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How to Stop Overthinking and Improve Your Quality of Thoughts

Dhiraj Wadhwa, I'm happy when I'm helping

How to Stop Overthinking and Improve Your Quality of Thoughts

Dhiraj Wadhwa, I'm happy when I'm helping

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11 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Overthinking Intro

    • 2. Focus Part 1

    • 3. Focus Part 2

    • 4. Move Part 1

    • 5. Move Part 2

    • 6. Why we Overthink? Part 1

    • 7. Why we Overthink? Part 2

    • 8. The Trick Is To.. Part 1

    • 9. The Trick Is To.. Part 2

    • 10. Summary Part 1 Cam

    • 11. Summary Part 2 Cam

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About This Class

Hello and Welcome :-)

In this course you'll learn how you can stop Overthinking and improve your quality of thoughts by using meditation, exercise, and tricks to help you with day-to-day scenarios.

I'll also be providing some video recommendations such as Ted Talks that are related to understanding how we can improve our quality of thoughts.

I've made this course in a way so that you'll be continuously engaged with the content, and not get sucked into a loop of thoughts while trying to understand the concepts.

Most importantly this course mentions my personal journey of dealing with overthinking over the past 7 years, and how I overcame it.

I hope you'll enjoy the course and..

Have a great day :-)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhiraj Wadhwa

I'm happy when I'm helping


Hello All,

I'm Dhiraj Wadhwa and my purpose here is to help as many people as I can who are going through similar suffering that I've seen myself.


I have worked at an IT MNC in Mumbai till mid 2018 as a Salesforce Developer, which is when I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion of helping people in the best way I can.


I'm good at listening, understanding and explaining mental health problems and other related issues, which is why I have been a listener at for the past few years.


By nature I'm your typical Introvert, way too much into Hollywood movies and series\sitcoms, and also I'm a beginner book-nerd. ;) :)


You can contact me at [email protected]

