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How to Teach Amazing Online Lessons with Google Suite - Part 2

teacher avatar I-Speak English, Be curious. Be confident. Be fluent.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course!

    • 2. Google Drive

    • 3. Google Docs - Part 1

    • 4. Google Docs - Part 2

    • 5. Google Forms - Part 1

    • 6. Google Forms - Part 2

    • 7. Google Slides - Part 1

    • 8. Google Slides - Part 2

    • 9. Google Slides Part 3

    • 10. Thank You!

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About This Class

If you’re a teacher who’s recently been moved online due to school closures and you’re struggling to get to grips with Google Suite, this course is going to save your life!

In this course, I’ll show you step by step how to organise and execute synchronous and asynchronous classes using essential Google suite extensions and apps.

In Part 2 take a detailed tour of google drive, docs, forms and slides so that you can create killer classwork and assignments for your students with minimal effort!

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I-Speak English

Be curious. Be confident. Be fluent.


I'm Hayley, a teacher and founder of i-Speak English.  Over the last 5 years, I've successfully helped thousands of non-native English speakers to improve their English and gain fluency.

I've worked in both private language schools and online, teaching groups and individuals of all ages and nationalities. My main goal is to help people to feel comfortable and confident when using their English skills.

I love languages, I currently speak 3 (English, Italian and Spanish) and I'm learning my fourth (Romanian). I use my knowledge from the last 8 years of language learning to help people master and fall in love with English.

