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How to Teach Amazing Online Classes with Google Suite - Part 4

I-Speak English, Be curious. Be confident. Be fluent.

How to Teach Amazing Online Classes with Google Suite - Part 4

I-Speak English, Be curious. Be confident. Be fluent.

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9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course!

    • 2. Draftback - Stop your students from cheating on online assignments! - Part 1

    • 3. Draftback - Draftback - Stop your students from cheating on online assignments! - Part 2

    • 4. Flubaroo - Discover how to automatically grade and email your student's assignments - Part 1

    • 5. Flubaroo - Discover how to automatically grade and email your student's assignments - Part 2

    • 6. Kami - Discover how to leave voice and video comments for your students - Part 1

    • 7. Kami - Discover how to leave voice and video comments for your students - Part 1

    • 8. Talk and Comment - Personalise your communication outside the classroom

    • 9. Thank You!

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About This Class

If you’re a teacher who’s recently been moved online due to school closures and you’re struggling to get to grips with Google Suite, this course is going to save your life!

In this course, I’ll show you step by step how to organise and execute synchronous and asynchronous classes using essential Google suite extensions and apps.

In Part 4 discover how to stop your students from cheating on online assignments, leave voice and video grades for students, and automate your grading system!

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I-Speak English

Be curious. Be confident. Be fluent.


I'm Hayley, a teacher and founder of i-Speak English.  Over the last 5 years, I've successfully helped thousands of non-native English speakers to improve their English and gain fluency.

I've worked in both private language schools and online, teaching groups and individuals of all ages and nationalities. My main goal is to help people to feel comfortable and confident when using their English skills.

I love languages, I currently speak 3 (English, Italian and Spanish) and I'm learning my fourth (Romanian). I use my knowledge from the last 8 years of language learning to help people master and fall in love with English.

