How to Teach Amazing Online Lesson with Google Suite - Part 3 | I-Speak English | Skillshare

How to Teach Amazing Online Lesson with Google Suite - Part 3

I-Speak English, Be curious. Be confident. Be fluent.

How to Teach Amazing Online Lesson with Google Suite - Part 3

I-Speak English, Be curious. Be confident. Be fluent.

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12 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course!

    • 2. Make incredible interactive PPTs with Peardeck! - Part 1

    • 3. Make incredible interactive PPTs with Peardeck! - Part 2

    • 4. Jamboard - Create tons of fun and engaging boards! - Part 1

    • 5. Jamboard - Create tons of fun and engaging boards! - Part 2

    • 6. Ziteboard - Use this unlimited online whiteboard in your live and asynchronous classes! - Part 1

    • 7. Ziteboard - Use this unlimited online whiteboard in your live and asynchronous classes! - Part 2

    • 8. Screen-castify - Learn how to record live and asynchronous classes using this fantastic recording to

    • 9. Screen-castify - record live and asynchronous classes using this fantastic recording to

    • 10. Loom - record live and asynchronous classes using this fantastic recording tool - Part 1

    • 11. Loom - record live and asynchronous classes using this fantastic recording tool - Part 2

    • 12. Thank You!

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About This Class

If you’re a teacher who’s recently been moved online due to school closures and you’re struggling to get to grips with Google Suite, this course is going to save your life!

In this course, I’ll show you step by step how to organise and execute synchronous and asynchronous classes using essential Google suite extensions and apps.

In Part 3 discover amazing extensions you can use to make your classes more interactive and engaging for your students!

Go ahead and click on the ‘take this course right now button and come and join our community of over 2000 teachers that have already taken the course! Thanks again for enrolling, and I’ll see you in the course!

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I-Speak English

Be curious. Be confident. Be fluent.


I'm Hayley, a teacher and founder of i-Speak English.  Over the last 5 years, I've successfully helped thousands of non-native English speakers to improve their English and gain fluency.

I've worked in both private language schools and online, teaching groups and individuals of all ages and nationalities. My main goal is to help people to feel comfortable and confident when using their English skills.

I love languages, I currently speak 3 (English, Italian and Spanish) and I'm learning my fourth (Romanian). I use my knowledge from the last 8 years of language learning to help people master and fall in love with English.

