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How to Use Social Bookmarking to Boost Rankings & Website Traffic

teacher avatar Brian Cliette, I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Socialbookmarking

    • 2. Websitetraffic

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How to Use Social Bookmarking to Boost Rankings & Website Traffic Get ranked rapidly and boost your website traffic with the latest and most effective Social Bookmarking techniques.

This excellent and exclusive training will show you step-by-step, topic by topic, and tool by tool what you really need to know in order to dominate Social Bookmarking - in the quickest & easiest way possible.

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Brian Cliette

I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly


I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly. Via High Velocity User Acquisition & Data Driven Growth Marketing!!

Meet the Mad Scientist of Digital Greatness.

What do you get when you combine a data geek, a social media master and a growth marketing connoisseur?

You get a mad scientist named Brian Cliette. Brian has been working his brand of magic for more than 10 years, serving the hospitality and digital media industries with a unique, holistic approach that allows him to see the entire picture, tear it down and rebuild it into something amazing.

Brian gets a lot of joy from helping people and companies to be better than they were. He's a people person, a problem solver, and holds an unusual balance between the analytical and creative sides. After trav... See full profile

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1. Socialbookmarking: Brian Client here and wanted to create a super short video on social book marking sites that are working in 2016. And for here I'm referencing a block posts on source WP dot com. So I do not own the rights to this content, basically meaning that I did not write this block posts. So this is a very helpful block post that I've come by and been reference seen as relates to social book marking sites. So we want to create a quick video letting you know about this site so you can go here to source WP dot com. Backslash free Do follow social book marking sightless. So here's some background on social book marking sites. They do play a very key role in proving your search engine position A swell asses your back linking to your block posts. They can really help your block post get indexed by Google. I mainly use social book marking sites in order to get things Index. Um, so here they're ranked by pay drinks soap. A drink is kind of. Pedro of 10 is the highest paid drink that you can receive from Google. So having your link or having a branded account on Twitter are tweeting your dot your full link on Twitter will act as a battling from Twitter and that has a pay drink of 10 again getting a link from Facebook. Page drink of nine heydrick of nine Very proper sites here. Reddit, Pinterest, Google plus Delicious Stumble upon tumbler, FARC scoop it slash dot again very high paid drinking paid ring of seven is perfect. So this goes all the way down and I'm not going to go through all of these causes 250 of them. But I did want to create a short video and let you know about this particular article as well as this resource. How these are current sites that are working for 2000 and 16 as they say here. Over all, these social book marking sites will undoubtably undoubtably alike that were undoubtedly improve your searching the position of your site and help you get a good amount of traffic on a regular. As mentioned, Bobby should make it easier for your visitors to share your content on social media sites. So I want to make sure you have these share buttons on any block posted to do or even your home page, and maybe even have some of these more popular ones here that will also help you get back links and referrals from the social site to the content on that your reader is sharing. Okay, so that helps, um, doubled of about, ah, help you visit to share the content. This will help even mawr with searching two ranking because one huge component one reason I'm a big fan of social book marking is social shares actually have a impact on your search engine ranking. So if you have a block post, it does not have any shares on Facebook. Any shares on Twitter, any shares on Google, plus pinchers, then Google is going to figure that this is not shareable content. So if if a similar block post does have numerous shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, then Google is probably going to share that site. Are index that site and rank that sigh a lot higher than the site that does not have those that share ability. So that's an important part of it again, all 250 I won't necessarily suggested be overkill to post on all 250. There are some software tools that can automate this process of, um, posting on a variety of these different social book marking sites. One site that I think, uh, does that his rank wise. Okay, so you can check this out. I have not used this particular tool, but it does manage Just kind of creates a I've talked with their support team before. I think their support team is out of the Philippines. They do have a free account available, so maybe you can take it out. Just test it out. But it will automate, um, posting to different social and Web 2.0, sites and create almost kind of like a network of links. So this is very powerful, Especially if you're doing a lot of stuff on YouTube of building those back links. So social VAT lynxes exceeds social bat wings. Here, ah listed different sight accounts that you have. You can list them, get those videos indexed by Google. Get those videos, right. Hi. YouTube. Due to the back