I know how difficult (and sometimes frustrating) it is to learn a language and I want to make the process as easy as possible for non-native sp... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the course!: Hi, everyone, and welcome to how to teach amazing classes with Google. Sweet Part two. I'm Hailey on. I'll be your tutor for this course in this part of the course, we're going to be focusing on Google. Drive on all of the ups that come along with that. First, we're going to look at Google Drive itself and how it connects with your Google classroom. Then I'm going to give you a detailed walk through of Google docks and how you can use them to give assignments to your students. Next, we'll look at self grading. Simon's using Google forms. Finally, I'll show you how to create amazing synchronous on asynchronous classes using Google slides , and I also show you how to create an interactive class schedule that you can upload to Google classroom every day or every week on. You'll learn how to do all of this in just one hour, so I don't over to the first class on. You'll see that 2. Google Drive: Hi, everyone, and welcome to the first class in this class. We're gonna look at everything concerning Google. Drive on how it connects to your Google classroom on how you can use them both together. Toe. Organize your classes a little better. It's that last jump in. So it would be worth for you learning how it works with Google Classroom, which I am going to show you now in this lecture on, just have a little play around with it. Andi, have a look every time you do something in Google Classroom how it affects your Google drive. Try to keep it organized if you can, especially if you have a lot of classes on your giving a lot of class work and homework. Your driver's gonna get full pretty quickly. But as you can see here, I've organized mine with colors and numbers, which I'll show you how to do. In a second from Google Drive. You can also create doc slides, drawing sheets, any other Google document you can create directly from your drive ons. You can access each class drive folder directly from Google Classroom, which I'll show you now. So we've already taken quite a detailed look, a Google classroom. But it's also important to know how your Google classroom and Google drive are connected on what jobs they both do. So you can access your Google drive directly from your Google classroom before you go into each class. If you look here, there's a little folder button on that will take you directly to the Google drive that's associated with this classify hit open. It brings up my class one, and you can see a lot of documents from your class one. So in your Google drive, anything that you do from Google Classroom, any classwork you set any assignments you receive, anything that you edit will show up in your Google drive. As you can see here, I have a bunch of folders, and they're all in alphabetical order Now. Google does that for you, Andi, if you like to see your classes in a different order, this could be a bit frustrating. So one tip I do have if I go back to my normal drive one way you can organize this. If you want to see your classes in a particular order, you can just add numbers in front off each folder. So, for example, you can see here I've got number one attendance to English class on. I've got my classes in order Three English class, boring of class. So the way to do that, then, is just right. Click on any folder that you want on Go down to rename. I'm just a number in front of that. I'm here. Okay, on that will come out there on something else you can see I've done is that I've added colors as well. So this just helps it to jump out at you. So you're not lost in a sea of hundreds of different folders. So again, right, click on, then scroll down and you can see here It says change color on that must just make this purples sick. So you can just go down and continue like that with all your father's. If you like. That's just one way of keeping your classroom a bit more organized and just easier for you to manage now. Another important thing to notice years that I have a separate although only for classroom . So all of these are different folders that I've created myself. The attendance, dummy folders, cameras, islands, your classroom will be created directly as soon as you create a new class that will be created on. Then, if you go into classroom, all of your classes will appear here. So again you can do the same thing. You can order them however you like, color them. So do not delete this classroom folder. Because if you do, everything from your classroom will also be deleted as well. So make sure you keep it there. So let's go back into my class and let's have a look at some of the work from my class. Okay, So, for example, if we go into this essay folder, what you'll notice here is that it has a different owner for each s a. So every time a student does a bit of work for you that will go into a folder with the same name as the assignment. And you should see if you've hut the permissions correct on the assignment that the ownership changes. So here it would have originally been my name because I owned this document when I set the assignment. If it was a writing assignment, I would have set ah blank copy off something for my students make a copy for each student, and as soon as they open that the ownership changes on, they then own that document for which you can see here. Now, when they turn in that document, when they finished it, the ownership changes once again and it will come back to me. And then when I've graded that assignment and returned it, the ownership will change again and it will go back to the student. So these assignments here have already been graded. They are now the students, so be careful with your permissions. I said this in the last section again. If you're not sure which permission means which I've added a couple of images at the end of the last section s so that you can see the difference in permissions on. One more thing that's important with your people drive is that it allows you to create any type of document. So instead of going up to your abs and searching filled the correct dark, you can just right click anywhere on your Google drive on. You can upload different documents, and you can also create different documents directly from your drive as well. So every time you want to given assignment. If it's a writing assignment, you can create a completely blank document from Google Drive. You can also do this directly from Google Classroom as well. It's up to you. Okay, so that's everything for Google Drive. Join me in the next lecture, where we'll be taking a look at Google Docks. I'll see you there. 