I know how difficult (and sometimes frustrating) it is to learn a language and I want to make the process as easy as possible for non-native sp... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the course!: Hi, everyone, and welcome to how to teach amazing online classes with Google. Sweet Part three. My name's Hailey on. I'm going to be your tutor throughout this course. In this cause, I'm going to show you a bunch of teaching tools and extensions that you can use live in class to nature classes, more interactive and engaging for your students. First, I'm going to show you how to use an extension called Pair Deck, which will help you to create interactive slide shows and power points that you can use live in class or for asynchronous classes, too. Then we'll be looking at two virtual white boards that you and your students can use in class. And finally, I'll show you how to record your screen and yourself so that you can record asynchronous classes for your students to watch at home. So head on over to Lesson one on. I'll see that 2. Make incredible interactive PPTs with Peardeck! - Part 1: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to use an amazing extension called Pair deck that allows you to make interactive slide shows and power points for your students. Your students can interact live in real time with these lie Joe's and power points by answering different questions. And you can also use these power points to set homework of Simon's Onder asynchronous classes, too. So let's jump it. Let's take a look at just a quick overview of paddock. So, as I said, you could make interactive power points for your students over here, I got to separate views here. The top view is my view. The teacher view on the bottom view is what your student is going to see when you're presenting during the class or when they're doing it for homework says. I said, you can use it in class for homework, for asynchronous classwork. Onda. The great thing about this is that while you can see responses to questions instantly, so if you're doing this during a live class and your students is drawing, you'll actually be able to see what your students a drawing in that moment, another great future pair deck is that you can have teacher paste or student paste activities, So if it's teacher paste, you'll be doing ah, live lesson on. If it's student paste, you can choose that option for if they're doing it for homework or for an asynchronous class. And you've got tons of different questions and Interactive's to choose from so they can draw something they can drag and drop. They've got multiple choice questions, and I'll show you all of that now in the walk through. So let's take a look at how to work this thing. So let's take a look at how to make this presentation interactive than so. What you need to do is download an extension called Pair Deck, so you can just do that by the searching per deck. So go ahead and search for pair deck and then scroll down and you'll see it here. Google slides Adul. Now I've already got paddock installed, but you can click here for domains doll. You'll need to do this if you're teaching big groups in a school, because then everyone that has the same domain is you, your students. We'll be able to access your slides so go ahead and download that. Now The way you'll see that you got it is when you go back to your slides. If you go to adults, it will show up in your slides and you'll be able to open it. Okay, there we go. So you can see this is just a normal slide. This isn't interactive. But if I click of the next one, you've got this little bar down here. This is really important. Don't delete this bar. If you delete this bar, it takes out the interactive element. So leave that in. So first of all, before I show you how to work it, I'm just gonna show you what it looks lying from my point of view as a teacher and from the students point of view. So when you present with paddock, you don't go present. Normally you have to open the paddock at on and hit start lesson. So products really nice because you can have a student paste activity which you can use for homework assignments so they can control the presentation. But it will still be interactive. Or if you're using this in a lesson in live mode, you have to use instructor paste, so this will bring up a separate signed, and it will give you a link that you can give to your students. So I got two different options riding your students to this presentation. You can even send them to this website and give them this link and they'll have to enter it . Or you could just give them a direct link. Be aware that your students do need the same domain as you to access the classroom. If they're trying to access from their personal email, it will say permission denied when you give them this link. So make sure they're joining with their school email. So I'm just gonna copy this link on. Then I'm going to open my dummy account on. I'm gonna join from my to me. This is quite nice as well. It's good for your kids. They can say how they're feeling today. Okay, there we go. So if I go start class as you go through the presentation, it will also go through on your students side. So I'm just gonna put it so that you can see both of these. This is a good idea for you as well if you want to test what they can see, because when you actually make in your presentation, for example, this is an interactive slide. The student isn't going to see this. They're going to see something completely different. But when you make the slide, you can't see what they see, which is quite frustrating. So you really need to make a dummy account for this to be able to see what they're looking at. So I don't recommend you to do this as well. So tank each of these windows out on, then put them into a separate window minimalist, um, and then have them side by side so that you can see from your point of view on the students point of view here. 3. Make incredible interactive PPTs with Peardeck! - Part 2: So this isn't, um interactive side. This is just a normal long, But if I flick through, you can see that it follows with you flicking through. Now here they have unanswered question option on bacon type like that on. They can add as many responses if they want. So because this isn't maximized, it looks a bit different. But if I maximize the screen again, this is what it's gonna look like from your students. Point of view. They can see the question on bacon type a