How to Turn Any Surface into Touch Surface

Ashraf Mad, Microcontroller, pic microcontroller,educational

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12 Videos (36m)
    • What this course is About!

    • 1 Introduction

    • 2 Different Methods and Objective

    • 3 Idea and Main Parts

    • 4 IR Pen

    • 5 IR Detector

    • 6 Calibration Software

    • 7 Screen or Surface connected to PC

    • 8 Steps To do The Converting Process

    • 9 Code and Software

    • 10 End

    • 11 How to Place The IR Pen and Camera Low


About This Class


Download The Software and Required Files for Free

Touch Screens are a very attractive and effective way that helps people in their everyday activities, in this project a way to produce touch and interactive surface out of any normal (i.e. touch less screens) is introduced.

The Main Objectives from this course are:

1-  Introduce a new technology that will help in making touch surfaces available in our country.

2-  Produce a low cost system that can replace the traditional expensive touch screen systems.

3-  Improve people knowledge in how modern technologies used in many modern devices can be used to other purposes that make everybody’s life easier.

So instead of paying 1000$ to 5000$ to get a large touch display or Smart Board for teaching or a touch table at your home, you can now make it with less than 40$! YES you heard me right, with components that will cost you less than 50$ and the software explained in this course you will be able to turn any thing, starting from a small laptop screen to a giant wall into touch.

With this Step by Step Guide you will be able to Master touch surfaces creation using no more than a Brain and a less than 40$ components, SKY is the LIMIT.

You will get full access to Full HD Video Tutorial and get the full software used for FREE as a BONUS when you join this Course.

Join NOW and start the journey.






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Ashraf Mad

Microcontroller, pic microcontroller,educational

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