3. Google Docs - Part 1: Hi, everyone. And welcome back in this lecture, I'm going to give you a detailed walk through off how to use Google dogs on how you can set them as assignments for your students. So let's take a look. So Google Doc has three different modes. You can edit Google Dark suggest with Google Doc in view on, and I'll show you how to do this in a second and all the different options that it has. You can insert images, charts, drawings, as you can see here. So Google Docks has a really nice compare tool. Now this allows you to compare your dark with the students dark. Or you can compare your students docks together. I'll show you how to do that in a second, they explore. Till is another really handy, too, so you can see this over here in my image. It allows you to search the Web images on the cloud for information and for images on Then you could easily cite that information at the bottom of your document there, and it also has some nice settings. As you can email your doc as an attachment as a PdF as a word doc and It's grateful teacher meetings and team meetings, things like that. So let's take a look at Google doctor in action. So Google Dr. Like any other type off Google app, you can access it by going up to your APS icon appear on. You'll find it right at the top. So let's make a blank document on show you a quick walk through of all the features. Now, if you're familiar with Microsoft Word, a lot of this will be similar. They've got the same icons for different features and things. So at the top here, you've got your different fonts. You could make your funds bold italic. You can underline them. Give them a different color, come from a different size. You can also give your dog a title. If you click on the title, it will give you the same as the first line in your document, which is quite nice. Or you could just type in a different title there. Make sure you give it a title because it makes it easier toe find in your drive. Once it's there, everything from Google docks will automatically save to your drivers. You can see here that's the same for slides, drawings on any other Google app, it will automatically save to your drive. You have three different modes off viewing the Google dark. So if you go to view here on go mode here, we've got three different views. You've got editing. So this allows you to do absolutely anything to the document with no restrictions whatsoever, which is what I'm doing now. You've got suggesting, so this allows you to just add comments and suggestions to the document. So this is good for if you're working in collaboration with are the teachers or you could use it to give you a students and group work. If they're reading, you can send them a document with suggestion only commissions and then making all work on that document on. Just add little comments to it, or if it's just reading activity and you don't need your students to make comments, you can give them a document that is only for viewing so they can't do anything to the documents. They can only read it, or if they want, they can print it. So be wary of your different permissions. When you give a document, you can also insert images appear now there's two different ways you can do this. You can even upload one that you've already got on your computer on the nice thing that Google does. It allows you to search directly from Google eso. If I put, for example, linguistics tree and then I could just drag and drop this into my dog on, then I can. Besides, that is something else you can do here is to insert drawings as well, so you can even create a brand new drawing or you can take it from your drive. So if I go to my drive, you've got a few drawings here from my my bit Muji balance, which I showed you a few lectures ago. So it's just select my daughter here. Okay? So you can put little drawings and things like this at the top of your document, especially if you've got young learners. They might like some kind of bit mo juice at the top, or you can even just and in a bit motive. If you want, for example, go over here. It's a live emoji extension, so we could have that just a start here, dry control long so you can do lots of different things with your big emojis, and drawings and images can kind of jazz up your documents of it. Personalize them a bit more. Another really handy thing that docks allows you to do this is really good. If you're a maths teacher, you can insert chance. So you've got bar charts, columns, line charts, pie charts, and you can even insert them from sheets. So if you've got a sheet filled with different bar charts for a particular lesson, you can add those from sheets. So let's go ahead and add a pie chart on something you can use. This is an example of one of your classes, or you can insert one directly from your sheets that you've made yourself. 4. Google Docs - Part 2 : Hi, everyone. And welcome back in this lecture, I'm going to give you a detailed walk through off how to use Google dogs on how you can set them as assignments for your students. So let's take a look. Another useful thing is your formatting tools. So let's say let's pick a different frontier. Different column. Okay, so let's say I like this sponsored. I like this color and I don't really like this one. What I can do is high like this and go up to my formatting tool, which is here. The little paint roller with paint four months on. Then I can then go in high lines. Whatever I want to change, which is this, and it will use the same form to size and color on it will change it. So if you just want your document to be uniform and use the same title, subtitles on everything else. That's really handy tool. So it keeps your document looking neat and tidy. If you're making a document to share with other teachers of some sort of team meeting or something like that, another really handy thing that Google doctors is that you can email it so if I got to file , you can see here email as an attachment on. Then you can just email this as a PdF or word or anything you like. You can change the file format. Be wary if you are changing the file format that it might mess up your formatting. So it might appear differently in that document than how it appears in the Google doc on. Then you can just email it to however many people you like on and a little message and email it directly there. Whereas if you're sharing this with students, you've got two options. Either you can hit share at the top, uh, get terrible link. And then again, be careful with your permissions. Make sure if you want him to edit, they can have it. If you want to comment, they can comment. And if you don't want them to be able to do anything other than look at the document, make sure they can only view it so you can copy this link and go into your Google classroom and on the link