response, but I'm just gonna keep it like this for now. So on if we look here on this icon, this is your show responses. So if I maximize, you can see here that it says show responses. So I'm just gonna hit that on. Then you can see all of your students responses here, click it again to go back to your presentation, and then you can move on. So keep going through okay. Again, we have another interactive one. So again you can answer and you can time and keep going on. So it's multiple choice. You get onto the question. It was okay on show question. Seaver's view responses on again. I can view. Okay, I'm going through. This one's really nice as well. You have a drawing option, which is lovely. So the student can just draw that mountain there on that can also type a swell. Okay. And they can just continue like that on again. You can hear show responses, and you can see each response if you like. Okay, so that's how it works from your point of view on the students point of view. So now I'm gonna show you how to make thes slides interactive. So let's just leave. I was lied, and we'll go back. So this is already interactive. I'm just gonna delete this and show you how to make it interactive. So that's going No. So if you want to make the question interactive, you need to make sure that you have your pared back adult opened, and then just scroll down and you have all your questions here. So I'm just gonna write this, uh, this just gonna be a textile. So just click on that on. You can use it for your student device. At the moment, you probably won't be using the classroom projector. Okay. On there you go. You go about that so again, don't delete it. Otherwise the interaction will go. If you want to make a multiple choice, for example here. So just go to choice. Look, next on, then you could just add your options in here so you'll notice again. You can't see what it looks like from the students point of view. So definitely make your w students so that you can see it. You've also got drinkable options as well, which you can use with maps. You have a really nice drawer option. If you're teaching maps, you can use numbers, which is really nice, or you can link them to a separate website as well. On that before you said, you can even use this live or you can link them to this, um for whole workers. Well, so if we go back up, Teoh a share again, make sure your permissions are correct, that you want to edit any drunken view that's gonna copy link and then go back to your vehicle classroom again on class, work on. Then we can create this convenient material could also be a quizas well, and then you can just out the Lincoln now and then posted to the correct topic on. Then they can go and do that for homework. Be wary, though, that again they need to have this ad on downloaded. If your students don't have this out on downloaded, they won't be able to access the pair dick options, and it won't be interactive for them. So again, before you start your lessons, make sure that they have all the same extensions downloaded, is you. OK? So that's all for pair deck dreaming the next lecture where we'll be looking at interactive whiteboards that you can use. I'll see that. 4. Jamboard - Create tons of fun and engaging boards! - Part 1: everyone in this class, I'm going to be showing you an extension called Jam Board, which is a virtual white ball that you can use live in your lessons by screen sharing on writing important nodes for your students. That's that. Let's take a look. As I just said, it's an interactive why gold? It looks something like this when it will be finished. This is really good for chromebook users because you have a little options here. These are limited options because I don't have a chromebook, but if you do, you'll have a lot more options than this available to you. In John board, you can insert images, pdf, slides, docks, links pretty much anything you want, you can put on these boards on. If you share it with your students, they can access all of this information from one board you can also set. This is an assignment for group work so students can work on the same John or the same board at the same time. So it's really great for collaborative work. You can also set it for an individual project as well, so they can make their own bold, really colorful. They cannot images text. Um, it's really good for presenting actually on. Then they can upload it to you in their assignment section, or they can even present it during our live lessons. So you've got lots of different options that you can do with John board. So let's take a look at how to make a jump board and all the different things you can do with it. So, jumbo, it's just like any other extension. If you want to download it, you can just Google jumbled extension and then click the link. If you haven't already got to go out to chrome, or you can go to their website and download it from there as well on then to access it, you can just go appear to your Google app. Scroll down and you'll have it. They're already in Europe's, so let's take a look a jumbled in. So this is an example off aboard that I've already done. So all of your boards in john board are called jams, and you can have as many as you like. You can even create them before the class and then share your screen so that your students can see you can also share their jams with your class as well. So this is an example of a jump that I've done full story writing that I want to teach in my class. So you'll notice up here. This is one of three that I'm going to use in my class. Let's just go to a blank job now, and I'll show you all the features and how to create a jam. So on the left inside here, you've got all of your tools. So just a little note. The's are no all of the tools because I don't have a chromebook. If you have a chromebook, you'll have quite a few more tools available to you. So, for example, here's the writing tool you can see here about different markers and paintbrushes colors. If you have a Google Chromebook, you'll also have a writing recognition. So, for example, let's say I try to write would Okay, that's supposed to be hello. If you have writing recognition, it will change this into text as well, but I don't have the option here. So for me, writing without a chromebook isn't great. Even if you have a stylist, it's really not that easy s I'm just gonna go ahead in a race that so you can write in different funds. You have a select tool if you have