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How to Use and Leverage PLR

teacher avatar Thomas Duncan, Video Tutorial Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. 0000 Overview

    • 2. 0001 Use PLR As Is And As If It Were Your Own Product

    • 3. 0002 Use PLR To Promote Affiliate Products

    • 4. 0003 Use PLR To Create A Membership Site

    • 5. 0004 Use PLR As A Second OrThird Upsell In Your Marketing Funnel

    • 6. 0005 Use PLR To Create A Local Offline Workshop

    • 7. 0006 Using PLR To Create A Coaching Program

    • 8. 0007 Using PLR As A Bonus On Your Sales Page

    • 9. 0008 Use PLR As A Bonus For Your Affiliates To Use To Promote Your Product

    • 10. 0009 Use PLR As Your Webinar Content

    • 11. 0010 Re Imaging Your PLR

    • 12. 0011 Using PLR As Part Of Your Autoresponder

    • 13. 0012 Conclusion

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About This Class

This course will give you strategy on building authority with PLR.

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Thomas Duncan

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Creating tutorial videos. 

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1. 0000 Overview: Hello and welcome. Now, this course where we're going to be doing is we're gonna be discussing all of the ways that you can use. Private label rights or appeal are to make your online business more profitable. Now, private label rights and other people call it Pilar. It gives you leverage to create more content, more products and authority with whatever time constraints you're working with. And the need to be prolific with promotional content requires that marketers have new and accurate content on a regular basis. In other words, in order to really get your message out, you can't rely on one message. You can't rely on one social media post you can't rely on One block post really requires that you were consistent with content consistent with products consistent with information that's going to be helpful to people Now. Pilar is available for that, and it's available to those folks who do not have time to research and create this content on a regular basis. So if you had to come up with all of the new ideas, you had to come up with all of the different ways and examples that these new ideas can be applied, you'd probably run short of time. And that's where Pilar. It's at its best in helping you to be able to accomplish that. Now peel our content is licensed to the buyer to use in their business as if it were their own. So, in other words, you are getting in Pilar the right or the ability to take what you're given and to either rewrite it or repurpose it or reuse it and use it as if you were the person who came up with the idea. Now the buyer doesn't have to pay royalties or credit the seller once it's purchased. In other words, you go out and you purchases BLR. You don't have to credit the person who wrote it. You don't have to credit the organization. You buy it from its literally yours to use as you see fit and to credit yourself as if you wrote it. Typically, it's sold from one person or one organization too many people, so the peel our content product can routinely be sold to as many as 200 to 300 people at the same time. Now, how is Pilar defined? Well, one of the ways that Pilar is defined routinely in the marketplace is private label rights . Now private labor rights gives the buyer the right to use it as if they created them himself. You can also buy what's called resale rights, Reso writes. Gives the buyer the right to re sell it, but sometimes without the right to change in any way. So, in other words, you don't necessarily have the the latitude to edit it or make it your own master. Resell rights gives the buyer the right to re sell the right to re sell the products. Or, in other words, you buy the product from the peel our creator and then you can sell it to someone who then has the right to sell it again. So it actually is a way of creating more value in the product. Sometimes you can define Pilar is personal, Riess writes, So you're really getting the right toe, learn from or benefit from the product directly, and in some cases some vendors will give you unrestricted rights. This gives the buyer the right to use it or change it or resell it in any way. So why is Pilar said degree value what one of the things as we talked about When you got to create and you've got to come up with all of different ideas, Pilar can really save you research time. It can also save you preparation times. In other words, you don't have to go through the process of getting although the block post or doing all the videos. You actually know the information, but then you don't have to prepare the content. Pilar can provide the buyer with a way of instantly creating additional value so you can add Pilar toe in and existing information prime. You already have giving the buyer something else and then instantly creating more value. And actually, in some cases you could even charge more. As a result of adding the Pilar Pilar can give the buyer expertise on previously unknown topics, and this is one of the best ways to use Pilar. If you want to become an expert on a particular social media topic, you could buy the Pilar, learn what's in it and then use it in order to create content or information products. So let's talk about the ways in which you actually handle Pilar once you buy it so one of the first things you should do is really read and understand a right certificate. Typically any resell rights product, Pilar product. They're going to give you all of the ways that you are legally able to use that product and you want to read that right certificate carefully. You want to make sure that you were within the bounds of the rules created by the seller seconding you're gonna do you want to take note of the components you have. So, did you get videos? Did you get a cheat sheet? Did you get other content? How are you able to use this contents? You want to make sure you understand each and every component that you have and how you were able to use it. Third, Now what you want to do is archive those components. So you want to make sure that they're put away or filed away in a way that you are going to be able to access it when you want it and when you need it, and so that when you can search for it, you will be able to find it based on your own personal filing system. And that's actually fourth. You want a label that component archive so that you can easily search. If you want to make sure that any time you want to find a video on a certain subject, the dream will easily find that based on your filing system and your archiving system. And of course, in conclusion, having this Pilar available in a system that makes sense, you increases the likelihood that you will be able to find it and use it Now. That's how you are going to get started with using. Pl are now in the rest of this course, gonna be talking about how you can take that Pilar or any rights product and maximize it to your benefit, regardless of what you want to do in your online business. Okay, so what? That thanks. And I will see you in another video. 2. 