rest of your cat, that's great. And then, just like the post insights, you can then go down and check out the discovery. So this tells you how many it comes reach and the impression. So 240 accounts were breached and there was 261 impressions. So some people view the story multiple types. It then shows you how many people followed you from this one Instagram story, and then the next part show is the navigation. So this is how people are navigating through their stories, and this can give you a really good indication of whether or not people are interested or engaged with the content and your stories. So back is a good sign that people are interested because it means they're on your current story, and they tap backwards to take a second look at the story ahead of it. So maybe so. There was something on that story that based on valuable and wanted to go back and take a look at. So we're getting a lot of backs. It's a good sign because people want another look at what you're pretty out there. Four words mean that people are tapping through the stories, and generally this is your highest number. And that's just because the way we are with our short attention span and the way we engage the story's content is normally just kind of looking at the image and tapping through. So this doesn't necessarily mean that people are interested in your stories. They're just they don't need more times. They're probably stopping to engage it that like following you visiting your profile, replying. But it's not necessarily about it's kind of just how the majority of stories are viewed. And then, if you look at next or your accident, this means that people probably aren't interested in your content at that moment because they either went to the next person story of the accident stories altogether. And so you know this is gonna happen regardless, even if it's an account we like, I'm sure you know, personally, you just you get distracted or you're just done with scrolling on instagram, so sometimes people will exit out anyway. But if these numbers are pretty high, you might want to rethink the content that you're putting on your instagram stories because people are not really engaging with it or not really interested in C. 11. IGTV Insights: the last instagram inside that I want to quickly touch on is the I Z TV analytics. Now, not everyone knew society TV, but for some accounts it's becoming a really popular way of putting all content. So I do TV shows in basic in science for each specific video that he put up, and it shows, likes and your comments and your views. And another thing that it shows that could be really helpful is your retention rate. So you're retention rate shows which percent of cowardly how much of your TV is being consumed. So if the majority of followers are watching 100% of your TV, that's great. It means that the content you're putting out is really interesting to people. It's a much lower percentage. You might wanna look at the length of the video you're putting Oh, and the content. So if people are only watching a short portion of it, maybe they're not finding it that interesting or it's not captivating their attention. There's something what they wanted to see, because they read the title and clicked on it to watch. But if they are watching, the full thing in could mean the content isn't capturing our attention. Or maybe they just prefer watching shorter contents. You could try adjusting your G TV clips and making them shorter in the future, so that is another inside you can check out on your TV. 12. Putting it all Together: now that we've gone over all of the different insights and what they mean, I just wanted to talk quickly about putting it all together. So as we talked about in a previous lesson, when you're looking at your insights, you want to have a goal in mind. That way you can use your insides to help you determine if you're reaching your goal. You can also use your insights to help you see what is and isn't working. And then you can change things that help you get to your goal. So when you're looking over your insights, ask yourself, What is each inside telling me? And how does that tie back to my goal? This will have you see which types of which data points you should be focusing on. So, for example, if you're looking at brand awareness, you want your brand, you get in front of your eyes so something like Reach impressions are going to be really important. So as you go three analytics ask yourself, What is this telling me and how in this data point benefit? Another thing I want to mention is not to get too caught up in vanity metrics, vanity metrics are even think of these as metrics that you would maybe brag about. So this could be how many likes you got, How many followers you have, How many comments you got? These are really important. But depending on your objective, they might not necessarily be the most important thing. If you're trying to make sales and you're getting lots of likes on your photo but they're not sending anyone to your website, then they're not really You're not really reaching your goal of your instagram isn't helping you got there. So try to look possum of these vanity metrics to the other data plans to really help calling on your goal, achieve your goal and have more success with your account. The last thing I want to mention is not to be afraid to pivot your strategy. For example, maybe you decided that your INSTAGRAM account is gonna really focus on your static post as the post in your feet. But then you find out that you're getting a ton of interactions and traction with your stories. That means that your audience is really enjoying your stories so you can start putting mawr focused in this area or say you are a product brand and you're finding that you're followers and customers are totally different Democratic. Maybe that means who originally thought were barking too isn't interested. But this other group IHS, and then you can start exactly the content more to this other group. So your analytics don't just show you, what do you think might and might not be working And they don't just help you track your progress. They can also show you things that you might not have even considered in the first place. Overall, analytics can feel may be overwhelming at first. When you start playing around with, um, they're gonna help take your path to a whole new level and help you have a lot more success , growth and bond with your INSTAGRAM account. 13. Extro: Thank you guys so much for taking out my class By now, I hope you're feeling comfortable and confident with your Instagram analytics and you know how to use them to reach your own personalized marketing goals. If you have any questions from, you can leave them in the comments section. And if you want to participate in the class project, you can let us know what your marketing goals are and show us the progress with your analytics to see how you're reaching up. If you want to see some of my other classes on INSTAGRAM marketing and free lands like you can check out my profile. And if you have any suggestions on classes you'd like to see, please let me know, because I want to put up the content that you guys want to see. So any topic relating to instagram and freelancing drop them in the common section and I'll check them out. I need to make a future class on them. Thank you guys again for checking out my class and good luck with your analytics in your instagram