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How to Travel the World for Cheap and Free!

teacher avatar Daycia Harley, Life is meant to be enjoyed!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction and About Me

    • 2. 2 Choosing Your Location

    • 3. 3 Researching Your Location

    • 4. 4 Flights

    • 5. 5 Housing

    • 6. 6 Working Abroad and Free Travel

    • 7. 7 What to Consider

    • 8. 8 Conclusion

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to travel but never knew exactly how? 

Many people are very curious about world-travel but are unsure about what to do, or they feel it is too expensive or difficult - but it doesn't have to be this way!

Traveling has been a beautiful experience where I have met people from all over, seen some of the coolest things and I want others to experience the things I’ve experienced. 

I created this class to help you learn more about life abroad and how you can do it too! Together, we will break down the steps to living or visiting abroad. We will discuss:

  • Finding Out Where You Want to Go and Why!
  • The Importance of Researching Your Location
  • Fights
  • Housing
  • Free Travel and Working Abroad
  • Extra Things to Consider such as Vaccines, Insurance, and More

I believe traveling is something everyone should try and do once in their life - and if I can help people achieve those goals then I have completed an important goal in my life!

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Daycia Harley

Life is meant to be enjoyed!


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1. 1 Introduction and About Me: Hello. My name is stay Sha or day. Thank you so much for joining in my class. I'm super excited to be here. I've been traveling around the world since 2012 and then more recently, in 2017 I decided to travel permanently. In 2012 I decided to do a study brought in Japan, which was a dream of mine since I was a kid and when I arrived in Japan, I've met so many people from all over the world. That is when I realized Oh my God, there is more to Well then just Japan or the U. S. Of which is where I'm from Sista ny knew that I had to see more until I became a frequent traveler. I had visited and lived in Guatemala, Thailand, current land here in Korea and I've been to the UK Sweden. So I've got to see a lot of different countries. So in 2017 I really couldn't stop my fire for wanting to travel. And so I decided to go ahead and book a one way to get from the US to Japan, which had led me to live in Thailand. I got to visit Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam and now I criminal appear in South Korea as an English teacher. Since being in English, he trained Korea. I've been able to travel to other countries like China, and I like to document all my videos on YouTube as well. And since traveling I've become very knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of traveling, such as physically, mentally, financially and so forth. So many people are very curious about traveling, but they're not sure exactly how to do it. Because of all of this, they feel it's too difficult or too expensive. Travel has been such a beautiful experience for me that I've been able to meet many people from all over the world, and I've seen a lot of cool things and done a lot of awesome stuff too. So I created this class because I wanted to share my experience and knowledge about traveling to help you achieve your goal of world travel to so together we will talk about the steps when it comes to traveling from flights housing these US cost and more. I believe not traveling to something everyone should try once in their lifetime. So if I can help with that. I'll be happy. So I did create a pdf, which you can download. This pdf will be kind of like your workbook. There will be a lot of information there at the same time. You can also use it to write down some ideas to get to know yourself better. And so you could be even more eventually prepared for road travel. So in the next class, when I learned a little bit more about yourself and we're gonna try to break out some steps to see what country would be a good fit for you and if you already know what country want to go to use this as motivation to get there, so I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. 2 Choosing Your Location: and welcome back. So you're not really sure what you want to go Or maybe you have an idea. But you're not really feeling the firing passionate getting there. And this last, I'm gonna go ahead and break down that line a little bit more about you and about what country will work best for you. And if you already have a dream country in mind, feel free, they just use this as motivation. And so I couldnt this pdf which you can value in a projects and resource file on school share. So I think this is really important because for your mental aspect, we need to find a country that fits best for you if you do not end up in a very cold country. But you enjoy the sunny, warm beaches. Maybe a cold country wouldn't exactly be a great fit. Or, if you like the city, Maybe being solar up in the mountains might not be that enjoyable for you, and vice versa. So therefore are created this questionnaire, which starts on page for we're gonna go ahead and learn a little bit more about you. Your likes, your