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How to Travel Part 1. Selecting a Destination

teacher avatar Daycia Harley, Life is meant to be enjoyed!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. How to Travel Intro

    • 2. How to Travel Questionnaire

    • 3. How to Travel Why Power

    • 4. How to Travel Musts

    • 5. How to Travel Food

    • 6. How to Travel Environment

    • 7. How to Travel Lifestyle

    • 8. How to Travel Overview

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to travel but never knew exactly how?

Thankfully for you, I've compiled a list of questions to help break down your travel dreams into reality!

We will go through a series of questions to help you choose what destinations would work best for your needs and wants!

Remember, we are never stuck with one option. We have an entire lifetime to see the world. At no matter what age, it is always possible to travel and to do something new with our lives!

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Daycia Harley

Life is meant to be enjoyed!


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1. How to Travel Intro: Hello. My name is Stasia, but more commonly I go by as day. I have been traveling around the world since 2012 and more recently I took a pretty long permanent trip outside of the U. S. Which is where I'm from. But back in 2012 I decided to do a study abroad in Japan where I met people from all over the world. Since then, I learned so much more about other cultures outside of my own and outside of Japan. And I became addicted to wanting to learn more. The world is vast and they're so much more to see. So, like here also, he was quite high and eventually I decided, Okay, I have to travel more. Afterwards, I started to become a frequent traveler. Even within the U. S. I've seen so many different cities, and I managed to travel to over 10 countries, including Sweden, the UK, Canada, Guatemala and more summer of 2017. I decided to book a one way ticket back to Japan since then had opportunity to travel throughout Asia. After making my way from Japan to Taiwan, I decided to hop to Thailand, which I fell in love with and stayed for over six months due to living in Southeast Asia. I had many opportunities to visit other countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia. Currently, I live in South Korea as an English teacher and influencer Since coming abroad for the first time a few years ago, I managed to pick up a lot of knowledge and experience on how to travel and live abroad. Many people are very curious about traveling, but are unsure on what to do or how to save money or how to pay for anything. So that's why I decided to create this class. This multi class Siri's will help you learn more about life abroad and helping you take that first step. Together we will go through some questions that will help pinpoints of ideas for you. I think traveling is something everyone should try at least once. And if I could help people achieve their goals, that would be amazing. And the next lesson we will go over the questionnaire that I made with his class. See you there 2. How to Travel Questionnaire: Okay. Welcome back. So they're bracing. I want to introduce. Use the question area so you can go ahead and download this. Pdf now in the class of probation. So you can either print it out here or you can also do it in the comfort of your own computer. Whatever is best for you, this magical pdf will help you narrow down and match your desires, needs and likes to destinations. That would be a good fit for you. So in the next lesson, we'll go ahead and go with this together. 3. How to Travel Why Power: Hi. Now that you're back, we're gonna go ahead and start with the first question, which is our white power right here. So this is so important because our wide power is what drives us your essence for traveling abroad. Why do you want to explore the world? I have a list of points to help you cut off a few ideas on your own. For me, my wife powers because I have a huge desire for connective others and to learn more about this world since traveling, I got antics were so many amazing and cool things. And I just want to continue to see more. While I'm here, I feel that I only have one life to live, so I want to make the most of it. You may never know what happened, so why not do things that you enjoy and that things you've always wanted to do? So for example, since I was a kid, I've always wanted to go to Japan. As a child, I had an opportunity. Sorry. I totally saw that wrong. Good to take martial arts. My teacher Waas very shoes. Gasic. Therefore, he really wanted us to learn Japanese as well I became very intrigued again. Don't let my spelling, and since then I would often go to the library and read books on Japanese history and culture. My biggest dream is to visit Japan, So this is my white power. I became very, very interested in Japan as a child and as I mentioned earlier, is because of my sin, state and martial arts. Afterwards, I became addicted and wanted to learn so much more. Just the curious nature of me. And I go to the library and read about Japanese history and culture and language constantly . And so, uh, it made so much sense that in 1012 when I was in university, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Japan. I also decided to minor in Asian studies, focusing on Japanese, because Japan was such a big goal for me since I was a kid and yeah, and doesn't 12. I did a study exchange in Nagoya, Japan, and fell in love with it, and it was just amazing to make that dream of mine come true. So I think it's so important to have a big white power. Why do you want to go abroad so I've listed again some examples earlier. I just ready for something new. Do you have a desire to volunteer work in another country? I want to meet new people from other countries. Um, I love eating. I want to try foods from all over the world. So what is your wife? Power? What is that driving force for you? And the next lesson we're gonna go ahead and tackle are must 4. How to Travel Musts: Hello. So now let's go arm us. So now that we finish our why, it's important to go over our must because these are our requirements. These are things we need as individuals to feel satisfied, comfortable and joy. Also, for some examples, I can write that I begin. So I need to be around areas with Megan options or that as an extra vert, which is what I am. I feel very comfortable being around a lot of people. So for examples, cities work really well for me. Just because I'm company surrounded by busy nous that makes me feel comfortable. But for other people, that might not be the case, and that's okay. I couldn't be isolated in a mountain somewhere, but maybe someone I was good, right? So I want you to go ahead and take the time to write your must. This is so important because you have to feel good until comfortable. If you are vegan and you're in an area where there is absolutely no vegan options, probably wouldn't really enjoy that city or the area as much. Right. And you probably won the feeling frustrated constantly to it's super important to feel good So please go ahead and do this and I'll see you next lesson which will be going over food. And who doesn't like food, right? 