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How to Turn Your Own Handwriting Into Incredibly Unique Faux Calligraphy

teacher avatar Carolina Ghelfi, Art is therapy...

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Terminology

    • 3. Lower Case Letters

    • 4. Upper Case Letters

    • 5. Practice With Your Name - Two ways

    • 6. Different Styles

    • 7. PROJECT - Choose your quote, draft your main word

    • 8. PROJECT - Complete the rest of the quote

    • 9. PROJECT - Inking (Black and White)

    • 10. PROJECT - Inking in colors (with Chameleon fineliners)

    • 11. More Ideas

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About This Class



In this course you will learn how to transform your ordinary handwriting into extraordinary faux calligraphy. You will first get to know the fundamentals and differences between traditional and modern calligraphy, lettering, handwriting and cursive. Only then you will fully understand how calligraphy works so you can apply its key features into the transformation of your traditional handwriting.

It is a fun practical course where you will apply all concepts into the creation of an array of alphabets to get your hand at things while creating some memory muscle, and by then you will feel comfortable enough to create unique BujoScrap applications.

If you are new to lettering and calligraphy, or insecure about your own handwriting, I recommend you start with my course: Learn to love your calligraphy and then jump right to this one to take it to the next level.

I will greatly appreciate your feedback at the end of the course to understand your needs better and to be able to improve my courses in consequence.

Have fun and please, share with me every step of your journey so I can help you better!



En este curso aprender√°s a transformar tu escritura com√ļn y corriente en una extraordinaria ‚Äúfaux calligraphy‚ÄĚ (caligraf√≠a falsa). Primero, conocer√°s los fundamentos y las diferencias entre la caligraf√≠a tradicional, la moderna, el lettering, la escritura a mano y la cursiva. Solo as√≠ comprender√°s realmente las leyes que regulan la caligraf√≠a para que puedas aplicar sus caracter√≠sticas fundamentales a la transformaci√≥n de tu escritura tradicional.

Es un curso pr√°ctico y divertido en el que aplicar√°s todos estos conceptos en la creaci√≥n de una variedad de alfabetos para dominar la t√©cnica mientras desarrollas lo que se conoce como ‚Äúmemory muscle‚ÄĚ (m√ļsculo de la memoria), y para entonces te sentir√°s lo suficientemente c√≥modo/a como para crear originales aplicaciones de BujoScrap, entre otros proyectos.

Si eres nuevo/a en el mundo del lettering y la caligraf√≠a, o si no est√°s seguro/a de tu propia letra, te recomiendo que comiences con mi curso: ‚ÄúAprende a amar tu caligraf√≠a‚ÄĚ y seguir luego con este curso para llevarlo al siguiente nivel.

Apreciaré enormemente tus comentarios al final del curso para comprender mejor tus necesidades y poder mejorar mis cursos en consecuencia.

Diviértete y por favor, comparte conmigo cada paso de tu aventura para que pueda ayudarte mejor.



In questo corso imparerai come trasformare la tua normale calligrafia in una straordinaria ‚Äúfaux calligraphy‚ÄĚ (calligrafia finta). In primo luogo, imparerai a conoscere i fondamenti e le differenze tra calligrafia tradizionale e moderna, lettering, scrittura a mano e corsivo. Solo allora capirai appieno come funziona la calligrafia in modo da poter applicare le sue caratteristiche chiave nella trasformazione della tua calligrafia tradizionale.

√ą un divertente corso pratico in cui applicherai tutti i concetti nella creazione di una serie di alfabeti per mettere le mani sulle cose mentre crei un po‚Äô di ‚Äúmemory muscle‚ÄĚ. A questo punto ti sentirai abbastanza a tuo agio da creare originali applicazioni al BujoScrap, tra altri progetti.

Se non hai mai fatto nulla di lettering o calligrafia, o se non sei sicuro della tua propria scrittura, ti consiglio di iniziare con il mio corso: ‚ÄúImpara ad amare la tua calligrafia‚ÄĚ e poi passa direttamente a questo per portarlo al livello successivo.

Apprezzerò molto il tuo feedback alla fine del corso per comprendere meglio le tue esigenze e poter così migliorare i miei corsi di conseguenza.

Divertiti e per favore, condividi con me ogni fase della tua avventura così posso aiutarti meglio!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carolina Ghelfi

Art is therapy...


Hello everyone! I'm Carolina.

BujoScrap Concept creator, artist, teacher, product demonstrator and store trainer for Chameleon Art Products, among other brands.

I am a full time online teacher offering a varied array of creative courses:

Lettering, Art Journaling, Coloring, One-Line drawing, Zendoodling and more, the spine of all being: BUJOSCRAP.

BujoScrap is the fusion of Bullet Journaling, analog organization system invented by Ryder Caroll, to become more organized and productive, with Simplified Scrapbooking techniques that allow you to document your life in the same notebook, thus creating true Life Books that you will treasure for ever!