dislikes, your needs, your must hear food except your Let's go ahead and work on this together. So you go ahead and look at page by. We're gonna talk about our Y power. What is a reason for wanting to travel? This is going to be a key to motivating you, keeping you attract the pod. Why is so important? So really dig deep about yourself and what makes you really want to go ahead and travel abroad? So I have some examples here. You can say I just always wanted to live in travel abroad. Maybe I've always been interested in Asian culture and history. I love eating, and I want to try foods from all over the world. I want to meet new people from other countries. I'm ready for something new. Maybe you have a desire to volunteer work in another country. So try and spend 5 10 minutes to figure out your wipe. Our troubles allowed me to explore things outside of my own world, and I have a deep desire for knowledge and human connection. So traveling for me kind of ticks both of those I get to learn so much more about this world that we live in that's connected by billions of people. I had to learn more about other people. I get really excited and it's really fun for me. To me, I feel like I only have one life to live and so I want to live it fully and to my joys content. So my reasons for traveling is I have a desire to desire to connect with people. I love learning a lot, especially about other cultures, So site so by it ease food and more. It's exciting to me to see something new, unique and special to me. It's what, any sense, what? I really love traveling. So, for example, I told you in 2012 I went to Japan and that was during my university study exchange. And at that time I really loved Japan. So I love Japan, have always wanted wanted to go. She just looks so whole delicious to me. I am interested in Japanese language, culture and way of life. I have to go to Japan and I achieved that dream. I went to Japan. It was thanks to that dream that pulled me so hard to Japan that I managed to end up getting there. So for you I want you to reflect on that as low. So please go ahead and take 5 to 10 minutes to type of your wife. Our after its I want us to go over our must. So our must is one of the most important things when it comes to traveling and understanding ourselves. So these are our requirements. These are things that we kind of can't really negotiate. These are things that makes us feel good, makes us feel joyful and nice. So, for example, if you are vegan, you know I am a beacon. I must have vegan options. Some countries, they're some cities or some areas just don't have any vegan options, and it veganism is a huge part of your identity. Then it makes sense that you probably want to be somewhere where there are begin options. I mean, you have to be around nature's to feel good. Makes sense. You know, if you're into mountains and hiking, but you're stuck in the middle of a city or it's loud and noisy, then that's probably not, you know, for you. But there are some people who really love cities and love shopping and going out clubbing. Still being up in the mountains, Probably not for them. Maybe you can't eat pork, So these are just all things to consider. Next is food. So everyone loves food, right? Food is what brings joy for a lot of people. But maybe you should also consider what are some things you can't eat? For example, maybe I cannot eat fish. I hate this. Maybe not, but strongly this, like maybe if you really don't like fish and probably being sorry, T may not be a good idea. Maybe Japan might not be the best country for you. Can you eat spicy food and hoping are you? Are you willing to explore something even if you don't like it? Maybe you don't like fish, but maybe you'll give suits. You try in Japan, maybe you'll try to train yourself to enjoy spicy food. When I was younger, I didn't like spicy food, but I slowly trained my cellphone Indian curry toe like more and more spicy food. And now I can really enjoy spicy. So next let's go ahead, talk about environments. So how important is the environment for you? I get very more into cities or mountains. Do you like the beach Or do you like desert hot and cold? Temperament doesn't have to be in the middle. Just try to understand what works best for you. I am a city lover. I love partying it up. Party in it up. I prefer maybe seventies, about 22 3 Celsius weather. These are just little things to consider for you and then last lifestyle. What kind of lifestyle do you want? Are you wanting a more luxurious lifestyle where you're traveling and money is not that big of a deal for you? If you really need to save money and you're more of a budget traveler than maybe stay in a place not a private hotel, but maybe a dormitory style hostile or guesthouse? It's probably best for you because you're going to be paying a lot less than you would at a hotel, for example, or do you wanna work and save money abroad? That's definitely a possibility, too. So I want you to answer these questions because I want you to try and learn a little bit more about yourself as that way you can kind of get a better feel of where you want to go on the next list. I'm gonna be talking about researching your location because it's so important to have as much information as possible, so I will see you in the next lesson. 3. 