I know how difficult (and sometimes frustrating) it is to learn a language and I want to make the process as easy as possible for non-native sp... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the course!: hi, everyone and welcome to you had to teach amazing online classes using Google Sweet part for my name's Hailey, and I'm going to be your tutor throughout this course. In this course, I'm going to show you lots of different grading tools that you can use to make self grading assignments on. Cut your grading time in half. First, I'm going to show you an extension called Draft back, which you can use to see if your students have cheated or plagiarized on written work. Then I'll show you an extension, which automatically grades your assignments and sends the results to students. We email next. We'll look at Comey, which is the extension, which allows you to leave video and voice comments on Finally will look at another commenting to, which lets you leave comments on browser windows like Google Classroom So I don't live. It's a lesson one on. I'll see you there 2. Draftback - Stop your students from cheating on online assignments! - Part 1: Hi, everyone, and welcome to lesson one. In this lesson, I'm going to be showing you an extension called draft back, which you can use to reverse engineer your students writing process to see if they have copied and pasted any of their writing into their assignment. So let's take a look. So just a quick overview, then, like I said, drop back, stops your students from cheating or allows you to see if your students have cheated or plagiarized on written work. So what it does is it gives you a live playback of your students writing so it will look something like this. You'll have your Google doc open and then you activate the draft back extension, and here it will play you what your student has written. You'll see this in a second, live in a walk through another thing you can do as well a seeing if your students cheated on our is. You can actually reverse engineer your students writing process because you can see the way that they right. Then you can see their logic, and you can see if they understand how to properly right and how to properly do the task. You've set the You can also see how long it takes your students to write. So if they're not really putting much effort in takes them five minutes, you can see that or if they're really trying card. But they're not getting very far. You can also see if they need a bit of extra support on. The great thing about this is that students don't need the extension. They do, however, have to write their document in Google docks. If they write on a word doc and uploaded, it's not gonna work. So a way to get round the is to create a copy a blank copy of a Google dog for your students on a sign that in the assignment section on, then I have to fill out that dog on. Then you can open the dog and activate the drop back extension to grade their work. So let's have a look at drop back in action and so drop back again. It's like any other extension you Congar Google, drop back extension and download it once you've downloaded it. If you look up here all your extensions, this D will be your draft back extension. So what? You can do with drop back is that you can check your students writing one. Stave uploaded an assignment. So let's say I've sen assignment for an essay. Let's go to Google Classroom and you can see here that I've set on S a So let's go to marks and see if anyone's complete the essay. Okay, we've got one person who's completed it. Now. I've had Longview submission so we can see on I say here. Now, if you think that a student has been cheating or if they plagiarized or maybe they've been a bit lazy and just copy and pasted things, you can check this. Unfortunately, you can't check it in the Google classroom marking section, but what you can do is check in Google docks Now, as soon as you open this submission, this will appear in your Google docks. So if we go here, you can see it already in recent documents. So now if we open this in Google docks instead, you'll be able to see up here draft back 143 revisions. Now, if I click on that, it will play back the documents history so you'll be able to see in live time your student writing basically. Okay, so let's click on and let's see if my student has cheated when they've been writing. So first of all, you compose it, you can skip it. You can play it a different speeds down here If you click this bar here. This is your speed ball, which is good for a really long essays. Andrea, when you complain at the actual speed, which will be a bit slower for use, and that's take a look. Okay. So we can see that my student is writing pretty consistently, which would suggest that they've got a rough copy or rough draft next to them. If we go back, we can see. So they're going and I'm pretty consistently. There's no mistakes. Really? Okay. If you speak this up a little, I take it off wing. Okay? So you can see that they're still going. They've not treated or on. There you go. So let's rewind that. You can see that. There we go. So if I rewind it, you can see all of a sudden this paragraph appears on then. Well, there you go. Another big chunk of a paragraph so you can see that they've copied and pasted here 3. Draftback - Draftback - Stop your students from cheating on online assignments! - Part 2: Also, you can see the statistics in graph form as well. If we go appear to document graphs and statistics now, this gives you a timeline of all the activity so you can see that my students has done this old in one day on. Also, if you look up here, it gives you the time. It took them three minutes and 37 seconds to write this essay, which again shows that they cheated on. If you go down to the bottom as well, you can actually see how many people worked on the essay, So this is great for group work. If you have any written group work, let's say you're giving in groups of four and you can see that one person has done a lot off the work on the other. People been a bit