How to Teach Successful Classes on Skillshare ? | HU Shahir | Skillshare

How to Teach Successful Classes on Skillshare ?

HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

How to Teach Successful Classes on Skillshare ?

HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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11 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What makes a class great?

    • 3. Planning Out

    • 4. Dividing Into sections

    • 5. Audio and Video Equipments

    • 6. Recording Software

    • 7. Audio first or video?

    • 8. Editing and Class Trailer

    • 9. Class Image Graphic

    • 10. Naming and Descprition

    • 11. Publishing and Marketing

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About This Class

Online Teaching is the best way to convey knowledge to other people ,nowadays most of the people learn new skills in online way and by help of popular platforms like Skillshare , Udemy , Youtube and much more sources on internet . On other hand these platforms create new opportunists for teachers and people who want to transfer their knowledge to students in easy and profitable ways .

Now that you reading this you might be a skilled teacher who want to teach in online platforms or maybe your a newbie that like and want to teach on Skillshare or other platforms you have come to right place and this class is a perfect match for you .

In this class we will talk about basics of teaching on online platforms how to plan your class , which hardware devices you have choose , which software you need , sectioning , recording , editing , naming , publishing and much more .

If you are ready lets dive into it :) 

Meet Your Teacher

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. Interest rate for apology in motion and welcome to disk Lass. This class is a little bit different class from my other skills show classes because in this class we will talk about Phipps and things you have to concert while you want to teach on the sculpture. Why? I want to create a great class on its feel share or any other Platham. So in this class we will talk about how to planning out your A class, what is a great class. And also we will talk about how to choose your Audio Corp men's and how to choose your soft . You're off recurring. It's gonna recurring, and also we will talk about a graphics elements off your class. We'll talk about naming and descriptions anything and also publishing and marketing strategy. Uh, that will help you a lot of while you want to teach classes on a scale share or any other Platham. So So if you don't have any experience on teaching specifically on a scale share, this class would be a great starring pine for you guys. So if you really let's get a start 2. What makes a class great?: okay. At the first, let's talk about what makes a class great. Okay. It is not important if you're ah on a scale. Sure. If you want to teach on a scale, sheer or other platforms like UT me, great classes and great courses always Saxes in most of the cases because the time it's depend on the time that you put on creation off a class or a course complete course and also at the the way that you create the course. The planning. Also choosing the right topic for your audience naming and description Choose a great name to attract audience and students on also description. Putting a full description off the course and explaining it is student why they have to choose. Why do you have to enroll in this class or in this course? And also I could are you all He was very, very important in a film. Ah, video and audio is it split out and 50 person view is importing owls and on other side 50 person are he was very, very important and makes a great film and great multimedia or whatever is just in video. I mean that are you is very important. And you have to Ah, put too much attention, Um, on your audio and choosing the right mike for you. I will be our command, some of some banks and also some video chips in this class for you that makes your class so great and so beautiful on also creating a good graphic continent. If you don't know graphic Softwares, maybe you will hire someone or ah, going for freelance graphic designers to design a very good course graphic that we will discuss about her, that I will explain for you how to do that on also a good marketing strategy on and planning your marketing will make a class of course, very great and very powerful. Actually, when we talk about, especially when we talk about skills, skills, share Ah, If we concerts kill, share it skills Here is ah, small community off teachers. I mean, as computer to ut me. It's so small. And also it is it's ah so brief, I mean, and most of the classes, or like a tutorials. And you're not too long. Some of the class or long, bad. Most of them are very Charlotte between 30 a minute and one, Howard. But you can Steve find some of them or longer classes if I go to skill share and also in here you see, we have a lots of classes that you confined in different categories. Ah, I personally, I I've seen a lots of low quality classes on a scale Scher That is not water that all. I just say that it is safe for you because they don't have a good wise day. The teacher does not consider anything to to make a perfect classes or to explain something very in a very great way on DA. But in on her other side, there's lots of great class on a scale share that when you see the trailer off the class itself, you