Being an English teacher and translator originally from Argentina, currently living in Italy, I am ble... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, my name is Catalina, girlfriend is my course on Fox calligraphy. And from Argentina, living in Italy, English translated on teacher. So you can expect on my courses to be in a trailing wolf format. The first part of each video contains the left SAN in English. It's followed by the lesson in Spanish. And then finally in Italian, the exit time in which each version starts is indicated in the cover image of each video so you can find it easily. In this course, you will learn how to give your cursive handwriting and extreme makeover to transform it into Fox calligraphy that will give all your creative project and incredible twist With start clarifying differences between traditional calligraphy and modern calligraphy so as to understand what Fox calligraphy stands for and what is the difference between this and cursive handwriting? After seeing some fundamental concepts, you will be creating your own alphabets for both lowercase handwriting and uppercase and writing, transforming your cursive into Fox calligraphy. In each case, we'll take things further, applying different styles to your folks calligraphy, both classical and the correlative to give an even more interesting touch, cheer rioting. And in the end, we put everything together in a Bootstrap project. There we will write a quote using at least three of the styles that we've learned. I round things out, leaving you more ideas and how to apply a fox calligraphy new techniques into different projects so you can make the most of this course. Also see usual, I invite you to share your work with me. Be it in the project section of this course or in Instagram with the hashtag arena Godfrey courses or simply tag me at aerodynamics, I would love to see your work and comment. Remember that in my website, that integral, there's a section products I love where I always put all the products that I use in my courses with links to the stores that support my work by buying from them, then only you will get great deals, but you'll be also supported my work. So thank you so much in advance for that. Now, let's get started with the fox calligraphy course. What are those? We know that Kelly Nail feed, remedial, summer, Fox colleague, polydipsia file size. So you have handy now profitable trading list. Any dahlia is the same, either Quadrophenia, inequality totemic or social upon encountering formatted dealing with water. So Contiki and Elektra Hersey Uranus, remember large training less cigarette alternative binary, EBITDA multiple R-squared Italiana, sibling and the CIT a book with indigo hackers. They are best element BSA determined aka idiom in it equal to 10 Senior Commercial. Next remake order derivative with a CVA parallel effective Khalid Africa scheme another, or to protect or credit bureaus will talk. It really meant they only go in the Somoza, Durango differentia and Kalita feed rate Sudan IV to a fox calligraphy, equally hairy financing the DNN quality posterior developed concept of fundamentalist metacercaria to pre-qualify to them to edit an amino glaucoma, gone fox calligraphy, Al-Qaida see a final exam. Mozart defend is a tedious, classic, acidic or ideals comparable on Tokyo, our muscle cell at Dweck, good on Fox calligraphy, EBITDA determiner of Bartolome project to the Buddha scrub, the normal security or asset was unknown amino stress the extracellular several years. But I surrender. They can massively gasoline sou sauce competitive when cyclin mucho Muscle, whole ethic also emit under locomotion, comparative toss of Christianity, gone a ticket on domain and he said, I'm Arabic. Hashtags, cardinal iffy, courses or courses in English, as it were, lots of draft horse comment that loss ie precedent with osha, Corso Como, same radio, rent, I guess. Participations an abrupt of Gilson and McQueen persona planning contaminants, scenarios and me but you know what got a united people in dominant acceptor? Cam. I have an angle there. Tambien learnings that at home, but I get blank on sale. See umbrella haven't Korea so fertile, wrote US embassy folks calligraphy. Tau. We can, we'll get into negative Western records to the folks colleague graphene, strategy and Dina. Incidentally load reaching less than m can be really done it yet, but I'm quite lucky to read. I could do Timmy poor cinema for multilingual. So one of the video component in court, so it's available training less than so we did our scene Espanol up. If it was never the same Italiano is then Poisson to the need to feel is at Sarah the universe COD, meaning the fetch event, the lateral lingual preferred ITA in West of course, invite iodine, an extremely COVID regulated record of CVA transfer a mountain, the law in calligraphy or female fox calligraphy. Download the project degree at TV on top COVID-19, era, ECMO, kinda different cetera, law calligraphy at rates and acquire mola Ram cosine of omega cos a significant when Sulla Fox calligraphy it call me the bad OSA. They lead to a literal or CVA. The board VC concerti fundamentally care aisle to proper alphabet to CMU's collenchyma use coulomb plus for the mango pneumonia. The later courses in Foxconn in graphene that edema and kindergarten sphere is you can assay, chickadee could add TV QCD among quarter on taco pure Negro, either classically Dora and I feel limited about 22 impractical and will project to the boy, just grab the whiskey. But I'm gonna say Sunday monotectic masticity requirement, but atom and affinity law shall gradient each scenario that epithelial maxima quest so courts, so if it anodic MSM, very committed to SEO and SEM course on a Saturday project, the king in Steinem, see tandem. Yeah. Carolyn again, accounting, hashtag, colonography courses record at the Anki guess when you're seated. Buddha calmness at the Kiama simply means sienna to typicality cues. And NeoChord seemed cleaning a negative c partner. And we sang a lot of support around criminal law Bordeaux, when eating rats in detail, but a quiet room and as we'll see in each area, gourds. 2. Terminology: Before starting with the course itself on Fox calligraphy, we have to really understand what calligraphy is. What is the difference between modern calligraphy and traditional calligraphy? And then the difference between concepts, calligraphy, lettering, handwriting, cursive. Let's start with a cursive type phase, which is the one we usually learn at school. The goal here is to trace quickly, yet clearly each of the letters without lifting the pen from the paper so as to achieve continuous fast writing. And then cursive what each letter is learned independently in a single stroke. Calligraphy is based on a drawing of a fundamental Seeger's, the combination of which can create each and every letter of the alphabet. It is a much slower, more curated writing with special attention to the CG-islands and Sons. Unusually pause between one base stroke and the other to ensure that each of the letters dismayed as accurately as possible. In cursive, you enforce speech while keeping legibility in writing, in calligraphy, the goal is for consistency and aesthetics of the final result. When we talk about handwriting, would refer to any type of writing that is done for giving that redundancy by hand with a pen, pencil, or any other instrument on paper. It doesn't matter if it's cursive printing or calligraphic writing for aesthetic purposes, it is more general term that covers every type of writing with your hands and not with any type of machine or computer. Lettering and calligraphy or cursive is not actually considered a way of writing, but rather a combination of drawings, letters that completed word or phrase. While it can be read, it is more a form of illustration than a form of writing. If we talk about calligraphy, we can divide it into two. Your neurosis, that of traditional calligraphy with this rigid, elegant stylistic rules on demands of great classical aesthetics and that of modern calligraphy it that makes this role more flexible to achieve original, personal, and even fun ways of writing, but still with clear aesthetic purposes. The vast majority of calligraphy projects that we see today on social media are various types of modern calligraphy. Among them, the most fashionable or currently the bouncing style that plays with different base heights for the letters within each word. Distant, that exaggeratedly separates each letter by stretching each connections. Were folks calligraphy that artificially widens the descendants strokes to simulate traditional writing with a fountain or dip pen. And this is what this course is all about. And didn't see the fox calibre fitting a Mackenzie case, calligraphy, calligraphy, lettering. In personal political cases, a co-branding can evolve even on the garlic manner independently and Nakota. So luckily, the FERC license ultrasonography would have fundamentalists. Communist vanilla, classical, Citadel and Ecuador mucho Melinda, going to facilitate ostium is really powerful and through industrial Jatropha sobre la confection, the Carolyn posterior. In civil law, more honey that elected regardless of the arsenal necessity most aquatic year tipo de la piece or calculate restroom into. Linkedin is a Coursera in brenda. Fetus aesthetic goals, wandering or Mckendrick, Martina, and lengthening a difference. Let us kick competent on mobile. I broke for us in CDMA system Athena formally glutathione K3 daughter, polymath cellular periodogram in Windows and Linux. Os executes cytolytic a classical integral in a female that Nike flexibly ESA staff normal personality into your RTOs, simple as they wish. The saphenous aesthetic layer I showed you. Soon diversified entity and gracious, calming, balancing literature that I hope I Libre. These turned literature and also connectors or Foxconn. Graphene can sense artificial mental or similar liquid recreational, complimentary Laura figure either a top cetera tested coarsen, pivoting the silicone of course, of status or calligraphy or finito Fox calligraphy, develop a PDA cosa ClO calligraphy in a different satellite diversity. The calligraphy, lettering, skill to Romano equals CVA. Going to Lakhani typical see walkie-talkie in biomonitoring mentors, cola, usability, what retreated rapidly, maintenance schedule a GBM lead to a per lead sensor, salivary law, Pinellia Carta pectin adequacy when a squid with a continuous culture and the friends that we see in part on you later independent demand in Niigata. Not only the FERC but Antonio toffee go to fundamentally luck recombinants, you end up with an original. I just wanted to let you know it's good to have multiple antic would after Cournot and Sunnah particular linear weighted ailing cleanup Xian endocytosis phone up also Toronto to the bass drum. Cuny betas here, fatten and modal pure put out two possibilities. In of Ebola. Team will have LacI top mountain in relatively little recipe to run mentoring, calligraphy, yellow, peachy, or eliminate the aesthetic qualities of the postscript rural given a fatwa, know usando written down panama TikTok wells is that rostral mantle is Fedora sulla gotta, really important. So data is skewed to the core. See Western per day locally graphical press Copy strategy in terminal Pugin and analytic competitors. Sensitivity tuner, mock Kino computer. You lead testing and difference of the law calligraphy or the record C17 a consider Antonescu during same mapping those two in a community, the descending LED correctly completed an opera la for OSM, Savanna, we'll say three lead to a uniform and illustrates your negative speed Rudolf, superluminal metering. See medulla and demanding. Read the Daily fantasy Genesis two lists to get at the grand aesthetic of Azekah. Equality law, calligraphy, regular, deliberate tinnitus or static view originality, personality and PDV. Pdv studies copies state to cheap. Let's turn the Magellan so a projective the calligraphy with emojis and social. So nobody. Dharma requests the law by 12 months. Another Stella bouncing, good joke, Walter Mondale, Betsy DeVos needs to, so Perola, these Taenia, saginata man to an electron, aluminum Donnacona story or folks calligraphy colored artificially mentee plot edition then the person singular less happiness Geographic. In a request to GET, request to cortisone. 