3 Researching Your Location: Hello and welcome back. So now we're gonna be talking about researching your location because you need to know a lot about your location for just going. So I wanted to talk about just a few tips when it comes to research here. Location. So that way you know how to probably research. So they really we live. In an age where there's technology and information in abundance, you can find a lot to simply using Google. However, each country is very different. Each country has different prices, different weather, different terrain is different people, different cultures. And so it's just so important to try to get as much research as you possibly can on your location. And they played through Google and YouTube. You can learn a lot and also Facebook as well, because Facebook groups have a lot of information to. However, it's just important to know because, for example, the cost of living in Tokyo will be a lot more expensive than Kyoto, which is Japan's old capital. Or we all know that San Francisco or L. A is more expensive than, say, Missouri in America and Thailand. So different. Chaing Mai, Thailand, which is in the north part of Thailand is full of mountains and green, and elephants, whereas to South Island, are full of beaches and sand. Also just wanted to say about flights. No flights are created equal. Usually the closer you are to a place the lot cheaper is so. It's a lot cheaper to fly from, say, Ohio to New York City. But it is to fly from Ohio to Japan. And once you're in Asia, flying throughout ages, Suki going from Japan to Korea, 40 $50.1 way and you know, going into Thailand, Vietnam could also be like 10 $15 sometimes still usually wants. Here in area, it's a lot cheaper, but also just consider when is the best time to fly. If you're coming to Thailand, it wouldn't be that fun if you went on the rainy season. Visas are also very important, And so what visas are as they determine whether you can go to a country and for how long you are allowed to stay in that country. So each country has its own rules, and if you're from the US, most countries don't require be so for just traveling. However, if you are planning on living there a long time or you want to stay there for a while. Then you do need some sort of visa so that we just make sure you're doing their research because each country Berries and then depending on where you're from. That also varies a lot, too. So now that we can have a little bit of an idea, let's go ahead and talk about flights next. 4. 4 Flights: Hello and welcome back. It's now we're gonna go to the fun part, which is flights We all like actually trying to get to our place, right? So places usually, what kind of gives people back the most because they find it's too expensive. So it's a little tips to help you find some affordable and my exploits. First thing I wanted to talk about is flying during the off season, usually a lot cheaper to fly during the off season. Which makes sense because during that one season, a lot of people on vacation and holidays and so air company is kind of jack up. The price is the best time to fly would be around smaller screen, usually December and August. Summer and winter are very expensive. I went back to America from Korea in August. My flight was about 1200 U. S. Dollars, but when I would check for like the month after dropped to like $600 or $700 round trip. So it's a pretty dramatic difference, so if you can, I would recommend avoiding those two months. I know it's hard because people are usually working during the other months, but If you're not working or you have flexibility, try and travel during the off season. My next tip issues Google flights or a sky scanner. So what they do is they take all the airlines and put them together and then compare the prices for the days you have selected. So let's go ahead and use an example. So I really love Google flights because and only does it compare different airlines at the same time it offers you cheaper options. So, for example, practical flights and I live in Seoul. But let's change just to I was just in New York City, in New York on maybe we want to go to Tokyo. Okay, and we want to do round trip. Okay, so first thing I want to show you ISS here. When you select in your days, you can already see the prices. So here in January, as you can see, it's pretty high from New York City to Japan. Round trip for like five days make sense because winter Gandhiji is expensive around this time, too. It could also be did how soon we're booking the flight as well. Sometimes it doesn't matter. I've all tickets to three weeks in advance, but it can affect it, so that is just something to consider. But here you can see visually when the cheapest flights are. So you see January's and thousands and tours and it's around 900 February, though we can see round trip tickets from New York to Japan in the seven hundreds, which is really nice. And then we check march. We can continue to see some 100. This is the lowest I've seen. So $119 March and yeah, you can just kind of begin to compare it and see what it looks like. Some 719. So let's go ahead and select one of these. Let's say we have some time in March. Maybe we want to leave on 60 Okay? And then we can stay hello for a week so I can show you The return price is $703. So it's going to like that