feel at the time that the, um, instructor and the teacher put on this a class to make that great all equality, great video quality, some graphic elements or some motion elements that religion inspires me personally to create and put too much off. Ah, time and my force to creating a great class on. Most of them are having a large amount of student, and he makes a lot of many and all today build lots of followers for them. For example, it this personally this illustrating Icahn said, A class that is, ah, newly released by the King G s values. It's really great class. I personally enrolled in this class and learn a lot of things from them designed, ah, lots of things. And you see that? I think they were released this class one week ago. And you see that, Ah, large amount of student there really miss parts, every teachers that, um but that it's the matter of quality. Believe me or not, it's a matter of quality if they make a very bad quality glass. No one wanted to rule on that class on. There was a lots of teachers in here that built amazing classes, and most of the year classes are going in trending Maron in Training page and, for example, in here are one drop lean that is a very experienced graphic designers that puts all of their efforts at creating a new classes. And your it is a kind of inspiration for our teachers to see these classes. These are the things that I have mentioned makes a class very great and very, um efficient for students. And once you Ah, cancer, These s task when you consider these points, your class ah, will be, Ah, great class. And you build that lots of followers you can build. And you would, um, Aaron, A lot of many, either if you're in the sculpture or any other platforms, thes topics, thes tips, and that I've mentioned in this class on we will talk about it in their next lessons Will perfectly fair on different platforms is specifically on a scale. Shoot. So these are a brief overview to ah, what makes ah class great. We will talk about it. We'll talk about each one of them deeply into Nick's license. 3. Planning Out: okay. And this. Listen, I want to talk about planning your class or your course before going in recurring process before Jim to the actual process. It is very great idea to create a plan. Are a small a script? Ah, for your in class. So Okay, you can create the scripts and planning for your class in different ways. You can. You can either go to heart, paper and planet our and in which way that you're find yourself comfortable. You can go for it on you condone created your class plan. Because when you go, it's free. Forward to the recurring process A. You might have some inconvenience experience. For example, you you might think what what I should talk about in this Listen, or you it's kind of confusing you in recording process. But if you have a plan, plant ah, outline. And if you haven't a line of your your class, you would not be confused on each on different process. You recurring on you're just going to straight forward to recurring. And according to that plan that you have created create the lessons and Rick are you would listen, for example, in here I have created a very simple table for planning our EU relations. And you see, that is very simple A table in Mike's afford or you can just do it for our people. But I prefer Teoh Do it. Um, Software Leading software award in here. You see, I have my license number and also the lessons name. And also I have description and duration. So, for example, imagine I want to Ah, my first. Listen, um will be other introduction, maybe. Ah, talking for example. Ah, reviewing cinema 40. And it is a it would be my license name and the description, for example. I can simply ride what everyone would, for example, describe the license. Ah, I have to talk about seen him 40. Generally on, um, and new futures off futures. All that tools off cinema 40 um, how to use it? Or blah, blah, blah and ah ah, lots of other things. You can just described a lesson did you want and not not so long Description battle, for example, at, um, sex are seven line would be great for you to ah. Then lose your concentration. And also in duration. You can, um just according to your a description and the license long just gas situation. For example. Maybe this lessons would be at the between eight and between eight and nine minutes on. It doesn't have to be in the same direction. Maybe the duration in the recurring. Personally, the duration. We'll go. Ah, very longer are Charlie. It doesn't. Ah, my mother back and writing them down. It's very good. I find I found this very ah, fishing way to put too much of your concentration on your relations so that the first step is planning and you have to write down all of your lessons. After you write down, you have to read it. You are You must have. You have to print it or just copied on your phone while recurring because when you recurring your license on kimchi jar, you recurring from the screens. It is not a good way to just go back and forward to the world are something else. You have to copy it on your phone and according to Fornari, if you have printer, you you can printed out and according you Dad, just go along side of this, a script that you have created for your class on and you find yourself very comfortable while recurring. And if you go to recurring process without this plan, and I can imagine recurring a class without initial planning. Ah, I'm not creating this types of, ah, I just create a