Have a nice day! :-)See full profile

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1. Overthinking Intro: Hi there. I'm the rat rod from a picked it or 10 and welcome to the course on how to stop overthinking while everyone over things once in a while. For many people, it becomes the way off thinking in their daily lives. Overthinking is exactly what it means that is thinking something about too much and for too long. And it has been found to be one off the reason, or sometimes a root cause for many other issues, ranging from exactly disorder to depression. I have suffered from over thinking for a two least past seven years, and the reason I said, At least it's whenever I started over thinking I wasn't aware that I was doing it because I wasn't aware of the concept off overthinking. And about a year ago I found a solution for it by thinking about why I started overthinking and how I can now get back to the normal train off Tarts. Once I was aware of my reason, I realized that Tossed actually didn't matter that much, and so I was able to eliminate that reason off overthinking, and all that remained was to break the habit off, overthinking and think Normally, even though I sometimes over think in my mind for my own problems, I actually currently have no issues when it comes to daily life decisions or even in simple conversations with someone, the war come over thinking completely. I started taking care off my mental health on a daily basis by doing meditation, exercising and reading books. And once I was able to stop over thinking, I realized how much time I was wasting since so many years running and thinking about scenarios that needed no thought because of my over thinking. Often my negative doors got extrapolated so much that I was left feeling numb and unable to make a decision on whether even I want to do get off my bag got north. And so if you're someone who is overwhelmed by the number off torch you receive from your brain 41 simple task, then I think this course will be off Good help to you. So with that, I wish you good luck and maybe I'll see you in the course today. 2. Focus Part 1: Hi, Dad. Welcome to the course on how to stop overthinking. I am the god far from a picture, Dalton. And on this journey off, hard to overcome, overthinking and improve air quality off starts. The first and foremost step is to learn about meditation and how it can help us achieve our goals faster. We need to realize our relationship with thoughts and emotions, and we can do that by simply pondering upon the question off. Who am I? It is one off the most olders and simplest question, but one which is still often misunderstood. When we say something like I am thinking about something or I am feeling Saturday, we often attach ourselves with the thought or feeling, and we forget about the fact that thoughts and feelings keep changing every moment. And we are the only one who is constant and experiencing them every day. We are so used to get emotional present thoughts and emotions that we forget who we are and continue to build our identity in their thoughts. We are not. Our thoughts or emotions are more or mind or brain. We are the consciousness under need who is experiencing all those things That's all we do. We only experienced the events that are passing in front, off us and our mind as a job off labeling. Everything got is in front off us even though we already know what it is. Our mind also has the job off continuously describing our feelings in the form off Tarts. For example, if you are feeling angry on a particular day, then on Earth hordes will be created in a way where you get to express that emotion and release that energy. So what we need to realize here is we actually have the choice, do not get emotional thoughts and rather just wants them from a distance and see how they actually don't affect us that much. We are not our thoughts. We are the one who sees that torts. We need to stop labeling everything that is in front, off us and just let things happen on their own are taught anyways will have no effect on how they unfold. So why were so many and so much energy thinking about them? We can just be at peace with ourselves without our hearts, and we can simply focus on who we are rather than letting the objects take our attention and making us feel lost in them. I started meditation a few years ago because I heard many good things about it, such as how it makes drastic, positive changes in their brain and helps us and focusing. And so I thought it would be very helpful to me for starting Do. I realized later that one of the reasons I was not able to focus on Mr Dees was because I had a bad handwriting. And so it was very difficult for my brain to remember stuff that was returned in a messed up way. And I realized this only later, when I borrowed some notes from a friend and I saw that I was able to remember the answers at At least Boy is a speed, and you can notice something similar if you ever try to compare your cities off torts to solve a problem to our friends. When I was in the first year off my engineering degree, we had our first ever subject for a programming language, which WASI plus bless. I was very interested in learning about programming languages so often I tried to solve some additional programming problems on the side. No, I was having a hard time on how to approach these problems. And a friend of mine, on the other hand, was able to solve the same problems fairly quickly. So I asked him about his approach for the problems, and it turned out to be much simpler than mine, even though he and I were both thinking about it logically. My approach had lots of additional thoughts on our courts, all the problem. But all those additional thoughts were actually only hindering my ability to make a choice on what would be the best way to solve the problem. And that's why we need meditation in orderto or come over thinking, because it helps us in making positive and more clear connection in our hearts. It helps us in seeing the potential solution for problems clearly, rather than just thinking about more and more solutions that have even less probability off becoming the final solution than the first few tarts. Now, the initial days off, my meditation were very hard. I almost felt no difference before and after the meditation. Other than a bit of relaxation and my body, it was hard to focus. As I was doing the meditation on my own without any help whatsoever, I had decided that I will simply close my eyes pitching a white circle and try to focus on it, even though I eventually got better as told TV exposed by. I think I could achieve similar results in an easier way, rather than just spending half an hour trying not to think off anything else but the circle . One of the main reasons I continue doing meditation was a feeling off peaceful, less that I began to get during recessions. It goes so pure that you can't mattered feeling with anything else. And it relaxes you more than any off our bad Albert skin as an important reason why I love meditation is that it provides you with a clear way off, thinking it removes the negative self talk. And so you're able to think about their goals without getting stuck in the scenarios off failures. And that is why us I ask you to meditate as well if you're doing it already, even though we can directly start working on hard to escape the extra torts and our thinking process, it will be difficult to implement the techniques if you're having more negative thoughts, then positive on a daily basis, 3. Focus Part 2: No, it is. We have become very distracted people simply because off our smartphones we get so many notifications in a day ranging from emails to messages to social media notifications. When someone like Serpent Chairman Simon comment on your picture, when someone tags you in the picture, the list is just endless, and so we're distracted endlessly throughout the day by just a phones. We need to eliminate this bad habit by keeping our focus where we won't do and nor letters get distracted by a pointless notifications. So we will start with meditation by doing simple breathing exercises in which will take slow, deep breads and try to keep our focus on the bread. So let's close our eyes, trying to trade and, if possible, practice it in the place where you won't be distracted by noises or other