until here we are. This is our $703 ticket, so we will be flying. Oh, well, look at that. So despite that they had selected or found tickets are even cheaper. $521 using Air China. But the downside with this is that it's steady four hours and 20 minutes. What takes over a day compared to 21 hours? So here you just have to gauge yourself and see what's more important, saving about $200 or saving about 13 hours in time. So those are things that get center, but they dio offer even cheaper prices. As you can tell, Not only can you see that, but you can see the different airlines Air China, China, Eastern Sea. You see different airlines, and then what I like about this is they used a price grab. So you see, like what day will be cheaper and have also explore and see if you find the lowest one. But it's like we've already selected that, but it doesn't get much more than $1000 which is kind of nice, except on this day here. I also see the dates, so it kind of shows you okay. Monday is pretty good to fly out Monday and returning on a Tuesday that seems to be ideal. The weekend usually work sensitive, which makes sense, cause Asian people are flying out on the weekend and then also airports. So it is showing you what airports would be cheaper to fly in. And yeah, of course not. Eaton, which is in tow, kill and also Haneda, which is also in Tokyo. These are two cheapest ones, and here's some more expensive wine. Here's some other ones that are cheaper, but they're getting more further out of the way. So that's the thing I really love about Google flights and skyscanner kind of something similar. So next I want to say is, make sure you're flexible because, as you saw earlier, depending on what days you fly out of its a lot cheaper, so few clown aside, it's gonna be a bit more expensive. So if you can fly out on Monday, you can probably end up saving a few $100. Next, make sure use incognito. Move soon. Incognito mode is kind of like that hidden mold that Google Chrome has here like new incognito mode. Now it's like secret and headed. The reason for that is because websites like to track and store the prices of research plates and therefore a race of prices. When you search again, so get incognito kind of which that you can also use credit card miles to use as flight currency. That's a good way to save money. So Miles are all expendable flat currency you can use for try away. There are credit cards out there that I made specifically for travel rewards and some in exchange for spending money through your credit card, which you're probably gonna be spending anyway. Now you can kind of get miles for at that you can use for future flights. So common ones, our capital one venture Venture one Chase Sapphire Reserve preferred. And you can also get like credit cards directly from an airline's. That's kind of basement when it comes to flights. Okay, so now the next lesson wanna go ahead, talk about housing because now you've made it. But now you need a place to stay. All right. And I'll see you there 5. 5 Housing: Hello and welcome back. So now I want to be talking about housing. So you know where you wanna go? You searched your location, you bought your flight and now you don't have a house, Not a problem. You need a place to stay right. So usually housing is the next biggest expense. Someone to go ahead suggesting housing from free, too cheap to expensive. But again, a lot please. A roll into this. So, for example, if you're looking for comfort and ease and private nous and a lot of amenities, then off course is going to be a lot more expensive. So let's start with the 1st 1 which is couchsurfing. So capture fee, or couchsurfing dot com is a great option for getting in a local yet free experience. Because kite surfing is a platform where host can offer an extra ruin our house or, as the name says, their couch. Usually this option is at no cost to you, which is great. You not to pay anything in exchange, you get to meet a local person and keep someone company for a little bit. And so I have done couchsurfing a few times. Actually, the first time I did it was in Japan. I was in Tokyo and I cultured at this guy's house. He was like a dentist or something, and he had, like, a mattress in his holy. That's where I stayed. But it was kind eyes because we talked and we stared some like opinions and thoughts, and it was kind of cool to, like, get to know Salon at the same time. It was very nice for me because I didn't have to spend any money and took you next. Is working or volunteering abroad? So I don't go into too much detail just yet because I do have a whole section working abroad, working our Valentina broads a great way because in exchange for help or work, you get free housing. I'm doing that right now. I'm in English teacher in Korea and in exchange for working as an English teacher in Korea , they pay for this apartment. Hustles are another great way to save money, houses or create because they are very affordable Nolly that they offer two types of options. Usually they have a dormitory style where they were basically kind of sharing like a roof, a bunch of people, but they have mixed dorms that female only also skin different, though some hospital are more like social and party. But they're also like more calmer hostels where there are more like Relax, it is really depends