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How to Use Evernote for Productivity

teacher avatar Dilip Krishna

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Install Evernote

    • 3. Notes

    • 4. Creating Notes

    • 5. Using Tags

    • 6. Search & Evernote Web Clipper

    • 7. Yearly Productive Plan: Goals

    • 8. Yearly Productive Plan: Breakdown Goals

    • 9. Yearly Productive Plan: Monthly and Weekly

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About This Class

This Evernote course will teach you how to take notes, search, organize, share information, and create Notebooks for every part of your daily life.

It can be a real challenge to maintain all the information.

The secret is having one central hub.

A practical solution that will give you access to all the information you saved anywhere.

It will transform the way you manage information and daily to-do tasks.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Dilip. I am a Full Stack Developer. I am very enthusiastic about software development and want to share my knowledge and skills with people around the world.

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, welcome to this course. I mainly believe that productively is the king worrying for anybody success. So to achieve this productivity, people go to all sorts off stuff to maintain their high level off productivity. So what actually is about so main? Two elements of peremptory is information and organizing the information. So in this course, we're gonna go through each of the step to actually meeting our work efficiency to achieve the goals that we are looking for. All right, so we're right now living in an information each all right, So the information is printed across on the Internet that we daily use, but always in the information What you need, what you want. And also at the same time in this chaotic kind of world a cheating, your daily goals to actually improve your ability, toe get the work done is a main in main thing. So in this course, we're gonna learn about how to actually man is information organizer date tasks so that at the end of the day, you're actually a better person and achieving the daily goals off productivity to increase your performance. All right, so that is a main thing in this course. So information, organizing the information, achieving your daily goals and they task completed is a main thing. So in this course, we're gonna use the seven or application, and we're gonna learn over how collateral use this application so that we can achieve or gold's. All right. So this picture, it's just a reintroduction. So let's get ahead and learn about hoped, actually, organizer stuff. Thank you. 2. Install Evernote: Now we're going to install the Evernote application. Now if you head over to them, in your web browser, you're going to come into this website. So what am I going to do here is go ahead and click on the download button that appears right here. After clicking on it, you can see a small application that's going to be downloaded suite and delete does download. After downloading the application software from the web browser, if you click on the finished file, you would get this kind of pop-up which says which asks you to accept the terms in the license agreement and check that. And after that, the install button will appear and you click on it. Now, just going to install AV node application for us. So wait until this terrace bore finishes. Yeah, the installation has been finished. Click on the finish button. And now what we're going to do is check for Evernote application. Yeah. So what are we going to do is you can sign in with Google or you can give your details like email and password and click on register. So that is what we are going to do right now, right? So I'm going to give me details. After giving you details for registering your account, it will do some operations. And after that, your application is ready to go, right? This is how you actually install and create your Evernote application accounts. And if you wanted cheek or anything getting started guide, everything is here. While we are actually going to learn a lot about these applications in our coming lectures. So that's it for now. Thank you. 3. Notes: Now we're going to look into how can we use Evernote application for our daily purpose. So let's get familiar with all of the things that are involved in its design. So here all, all the files related settings and how to edit view. Note. This is going to show about the notebook settings and the kind of format we have to do and the tools. This is health section we have already seen. So that is all about the setting state. Alright, here is a new note button. So what it will do is it will create a new note, which means a page to write something or anything like that. So this is all the shortcuts. So whenever you create a node books that are off the become so long that you can't. You have to scroll down to actually see it. But you don't have to scroll down. Whereas some things that are particularly more important, because whenever you have something as important, you can push them to the shortcuts so that you don't have to go through scrolling, right? So they appear right away here so that you can access them very quickly. So it says drag notes, notebook for tags, here, for quick access. Those are shortcuts. And here we have all nodes. So all nodes is