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How to Transcend Limiting Beliefs

Adam Sweeney, Metaphysics Specialist

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17 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Intro 1: Life Energy, Emotions, & Filters

    • Intro 2: Resistance & Emotions

    • Intro 3: Releasing Emotions / Stored Energy

    • Beliefs And Their Functions

    • Example: Relative Beliefs

    • Negative Beliefs & How They Serve You

    • Your Process of Self Discovery & Tools

    • The "Order" Of Things

    • An Overview of The Process

    • 1. Clearly Identifying How You Are Feeling

    • 2. Identifying Past Experiences Of Beliefs

    • 3. Naming The Specific Belief

    • 4. Becoming The Belief You Prefer

    • A Real Life Example

    • Belief-Benefit-Behavior-Experience 1

    • Belief-Benefit-Behavior-Experience 2


About This Class

This is a metaphysical course based on my own research in my own personal time of self-discovery, as well as from the coaching I do with individuals and their belief systems.

Every thought or feeling we have comes from a belief. If this belief is in alignment without our true selves we experience positive emotions. If it is not in alignment with ourselves, then we experience unpleasant emotions. Then each belief perpetuates itself as is its job in order to give us a solidified feeling of our reality. We buy into the reality because it feels real, however, it is just our beliefs being experienced as real.  All beliefs are valid and can be experienced as real, however, they may not all be in alignment with who we are as high-frequency spiritual beings and this can cause us to experience realities of feeling unloved, unworthy, fearful, lonely, depressed, or anxious. These are real experiences, but only reflections of beliefs we have picked up from others. They are not inherently real, just experienced as real and since life does not have any built-in meaning and is relatively neutral they can be changed.

We must first discover what they are and why on some level we choose them. In a process of self-discovery, we can bring them to full awareness and change them in order to experience a new reality based on truth in who we are, which is beings of unconditional love and abundance. That is what we are and therefore what we deserve and those who choose to look at themselves and know themselves in doing so will express love for themselves and this love will reflect back to you in all aspects of your life. 






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Adam Sweeney

Metaphysics Specialist

Hello! I have been writing lyrics for 14 years and teaching music and songwriting for 12 years. For the last few years I have been helping songwriters all over the world write lyrics more effectively and helping them create a daily practice of connecting with their inner creativity and inspiration while writing tons of clever lyrics. I look forward to connecting with you in my course!

If you are interested to see the lyric and songwriting work I have done here is my SoundCloud.


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