0001 Use PLR As Is And As If It Were Your Own Product: Welcome back. Now, in this video we're gonna be discussing you using your appeal are pretty much as it is, and you're gonna be using it without putting a lot of work into it. You're gonna turn it into your own product almost a soon as you get it. And this is really and truly one of the best ways to leverage Pilar by using it immediately . So it was you purchase it as a product that you're gonna brand with your name. What you're leveraging is your time. You're not going to put the time and effort necessarily into creating your own product. You're gonna buy this product, You're going to put it in front of people who, you know are going to have an interest in the subject matter of what the product is showing them how to do. And, of course, to do this, you're going to want to have an existing email marketing list. You need to have some subscribers already, and it possible What you're gonna wanna have done is you're going to want to have gone through the pre sell process. You're going to want to have days a have time, told your email marketing list that a product is coming and practice coming about a certain subject matter. And you're going to start to describe how this product is going to meet their needs and solve some of the problems that maybe they're having, or even help them to accomplish some of the goals that you already know they have. And you can really most effectively do this if you already know when that product is gonna be launched. So obviously you're gonna wanna have look at the product launch calendar on places like Munch I and J B notified so that you can purchase it when it comes out. And then you can literally get in front of the people that you're going to be mailing to now. Obviously, you're gonna want to make sure it connects your customers to a real problem that they're having won, that they want to Seoul. And when you do that, what you're doing is you're you're going to be tailoring the Pilar product to meet a particular need or angling it or slanting it so that it's talking about something they really do have an interest in. And to do that, you're gonna want to make sure that you're adding varied, unique components so that even if the base product all by itself is going to be the same as others or selling, your offer is still going to be unique because you're still adding those unique aspects unique components, and you are pushing it toward a particular problem that you know they're having. There are several ways to take appeal our product and make it your own unique offers. We're gonna talk about those now. Now. One of the things you can do is add interview so you can go out and find experts who can talk about the subject matter or talk about different problem areas of the subject matter again, tailoring it to the needs of your audience or your email marketing list. You can also go out and find case studies, and this is slightly different because what you're going to do is you're going to find those case studies that fit the problem areas, and you're gonna find the actual solution. So whether than get someone who's going to teach the people on some kind of audio, you're going to find the problem and the solution all in one area may be a document, maybe an article, and you're going to give it to your customers in a way so that they know other people have already solved the problem that they're trying to solve and is documented how they solve it . You can also add some unique bonuses. Now you can bring some pieces of content to the mix. You can bring other pieces of other Pilar, or you can bring other resell rights content. You're going to add those unique components that you can bring and add to the project so that your customer is really getting something that they can't get from anyplace else. The key to this is really creating Ah, unique selling proposition with your product, you're going to be creating something that your customers can only get from. You can also add new component. So maybe in most Pilar products they're going to get perhaps a checklist or they're going to get some kind of mind that but you're going to go one step farther. You're gonna add in components that are not part of other P. A lot of products again, as close as you can get them to something that your customer would be interested in, so that would help them to solve their particular problem. Now what you're trying to do, ultimately, is to make sure that the buyer sees the value in your product. So in other words, they need to look at everything that you're putting into your package, and when they look at it all total that they look at it, it's something that they want, that it's worth it for them to spend the actual money. So now, even if they could get it else were you want them to find and see your particular offer as more valuable for the money they're going to spend, and then they will then be willing to spend that money with you now to make audios and videos unique, you can add in intros. In other words, you can get different pieces of audio and video. You can record it yourself, or you can go out and purchase it, or you can have it done on places like Fiverr or script lands. You could have voiceovers done, and you can add these unique pieces one to your Pilar videos and audios again to make it something that your customer is not getting from elsewhere. You can add in different transition, so there are lots of different ways that you can be creative with multimedia in particular audio and video by adding those pieces again to give your customer unique experience. Now, to make text unique, you can rewrite it and or reorganize the text, so you want to put it in order off the way that the customer is looking at the problem. So maybe in your slant or in your particular marketer niche, the steps that need to be taken are different. You want to reorganize the content so that it fits your particular market. If it's your particular niche again, you have text. You definitely want to think about rewriting it because you don't want people to look at the same text as other people are getting. You want to take a unique approach, personalize it if possible. Now they make documents unique. What you can do is you can add in your logos, you can actually rebrand it, and you can take them as Microsoft Word documents or his word processing documents. And then you can re save them as PDFs. But you could actually do that once you've added in things like logos or you've added in different aspects of your particular brand. Now the same is true. When you get things like checklist and my maps, they're typically going to come in the form of Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents. And when that's the case, you definitely don't want to be afraid to change some of the wording or some of the order of things to reflect the things that you've actually said before to the people in your community or in your tribe or in your email marketing lists. Ultimately, it's not your job. Justice. Sell a product. It's your job to create so much value for your customers that buying your product or buying your offer is going to be a no brainer to them, so you can definitely leverage your time by getting Pilar and almost using it at ideas. But the more value you add, the more that you change some of the components. The more that you add in different aspects, you create more value and you make your customer more willing to buy okay, so with that thanks and I will see you in another video 3. 