links again, these social bookmarks, you can post them to your your main site, your w w dot com site. Any links any block posted to do any videos. That you do you want to try to add them is on many of these sites is possible. As I say, Adam, all 250 probably be overkilled and probably looks a little unnatural that someone shared your site on all of these. Once. It's probably not have people typically share content on the Web, so I'll be weary off that, but nonetheless a very powerful tool for getting your stuff Index. Getting some referral traffic on this, helping with his two shows social shares It helped with your overall search engine ranking . Hopefully, this video has been insightful or helpful for you, and you now have a good idea how you can further leverage social bookmarks. A swell as a resource to get over 250. Do follow. Now, let me emphasize here. Do follow means that they actually sin link juice to your site so they have no follow and I've rent with no follow this kind of ah, Mr Domer that no follow links cannot get your rank. I've done some testing with nothing but no follow links, and I've actually ranked for some pretty competitive keywords doing that. So do follows. Make it a little easier. So that's pretty much what people want as far as getting the link juice from Twitter and putting it to your block post by linking. So this a cool little short video? If you have any other questions regarding social book markings are any software is you can take rank wise. So are a in K w i z dot com again. Check it out. They do have a free account. Pretty much you manage a private block network. This composer with two point owes in book marking, they haven't listed to support its sights here. Okay, so these are tongues of probably a lot of these 250 sites we see here are gonna be supported sites here because you can see chats popping up. Okay, they do in bids which are great for guinea shares to your YouTube videos and getting your YouTube videos actually hear their social book marking sites. These are their Web two point oocytes. Okay, so turn a web two point oocytes 10. A book marking sites. Okay, So 25 book marking sites 119 supported sites here, so powerful stuff. Be careful with this. Um, I'm not sure how people for rank lines have, you know, there was a Penguin four update. I'm not sure how their clients are doing. One way you can look at just do a rank wise review. So now, to be a simple is this taking the your oil going out to Google putting and review. Okay, you might wanna also search. Scam is a key word. We can get some kind of feedback. See all the complaints. Okay. Again, you can see. Check out all these things. Uh, check out what people are saying about him. Eso typically search for scam and review. Okay, so check him out. I can said I've chatted with the support. They were very responsible. You see, they had a very active chat pop ups as we're recording this video. So hopefully that as responsible once you actually our customer. But check them out. You can also buy accounts on here. I believe so. They actually sell accounts for all the accounts that they use, which is pretty smart, right? So you could buy some WordPress accounts, blocks and LiveJournal accounts. Okay. And by all these different counts, which is pretty so about two cents per account. Yeah. You convey dialogue in domains adding to the account. So pretty powerful network of this automated whole process for you. But again, just be careful, because I don't know, I haven't personally used that, so I can't say that it works. It doesn't work. But I just know that a lot of people on some of the forums are really chatting about that. So I'm gonna conclude now if you have any questions. As always, feel free to reach out to me. Are posted question on discussion board. Until then, stay blessed. 2. Websitetraffic: Brian Quiet here and welcome to this short course on website traffic. Ah, website traffic is a very broad topic. So it's gonna be a bit of a challenge of really trying to keep this under 20 to 30 minutes . But again, I'll just focus kind of on the broad strokes and kind of the macro level. Ah, focus of Web traffic kind of give you some general understanding of what's whips like traffic, how you can generate it. What if some tools that you can leverage to generate website traffic, the pros and cons off some of those tools the pros and cons of different types of traffic on the van, just disadvantage of different types of website traffic. I also give you some tips and device on generating website traffic and then out conclude kind of a wrap up again. This summarizing some of the major takeaways in this short course on website traffic. So what exactly is ah website traffic website Traffic is pretty much generating eyeballs and visitors to your site. Now I kind of separate. The two are kind of two definitions therefore website traffic because you can send bots to a website which are robots are searching the spiders and that will still show traffic. Now she'll still show a visitor to your site, despite that particular visitor to your site, not necessarily being human. Ultimately, you want to try to drive as many eyeballs as possible and not necessarily as many visitors as possible. And the distinction there is exactly like I said, all traffic, all people going to your www dot com are not going to be human or not would be potential customers. They can possibly be robots. They can possibly other scripts scraping content from the Internet That could be crawlers. They could be searching the spiders, trying to index the content on your site. So all visitors to your site are not. All visits to your site are not generated by actual human visitors, so I do want to make that distinction there. Now they're tons