very short or bad for most of the new vice teachers who want to create classiness cultures or any other platforms. This kind of table on this kind of planning is very, very helpful on on. Maybe you just find yourself comfortable into a much simpler planning from time to time and also a day by day and month by month. If you just create gaining experience or teaching, you can just simply shrink this planning out and the style of this ah planning, for example, you can just write. Ah, listen, semen, just one liner at the description and all the thing is good, but I prefer I recommend to just do it for for almost seven or eight miles to just find yourself a very comfortable Why recurring? You're a new class on any platforms that you want to publish your class or courses, so that is from planning and scripting. In the next listen. We will talk about dividing course into a different and smaller pieces 4. Dividing Into sections: okay. And this. Listen, I want to talk about dividing your ah license into different sections and why we have to do Ah this because when you have a lots of license, its most of the time, it will be confusing for historians to find which classes related toe which topics. For example, I have I have worry long class on ut me about and motion graphic complete motion graphic and putting all of the lessons. For example, 103 listen Ah a on ut me without sectioning them. It will be very confusing for a student to find which listens air related which topic on I found that dividing your lessons and putting them into different on into one section it will be very good. And it and it will make the process very easy if its tune in to find the lessons on the topic off the license. For example, in here I have my core section. It is a Torti section off the course, for example, in the first half into introduction in the second out to become a motion graphics I can ride, for example different. Listen that I haven't out. He became motion graphic cars, for example, that the, um inter inter ah, action to introduction to and you see that I have ah written down these lessons and each one of them is a single listen that related to dissection how to become motion graphics and like this, we have to repeat it in each section. For example, we have motion graphic with aftereffect from this crash that is a five. Our long listens and I have to put all of them into the section on. We have the other section like to the environment and coloring after fix. We have to put this license to this section on and same like this. We have to repeat this into our course outline. And it is good on ut me. Because you, Timmy, our house has to create sections for a lecturers. But on a scale, sheer dysentery is a little bit different. Why? Because you timmy is not allows has to create sections for ah classes. But for if you have longer classes, you can section you're cautious with a listen. For example, just go for ah one sections on when the section is in just created video that you have to say that the section is aimed and we have to jump to dissection. Andi on. Repeat this. Ah, up to the end of the course. Andi, this makes your class. And of course, if you have on this culture very great and very easier for students to find at the lessons and to provide the overwhelming and divide the confusing of the students while the, um, enroll on your on your class. And when they find yourself confusing about a class, most of the students they will leave the class. Andi will not continue the class. Um, it's not good for you for as a teacher on a scale, sure to give to give the your students about experience off a class and try to ah, if I this types of things and try to sectioning and dividing your class into different smaller sections 5. Audio and Video Equipments: okay in this. Listen, I want to talk about choosing right audio and video equipments for a recurring your class. So choosing the right hardware in are you and also in video core planes is very, very important while you recurring your class or your courses. Because, um, if we cancer there are you if you are are you It's not good if you have, if you are, Are you has a lots of knives in. There's a lot of lots of things that makes an are you very bad quality on day Lose their confidence about you if you're of ah if you were ah, very experienced teacher. But your wife has a very bad quality that you're a student will lose their confidence and lose their energy and inspire ation. Wildean ruling on your soon So are you is very important. He side of that video is also very important. You have to choose a very good computer for yourself if you want to invest too much off your ah Manny. And also you want Teoh, create a nice small study for your car and you can just go for a Mac or Mac book pro. Our windows a base windows laptop or desktop are Mac. He just choose a very good computer to run very slowly and very fast. Ah, you bring your recurring. And if we jumped in, Are you an audio? Did? The most important thing is the mind that you are recurring, your wife's. So ah, I personally recommend to Mike's in here that I, uh um and my browser the 1st 1 is the road. Anti use be mined. The price is a little bit higher on you. See these pricing era because I'm leaving in Germany, on in Germany, at the price or Nero and a little bit ah, hired in use a origin any other countries, it's depend on your country. But in my controlling does in Dutch one Germany, the ah alternative name for Germany and