How to Use Pinterest Marketing for Business Success | Malcolm Dewey | Skillshare

How to Use Pinterest Marketing for Business Success

Malcolm Dewey, Artist and Author

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16 Videos (2h 38m)
    • Why Pinterest and this Course?

    • Welcome Message

    • The Potential of Pinterest

    • Open Your Business Account

    • How to Convert Personal to Business Accounts and Whether You Should or Not

    • The Pinterest Board Tweaks You Need to Have

    • Traffic Boosting Techniques

    • How to Make Pins that Drive Traffic

    • Essential Keyword Search Basics

    • Keyword Search Practice

    • Advanced SEO Tactics that Work

    • Advanced Keyword Options

    • The Best Approach to Monetizing Your Pinterest Strategy

    • Pinterest Analytics in Action

    • How to Use the Tailwind App

    • Conclusion


About This Class


Drive More Traffic, Leads and Sales with Pinterest

Why should you focus on Pinterest? 

Because your blog and business success may depend on it. No really this is not idle talk. All other social media platforms have shut off organic traffic. Not Pinterest. 

Pinterest has become my Number One content marketing amplifier and source of traffic. The same can apply to your business too. 

Why? Because Pinterest has all the correct ingredients lined up. These include:

  • Fastest growing platform at over 40% per annum;
  • Over 200m actively engaged users. Note the emphasis? 
  • Highest average income and education levels on average
  • Highly curated and top quality content
  • High volume of purchasers or otherwise active users

I could go on. The point is Pinterest is HOT and is getting hotter, as other big social media channels struggle trying to make their users pay to play. Not on Pinterest. 

Why this course? Because I have experienced everything mentioned above. 

Pinterest saved my blog as other social media channels tried to shut me down. Pinterest users have joined my mailing list and have joined my courses. Other channels have faded away under harsh algorithm changes.

What will you learn on this course?

Not the usual basics. You will learn:

  • the importance of SEO, 
  • account optimization, 
  • pin design, 
  • powerful and ethical tactics and 
  • Build your following on Pinterest.
  • Use analytics to make key decisions;
  • Plus how to meet your audience and give them what they are seeking

and much more.

I am a professional artist and writer. My book the Art of Content Marketing is a detailed account of how to use a visual content marketing strategy. Now you can learn how to focus these techniques on the best social media channel out there - Pinterest.

Are you ready to start?

Enroll now!

PS: Join me on Pinterest and send me a note as a close member.





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Malcolm Dewey

Artist and Author

Professional artist and author. I work in oils painting in a contemporary impressionist style. Mostly landscapes and figure studies. I have a number of painting courses both online and workshops for beginners through to intermediate artists. 

My publications include books on outdoor painting, how to paint loose and content marketing tips for creative people.

My goal is to help people start painting and encourage them with excellent lessons that they can use for years to com...

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