How to Test your Watercolor Paints for Staining - Get to Know your Watercolors 2 | Natasha N | Skillshare

How to Test your Watercolor Paints for Staining - Get to Know your Watercolors 2

Natasha N, Create the Life of your Dreams

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4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. How to Test your Watercolors for Staining Welcome!

    • 2. Process and Materials

    • 3. Bonus Demo! See why it's so important to test your paints

    • 4. Class Project and thank you!


About This Class

Hello and welcome to the second class in the Get to Know your Watercolors series! In this class we'll look at how to test your watercolor paints for staining.

Knowing whether you can lift your paints or whether they'll stain permanently is incredibly helpful. Intentionally lifting is often used to create details and add highlights that give depth to your painting. Testing which paints you can and can't lift helps avoid frustration and disappointments!

In this class, I demonstrate how to lift paint both with a 'regular' watercolor brush and with a scrubber brush. My personal favorite is my Cheap Joe's Fritch Scrubber. There are similar looking scrubber brushes on Dick Blick. I haven't tried the Dick Blick brushes, but they're also a company I trust. You'll also need some clean water, paper towels (Viva paper towels are the absolute best for lifting!) and swatched out paints that you want to test. Your transparency test swatches from last week's class will work perfectly!






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Natasha N

Create the Life of your Dreams

Hi, everyone!

I'm Natasha, a weightlifting yoga teacher on a mission to help you live a more creative, conscious life!

My love of teaching and learning runs deep; I have a Masters of the Arts in Teaching, am a registered yoga teacher, and am a certified life coach. I'm honored that you're here and hope you consider enrolling in my class. =)

Please visit my blog, The Artisan Life, for craft tutorials, printables, yoga practices, and more!

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