0002 Use PLR To Promote Affiliate Products: Welcome back. Now in this video, we're going to be discussing using Pilar as a bonus to promote affiliate products. Now. One way you can leverage Pilar is to give you a prospective buyers and and in the Senate to purchase a product through your own affiliate link. And when you're using, PL are in this way. But you want to do is to consider what components you want to use to give them that incentive, where to use it as a bonus. What's important to understand is that you want to use Pilar with an E cover. So in other words, if you're going to pick Pilar and you're going to use it as your bonus, you want to make sure that it has a three D image for your buyer to see, because it's easy for your buyer to visualize the value they're getting from that bonus. When there's a three D image, they really feel like it's almost tangible when they make the decision. Yes, I want this additional bonus. Yes, I want the product. And yes, I'm really getting something of value now here's what that means. You don't have one for the component or product you want uses a bonus. You want to make sure you create one. If you use photo shop where some other sales grab his creation software, you definitely wanna have one. You have to have that for the bonus, really to matter to your customer when they see it. Now here's another consideration. You and I have to make sure that our bonuses are tied closely to the product group promoting. We have to make sure that the customer sees again this relationship between what they're getting and what they're about to buy. You know, in fact, they're going to be some customers. They're going to make their purchase of that affiliate product solely on the basis of the value that you're providing in that bonus. As a result, your buyer has to be interested in the underlying subject matter of the product. You don't want your bonus and the pride to be two different things going in two different directions because that means they're not really interested so much in the product. You want them to keep the product now. A relevant bonus helps you in that respect because at least you know they're interested in the bonus. It's in the same general direction as the product. Now, since this is a bonus and not the actual product, it's ethical toe. Have the buyer opt in to get the content. The reason, that's important to say is because it's not necessarily ethical to have your customer opt in for the content they paid for. However, when you are giving a bonus, particularly a bonus that they're getting as an affiliate or something that they're going to get as a result of purchasing through your affiliate link, they're going to get their product right away from the products cellar or the vendor. You, on the other hand, are going to give them the opportunity to opt in and to become part of an email marketing list so that you'll know how they bought. And if you haven't captured them onto a particular email marketing list, you'll be able to capture them at this point. Now, this is gonna be especially helpful if the buyers are coming from another area, so maybe you're getting them from social media. Maybe you're getting them from some kind of paid traffic, and when it's going to do is it's ultimately going to help you to build your list as you make additional sales. So this process of making truths, you have a bonus of doing it in a way that is tied to that underlying product. And then having the customer opt in to get it is an important part, not only to make additional sales, but also to build your email marketing lists. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 4. 0003 Use PLR To Create A Membership Site: Welcome back. Now, in this video, we're gonna be discussing using your Pilar to create a membership site. One of the ways that you can leverage Pilar is by using it to create a stream of income that's recurring. Or, in other words, your buyers are going to be paying you on a monthly basis for access to the content you're providing. That means that you're creating what's typically called ah, membership site. They're two primary uses for Pilar in your membership. The first you're gonna want to make sure that when your customers walk in the doors and when they first land on your membership site, they see everything they need to succeed. On the one hand, that means that everything you promise them everything you said in your sales enter all of that's going to be inside in the membership when they first log in. On the other hand, it means that you're going to have any reference content or tools that will help them get the most Internet content. And of course, that means that you can purchase that reference content as Pilar and having your membership when your users get there so they won't have to worry about knowing HTML that they won't have to worry about learning WordPress, where they won't have to worry about the technical things that could hold them back from implementing your solution. You have already given that to them through the provision of Pilar. Now the second use repeal are in your membership is to provide unannounced bonuses to your members, and this is a very good way for you to give your customer that added benefit of being in the membership with you. Unannounced bonuses allow you to reward your members. It makes it painful for them to cancel off course, the most important use for Pilar. It's revived membership content. Or, in other words, you want to make sure you're doing what you promised in your sales enter. That's always going to be first and foremost. But one of the things that you can do is tow. Always make sure you were supplementing that, giving your buyer more than they asked for over delivering every single month. Now, if you're an expert on the topic area and you don't have time to create all the content that you promised them well, you can use Pilar to provide some of that content or to give you that added boost or to give you something else cutting edge that you can build on to give them that content. Did you promise them? If you are not an expert in the topic area, you can certainly use Pilar to help you with what would be hard for you to create. It would be hard for you again to do the research. You would be hard for you to go and learn something when you've got to produce month after month and you've got your other responsibilities in terms of running your business, you will be able to use Pilar and leverage it to give your buyers that content. Now memberships content can be a regular video. It can be an email or can be unable. It can be any form of content that you put in your sales letter or that will satisfy the knee or solve the problem that your members join your membership to solve. Now you want to use the graphics to add some professionalism to the look of your membership area, as well as what you give to the customer and your membership. Of course, all of Those are things that you can get through private label rights or resell rights. As we close out this video one of things you want to keep in mind that the average membership sites tenure is going to be 3.5 months. That means that after 3.5 months, people generally start to feel is that they've gotten everything they're going to get out of the membership. That means that you should be providing some kind of extra bump to them on a regular basis , and you can and should use pl art Upgrade your membership. Now this is different from the unannounced bonus. This is really giving your customer mawr than they paid for additional sessions. Additional things that they can use, something that they can use in the topic area that you promise them again. You should always be bumping up the value so that your buyer cesme or more value from you and again making a painful for them to unsubscribe from your membership. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video 5. 