different things. For example, if you go by here, I can select this and just move it around. The only way to write really is in sticky notes. So if I want to write my class and I can choose the color as well, I can just stick it wherever I want to play a few. You can also on images as well, and you can add them from your drive. You could do a Google search or you can upload, so I'm just gonna load sometimes. So I'm actually done is I've taken this from the slide that you saw in the last lecture. I've also done that for some text as well that I wanted to add. So again, if I go to image select for my device on a pier, you can see now I've got some text as well. So the only way I found if you don't have the full features list the only way I found really, if you want to put text on John board eyes to write text he run a word document or a slide screenshot that slide on, then cut and copy in paint. Save as a separate image, and then you can import it. It's a bit of a five foot. As far as I can see, that's the only way to do it. If any of you watching now have a bit of experience with jumbled and you have a better way , feel free to go to the Q and A section on. Let everyone know if there's a simple a way to do this are the features. You also have your point of here, which is nice. If you want to circle anything on, then it goes away after two seconds, so that's quite good. 5. Jamboard - Create tons of fun and engaging boards! - Part 2: another feature that you might possibly have again. I don't have his shape recognition. So again, let's say if I'm drawing saying during a tree or something, okay, that's supposed to be a trick again. If I had shape recognition, it would change the shape into a much better looking tree. So this is great for people who've got Chromebooks. If you don't, it could be a bit fiddle e Um, and it's not the best. If you're teaching live, it's going to create something before the class and then they can see it on again. You can just use your pointer to kind of circle things that you want them to write down or important notes. If you have a chromebook again, you can also import Google docks. Google slides on links as well, so options for using it in class. Then you can use it to make presentations so your students can make their own presentations here. They could do this collaboratively as well, so they can all share the same jumbled on work on it at the same time. Eso you can give them each a different task to do, and they can do that task on the same job on, then they can upload it for you to see after class work. Now they can use journals for taking notes as well. Digital storytelling is really nice. So again, maybe they could make a jump for homework with a lot of different images on it on. Then, when they come to the class taken, share that screen. Or you can share that work on Bacon. Tell that story to the rest of the class. You can use it for homework so you can create an assignment in Google Classroom saying, Create your germ, Send them a link to a blank jum on again. They could even do it collaboratively, or that they can have their own jump on work alone on. It's really great for brainstorming as well. And so, like we said before, you can get them. A topical asked him a question on, then asked them to write notes collaboratively, all on the same jum on. Then you'll have you know, 50 different options on the same German. You can work from there, so they're all my ideas for using getting class. If you have any extra ideas, or if you've already been using John board on. You've done a few different activities with your classes. Please let everyone know in the Cuban a section about anything interesting you've done or anything that your students really liked. Now let's just upload this to Google Classroom like we would anything else. So if I go to my Google class again for my ops go classwork create. So let's just create assignment. It's going around. So because this is a Google app, it will automatically say to your Google drive, just like any other app or extension does. So you can at this directly from your drive. So we were already got it. Here, go add on, then again, really important. Make sure that your permissions are correct. We've got students. Come view file. Students can edit file, make a copy for each student. If you don't know the difference between these have left a little image. That explains what students conduce to. If you hit each of these options on what you can do if they return it to you of each of these options, so go to the end of this section on at the end. There you'll see a little image explaining goal of these. So I'm just gonna go make a copy for each student now so that each do didn't can see it. And editor. Okay, so I'm gonna leave it unmarked. Um, let's just add it to all ah classwork a week two and then hit. Save. Okay. And they've got it there so they could just go into that. They can edit it if they like on they can create an add more jumps to it. So that's all for jumbled joining the next lecture where we'll be looking at a jumbled alternative called site board. I'll see you there. 6. Ziteboard - Use this unlimited online whiteboard in your live and asynchronous classes! - Part 1: Hi, everyone. And welcome back in this lesson, I'm going to be showing you another virtual whiteboard, which is an alternative to jumbled, which we looked at in the last class. This is great for those of you who don't have a chromebook because the writing tools are really accessible and easy to use. So let's take a look. So this is an interactive online whiteboard on. It's really good cause it's actually an unlimited white ball, so you can move it off the screen and you'll have a completely blank new Balto work. From it looks something like this so you can write. You can insert images. You can insert little notes. Now John Board is free, but it's limited to just three boards at a time, so you'll have to delete balls. Once you've used them away, you could actually export them to your Google drive as well. It's really accessible for non chromebook users, so if you watch the last lecture on jump board, you'd see that John board is actually quite limited if you don't have a chromebook, if you want. An alternative zeit board is a really good alternative for that, so you can do everything you can do on drawing board. If you don't have a grown book, which is really nuts, you can answer images. PDFs links. As you can see down here, you can share it with