nothing but actually showing every notebooks that even notes that you have created. All right? And this is notebooks. So we already see we are having a first notebook here. So this is greater default by the Evernote application. So what can we actually do with it? So if you see we can rename it. We can create a new notebook as well. So what are we going to do now is actually change it. So come down here, we're going to rename it. And I'm going to say it is inbox. I'm putting two zeros in front of it because the notebook list is arranged, are sorted in the order of alphabetically. So whenever I have two zeros distinguished, always stay on the top of the list. So that is a clever way to actually do it. If you open it, you can actually see some of the notes here. So this is provided by the pot one naught. So we can actually know this is like a go-to note, to read about it. Alright. So we're gonna actually create a new notebook. I'm going to create one. What I'm going to say is I'm going to say personal. I have one and another notebook. I'm going to say this work. Yeah. So there are multiple notebooks right now. You can see the order in which they have been arranged or sorting. Alright? So what can we actually do inside it? We can rename, delete style and everything. So one thing we can actually do, if I want my personal work items to appear in the shortcut, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to drag this here. So if I go to shortcuts, I already have it here. Alright, this is one way to actually do it. So if you don't want it there, you can actually come back here and click Remove from shortcuts. Now trained remote. Alright, so this is about creating notebooks and how to actually do stuff. There is one thing we can actually do is if you have a number of Notebook lists here, but you can actually arrange them in a way so that they're stacked up into list or into a subcategory. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to bring this into here. It will create a stack. It says notebooks tag, but we can actually change it to any name. We can say, I'm going to name it as personal stack. Alright? Now you can see if you open personal set, there are two things here. Alright? In this way, we can actually put stack, stack up things so that it doesn't get messed up. So you can actually separate all the notebook lists into different stacks so that you can actually have a very organized manner of viewing notebooks. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to actually remove them from the stack. Removed from stack. And this thing also moved from stack. Alright? So if you see we have actually have it, have them in our off alphabetically. So these are the things about notebooks that we are going to learn in this lecture and few other things is we can actually create the shared by sharing is nothing but when you create a notebook, you can actually share it with some of your friends if you want to. If there is something like work notebook, if there are multiple people involved in your work category, you can share it with other people as well. So these are tags that you can actually give it to your create them we're going to learn later. Subtract is nothing but the, all the notebooks that have cleared. So come down here and you can actually see properties. Yeah, you can see a sharing and collaboration options. You see whenever you actually create something like this, you can actually, you see published to create a public link, to create public into this not be when you actually do the stuff. You create a link that can be accessed by multiple members to view this. Alright, so this is one way to do it. All right? Now what I'm, I'm not gonna do anything because I don't want to share anything with anybody else. Alright, so that's all for this lecture. Let's get to the next one and we're going to learn some more. 4. Creating Notes: Now in this lecture we are going to create a note and learn about how to actually use them. So let's get into a personal notebook. And here what we're going to do is create a new notebook. Alright? So I'm going to click new node. And what I'm going to say is he has already template. So we can collect, we can use any template that you want. But right now we're not gonna do anything. Just we're going to use the, use this file to actually design our node. So let's see what are the options that we have. So what I'm going to derive the basic notes, alright, I'm going to highlight this bold. And I'm going to increase, Expand. Yeah. I'm gonna change it to let's say whatever we're going to have here. Yeah, maybe that one. And now what I'm going to say, let's see. I'm going to say, let's decrease the font. And I'm going to say it. This is again an example of how to, this is an example of how to use nodes. Every node application. Alright. So now what we're going to do is we're going to actually add a picture here. So I'm going to add a picture now. And I do I do have some good looking pictures, so I'm going to add it. Here. You see a good picture right there. I'm going to make it big. Let's see whether we can decrease the size of it or not. And now what I'm going to do is come down here. And now what I'm going to do is I'm going to add a bullet lists. List 13. Oh, and we also have a number. And it's numbered 123. Like that. Alright, what else can we do? Alright, let's see whether we can add in link or not. I'm coming, I'm gonna open my browser. And what I'm going to look for is in these recent days, I've been watching a lot. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to look for P And I'm going to the schedule. Yeah, this is the link that really right, and there's a schedule. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going here and I want to paste this. All right, so now we have a link here. You can actually use it. I click it, you'll see there's a new app open from our Evernote. Alright, so this is how you can actually use it. I'll read, you can add images, you can add, you can change the font if you want. I'm going here, I'm going to say I can see how we have actually changed it. So there are few things that we can actually do this. Alright, so now what I'm going to say is, yeah, that's it pretty much. So I'm going to save it yet. So let's go to the node application. We have a basic notes here. If you go to personnel who have the notes, alright? So this is how we can actually create an altar and actually use it in your notes. So you can write anything that you want to use. Alright, so that's it. For now. What are we going to do in the next lecture is actually understand how to use tax. Let's get ahead. 5. Using Tags: Hey guys. In this lecture we're going to learn about how to use bags. So if you, if you actually observe here, we have two. Another article for notes that we have used. One is about how the Iron Man movies that have been created by Marvel. Alright, the list contains a lot of the, not all of them, but a lot of them. And another Tiger Woods records and his wins. Alright, I've been falling golf, as I'll recently stated in the previous lecture. So I have few records that are held by Tiger, wolves and humans and how his wings have been occurred. All of them, all of that. Alright, so what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to add tags to it. If you come here, you add tag. So I am going to say golf and then Tiger Woods and then VGA. Yeah, that's pretty much it. So I'm coming to Iron Man and I'm gonna say Marvel superheroes. And then Iron Man. And then I'm gonna say Spider Man, that's it. And then I'll limit there. Alright, so whenever you want to actually use them, you can come to tags. And if you have multiple articles under similar name or similar having a seam tag, you don't have to scroll through it. Or I come down here. Now I have three of them. If the articles or number of nodes list go above a 100 or anything like that, you don't want to scroll through it and search about it. You just come to tags. And if something like you want to search about golf, you can just see here. And if I want to go and see Spider-Man, I can come here. So let's see what we can do. We can actually add a new tag. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to actually use call on right now and show you some particular advantage with this. So now I'm going to say Champion. Alright? So what I'm going to do is go to my notebooks. Come here, go to Tiger Woods. And what I'm going to say add tag. And I'm going to just say colon. Now you can see the champion actually appearing here. I can select it. A new tag has been occur. So and this way you can actually modify how you can actually access your notes instead of scrolling through moved books. Alright, tags is a better way to organize your, organize your notes list. Alright, so that's all about tanks. Let's get ahead to the next lecture. 6. Search & Evernote Web Clipper: This is the last lecture on how to actually finish using Evernote. So in this lecture, what we're going to see here is two things. One is Evernote, Web deeper. And the next thing we're going to look into it in a short time. So what is so good about ONET web people? So whenever you actually fun, find an article already page inside a web browser, you can just directly save it from there. So what are we going to do here? So go ahead into the Microsoft, Microsoft naught exactly. Just type Evernote Web people. And you would be taken to this part. And if you simply click Get with the paper, and you'll be taken to this part. Alright, so now what are we going to say is the coined this again, add extension. If you're on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it will be showing a particular popup that's going to be specific to that website. You don't have to actually use distinct does canceling. So click on this Evernote icon. Okay, it says reload. So I'm coming here. Click on Evernote icon. So now I'm clicking on Evernote. So refresh it. So I've recently used distinct, the reason why it's actually giving such error. So I have found this Michael Jordan article. Alright, so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna chill, go into save this article. So convect Evernote Web people, It's going to load this thing. You can actually simply save. Clip, right-click on this end will be saved. And you can also specify where to actually save it and how to save it. It says article, you see only this part, which means and not then target set, but only the part where the article is actually provided will be saved. If simplified article, you see how it's being changed. If it's full page, you can see then Tai pays the border of the pages being highlighted. And if it's a bookmark, it will be saved as a bookmark. If it's a screenshot, it will be different. I'm going to click on article. And you can also specify which