0004 Use PLR As A Second OrThird Upsell In Your Marketing Funnel: Welcome back. Now, in this video, we're gonna be discussing using our Pilar as a second or third Upsell in your marketing funnel. They're gonna be times when you're going to run out of content where any acceptable offer to add to your product launch. And just as a point of reference, most marketers at least one up sell to their product. However, as you know there several parts to the standard theory off up cells in information products , while there no hard and fast rules on had agreed up cells in your business. Most successful information products follow a pretty predictable pattern after a buyer has purchased a front in product, though typically be shown an up sell product. While the front end is typically a base model or basic model, the up sell is typically the upgraded, fully featured pro version. Most marketers will already have this in place when they're putting their marketing funnel together for their product. It's after that point that marketers and entrepreneurs tend to have gaps in their offering or in their funnel. Now, the second Upsell should typically be some kind of DF y are done for you. Implementation of the product and this means that you have basically in this up cell, made it easier and convenient for your buyer to get the results that you promised. Savvy marketers Can a real use Pilar as either the entire D a fly solution or as a major part of it? In some cases, there is even 1/3 Upsell, which is typically designed to help the customer maintain their results. Now this means that the buyer is going to need some kind of resource on a regular basis, and that's going to require them. Of course, to pay on a regular basis of the content or membership can be a simple Is you uploading content into a Facebook group or into a membership site? Alternatively, it can be a simple as delivering a link once monthly by an auto responders, guards with how the third Upsell can be content that you purchase and provide to your buyers via the membership process. If you're gonna have buyers pay, you want a regular basis, you want to deliver new premium content on a regular basis, and you can use Pilar to serve as that content for you now for all intensive purposes. What you're offering in the third Upsell is going to be a membership of some kind, and so that requires you to be able to source content, make sure it's of high quality and to deliver to your buyer and awarded to leverage your time and often even to provide the highest quality to your customer. You want to consider buying high quality Pilar a resource rights content. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 6. 0005 Use PLR To Create A Local Offline Workshop: Welcome back. Now, in this video we're gonna be discussing using PL are to create a local offline workshop and when you purchase Pilar, you typically get the content at a wholesale or distributor price. However, the question is how you get people to buy at the rial price or the rial value off the content that you have at the $47 or $97 level or even more. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use your appeal, are content to create a keynote were workshop. Now, in this case, what you're doing is you're relying on the Pilar to fill gaps in your knowledge of the subject matter. You're also relying on the Pilar to give you a head start in creating the presentation materials for your workshop or your talk. The reason this is important is that you want to spend the bulk of your time marketing your workshop. Now they're several aspects of a workshop where your Pilar is going to be useful to you. The first what you're going to want to do is tow. Have your content to use as a lead magnet for people to join your email marketing lists. You're gonna make it available to people in order to be the solution to their problem. And because they want to solve their problem, they're going to want to get your lead magnets so they will opt into your list. The second thing you want to do is to have pre workshop content to engage people while they wait for your workshop. Now, this is a great use appeal are so that you can stay focused on marketing. In other words, gonna give your users you're gonna give The people were going to be interested in the subject matter of the workshops something to do something to think about, maybe a case study that they can apply or something that they can be working through in their own life or in their own business. Whatever your niches, so that they are engaged with you. They're engaged and getting excited about the workshop, and you can use Pilar for that now. Third, you could always use written content for any of the actual workshop presentation. Basically, what that's going to mean is that you were going to be able to give your attendees the opportunity to engage with your content, you're going to be able to give your workshop attendees the opportunity to follow you. They're going to either have a document, maybe a pdf where they're going to have something written in their hands. And basically what this is going to me is that you were going to be converting your content , whether it's from audio or video or text into your presentation software. In other words, you're going to be distilling everything down into a PowerPoint presentation that you're going to be not only showing people, but you're going to give them a copy up while they're at the actual presentation. Of course, you could give them a word processing document. Also now, Fourth, you will be able to use the Pilar for any example video that you want to show why you're in the workshop that works particularly well, our hands one or technical videos and explain processes. Now, when you're presenting you, will it times need a break from what you're talking about. In other words, people can't process ah lot of ideas or new information. They need a break in the routine so they will be able to catch up with you and really almost exhale to get the information that you're trying to present to them. And being able to show them a video is a good way to keep that content moving and to keep the people engaged. Now, you can also use checklist. Did you get Pilar or in mind that these air great give aways as a reminder of your presentation whether you give them out ahead of time, but definitely afterward. So you've already done the presentation. You've gone through several steps, and maybe it's going to be difficult for the people to remember what it is that you talked about. Well, this is why you give them a check list on the way out the door. Or you e mailed them a check list that reminds them or your presentation so that they can get a sense for what it is that you talked about. And they have it clear in their minds. And then they have you at the top of their mind when you get ready to make an offer. Now, if you brand thes Pilar checklist and the mind maps, what's gonna happen is they're going to be able then to share them with other people when they're excited about them. So you've given good content during your workshop. You're gonna have this branded PdF or this branded sheet of paper, and people are going to be able to share it with other people who may be having the same problem or who may be trying to accomplish the same goal, and they will then be exposed to your brand. Now what you want to do is to re image as many of the graphics as you can fit into your audience. And so what that means is that you want to get graphics that are made for the business opportunity niche. So you want to make sure that your graphics frame the overall presentation. I even