German language is a near a price are in zero are they are included. Ah, some some taxes and different stop. But if you really leaving on United States, the price would be something around 150 backs on. That is very cool effort for ah quality and very based star you mind. And now you're hearing my wife's from the same Mike that is in heroin in t use B and the mic is almost very based on most of the stallion's used this mike for recurring ah, low budget songs and that these steps. So if you want to invest MAWR on your are you, you have to go for rolled into use. Being. The cool thing is that it is used me. Doesn't need to. It doesn't need for, ah, 35 3.5 millimeters jack or any other. Ah, and put out of device. It's just used being You just simply put it, Ah, I used to be poured on. All the thing has set up on the ah installing of this cinnamon of this is very, very simple. So there other option is a snowball. In here in E Bay, you see that it's a little bit cheaper on beer. Qualities also good but can peer to roll the anti. The quality is not so good. If we compare Snowball to roll it in tea and the price is lower, it's ah, good. But the quality is not as so good as much of this road in tears. So if you don't have too much money or you don't want to spend too much it. Snowball is also Ah, good and cheaper option for you to go for it. So these are two options are I recommend for you on day? There was a lot of our your mikes and and equipment that he could go for it to, um, have a very high quality. Are you for your class to to give you to take your student experience experience a while they enrolling on your class into the next level. So are you is very important. Put too much of your attention in Are you and also in video recurring that you will talk about it in the next lesson? 6. Recording Software: Okay, this. Listen, I want to talk about how to record your screen, which after you have to use which software is best. So my answer to this question, which softer is best for recurring is contagious stereo. It is the number one software that most of the teachers most of the people for on most of the people use data for screen recording in teaching the classes and courses, online teaching and a gaming and YouTube videos and these other staffs on I command. I hire a command to go for a continuance. Terry. There's are lots of other Softwares, like a screen capture or these other stuff. I don't want to talk about him, but you have to go for Kim TJ Stallion. I personally, I use Kim teachers study because it has a lots of features are lots of capabilities. For example, it is not on Lee for a recurring. You can eat it. You can put effects. You can lots of things that if I talk about it, it's not, um, fit in this class. And I have to create another class for Ed, especially for KMT Asia. And it's very easy. Ah, as well to learn. For example, there's when you ah, record your screen you can put it in this inter fees kempt Asia study You You see that it Here is a timeline that you can edit your video and audio You you get you have to call out like this. You can use it very specifically. You can Very great. You have human pan. If you have video, we consume a scale and create key frames. You can, uh, that you are Are you We can, um, remove your nice If you have an audio, it will be a prompt happened here that you can easily remove your are you nice and also feed out and feeding these others have you have transitions like there's that you can use it to To attract the user to attract the student attention you have characteristic that when you have a recording of you this car so perfect that you can put too much character effect for you that that you can use Ah conserve picked for your ah video and you have visual properties. There's a lot of things going on in here and mawr you have quizzing options you can create capturing you can record from your vet. Come camera. You can just record your wife's directly into Kim Tasia. Just your wise without video. And that is the benefit off. Using Kim Tasia and I recommend to go for a county Asia. It is not the price, Not too much. Ah, and you can you can find some promo code some discount ah into different platforms. If you search for coupons, Coats off came teacher. You can use it for a 50 person discount on just install that on um, in here you have the record screen. Just record your screen and also to one of the other powerful things off. Can't Asia is that it has a ah PowerPoint advance. If you just install the kimchi Asia, the Power Pine Adams automatically added to our part, Fine. If you use PowerPoint for your presentation, it's simply gives you disability to easily ricard from par pie power. Pint on. There was a lot of futures. There's a lot of parameters. You can jazz and control them while you recurring from power. Pint on. That is very, very cool. There is no so any other Softwares that allows you to do that. But I found Kim Tosia Very useful and very good. So that is from your soft yours when you have planned how to your class once you choose your are you ah equipment. Now it is the software's And now you have the temperature is tell you on in the next. Listen, we will talk about which one we have to a record first are you are video are semen Julie it C'mon tediously a video player. A class audio Are we Ricard that in the same time? So we will talk about it in the next lesson. 