there as a material or assignment or a better thing to do is make this document separately. Go into your classroom. So let's say this is going to be an assignment. I'm gonna go to create assignment. Onda, I'm gonna go ad. So this is gonna be directly from my Google drive. It's already there. Should have saved already. There it is. This is a dummy dog at that. And again, if you want students toe, have their own copy so that they can edit it on their own. And it's ah, it's a solo assignment. Make sure you hit, make a copy for each student on, then they'll be editing their role file. If you put students can edit file, all the students are gonna be editing the exact same file. So you're going to end up with a 1,000,000 different comments on the same file on If you hit students convened file, they won't be able to do anything. They'll just be able to look at the document. So if you want them to work on a document individually, always hit, make a copy for each student. So I'm gonna add this now on, then I'm just gonna go into my student mine dummy student file on. I'm gonna go into my Google classroom from my dummy student on. I'm just gonna mess around with this document that's just been assigned to May beaches here . So because I put make a copy for each student's now, my student can edit this in any way they want. So I'm just gonna add a few things here. So my student has now edited this Doc. Now, if I go back to my dog to the teacher dog, I can then compare this document to my students document. So if I go up to tools, you can see a compared documents. This is a new till that they've added quite recently. So if I hit compared documents, um, and I search for my students Witness Children's those peak. Now, this is from my classroom Golden in class one. So this is my comparison document. I don't go compare. Now, this will open the comparison in a different doctor on. You can see all of the changes that your student has made to the document. So this is quite nice if you're doing group work, as you can see, a lot of the different changes that every student will have made to the same document on you can see what the comments are, you can see if they've corrected anything in the document. So that's a really nice till to use. Okay, on, then. One more tool, which is really nice, is the explore too. So again, if I go up to tools on Hex Law, this will open a window here. Now I can search for anything. If I'm doing research for a project, then Aiken search of a known for example. Yeah, let's go linguistics. So this will search the Web on it will search for images as well. So let's say I just want this nice little dementia. Now I got my image on. This will also bring up different information about the image. And Aiken toggle this on or off if I want it here on I never really nothing is that it's good for citing. So if you are giving your students an essay or it's an official written document where they need to cite their references, your student cover Congar up here toe web on anything that they take off the web. So anything that they copy and paste, for example, of their directly quoting someone say I like this bit. So let's say I copy and paste this into my documents here. Now, if I go back to where I got it from over here, we can see this scientist of footnote. So if I hit that on, go down here. I have my citation done for me. So that really helps to save time for citing references for your students on for you. If you need to cite anything on a on a particular document. Okay, so that's all four Google docks. Join me in the next lecture where we'll be looking at Google forms. I'll see that. 5. Google Forms - Part 1: Hi, everyone, and welcome back in this class, I'm going to show you how to make self grading assignments using Google Ford's Celestic click. So, as I just said, you could make quizzes for homework come for classwork. That's an example. Over here, one of the quizzes that I've made I'll show you in a second. The great thing about these Google forms is that their self grading Thank you, Lord, So you don't have to sit there in grade hundreds and hundreds of different quizzes and exams. You could just create an answer key, and it will great itself on. Your students will be able to see their grades straight away after they've submitted it. You can link them onto slides. So I said in a previous lecture that you can create a schedule slide for each week or each day on. Do you can make a Google form and put the link for that fall onto the slide on. Then your students can directly access it from there again. I'll show you how to do that. In a bit ons, you can now make Google forms direct from Google Classroom, so from the assignments page, or you can make them ahead of time and then upload them separately. You've got two options, so let's take a look at how to make a Google fallen. So there are a few different ways to access Google forms. Either you can access it directly from your main page. If you go up to your up, spy here so it's going click on Scroll Down on, then you'll find it. Here. You can click there, or you can access it directly from your Google drive as well. So if you just right, click anywhere on your Google drive with hit mole and you'll find it here is long on that will take you to a blank full. So let's go back to our maps and access it in that way. As you can see here, I've already made a fall. So this is just a little quest I made for my students for a grandma point that we've been studying. So what, you concede there's a few different types of questions. You've got multiple choice. You have short answers. You can insert a picture. You can also enter videos as well, so I'll show you how to make a quest like this now, we'll just go through a brief walk through. So let's go back to forms. And again, you got a few different options. You can even take a template that's already made made for you. Or you can create one yourself. So I'm just gonna create a brand new want to show you how to do it. So you're teaching Give your form a title. So I'm gonna be teaching future forms here. Okay, so let's take a look at the different options of questions that you've got. So if we go over here to the right click the struck down menu, you got all of your different choices. So I'm gonna make a multiple choice question to start with. So I've got my question. They just have to fill in the gap on now. I need to add my answers as well. So once you have your question and all the options you need now you need to add the answer key. So if your answer key isn't showing, that means this is just a form and not a quiz. If you want to turn it into a quince so that you can give it for homework and your students can fill it in. You need to go up to your settings at the top and go to quizzes on Total