students just like you can with jumble, and they can collaborate on the same board at the same time. You can use it for collaborative or individual projects again, just like John Board on. You can export it as an image as well, if you want to give them something different for homework or for classwork. So let's take a look a helpful, for example, then so Site board is just like any other Google extension you can just Google's I board on . You can download the extension there. Once you have the extension, you'll see this Z at the top of the old chills bar here. So click on that and it will think you directly to your site board. So this is an example of his eyeball dog Just done. It only took me a couple of minutes. I would say. If you don't have a Google chromebook, this would be a better option for you instead of John board, because you're not limited like you are on John board. Two different features and things so as you can see appear, have managed to write a few things, and it looks relatively legible. So this is something that John Board doesn't have if your NOAA chrome user. So if you go to Penn here and you can see you've got some different options to write, the fact lackey a and then I can start right thing, let's just right around the world. So I'm just doing this with my mile snow, even with the stylist, and again, it's relatively legible. Even better, if you have a stylist, so you have a touch screen. That's if you want to race. Just like your race. I combine that comes away. So's I bought is great as well for maths teachers, cause you're gonna be doing a lot of writing in your lessons. So it on again, you don't need a stylist or anything. Um, so you can just do this quickly on and have a great thing about whiteboard is that it's a limited because it's an online board. So if you click this, these are a buttons appear you can move the board down on. Then you got blank or to work with, which is great. So again, what's so scary of mass immigration? 7. Ziteboard - Use this unlimited online whiteboard in your live and asynchronous classes! - Part 2: good site board. You can also insert images, pdf's and MP threes, which is really nice. You can also insert links if you want. Um, again, you can only do this if you have a chromebook for jumbled. So if you don't have a chromebook, this is really nice. It's really accessible. Also has a really nice camera feature, so whatever you're using, if it's your tap little you're from or your computer. If you have a camera on that, you can click the camera button and you can take a picture of whatever your camera is facing. And you can also insert different beauty, axe and things. That's what It's really nice. Just like John board you can share with your students. If you go up to the top left tab on down here, you can see invite people. So if you do invite people, it depends on your options. Down here, you have a view only mode. If you don't want your students to be able to edit, you just want to show them go view only, whereas if you do want with it, take it off on. Then you can just give you a student. This link for. Let's just open this in my dummy account here for my students. Okay, there we go. My damn aboard is loaded. And I had been invited into this year and I can just edited, however I want again. Another nice feature, that site board house, is it to do list? So if you go up here, you've got sticky notes and you've also got to do lister. So anything we need to do in class, you could just add this again. You can create this before class, so that got something to see, and then you can make them a to do list at the bottom, and they can just go down and they can check off everything they've done as well. And everything that you put on here is edit herbal so I can draw all over images as well, if I want. So that's really nice option. And you can also just out sticky notes as well, for example, here. So again, just like John board, you could put this on your Google classroom is a link. If you go up to the top and you can go share to view on, just add that link into Google classroom on, they'll be able to edit the board and add to the ball so again you can use it for collaborative group activities. You can use it for brainstorming for homework. You can if you don't want them to. Editor, you can just share your screen on Google Means on. You could do this live in real time and just add things to the bold as you go, and they'll be able to see everything on your bold on. Do you know that if you're using a free account for cyborg, you're limited to three boards, so you're gonna have to delete balls as you go on or possibly your school might. Or you could possibly ask your school to pay for the subscription for all teachers. And then you'll be able to create unlimited bowls, and you also get more options as well. If we look up here. If you have a pro account, you get different options for filling in shapes and drawing rectangles and things like that on. One more thing you can do is you can exported and you've got different file options to export it. House taken export. It is a PDF or PNG. And then again, you could maybe changed that into a different document for, uh, Google. So you cannot this to the class schedule of the style of the day. You've got tons of different options with this. So that's everything for site board. Join me in the next. Such will will be looking at different screen recording options. I'll see that. 8. Screen-castify - Learn how to record live and asynchronous classes using this fantastic recording to: Hi, everyone. And welcome back in this lesson. I'm going to be showing you an extension called screen cast if I, which allows you to record your screen and yourself so that you can create a synchronous classes for your students to watch at home. So let's take a look so screen testify is free, but it's limited if you have the free version, so you're limited to only 10 minute long videos, but you can make up to 50 videos per month, So if you're just using it for quick explanations of classwork or homework, it's OK. But if you're teaching asynchronous me and you want oh, record an entire hour long lesson, you'll need the paid version. However, I do have a coupon code at the moment it still works. The code is cast on the school cove it on that will give you a free month of screen cast. Defying. The screen cast value can embed your webcam, so if you want to record your screen if you're talking over a presentation or