framed the goals of people who were going to be interested in your particular topic , or you're a particular niche. Now, A great way to add value after the workshop is to be able to provide post workshop content . Now this you can use Pilar for, especially because you're going to be giving this to your attendees again as a reminder off what is you talked about and to continue to give them value and to see them and get them ready to make a purchase from you. You can also use your Pilar as Webinar content for those who are unable to attend your workshops lives. So maybe they could not attend and get the benefit of what you're presenting. You can certainly do the same presentation, but you can add additional benefits to the online session to keep people engaged in that medium. This means that you will primarily be using Power Point and PDS to distribute while you speak on the webinar. And most importantly, you can use that Pilar to create an offer for the product you're gonna be selling after your webinar. So you're gonna get these people want to a webinar where you're going to give them mostly content. You're gonna give them good information, you're going to show them how to solve the problem. But then you were going to be moving them toward making an offer. Now, in some cases, you can purchase an entire solution and Pilar, including the front end, the back end product and everything you're going to need in order to do the presentation and make an offer. Now, of course, it's perfectly acceptable to peace, the whole thing together. You can get the offers from one place. You can get the content from another place as long as it's relevant to the people were going to be attending, and that the offers are going to be enticing to them and really help them and give them value. And all of this is going to be very easy to do inside of any of the affiliate platforms like JV Zoo Warrior plus Click Bankers Accent. Now all the same content can typically be used in the same context for small businesses he , after graphics, reflect what they'd be comfortable seeing. So you want to make sure that your graphics frame the presentation and frame the offer for small businesses, not necessarily for people who are in the business opportunity niche. And when you use Pilar for your workshop, make sure to keep in mind the structure of your workshop. So that means that you're gonna want to present part of the content and sell another part. So you've got a piece appeal are or you've got some content pieces. You want to look at that content in terms of which party you're gonna present and Which part is going to be the offer? Typically, what you want to do is you want to tell them what to do in your presentation and then show them how to do it in your offer. That's an easy way to think of the break between how you structure the content or how you divvy it out to put in both offer and presentation. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 7. 0006 Using PLR To Create A Coaching Program: Welcome back. Now, in this video we're gonna be discussing using your pl are to create a coaching program. Another great way to use Pilar is to create and maintain a coaching program. Since you're going to want 1/2 a lot of resource is for your customers to learn from your also going to want tohave. Resource is for them to use and course. You can purchase Pilar for both of those purposes, both for them to learn from and for them to use. You want to make sure that you're going to get high quality vendors of written content, especially. And then when you're using that content to give your students or your customers direction, you may have to tweet that content to fit the customer and the context there in to move them from where they are at that particular time to the point B that they need to go in. Of course, if that's the case, you can't assume that the content that you're purchasing for your students can be used as is again. You've got to fit it not only in the context of your niche and the customer, but also where they are at the present time in your coaching program. You want to take time to prepare before each individual coaching session to make sure that you have created the necessary content to move them forward in that session. Now, in this case, Pilar is going to give you leverage from having to do the research as well as creating the components for your students toe have for that session, and it is your job to make sure that each component that you give away in that session fits the context of that session. And depending on the rights package you buy, you may want to use. Some of your appeal are to give to your students the assets they need in order to execute your method. Other words. Your method is probably going to be different in telling your student to do something, then other people, other instructional methods. That means then that you're gonna want to make sure the content fits your method. That it is individual toe, what you say and what you have been teaching and as is the case in any method you want to make sure to use, PL are in order to fill any gap in your knowledge or ability to teach the subject. That's always a good idea to use Pilar. You teach basic subjects that your customer needs to know, but that you don't have time to teach. For example, you may want to talk about a method that requires your customer to have a website. However, you don't want to spend your coaching time on website building. So this is a great time to use Pilar videos in order to give to your customer as a reference in case he or she doesn't know how to build their own site. Now, coaching programs are always gonna focus on the solution that you sold them in the sales page, and Pilar should be used to cover the basic skills necessary to execute that solution. Now, if what you're doing is coaching someone on a specific topic, one of the best ways to get the information for them to prepare for that topic is for you to use Pilar. In some cases, what you're gonna be doing is gonna be giving that member content, and then you're going to be tailoring it during your session to fit your program. Other cases you're going to teach that actual content. And in that case, the best thing to do is to raise a content into power point slides for you to present one a webinar or in some kind of online meeting that you're using in order to administer your coaching program. Now another aspect of providing coaching artifacts is to give your students something to do between live sessions. What this means is that you will need to repurpose components like checklist and my maps into step by step processes, which will also want to do that is to think about getting Pilar video courses that show those intermediate steps between the points on your checklist and your mind maps. So let's go back to this example where we are going to be considering teaching on building a website. But we don't want to take the time to teach that part of the course. And, of course, we're talking about then perching a set of videos that would teach us how to set up that WordPress website and use that as a bonus and put that along in our video course. Now here's the only way that that really works in a coaching program. We've got to make sure that the video we purchased is an extremely high quality program. It's got to really give our students the same level of instruction that we will want them to have from us. We don't want to just give them a video course just for the sake of having a bonus or because it's easy. It's on Lee going to give us