7. Audio first or video?: So let's talk about which ones we have to. Ah, Rick, our first audio, our video are same boat off them. So if you record for a mirror screen, it is impossible to Ricard. Are you first and then video? So on that case, you have to record your video first. If you are doing some screen recording, for example, and record your scream at the first, it would have the Oh, sorry, recurring and all the things are set up. Just record your video on, then play the video, played a video on go to wise narration and narrated the video it. Most of the people most of the teachers prefer disk, a technique to creating the perfect lessons and lectures on I. Myself. I don't do that because it takes a lot of time for me, and I found myself very comfortable, um, in recording the audio and video in the same time, So I find myself comfortable. It's it's worked for me. I can just do, um, this types of recurring I record the video and ah, you see, maintain Leslie And then I edited on KMT Asia are your on a video? So both of them if you're a new by teacher on if you did, if you don't have any Ah, a little experience on ah recording. I prefer to just simply record your video first and then narrate your video and put your vice generation on the video in KMT Asia and then edit both of them separately on, uh, take your final output So it takes a little bit of time on because you're new and you don't have any experience. It is a good way to provide some off their inconvenient things on your lesson. So for me, I just ah used ah there way that recurring the audio and video at the same times Once you find your yourself comfortable, um, on recording both of them in the same time Soon journalist E you can just go for the this way. But at the first IRA command to record your video first on, then Rick are your audio. So that will be perfect for the new by teachers. So that is it in the next listen, we will talk about editing your lessons and also creating classed trailers for attracting in the U. S. Students 8. Editing and Class Trailer: okay in this. Listen, it is impossible to record a video without any fault. For example, Well, while you're recurring, maybe NYSE will come, Are under Are the doors open or the vendors open, or some kinds of Are you inconvenienced? Are some sense of or some kind of folds? For example, you just miss pronounced some force or you just, um, confuse in ah, while requiring in the recording process or something like that that makes recording on DSM kinds of, um, 90 things. Why are you recurring? It is good. It is. It's ah based way toe editing to edit your class. I personally, most of the people. Most of the T shirts aided their classes. What will, once they're recorded on, you have to edit your class in came Tasia Kemp. Asia allows you to simply in its your class, for example. In half put this recurring and she a lots of inconvenience thing in here that I have just going confused while while I record this video, and if are you is not match in most of the Parsons, he's understaffed. I can simply, um, edited by carrying out and just connect them with each other. on these kind of stuffs are you can, um, change the rd level or zooming panning in some, um Ah, process in some lessons or putting the transitions. It is good to edit your A lessons on Once you add it, all of your lessons it is once you get it all your listen. It is very good to have a trailer If your classes, if I go to skill, share most of my classes on a scale sheer. And if you want to create a great glass, it is very, very good to have ah, trailer off your class for a student to to prison a trailer for them that they know. Why did he discourse? What? This course a bar on once every description dcd video off there, um, court sharply and didn't they can enrol on your course. And in here I have teach several classes and all of them has trailers on um, if I click on that, you see that it? And here it is written introduction in this introduction. Um, it is the trailer of my class, and most of my class has your own trill ish. And for you, hasn't you buy and for you has a new by teacher. You must create a trailer for your class and it makes your class so professional. And, um, it attracts newest students and try to use some music and some sounds some ah, faster speed. Ah, off your lesson. Faster version for And also put some music backgrounds and also your eyes off the introduction and these other stuff unpacked them into one Ah, chart trailer And your trailer should be something around one minute. Or maybe listen one minute if you have more than if you have longer classes, you just go for one minute. One between two minutes off trailer is Ah ah, perfect trailer would be a perfect trailer for your So that is it that is from class trailer on editing your license in KMT Asia 9. Class Image Graphic: so in this. Listen, I want to talk about the class image in class graphic. So if you see most of the ah sculpture classes has, ah, class image and it's very, very important to have a class image and class graphic atra track me with students, for example, all of my classes has your own class image. And you see, um, for most of them, I spend lots of time and and spending one hour between two hours, as in most of the time to design these class image on my own, and I just drive them and food shop or in Adebola straight or and Dan Ah, I just packed him. I just put them into my first lessons off class on. I just put them, ah, onto into my classes. And if I brash to ah, some of the still sure classes, you see that most of them