How to Use Objective-C and C in Swift 3 - With Code Examples

Karoly Nyisztor, Senior software engineer, instructor &  fanatic

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2 Videos (8m)
    • How to Use C in Swift 3

    • Obj-C in Swift


About This Class

Swift is Apple's modern programming language; however, as Apple puts it:
“Objective-C is not going away, both Swift and Objective-C are first class citizens for doing Cocoa and Cocoa Touch development.”
Besides, there are a lot of frameworks written in Objective-C. 
As a result, complex projects may end up having a mix of Swift, Objective-C, and even C code. Therefore, Swift-Objective-C interoperability is imperative. In this video course, we are going to showcase how these programming languages can co-exist.

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Great course, a must if you switch from Objective-C to Swift!
Karoly Nyisztor

Senior software engineer, instructor &  fanatic





Karoly Nyisztor

Senior software engineer, instructor &  fanatic

I am the founder at Leakka, a software development, and tech consulting company. I have worked with companies such as Apple, Siemens - Evosoft, SAP, Zen Studios, and much more.

Website: Youtube: (iOS development and Swift programming tutorials) Pluralsight Courses: Github: Twitter:

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