leverage if it's at a level of something that we would actually buy and definitely something that we would want to pass on to our customers Now following this in any coaching program, we want our students to be able to take action on our suggestions and the best way to do that, to give them the content components with some of the steps already done for them. So not only was giving them assets to do, we're gonna actually go the next step in doing some of the process for them and giving it to them partially done so that they can have success or that they can overcome some of the barriers that they might have. It's a great role for Pilar as long as we have the rights to the component, so using that way. And so Pilar has a lot of variation in it that we can actually manipulate in order to give our customer contextually away to succeed in our coaching program as long as we're willing number one to give them the highest quality. Number two to make sure it fits the context and number three to make sure that the intermediate steps are not the things that we focus on but that we use Pilar to bring our buyer up through those intermediate steps to our solution. Where are coaching takes over. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 8. 0007 Using PLR As A Bonus On Your Sales Page: Welcome back. Now, this video where we're gonna be talking about is using your Pilar as a bonus on your sales page for your product. Now you will want to use relevant Pilar Toe Act as a bonus for the product that you are marketing or that you are offering or selling. And when you do this, you want to try to find Pilar with great graphics. The reason for this is because you will want to have a graphical representation on your sales page again. You want people to understand, and you want them to feel the weight where the impact of your bonus the graphical representation will give your customer the ability to visualize that value now possible that graphical representation should be a three D instead of a two D or a flat image. The three D image is more tangible to the viewer or to the customer that you are potentially going to get. That means that you may have to purchase and Pilar before you actually need or use it. You wanna have it on hand when you're ready to use. It is part of the sales process, so if you want to get ahead of time so that it will be an inventory or that you'll have it . Then you won't be paying as much for it, and you will be able to put it together quickly when it's time for you to put together your own offer. Now, if you make sure toe always purchase high quality content, purchasing before you have the need will help toward the content being relevant when you decide to use it. So the best way to make it useful is to make sure that you're really getting Pilar that you would want to, either by yourself or definitely you take care to pass on to your customer. Having multiple bonuses means that you can add at least three to the sales page, and that's really what you should be looking toe add. That tends to be the average people who are selling information products. It also means that you can add a bonus to increase the scarcity of the deal. So, in other words, what you're doing is you were going to tell the buyer that the only way they're going to get specific bonus is if they purchase it before that bonus runs out or before the time runs out, so you're using both scarcity and urgency to your advantage as the buyer makes their way through the sales process. You want the bonus to help them see the value in what you are offering in total. That value should be clear when they see the graphics, as well as how you describe those Grambling's when you offer irrelevant and over the top bonuses, what you're really doing is devaluing your product, sometimes without even knowing it. Now most marketers will consider at least one, but some will commit to at least three bonuses. The one way to add more than three would be one. The one way to add more than three bonuses would be the main one or some of those bonuses time sensitive. These are typically called fast action bonuses. Have you are going to market them that way? Make sure that they will be easy removed from your site quickly and easily during your product launch. We've been saying that if you're going to use a bonus, you want to make sure that they have a graphical images and if you can three D images, but you can use a bonus that does not have a graphical image that comes in the package with it. However you do wanted, then expend the resource is in order that have three D images created and you can have those created typically at a website like fiber or script lands or any lands. You want to make sure those images reflect exactly what the buyer is gonna be getting. Lastly, you can display graphics by re imaging all of the Pilar and making it similar to your product brand X. With other words, you're gonna take the graphical images that air there. You're not going to use the packaging that came in the Pilar you're gonna make. All of the bonus is very similar to the three D images that maybe you have for your product . In other words, everything is going to look extremely branded extremely similar on your sales page. You want to make sure when you do that that your buyers know that they do not reflect on what you're doing with your business. In other words, the bonuses may not necessarily be at the same level of quality that your private is gonna be. You want to make sure that your buyer understands that, Yes, these air bonuses and that these are additions. They're not necessarily your product. So if you're going to go that route of branding the same way, make sure that the buyer understands. Still, and these are bonuses and these are not your product. Okay, So what? That Thanks. And I will see you in another video. 9. 0008 Use PLR As A Bonus For Your Affiliates To Use To Promote Your Product: Welcome back. Now, this video we're gonna be discussing using your appeal are as a bonus for your affiliates to use to promote your product. Not smart, but little use way toe leverage. Pilar is for affiliate bonuses, and that means what you'd be doing is you'd have your affiliate apply to sell your product . Then you put together a bonus page for them With bonus products, your affiliates would get the benefit of being able to offer their customers and added incentive to buy from their affiliate links. You get the benefit from having increased traffic from affiliates being able to be more successful and being more willing to promote your product. You will also benefit with an increased conversion rate because affiliates being able to offer high quality bonus means they're going to get more customers to be willing to buy through their affiliate link when they see the offer. Another reason for this high conversion rate is that a lot of the bad traffic is going to be filtered out by that bonus page because when they're not sure they really want the product, there were likely to drop out or stop at the bonus page. Now If you were interested people coming to the page where the offer is, your conversion rate should be much higher than you thought it might be. Now, most cases you will deliver the bonuses from the inside of your members area or on your download page, so you don't have to worry about handing the bonuses over to the affiliate to give them the opportunity to delivered themselves. Most of the information product creators will handle it by putting those bonuses one the inside of their site. Now, if you choose to go this route, you