notebook. And we're creating a new notebook, sports create. And we're going to use debt. And I'm gonna say MJ, And I'm going to use 23. You must, you can pretty much tell from these things. Alright? So I'm not going to use these things, alright, mj into three. Alright, so what I'm going to save clip, saving, it is sinking now. Wait until it finishes a 100%. Yeah, now it's saved. So what I'm gonna do is I'm coming to the Evernote application. So go to the notebooks. Click sync here. Now you can see the Sports notebook actually created. Inside it. It is a radical one, Michael Jordan, right? So now you know you have actually saved it from the, from the site itself. You can see under this tags we have Mz and also Query three. Alright, so we can actually say Tiger Woods article under sports as well. So I'm gonna say now it's different. What I'm going to do is I can actually move valuable tactical to where personal, actually Sports. Alright? So in this way we can actually work out things that are going to be helpful for us. So this is a basic way of how to actually use Evernote. But still there is something that we haven't yet used. So what I'm going to do, so you can actually go ahead and say find a notebook. I'm going to say I'm Michael. Oh, sorry. This is the notebook, right? So recall notes and come here and you can actually search for notes. Michael, You can see Michael Jordan article being provider for us. So I'm gonna save Tiger, Tiger Woods article showing which part of the thing it has found. All right, and let's conclude this course with one little thing. So how can we use Evernote to actually manage things? Alright, so you can put up with another thing, comeback to notebooks. And to work, I'm going to create a new node. You see it's a start writing drag files or choose a template, right? We can actually use this template if ever, we need to use by the time of this course, most of them are accessible. But whenever you watch this course, these might we shifted to premium. But no worries, you can actually buy it for a very little price because the price is, might be legal or high by the time and the time you are unique. But trust me, this application will be a very, very good use. So that let's conclude this course. Thank you. Please rate it and shared this course with your friends if you feel this useful. Thank you. 7. Yearly Productive Plan: Goals: other guys. Up until now, we have learned all the tricks and precip processes that are involved in using Evernote application for our productivity purpose. But now what we're going to do is find out how to actually organize our data on a yearly basis. So now we're gonna learn about how to create an organizational system in our Evan or application that will not only increase the productivity off her ear growth but also enhance our using skills off this application. But the main important thing is we're gonna learn about how to actually plan or entire here and organize our productivity time into this application. So let's go ahead and make some notebooks, all right? So I'm gonna actually started with creating a notebook. So very first thing, what I'm going to do here is create a new notebook and I'm going to name it as with the ah , what? We're going to name it the ear, that we're going to use this notebook ass. I'm going to name it 2021 and wardens were going toe. I'm going to give it, as goes, the goals that I'm gonna have for 2021. All right, so Yeah. No, we're creating its tack. Why? We're going to create a stat, because you're gonna annoyed in a minute. So first, I'm gonna change it toe rename it to 2021. Yeah. So, as I have already given it as 2021 I don't think I need this one. Uh, or else I'm going to see it as goats insurer of 2021 because that will reduce the redundancy. All right, now I have the gold notebook for the year 2021. All right, so warrants we can have. So what are you planning to do here is to actually create a certain process to actually gain the goals that we're going to create for ourselves in 2021. So, no, we have given a notebook that will that is going to contain all of the goals for our 2021 year and then what we're going to days create or als break the breakdown, the goals to actually quarter wise. So let's go ahead and do that 8. Yearly Productive Plan: Breakdown Goals: Alright, guys, Now that were created A stack off two dozen 20.1 for our year. Year was planning, and we have also created and notebook. There's gonna contain all the yearly goals for us. So now what we're going to do here is we're going to create a notebook for each month, and then we're gonna stack, uh, three individual months into each quarterly stack so that in that way, we can actually break down our yearly goals into quarter wise. So let's go ahead and do that. So what I'm going to do now is create in your notebook and it will be January. I think I can actually give it 00 but I'm not gonna give it January. Yes. And then it will be February on a new notebook, zero to February and then march 03 much. And then we're gonna give it as new notebook, zero for March and zero for April. And then May six. June And then. So in July eight Ah, gushed nine September and then 10 will be October and then 11 November and then 12. Finally, it will be December. All right. Okay, guys. So the main important thing to note series. We cannot create stacks under stacks or we cannot create notebooks within notebooks. So