This on. Make this a quiz. So then you can assign points and values to each question. I felt it save. Now if you look down here, you have a non security and I can choose the right one. And I can also give it amount of points that I won't hit done on. There you go. There's one question them. So that's hot. Another question. So I'm gonna dio short answer question now and then they can just out there answer there. My answer. Key. I can give one point, but obviously, if it's a short answer question, there won't be a correct answer, so they could just have a point for that anyway, on then. If you want to add another question, go appear to your plus. Go ahead. Question. Let's say paragraph and again doesn't not gonna be any answer key to this, but you can give them maybe a maximum of five points on. Then let's have one more question, and I'm gonna put on image in here. So if you come over here to the image icon. You can hit on the image, and you can upload an image even from your camera from from a link from your Google drive from anywhere. So I'm just gonna do a quick Google image. Search sounds Take a look. I think this machina could insert on. I'm gonna make this, uh, a short on the question again and great. And I'm just gonna put and they can just write national sentence as a response. It's done. It's just check that the rest will have points. A swell one point. Perfect. 6. Google Forms - Part 2 : Hi, everyone, and welcome back in this class, I'm going to show you how to make self grading assignments using Google. Ford's sellers take like another thing you can do. If you want to use similar questions from another form that you've already made. You can also import questions as well under here. If we hit import questions, I can choose from any other form that I made and then I can specifically important, which have a question I like. If you have quite a long Quist, let's say you're doing a type of exam. You can also add different sections just to split it up and make it more manageable on something else. You can also do is you can duplicate the question as well. So if you have a really similar question and you only want to change a couple of things, you can do OK and then you can just change one or two things in the question. So I'm just gonna delete this question here, OK, something else that we need to do is well, if you don't want to answer every single question, you could just talk all this here saying required so that they can't skip that question. Let's make sure all of these are required, because then I can just no even bother to complete the form and uploaded if they're feeling a bit lazy. So that's how basic quiz. Now, let's take a look at some of these customizable options then, so you can change a theme color. So I'm just gonna change mine to the same as my business colors on. You can also choose an image but the header as well. So if your school has there a logo or something like that, you can choose an image on. And you can also change your font as well, if you want something a bit more interest. So there's my quiz customized on then. Lastly, let's just take a look up at the settings. Here is well, so if you want, you can collect all of your students email addresses, but you should already have these. If you're using Google sweet, you probably won't need this. If you're worried about security issues as well, you can restrict access toe. Only your students on you probably only want them. Teoh do this form once so you can limit it to one response as well you want. You can choose if they can edit it after they've submitted it. So maybe, you know, 10 seconds after they submitted, they realized it put wrong answer. So you can let them do that upper presentation. You can show them a progress bar shuffle. Question order. You probably don't need that all on. You can giveth. Um, just a nice message once they've finished. OK, And if we have over two quitters as well. So the great thing about Google forms if you used him as a quiz, is that you can make themselves marking. So if you put this option here, release mark immediately after submission thistle basically mark the quiz for you if you have multiple choice options and rather than short answers and paragraphs and you can choose if they can see their miss questions, any correct answers and how many points they get for each question. So I'm just gonna cook, save you on. One thing you're gonna want to do once you've completed your quiz is that you won't need to preview it so you can see what your students going to see. So if you come up here to this I a preview on, then you can choose. Okay, uh, going trying. So I completed my queers. And then if I hit submit. You can see that the message that we typed up before was popped up as well. I can also view my score as well. If you put short answers or paragraphs, it won't market properly for you. You're gonna have to mark that instead. But if you put multiple choice, simple market for you. So that's your quiz. Now, what you can do with this if we go back too awful now you can do is you can either share it in a link on your Google classroom. Or you can upload it directly from your drive either as a homework assignment or you can even link it into Ah, Google slide. And it could be part of class work if you're doing a synchronous classes and I'll show you how to do that in the next lecture when we look at slides. So if I go up here to send on, I get a link, you can also short in this link as well. If you don't want a massive long one on, I go copy if we go back to my Google classroom again, you can access from your Google maps down here, Chris Assignment. And it sounds like we said before it's phones given a description and I could go at on, then I could just at this link. AEA organ you condone upload something from Google Drive. I'm just gonna put the link the link, okay. And then I'm gonna give it an amount of points inside 15. Did you date Give them a topic? So let's say it's now we two, so that's gonna be for their classwork. And then again, you can add a different rubric if you like. Teoh on, then we got a son on every day is we've got in future phone. So now your students will know that that's already up there, and then they can go and complete it for their classwork. Okay, that's it for Google forms. So join me in the next lecture where we'll be looking at Google slides and how to use them in the classroom and for homework. We'll see that 7. Google Slides - Part 1 : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this class. We're going to be making interactive class schedules using Google slides on. I'll show you all of the tools you need to make a good looking slide. So let's take a look. So my main tip on this is absolutely gold. This is gonna change your Google