off different types of website traffic. I want to start kind of focus on the usual suspects. Here is a great chart that I found on marketing Wizards do not take claim for developing this chart, but it's thought it would really make this video a lot clearer for you. Someone to start at 12 o'clock, so I'll start here. So one of the major types of traffic that you can generate for your website is going to be pretty much display our advertisements so advertisements, paper click can fall into this ECM, which is search engine marketing. That's where you going. Search engines such as being and Google and actually pay by bidding on certain amount of keywords are did our bidding on sometimes display, adding being charged a cost per her 1000 also known as CPM, on again, that were very based upon the competitiveness of the key word and the cost of the keywords . So anyone clicks on a particular ad, you'll be charged for that. Click hints the paper click model. You also have display ads. So outside of this pain for keywords, you actually pay for displays on different types of advertise on different types of website , and you advertise for them. So this is typically where you see ah, lot of the banners on different sites, especially new sites you could've seen, and you go to Forbes dot com. You see all of these kind of banners and weird advertisements. Seven foods that cure diabetes, 12 celebrities that used to be fat. 13 people that used to be aliens. But now he was like this very weird kind of advertisements, those kind of display ads that you kind of see on a lot of news websites, for example, that falls under advertisement and then just going a popular websites such a za world star hip hop. If you have kind of a hip hop demographic and just paying them for advertisements, so you may pay them to place a video, he may pay them to do a whole site overlay. So they brand. They rebrand the entire site with your album are with whatever product service you're trying to promote, and they may brand the entire site you know for week for a day for a special event. No, I've seen that's that all falls under advertising, so advertising it's probably the fastest way to generate traffic for your site. It's also probably one of the most expensive ways of generating traffic for your sign as well, but you do get instantaneous results. Unlike somebody's other traffic methods, you kind of have to build up to advertising a soon as you, you know, and your credit card you can start generating traffic to your website, so moving clockwise. So from advertisers gonna move to customer reviews, groups, forms, other consumer created content. Again, this falls under the category off what I like to call user generated content. Ugc um you don't really have a Thanh of control with the type of ugc degenerated cause to please your fans are your the people that are not fans of your brand. I guess the anti fans will be trolls, right? So a troll of your brand are fan of your brand. They will kind of generate the reviews either five star review or one start of you based upon their interaction with your brand, your product with your services. Also different type of forums. So you have people that are hobbyists. You have people that can see, uh, how do I say, um, you know, just basically I'll keep it worked. Like hobbyists, people that big fans of ah, drones, for example, big fans of cigars, big fans of art, big fans of travels. We have these very niche forms what people post all type reviews by sharing their experiences. And these are a little different from the yelp reviews you may see for a restaurant. These kind of more kind of first person, These are the major takeaways. This is my advice. So a lot more, um, step by step in a lot more transparent in some of the other reviews. And then also under this particular category, we have video reviews as well. So people take to YouTube and then write a review. Are they post a video review of the experience with your product or service? This also is related to online reputation management. So this is kind of the defensive side of traffic generation because people before they do business with you people gonna google what comes up under your branded names. So if a lot of negative stuff comes up on the people morning like the are not gonna want to do business with you or they're gonna be very hesitant to do business with you, they may look for alternatives altogether. So this whole kind of defensive side of ah web traffic generation is where you really try to protect your brand and your reply to negative reviews. Ah, you think them for their opinion, you try to satisfy any issues that they may have had on that really causing to do those reviews. And again you could generate tons of traffic by this really interacting with your customers both your fans as well as your trolls and again negative views are not always negative. Kate is research being done? Is talking with a colleague the other day that, actually, brands that respond to negative views actually have a positive effect on the overall brand , and it really helps with the negative review. So a one star review for Ah Hotel, for example, and you reply, You try to resolve that issue for that client in the minds of other consumers. That's no longer a one star review because quote unquote tried to redeem yourself. So that's that's something to keep in mind. With that kind of traffic generation now moving outside of UGC and customer reviews, you have email marketing. Email Market is probably the most powerful traffic generation. A website. Traffic generation modules here is because of, um, the way that it works. So typically people sign up for your newsletter or some type of promotion are they submit their email that content information because