that that is the underlying principle in using Evernote. So what are you going to do? Here is we have notebook for goes so inside goals were going to divide them into quarterly , and then we're gonna divide. We're going to distribute the quarter illegals to each month, as we have already created monthly nor books for each of the individual month, so we don't have to worry about that. So let's go ahead and create some goals for ourselves. So I'm going toe given you notebook here clicking you note. Sorry, but so this is my note. So what I'm going to do is, uh, I'm going toe first fall, save 2021 goes. All right. So first of all, I'm gonna increase its formed Yeah, and also change its phoned. Let's see, what will be much more. This is not that good. Okay, let's go ahead and do it. Yeah, this is much more appealing, so we're gonna leave it with that. But one thing we're gonna see a raise. We're gonna align it at this central. All right? We're gonna maximize this thing. So now we're gonna bring it some changes to this. So now what? We're going to see her is Ah, starting from here. They're going to divide this things in tow. Maybe like four categories. All right, the 1st 1 being let's change its phone, too. Georgia and the forint will be size will be 18. And the first thing will be personal goals. Let's number it. All right. Uh, what I'm when it is given number Street personal. Sorry. And then this will be, ah, financial. And then this will be work related. Or Kerry, we can also call. It is Carrie goes on Sorry. Career goals. And then the this could be relationship goes, Yeah, we can divide them into these rays. So what I'm going to do now is we're going to give each off them gold some certain goals. Ah, and let's go ahead and get get some goals to them. So here what? I'm going to give the personal categories. Um Ah, Vika. Sorry. We need to change the phone. I'm going to say Ah, the forint will be Yes, it stands on. This will be Levin and this one being born vicar and 6 a.m. Date. Right. This is a good goal for everybody. You can try that by yourself. And then what we're going to say is journal each day, all right? And then what else can be a person? Go. Ah, run. One mile? No. Every day this will be a healthy gold for cells. Um, and I think those are pretty much enough for enough then the financial goals, whatever going to give our financial goes one is ah, tracker budgets. Okay, we're gonna get give them to seem. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna copy and paste it here so that I could mean in the phone . But what we're going to do here is actually change. Track your expenditures. Ah, loan investments. And then what is, uh see, if for long term, uh, ideas. So if you have any entrepreneur ideas kind of thing, whatever you're saving now can be useful for that. But that we're gonna use and then what is? So now we're going to create a carrier goals for ourselves. So we're gonna change it. The carrier goal for right now. It must be, um what a choir. New skills. Uh, so that quiet spilling might be wrong? Yeah. Why? New skills for since if you belong to the sales department. Uh, what else can be, um, learn public speaking? Because this is a daunting thing. You might think you if you are good at public speaking, then it's a no, nothing like you. Nothing for you this think. But the major second fear for everybody on this planet. Most of them, like 19 9% off them. Build with the fear of public speaking, so you can put it in your career goals. And if you're a sports player, you can also say it like, Ah, if your goal, I'm going to take goal for the reference or an example here. So what? I'm going to days goldfish. Ah, handicap index, which is going to do remind the level off skill that a player has. So what I'm going to say is, um ah, achieve. Sorry. This is Bill in Michigan. Yeah, it's you handicap. Move to that is a very big thing. All right, earns. You can also give it a scratch golfer, and then we next the relationship thing. So whatever going to do here is uh, for relationship goals, you can say spend Sunday evening and dinner with family. It a nice historic. Yeah, that is a good goal. And then, um, take a vacation. Do how? Right? That's a good one. And their warrants, we can have. Actually, we can actually buy some gift for our If you have a spouse, anything like that. I think these are pretty much enough. This is an example of how to actually give goals for yourself. All right, so this is a new overlay. Our or higher are killed off the top level goals for yourself. All right, so it might be seeming pretty much easy, but it's gonna get much easier when you actually bring them into monthly wife. So let's go ahead and do that. 9. Yearly Productive Plan: Monthly and Weekly: So whenever you use Evernote application for organizing, you can actually have the four tools and 21 stack here, get inside goals. You can always see the girls here, so you don't have to worry about where are my goals right now? All right, so now we're going to actually focus on breaking them down into monthly wise. So I'm going to give it as an example for personal and financial. You can actually make it as a project work for yourself, a za designing monthly plan for the all four off them. All right, So I'm going to do for these two in a small example way. So go to the notebooks and go to the January. And what are we going to do here is create a new notebook. So