How to Trade Like W. D. Gann - it is NOT easy - Level #1 | Stephen Hollander | Skillshare

How to Trade Like W. D. Gann - it is NOT easy - Level #1

Stephen Hollander

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5 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction to the time & price square

    • Averages and proportions

    • Division of the circle

    • The concept of squaring the circle

    • Angle iterations


About This Class

Level 1. Calculate and Plot Angles That Make Sense

Learn to think like Gann and understand how to apply his geometrical angles correctly to any financial market chart.

A powerful step-by-step study guide to the simple mathematical principles behind the basis of W. D. Gann's unique trade forecasting method.

Please note: the author of this course is not a trading coach. The tutorial is a digest for those who are familiar with Gann's analysis, but still find his ideas challenging.



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