lazy. You can give more credit to that one person, and again, you can see if anyone's treated. If they've hot, you know someone else write it for them on, then just uploaded it as their own document. So this is a really good tool to use. Not only is it good to use if you think your students cheating, but you can actually kind of reverse engineer their writing process as well. So you can see step by step, how they've written. There s a and you could also write an essay yourself in the way that it's supposed to be written step by step planning on. Then send that to your students. Onda, they convey. View it in draft back all you can use the screen recording to which I showed you in the last lecture on record the draft back process of it being written on bacon. See how to properly write an essay so you can even reverse engineer your own writing and then show it to your students as well so they could see that process live on. One thing that you have to be wary about with drop back is that it only works with Google dogs. So if your student writes a word document and uploads it, it's not going toe work. So one way to get around that is, when you said to your homework, set it with a blank Google doc attached. So, for example, let's go back to a classroom. So let's go back for class on. I'm gonna set some homework here. So assignment. And then down here, where you got add or create, go create docks and that will create a blank document for you on. Then again, make sure here you got students can edit, file or make a copy for each student. I'm gonna go make a copy for each student, and then they have to use this document in order to complete their homework. So if I go, let's put this in class Work with two. Unless there son on, then if I go to this from my students, point of view. So let's get a my student accounts my dummy account again. If you've not made a dummy account yet, go ahead and make one. It's gonna save you so much time trying to figure out what your student will see when you sign all of this. Okay, If they go up to class, look So while the second inflict about to my account, let's go back to my student. Come again. Okay, They would come for it. So if your student goes back up to that class work and they've got this dummy essay here, so if I click on this again, I can see that I have an assignment here that I have to do, and then I can click that we could just get the Oh, that's fun on, then that will automatically save. But if we go back, refresh. But if I go whole, not now. There you go. You can see that automatically saved so they don't have to worry about saving tons of different Google docks everywhere. If you just create a blank document for them and this goes for any assignment that you set , create a blank document for them. Make sure you make a copy for every student because if you don't, your students will be editing the same document altogether, which is gonna be a nightmare. Make sure you do this on. Then they need to use this document. They can't use any other document on ditz there for them. Self. I want to work on it today for five minutes on and come back to it tomorrow. It's still gonna be in the same place, and they don't have to worry about trying to find it on. Then I could just hit hand in, and it's already there for me. I don't have to search for it again. And that also means that you can use draft back when you mark the homework. Okay, so that's all for draft back dreaming the next lecture where we'll be looking. An extension called Flow Baru, which will make your grading automatic on, will save you a ton of time for grading essays. Salt, cedar. 4. Flubaroo - Discover how to automatically grade and email your student's assignments - Part 1: Hi, everyone, and welcome back in this class, I'm going to show you an extension called Fled Peru, which you can use to automatically grade your assignments on. Send the results to students. So let's take a look. So this is great if you don't have a Google classroom on. Definitely. If you don't the premium version of Google Classroom as well so it looks like this. It's actually an extension for Google Sheets and Google Falls, so it kind of combines Google sheets and Google forms together on it puts all of your grade on a Google sheet on. Then it great it for you. So it's also customizable. Two different grading schemes. If you work in a state school in your district, has a particular way of grading. You can set that grading in the extension. Andi will automatically mark all the assignments in under a minute. So imagine you have, you know, 250 students. You don't have to mark a singles and it will mark it all for you on day will email it to them as well, so it will save you a ton of time. As I just said, it automatically sends the grades to this region's for your email. On average, this extension saves teachers four hours a week in grading time. So hopefully you'll be able to put your feet up once you've worked out how to use this. So let's take a look at how to use it. So, first of all, in order to Workflow Baru, you need to create a quince. So I'm just gonna show you on that. I've already created to give you an example, and you'll notice here at the top of my quiz, I have some required questions that first name, last name and email on. Then, if we scroll down, you can see the actual questions for the quiz. So if you go over to responses, you'll see that no one's taking this quiz yet. On. If I go to my spreadsheet, I can create a new spreadsheet on this will automatically import all the responses to the quints. So down here you'll have a time stump, the name, the email and all of the responses to the questions. So in order to get some responses, I'm just gonna take this myself, which is what you can do is well, when you're testing Outflow Baru. So just go to preview on. Then you can put any names and hit Submit. So just did that a few more times. Okay, so if we go back to our responses here, you'll notice you've now got three responses on down here. You can see the distribution of responses. You can see what percentage