How to Structure a Presentation

Hanieh Vidmar, Award-winning Speaker & Trainer

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6 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • Module 1 - How to Structure Your Presentation

    • Module 2 - How to Structure Your Presentation

    • Module 3 - How to Structure Your Presentation.

    • Module 4 - How to Structure Your Presentation.

    • Module 5 - How to Structure Your Presentation.


About This Class

It doesn't matter the topic, audience or duration, all presentations should be structured in a specific way in order for it to be effective, easy to follow and easy to deliver. 

In this short course, Hanieh Vidmar shows you how to structure a presentation in a few simple steps. 

Module 1 discusses what to do before you start designing and writing your presentation. 

Module 2 talks about the opening.

Module 3 talks about the middle/body. 

Module 4 talks about the ending/conclusion.

Module 5 brings it all together and shows you how to put the opening, middle and conclusion into your presentation.  

You will find a PDF on the hooks you can use in your presentation in the supporting documents. 

Hanieh is an award winning speaker and trainer and she trains people to deliver more effective and confident presentations. 






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Hanieh Vidmar

Award-winning Speaker & Trainer