people. If you're ready, then simply started by taking slow and the breads, and now trying to focus on your bread back to follow your bread as it moves into your body and out each bread reaches every part of your body, so try and feel the fact each breath is having on your body. If you get distracted by anything. For example, something related to your school or college or job. Then simply acknowledge that thought and decided that you look into it later, as right now, you need to focus on your breath. You don't need to keep pushing your thoughts of a that will be a tiding exercise, and it will be more divert you from meditation. All you need to do is acknowledge that you get that you got distracted by the thought and that you look into it later because right now you have to focus on your bread. Simply enjoy this mood and slow breeding and try to keep your focus on it for as long as you can. So we will not take 10 D breads and let's start. But he didn't, but he doubt, but he didn't, but he doubt. But he didn't. But he doubt, but he didn't, but he doubt, but he didn't, but he doubt, but he didn't, but he doubt, but he didn't, but he doubt, but he didn't, but he doubt, but he didn't, but he doubt, but he didn't. But he doubt no child and now let their minds wander wherever it wants to. I feel that their bodies were legs, and that is one of the vase you can come back from him, a relation face to your regular face. You simply need to be distracted again and feel everything around you on the noises environment. Try to move your body slowly. If any leg has fallen asleep and you can be done with meditation for the day just like that initially, you can start with meditation for five minutes daily for 2 to 3 days, and then you can start the admiration for 10 minutes for another 3 to 4 days, and then you can go on up to 20 minutes or even 30 minutes if you'd like. However, I always try and improve the time you are actually focusing on her bread rather than just simply extending the time off for meditation. Okay, we'll talk a bit more about meditation and upcoming medios, but I'd recommend you to start meditating every day by doing these simple reading exercises and improving your focus. And also I would recommend you to meditate right after your taker, but in the morning and before your breakfast, as it is the time when you are most refreshing your day. And that way the meditation can affect our whole day and try to avoid meditation in the evening time because you might then fall asleep. All right, so that is all for this radio, guys. I hope you understood everything. This was the first big step towards the solution of overthinking. And I promise you it will be more than worth it. A few practice meditation daily. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I try to get back to you as soon as possible. All right, so thank you so much for watching. And I'll see you next time my bay. 4. Move Part 1: Hello. I am glad you are continuing on the scores on how to stop overthinking. If you want to get free from over thinking as quickly as possible, then I would highly recommend practicing daily. There does and Don's that I'm providing in the scores without fail. No. Sometimes it may happen that due to some unfortunate events, you're not able to do meditation on a particular day. Then I highlighted commanders practicing it whenever you can and wherever you can, even if for five minutes you can practice it value are waiting for someone or doing commute or during your break, even if there are a few distractions around you, because the important thing is to get into the habit off, taking care off their mental health daily just as you brush your teeth daily or take about daily, or go to your school, college or, well daily. All right, so in this video, we're going to understand how we can simplify the cholesterol starts that we get stuck with whenever we think about things like our future goals or the future, even that were supposed to plan or when we try to rationalize our emotions, apart from negative towards which we can deal with using meditation, as we learned in the previous video cluster Off Tarts is the most harmful thing that happens to an overt finger. For example, if you are trying to plan your future goals like joining a gym, learning a new skill emperor in grades are improving. Productivity at work. Starting diet are working on a new project, though this list is looking pretty simple right now. This is not hard often appears in the brain. It appears something like this, and so that's right. The first step I'd recommend to clear this cluster is writing her goals down and breaking them into task and writing down the task as well. For example, the most land can look like breaking up early, getting really living for the gym and your enjoining the gym. And then afternoons plan can be finding a source to learn guitar watching or attending the first total on learning the guitar and then buying a guitar from a shop or online. No looking at these tasks, they seem like doable and easy things rather than just thinking about the whole process at once. However, if you're a progressive later, like me and you need more more division. Then I recommend checking out the state. Talk by stiff under near on How to achieve Year goes by doing doable Task Qatar There's one off the best more division of dog I have ever seen, and another reason I'm recommending writing stuff down is because our brain has a limit on the level of complex things that can solve, so live with the help of imagination. Let's take a quick example by doing a simple calculation that's right for multiplied by dough. In our mind, we can get the answer quickly, which is eight. Now. Let's try to do 43210 multiplied by two. It's a bit difficult to do this one by imagination, isn't it? Our If we write it down, we can get the answer to this one fairly quickly as well. So if we can't do these simple calculations in our mind, then how are we supposed to design our life goals, our solar lessons to problems simply by thinking about them? And so when you lose them down, it will take over the responsibility from your brain to hold them in the imagination and then you can think about the important stuff that you can do to achieve your goals. Got it? Okay, now in the second, and the best thing that you can do to help yourself with that Leicester off starts or you want to help yourself with their thoughts in general, are you want to help you with mood? Are you want to help you with your life in general? Is so move movie aboard, either by joining a gym or going for a walk daily or going for run or going for cycling or going for a dance class or whatever way you can think off that will allow you to do a good amount of physical activity. 5. Move Part 2: when I was about 15 years old, my education got a bit serious as I was supposed to enter college next year based on the current era's greats. And so I had to spend most of my time looking down at my books, which didn't leave any time for sports but hanging out, hanging out with friends as much as I used to, or just in general, any physical activity that didn't involve me sitting down. And so began the journey off my body from an active and held even to a sloppy and always tired one. I was just trying my brain and body because I had stopped walking and running almost completely and then go to three years. I started to feel the effects offered on my tarts. Only just I didn't know it at the time that it was happening because off my no moment, way off life, often I felt like I was in a place where the air around me is heavier and I felt congested no matter where I was or when I waas, and this was altered in my torts, beginning to form like a consistent cluster in my mind. Instead of having simple, clear torts as I used to have. I didn't really know why it was happening at the time, and so it often also made me sad because it felt like my intelligence was fading away and, as I was not able to solve complex problems and intelligence was one thing that I was very interested to improve about myself more than anything else. And so a few months ago, I finally got fed up off sitting around for such long periods of time, and I decided to go for a walk daily. I actually always loved walking and running because I was very happy as a child and as a young teenager, whenever I used