3. Lower Case Letters: Okay, let's get started. As a first step, I invite you to go to the Resources area and download the empty sheet that comes with all these lines. That is guidelines. If you come from my previous course, learn to love your calligraphy. You already have this. And also you will have this step kind of done. Because what I want you to do at this point is to figure out how you write each of the letters of the alphabet. You will do is let me show you this sheet here. You will do is write. All the way. See right here is your, is. Your c is and asks you write, just pay attention and how you compose each letter. For instance, in the case of my a and let me come closer. When I write my A's, I tend to go down here, up in this part, then down again. If I'm using a brush pen or a calligraphy pen, you will notice that each time that I go down with a stroke becomes thicker. And every time I go up, it's thinner than down, is thicker. And this is the basic of calligraphy itself. All D downstrokes are thick and all the up stroke are thin, thick, thin, thick. Then this nor a calligraphy courses if folks calligraphy course. And for this, we will need to simulate these effect. Every time I go down with a stroke. If I use an irregular pin going down or going up, even if I apply less or more pressure, you will be more or less the same thickness. So there's no way to distinguish them. In order to distinguish them, we need to manually make them visible. So each time I go down, I have to make a double lion to make the effect of this is thick. And then every time I go up, it's just one line. So based on that same concept, each time I trace this up. So it stays like this, but this is down. So when I go down, I will make that line double. And this way, I will create the effect of more income coming in and creating that thicker downward stroke. Then I go up, stays the same. But here I go down. So if I go down, I have to make fat line double. Let's do the same with the b. Here. I go up, then go down, sick. So going up stays like this. Going down, this has to be bigger. They have to be thicker. So I make it double. Then I have to go up, stay split fairs, but this is going Jones. So if this is down, I have to go thicker. And then go up. Again. Said that stays the same. Let's think about our C goes up. No double line this up, but this is down. So this part that goes down, I make a double, and this goes up again. And so the idea is that you will create, write down your entire alphabet. Let me just good for the camera. So the first thing you need to do is write down each of the letters as you normally do. Figuring out if you're not sure about how to trace each letter, chose, trace several variations of each, and choose what's the one you like best. I recommend you a highly recommend you to take my first course that is learned to love your calligraphy so as cheek, correct, and improve and get a nicer effect of your own handwriting without losing your personality because sine, I'm not going to make you trace over someone else's later in the course, I teach you how to identify your own unique way of writing and how to make it better or more suitable for creative projects. So based on that, on those letters, then come here again and trays, The fox calligraphy version, if each of those letters, of each of those versions, I see your own calligraphy, transform taste your own handwriting, handwriting transformed into a forks calligraphy effect. Exercise 1. Then trace it alphabet and transform it into Fox calligraphy with the concept of each upper stroke is thin, each downstroke is thick, or in this case double because we're using a regular pen, calligraphy pen for this course. Do that, and then I'll see you in the next exercise. But in the secondary corso e, veto and the source allow had a provocative mini goal of Pandita. The Indiana see on either side potassium and get Buddhas and the regulators. She didn't know it or not. They can lead a fear is Shama data. If they had facilities, we have parties they chose case a crayon, super-helpful 80 C and murder him enough parameters into the camera. Hitler's key asset, Guyana electron source, and you can sell more quarters in Israel. Nafta order. E RCC Embassy took on the Fox calligraphy. She know in when LET US in ecto plenty, cheetah, Messiah, vasomotor globe, but I got a little less la, la, la. Last scenario couldn't super pure, obviously Dario. It. But other side of this identity has a mandate. And como banana implant or software demo Kenya in neuron discharge DNN identically the fear point I see no MPS important for so the a operand memory. A leader for, yeah, yeah, quick pass on them and data on a VM. But it turns for my transform him of una and octahedral in the fox calligraphy clicker data via final set. C should trust. So corn, we want to go to the Kalita via a murderer. The Kalita fill up luma. Luma. Maybe. Data is different. The tip of the nose for a muscle cell is Santa Clara. Oh, it hurts the seal. See Sutra Solana monochromatic set up a moon. Now by Sarah, I see see showdown. I will accept them and tell me, have you sit up or not. The Kalita FEA total of pterosaurs acid and then this center associates phenotypes. If it hasn't, then to, if enough, Rosseau, the left this and then this song. Yes, the concept of ATSIC politically. Yamaha say if tambien anything, also the flux calligraphy, calligraphy or files or if it also is fino be directed or so Kiva hot. This will weigh a mu3, no. Kick you to load our connectome. Kantian none concept on the file size. Ie, if I say come into drugs, those are some Dante's, some females that are so descendant is some group ISOs. It messy IC concept don't want autonomy. Among 3%. That is my facto look away acidic pen side of a Seattle. Mia. Grass was signed into law. The whole Como many. There are so dissonant the utero, SO look away a series of sadly though really, etc. So quite a similar gave us indented, get a while if we know this and then the doggedly by the symbol is our main clicker. Emitter but a sin theta Como him in this indented inequality and marketing that one up a personal app, luma, yml file, so-called another living and Hesiod ghetto necessarily Nita that are so disenchanted, those Kumasi, Florida on trust. So Maharishi, so this is the concept of 10 Intel rascal girl was applica intuitive also, the era when I delete a file some memo in gastrula, Riva, Riva, backhoe and Ansys, we get a finito. Backhoe is wooden door lettre. So Percocet associated with MATLAB is Sita, him via boy, sorry, Makita, finito, bomber, boy, Assyria, kinda finito, grass or sand into linear Fiona, I send this and then the overlay or linearise to eat or not teamed up. Luma, this ego Nephi, and a Kalita via drugs. So ascendant it. Yes, he enters the celebre makers. This is a constant K6 the end. Yeah, tele camera data. When I've probably gone. Obviously the coolest transformative nourishes. The fox calligraphy, piano. Grandma no Linnaean, whether they are linear. The last descendant, this, I'm going to take her to sit on different muscle console to Osaka hope. Proximal RCC. Mmm, imaginary corner saw this in lab. The brand can. Then I taught it in Australia, alphabet it boy, transformer model of an alphabet, D Fox calligraphy, calligraphy, Athena. It'll bring us to set up study carry is somebody was to follow. You can follow the practicality of Vienna with them. Close to 40 million gang glucose. Does somebody to a far too. It'll course so preoccupied or service in Kiama, in spite of a mulatto calligraphy over, they requested the wave function to our alphabet token tutor electric comment depiction of final DPO. We need to deliver to them and deliver an alphabet of 75 to work or sullied you consider m dot far. Anyway, continuing conquest took or some arguments mpi Chen De Niro eager to say probe on electromotive, share yen in SQL event down to Walter combing avoid or more delicate EPR to VPU. It terroir quite a printed quite low, but for requests of surgery, she lay they assembled on the factual course, the calligraphy and i u dot t, ultraviolet lumber mill universe similar to a rescue dog. In which it EtherChannel software, discrete random allotropic caveat check on low point month in intellectual personality. It would at the particular RM, a non-parametric way law cuando screen, I'm going to find eco-city but Agency, see queen, the going brim of us. So Davis click on the letter comment, grown up in an automatic been sung at Comiskey, leave it on Dilantin are quantities that are the same peer led to. Even a pen C phi at Crayola equivalent to correlate the same quantity or factual law. Fetch request to that though in Aalto, when the action then deployment requests stone, I shunned into pretty much addition then the boy indent and quarter point addition dental perfect. Even when the quest the movie mental quick year fracture corner la Pena, the depressor latency on it. But kip, we're looking at comic effect of the fox calligraphy. See you fetch elastase. I've also got an opinion or the calligraphy. I'm on Tokyo Fatou. In addition then the set a so T LA or Nita, Tokyo far tradition then Saddam dish and then set up use PESTLE. Us attendant that dish and antiquity. When the Vivek isotactic is the vignette, awesome. Dan Boyd, Samantha optic isn't obvious. Basic addition and we'll store. It quests the concerto a fundamentally the fox calligraphy because of the amora percentile elastase like Osama gonna pinna. Normally Sima requests that beak. And Laura. Common feature, not crayon that quest selected aqui on effect to the Fox calligraphy. Simply chin, develop inside quali sono query threat edition then T at the sampling West so gas, so we'll stop non edition then the Bible verse 10, questions about the Mapquest, about the query addition, then the request, though, one velocity will love factual could not book piano mean. Yeah. Go see the event that quest subarctic we pure to turn on its own fuel. So the view space I get senior, subarctic, quick COVID on the de facto pinna, the calligraphy question, whichever Tom so t over solvus or descendant Taylor fractured or appeal it. Go see the women fighting 10 knee. Let event B, that's going on too. So that a sort of answer though pia, particular law, the disrepute space up. But that surrounds us with silver pseudo peel. Employ that don't quite have our solar Alto action then given to us. So lastly seco, second LacI, then T sub Arctic we in delta QC action, then the dish and then the request though you Spencer employee requests that reaction. Then the encoder, the wheel for elastase I go second ONE letter, alphabet Tom and I saw, I don't know. If I show you that in fact, questers disassociates to go to three-letter the alphabet auto, committed a prima sono nel, say do beauty comma Phi p mid core. So the imperative of my fear and dread shot it did come and say Poseidon be Comiskey event. That can happen. Another model is equal to cba. And then the T in the bossy R Let technique or the fox calligraphy pens on dosing regimen tick, what is solubility? Arctic isn't about Saul Bass. So the PRT, Boston, it goes see disassembly chip create an effect to calligraphic a point and differentiability. Core museum odontoblasts don't follow it with every level of sigma. 4. Upper Case Letters: All right, with the lowercase letters done, now it's time to think about our capital edges. So you will repeat the exercise, writing as you would normally, all your capital letters in your alphabet. So go from a to Z or zed, I believe you say in English. And write each of the letters of the alphabet. The alphabet. Thin can always when you go up and when you go down in each of these strokes that make the letter, for instance, lists make the first three together. Let me just get closer. And now remember that the basics of calligraphy is that our upstrokes are thin. In our case with an ordinary pen, we will write just a single line, whereas downstrokes will be double. Said, if this is a curve, this goes up, so this is not doubled, but this goes down. So this gets doubled. Then this goes up single, and this is down double. So that will be my folks calligraphy a. In the case of my B, I usually tend to write the first part, downstroke thick. Say I just double that. Then I go up and make these little curves here, just it's like a curl. And then another one, say every time I go up is then every time you go down is thick or double. So this goes up, gets them. But here ester going down. So this bus disport that goes down gets doubled. Here is little curve that it's single mind but here is doubled because it goes down and then they go up again, and that gets just a single line. Then they seem this goes up. So it's just one line but here instead going down. So all that part that goes down, up to here gets doubled and goes up again, and it's just a single line. So do this with each of the letters of the alphabet. For those of you who are not shown how to ride or want to just get inspiration where you can do. And I've uploaded just one example. So here you can get your favorite font that comes like a calligraphy fonts. You can find tons of them in their or multiple place, their places online where you can get a nice fancy calligraphy like font and you can create your own alphabet. I'm including this in the course so you get some reference my ideas not to make your copy anyone else's calligraphy or a handwriting I had. I'd like you to develop your own style, which is unique and which preserves your own personality. But it's a good exercise to get IDS, say you have birth and lowercases and capital. And letters that you can get to practice how this particular phone traces dealers and he get to know which ones are upstrokes and downstrokes because you'll see that all the upstrokes are thin and all the downstrokes are thick. So you can, based on this fact, you can go and trace each letter. Let's just grab, for instance, a sea of sins here in my own calligraphy, my a is like this. But if I want to get inspired in this one, I can see that this, for instance, it's, it's not tracing down because it's thin. So I assume that here they started like this, discuss thick because it goes down. And this goes then because it goes up. And from here, I assume again that they, they've done two traces instead of going up here, since it's a bit thicker, I assume, and just go and larger. I assume that this makes a trace down first because it gets thicker and then another trace down here to make it thick. You can, by looking at the letter here. Now, know in that downstrokes are thick and upstrokes. And then you can really build up the way they've, they've created each of the letters. For instance, here let's make it be together. Discuss thick. This I assume is the first part of the letter and goes thick. So I make it double line here. But then this is thin so as he was growing up. So it comes like fairs goes up, then down again, and then from here down again, and then comes up. And that part that goes down gets doubled. So does for you can, you can just download your favorite fonts and try to guess how they widen them and create your own versions of the folks calligraphy for each of the letters. This is just an exercise done. I again, I don't like you to try someone else's handwriting because I have a reading watching course, you should create your own. But it's a very good exercise in order to get, especially for those literals that you are not really sure how you'd like them to be. So you can get some inspirations and then build your own letter. It has to come natural to you, like writing the BDA like this for me is not a natural choice because it will probably go down on my first stroke rather than going up like this. So for me is you will never come natural to do this for my a and then here, the double one. So you have to find a way that works really well with the flow of your own handwriting. So for now, complete your capital letters alphabet. If you want to get inspiration, go ahead and download the capital letters and the lowercase letters. Set that I leave you in the resources area. Just to get some further practice, but completely alphabet of capital letters and then jump to the next exercise. Again, Luchador. Masada. Then like I said, Marsha, but I talked to said except down until ami kid. Okay. The law say in afforded me the Massu, Massu to listen. Ben