on your style. What you like. So my favorite side to go to ISS hostile world dot com. That's where eBook all my osos Airbnb, if you don't know, is basically a website platform where people can bring out their room or their entire home for your stand. Airbnb is can be achieved and very expensive. Just depends on the Airbnb. Some enemies are really, really nice. There's like a treehouse Airbnb. Even there's like, specialized or the abused, and maybe also offers experiences as well, so you can do activities like meet with local people. There are more things to get the than Just look for housing through Airbnb and and there are hotels, which I think most people are familiar with. Hotels are usually the most expensive options, however. Hotels are private. They offer a lot of services such as amenities, 24 7 service and more breakfast, etcetera. That's pretty much it when it comes to housing, and we're now don't this lesson and that we're gonna be talking about working abroad and volunteering 6. 6 Working Abroad and Free Travel: So now we're gonna be talking about working and volunteering abroad. So this is really exciting because this is where you can get free travel. Yeah, working abroad and free trouble. Say what? Marriage is a lot of amazing opportunities and options for you to live for free. So, for example, teaching abroad there are so many chess is a teacher, brought another country. English is a world language, and so therefore many countries have incorporated native English speakers into their classrooms or as private teachers. Eso I only work for one. I work for a big, which is English program and Corea eso in exchange for me working a year contract, it's and a year I teach. He lives, so they provide this sprint. But of course I could pay too. So I get money while two minutes I get free rent while also making money. It's the last year's money I can see. Teaching is just such an awesome way. Teoh make a lot of money so you can even teach and other countries not just created. Nowadays, other languages are becoming more probably. I've met Spanish teachers, German tutors, Chinese teachers. Next is work away, So if you want something more short term or that, as in teaching work way is great. So we're going as a platform where people are looking for workers and volunteers in exchange for housing and sometimes food and allowance. The whole needs all kind of works, such as teaching, painting, filming, baby sitting, cleaning and more. Just, for example, Let's go ahead and search work away because I also have a breakaway account. So I'm going Teoh click on this and it seems like, Okay, mom lovers, I look pounds here. I can see what days are available, so they're looking for someone in summer. So in exchange, I can comment into a beautiful mountains and they're looking for physically strong people. I work out and were motivated, and you ask them So basically someone who it's pretty fitting, act any I could see and learn more about them. They're in English. Couples over from England, kind of older. You can see the help they need. They need help with gardening and building maintenance and equal project. So in exchange for your help, they offer a combination and a tent that's kind of cool. Seven trees. Wow! So usually each place is completely different. Usually it's like a room or in a home or something, but they offer a tree house, which is kind of cool. Uh, there's a lot of hiking and kayaking, so this is like for that outdoorsy person. And then you can also see pictures as well. So you kind of see this is kind of around the area they live in a very nice Oh, that's the little tent out. Well, that is cute, because that's them adorable. You can also see the reviews as well. You can see what people have said. So it seems like they had nothing but positive experiences, which is beautiful. So work away is kind of like that. Each workways different. Some of them are like I said, very go green and environmental, but some of them can be in the city there. A lot of soul freezing point took you in New York City, Paris, so you don't exactly have to go to the knowns. But this was just the first example being kind of seemed opportunities. You have work away and everything ranges. You could be there for a few weeks to a few months. It just depends on the help they need. So next is digital matte and digital momentous song who works remotely from the comfort of their own laptop. So, for example, maybe their Web developer, and they don't have to exactly be in the office to do that so they can just work from a computer, so gives him a chance to travel and work freely. Other remote jobs could be blogging, so should be a management. I've seen people, even tall English, one line so you could do a lot with the computer. So when I lived in Thailand, I was a digital format there. I did a lot of teaching English online, and I was kind of what I used to pay for my rent in Thailand. So it was kind of nice when I was working Holiday Visa, which is a visa granted by the chosen countries. The country you choose cause you to live and find a job in the country for two years. For example, say, if I wanted Australia, I can apply for working holiday visa in Australia, and there are other options. Teoh. Not just these weapons. One world. Why are teens on organic farms just a chance for someone