you offered him some type of discount e off from some type of ah, lead magnet. This could be in the form of the E Book. Are free video course. So you've already added some value to that customer. So that customer already has began to, like, know and trust you, which warms them up. So you're not dealing with CO traffic. You're not dealing with people that read a review, and it came and made a purchase, not dealing people that saw you advertising on a website and came through to your site. These are people that may have come from those other traffic methods but decided to join your newsletter and over a period of a few days, few weeks, few months, few years. They now very familiar with their brand because you have the opportunity to reach out to them every so often and update them on your products and your services again. A very powerful traffic generation method, often times overlooked because not a sexiest some of these other traffic generation methods that we're talking about here today, but a very powerful away of driving traffic and driving highly converting traffic. So people who actually willing to buy something versus people that just going to do kind of window shopping. So next on our kind of website traffic list, we have online sales platforms. I also refer to these here marketing wizards are. They refer to them as online sales platforms. I like to refer to them as buyer engines. Okay, so far, engines are pretty much e commerce platforms like the Amazon E Bay at sea. Sears walmart dot com by dot com I mean there, tons of them. If you're selling anything online, especially if you're selling physical products, you want to try to list your physical product on as many of those sites as possible, because that can really generate sites back to your Brandon website. So, for example, I have a beautiful product that I came out with a beauty hipster and currently selling on Amazon. But I'll be adding it on Etsy on E bay on walmart dot com really soon and whipped the branding the way that do my labeling the way I do my descriptions when someone goes to Amazon, when someone goes to eBay, when someone goes to Sears dot com and they see my listing, they're gonna know my brand. He they're gonna know who created this particular beautiful. So a lot of people often times may see your product and they may want more information. 1 may. They may want to know more about your company. So actually Google the branded name of your product, despite seen on some of these buyer platforms just to get additional information. And when they do that, they may purchase directly from you. Um, so this could be very powerful as a kind of call it a silo traffic technique, because it's not gonna be always direct. Traffic is kind of wanna you're gonna siphon traffic off of these buyer platforms to your e commerce platform or to your www dot Brandon website. So, in my case, a beard hipster dot co I'll be getting traffic a piggyback in traffic are siphoning traffic off of these major buyer engines and getting that traffic to go directly to my site, where customers can buy directly from me again very powerful method of traffic generation on their entire e commerce companies that all they do is look at syndicating their products across as many of these buyer platforms as possible. They don't do any other traffic generation aside from that so they'll have someone. It will manage to Amazon listings. They will have someone that will manage to eBay listings at Sears dot com thereby dot com that we buy black dot com the etc dot com platform. They'll have someone and manage all of those. So once they get sales out for fuel them in the company and that's their business model, their business model is totally their traffic. A generation model is totally based off of getting trafficked from other popular sites and linking back to theirs. So moving right along, we have direct traffic. So direct traffic is really kind of word of mouth traffic. So, you know, you you listen to the radio satellite radio on your way to work. You hear about some cool site, you goto work and you talk to a friend. As you guys drink coffee during lunch, you say, Hey, man, this is really cool site. You gotta go check out. It's called surfing drones dot com, and it teaches you how to build a custom drone surfboard that you can kind of Ah, you know, get all your waves, you know, you know. So you've never heard of surfing Jones dot com, but it's just kind of a word of mouth. Is this kind of share with you through a friend? So then you go to surfing drones dot com because that was referred to you by a friend again , this is a very powerful traffic technique. It's very hard to scale, and it's also very hard to kind of, really. If you want to try to quantify your traffic, you can typically see what your direct traffic is. But oftentimes what happens is that the direct traffic is really cannibalized. Traffic source from is cannibalized from some other traffic sores that you really have been able to, um, do true attribution to. So, for example, someone may have seen advertisement come to the site, deleted that cookies waited 30 day, saw the bookmark came back to your site and this Remember the website? Well, I'm not going to be able to readily track that back to the advertisement. So again, this can be kind of hard to fully track and get a lot of clarity on the direct traffic. But if you look at your Google Analytics account, you can see what the direct traffic is and typically direct traffic. So wannabe a lot of unique visitors. So people the first time coming to your site, that's kind of wannabe problem. Majority of your direct traffic. So a sign from direct traffic moving right along again, going clockwise. Okay, you have blocks directories and other expert