same of neurons going to see in their concept of the Kalita fear of Pterosaurs ascendant US on phenols. Descendant Asanga to a source by Mozart or your own, I'll dress in Philadelphia and Thomas's me. Yeah, Marshall Kula is true. Our llama amino Columbia amino Kula, Gambia, Solomon day intellectual, the Akita PEDOT, Luftwaffe to show you, let me Herman data in Moscow, hula dancers, midrash to us and then the phenol, ultra Socorro and PSS and ended this is fino S1 Masada linear bedrock, MBSR, our descender and don't store it apart. The descendant, the door linear, the ascendant, the linear simply descendant the linea. Use constitutional law. In regards to the lab CMP hour we premier lineal descendant them AS indented by that is opponency De la Vega, descendant Illumina, particularly 2010 or descendant data part of the ISA part in Norberg. He hasn't had the doses 12 particles on descendant, the sun, doulas, mama bravado, this and then the ISA part in the deck, ASALA ascendant in assembly. This and then the linear though. Norbert about this c, descendant, the enrollee developer Riva, know, you make it a lot. Welcome Alaska. And then day 1 as a linear phenyl, our campus AMI deaths and ended all the way through Azande dentinal moment. I see when a senior resident in Bogota in speed, assume both nasa and como Korea has a mutual benefit. Your hand go to 0 if it's a 100 year on Boko blending PRC compiled cater for integrity who take a lead africa, surely the fleet in a sector, the record source. Those algae also externalities on upon literacy, metropolis, uniform integrability, Africa, yet. Typically Africa lay there, got no copy. Our last current potassium. I'll Telegraph frantically graphically him. Yeah, yes. Linnaeus, F01, us, some linears ascendant as it descends. And this boy was sent then that a communist Sukarno, 10 liters for the handlers in homozygous. For a fossil, then Alyssa mimosa in Alenia, Fiona. Sam will accommodate linear phenol, ascendant debt, grows and descendants. Yoga isn't a linear. K is mix, some extra non-data, good ENSO and sucrose or Casio disentangle, combustible tobacco, tobacco, gaba, Hosea and Santa, and the slang kilometer per representative SOC on Fox calligraphy, Linnaeus and then the femur linea. This and then loud Oberlin. He, DACA. Sally is upon Sita, impact there. A MAC. Address it up again about the KDC and yes, you can trust important Capybara, polydipsia, the order sociability. Peter Arcadia. Yes, fluid utopian. Pedro, BNO, the NLRA occurring potassium. Kinda horsey. So I'm going to hit a key and none of the terminal and the condenser, it isn't only necrosis, stomata, Camara, friends, colleagues, mafia scale. Yes, he plated Cinema Hearts tennis locally. So Kyla setup initially here, but as soon as the little molten material, a production process, desmosomes, Sudoku, masala lettre II, Lassen, I went to visit her house in ACI or traverse the CEO Travis innocent, the if and the magnetic medium, it can engage una, evil can if potassium, potassium flow in a Terraform day. In regards social media, for example, the law Karmapa in corporate let me briefly today Uppercase is no lower magnitude L Chaconne NumPy sooner or later. You can see Cato is linear phenol inequality is ascendant, non listened and they show beer, so melodrama, not amendment, economy drugs. So DES and then the centrosomes basale, Branemark, Lewis, and community are so similar and 10 percent Alvarez indeterminacy broke apart the USDA descendants. It a participation, then deprecate vena cava, current law particle USAA in megaliters, colonial rest and ERK activity monitor Hosea LMA saw in silica Constitution, bit of tin in keeping sotalol 10 states facilitate natural giving an affordable ultrasound law or sold to an African woman. Ethiopian incorporate satellite. Ck. Was Algoma him block bed or nasogastric or ethical or via, didn't get practical, it can cause CNS. I am put a prompt or Teuila scenario. Also grab electrons and Fox calligraphy. E l approximate for cesium. Alone, oven the fountain jar, alphabet in lead-tin amino Scala a Orabi, far locally letter in my IOS colon. When you do Abbas assess their own unit will lead to a commemorative had to correlate the amino school at or their so-called levels ClO minus column a Proquest stop. Phi two, two-letter the law, I'll add data, a boy pants. Cfr. Been going too far. This is not anymore calligraphy, chin radiator or need that action then the sum so Delia and drought edition dent in some of your spare see and fortune of in the western men, the vertebral column linear singularly and opium Queen in a new gas, new scleral edema, your school committee for sale, amino Scala, your photo elasticity model, ma una pubic colorRamp yonder to file a final run men there. And whenever soon as a final, the sand being Western model quick omega cell address the spiel cosine. So I'm going to enter the final mucosae, collusive, monopoly and monopolistic or aminos Columbia, Cuba. And then when you travel to a model to territorial tumours could either LAM firing question. So Chaconne quota formally, Quinlan in your gasoline to suit you ever salon Alto, top hue space. So that's solid bar soap and unified chador PM question or request of our syllabus. So see in a photo dot PNG, boy, cannula be yet ERM and disk devo, Tomato, pure space, so versatile bass. So whoever soil is also T, liver solvus suspicious, so on to spare. So absolutely loved God. Queen. Though Paulina buried CRM, linear sativa Cui invention or PLE near us also to universal DOP we're solving saw. So T9 quarter but Phoenicia. And they are Malachi, last Asacol ASA, but a salon Alto point, but a serovar saw given into the PEA. Akos economy singular, lead Tierra del alphabet. And Subway is PRC and sweet running speed at sea on M. Foil, SRT in diversity for graphene get traumatized when Internet and Mandant Allison P0 in the font punto com, TCGA is still an electric telegraph which you defined telegraph which can request packet eula shot on a Saturday of resources. And post categorise CIA in Scala. Scala. Your FetchRequest learned Kapila calligraphy. Ronaldo is simply to anticipatory PSP that CIC, ALL sequence. So sen non idea the Comey firing of substantive unilaterally lead to let the CIA Bella accurately represent the queen is saying dog via e-commerce delivery at SNP Lama yours canal and Cherokee reality TPD calligraphy at the deputies click Deploy cercaria sola gratia fear they're called pornography particle may scream. Point, delete them into cercaria, fonts, calligraphy cheese. So while Casie to the classic omega font, punto com, while drawn in quest of ASO you to font or quiz stack was to assess the sort of cheat, socioeconomic, skip per minute, philanthropist people get a feel for him. But he severely been cuando sono specific ones and also cilium queen, he said 25 C to sign jar in care, tutti sono, sono versus salon TO separate she sign the community far to put a constraint. On the left, are the same people and Yamaha. Simply a year post Sudhir, mark on to the charities, requests to get 40 ever CINAHL don't know silico scene because it was a QC in quest of sense. So solver, solver, so salivates, celebrate instead of m space. So a non sativa, we need both civilian and then reconstruct II era in more than cantos, taco salad requests, abuse pass sequester about a celebrity. That requester, but Silvana saw the abuse pair. So we need post-Soviet reality or new single electron MFA. Look very speed at CR and pretty soon and say chromophore Lambda provocateurs and purely deploy the data in a purine nato calligraphy at Chico see, the fat followed low secrecy and iterative, incremental. But then it will connect to appropriate calligraphy. I know scientifically my well-known and a lot of important ticket travel movie, touchberry, only a single electron, nominals glaucoma useful in question associated, oriented. Now you're Scala, a boy soprano dependent of cmos are cheats him. 5. Practice With Your Name - Two ways: Alright, now that we have created our alphabets in lowercase, letters and uppercase, it's time to start combining them to write words. And we can do this in two ways. We can start by simply writing with any ordinary pen, fine liner, even pencil, whatever you like. And just write it as you would. Going sludge, make it look as nice as possible. So you can simply righted getting about calligraphy for awhile. Chest cursive writing. I don't know why I wrote it in English version of my name. My name is Catalina, not with the e, with an a. And once you've written your name and let me get closer. So you get the idea. Once the word is written, you can then transform it into calligraphy. So this is cursive and now it gets transformed into Fox calligraphy by simply rethinking, retracing without even touching and going up. Then goes up, this goes down, so make it doubled traces after the entire word is finished. That's one way to go and is normally what I do most often. So this goes up, but then this little loop goes down here, then this goes down here. Then here. This is up, this is down, thicker. This goes down here. Up, down, up, down, up, down, up and down. So that's one way to go. And you have the fox calligraphy done after your work is finished, there is always a bit out of focus. This is one way to go. The other way to go is writing just each of the letters in a fox calligraphy ways. So as I taught you before, let's do letter by letter. So you go by with the C, make it double the a. When you go down to this, make fat trace. That stroke immediately doubled as you write it. So the or here, no here, by doing this instead of theirs. So by tracing each of the literals in that moment, making it double, what you ensure is that the distance between each letter, it's big enough to look nice with a double thicker stroke. Because if you do this and you don't leave enough space from one level to the other, making it thicker. It might get too crowded. And it will not look nice dust. The main advantage of going letter by letter, you can really space the letters out enough to make it look perfect with this double tracing. So, but that's the only real advantage if you are already familiar. If you're already familiar with the way you write and you're comfortable with this separately literal separation that you usually do just naturally to make a double, then just simply, you can do it faster and easier if you just write everything and then In the end he make it with you add the double traces. So thus you exercise for now is just write down your name. You can write your full name. So you can get more conditions of capitalism, lower letters from beginning to end. And always, always when you do each exercise, Show me share if a folder here in the discussions so I can see it, I can comment and we can enrich this course. Better. See you in the next exercise. Another key cmos, chateau alphabetical order upon impact the gum, you must episodic, gone likely to him after number. Any Picasso is say L grammaticality shortly say cone and Medicaid block. Lasik on me, mean. And Abby said are the Tombow de-escalate Africa, south stressors mass fino SimaPro essence located Amaka Sarah in Esterhazy, CEO similarly saw Pedro collapse. Lab is L EPC that normalise nuclear fuel depot K mass less Gautam. Long. But multicellular formats. The most part. There are none Madame in dado and nobody Labaree get an equilibrium. Le seen pen sod in LA Kalita FEA, final sign if a good folks calligraphy simply meant Osama who's barely heat down with the Posidonia, but activated metronome, but it is not foresee you and I do wonder, let me say that a boss at cranky lament the knuckles, you are normal, pretty Keita come up onto archaea. Either poetry CAN agony gotten, it will drop so low. And toiletries defendant, if it hasn't, then they know it'd apocalyptic ASU broken the law kilowatt OBC. So I know eta see it, it basically level Abella, well data back to the layer. Baha'u'llah party the low. Now we'll talk soon as he came to sue an upper limb. So when ma so we're not see no see. The part of the EFT apart and put them on Coursera when effect of the fox calligraphy naked IDA Theophilus includes or whatever typically taught or senior, eating gummy, settled into Monera when matter is in C10, the Hennessy potassium, intricate. Loss of sentiment. Lolita, Lolita. So we shall overcome book Armando. Now, see shall we go through shunned or liter per liter shopping in Quito? Isabella CAN teach on Fox calligraphy, Buster mucho myofascial, Porgy, boycott, Canada. Shallow got overlay and those in Erdogan hairpins on the intellect masturbating, okay, the hardest, quite lucky folks, calligraphy. And the answers are all law is shallow limb into the dataset of only eat or dual connectivity setup. It, connect daughter, seashore, no law, gadolinium, Florida, we're going like acidic tab and Sita, my ladder got the low normal messenger incoming Sheila, we've gone through Shanda. Shanda we assume no mercy water. They pass your boss Ara. Maxima fluid and my passenger little later. Okay. For me to further their Foucault IE law, common law, and a set of closeups. Okay, I am Corn Law and naive. In Thailand. I wasn't that happy that moment, but I'm Austerlitz. 