How to Use Your Imagination When You Sing - 6 strategies to bring colour and life to your voice

Jayne C Norrie Vocal Coach, Vocal Coach, Choir Master, Entrepreneur

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2 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro How to Use Your Imagination

    • 2. How to Use Your Imagination


About This Class


When you are developing your singing, you know exactly what you must do. 

BUT it's really difficult to know how to develop a strategy for it.

How many teachers tell you "you must use your imagination when you sing"  but they NEVER TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT!

In this mini course, I show you how to bring your imagination into your singing.

I don't tell you it's a good idea and then I'm off on my merry way.

Here's 6 strategies to help you.

Using your imagination when you sing has immediate benefits for your singing. 

It brings more dynamism.  It brings more vocal colour. 

When you use your imagination, your voice is instantly more interesting. 

Noone's ever gonna get bored by a voice that's connected to a vivid imagination. 

The key to great singing is to connect your voice and your mind.

It can involve a bit of perseverance with a new way of working.  But trust me, the results are worth it.