of people answered with which response on. If you go back to your sheets, you can now see that you got all your students and all of their responses that so if you want to grade these responses now, you can start using flubber room. So to use flow brew, you need to go to Adams. If you can't see it here, that means you haven't downloaded it yet. So download this. Add on as you would any other adult and then once it's downloaded, you'll see it here on Go enable flubber ruin the sheet. Okay, if you go click here, this is quite nice. It brings you to the website and you can watch a few videos on how to use it. It will also give you a free grading sheet as well. So again, if you want a great go, Adams. Flubber room. Great assignment. Now here. You just have to make sure that you're giving points for correct answers. So, for example, on giving one point per school, you can also change your grading so you can grade by hand. You can, um, skips and grading if you want. So I'm just gonna go normal grading the 1st 3 questions, identifies a student, make sure that's ticked, because then it won't grade everything else on. Then I've got one point per question. Go. Continue Now you need to create an answer key. The easiest way to do this is to take the quiz again. Put in a lot. The right answers unnamed. The students answer key. So let's do that now. So if I go back to preview again on a first name answer last name key your email on, then I know that every answer correct answer is the top answer here. So I'm just gonna go on click submit, Okay? Go back to your sheets and refresh. And then let's go through that process again and go at all. Great assignment. Continue. Okay, so here I have answer key. So let's click that This is gonna now gonna be my answer key and flummery was gonna grade all of my answers based on these answers. So you can see down here flummery was grating your assignment. 5. Flubaroo - Discover how to automatically grade and email your student's assignments - Part 2: on Dhere. It will tell you that a new sheet has been created called greats. So, for example, you can see here we've got a student submissions on one part here on. Then if we click over to grades at the bottom, you conceal of your streets greats. So you can see the total number of points that your student gets, the percentage how many times they took it, the school on the school for each grade as well. These questions that appear in orange here these are what are called difficult questions. So if less than 50% of the students get these questions rights, they will show up in orange. Also, you'll notice some of the students two of the students. Ah, red I'm One of them is black, so the red students are for anyone that has less than 70% off. The answer is correct. Now, depending on the way that you're grading your essay, you can actually change this. So if you go to add ons again and your flubber route add on, you can go down here to advanced and you can go advanced options and here percentage below which student in vote is highlighted in red. You can change that if you're grading from ah particular district system or on official marking system for an exam or something like that. You can also change the maximum amount of points for each question. You can even allow extra credit for different questions. You can even have different grading options like ignore my copy for a reference, and you can show as points percentages neither points nor percentages again. If you're grading in a particular way, if you're re break is different so you can play around with some of the options there. You can also also grade everything. If you've got nothing. Teoh hand grade. You can print your grades out, and you can even view a report as well of your grades. So you have great reports here, say MERS on Google forms and Google Classroom. So now that you've got your grades, you can email them to your students. So again, if you didn't, if you're not using Google Classroom, this is a really nice alternative on group classroom. Your students will get their mark straight away and they'll be added to their marks tab on the classroom. But if you're not you can go here and share grades. Okay, so we've got great sharing method you can choose. You can even do it by Google Drive all by email on you can just type a nice little message for everyone or if they're not done very well, you know, you can say OK, everyone needs to improve. You need to study more on you can choose to include the answer key as well. If you're teaching young learners, you've also got sticker option down here, as you can see. So if you go set up for stickers, you can also choose from some different ones on. You can also choose the settings for that so you can include a sticker. Let's say if they get 70% or above, you can choose from down here or if you want to add more, you can upload your own. Let's just choose that one and go done. Okay. And they would go. My grades were shared successful, so hopefully if I go to my emails, I should see my grade Siem. Okay, there we go. So we've got here is your great So I got 50% on this is what it looks like from the students point of view you've got incorrect on it also shows you the correct answer here. Okay, so I got second ones. I answered all of these with the same dummy account on you can see here. I got 100% and I got my little sticker. It's well, okay, so that's all for Flood Baru. Like I said, this is more aimed at people who onto using Google Classroom and would like an alternative for automatic grading. Just to save you a bit of time. So joining the next lecture, where we'll be looking at an extension called Comey, which is an annotation tool forward dogs. I'll see that. 6. Kami - Discover how to leave voice and video comments for your students - Part 1: Hi, everyone, and welcome back in this class, I'm going to show you a fantastic raiding tool called Comey, which allows you to grade assignment in the Google classroom window by leaving video comments, voice comments, you can even leave screen recorded comments to, so let's take