80, 50 hertz is your triple my salary of mine had us all Obama, Asada, director meant to Nepal to CVA and they can't do an awareness of pedestrian entry day later or your webcam for the middle funnel, osha in constitutional muster normally audit report later, corn, a Lolita, so the fox calligraphy, but I still would at most not intellectually mass, can assess and address. And the CCO equity and the tsunami. Tsunami, a complete anomaly API Sheila number is rubbish. Cd numbers I see when Borgen abomination deltoid, communist CNS and the last one, you a hint, let us go more. Plessy mucus simply compartment in my glassy. So safeguards ECOSOC and take a cmos on polka mass is take all the soap and I'm a horizontal semicircular see a party may often come into lists. Different law and cosine for the delicacy CEO in my document them. And then the GFR to the alphabet or mules call it that in my use colon Alice. So aorta, the mental impact tika on excreta deal Nostra Map shall put no money. They are put there a metonym party conquest of government, but atom and requested morula genomic, I don't really know, Santo 11 iconographically rainbow. Crayola adequacy is pumpkin and footer default glide. But the advocacy that is so T HTTPS Bessie, the elasticity and LSS up Asada and another colleague African. I'll request by remote tests for Marlowe and Fox calligraphy. And then we'll do a possibility into BuzzSumo, primase cleaver own desktop called CSE particular no tsunami con Una Coursera. And this MPO, make COD or Lena. Bob piano could see fun to puke cutting or bossy below him. Acquiesce to Pune though pen so common post-hoc tests for automatic lack or CVA in fox calligraphy and multi-sample Chen CEO Gary pass on and cosines at Tokyo law practice sativa to turn on lotto, my low-pass OCC. Okay. But request oversold vaso quests apart, Akiva Jew, Laughter channel Jiang, Zhong Guo yesterday. When I walk your feet to the screen, there was a Biola barber salon, Ashoka Sima, de facto PEA, PEA, purpose, Star Fox calligraphy. Requests about the quake was stone know west of C, Question northwest or seen to particle solvers. So give out all the edition and no dope PO, requests. Loop. Question, no quest to see who asked about the sea? No. C, No, C, C, C. Western model queen, discrete or Prima in Coursera. It ploy on loftiness, got mentally adopt, peeling. Yeah, included Arctic EVA, vision, dandy do the Dataverse, Halvorson in problema conquests the technique again moldy volts and the voltage non-null Biao above stances. But Sutra, lead, tin and Luschka. More quantities given on an amendment to the National Western sunspots seal, periodic PLE Nia events to talk more protocol to enunciate the bad luck windy symposium. Job followed D-Day. The comment OPIA Kalita, coming folks calligraphy when the animal letter per lead at Charlie Como Easter wonderful chairman, alphabet to Emalia in quest of sentence. So keep Osama bin, sorry bana, a core man. And human Jeran. Question though PLE Nia, initially low spots CEO Mencius audio drowning in Western model. Because the non-risky Gamow in AKI tutorial later sienna to troppo Takata, windy. In loaning a learning goal movement, unique Almaty or port. Io shall go cuando just soaking up parallel Apsara, Foxconn, foxconn the Gadhafi, low-fat showed the rectum and collected upper-left in which the law, Sharia law spot CEO and I will not calligraphy and or a Malian and Atlanta STDEV bug. I really windy ELA PT request to search its CEO n squared over 2 norm. If I login gnomic on platinum economy, I'll just say dope, Sonoma, Casie, MPA, Guardian put it, you can delete them. I use called amino scalar co-ed CRM. Ella, she spent again on-time application accommodate Lusher photon sectorial, the DDC course, the costs are also possible. Samples can be at a day because it was so Federico say fat. And it probably far law in the periodic, probably far la Prima, the following Coursera class format. Lot of folks calligraphy, providing got pullet that are coming fatten and second Nagasaki in the meat quality fluency Animalia EPR can't point you were there my brush my services. 6. Different Styles: All right, Now it's time to see some different applications and how it can degrade our learning. So I've written here a three times the word love. Just to show you three of the most common examples and how I would use fox calligraphy to transform my ordinary cursive into something more of an authority stick for our specific application. So the first, the first example, what we've been doing so far is just making the double line. And that's an application that on its own looks really good. And it just means adding all the lower, only the downstrokes have to be doubled. So this is just as we've seen so far. So all the strokes that go down gets doubled. And that on its own, give a nice declarative effect to our handwriting. One thing we can go even further is adding a third line, which can be in between the other two, or even a fourth. And so it will create something like, like triple or even quadruple, quadruple on type of writing that is really fun to see, especially combined with other types of writing, should create quotes or for applications in your bullet journal. So that's one of the things you can do with the fox calligraphy. Another thing is if you want it to look as ordinary calligraphy after you've done the double lines. So let's just go down here. Let's just do 100 and she's just to show you, this is going up. So this stays just like this. This goes down so we make it thicker. And then if you color inside the letter, which you probably would do with some other type of pen and how it bears. But even if you just have an ordinary big pen like this, you can still do folks calligraphy increase and create nice projects. Even with a pen like this that costs nothing. And you color everything inside that thicker line like this. And there we go. That is our folks calligraphy in its purest form. It looks as if I've done very thin upstroke and then a very thick, heavy down-stroke where all the ink floods through the paper. When you're using a calligraphy pen. So that's another example. This Chu are probably like the double and the filled ones are probably the two most commonly used. But then you can go a bit crazy with it. And instead of filling the boulder part of the letters with just plain black or the plain color. You can add some little decorations inside. So here, let's just make the double line first. And when you're going to decorate inside those lines, it is better if you now some stickers pace, so make sure you actually create some thicker lines there. So it's more fun to fill in with the equations. These equations can be the most variety as I've done here. Hearts. You can put circles, you can put anything you want. You can color with color pencils, with watercolors, anything you like. And so here let's just do some reading, do some hearts, or let's go with circles. So let's put circles of different sizes just to feel the L here, so you get the idea. And when you put a lot of things inside a letter or a word, you probably combine this writing with other less heavy typography or, or way of writing. So you probably, for instance, if you write a quote, you will just apply this to the key words in the phrase and the rest of the world's will be something else not as heavy. So that basically surely will be more kind of relaxing. Otherwise this is going to be too much for an entire quote in your notebook. So basically, this waste you can apply folks calligraphy chew with different styles for different types of projects. There we go. So pick a few words and try at least three or four different styles using different ways of filling in the double-blind M w minus in your calligraphy in your Foxconn. Every few words show me in the in the discussion area of the course. I'll see you in the next exercise. Okay, order, the order on Fox calligraphy data files have a leader fear in different tipo de los the medulla law, common law is law firms and PNM polytope Oregon case likely to Deloria Alenia give dwelling hasn't dentist non-linear Hola Como hour or more loaned us enough time if a is left for my care, but it can block completely available our love, our emphasis poems. I regularly Madeline, Yes. In our last Linnaeus, three-plus more inclusive quadruplets. Data for efficacy, Como, millenia centromeres, Radio Shack, common steel, much massage. My friend CUDA mem. Different project of you can say Como shock and B0. It'll simply to the oligopoly scenarios. Yes Abdullah, three play or quadrupling bullet allow if more combat game. Folks, calligraphy, fishy name, Korean won a linear solid settler or Salaam. And then this, and then this eta, eta saw. And let's give a hand in the water. They had a lineage only last cinemas. So what I meant when I said autarky polymeric, our local mobile antenna K in parabolas Rama, putting glue Sophie can take on an IV drosophila, where it wasn't relevant and we Melinda let Cusa in and not the level of materialistic while so Caltech UC than noise exclusive. But I know when our secondary cause giardia can lettering per year circum quality gear, key poem anterior, insula. Link in the French law calligraphic reality for a CRC law and nos data layer type, whereas white material getting nomos, if the mass of sour fox calligraphy for k Patty, CDF, GIF, what I choke corn market or African open up Luma in really know, is it a lock on the vehicle you that big enough? A telephone man. Is Shinar launch itself as a takeaway. The comparison see, those are more he say anything about SEO is an affair in folk rock or silica in Australasia. Consider good it does. Omaha fresh, wound up in a metropolis? One belongs outside upon effect of symbol and recommend know the hydronium pustular most important, the posterior. By C. Naught the bracket and CMO ha, Sarah coelurosaurian and Rashida Holloway. Asara. But adequate or osseous entonces NSA castle and genotype frequency Como in depot effect of the x-dot year. So the motor on your phone or lock it anymore. Coursera, catalog and mortar and polytomy heart is Elohim, ill effect on information. They get M hustling quote and I fill us in on what I know. Eliquis motto, corny, de facto. Our less dominant bergamot, Chico, gone folks calligraphy, normally linear or linear Hashanah commodities. Most importantly, the hierarchy mucosae attack in decimal. So defacto, I am a hormone poco can learn affect the super-diversity dosing capsule Demasio cargo into the shortest recommender Osaka, if the public, as soon as on the emitter and the court, as soon as they enter the Goleta. But most important, the head of recipient, no parachute and Gusto. Sick. And when somebody I'm momentum us, the applicant CNS, the fox calligraphy location for Lemmy. Either with is if potassium implemented, leucine, the trashy stuff that you guys shut down affect or emotional? As a separate on my computer for a camera as a kid and Burlington willingness, E M, easy Lauren effects though, superiority of area north of pressure. That area and does a detective EDA is good data was unknown menos tres quatro eternity us Dell Fox calligraphy and episodic. I'll see you in the interstitium. Okay, with them and they saw a coin MOD d Asana quests are technically Fox calligraphy, but in reality, very effective. Fetal deaths of jamovi stoke quests don't zone a quote, I have movies store format to the Fox calligraphy sense sat in since a cold rather than draw send cemetery. And Nian didn't throw the question about the legal nip you space in Malaysia, Takashi chameleon, yet OPIA, Kick Western, double, a quest to stealer pinto, DO CMO on K M metric CPU, did do well even yet, met one kid cuatro, a cosine Crayola. And when effect on pop you into raison de facto phenomenon called dynein and lay in bed, share the Met solo una anemia post-Soviet today. I'm guessing for sediment the owner in match. So Anja can millenia trip C and split again into focus, a, Jacuzzi, immoral to piu, interessante, pH equal cosine extra, summit donkey and acquire the phone. Court appointed a Sunday media query. Bellini, CEO justice system, yamaka quests are set Alpha to conquest attack Nika, the VMO or CRH. And Burkina uses operatic seat non Ben Bernanke, troppo, apogee. I'm Regina or loro, or lawful charmer, lettre per litre. Whenever you get poor family, eco-city. Boy quests, Roseto, few Nirmala. Similarly to keep dope, nobody request okay, o'clock in and sit low. Conductivity. Even throw their linear quest dish and then the quasilinear government for abuse Piazza. And the event that coercive force. Calligraphy queen, the sequester of photographer to Benny CMO, assembly Chevys, gotten a little spiny or low quality low law with the amo because he will all know syncopy ship and said Sit data, the data calligraphy upward. And we're stuck us some supplemented postpone Xi'an ultra bene can see approval lot cheaper Colorado for tomorrow may not own a layer that actually define it. But if particle PDA care, senior NIH instrument is sophistic RT, but clearly they lead to the monopoly, get a feel and keep on Quest up in anonymously Sima, big wave, right? It goes to that haven't developed into the center. The lettering Italian mafia boss and Abella, the Gretchen opportunity to project typically at TV school, some Anki, say 75 equals 10. Bennett, not a mili. When requested folks calligraphy only did the funeral Molly care in CMAR or second-order double employee was took him in. The resident is CMA, met variability Karatsuba Europe camo decor, Fox calligraphy decor. Care met today according to cine or Cherokee or the linear Gaussian, if follow unquote a punitive or attend them when the SEMP Melissa elite to be la Primavera well, yeah, more skewed, even apparent la Primavera metro that if you order len drawn, say, sutra into the nano, so well GSA relative Alemanni, my body meant on the legal guardian, then draw or suffers a paraffin. Valentino preachy any chance adequately post some of it. I am not personally. I'll illustrate them more to pdv out of 10 then asymptotic branch and don't put up inquest Sagar, so simple, conceal your non-fatal into Tilly petroleum when you see a fat, should we do now for us, it was the steel in total a facet you enter drop on convenience sample and share your deliberately QA within truly La Crosse. A quest with Farley and more spare Charlie, a boy, rest of modality, quantile, Vigo see some Telecom, the photocopy paper process and whichever AND or Nico styling, beause piazza con linear Vertica collinearity, some Thailand sample champ. I've been not in Honestly doc on Coursera Fox calligraphy and normally see marijuana conquest of a boy or knee down, total upper limit to steal your address on your computer. The video, chorionic Almere, no, cuatro. Cuatro Marianne dynasties about all of the Lausanne University there. Get you that inquest of EV, family with their public alone or security resources. It was so-called, so persistent memory there, a pulse document data. 7. PROJECT - Choose your quote, draft your main word: Okay, so first step, I want you to pick a quote. And in my case is life is art. Live it in color. And choose the main word for that. Quote, the one that makes more meaning to the phrase. And that word will be the main word in your page. So what I've done is I've selected at random height in my bullet journal, and then I chose my preferred inclination slammed. And then using a ruler, I just projected that same inclination of throughout the entire lion. So ask to make sure that I can keep it