has your own, um, class image. And in here you see different class image from there and front front facing in class image to ah painted collar class image on most of the successful classes has your own class, Emmett, and that is very, very important for having a great class and no one just go for a class if they don't have. And also we confound. Some of the successful classes would have to class image without that specific class image It is, or some off the expections in this community, but it is very, very good to design your class image. If you don't have at the designers scale on your own, you can hire someone from freelance dot com or some some of the graphic desires for almost very cheap a prize to design a, um, class image for you to attract me with students. Or you can just learn some designers skills and small designing skill to design your own class events and putting there in your class on a scale chair or any platform that you they teach on it. So at his firm class image, you must have a class image for your class. If you want to create a great class on its cultures or any other platforms 10. Naming and Descprition: Okay, let's talk a bar. Okay, this Listen, let's talk about naming your class on, um, writing description for your class. It is very, very important to have a very good and a descriptive name for your class. For example, in my classes, you see some some sharks Ah, names and some longing. For example, In here I just kind of find and choose a name for my classes to ah, simply Canvey the the target of the class. For example. In here, you see if I have any futures off cinema four D, Very simple. All the things are just convened for a students on also in hand, you have to cancer there. The cases and the upper and lower case is you have to go for this kind of form. Your first what? Ah should be in upper case on the first character off each wars and your name should be in Africa. You see that in build and you were your own cause I mean, it's kind of a good A style, and in naming and labelling, it's very, very important. If you write all of the characters in the lower case, it's a kind of if you see that in design person perspective, it's not be It's not beautiful. And also in ah, Centex off in Scientifics, in scientists, off writing It's not It's not Ah, could to write the labels and names into lower cases or all of them into uppercase is you have to go for lower key upper case and lower keys to each wars on like this. It will be Ah, very good. Ah, naming option from seven. You see that in all of the's? Ah, um class names I need you see that these are all ah, uppercase on lower keys and most of them has this types off style on their naming and also about their description. If I go to description, all of my classes has your own descriptions, and it's very, very important to have description if I clink and hear the art of flu design and also you see that if I go to a bar, you see that it has the class image in here and also the description very long description for my class. It's not so long back. It is very good to have your class image on the top and also ah, the description that the important nous off award you can just simply bowled them out in your descriptions on you See that I have my class project like this and also about very nicely and very good for my classes. So you have to choose their right name and perfect name for your class. Also, you have to write down the description Ah, in here to create accurate class. 11. Publishing and Marketing: look in the last Listen, let's talk about publishing your class and also have to build a marketing strategy on out. Attract new students to enroll on your class So this part will be alittle bit difficult, Onda time consuming. And it takes, um, Times two, um, have to create a good, um, marketing strategy for your class. Eso I don't You can find a lot of feasible groups like escape cheer, monster mines and also using the coupon codes. You can post it on their it just search for you, Timmy Copan, Coats and you Timmy groups and its cultural groups and these staff on just trying. To those groups. There's are lots of members. There is a lot of students and teachers, including myself, on those groups that I just simply share my new classes and copans and these other staff on those groups because Facebook is free. Most of the people are and now in Facebook, and also you can go for Mr Graham on Twitter. If you have ah, and ultra here your new classes and put it on Ah, those social media's and also, if you have a website, your own websites, you can also opposed your new classes on your own website and also some of the Copan strip side Some of the teaching all in teaching website as are available that you can go, Will it You can go for Ah, those also. But I find personally ah, social media is very, very efficient way to attract your students to find new followers and build your marketing strategy on. So Okay, that is it. That was from our class. Try to consider all of the, um steps and all of the tips that I have mentioned in this class. While you want to create a new class and you will see the best result in a good to result will take from your class on this field chores or any other platforms. So So I hope you guys enjoy from this class. And don't forget to check out other policy in motion classes on skill share and also put your comments and review if you drive from this class. That description blue on my name is u T shames you guys next time