something, you can also embed your webcam like you can see down here so your students can see you while you're talking. They can also see their work that they have to do on your screen. You can also annotate over videos in real time. So if there's something on the screen that you want to highlight or underline, you can use screen cast if eyes annotation tools to do that on. This is a really great tool that lets you share directly to Google classroom so you don't have to download your videos once you've recorded them and then upload them separately. You can just share it straight away, and it will bring up your classroom, and you can create on assignment or material right after you've recorded whatever the assignment is, it also automatically saves directly to you Google drive. So if you don't want to share it straight away, maybe if you want to edit it or something later, you can find it in your Google drive, says I said Before is great for recording asynchronous classes or any classical homework and also you. The students can use it themselves as well. If they need to present something or even if they have a group activity that they need to work on together, they can record a separate parts of it and then they can put it into one video. So let's take a look at how screen custom fireworks done so screen. Custom firing is like any other extension, just Google's green custom fi, and you can download it from the Google marketplace. Once you have it downloaded, it will look like this button up here on. You can just click that to start your recording, so that will bring up your main menu. You can record either your browser tab or your desktop on, and you can choose whether to em bad your webcam or not. If you recording a full lesson for an asynchronous class, I would maybe toggle your webcam on and off for just leave it off completely just because sometimes it distracts the student. If you're talking at the bottom there, no, actually looking that what you're showing them. But it's your choice 9. Screen-castify - record live and asynchronous classes using this fantastic recording to: So if we want to record something, let's say I want to record over one of my jam boards that I want Teoh do an asynchronous lesson with a class. I'll just go up to the top here, and that will bring up my main window on. Then you can choose different options. You can either choose to record just your browser tab. You can record everything on your desktop. So in that way you conflict between different taps and or you can just record yourself on Web come only you also have an option of embedding a webcam. So if I click this on I click recalled, you'll see me at the bottom here. So once you're recording is finished, your student will be able to see everything on your screen on bond yourself as well. So this might be a bit distracting for the students because they won't actually be looking at the screen. They'll probably looking at you. Eso You can talk all this on and off here, so I'm just gonna turn this off for now. So if you're teaching an asynchronous class, you can do quite a lot would screen cast if I so. If you look down here to the bottom, left these your annotation tools here so you can use a pen. Then you can choose different colors for your pen so you could just rule over whatever you need. If you want to circle something that's important, you can also write about anything that you just don't as well. And you can do this on any any screen, Whether it's a browser or a desktop, you can do whatever you want. And then let's say I've done with my video. If I calls it here and then I can click stop and when you stop, it will automatically bring you to it's green justifies websites on. You can see that my video is playing down here, so that's a need some. I am very distracting the students because they will actually be looking at the screen, probably looking at some appear. You can give this a name, so I'm just gonna put screen customer Jimmy on then the great thing about screen cast If I is that you can share it directly to Google Classroom. If you have one so you don't have to download it and then upload it, you could just hit share straight away, which is great on it will automatically be shared into your Google drive anyway, So I'm just gonna share it to my Google classroom and you can go and choose the class. So I'm gonna put this in my English class and again you can create an assignment or ask a question or anything you want. So I'm gonna put this in materials and it will bring up Let's just looks monsters So it will bring up your Google classroom. Let's go put it in our topic Post office. And there we go. That's posted so you can actually view it as well, and you'll get the classroom if you like. Okay, here we go. Since goods classwork there is that screen customer to me. I have something else you can do with this. You can actually export it as an MP for but only if you have a paid account. So for here. Example Click download. We've got export as MP. For if you're using the free account, this won't be an option for you. You can also export it as a goof Andan audiophile only as well. So you can see here. I'm using screen cast fire Limited, and you can also copy the link on Share it. If you don't help a Google classroom, you can also embed it into a website if needs be, but you probably won't need the option. So this is a great chill for recording asynchronous classes. Your students can also use it for recording themselves as well. You could set them a class work where they have to record a presentation, for example on. Then again, they can upload it directly into their Google classroom, so it's really simple to use. So that's all for screen cast if I join me in the next lecture, where we'll be looking an extension called Lou, which is an alternative to screen custom. Five. I fell for you, though. 