do want to make sure you qualify your affiliates for that option. So in other words, you're going to have people who are going to come to you. They're going to get. The bonus is, of course, under the US busies that they're going to be using them to promote your product. But you don't just want to give away bonuses, and in some cases you may or may not necessarily have the right permission in order to give them away anyway. And you will also want to make sure that you have the rights to pass on that content to your affiliates. Now most cases, you wanna have this from place well in advance of your actual launch. In essence, you're probably going to be offering two sets of bonuses once that's going to be on your sales page. That's going to be a set of bonuses you were going to offer to the customers that are coming to your sales page. The other set of bonuses is going to be on a bonus page for your affiliates, but delivered by you inside of your members area. What this does is it makes it easier for your affiliates to get started promoting right away as soon as they see the offer and as soon as they have the opportunity. Of course, as we stated, also improves the statistics for your product, which in turn could result in more affiliates wanting to promote your products. As start this process, you are going to want to determine what other vendors air doing on behalf of their affiliates, and you can do this by going toe a site like Munch i dot com and then looking at some of the JV pages. Now you will want to go one step further in determining what kinds of bonuses are being given to the affiliates to promote those products, you will find that some vendors and some sellers are willing to give the bonuses to their affiliates. Others will give them the bonus page and the images and then deliver them inside in the product. Of course, the latter way is effective because it rules barriers to affiliates being able to send emails to their buyers. So all of these are great ways to use Pilar. And once again, it builds your sales, improve your statistics and can invite other affiliates indirectly by improving those statistics. Okay, so what? That Thanks. And I will see you in another video. 10. 0009 Use PLR As Your Webinar Content: Welcome back. Now this video we're gonna be discussing how to use Pilar as your webinar content. Now a great way to use Pilar content is to repurpose it as content. You're going to be sharing in your webinars In some cases depending on what kind of package you buy, you'll have slides already created for you and you can use those slides as your guy to teach on the subject that you're gonna be doing on your webinar. Not many cases you will be using the information that you pick up from the pl are toe learn the content well enough to teach it on the webinar. Now this will be important because you wanna have the webinar position that makes you sound like an expert. One other interesting thing that you can do is to take Pilar videos splicing together in tow one hour of content for an automated or recorded webinar. Now, in another sense, since part of what you'll be doing is to rebrand any of the graphics that you get, don't be afraid to use them to make your slide presentation attractive for your webinar. This is easy accomplished by using your graphics as a background image faded enough for people to clearly read your message. One of the things that keeps marketers from doing their own webinar is not knowing exactly what to say. Most of the time, this is due to feeling less than confident about the content they're presenting. One. A webinar. What's most important is the presentation that people are going to be seeing on your screen . It should not look like information that they want to read. Instead, the information should be used as a guide for the audience toe. Follow the presentations. In other words, it shouldn't look like a word processing document. Some webinar creators use a script, which is a good use for some forms of Pioli. Naturally, other Webinar creators speak extemporaneously without a script where those presentation slides will be guiding the audience. Have you choose to do your weapon on this way? Speaking extemporaneous, you will use your pilar toe, learn your subject matter. You can then use multiple Pilar products on the same topic, and in this case you will be producing something original back. Depending on the right to your Pilar, you can easily sell or use your presentation as part of a future information product. The webinars do require that you break up your audience attention with relevant graphics. Have you choose to use graphics of any kind in your webinar presentation? Make sure that it doesn't overpower the information you're sharing. Have you want to use graphics to theme your content? You can again take them and creating opaque background or a very light background on your presentation slides. One other thing Webinar host due to keep people engaged to the end is to promise them a free gift. And this is a great use for appeal our product component, and you can do the same thing on a webinar Teoh actually get people to attend. You promised them a free piece of content or something free. Now, if your goal is to sell a particular Pilar product as a result of your presentation, you want to give good content while avoiding telling your audience everything they need to know your audiences. Attention span is probably gonna be about 20 minutes long at the maximum. Of course, as we talked about in another video. Ah, good way to think about how to organize your content should follow a recognisable pattern now in your webinar. You want to answer the questions Why and what to do now in the front and offer. You should be selling them a product where you'll answer the question, what to do in, ah, lot more detail and then in the back end offered that you sell them. You want to answer the question? How should I do this? If you choose this framework, you want to organize your content along these lines. That means that your webinar it designed to sell should use appeal are content telling them why the topic is important for them to consider. It should then use the peel, are telling them what's possible if they learn the content or implement the method that you were teaching. Okay, so what? That thanks and I will see you in another video. 11. 0010 Re Imaging Your PLR: Welcome back. Now in this video, we're going to be discussing re imaging the components of your pl R. Of course, you will be re branding and re imaging all of the content that you're getting your Pilar package so that it enhances whatever your unique selling proposition is for your product and or your business. Now, when you were given PSD or Photoshopped files of the graphics, you'll be using them along with the graphics editor, like photo shop or gimp, in order to rename the product and or remake. The image is consistent with your offers, whether they be a 1,000,000,000 or otherwise. Now, when it comes to videos and audios, you can add in intros now chose to make them more consistent with your business or more consistent with the product that you are concerned with. And when it comes to documents, you should be branding with your logos, but also with images and colors consistent with the desires of your customers. Or, in other words, if your customer base tends to like lighter colors or pastels, you want to go in that direction in terms of your re imaging, your graphics and or your documents and the Pilar. If you're given sales pages or opt in pages or Upsell pages