classroom game so much, and it's gonna simplify it on. Your students are just gonna thank you so much for this. You can make a schedule for each day or each week however you prefer on, you can link all the documents you can link your Google meets. If you have, like lessons, you can link videos, anything your students need to do, you can put it on this schedule. Put it on your stream on when your students log on that day. That's the first thing they're gonna see. They can access it on. They can access all the links for everything they need that day away that week directly from that one slide. Instead of uploading a ton of different assignments and a ton of different materials, you can just upload this one thing on they can access it, so it's really gonna simplifying or Google classroom make it much easier to manage for yourself. I'm for your students. I'm going to show you how to do this later on. Also, this Google's live here. I've made this available in this calls for you to download, so you don't even have to make on yourself. You can use this. I give you free reign to use this and edit it however you like. If you go to the final section in the schools, you will find, uh, this schedule there waiting for you to download. Another great tip is to make a table of contents for your in class presentations. So again, I'll show you how to do this in a sec. But if you've got a really long presentation, or if you're making a presentation for a few different classes and you want it all in the same one, maybe you might end up with over 100 different slides on you're gonna be forever scrolling trying to find the right slide you want. Instead, you can make a table of contents and link slides from the presentation into your content. Slide on that will take you directly to whichever lesson you need and everything you could do with Google slides is to record yourself of screen cast defying. So if you're doing a synchronous classes or if you want to show them something for homework assignment, you can record yourself talking over a presentation, just as I'm doing now to talk to you on. You can link it to your Google classroom, and your students will have a video or a presentation toe watch with your voice over the top of it on Google slides. Like I said, you can use them in class live. You can use the homework, or you can use them for asynchronous classes, too. So let's take a look at how to make a Google slide then, so you can access Google slides the same way that you can access Google forms and Google docks. Eva, you can go through your drive right click on hit Google slides there, or you can go from your main page on click on the up here. So let's do that now, so you'll notice here. I already have a few slides. This slide in particular is gonna be very useful to you. I would recommend that you do this so This is a schedule. You can do a schedule day by day or week by week. If you like, for each class on, then what you can do is that you can put this schedule in their classwork folder at the start of each week so that they can see it. So if you're doing a synchronous lessons that you can link all of their homework there, you can also link any live lessons with your Google meet link. And you can put quizzes on there and you can just put any general work they need to do. So this will be the first thing that they see when they open Google classroom on a Monday morning so you can put your day up here. You're times down the side and then anything they need to do for that hour. So this is really gonna help you keep your Google classroom organized. Instead of putting 1000 different links to different things in the same day, the students are going to get really confused. You could just put this there with all the links they need on it for that day on. A we need to use is this one slide. That's the only thing they'll see in their folder on that day on. They can use this for the entire day all the entire week. So if I present this for example, So okay, nine until 10 they've got story writing. So if I click story writing, that's gonna take me to a presentation that I need to do. Families go back. Live lesson. Go to the classroom, find Google Link, or you can put the link to your meat there. 11 till 10 0 God quit. So if I click the quiz, it takes me to a quest that I have to fill out on so on. And so so I'd really recommend that you do this just to keep everything organized on, keep everyone on track, really? 8. Google Slides - Part 2 : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this class. We're going to be making interactive class schedules using Google slides on. I'll show you all of the tools you need to make a good looking slide. So let's take a look. I'm gonna show you how to make this. Now, just in a walk through off Google slides will show you all the different features it has. But if you haven't got time to do this on, this is available to you in the last section off this course, I've put a link a share, a bowl link in there that gives you access to Mitt on. You can take this for yourself on edited however you like. If you don't want to make your own. So if you'd like it, go to the last section on You can download it there. So let's have a look of how to actually make this than so. First of all, if you don't want to make a different one for every class goes, it'll take you forever. You can just duplicate this slide and edit it for each class. If I right click here, it's a duplicate slide. And there you go. I've got second slide, and I can just click wherever I like on duplicate this. But just for the sake of this walk through, I'm gonna show you step by step how I did it. So on the left here, if you right click your mouth have hit new slide, that gives you something completely blank. I like to delete the title and the text boxes just so that I have a totally blank canvas to work with so you can change the color of the background if you like. So just click. They're gonna change it to black on. Then what I'm gonna do to get my wife back is insert ah shape. So if you go appear to insert, you can put images, text boxes, audio video, whatever you like. I'm gonna inter shape little rectangle Way to go on, then just click and drag on. Then if you want different colors, go appear to you a little Phil icon and I'm gonna feel it quite. I'm gonna do similar thing to get Molly Blue Bond here, So let's insert another shape sane on there we go on, then I'm gonna fill this again Difficult to fill if you want your shapes tohave an outline that's appear a border color. So I'm gonna go black and you can change the width straight next to it here. So it's good for making nice and drunk. Then add text. You want to go to insert text books on drama books feel so I like to use also cold because it's quite