consistent. And then simply, what you do is when you have two given lions, you write your word us, you would do in cursive. And as I was writing it, I was adding that double line that we've learned so far in this course. So that's basically all I've done so far. Adding that double line to all the downstrokes. And that's the first step. Our initial plus to NADPH traffic while key and I left. The heat laughter. I said, life is art, live it in color. Exactly. Feta lobbyists are active at ocular. E is a really high-level Iraqi mass, significant. D and e la Guerra most important ayatollah, faster body or the heel off with the heel up the bulgogi difficulty, semicircular soluble era, determiner K lambda, lambda must important in Alberta ME competition master Levallois, lot. Simpler into lowercase, a tower of fluid or sided Laplace. Loneliness, e m e con la, regular, regular. Ethanol. Some known as vetoes. E is a projection, is asynchronous UniProt or not regular. Portola polymeric number of antenna luck on standard CIA and nasolabial Buddhists minute, I mean, in Lake Lena osteon. Here push implemented a yucky Victorian book, amore be my sandal, godliness de la sol, Doris Simplemente Caribbean Coursera Labs, Florida color, Cold War II, MHC II ensemble, Lithuania, Latvia, Lithuania, macro asap horror movie, most authority. And say, Hey, remember basso m is simply a hermaphrodite, say Abraham called glabella principle, they suffer asset or we can lack in Lao. In efficacy and osteoporotic fracture, where Homo sapiens is supported by SAP. And Laura quest though in project 2, Prima bass song and share your una sick while CSE monophasic escape met it. And on top of that non-linear basso, or shall laugh and say, life is art. Live it in color, which giga significant and lovey tie our TV, the law and to, to colorectal multi-channel and Spaniards are color. We will include him a law perilla plenary by the cola frass equality volume that I'm going to fall within a few important the libido and keep us around glabella are tss for Marie. Shall you have or out of the art and color my Angostura. So Megan Chandra, una pad or laboratory warrior fight on effect to speak Chinese request about Ola will rescue sclera and on Fox calligraphy neutron query, lot better phallic whetstone, Hebrew, robust opinions. Sheila door for OSM, a boy, then for the last class actually lead to a Biola will appear important, significant u2 dot boy and determinant dove in the lab and Gina voi a very Quest stuff at all. Seven loci in restaurant or spots, your low-rise silicide took betterment to the investor, the law floss and Quinlan MUGA or elaborate law color it. I will be talking about duckweed isn't whichever shell don't all deaths are random. Far to do every year. A point of sleep tonight. Conoco, see your script a lot. Pedro La color image into the scheme of John Jay requester, second movie, stefano the S So parochial effect to the Fox calligraphy. We need to try to kill them all. Datastore in the rest of us so we don't know dish and then refer to CPU. A question in from Abbas. Some requests Stop, deploy, continuous. 8. PROJECT - Complete the rest of the quote: All right, So after writing the main word, color in my page, I knew I had to put six more words to make this quote unfilled by weight back page. So what I've done is I chose a height that was consistent with the proportion of the letters I've used. And since the the height of the lowercase here is taller than the distance from that line to the tall letters like the ascendant height. You can see that all of that in my first course, the learned to love your calligraphy course. This was shorter than theirs, so I chose the same proportion as you can see here. And I've used like three little squares in my bullet journal for the height of the lowercase. And then I added two more instead of three more, two more little squares for the ascendant line. So I've respected, sat in everything else I've written. So in that way, I have one main word that is different from the rest, but all the rest is consistent. Because when you start mixing up to many types of different fonts and different sizes. And, and now, since I will also use different colors, it will be too much so you have to be consistent in your style somehow. Thus, why I've stopped to a stack to that, two little squares for the upper letters and then three for the lowercase. And I wrote the rest of the quote that way. So I concentrated life is art in that top corner. And as I was writing it, I wrote first life. And then I decided to start to get those three little score, since the word is doesn't have any ascendant, I decided to make it reached the same baseline us life. And when I put art here, I want to choose that space that I created without even realizing between the F and the E and the I. So I put the t there and make, ah, kinda connect with the eye. Although things are things that I normally do when I start creating a historic, drafting, my, my composition and it create comes to live on its own. I have never planted this way. That's just the way I do it. And then I wrote the RMB In order to complete life is art. And then using the same type of rioting and Sciences, I came to buy it, live it n, which is what it was missing. In order to complete the quote with the word color. So live it in. And here I wanted to connect somehow that T with something. I first try connecting it like passing through the loop of the hill and connecting it with that eye. But it was kinda too much. So I just decided to move the word live up here and then connect that with the t. So that's how I made the rest of the composition. And now it's time to start inking. More known as the domino hyperbola Barbara. He pioneered the law for OSM. Color. We felt our complete, our classic is live life is art. Live it in color. And necessarily academic. Data safe pylorus inactive potassium. But in besides determining la Cage aux side epa also, a common Quito simply gets a certain audience. They are coordinated via the capillary principality is meat motif or the calligraphy folks calligraphy care, silicate, juristic. Also. Bidder looking nice if we're Archie Carroll, Great Britain, no mass aminos, proportion. If you can sit Getty financially less. The lasso. Calico is the practical on Lufthansa KI interlinear DeVos, same amino end result Torah, little grass and then does. And if Picasso, quantile of TV seen pencils, cicada, Louisa, my CTO, MFA, entonces thing. One of the boards and muscle may not dress in those years as a Libre portion of say, Ulla's sometime in the summer In Philadelphia. M cell to the centrist, either MLA and store a Toile fascia. Muscles. Tremor host to host. The other thing also limited risk is NOD anywhere else and end endosymbiotic allowable IRA life. Either CDK life is art. You assume blocking in your village. With a Penelope Libre life. The CV kilomole, Eliza is not in an ascendant this law. The Boston, the label our life. And yes, became a hint. You don't have passion relay Fei Li, look, wildfire symptoms are often called Mockito and Don says, and the Cdk law, say your material and through cluster, cluster and engrossing efficacy is subgroup ostium filamentous into the formal bucket. In post approachability II. Though, you're going to see on Isabela fossa. Can disseminate my anemia in the corner it in and the hyperbola live. Iit rookie said when the terminal bronchiole it in a theater, the connector loss of some connector is it, but it's a very tightly bonded to the Leica support latte connect the lacunae, make it our commodity mass yellow into, into the loop, gets a formula into the centripetal. In the data. Instances are ready, the city live under law, but our life and whether or not a law. Sulla who said earlier econ like possible latae second act upon a letter format tambien Como endoskeleton Axiom II, body and glue solar panel, say kff dot the passive portal polytope. Very weak ITO, nihilistic connect the connectome. And Bedouin ISO params you get a mosquito on the limo, immune disease. In non-gender data centers in Chicago get bought our CSER, the only actor host Chagas sufficient again, I don't have an excellent rate. Is art live it. Our delta S in this Renton data. Okay, and I want the cure, finito, the scribble up at labouring Chapin. What are the sum equals to 0? Fascia Viva say I'll take petroleum. Life is art, live it in Kwame. Life is art a la Prima party. A10, Nita, cone, sense song and all the CISO. The far law to obtain CME for Amanda was stuck cluster cluster in English, we don't have group obscenity and NT and grupo de element T, m, star m and Costco orange equity superiority and desktop mosquito prima la Perola life. The lay they are at a simple, too detailed topography at the fox calligraphy requests repeatedly requests took also am pair of Jante Law, Miss whatever, quest foot drop program, the low-fat top UP colon or the CISO, the respiratory lab report scenic KVL fat to Cuesta borrowed a common point with Eric queen or linear device in the lakes or at the cellular and the quest. I am a pure grounded that is taxicab BR motor. Delay will just spit out on reported Shauna, press or Quadrophenia. The Altair add some PR to Pella, premature deaths are added some area in which the TRA para, loaded. So the left T, Delilah. Get rid Microsoft brat. When the conquest appropriate cylinder, the tree Osceola parallel life or the CISO Camila is nonscientists una Ashlyn, or that you saw the fall or rewarded fino or ketose, give it a lot better life. When you schedule overlap is a lever for your necessary IGA. Quantum Service. Sticky syrup was two spots. Sutra life LI or the CISO, the material at T in Quest. Suppose it's in a weak position. Of course the case when we have an event, the cuando less so for champion on a kilo, the semiotic Western model. Mm-hm. And you're assembling each crayon and provided the employee sheet of Seoul, Korea and click Okay, good and Evita in that solar wind, the wind, the Mesilla t. So I'm not India from rely on ELA. You want they'll fit out takeaways so 13 or the lead. But because teach and polymorphism mental illness, you on a quest to that celebrity map. Part of the cone sense. So the laughter asset life is art when request to AA or NA in a fascia and get us sola, quest for a second about live it in color. But Asana, drape parolees, queen elites are open, sudden active learners to Samad or inquest stop at the Queen. Inotropes and triple clone out or you Chama it but colloquially CISO, the metric prima la parallel eat in Corsica the petiole, or our new law to delay labor. Equilibria. The balance in Cuesta composition on M and O provide to Anki ponder script to let T Tauri, quest to punto de la Vipassana, Burleigh, TFR, laconic, telecom Quest. Quest to censor the cornerstone him, I don't put your balloon unless the saw and the losses poster on cap on KDFs according to request a party like t, e symbol endless upper fired, it might drop, but we do it use and which an entity, metro or parallel lie, Ellie, you inverted the metallic was to spot so we don't boiling damn, loves POSTAR to acquire a participator. It religiously connected line con la, want to delay, pass on low pedal. It, it goes across campuses, CRM, come away with some local sick care in low-fat shown at the moment also, molto multiple, top of all the ladies sing your ER, model, prima employee Laplacian for modelling. Sulla band Gina MeV, a negotiated agreement, ball and pull apart or attended they requested the classical, I'll say crayon and Sharpton, not appropriate as political social chair there. So Solo, Mom, material, color and strong in the defacto it in any medium. 9. PROJECT - Inking (Black and White): All right, so the first part is in King. All the letters in just the outline of all the letters are not the main one. That is color. Because as you can guess, I will put color in the word colored to make sense. So I've decided to keep all the rest in just black and white. And since we don't have just one main word in the quote, but we have to because of word art is kind of important here. I've decided two years. Chance d double line for Live is live it in. But then I filled, I colored in the double line in the word art. So this is actual Fox calligraphy because it looks as though this as if this was a thicker, just one thicker stroke in the thin, very thin upwards and then very thick done words, etc. So that's the fox calligraphy in its purest form. This is more modern calligraphy with this double line. So I decided to just to keep life is art with giving them some wage or the word art. Live it in color. And we'll see how to put color here to make it really pop up. And then to continue the composition I've developed extended to, they have some space down here. I've heard should draw a brush and to that part of the page. So I've drawn this to keep the black and white. I extended black and white in this part of the brush. And I will put some color on the tip here to match the color here. And then we will put some splash of color up here as well. So that's mainly the reasoning behind what to do with just black and white and which parts to put color N. In the next video, we'll finish it up with all the fun part of putting color to our quote. In some ways. Bam, our RDA is L2 norm in it'll draw upon haven't done yet SEO, born early in the new good offsite. Little black and white and native land gun, lamb, quinacridone. By that total oppressive Minos, but allowed T-Mobile ADA case, color, color order, given point in Mackinac aesthetic, con mucho calories per hour, salary and the work TO gotcha, Andra and blank, we narrow the Toile facility in life is art, live it in color. Our lab a load up our team and bestow more important type of inhibitor for OSM police. Okay, CD mantissa, seen rationale or Sunday for tomato, the fox calligraphy, musty lumbar modern calligraphy. It mean Jackie, level out at art. The city. Colonial law then dropped, but I hinted at a location Sharma, Fox calligraphy and, and so forth. Bottom border, border element. They see more land Sartre source and so RCRA, Vienna, finito, VM best Halloween Barroso, coomassie, blue, my law, the harder guy had mortar and the aiding the ESL effect. Okay, it get any multiple position. Our folks calligraphy probably see more last ACT, political leader pheochromocytoma and tosses it up. I love art like hidden in fox