or individual to We're going farms in exchange for housing food. It's kind of like work away, but specifically with farms. But it's a great way to help local farmers. You know you need to learn more about organic and local food. House sitters is funds. You get housing in exchange for living in that house and watching someone's pets to usually maybe a couple where someone might be trialing for a month and they have adult at home and we so want to be at the home toe watch adult for them. That's a good way to travel as well. That's kind of it when it comes to working and living for free abroad and there even a lot more options. But I definitely recommend, you know, kind of looking into this and seeing what works best for you. I hope this lesson has been helpful for you, and we're gonna go ahead and move onto the next one, which is talking about things that you should consider 7. 7 What to Consider: Okay, welcome back. So now we'll be talking about what to consider. So this is just kind of like an extra sort of thing that I had. The first thing I want to talk about is insurance. So insurance is very important, obviously, because anything that happening and so make sure you talk to your local insurance companies . See if they all for anything for a travelers insurance. But if not online, you can purchase travelers insurance. Next thing I wanted to talk about was exchanging money. So usually the best rates for exchanging money is at the local banks. Basically what I mean by exchanging money ISS for $1 to 100 yen, just converting the U. S dollar to Japanese yen or two Korean Juan etcetera. Usually the best rates for that the one to try to offer as equal rates as possible is at the local bank. Usually airports do you have the worst rate, but sometimes you don't have any choice. I would also recommend to make sure that you have some exchange money before you go to your big your home country and exchange a little bit of money first, just abuse. See then when you can when you write up the country pride to go to the local baker because that's when I'm gonna get the best deals. Vaccines. Some countries require certain vaccines. Of course, some countries have more diseases. So if you're going to a country that has a lot of sicknesses and diseases, you know that's just some day and consider, Just make sure you did a proper research and go to your doctor or seek for up to date of lawyer vaccines, so that just never hurts to be 1% sitting and safe. Budget budget. It's a properly so I just want you to consider the cost of a country from transportation to food and housing. So, for example, in Tokyo, transportation is very expensive. Taking this away from like one part of Tokyo to next Tokyo can be like 10 $15. Sometimes one way Ross and Soul. It's like $2 completely different, even though souls, also a very big in busy city traveling throughout Japan is just very expensive compared to create traveling girl. Correa is very cheap, so these are just things that you should research and understand. Now we're not surprised or shocked on how expensive this international license. So if you want to drive abroad, just makes you having international license you can get in your home country. I know if you're in America, I have my international license, which I got from Triple A. So that's something that you want. Just make sure you do it before you leave and in community, I want to talk a community because it's so important to make friends right. So especially for trying to live in a country. The best way I have made communities are made friends was through Facebook groups. Meet up dot com. It's a thistle website where you can literally meet people and I have different groups. So many painters of Tokyo War hikers of Korea Couchsurfing is also great. There's always capture if you meet up. So people who are traveling or living temporarily, maybe to grab food or appear it's just a good way to kind of buying communities within that local area. Those tips kind of help you feel a little bit more reassured when it comes to traveling. So the next lesson we're going to conclude everything we talked about 8. 8 Conclusion: Okay. Hello. Welcome back. So, yeah, we're now done with the class. We did it, guys. So now you have found your location. You did your research. You booked her cheapest. What? Or at least your best Quite fitting for you. You got your housing and you are now maybe working abroad. Who? Very nice on you. Consider everything you your updated of vaccine. Do you have insurance? Good. You're traveling safely and you're having fun. So now that we are done, I just wanted to say can now connect with me. So if you're interested or if you have any additional questions, feel free to leave them here on skill share. But you can also connect with me through YouTube video, YouTube channel, youtube dot com slash delightful This I also have instagram instagram com slash day. Like cool. And I do have a facebook page, facebook dot com slash delightful. And I hope that this was hopeful this was my first sculpture class. But if you do like it is, please also leave a comment below so I can know and feel free to share with me. What countries do you want to go to? I'm very curious to know what's pulling you. Thank you so much for taking my class. I hope to see you around the world somewhere. Take care.