a look. So first of all, coming is free, but it's limited. If you want the full range of tools, you have to pay $10 per month for the premium account. But they do have accountable schools and districts a swell. So if you want this, then you can beg your school to pay for it. So it looks like this when you open it and you'll have your Google doc here on, then you'll have your tools down the side. So the amazing things about this is that it works directly from the Google classroom grading window. So a few of the other tools I showed you don't and you have to use those tools in Google docks and then upload the separate document, which is a bit annoying. But this work straight from the grading windows, so it's really convenient. So with that, you can add stickers onto documents you can annotate. You can high lines. The comments section is fantastic. You can leave voice comments. You can leave video comments you can even share your screen and explain something that leave that as a comment. So my comments air over here. On the right hand side, you can see I've left a voice comment, a video comment and just a normal written common as well. This uses assistive technology, which is really good if you have any students with particular accommodations. So you have voiced typing for all the different comments, and you also have text to speech options as well. So you can use this not only for grading, but you can also use this to give assignments in class work as well. If you want to your students to highlight or annotate or put any notes on a document that you've given them, they can use this as well. Okay, so let's take a look at this in action, then. Okay, so if you want a great something with Comey, first of all, you need to create a Comey assignment. So in order to do that, you need the Comey extension downloaded and activated so you would download it the same way you downloaded it. Any other extension on? Then, when it's active, you'll be able to see the extension up here in your app. Spar. So to create a coming extension, just go to your classwork and create like you would any other assignment on When it's activated, you'll see Comey assignment. So go ahead and click that. And then that will bring up a separate Comey window. So, just like you would normally choose which class you want. Writer A title in a description. Okay, so right, you'll title your description. Give points your Jew dates on your topic on, then make sure that you add in a blank Google doc for them to fill in. So let's go up to my drive. Um, I'm here. I've got s a Dr Phil in. So just just like that, on a really nice thing you can do also with Comey. If it's the first time they've used it, you can send them coming instructions. So your students will also get a set of instructions about how to log in on how to use Comey. So definitely have that ticked. If it's the first time you using it and then go sign, okay And your Simon is created. So now you just have to wait for your student to complete the assignment. Once they have go to your marks file and you'll be able to see here that they've completed that assignment. At least one of them has. Now, in order to grade it, go view submission. And again, if you want to grade it with Comey, you need to have this tick. So if this is UnTech, for example, it will look like your normal grading window in order to greet it with coming, you need to take it on that will open a separate Comey window for you on then you can start grading. 7. Kami - Discover how to leave voice and video comments for your students - Part 1: on. There we go. We've got my coming document there. So as you can see, everybody made a few revisions. So I made a voice comment which you can see here this voice comment. You'll see when I hover over it. The thing that it's commenting on turns blue. So this word up here, the one that yellow together it turned blue as soon as I hover. So if we listen, you can hear it back. So English together is not a noun in Italian. If you want to say only CNN equal Balza, you need to say a combination off something or a mix and something but you can use together in this one. Okay, so that's, um, a voice comment document. So let's say I want to leave a voice comment on something. I just have to go over to the left inside here and hit comment on then down here. Voice comment, and it will say, click or select anywhere on the page starts to say I want to comment here and then automatically. This will start playing here so you don't actually have much time before you have to make a comment, so make sure you know what you want to say before you say it and then hit. Stop. And then again, if I clean, this will stop playing, okay? And then if you don't want to come and you can just delete it at the side. Same goes for the video, Colin. So again hit video. It will say, click anywhere. Let's go here on this will start playing here so you can see me there. Make sure you know what you want to say. You don't have much time before it starts playing on when you don't just hit down. Then you can play buck thing. This will stop late here. So you can see then. Okay. Just leave. You don't want. You can also just leave normal text comment boxes click here. Another nice feature is that you can actually use this to type using your voice. So if I turn this on now, it should pick up what I'm saying. Obviously it's not completely accurate. Okay? And then stopped was pressed the red button. And again, let's delete. So you can also use a screen capture as well. If you want to market that way, or you could use Queen Cast If I onda loom if you like, it's up to you. You can use a mishmash of both. It has a part for maths teachers as well, so you can put equations there and you can grade mathematical papers. You can draw if you like, so you can do whatever you need. It's not really needed, but you could do. If you're, um, you could have some shapes in, you can erase whatever you've just done. You can even add images, and you consign it if needs be, um, you can do strike throughs if something is incorrect, and