calligraphy, porto, SQL, L'Oreal, me and life is either, leave it in the hymn, sedimented the linea aspera thinner on the base soil composition. And it breaks my video, Masaryk, homopolymer, Laura, economic, I want to have Pacioli Libre color the city, extend that leg composition Ostia lag data and determine whether or not you will handle on being settled. Get Abdullah his sermon, click on linea nigra, super minimalist. Stan, the lingual class Ocarina II, the hela bone simple Nana at Indonesia per kilo calories as in the coil coordinate lab. A lot of color theory was an approximately there. But I completed my Ambien one splash the Colorado River eTEM who lobby sold the calories, the shadow side, and approximately. The analog Dao, the CISO, the mantle and arrow illustrated Solomon tambien queen arrow to tell a facet climate, libido law, color. Dean, Mohsen, symmetric, color-coded them. Throw pedal up at Ohlala, life is live. It comes to the La Jolla art or the CISO, the Met it, it will color them too narrow. Then drum that create a question fit. The fox calligraphy, the folks in flux calligraphy view port or the channel that a Cassandra call mesylate up towards salon to embolden wanted to so T ellipsoid one notion though, con, law promoting AMC, the telegraphic, our last shot on a model to spare so they didn't cure straw polish on quarter. So T sub t ellipsoid or SQL on the other, but Saul Bass, so multiple use Piazza it QC be a two terabyte OLAP we request to a fox calligraphy in the purest form committee cunningly S and mental restore and booking more than calligraphy, the dopey Alenia, syphilis, syphilis calligraphy. Take a look around. We stopped phenyl es Salaam. We know Santo correlate with stealing a voice and bulky video prima, that a periodic patella fossa, Portola color packet coming up with copyright, metadata, loop body calorically peck little dust or cool, the OSAT took me, I've always two spots if we sought Tor in Nunavut, one-quarter that she so-called Safari or him repeatedly there the chaotic was stopping a low emitter important the linea nigra. So T landfill will descend new appoint nella bone method in cholera had been not all alkalotic committed on Anki was separate Ola, a point but a griot, Macondo phenomena composite center, Aemilia secrete ammonia, and three young or law or a fantastic and to tailor composites, replica you tell IV stat Acoma, water body in lame format. See you on the call CSF composite Cianni EBIT, quite a material called adequate material quality, better luck color emitted on the calorie Anki in quest to splash, quiz or pepper periodic west Dr. Young, will it periodogram composition and more dominant appeal, interessante, Western predominant blastomere medium. Hi. 10. PROJECT - Inking in colors (with Chameleon fineliners): All right, so there's my final piece, and here I've used convenient fine liners to give a multi-color blend to all the color parts. As you can see, I've added color to the word color, as I said before. Then to that little like pains plush and the paint brush here and some random dots as if the table was with some drugs, drops of ink or paint. So I like the combination of black and white for the rest of the quote and the paintbrush with some writing on it. And then the bold part of art, which I added also some ball blocked to the paintbrush so as to kind of balance that darkness there. And then the rest is just all the color popping up. And I have the rest of my page just for a collection or something bullet or non-related in my notebook. So I want to quickly explain or can we numb fine liners are in how you can use them in this way. So basically, comedian fine liners are, this is, let me show you a few. This our fine liners. There are several points, three millimeters nib, and she can use them as ordinary fine liners. As you can see, it comes in 48 colors. The colors are also matching the traditional alcohol in pens, as you can see here. Like the BG three marches, the BG three of the chameleon pens. And you can use this that are water-based fine liners to draw and then the alcohol based pens to color in and the designer's role models smear. And, but here I've used them on their own without the Communion pens, just the water-based pens I used here. So what I've done, what makes them different from any other fine liners in the market is that since they're Chameleon, Chameleon likes changing color. They created this cool system that then they put ink not just in the body of the pen, but also in the cups. So if you start playing with the colors and you put, for instance, the fuchsia one on the yellow one size. You can see even more clearly images get closer there. So if you put, for instance, the few shot cup on the yellow pen and just leave it like this for two or three seconds, you will see that the nib is now pink instead of yellow, but it's a yellow pen. And when you start writing, it will start with fissure, then it will go from like You see that it goes from fuchsia to red to orange to yellow. If you want to create like a much bigger color gradation as I've done here, you will leave it for five to 10 to 15 seconds. Each pencil here, as you will see in this video, when I was coloring, I've put the book hub on the fuchsia pen images and say, I've put the VLC blue on the few shop hand chewed to this part. Then I chest took the pen from the fuchsia and put it in the yellow. And I've done this part here. Then I've put the fear shock hub on the quiz and did all this part. And then I've grabbed this cup and put it back to the yellow one to create the little parts. So I've been kind of chaining or colors so that they will go and change from blue to fuse shut shoe yellow batch a few shot to equation two, yellow again. And all those middle tones there, the purples and the greens and the oranges. They're done automatically by just combining these four pens. And I've done the same thing here for this plush and then here for the, the brush, the paint brush. But if you didn't have communion fine liners, you can simply just color them with color pencils with any pens you, my half with watercolor. If the paper in your notebooks are good enough, watercolors, just be creative and add some color inside your Fox calligraphy. And this is your final project. She enjoy it. Have fun, and show me that result. Hello. So hello, it is me. Drop off finale, done this, shaggy, get cold. Laura, Toronto, either allowed or colored. Well, hello, London, CIA Como, Elementary been daughter, Como ILP and settled in silico, Aho by a third and sandy colored assoc multicore lot IBM adequate EDs E is the wrong color. Jatropha. Looky also for most comedians, fine liners. If those atomic a few dots of Milan has become median, still not particularly have them set up some somatic cowardice. And now what KNN, it'll call your thicker low-risk going See you then gone, lost coin of the calories. They love myocarditis and lesson I will call it get in a gamelan stamp BM, bit o it aloud. Why is it global society? Thank you. Them in, in enquire most seem problematic, kay? Pasiphae, fancy. X and Y are more belligerent. The tallest of polarization know bossa adult life. Oh sorry, I'm on my brother's allele called a C for low-quality, sunny day or less personal. Our cambium, is it all some bad? In communism, columnar Paris, radical procurement e-book or connectors in Babele facilitator markers or local color con nosotros LED senior Nasir Nasir water on a shocky isn't I think that PCL see one comma u in color. Malachite acetylcholine on a stock market, the same MOOC or Massive pathetic equality that are fine liner deliver cargo if kick omasum chameleons, EEOC idling contact me or the color. And you meant off the system up. And non-nicotine in 1810. No solo inner core boiled market or is it because he shouldn't be? So what Gordon Moore throw some good and we'll get into law camera that I guess an amine and a fork Sierra Nevada in US. Okay, I get that. Okay. Forego. It is a comedy show and defensible the case Sam. Better for a hamburger. See Pong gone? My last fall. Yes, the current I2 borderless see chaperone work for a hamburger, let up a Fuxi and Nuwa. So we want to, we can go into Atlantic in and America. My Deshawn, look at where logo dad, yeah. Impose some vertical part of a sutra, say windows. Looking at, we're looking at a lab one decimeter. And furthermore, in folk CIA up a separate set of Marco at MIT shown PSR, our coloniality who had long before it became sick in order to give it a money shook you have folks here. Mad. Boy. I want Sando in me welcoming coloration and login forever to SCN know. But Amanda, solid color, settlement the Bonnie and not let ABA folks there and Mercado, mighty show logo, bizarre parallel draw hollow and around Carlos, Toile per liter, atmosphere per original, gone sediment, the Oneida one mark hour. And yes, he look a PSTN low protocol or a CMO sound more acidic, more drove. Rockefeller Center for adipose, say, let up on the La Soul in, in a market order folk CIA. Gattaca and EPA saw also a type of folk CIA in MarkovWordOne comedy show in lower doses of calories. They help us a lot about folk CIA in NMR Carlota case. In order to focus on different decide to who you are late. In angular momentum will say, to sort of tomato water, watercolors anymore into severe, let us in embargo. Folk CIA or let other folks here in Albuquerque. They will say Lambda to ESA and the inanimate issue, MacKinnon lactose as to whether this and are much more. He said, Mommy, mommy say in Lamont, they've been due of echolalia and given us fine liners or satellite stamina, see Nadella finance the chameleons, where an electron and decolonial cons of Lucky say the correct place, video or grass or Nippon are quite elastic, sealed bubble. This quadrilateral are combined here milliohm, the author, and see it all set up. Keep that low end. Asi Como Guillaume. Main contact Claudia, come loose except B and C, veto milk, Tomato max. If the technique I can know collodion know Vienna in some finance also Portofino see a listener linear Cambrian, currently senior conduct now, come on. You see most in an editorial ahead as a pedagogical approach. Better synthase hotels more than men, the whole 80 and coming up here, but I carry an area up here. Okay, and so on. So a comedian, final listener, listener. Finally, John Kohler, atom. We omit so-called lab Perola color in lesson. And k Omegas saw sequester markedly toward up young kids saw lab on developing a better class suburb called relic western border or SAT or a fine liner, the chameleon casino esteem camp. In quest of ASL sarcastic watercolour. Kit thin brick is for CINAHL. Tan color is the pure MySQL tab requests decline as despicable Medicare. And it isn't unclear the vat of the year they VR like Kate Moss, Tanakh, we makin real TAP was to find the class defined line or snow phalangeal fascia. Not the comedian. Our products is sort of up to about key at the same peer were like at Westfield be G3. Abby, I'm on the last test devils to some RKO. It'll be k3 care quester, fine liner. Allow conquest TO communion pens allow post-Obama, Colorado, this anionic conquest, the alarm Kwame, a particular sopra, conquest sell alcohol and it'll dissonances. Wow, I saw everybody in coastal Gaza loss and what are solid, but it gets the personal side of pharmacy for tsunami while CSER, fine liner. Then we're going to stick with Scylla pilot that kill soft toy you. And there's some edema ileum employ critical for Not venom in div or a CD quality CSC fine liners. Will Malika can call me sono chameleon, a comedian, piace camera coordinate, an onion vent out the crystal system map that says Cochiti parametric. Yep, I'm a mess. So in kiosk, no solid into the penal element, get into the tab B. When you say you need to joke, friend, Elpenor loci, low, limit to your tap of books. Yeah. International cushy bed and do a second. The Anki 10 watercolor bone down. The question, okay. Gi law, CVA, the key folks, CIA, which Nirmala may actually see where the Malian in their Chevy Colorado dialogue, cholera, folk CIA was could either or we going to eat and our audio saddle along with the comic communists saw the core lauded paths and they'll folks, yeah, I saw Aaron join an employee facilmente toward GI law. What are two tacos stagger AMA the caloric and fat to not solar constant, sort of FY19 and three-quarters chink was economy Marxian. The contact took corn, yield up the lossless or fine liner in foxy, I don't call it Arctic was typology in a queen the inquest took us or mess up or blue musket again, a long tunnel. Oms saw in dapper blue lab and Knaflic CIA. My boy, or mass. So once Mario adequate us to build up a folk CIA gene or lab palette, now gamma nil penicillin GI law isn't already defaulted to the question and join your chair. 10 I cannot went up in our Android and gusto in croissant AMA. Sorry about that. 50 minutes requested were committed photo editor. So GFDL gene on top of folks. Yeah. Shaw lap and not to guess it or sort of Rashida file to be at the med surge requested one. Epidemics with double-dot guess if element this will append GI law kilobytes so that it created to decrease the larvae. It's less susceptible to star, star splash. The peak order am good, fulfill ALL non-genomic West Central Africa and lower down. So they'd be Ricci, possibility men neck, call me or Colorado. I'm the CMO, correct. Casie in six sack. The latter Latin Non it appropriate to door and fed to the fine line ADA, immoral to BYU BED local recommended lean. Yeah. M conquest of steel or discrete TVD. More tubule, mammalian severely multiply a lot, a lot, a lot or no better Colorado. They will give a direct costs of phi conquest, suffragette, thumb, common DV, the lock we saw law courts or COCOMO and becoming toddler. And if you're not sure, I'll trade X. So in Naples, seemingly periodic requests to court, so the fox lettering. Hello. Hi. Hey everyone. Hello. 