to play with my friends in a nearby park for in and around our building, and I wanted that act earnest, that feeling off liveliness back in my life. And so I started going for walk daily and evening for about 45 minutes or one hour. I didn't decide the time I was going to walk for beforehand. I just started walking fast and then slow down when my legs begin to ache, which was about 45 minutes. Of course, the first few days were hard because I had involved this much continuously in the past 70 years. But I went to the saw frame because it was very much worth it at the end off every day. The feeling of refreshments that I had when I teased home from walking was something that no amount off Starbucks coffee could have matched. Even if I was able to buy more than one. I wanted to do more. I wanted to run, as I used to as a child, but I knew it would take time so far. About three weeks daily, I walked for almost the same amount of time and I saw Mr I mean, I improving day by day, and so I was not as much out of threat as I was in the first few days. After three weeks, I decided that I'd start jogging and see how much I can handle. Well, I couldn't handle that much. The part that I go for my walk has an elliptical shape and is off about 500 meters, and I couldn't even complete one round off it. In my first dry off jogging. I was so sort of bread that I thought I was going to pass out. I could not believe I was out of shape that bad. So I come myself down, started walking slowly again and I decided that I'll do three rounds of walking and then one runoff jogging and then repeat. And so began this wonderful. I built off physical activity that I still follow every day, no matter Ward, I begin to notice the positive effect of the activity as they started kicking in. Naturally, I had a positive mood for the rest of the day. My willpower increase considerably. And so I was able to focus better and stay off my bag neighbors as well. I was able to see and realize clearly war task I should do next to achieve my goals rather than having that used clothes off starts which did nothing but but crash my willpower and to procrastinating throughout the day. And the soul of freshness from running just made me so happy that I couldn't wait to go for a run the next day. If you haven't seen the state dog on the effects of exercising on your brain by neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki, then please please do hopefully it will motivate you even more and help you in getting out off her bed daily and start moving. And I'm advising you to watch these Ted talks because I want to show you that these are some off the globally accepted task that you can do to improve your mental health and then done and brood the quality off their thoughts as well. I recommend you to start moving right away. After this video, you can just select apart Britannia shoes. You don't need a monitoring George or an app to see your majority physical activity. You just need to start. All right in the upcoming video will talk about the reasons and triggers for over overthinking as it would help us out and looting out. Overthinking from are being completely okay. So if you have any questions about this or the previous tutorial, please feel free to ask me. I try my best to reply as soon as I can. Okay, So Tank is almost for watching and I'll see you next time. Bye bye. 6. Why we Overthink? Part 1: Hello there. Welcome back to the course on how to stop overthinking. I am delivered far from a picture daughter in and in this video we're going to talk about why we actually start to over. Think, and once you are able to answer this question for yourself and a sector, you can then purposely start thinking in ways that won't lead to or thinking. Up until now, we're talk, double meditation and exercising, and if you're plaid them both in your life in their daily life, you'll begin to notice that their thoughts have gone from negative cholesterol starts toe peaceful streams of information that don't deserve you every now and then. In fact, if you'll do meditation continuously for even 10 days, then you'll begin to see some peaceful gaps in your usual energy it off torts. And as you progress with meditation and exercise, you can begin to expand these gaps and fill them with your energetic ideas derived from your passion, and you'll be able to see how much life has to offer when you're not stuck in a loop off starts. I have put meditation and exercise as the 1st 2 steps to take in my course because they have the ability to create the biggest Poulter impact on your mental health. And without physical exercise without any physical activity, there's a chance of relapsing back and overthinking again if you're trying to solely over commit with help off tricks mentioned upcoming videos. So now let's talk about why we start over thinking The main reason we start over thinking is that because it provides us a distraction, and more often than not, we're looking for distractions so that we can go with our loneliness or that emotional turmoil. As I mentioned in my previous tutorial, when I was about 15 years old, I had to start focusing on my studies, a large, as the results were determine which call it I'll be training next year and so, as a result, off spending most of my time studying alone in my room or even sometimes pretending to be starting so that I could wide going out, I started to become lonely, not a top it off. I was an Indra Lord. No, I didn't know the word endured until five years later, so I had very little little that I could muster up toe go outside and angled with friends or cousins or go to even any events at all, and adult died off. My thinking and my choice off topics were often very different from people around me, so I didn't fit in really well with any group. As I grew up, I always was curious to learn about everything and anything. And so the common topics that they didn't give off much information board me a cell and thats well. I was always trying to talk to people who are smarter than me and asking them questions and see if I could learn anything new. My father has been considered an intelligent person is over life, and so I date off on us, my father many questions that I used to have, for example, when I was 13 or 14 and I was playing great kid with my friends nearby, our building and certainly a strong current off their game out off nowhere and lasted for about 30 seconds, and so every even though first right not to fall to the ground. We all then had a big love straight in the storms and continued playing, and then when I went home in the evening and told my dad about the experience. I certainly grew curious about why the air mood so faster day from one place to another. And then I wondered, Why does there has to move it all that any time off their time at any time of the day? Anywhere? Why can't it just be very this? So I asked my dad about it, and he told me one off. The most important thing that I've learned about life and it is that nature aids a vacuum. He explained that when the air at a particular place gets heated from the sun's rays, it raises up. And so the surrounding air takes its place at the bottom because we can't have a vacuum naturally. And he explained many things like these as I asked more and more questions about the concepts that I learned in my science subjects. However, after a certain time, he was unable to answer my questions as topics in my books got way too complicated and so in disposes off, not fitting anywhere, feeling different, getting bored, sitting alone, learning new things alone. I began to feel very lonely, but I didn't handle my loneliness very well. I began to go bitter but simply denying the need off emotions in my life and does begin my journey off logical thinking. I started considering logic Toby, far more supreme than emotions, because I had toe as otherwise I would have to face my loneliness. So I started playing logical games in my phone, and I played so, so so many games. And I began to look at life through this filter off logic so that I could make sense off my loneliness. And because of this logical view off life, I hated anything that had anything to do with emotions. For example, romantic movies. I began to label emotional things as boring as I was able to break them down to their bears and shells, which were emotions, but it didn't stop there. I started labelling everything that was slow cliches or even minute Lee close to boarding as boring. And so I started looking for new, interesting and complicated things that I could think about riddled being reminded of emotions, however, it was difficult to find things that I could think about for long periods of time without being bored. So after many drills and I finally found something worth while and it was life. Yeah. So I started my journey on understanding the meaning oflife purpose off life. Why we should live this life and expect an exacta. I began to notice everything that could give me an inside the work life is trying to tell us. And the patterns, any exceptions, anything that could me a glimpse into the answer off some off the oldest questions ever to have been asked. 