How to Use Your Website & Content Marketing to Lead People to "Yes" | Renae Gregoire | Skillshare

How to Use Your Website & Content Marketing to Lead People to "Yes"

Renae Gregoire, Marketing content that leads more people to YES!

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7 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Welcome: Get ready for more YESes for your business!

    • A quick word from your instructor

    • Your goal: Overcome skepticism and fuel hope

    • "Yes! I like what I SEE on your website."

    • "YES! I like what I HEAR on your website."

    • "YES! I like the EXPERIENCE on your wesite."

    • "YES! I'm ready to take the NEXT STEP with your company."


About This Class

Want to power-up your website and marketing content?

If so, then this course, THE YES ADVANTAGE, created for marketers, small business owners, and anyone who’s creating, revamping, or tweaking a website, is for you.  

Over six modules in the hour-long course, you’ll discover the must-have, YES-driving elements and content you need on your site to build trust and confidence from the moment a visitor arrives.

Think about that moment. Someone is just about to click through to your site.

What will she see when she lands there? Will she like what she sees?

What will she hear as she reads your content? Will she like what she hears?

What will she feel as she engages with your brand? Will she like the feelings you inspire?

What will the overall experience be like for her? Will she like the experience?

Will she like you enough to stay? Will she stick around because she senses that hopes may be realized?

Or will she pop in, have her hopes dashed, and then hit the back button, continuing her search for answers elsewhere, likely on your competitors’ sites?


And we'll tackle them here, inside The Yes Advantage.





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Renae Gregoire

Marketing content that leads more people to YES!

The BIG picture

Renae Gregoire is a marketing writer, editor, critical thinker, obsessive questioner, and excellent-results deliverer. She intuits what buyers feel and expect, and creates warm, human, content experiences that lead people to YES.

The best $20 investment ever

In 2002, starting with $20, a dream, and self-confidence, Renae hung her shingle as a freelance marketing writer as "The Write Idea," today a successful freelance marketing, writing, and brand strategy...

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