you can change the colors as well. I also have addiction until this is really nice. Feel students. Actually, if you give them a particularly difficult text or if they're a non native speaker of whichever language you're teaching them on, they can hit the dictionary button on bond. Go across, Highlight. Ah, would on it will come up with addiction Reef Oldham. So that's fantastic, especially if you're teaching languages. It's really useful to okay on, then, when you're done grading, just give them a great So let's say the student got 80 at any private comments. Their post that comment on, then just hit return and that will return it as a Comey Doc on your student will be able to open it incoming and see all of the comments that you've made for his return. I know you got that's been returned to the student there. So if you go back to our class work, you can see that they've got their grade and then they'll be able to view it in Comey with all the video comments and everything else that you left. Okay, so that's everything for Comey. Join me in the next lecture where we'll be looking at another grading to called Reich. You, I'll see you there. 8. Talk and Comment - Personalise your communication outside the classroom: everyone, and welcome back in this lesson, we're going to look at another commenting tool, which allows you to leave comments in browser windows like in your Google classroom, for example. So let's take a look. So, like I said, you can leave voice comments for students. You could leave them in your Google classroom stream, or you can leave them on top of assignments so you can use in your stream for a bit more personalized communication instead of just writing Hello, it's Monday. You confined your schedule attached below. You can just say it instead, and it's a bit nicer for the students to hear your voice on Monday morning. Also save you time writing instructions so again you can leave this. When you're assigning classwork, you can leave a voice comment rather than writing a ton of comments. You can add this into a daily or weekly schedule so that slide that I showed you can make for your daily or weekly schedule. You can link this into their if you have something specific that you want to explain and be aware that students should install the extension. If not, they'll be taken to a separate link to the listen to the comments and they won't be able to see the thing that you're commenting on. So I'll just give you a quick run through all of how to work it. So the talking common extensions, just like any other extension, just got to Google. Andi, search for it. They're download it. Once it's active on running, it will be up here. Andi, it will also be on the side of your browser here. So any time you want to record comment or something just hit enough on it will start playing. So I'm just gonna show you how to do that. Now, a nice idea for this is to leave voice comments in your stream. So instead of just writing comments, you can leave a little voice comment here. And it's just a bit nicer for the students toe. Be able to hear your voice if they know in the class with you. So I'm just gonna leave a little comment here in my stream. So let's say this is the start of the week hit play. Hi, guys. Hope you had a nice weekend just to let you know. The schedule for today is already on Google classroom. You can see it below. So head on over there and take a look on. I'll see you later on in the class at three. Oclock. You'll be able to see the meeting link up there at three. So see you later. Okay. So if you click the, uh, tick box that will save it if you click the red X, that will just delete it straight to it. On what you get is a link up here so you can just copy and paste that link on. Then you can just put it here on dykan. Just edit this and just say Monday morning announcement till something that and go English Castle students on. That's it. So let's composed and I can see that then then let's play back. Hi, guys. Have got a nice weekend. Just Tonto scheduled today is or are people classroom? You can see it alone. So head on over and take a look on. I'll see you later on in the past at three oclock, you'll be able to see the meeting link up there. Three. So Okay, there we go. So they've got that there, and they could just listen to that, and it's just a bit more personalized. It's better for them to be able to hear your voice. One thing I would say, though, is that your students, they don't need this extension to be able to hear that. But if they don't have it, that's going to take them to a different link. It's gonna open in a different window on DSO. If you're doing these comments, let's say over slide or over a video that they're watching or some sort of classwork that they need to be able to say on. I would recommend that your students download this extension because once they have it, they can listen to it in the document. If they don't, it's gonna take them to a completely separate page, and they're not gonna be able to see the dog while they're listening to you. Okay, that's how you use talk and comment. Pretty simple, really. But you can use it for a lot of different things, So join me in the next lecture on the next section, where we'll be looking at paperwork on how to condense it and automate it to give you more free time. I'll see them 9. Thank You!: Hi, everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the course. I really hope it helped you. If it did, please do leave a review. It's really important. It helps other teachers to find the course, and just to make their lives would be easier to. If you want to learn more about Google sweet for online teaching head on over to part five of this course, where I'll be showing you different extensions that you can use to automate on. Simplify your paperwork. If you have any more questions about online teaching, you can contact me directly on skill share. You can get me by email, and you can also find me on my website, too. So that's all from me and I'll see you in part five of the course. We'll see that by