10. Loom - record live and asynchronous classes using this fantastic recording tool - Part 1: Hi, everyone. And welcome back in this lesson, I'm going to be showing you another scream. According to called Loom, this is an alternative to screen cast if I, which we looked at in the last lesson. So if you can't afford screen custom fi or you don't really like it, you can choose to use this one instead. So let's take a look. So the great thing about Loom is that it's completely free forever for students and teachers. They announced this recently in response to the Kobe 19 crisis that they were going to give their extension for free forever. So if you haven't got any money and you can't pay for an extension, definitely go to loom and use this to just like the screen Custom fi. You can embed your Web. Come on the bottom. Here, you can see me one. I'm talking. So if you want your students to be able to see you, you can do that. Unfortunately, with Loom, there aren't any annotation tools like there are into being custom five on. You can share your video with a link to Google Drive in classroom, but you can't share it directly. Like you can for screen Custom five. Something nice that loomed does is that you have an online account where all your videos stored on you can actually see riel time student engagement with those videos so you can see how many views your video gets. How many times a person of used them on your students can also make comments on the videos as well. The number thing that loomed does that screen cast if I doesn't is, it has a call to Action Bottom. So, for example, that same presenting this presentation here on, I want them to be able to access this presentation. As I'm presenting it, you can put a call to action button in and insert a link to that presentation you can see appear. It says view the power point. Eso. They conflict that while they're watching the presentation and it will open in a separate window, fold them. So let's take a look at loom in action, then okay, Saloum again. It's like any other extension. Just Google loom, and then you can download it when it's downloaded and its active, it will look like this symbol appear in the top right hand corner, so loom is kind of similar to screen custom filing. You'll have your on line account as well on if we click a new video here, you have some different options again, like screen cast. If I so you can even go, come only which will just which will just recalled me here you can go screening only which will only record your screen. But you'll still get your profile photo here or you can actually delete your photos. Well, if you don't want or you can go screen on come and that will record everything. Make sure your mike is turned on if you're recording on. Okay, so let's take a look at this in action and let's go start recording. You can choose your entire screen or just an application window. I'm gonna go entire screen, gonna flick over to my presentation in the seconds. Okay, so we gotta come down and then we go, right. So let's say I want to show them, uh, some story writing. I want to present my presentation. Okay. So I could just present mine presentation, as I would normally going through a lot of love. Okay, on, then let's go Stop on I'll show you what it looks like. Once we're done, I'm gonna sit down here. You can go finish recording polls on all council. Revolting. So I'm gonna go finish and again I will take you directly to Looms website and you can see your video in action here. 11. Loom - record live and asynchronous classes using this fantastic recording tool - Part 2: I come down the number go ransom and say I want to show them story writing. Okay, there we go. Um, so, unfortunately, you can't share this directly to Google classroom. If I go down here and go share, I only have a link available. Twitter, Facebook and Gmail. So all you have to do is copy this link on like you would for, um, Google Slide or Google. Doc, just copy the link. Go to your Google classroom on going to your class, classwork, create on, then choose which one. Let's just make this a material for now and then a lot. My Lincoln here. Okay. And that's available. This if I hit post that will then posted to my Google classroom and we've got it up there. So if we go back here, um unlike Screen customer, you can't annotate or anything like that. You can use little emo. Jeez, Onda, a nice thing you can do with distant. You can't screen customize to cook. Put a call to action button on there. So if I'm showing them this presentation, I want them to be able to access this presentation as well for a whole work. I'm giving them Based on the lesson, I can just add it the link for this presentation in here. So I got my presentation up here, so let's go share, and I'll get my link. A copy? My link, I'd say. I just want them to view it for now. I'm gonna go and your comm view copy link. Go back to loom, and I'm gonna copy paste into that on. Then I'll put view the presentation here. You can change the color of your button on. You can change the color of your text black Okay, on you can have it slightly rounded if you want. Talk completely rounded on go save. So if then click this link here, it should take them straight to the presentation like that. So that's quite a nice feature. If you have something that they they need to access while you're presenting, I never Nice thing about this is that you can see who's viewed it. Um, so I can see how maney views are. GALT on how maney unique views. So you can see if your students are engaging with the class work that you've given them people can also comment on. This is well on that. Everything you can do is you can trim it just like, uh, screen custom by If you go up to your settings who you can allow comments, you can allow emoji reaction so they can put whether they liked it or not, which is quite cute, and you can choose whether they can download it. I definitely be really good if you using this for asynchronous classes so that I have at the lesson downloaded, they don't have to constantly try and find it on the web. Okay, so that's awful. Loom, join me in the next lecture where we'll be looking at grading, and I'm gonna show you an extension called draft back, which you can use to stop your students from cheating on written assignments, so I'll see you there. 12. Thank You!: Hi, everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the course on. I hope you found it useful. If you did, please do leave a review. It's really important it helps other teachers to find the calls on. It makes there lives a bit easier to. If you want to learn more about online teaching, using Google Sweet Head on over to Part four off this course where I'll be showing you a ton of grading tools on, I'll show you how to make self grading assignments and cut your grading time in half. If you have any more questions about online teaching, you can contact me directly on skill share by email. Or you can get me on my website, too. So that's all from May head on over to part. Fall off the course and I'll see you that by