as part of your Pilar package, make sure that the language is consistent with your offer. You want to make sure that it's saying and selling to the people that you want to actually buy Typically appeal. Our package has numerous opportunities for you to promote your own products and affiliate products inside of their text or document, or wherever it is that you can customize the product. As a result, you should always be looking for opportunities to place hyperlinks to your products as well as your affiliate promotions. At the same time, don't turn your written content into a situation where it looks like they're way too many links on the page. Now. The way to think about redoing people are in this way is to make sure that there's at least one helpful place for all of your links. Also related to this. Don't assume that the Pilar has the links in place that you want for your customer. Go over the content and remove any on one of hyperlinks, A when tangible way for you to re image the components of your Pilar is to suggest your own resource is in some cases you'll get a resource is guide as part of the Pilar? In other cases, you won't. Regardless, you should always make sure to provide resource is consistent with the things that you talk about in your business. Re imaging the components can also mean redoing the Power Point presentation entirely, or or editing any videos or video clips with graphical imagery on it. Now, the most important decision is your marketing angle, which should determine what your graphics look like, as well as everything else you're going to do with your Pilar. And when you go over your appeal are for the last time when you're getting it ready for sale or getting it ready for delivery or getting it ready to put before your customer first , make sure the product looks like it's you need to your brand. Also make sure the practice unrecognisable as Pilar. Third, make sure there's enough value in the product that you would want to buy it. That's even if you're doing it is content you can't answer Yes to all the above. Keep re imaging your appeal are until you can. You want to deliver something that gives your customer Ah, consistent customer experience from everything else they're getting from you. Okay, so with that, thanks. And I will see you in another video. 12. 0011 Using PLR As Part Of Your Autoresponder: Hello. Welcome back. Now, this video we're going to be discussing using your appeal are to create email and auto responder content. One of the best ways to use your appeal. Our content is to provide content for your subscribers in your auto responder. Internet marketers typically sent emails out to their subscribers on a daily basis, but it could be difficult to sit down and write something that teaches something substantive every single day. You can easily use written Pilar to create a Siri's and spread it out over days while giving your buyer a call to action at the end. Of course, you can also use video content to deliver lessons to your subscribers by loading the content into YouTube and providing a link. Afterward, you could do the same with audio content, providing a link for number days to some help for content. Now, if you'd rather personalized all of your content that you're putting inside of your email, you're still not having to research the idea. If you remake the audio video or the writing, this is something that you can repeat throughout the year. Would you rather not create the content that goes in your email or you decide to take time off. Now the idea with on a responder content is to keep your subscribers engaged until they're moved to become buyers. Of course, you'll always need to find that balance between evergreen content and the things that people knew to your list won't grow bored with and bring a new content to. Your auto responder is vital to keeping people engaged and to keep them opening your email so that when they do get your offers, not only will they see them, they'll be receptive to receiving them and open to clicking on them so that they can buy. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 13. 0012 Conclusion: and conclusion. There are some other purposes that your appeal are concerned that will help to give you leverage in your business. Of course, you can always repurpose some of your content for social media. This will always give you an edge in terms of being able to provide the people who watch you on social media valuable content. You can also repurpose. Two different forms of pl are so in other words, you can turn text in tow audio. You can turn audio to video all those things to repurpose things into forms that will give your audience wherever they are more content from you in the form they expect. You can always repurpose for block content. If you are a regular blogger and your audience expects good content, cutting edge content, Pilar is a great way to deliver it. If you're willing to customize it and give it to your audience in the way that they expect , everything can be be. Everything could be repurposed for video content. Whether or not it's something you get from a pdf audio. Even another video can be repurposed for video content that you can make unique for your audience. You can repurpose for podcast content. Now, typically, this is gonna involve you learning the content or reading the content or having talking points. But the fact that no one's going to see you on camera and you were going to be delivering content to people who have come to listen to you so you can get knowledge on a topic and bring it to your audience. Using Pilar. Now you can repurpose some content for publish content. Now you do need to be careful about that. There are filters that will keep out. Pl are you have to rewrite Pilar, and you can only use it for ideas. You can only use it for inspiration if you use it word for word and you change word. It's very likely that you could be caught by spam filters, and you could be caught by Pilar filters with companies like Amazon. So if you choose to use Pilar for published content, use it for the ideas and not directly for the line by line content. So now, in this course, we discussed 11 different ways to leverage Pilar in your online business. Regardless of what kind of business you already run, Pilar can help you save time and effort as you hit any content based barrier. Stop and think whether or not you could use high quality Pilar to bridge the gap, for example, are you going to need to add more value to your product? Well, then you can use pl are to solve that problem. Are you going to write a book? We just talked about that. You can actually use Pilar again if you're willing to use it for the ideas. Do you need to create more content for your subscribers? You can definitely repurpose Pilar off all forms of all types in order to deliver content to your subscribers. Would you like to build your authority as a leader in your niche? Well, getting the depth of knowledge in your niche can be as close as the next three or four appeal our products on a particular topic. Do you need to make presentations more informative when you give them well, always beat them up with additional pl. R. If any of these things sound like something you need to do, you've now seen 11 ways that you can use your Pilar toe accomplish them and the good thing about the method Jew been shown is that they can easily be adapted to solve other content and information marketing related roadblocks. Okay, so what? That Thanks. And I'll see you either in another video or in another course.