7. Why we Overthink? Part 2: and after years off, asking questions and overthinking, I finally came to some conclusions that satisfied my questions for the meaning oflife. However, the problems caused by my over thinking we're always mounting over my head. And so I always tried different ways of dealing with them in different situations. For example, one time I was at my cousin's house and went off. My cousin asked me if we can borrow my bike because he had a small air in Turin. So I gave him Ducky. And then he asked, Where is it parked? And it took me more than 10 seconds just to come up with half an answer as I was busy thinking about all the possible ways in which I could answer this question. And that was very embarrassing for me because it seemed like I'm such an eight person who can't even enter such simple questions properly. And I figured out how to answer such questions in a conversation later by over thinking about it, of course. And it is one of the tricks that we'll talk about it. We'll talk about later in detail in a somebody. The trick is to try and answer the question. From their perspective, think about the kind off answer they are expecting from you. And don't think off dead and four they might need, along with the answer. Suggest Mike is low on petrol. First answered their question and then think off the additional info. It makes him look of years or very simple trick, but it works in all of the conversation scenarios. So with the help of side streaks, I was able to answer questions in various scenarios without being embarrassed about it. Later. However, even though I beat overthinking in the outside world, it was not that easy to beat it. When I was left alone with my thoughts, I still had the cloud off towards always in my head, which made everything seem hard to work on. I was procrastinating for even the things that I love to do, and it was really frustrating, attracted to research as usual on ways to stop overthinking. No, I didn't find anything good, but I did find one good video on you do by a person named I Can Totally, which later came to know about is a Riverton writer and is one off the most well received books is the power off now, but as you can guess is about being in the present moment, and that is something we'll be talking about in the future. We do as well. So I connected with I got very good because he really did seem to have a good idea on how to deal with Tarts. And because of his video, I understood that overthinking at its base is an addiction to thinking it's an escape from reality that we can use at any point off time tow, Avoid heart, full things like the feeling off loneliness and you nodded, understood all of that. All I had to do was remove about her big that I had for the past few years. The first step, I thought off, taking Waas toe, coming to terms with my emotions as emotions for the reason I started over thinking in the first place. And when I thought about the concept off or thinking being a habit off thinking, I realized that morning things had become my trigger toe or thinking. And so the lesson here is that you need to find and realize your own reason for over thinking and be aware off their triggers. In my case, the reason was loneliness. I take score. In your case, it might be something else. It might be a hard break. It might be in security about something, or it might be something completely different. Once I realized that I need to come to terms with my emotions, I stopped denying the existence in my life and I realized that humor that emotions are what makes us humans. So I started listening to my emotional leads and practiced expressing my emotions in a day to day basis. I stopped pushing down all my emotions down the road. Another expressed them to the people involved, as I understood that that is how emotions work. And as I found out a few years ago while scrolling through Gora that I am not a Viet person , I'm just on intra work. The feeling off the feeling off loneliness started to fade away. Just imagine the feeling when you find out that you belong somewhere after going through years off our loneliness. And so all I didn't needed to do was find more than two words like me and see if they have gone through similar journey as mine and maybe finally I could then share my towards with someone else answered off just myself. Scientists say that human brain was not actually designed by evolution to solve complex stuff. It was only designed to help us with movement such a standing, your location if all the nearby the sources have dried up. So people who lives I didn't realize are actually depleting their brain power more than they know it and Children and a stirred all of dead. I decided to stop worrying about my work so much and put my mental health on the top of my priority list. And I began to do three things in my daily life. And those are meditation, running and reading books. I do each of those things daily in my life for about one hour, and I couldn't be more proud off off the results that I have achieved. My feeling of loneliness has disappeared almost completely because off meditation and being a bit more social than usual, not a day goes by then. I feel active and ready to work and ready to commit to new things because of my new phone willpower, which I think is a byproduct off meditation and exercising both and reading books has just been a blessing. It's own because books also provide you a world to escape into but without any side effects . Instead, effective reading books on your mental health have been considered hugely positive, and we'll talk about that a bit more in the future. We just as well. All right, so that is all for this video. Guys. I hope you understood everything. If you have any, any doubts about anything till now, please feel free to ask me. And I try my best to play as soon as I can. Okay? So thank you so much for watching. And I'll see you next time my bay. 8. The Trick Is To.. Part 1: Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. I am dated from a picture daughter in and in this video we're going to talk about the tricks that we can apply in a daily life, to cope with, overthinking and not get stuck in our thoughts when action is expected from us. In a previous video, we talked about how we need to understand our core reason because of which we started over thinking in our lives so that we can remove the habit off thinking from its road and never let it grow again. No, since we know that over thinking is a habit of thinking at its core, we need to consider some other race off efficient thinking since we have been addicted toe this way of thinking for a long time. So we need to retrain our minds toe only consider towards that can have an impact on the task at hand and not get stuck in other Jenoff torts that leaders nowhere right? So we'll be considering four scenarios in which overthinking effects our daily lives, and we'll see some tricks that we can apply to help us in these scenarios. If you think that I missed the scenario that you might need help with Please let me know in the comments. Okay, so the first scenario is how to end their questions might in a normal composition. So, for example, once I had gone to a friend's place and as and as soon as I reach there, she asked me, What's up with my choice off close today? But as an introvert, I've never really considered looks as an important factor. While choosing close to there, I just pick up whatever is most comfortable and whatever is nearest. I am most other times and able to