How to Travel the World and Make a Living with your Laptop!

Peter Crooks, Learn English/Travel/Write/Earn

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5 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction.

    • Deciding Where to Travel.

    • Income Streams 1.

    • Income Streams 2.

    • Staying on Top of the Game.


About This Class

How to Travel the World and Make a Living with your Laptop!

"My dream was to live in a paradise, working online doing something I could be proud of. And now that dream has come true. My only regret is I wish I had done it earlier on my life."  - Peter 'Quest' Crooks. online English Conversation Coach, Film Maker and Digital Entrepreneur.

Have you ever dreamed of giving up everything and traveling the world making a living with your laptop?

Well today it is a distinct possibility that you can!

I can confidently tell you this because I am doing exactly that now. And I`m over 60 years old, so there`s no excuse for you younger guys.

In these 4 bite sized video lessons, I`ll show you exactly how I did it...

How I chose where to go and why.

How I found accommodation and meals for free.

Which online resources I use.

How I make money with my laptop.

And much more.

With loads of online resources at your disposal, many of which are mentioned in this video class, there is no better time like the present to pack that bag, book that flight and go travel the world.
Experience other cultures, open your mind to a new way of living, live the life you`ve always wanted to live.

Watch this class and you`ll discover just how easy this can be.

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Peter Crooks

Learn English/Travel/Write/Earn

Hello, I`m Peter, an online teacher of English conversation, film maker, digital nomad and a proud Global Village advocate.

A native English speaker from the UK but now living in Bangkok, Thailand, I travelled around South East Asia for a couple of years during which time I was a voluntary teacher of English to both Adults and Children. I also have experience as a lecturer in Radio Skills in the UK and am a keen film maker, producing travel and cultural videos for my travel website and...

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