11. More Ideas: All right, let me give you a few more examples on how you can put your brand new skills on Fox calligraphy into practice. Here is the spread I've done in my boogers crab, which is the way I call my bullet journal, where I get organized, but also I combine it with simplified scrapbooking techniques to create kind of album inside my notebooks. I tell my story in the same node, but I get organized. So this is basically my monthly spread. And here I've used it for the months. So that's the main title of the page. If I wrote it in a bigger bouncy littering and then it's a fox calligraphy way. And then I just colored in n with a technique that I'll teach you in another course that is Fox embroidery. As you can see. This is a way of coloring specially with the chameleon finance, but you can do this with any other I'm PN that you like. And it seems fired in actually, my mom, Mom's embroider Dreze. And I've created this technique a while ago and I'll tissue in the following course. So here I've used it for the word March and also for the word nodes. As you can see, I've simply wrote the word while depend or changing colors, again, committed and fine liners all over this page. And also here, as you can see as I was writing, it was changing color. The Make-A-Wish, it's always double writing. All the downstrokes were double traced so that it became like folks calligraphy. So I've also used it, sorry, The one more here for the numbers. Look at all the numbers for the dates. Days of the week is, this is overlapping writing techniques that I taught you in the first course. Learn to love your calligraphy. If you haven't already go to this course and take it because you'll enjoy it and you can combine all we've learned here with this course. Here I feel stitch, the fox calligraphy technique in the numbers. And so three different ways to use it in just one spread. Also, another project I would like you to try. And it's a nice project to do in your bullet journal as well as creating what I call a poster of words to live by. So what I've done is I've, I've chosen just one word for each of the letters of the alphabet. And these are words I have thought about it that I like either these values in my life or I like some of the aspects of this word or things that I want you to do, or things that made me feel good about myself or my work or my life. So I've put them all together to create really an alphabet and that is inspiring in my life. So in order to help you with this task until you can do what I've done is I've chosen words from the 500 beautiful words freebie that you can download for free, of course, from my website, Catalina In this section, DEG get some freebie. You can go ahead and grab this and get, get, get inspired our psi did. And choose your words from here. If you're following in my Instagram at Carolyn Adelphi, you might have seen that the worst said I'm crossing out here are the ones that I'm using for word of the day if the sharing that since the beginning of the year. And it's something that is really it really helps me start the day in the right mood. And so that's another way of using your folks calligraphy technique for writing a word per day. But here is just one word for each of the letters of the alphabet. And I've combined two different ways or styles. For the first letter I fused the one that is colored in. And then for the rest of the world is just folks calligraphy in empty double lines. So here's another project for you. Go give it a try. You can find a link to all the products that I use in my website, Catalina in the section for products. I love that it's stored and it will take you to my partner stores actually. And there's tons of review product reviews in the blog and there's a lot of information that you might enjoy. And if you buy from my links in my website, there all my partners and they all help me sustain my work. So you'll be doing so as well. So thank you in advance for that. See you in my next course. Please share your work with me. I love looking at your results of my courses, the projects you do and comment them, and discourse gets so much richer and interesting. I get to see your work. And if we get to discuss all the different topics among each other and get inspiration from each other. Thus the way we grow. So see you in the next course. Thank you for taking this class and don't hesitate to follow me in my profile. So you get notify a each time I upload a new course. See you them. I believe the Hamas sobered him, come up Dakota law, get onto her brand narrative Fox calligraphy. The worst prospectively boogers graph. There is a certain monthly log is when the heater will swell and me bu just crop will just grab is MC where that bullet journaling bomb, they know Salam or any second bullet journaling SOC team already has some in it. Cse logo or I can thus cannot Dan does not DNN message from Wallace, and that's not a malice gender. The idea either mean meadow, IMR, the system or anything on the bullet journaling, metal, scrap booking, simply figure out or whatever. But I got. On is more of the confirmatory Nihon Trust mirror and he told me what are the native mirror is some men soil soil monthly log done, they will say technically, folks calligraphy tons of penalty. Case, a nominal mass market. So E M, cone on a technique called the fox embroidery gets bought out of files. So one of the early charm on Mercado Libre, gizmo technique invented in EPR and me away length me. Either at the end they were valid MeV, Sowell and Berlin and personal goals. So as also recto, ben, our team does sneak into bone dose. I'm Ostia brand the inverse sodium, sorry if the fox embroidery kilo Save button data backing and loss of molecular data parameter. So click on boy is on Fox calligraphy the mercy that has an antibody affinity, Falco Libre mnemonics, dorsal, rami, more applica, BATNA, Mackey, Solomon. Don't actually do the normal cone, stood up. I kinda wanna hardcoded comedians component around, come into the color frequency. Couple more notes, not us, so I'm gonna correspond, see Tableau and we're gonna pull out of the fond of it. The extra superparticles of civil law. Semana apprehend didn't interpersonal Madonna. Learn to love your calligraphy or blend them are polydipsia, Azekah scenario we don't recommend know Sal, domestic or so per kelvin can type wrapper, can be narrow. Tolkien he must attend rambled courses some way. Localizing into account when America in Numidia dose, they posted it on a train that you know, a technical folks calligraphy tambien, tambien con of mercury chameleons. I was fine liners on the media field as the basilar or why not from the cell called Yucca. Make-a-wish them incrementally cooler, water, Fluxicon, folks calligraphy, some reform at the front desk you sell a technique number mnemonic also, pancreatic intos effect of silica data center security tools. I would have in auto protect book kick. That gallon. It is we are going to encounter is a stepped care lady in XD project voice, lowered our practicum poco. Some of the practical, the fox calligraphy, usando amino technicals wound up at the lab allowed by law or para la, la Guerra, Picasso, ECL Fox calligraphy complex job in Donato solo Iquitos thing lit up in Sibelius is cell recto calling an older worker, come more Louis, Missouri. In the partitioner solo entrepreneur impractical, lead technical folks Calligraphy Center, tambien Kenyatta, books that are available to Shama, eminent words to live by some pellagra and get adequacy and Julia. And it's on top or saccade, the freebie journey into 500 beautiful word skill upon and controlling mosquito collinearity punto com is free. And I think I had an automatical internal CTO E cn know any Incertum, robot patrilineal feet. I'm excited, Kayla, Kayla rocketing back to Santa Barbara, Ilia and me and him were just scrub. And yes. Sata format. I'm in the applicable law because the fox calligraphy, but then after mine into the Sandel principle area such as mood Alitalia anymore, the LPAR, MSL, the DNA. By loud, I misspoke idea. Here can sit a guy forensically us on a different day. Tambien. I sort of because it doesn't offend me. Look, I don't have any entity and said I'm Luca, keep on mobile. Aurelia is volume the brush recto plainly here. Hello scenario. You could add a shadow in a parking lot is conducting the format of the FOX calligraphy into 60 loss inclusive plan tomorrow when Apollo Nevada, Alaska it clear on query to combine una, see and know when I get there eventually they form Napoleon melancholia play to safety and allow ADA are Riva, EDS I emojis and associate Ambien caecum part then in a glass they aka, aka a whole, a swash photo Hezekiah CNS, come on, the heart muscle doulas or participate in the market. For a while. Cortisol see compartments of job loss and muscle Corso in sociality we get an meant. And not all I got to the negative t upon a hashtag Karenina Alfie courses from a course of an inlet, port may or anchor on data point or laterally comment allodynia. If your activity and your quarter saw in homosexual proxy mono. So I'll see you in a minute, but I feel that assay can see Asanga poly cotton miracles. Our second block Sima. Okay. I'll train there. The deploy a two-sided to the quasi technical development. But I think what's so cool? So the fox calligraphy, better and Diversity Project D is whichever entity boogers crap. And we'll just grab requests. Took what that milky your came out of wood, you scrub up with the Shauna and the bullet journaling peloton is at Sian again, I'm drawing him. No care. Children, It's yucky Yang who can uncheck laughter, skeet and uneven agenda, not Amalia law, monoid. Budget or not. And it mirrors the fog with store in requests or any such cinnamon see legacy Kiama monthly log in Westbrook are so sad door, bell up or law March, March saw in Philippines you by the quest for layout. Also to Fox calligraphy perquisites up at all for their local route funding coming from Finland to Philippians, a factor can come in and fine liners quick, I mean, not the chlorine been actually link DaVinci drawing lacunae, Daphnia, and then your seat, Trevino tilling to tubular epithelium and the ultramafic Kim S to T at sea and the care support formula water. When this into a quiz and a lot or non solo variety of further spur child a given time into public on monkeys said I support what are called lot of Kindig that's in Adichie bar. I Lord our quest or even a technique advocacy cow my unit, but it's our two core MIT folks. Embroidery could weigh the IT air and on noncount she taught half-inch mark was sort of, you know, what you do at a femtometer West to I wouldn't become morphine In a technique khakis, pinata anomia is no Anna, it care and in-process your chord. So I looked at Quest about Ola March, a company with edit a cola, technically Fox calligraphic movies, some Ankit query or skeletal dorky journey the lesson and Latino media then the mass is schools are less likely to want us to set technically folks colleague graphene and kill a parallel nodes. Quip over there like your shadow and twister technique, the so-called opposite semidiscrete, whatever, whatever my butt out. And of course no middle Warner, The learn to love your calligraphy. Calligraphy. There are command the non-parametric worry called solely bracket to you that there are 20 CMO, mean good at it in more than his cleaver and care. When I'm around my laptop via sensor. It could be other than this one doesn't say they lead to the appropriate person Anita. We also get elasticity technically Fox calligraphy better quest arm was so fast they may give wish and fire. Now, in this scenario, when you get started, I've already said CLR and then Jamboard, just scrub my leukemia, Bourdieu scrap per kilometer and on solar bullet journaling monk is scrapbooking. Simply figure out whether I care unit to the left for spontaneous store, Yaqui nella Finland event appropriate. Boom, DV, darker font shore and assembler. Quite an adenine. I Laura such I want to draw to avoid your TV there and I'll draw on ultrasensitive on either side. Quests are technically Foxconn in graphene and talk about Arlen. Customer data KM EBIT it onto your camera. In both stubby words to live by, words to live by in English the way leader, petiole, care and 20 important but a kid and I don't sense so they don't central atom have ITA quick beauty with requests for so cheats. He also had a bed sharing. Yeah, no, not Biola peroneal at reading alphabet, don't smoke, but only given our internal nonsignificant important in an orderly and better you Udacity actually requested by all employees categoric, good at retirement in your freebie Cinquecento. And 500 beautiful words kids to draw an osteotomy acetylcholine, NLP punto com, boys categorical data. The law of cosines semi say when you're inside, I'm your TA Catalina. Dr. Lee, stop care EOL shortlist of free V. It can't shell to the cost of early and get Django Villanova oily care event augmentative and that angioedema tuberculin Alessandra. So my question is smoke and chill out here AV sulcus saw no parabolic usr, linear parallel job market and Nagasaki Fat sure, non-treated democracy that needs to be done on a particular wireless when Meli's Saddam. But it could be the comment also IN care opposed in your slash blog and put donor colossal corneocytes requests of free retail importance SA, k are senior, age or not, I need cilia injured map. Am Laura quiz though? Polio saddle or preferred to do no band Gina comfortably parallel 0 to 2. Now spread compassion and OPIA SQL pivot on legacy. It was several layer in project 2 k point are not ever that Ronnie Walter KB, sodium polystyrene mala in Italy, Liberia are benign, may not do a TPD calligraphy. Fin dying. So sad. Door request PNR alanine to the new parallel but lamella, thread point, quest of water. Acasi KM want to bovis COVID to tell it a little further when you put copy requests to proprio to tell forbear on about another and delete data. But in reality or brown care plan their own and requests about Orlean far law in Nevada in data, the sample initially rests solely on garden keynote PowerPoint that we met Sam pure later our community and are going to have limited phone login, golden arrow, a boy so Prosci been applied overlap when you put the glasses on or a dead. Because technically folks colleague African American West took also inducible and dead team spirit. The battery they asked was so-called subsea, then the desk disappear, should know vivid or would I be with edit, classify going to the West? For a non-semantic RTD, say we are minimum preferred the professor adequacy side, these new articles decide cuando public Honorlock also employ. Finally, we needed to Turkey phi contributor to Ducasse Graham when CMA T or motor been assigned to them? I have it off sooner.