tell if a color combination for the overall aesthetic off my logs is good or not, probably because I haven't spent a lot off time outside with people to see what looks good and what doesn't. And so I think about a lot off possible answers for this question, such as What exactly is wrong with my choice? Offloads. But I knew that she just that you just start with a list of things that I don't want to hear. And so I think about the next possibility, such as I like the shirts color. But then she will probably reply with Soviet contrasting colored pants. Why don't you? And I didn't want to replied, or another question related to my clothes, So I dropped that possibility as well. And this was not the first time that this happened to me. And so I learned that in such interactions, people sometimes don't understand the true answers to these questions, such as I don't care about my clothes that much because they have probably never met someone who doesn't care about their looks. So as soon as he asked me this question, I suddenly realized that she is most likely to understand, and so that best fits in her view. So I gave the answer. I thought, This looks good on me. The first thing Toby notice here is that I game and says, if I'm thinking from her perspective, so if she were in my place, she would know where things right. She just probably save whatever best described her feelings, and she'd speak her mind while being polite, as people usually do. So that's why what we're to do here is we have to try and not be dependent on tarts for such simple questions. Even though thinking has become our first response for everything we need to retrain ourselves, to speak our minds, the speaker hearts now and then. And as soon as you have spoken your mind, you realize that those infinite possibilities didn't really matter because they can go until no end and and setting such simple questions shouldn't be that hard now, If you remember, I mentioned the streak off answering question from their perspective in our in our previous video as well. However, and that example, I needed to provide information as an answer to the question. Which waas Where is the bike bug? And so for such questions, along with the perspective, we need to consider one more thing, and that is our resources. What resources do you have to give the answer? No. My bike was sparked a longer wall near the elevator, so the resources in this case are the wall and the elevator, and you can answer the question with either of these two. So once you consider the resources the number of possibilities, you can answer the question with reduces greatly and so you have less choices. Toe pick from no. One more thing to always consider for questions like these is that you don't need toe. Give the best possible answer that there could be for the question. You just need to answer them in a simple form so that the person will be able to act on it . We don't need to spend our lives trying to be a perfectionist. Violence during such simple questions in our day to day scenarios, thoughts are not the most important thing in the world. So I was so much time with them in our heads rather than thinking other than talking to people with their hearts. It wouldn't have mattered to my cousin if I said that the bike was parked near the ball or the Liberator. He just needed to know a general idea off. There was it part as there were multiple locations around the building, but I could have parked it. And so that's where Evans you consider their perspective, their context. You can easily understand what kind of answer is expected from you. All right, 9. The Trick Is To.. Part 2: now the second scenario, which happens when near to answer toe I returned an important questions. You may not need the strict very often, but I think it is important that we are aware offered. I was using this trick for quite some time without even realizing that I was using it. And so you may have been going the same as well when we are asked urgent questions over the phone. Like when your boss asks you, How long do you think it will take you to complete this task or when your friends have, unless multiple choice question in a test and you don't have enough time to think about it . So in such situations, you may not have time to consider the resources and the prospector. And since you're expected to give and fast answer, it can be problematic as an over thinker. So in these scenarios, I recommend listening to your card and then and sitting accordingly. Why? Because you're Kurt always knows more than you think more than you think it does. We actually taken very more information than our conscious brain makes use off, and all of the information that is ignored by the conscious brain is actually taken up by the girl. And so listening to the guard actually makes sense. It may seem like of your solution, but it actually works very well for us or working girls, because we then don't even have to begin to think people away. The answer. We just need to listen interest our guard. And so there's no possibility off getting stuck in a loop off starts in these scenarios. So let's say, if you're good tells you that it will take your own fire was to complete the task that their boss is asking about. But you're having some trouble trusting it so you can answer your boss something like, I think it will take about five hours. Give me a few minutes to confirm and I'll get back to you. All right. I'd recommend you towards this video on why you should Crestor and strength from the Channel 30 toe on YouTube to learn more about how our guard can help us. I'll provide a link to the video in the description as well. Okay, so in order tart scenario, which is when we are asked to come up with a plan or a solution for something in a few hours or in a day. For example, when we arise, toe plan a small evened or when Yvonne toe plan a surprise for our partner or any other as to give a presentation the next day. In such scenarios, I'd recommend really, really focusing on your resources a lot, because here is were given a considerate amount of time to think the chances are higher that we'd go lost in a, that we would get lost in our thoughts. And then, Verrier says, with the number off negative scenarios that we were able to come up with, So if you're Jordan, the resources first, you would be able to restrict Tarts through those that are actually productive and have a good chance of becoming the solution. For example, if you're asked to give a presentation at school or writer work by tomorrow, then first of all, you have to consider that your presentation doesn't have to be the best of the best in the world. Otherwise, they were there giving you at least a few months to prepare for it. All right, so with that in mind now you can start considering your resources First off, it will be time. Let's say if you have six of us to prepare the presentation, then you can give yourself off our for finding the resources to create the content from then good presentation for the next three hours and then give us a stupid five hours to prepare for it. China to extend your time limitations because then you might be trying to perfect a presentation based on your views, even though it was already perfect enough, you can also considered that perspective it I mentioned in the first scenario, for example, you can think about what kind of presentation is expected from you. Has some one given a similar kind of presentation at school before and what did it look like? So once you do that, you can restrict the possibilities even more and skip over thinking. Another source in this case can be the maximum time your presentation is supposed to last. Let's say there's 15 minutes, then from that you can invest in how much contend you need. So for a 15 minute dog, sources said, test of a key beauty, a page, a few YouTube videos and a good blawg should be enough to create the content. And so you don't have to spend their time surfing the Internet saying things like this looks good. This also looks good. I just open these links as back up, limiting and breaking down the things to work on can say you quite some time from over thinking. And so in this way, once you write down your resources, you won't get lost in the world off war tapes and you will be able to complete her presentation, maybe with time to spare. Okay, so