How to Thrive Through Uncertainty and Setback on Your Creative Path | Dandan Liu | Skillshare

How to Thrive Through Uncertainty and Setback on Your Creative Path

Dandan Liu, Documentary Filmmaker | Cinematographer

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15 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. Revisiting the Success Story

    • 3. Intro to Techniques

    • 4. Short-circuiting Our Reward System

    • 5. Cultivating Patience

    • 6. Dropping Expectations

    • 7. Permission to Pivot

    • 8. Ending on an Upnote

    • 9. Cultivating Clarity through Meditation

    • 10. Creating Anchoring with Routines

    • 11. Zooming Out and Taking Stock

    • 12. Staying on Track

    • 13. Course Wrap Up

    • 14. One Minute Newsletter

    • 15. Guided Meditation

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About This Class

 “Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.”

 -Erica Jong

While there are lots of advice out there on “goal setting” and “productivity,” they all overlook one essential part of a successful creative venture: the uncertain middle phase. There’s this common lifecycle to creative projects, where after the energetic beginning, this challenging middle sets in. This part is full of uncertainty, doubt, setbacks, anonymity, deserts of progress, and those tedious, boring days.

It's here where most creatives give up or rush through the discomfort with relentless productivity, both of which rob them of the potential joy, growth, and sustainability needed to reach their goals. 

This class is entirely dedicated to this uncertain middle phase and how to thrive through it. Sharing 7 techniques and framework shifts, I will show you how you can cultivate peace, joy, and clarity through this challenging, uncertain terrain and grow the longevity needed to reach your dreams.

Near and dear to my heart, these techniques are what allowed me to successfully navigate many challenging middle phases in my life, going from someone who was stuck in an unfulfilling career to someone who now lives a spark-filled creative life, doing what she loves full time. I hope that they will help you shift your perspective of this middle phase from one based on fear to one based on possibility.


  • Anyone facing uncertainty in their creative ventures or life.
  • Anyone who has left the shores, but not reached their destination yet.
  • Anyone who wants to create their own path.


  • How to develop the momentum needed to keep going, despite setbacks, lack of recognition, and deserts of progress.
  • How to short-circuit your reward system.
  • How to connect with yourself to gain clarity.
  • How to structure your days so they counterbalance the ambiguity found in this middle phase.
  • How to stay on-track when faced with unexpected events and pivots. 

So, if you are set on reaching your aspirations, come join us in this class!

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