5. How to Travel Food: Okay, so let's talk about food and who doesn't like fit right? This is probably my favorite commutation because I feel like eating, and I'm sure most of us like eating. I hope so. Food is essential to our survival, and it's also essential to understand what foods worked best for us, not foods do not work best for us. So I decided to you. But some questions here about food just because I think that it's essential to make sure that you're fully comfortable when you're abroad, especially for the first time. So I have questions of what foods bring you joy. What are some foods that you absolutely cannot eat? Can eat spicy food? Are you antics? War Food options are vastly different than the ones from your home country. Are you restricted to a certain diet? So, as I mentioned above earlier in must, for example, for your vegan going to an area where there's high meat may not be ideal? So I mentioned what foods do you like? I personally prefer food and high nutrition, so I really love vegetables. Fruit. I do not like me much at all, so it were expressed for me. If I am in areas do have an abundance of vegetables and fruit. But I also love spicy food. I love salty food. Sweet food except treze. Okay, then we should also mention views that you dislike. So, um, again, meet limited, right? Keep me limited. What foods can you not eat? So if you're a strict vegan or vegetarian, maybe meat and dairy is something you would put as an option. And are you willing to export food options just because certain countries do have very different food. So up for me? I'm pretty high ish on this girl. I'm around. Maybe a seven or eight. Um, I'm very open to try and very different foods and smelly foods even. But things such as bugs are still something. I probably wouldn't eat much. Um, so that's why I would probably say seven or eight. So go ahead and fill this out and I'll go ahead and see in the next lesson where we will talk about environment 6. How to Travel Environment: Okay, so now let's talk environment. So I think this is also very important. And how important is environment for you? So for me I really hate cold weather. I mean, I really, really, really don't like cool weather. And I currently live in South Korea, which gets very, very, very cold winters, unfortunately, and it makes me a little sad, but I'm here and I enjoy Korea enough to the point more. I'm really to embrace the winters. And so is that something you could do? Or do you really, really, really dislike cold weather, or do you really, really dislike hot weather? Can you live in somewhere that's humid? Can you live in somewhere where the weather is extreme thes air things that you should consider also? What's your ideal environment? Do you prefer cities deeper for beaches? Deeper for mountains is your ideal weather works constantly 7 F or about 27 degrees Celsius ? Just understand that certain countries have wonky whether some countries have hot weathers and country talk. Very cool weather countries are all four seasons. Some countries have a lot of cities on country of beaches on country tub loans, so just make sure that you tryto figure out what's best for you if your ideal environment is beaches and especially, say, if I must, sir, For so being around water is ideal thing that makes sense or if you are, ah, hiker hiking. If you are ah, hiking lover, then obviously mountains is ideal. I really love shopping. So I want to be in a major city. Just make sure that you keep these in mind. So go ahead and do these questions and then after we're gonna talk, will be most important question, which is lifestyle. 7. How to Travel Lifestyle: so we're almost done. And now we're at the last and biggest question of this questionnaire, which is lifestyle. This is important because this will determine how you want to live, how much money you need, what you need to do, etcetera, etcetera. So this is very, very, very important. Are you someone who wants to travel life a luxury? Is this affordable for you? Depending on where the country you're at, a life of luxury is easily obtainable. For example, in Thailand Ah, life of luxury is much easier to have then to say San Francisco. And by life of luxury, I mean people for a nice hotels, high class food, nice apartments, kale of a simple and comfortable life and be able to save money. Also, I just want to quickly note that it is completely feasible depths. Did it longs end to still travel abroad? As someone who lives here in South Korea, I met many other most teachers who have managed to pay off their student debt within 1 to 2 years. So keep in mind that you're not exactly limited and that there are a lot of options tohave . But if you're a song with law student that maybe a life of luxury isn't exactly obtainable a future classes. I look over in detail on how to save money, how toe work abroad and to help to budget. But just for now, I just want you to start thinking about the type of lifestyle you want or need for this current moment or released within the next six months. And don't worry, even if right now you're currently paying off student debt into their years, maybe you can live that life of luxury. You've always on it. Just because you have to choose away now doesn't mean it has to be that way forever. Right now, I'm living a very comfortable life here in Korea, and I think that it's just very meant to be for my current moment. But who knows how live in the future? I'm also very content of where I'm at right now as things take time in progress. So again, right now, I want you go ahead and start thinking about what works best for you. What kind of lifestyle that you want right now and after you're done will go ahead and talk about the overview of this class where I will mention about future classes and how you can stay up to date with everything 8. How to Travel Overview: So we did it. We managed to finish the entire question, their high five. So now I want to go ahead and talk about people review of this course. So first I'll go ahead and link below to my lips tight. Ah, list of destinations that could possibly work for you that works for your lifestyle, the food you want, your must. Anyway, I do want to quickly point out that you're not stuck toe one destination and that you have a whole life to live and you can see many, many destinations. So in future classes we will go over in detail what it's like to be a slow traveler, which is someone who lives abroad for a long time, what it's like to budget, save money for travelling, how to work abroad, what to pack, etcetera. So this class is only part one of a very long multi Siri's. So in future, classes will go over how to be a slow traveler, someone who lives abroad for a little time. How to budget how to save money, what to pack, help to ensure safety abroad, how to be a slow traveler, where I'll go into detail about visas vaccinations, housing, etcetera. I do want to point out that you can stay up to date with teaching classes by subscribing to the email lists which have posted below, and I will make sure that's a neat cremation. Peter Glasses. You can also check out my social media where you can learn more about my life abroad to I also do for Gilly make videos on YouTube, especially about my current life in Korea. So if you are curious about my YouTube life and my life here in Korea, feel free to go ahead and check over my YouTube to I'm also on Instagram, where also frequently posts really fun pictures of my life abroad and were very curious about my previous travels, such as Thailand and Vietnam Malaysia. And so far you can also head over to my instagram. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you so much for taking its course and I'll see you in the picture classes by