the last scenario very being counter over thinking it's when we have to do seemingly mundane tasks like cooking, washing dishes or cleaning up the house. And at that I was old chose, since such does consumed some part of her daily lives, and there's not much thinking. Tow them. We can easily get ourselves into a negative loop off tarts while doing these tasks, and that is one of the nastiest thing about overthinking. You don't need anything toe, get stuck into it, and no one will even know if you're overthinking unless you express your towards while you're thinking them and a very to deal with overthinking in these situations is to practice the power off now. Yep, The power off No is a way off living your life in which we spend our time living in the present moment rather than thinking about the things of the past and future that do nothing but make us worry. Most of the times we are just using our memories to remember past all. We're using our imagination to think about the future possibilities. And so we rarely spend our time in the prison, which is then our future becomes the past Constantly. I mentioned a card in my previous video as we learned from him, that overthinking at its core is a habit off thinking. And I also mentioned the right card. Is there ever a writer and one of his most famous book Being the power off? Now I'd have really come in everyone to read this book as it tells you how to be in the presence off yourself and feel privileged and at peace and not end up over thinking about every task at hand. The power off now is also what will help you when you're trying to sleep at night. Us. Over thinkers have a problem with nor being able to sleep because there are always too many thoughts coming in. And since we're not doing any dusk when we're trying to sleep, there is nothing to focus on. So we need a better way to handle those starts at night. You need to realize that nothing can come out off worrying about yesterday all tomorrow, when when you're trying to sleep today because it is not productive in any way. We tried loosely because we are usually tired or we need to wake up early and in any of the scenarios. Thinking or worrying about anything cannot help us. You won't solve any problem. And you are trying to sleep that you can't solve tomorrow when you are awake. All right. And so once you begin to understand the power off, now you realize that you can enjoy being in the moment when you are trying to sleep and you can simply be okay which staying still and doing nothing, which is usually ah, hard task for over fingers. Okay, so those other traits that have helped me in my day to day life without being dependent on thoughts too much and so if you make use off the streets, you're really that you haven't had any embarrassing moment because of overthinking in quite some time. So I hope you understood everything. And if you have any questions or little to anything, please feel free to ask me in. The upcoming videos will summarize everything we have learned so far, and we'll see a few more tips on how we can improve our mental health. Thank you so much for watching and as you next time my by. 10. Summary Part 1 Cam: welcome back to the course on how to stop over thinking This is the reservoir from a picture dot in and in this video we are going to summarize all that we have learned in this course, and then we're going to finish off by discussing a few more things that we can do to improve over mental health. So we started off in. This goes with meditation, and as I mentioned, we need meditation in order to remove the negative tarts and the negative self talk that comes along with overthinking. These negative thoughts can have terrible effects on our emotions, on our moods and on our minds. And so we need to deal with them first and foremost and get ahead in our fight. But overthinking. If I had put the total about their tricks as the first tutorial off the course, then you might not have considered the remaining totals. As much important as you must have heard about meditation and exercise, and many YouTube videos are blog's before. But I wanted to emphasize the importance off meditation because it can help us over thinkers a lot and improving the quality off our thoughts. And honestly, I don't think I would have been able to stop overthinking without meditation. Even though my meditation has improved considerably with daily practice, I still get distracted a lot by my tarts and so a still keep bringing my attention back to my breeding at least once every 15 seconds after the reading exercise, I tried to break this one off the few meditation techniques I know, and if you like, you can do the same. Or you can search for content on meditation on YouTube or via books to get a general guided part on how you want to go forward, return, meditation, practice. Some of their techniques I have followed on my own are Reekie, which is basically the life force that flows through us and everything else. And after that is the focusing on their tired I chakra. And this is something that that can help you if you have anxiety issues. Okay, next is focusing on in herself and becoming aware of herself, and lastly, we have connecting with the higher consciousness that is all around us all the time. If you like to know more about the higher consciousness meditation than you can, check out the state Talk on consciousness. My keeping an open mind, the family suggest, and I'll be voting the link to the video in the description as well. My meditation always begins with focusing on the bread and once I'm relaxed and four cars in 15 to 20 minutes a shift my attention to say in herself for the higher consciousness around us, which goes for about 30 to 45 minutes. No, for over thinking, as I mentioned, only the breeding exercise and focusing is enough, and it will teach you how to focus on only the important thoughts and not get lost in the negative scenarios. And if you like to know more on their work under working off our mind and thoughts at highly recommend taking over the book called The Unfettered, sold by Michael Singer as it will teach you how to keep your mind and inefficient state so that it works for you and not against you. All right, so after meditation, we discussed the importance of physical activity in their lives, and the important reason for why we need to exercise is to get completely rid off the question off starts, positive or negative that we get stuck in tow. Also with physical activity, you get the willpower and active nous to actually put efforts in your goals and to take action for something that matters to you. A few weeks ago, I kind of had a sprained leg. It wasn't that bad, but surely I wasn't able to render my usual pace. So I went to the park and just walked at a regular pace and then said, Don't for a while instead of running for another because not going outside and doing some physical activity was not an option for me. I had promised myself that I'll do three things in my daily life bruma, mental health and the three things which I mentioned earlier as well, our meditation exercising and reading books in the mid. After Down 18 I quit my job and started working from home. Even though the first few weeks weren't that bad, I had kind of begin to get sloppy and slowly I realized that I was having productivity off about only toe go three hours unless the other time was being spent, thwarting sitcoms, playing games or just plain and simple procrastination. Eventually I got very frustrated and so I decided to do those three things daily to improve my life. And I kept logos letter to work for the next 2 to 3 weeks, and now I can probably say that I'm very glad I did that. I have dealt with procrastination for a long time as well. However, since I have started meditation and exercising, my stress has decreased to a minimal and my willpower has increased considerably. And so now I hardly face any procrastination in my day to day life. One of the things you can do to deal with procrastination if you're not meditating is doing the important task early in the morning because you get an abundance off natural willpower when you wake up early and the days stress doesn't affect over either. Okay, one last reason why why I'd recommend going for a walk or a run is because it is not good for us humans to stay indoors for long periods off