created sites. So here we talk about gifts. Blogging, talk about kind of content. Marketing would talk about traffic generation is really at the top of the sales funnel eso . A lot of this is going to be related to the amount of content that you just kind of syndicate all over the Web. So many content to directories is many content. Two similar sites you're doing guest blogging your posting on your block on a regular basis . You may have several blocks under your branded platform, so let's say surfing drones dot com Surfing Jones are kami have a surfing website that they own? They may have a drone site that they own a drone enthusiasts site that they own. That may have, um, several different sites that the close look, you may think are not related, but they actually have the same owner and they are related. So you wanna consistently post content to these different sites and ultimately trying to draw back links. This can also be done through what we call a private block network, PB, in which have gained a lot of popularity in the CEO community. And again, this is kind of where we're bridging the gap between kind of blocks, content, marketing and in search engine optimization, which is going to be the next traffic sports that we're going to talk about, but again, a very powerful method, because content is really the fuel for all for all internet marketing. So you don't have contents gonna be very hard to try to generate any of these trapping methods and talked about because you're going to need copy. You're gonna need advertisement, you're going to need logo's. You're gonna need images going in, photographs on the videos and all that falls on the content marketing arm and content marking truly is the fuel for Internet marketing. So again, a very powerful technique or traffic generation type for you, it moved right along. We have search engine, so we have search engine again different from SCM. So SCM is kind of the paid version off search engine marketing s CEO is the organic, so search engine optimization. So this is for the organic traffic. So this is for the natural listings. You go to Google, you remove all of the advertisements in Google, and you look at the natural listings for certain key work. So, um, served word surfboard drones. You Google that hopefully yourself, you're surfing drones dot com website comes up in the top 10. If it doesn't, we could go back to surfing drone dot com. We can optimize it doing seo techniques, and we can make sure we have appropriate about content, mountain words and content. Make sure we're not overly using some keywords. Make sure we have some battling from similar websites again. That's the power of having different sites within your niche where you can kind of cross link them in a natural way. Overly cross linking them is what we call Black Hat Seo. And I'll talk a little bit about the different hats of S E on. Different philosophies relate to searches optimization. But right now I'm really kind of folks in kind of the white hat techniques. What kind of above boards and kind of the things that companies like Google would not mind you doing for your site. So some of those air just having tons of great content, valuable content, having 30,000 words, um, or not overly focusing on one keyword, particularly making sure that you have a multitude of different content and one block post , for example, make sure that you have some photos. Make sure you have a video embedded on this different ways off consuming. The content that you put together should be multimedia in nature. Make sure you have a lot of fresh content. So Google likes to see the blog's updated on a regular basis that come back to your site twice in a year. You have the same blog's and no updates. We're probably gonna penalize E for that. You probably won't no longer rank as high. So that's kind of the on page S e o portion of S E O. And essentially it. Three parts of S E O. There's own page, which typically most people have you talked to. You have a basic conversation, SCL. They're really going to be discussing counted on page stuff, the content, the information and graphics that you put it out there. Um, outside of that, you also have the technical side of S E O. So looking at the low time. So how fast is your website load? How fast is your whips? Like? Shut down a Sfar as refreshing. Um, how heavy. Um, how heavy are the, uh, how heavy is the content? Okay, so scroll rates. So are people scrolling from the top of your site down to the bottom. Your site out of scrolling halfway bounce rates. How much time are people actually spending on the site? Once they go there, exit pages, entry pages. So exit pages like, what is the page that people leave your site from typically entry pages? What? The pages that people actually come to your site from? Because everyone does not go directly to your double that we dot morning. Likely you're going to go to some block, posted some other page they found in a search engine. They were referred to other aspects of technical s CEO are just coding issues. So do you have any CSS html issues? Do you have repetitive content? Do you have appropriate for four pages? Do you have appropriate for three pages? Where you're doing for three redirects. Are you doing those appropriate way? So this is all the technical side of S E O. Not a lot of people are very good at the technical side of S e O. Because it can be very tedious. And it's not very sexy, sort of to speak a lot of people, like focusing on the content over optimizing, which is typically issue. And then there's 1/3 part of S E O, which is the off page. And this is where you're focusing on generating back links from some other site from some other email directory of some block post to your side. And you