here. Ah, the very first important thing is, um, plan as plan as if you're going toe make it as a practical actions. So we're not just going to bring the goal copy and paste it here, so we're gonna make a plan to actually make it happen. So the very first thing is, we're going to focus on our personal, uh, goals first. None personal and we're going to change its foreign size to 36. Yeah, And then what we're going to say here is great. We need to actually give it what? We're going to give it as, um gen Black. I think this one pretty much works. I'm gonna change its phone because something does. No, this is not that good times, New Roman. Not much exciting. This ain't this one is pretty much good. I'm going to Good. Yeah. On change its color to this. I think this one is pretty much good. Now, what we're going to do here is also change this phone size to 18. Yeah. And now the very first important thing is, our first goal is to actually wake up at 6 a.m. All right, let's write it down for ourselves. Now. Whatever going to do here is give it practical steps to follow. The very first thing is, we need to for us to wake up at 6 a.m. We need to have a good sleep so that we're going to sleep at, uh, 9 30 Yeah, that's a good start. All right, so next thing next. Well, what are we going to do? there is, um, that's pretty much enough to wake up at 6 a.m. But to stare, Vic, what we're going to do, Uh, there s a big cop at 6 a.m. And the third thing is, Jake a cool shower. But I like this will help us to help the victim. Nervous system. That's ah, that has bean taking rest for a long time. All right, this will activate all of the nervous systems and the neurons inside your body and pick up in a very good way. All right, so that is how the I to make practical steps. So the next thing what we're going to do here is, um you relationships, not We're gonna take finances, financial goes. And here what we're going to do is we're not going to say this. So the goal for our here is we need to track expert teaches crack expend teachers, and then what are we going to do here is give it some practical steps. What are we going to do each day at the end? What are we going to see here? Is, um right down? Ah, a moment. Put Cheers. What if you can see Let's just use the word expenditures or expenses and then end off weak . What we were going to say We're going toe value it expenses and then three and off month weaken graph the entire income versus expenses. And then from then, what are we going to do? We have We have got good data for all our expenses and our income. So now whatever going two days, we're going to create a budget feet that's going to show how much money can we use in a particular area? So then whatever going to say here is, uh, create ah, budget sheet, right? These things can pretty much tracked down your expenditures and maintain a level off integrative yourself toe limit your expenses or your expenses in a department like a grocery store or a movie, the other, or an export or anything like it will limit so that you have a good enough. I plan to follow and maintain your expenditures. So this is pretty much how you can do. All right, so now there's a project. I'm leaving the career and relationship goals and make sure that you follow up with that. So the final thing here is we can actually give. Ah, good table here. So I'm going, Actually, this one. And I'm going to extend like this and inside it on the center with the bold. What I'm going to say it is vertically crack. So because we have so many goals, it might not be easy for us. Toe. Track them down. Yeah, we have got a good color according for it. As as Well, so now what I'm going to do is as an example I'm giving them for All right. Now, extend this to match here. I was going to extend this. Uh, okay. Whatever going to do here is bring it down here. And now let's take it up here. Yeah. All right. So what else is left? We can actually bring this and die thing. Okay? Now, what ever going to say here is we're gonna use these things to actually name them so that we can actually maintain what else is left for us. So here, what I'm going to do is home in days. Actually, we we can we have bake up at 6 a.m. or anything like that. So what I'm going to do here is, um a track off peak. So I have end off week evaluating expenses. So I'm going to copy this basic here. So here. What I'm going to do is I'm going to give them a check box. All right? Give a chick box. And again a new trick box on another one. Another. All right. So whenever you finish your task at the end of week, you can actually take this thing so that you can maintain a track off whether you have completed him, completed them or not. In this way, you can actually summarize their yearly goals into monthly, and then quickly and you have a table that can actually track your weekly activities that match your what goes accomplishment. All right, this is a major advantage to actually crack down your goals. So this we're gonna finish your class and ended here. Please make sure that you actually follow my profile up there and also review the class or that other students can actually gain much more value. Right? Thank you. And do not forget the submitters project. The remaining two things as Kerry and relationship goals so there. So that you can have a good in a foundation on using this. You'll ever not application to maximize your productivity. Thank you very much.