chunky and you can see it quite well. It stands out. So I'm just gonna highlight that Gospels on. Let's make it quite big. If you want to change the alignment, it's up here the middle. Okay, lets just move my textbooks. You can use these lines to make sure everything centered of fuel. So I got my title. Now let's get my time. So again, you can just insist a textbooks. I'm just gonna keep the same funds just to keep it clean. Yeah, let's have a decent size so you can also fill these boxes as well. I like to have a bit of calorie, my slides. So on now, instead of doing this again and again and again, you can just hit control and seeing copy on, then hit control the on. You can copy it as many times as you like on an editor. So let's just put things around here. Okay? There we go. So you can see this is slightly misaligned. Instead of moving every single one, why can do is click on one hole control and click on all the others on them, right? Click and go group. And this will basically stick them all together. And then you can move this as one thing rather than moving every single little box. So I'm just gonna stick that on. Then I'm gonna go on group bear in mind when your group If you start editing the group, you read it the whole thing. So I'm gonna go on group on, then We're just gonna feel a my foxes in here because Okay, here we go on. Then. If you want to answer more boxes, you need to add more boxes for our tasks. Okay, So my original one I had story writing, and it was a link to another slide. So if you want to insert a link to another slide, just go to insert link, and then you need to go to your slides. Thank you. Go. Shay. Make sure your permissions are on. So anyone with the Lincoln edited or anyone can with the Lincoln View It Onyango, Copy Link. I'm gonna copy the link back here, and then your text is gonna be different. So if I have a line, there we go. That's come up like that. So now they can directly click on now, and it will take them straight to what they need to do. So just go along. Putting in any of their classwork or homework appear is well, you need a little text box telling them what day it's four or which week it's full. So it's out that in the year, okay, and then you go so you can just keep adding everything you need on. Then you weaken. Upload this to your Google classroom. So let's do that now then. So I'm just gonna delete this for the sake off, keeping it neat on. Then I want to upload this to Google classroom. So let's go through a Google classroom gun 9. Google Slides Part 3 : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this class. We're going to be making interactive class schedules using Google slides on. I'll show you all of the tools you need to make a good looking slide. So let's take a look. So you've got two options. You can put this on the stream. So forget class a little students on. Let's take this from my Google drive. So I have my schedule here, and then you can just add a little comment with that. Okay, So this is for all students in class warm. If you have more than one class, you can choose the class as well. Let's go post, and then your student can directly access that so you can put it there. And you can also go to class, work on, then create some material and then go bad on do the same thing again. Could go drive that on, make sure you put it in the correct topic. So we're gonna go materials Week two on. I know, Post. Okay, so I really recommend you to do that because it will keep everything need on. Keep everything organized and you won't be getting millions of messages from your students asking what they need to do, where they need to go, what page they need to be in. I just really helps to streamline the experience for everyone. Something else you could do if you're using Google's lives to teach in class, for example, up here I have, ah, story writing presentation I'm going to do with the class. So let's say you got a topic and it's quite alone. One you want to use, how a points in each lesson if you want to add them all onto the same power point instead of having a 1,000,000 different ones to keep track off. What you can do is make a table of contents, so this is going to stop you from scrolling, scrolling, scrolling at the start of every lesson. If you have ah, power point, that's over hundreds lifelong. You're going to get lost very quickly, so instead, make a table of contents on. What you can do is link slides from this presentation into your content slide, so this doesn't look like there's any links here, but actually there are links and each one of these. So if I go present, if I hit less than one. It takes me directly toe wear less and one staff on the same would lessen to lesson three. So what you can do is create a slide like I just showed you again. If you haven't got time, I'm going to make this available. I'll put a link to this in the pdf in the final section of this course so you can download this instead if you don't want to make one. If you do want to make your own and make it customizable, well, you have to do is do the same that I showed you before for linking different class work and things like this. So instead of having less and to hear, I'm just gonna go insert link on. Then here you have an option slides in this presentation. Hit that, and then you can choose whichever slide you like. I'm just gonna go for 17 and then again instead of hiding text lets just say less in two and hit Apply. It will automatically be this color if it's a link, but you can change it by going up here and canned on. Then if I present this, let's go listen to and it takes me to the correct slide. So that's one more tip for you. So Slides air really nice to use, both for asynchronous lessons and for synchronous lessons on. What's amazing now is that you can also make them interactive if you're using them in live lessons. As you can see here, this says, students, write your response. This is an interactive slide that I've done with Pair Deck, which I'm going to show you in the next lecture. So that's everything for slides joining the next lecture and I'll show you how to make your slides interactive. I'll see you there. 10. Thank You!: Hi, everyone. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for taking the course. I really hope it helped you. And if it did, please do leave a review. It's really important. It helps other teachers to find the course on to make their lives a little easier to. If you have any more questions about online teaching, you can contact me by email or you can get me on my website, too. So that's all from May, and I'll see you in part three of the course where I'll be showing you some amazing extensions to make your lessons more interactive and engaging for your students. I'll see you that.