time. It has a fate on your mind and body boat, and if you are someone who stays indoors all the time, then you're likely to get affected by stress and fear more often and says most of the time at home is spend sitting. There are high chances that you are weakening your immune system. I highly recommend watching these two videos if you haven't already to understand why it is important to spend some time outside every day. 11. Summary Part 2 Cam: I mentioned Reading books has one off my three priorities because it is commonly said that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. And so, whenever I'm done reading books for their day, I feel a strange satisfaction. As if reading books is a need for our mind, similar to what we feel that you get a good night's sleep. One more important reason why I'd recommend rating books is when you're getting into the meditation practice, you will begin to feel a certain peace in your life, which is when you realize that you haven't had any negative thoughts in a while, and so you can spend quality time quietly at any place. And we need to do something to maintain and extend those peaceful moments because, as you may know, a common remedy for getting over any bad Hebert is getting into a good habit. So we need to fill those peaceful spaces with something positive and something that won't regard our overthinking again. And reading books is the best way to achieve that. Not only that reading books, even for half hour just before you go to sleep, can help you and falling asleep faster. If you would like to know more on my, you should read books, then I recommend watching on watching this video by the channel better than yesterday. After the exercise tutorial, we talked about why we should know the reason that gave birth to our thinking in our thoughts, so that we can identify and predict whenever it triggers. And in my case, it was loneliness and emotions in general. We need to try and express our emotions to the right people and at the right time, and not get stuck in thinking about the positive or negative outcomes off expressing the emotions because it is something that we need to do no matter what. A few years ago in college, one of our teachers said that nowadays, whenever kids get agitated or frustrated from the school or college, they usually take it out on their parents when they reach home by talking in an angry tone or dialogue and as an intro board. It was true in my case, and so I felt a certain guilt when I realized it. Since then, I have started taking some time to come down whenever at each home, and then I shared my family about how my day event our I notice that even though I was able to save and maintain my relationship with my family, I needed to put more efforts into making it better and positive, and soon realized that that was true for every relationship in our lives. You cannot just been what Ben's water Netflix your whole life and expect everything to stay the same. You need to put in efforts to improve and maintain your mental health, your physical health, your relationship with yourself and with everyone else. And so I started putting in efforts by coming out off my room more often and talking with everyone. I tried not to run away. Whenever I go toe know we have some relatives coming in, and rather, I tried spending time with everyone and learned new things from them. It was difficult at first, of course, but slowly I got well adjusted to it. And if I had to talk with them for longer than I thought, then once in a while I just take a small endured break and then come back to talk to them, and it was always worthwhile. Just remember that you have to do a little bit better than you did the last time, all right, so after that we talked about how we can apply some tricks and other data, the scenarios to sidestep, overthinking and spend our time productively. Now all these scenarios were based on my views and what I have faced. So if you think that scenario that concerns you that I have or haven't covered, then please feel free to contact me, and I try my best to provide a solution. One more scenario that I think I could have mentioned is when we have to do things that we love, but which also are a good way to regard over habit off thinking. For example, as I mentioned when I had started overthinking, I began to fell in love it logical and complex things such as puzzle games in my phone or watching movies that involved a lot off thinking such as inception. And at that time I realized that one of the complex things that I loved and was going to be working on escorting, and so I was very excited to learn more about, according when it during college and when we got our first c++ project in the first year off college. I couldn't wait to go home and start working on it, and that's exactly what I did. But the thing is, when I started working, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I've worked till five in the morning, and I thought about nothing else but our project for the next few weeks. And this can be a very harmful thing because it is almost like being high own your work all the time and not knowing homos. You're damaging your life by not communicating about normal and day to day things with anyone. So, in order to await overthinking inside scenarios, the first ever I'd recommend is simply being aware of the fact that you are doing something that's an actor zone for your over thinking. Once you are aware, then you can keep a timeshare duel on homers. You should be working on such task in order for them to be enough for a doctor for the day . And one more thing that happened whenever I was working or studying Waas. Let's say I got stuck in a problem and I need some help with some of the concepts. So no, I opened of YouTube to get some clarity. But as soon as I do, I can clearly see some new widows that you to recommence based on my history off video that I watched. And so these videos, but also trigger for me as that immediately watched a new widow that involves some off my favorite complicated topics, such as artificial intelligence or hacking or consciousness. And obviously good answer that I have vested one number off my study time by watching these videos cause off my or thinking and procrastination. So to a white, such things from happening, we need to be aware that these are active zones for our overthinking and can destroy our productivity fairly easily. One thing I go to escape over thinking in this case is before I start working, I opened up YouTube in incognito video in my I'm Rosa, and that way I'm not longer logged into my cone. And so you do is not able to show me any personal recommendations. And so, using such small tricks, I try to stay on the part of productivity for as long as I can and not get distracted into stuff. Okay, How intense is one last thing that I'd like to share with you that I learned from living so many years off my life as an over thinker. I went through some hard times as I was trying to use my thoughts, took our myself from the pain off, loneliness and depression. And so what I realized eventually was when I was pushing of emotions and people from a life I was actually pushing away life from happening to me. I was losing the purpose off life, which is one of the worst feelings a person can have. So eventually I understood that we're not supposed to keep the emotions inside off us for a long period of time. We are supposed to share them with our loved ones. Human body is north, a container for emotions. It is merely a conductor. And I'd like you to watch two more talks to better understand this, and I'll mention that you love them in the description as well. All right, so that is all for discourse. Everyone. I hope you understood everything and enjoyed the course as much as I did. Like creating it. Please let me know if you have any kind off questions, and I'll try my best to get back to you ASAP. I'm planning to create a new cause for depression. And so I'd be very grateful if you can provide a review on the scores and tell me how it can better create these videos. And finally, let me just promise you that even if you follow just the meditation and physical activity habit daily in your life, you're over thinking will reduce greatly. All right, So thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you on the other say, were they?