want to make sure that you're getting this high quality bat wings from high ranking pages. So so websites that have high pay drink want to make sure that you're linking back to your site. So that's the off page. Now, when I talk about off page, this would be a great way for me to Segway into kind of another topic of the different types of S CEO optimization. So, as I said, the focus for the past five minutes or so has really been on the white hat, but they also what you have called gray hat and black hat. So blackout is considered the no no Spammy stuff. The automation stuff, the faking of site redirects, the cloaks, the keyword stuffing, the cookie stuff in, um, all types of things. We're trying to game the search engine. You're trying to get some really fast results really quickly again. This is not really readily accepted in S e o community, although there's huge following of black hat Seo, I even myself, is I'm a big fan of Black Hat Seo, especially the ingenuity and creativity from a technical perspective of how they really leveraging kind of game, that search engines. It really inspires me as far as how I do Internet marketing in general. So I am a fan. I can't say that I readily practice it now because there's some of the clients of people that I deal with. Currently, I don't want to run the risk of getting them. Banda kicked out of Google because that's a headache of trying to redeem yourself. But as far as the creativity and ingenuity, the type of software and techniques that they use, you may want to actually come a student of black Hat Seo on because you can really learn ah lot about just marketing in general. They focus kind of more on the psychology of marketing and kind of mesh that with search and optimization, which is a unique mash up in my pain. But again, as I said, there's some enhanced risk, their of getting a website band getting a website kicked off. The search engines are getting labeled as a spammer on the gray hats, kind of a mix of both white hat. So kind of the warm and fuzzy stuff that makes Google happy to make your mom smile and make your tuna sandwich with cucumbers doing tea time. And then there's kind of the black hat stuff that just talked about kind of hackers and lurkers in the black hat world. Guys, they're talking about how they gonna game, make much Akash really fast. And some of those guys do make a lot of money, but have a few friends Vetter really into the whole black hat stuff, and it's funny. Sometimes they're up. Sometimes they down, but it's never consistent right with those guys. You know they'll have mumps where they make $20,000.30,000 dollars, $60,000 1/2 months within make $800. So if you have the stomach for that kind of stuff, then by all means become a student of Black S CEO. But really and truly, the world doesn't need any more black hat guys and girls that probably enough of them already. If you kind of learn from their techniques and try to apply white hat tactics, that kind of messed in. What we think Gray hat would be kind of a comfort zone for most marketers. And also don't get caught up into the hype of white hat, white hat, white hat because there's no company that I know of this 100% white hat if that was the case, and they would not even do searching the optimization of is putting pumping out content in this, praying for the best and hoping that the Google guys like them because they're doing solely white hat stuff. But that's not the case. Um, I know some very popular s CEO firms here in the United States vet employ a lot agree hat stuff behind closed doors. When they presented the clients they present on the white hat stuff. But it's far is getting results. They actually rolling, but it's leaving do of some great hat stuff. Even some of them are playing around some black hat stuff. But you didn't hear that from me. And then lastly, the, um, it gets of the usual suspects sorted to speak. I mean, a different types of trafficker did not cover in this particular graphic, but this is a great starter. An introduction to the different types of traffic should be really looking at trying to leverage on the grow for your website Is social media so social media? So again, we're looking all the social networks. We're looking at all these social book marking sites. The red It's, um ah, we look at the media referral sites. We look at the flickers, all the photo sharing sites, the ghoul images, all this kind of falls on the Google plus Pinterest instagram, all social media So social publishing, social, entertainment, social gaming All of that falls under the four zones of social media. Eso social media is very wide and vast, even as a category within itself. There about four different classifications there. So all of that traffic kind of summed up into one, referring to your website. And again, you should be very active in all the social networks and social communities that you can related to your niche related to your product. Your service on my case with the beard oil. Although I'm not following this advice, eso do as I say. Don't do as I do. I should be involved in all of the forms. All the Facebook groups about Rohingya beard, all the instagram accounts that have photos of people growing epic beers. I should be interacting and engaging in those accounts doing advertised towards those accounts. And again, all that will fall under the social media category of traffic generation. So as you can see a lot of powerful methods here to go over and we talk about Web traffic, have any questions on the these techniques you're free to shoot me a message or reach out. Hopefully, this video's been enlightening and helpful for you, And has he come thinking a little differently about your traffic generation strategy until next time. Thanks