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How to Still Your Mind Through Meditation

teacher avatar Jeyaprakash M, Explorer of Consciousness and Teacher.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 8m)
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About This Class

Advantages of Meditative Still Mind

  • More productivity, as one stays in the present moment (not staying in past or future)

  • Not being carried away by the thoughts of past and future

  • Better stability in life (mental, emotional and physical)

  • Physical healing is facilitated as mind and body are two sides of the same coin.

How Stillness is Achieved

Mind becomes still when a proper energy flow is facilitated at a subtler level, at the level of meridians, in the subtle body. The stillness is an outcome of the right flow of prana (subtle energy). This is a yogic way of systematic working at subtle level, bringing about the changes at the level of mind and body.

I guide you, step by step, giving you information and teach you ways to alter the flow of prana in your meridians.

When the subtle body awakens enough, through right flow of prana, it balances your brain hemispheres and you shall start to have a balanced state of mind. As you advance with your practice, you shall start to experience a deeper level of inner stillness, which is an advanced meditative state. Incorporating a meditative state of mind, in a regular life, makes you more productive.

Whether you want to learn a meditation technique for your spiritual progress or you want to have a better state of mind for facing the challenges of life with ease, this course is going to be of great help for you.

Kindly watch in the specific order 1,2,3.. I give first the theoretical part and then introduce the practice.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeyaprakash M

Explorer of Consciousness and Teacher.


Hello, I'm Jeyaprakash. I am an explorer of consciousness. I do love to do my experiments in impacting the subtle/deeper aspect of human to bring about external changes, for healing, expansion of consciousness, etc.. I love to teach what I learn.

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1. 00: Hi. Welcome to the course this practice oriented cause I introduce you to the theory so we will have a very deep understanding off how this mind body works on how to impact it. At a subtle level, this is more often all chemical are yo Bic the off impacting the change from settle to the gross. I give you a very good understanding off both of theory on the practice. It is through the practice. You're going toe have the actual change. There is no magical pin when it comes to transform in your mind. It requires inner work if you want to help a transformation in yourself. But it is really work putting the CIA vote on yourself for bringing aboard this transformation because it's going to transform many different aspects off your life. It is going to bring you better health. It is goingto bring changes at the level off mind Onda. You're going to become more equal animus A joyful, peaceful It'll reflecting many dimensions off your life on it will not only impact your life, it is going to impact the life off people around you. Who were you touch their life is going to be transformed. That is what transformation is. You're going toe hold such a unique on high frequency through which you're going toe. Make living on this planet a wonderful experience. Let's go to the course. And that is how the best possible results we can. Good luck with the course. 2. 1: understanding the subtle body. Sadly, Body is called Sukma Shari in Sanskrit. It is simply called us sucky body in English. It is so subtle that we are not able to seen it all. Physical eyes, eyes I know the regular ice ice cubes. The soil defeat water is very grass physical. When it is in the diluted state water, it is still physical. We can see it, but when it becomes more subtly and it becomes the water vapor, we have difficulty seeing it when it on disperses in the same mean sadly body is at a very high frequency vibrating. I'm because of his high vibration or it's subtle nature. You are not ableto see it. Our physical body is completely surrounded by the second body on the city body has many layers I can only in on. Each layer is controlled by a chakra. We are not even bothered aboard different layers, but just know that the second body is surrounding the physical like a big ball of energy. And this determines how on my hunt boarding functions 3. 2: Why should we work on the settee body? This is one off the very important or picks that is to be understood very clearly. If we want to bring a change in a human being, Dora different ways off achieving it. The regular way that we know is undergoing formal education. And at a physical level, if we want to bring about the change, we go for jogging or recall for a gym. What do any physical exercise and being about to change? This was the regular race off, impacting the mind and body off the human Latino. But this is not the way the yogis for the aesthetics or all chemists were following. They had it known a very different system, a system off, working from the center level and bringing the change to the physical level. This is not just a change. This is human transformation. It is also called spiritually, all coming. So we are not just focusing on the change. We are focusing in transforming ourselves to such an extent. We are going toe transcend the ordinary mind. And I've taken the greater abilities off a human being. The subtle bodies, what controls the mind and body. This is something that the science has no country. He understood. But you will know for yourselves the truth. When you start working at your settle level, your proof is what the best you can get has bqool in depth and start working. They knew for sure. That s no way you can, um, Mr Cells, you're going toe time. Settle is what controls our mind and body, and we having the ability to work at a subtle level is like going and altering them low print or for human existence. It is sues important that we have the ability it just almost like a next level of human evolution. You're primarily going to work at a subtle level and impact the mind on the body. 4. 3: understanding the meridians Onda chakras like the physical body having different systems like circulatory system, braking system, nervous system, digestive system, excretion system. The second body also has its worn function my kinda size. But it is not so complex. You don't have to understand so many systems like in the case off physical body, it has medians. And Chuck Russ, if you have a basic understanding off these, you almost have a very good understanding off the Satya body. The meridians are the channels that carry the subtle energy which we call prana in Sanskrit and disperses eight all along the second body there are three major meridians are energy channels that are running along the spine. It is not in the physical body, but anthem second party along the spine region. These three major medians are off our council. There are a lot off minor meridians or minor noughties that go everywhere along the body connecting a physical body and the ACA picture healers. They are very aware off the minor meridians on the impact, the flow off prana or the energy in the minor meridians for the sake of healing. But as spiritually all chemists, inner working your geese me are going to focus on the major medians. As they said, there are three major meridians oneness called Aida and the other one is called Being Allah , and the 3rd 1 is called Social. You don't It's a median that Aran's, um giving the lunar tendencies so you can simply consider it done. Toby Luna median and being Guolla Toby The solar median, you duh, which is the lunar median, brings very receptive to tendencies and penkala the solar meridian brings project you tendency these two nature both this receptive and projected ability or the nature is very much required for both men. Domon, we need a to be having in thes to nature, in balance, to state they dis wort will help enable has to lead the life on this planet in the efficient way possible. You might hope come across the view that the brain hemispheres are to be balanced to bring the complete potential off the human being. One hemisphere of the brain is ruled by the loan or meridian on the other hemisphere is ruled by the solar media. No, you understand better the need to balance both these meridians on the third Midian that Dimension Social now is the most important. Gideon, the planner. In this median it's activated. Are the Bronner flows in this main meridian social? Not only when the energy is imbalanced in the Lunar Lander so lot median we should be going more into depth on how to do this when it comes to the practice segment. 5. 4: the chakras, huh? Like spinning workplaces off energy. The tour located in the social. Now each chakra Hazar dominant energy on a specific frequency corresponding to it. The road seven major check across the first chakra are the root. Chakra, which is very close to the bottom corresponds to the year element. When this check rise to or very well functioning, we're very grounded on stable. The second chakra called the Swat. This Tana corresponds to water element and controls how our sexual instincts are going toe function. The third chakra, also called solar plexus, corresponds to the fire element. This deter mines. How powerful e you're going toe achieve something in our life. We need fire to achieve on outgoing nature. This is what the solar plexus or the chakra does The heart chakra The fourth chakra corresponds to the yard element. This is sort uses institution the ability to offer Andi receive now on the fifth chakra also called a Minnesota in Sanskrit IHS corresponding toe the eater or a cash. It is not off the four element energies. It is transcending almost the four limited energies and corresponds to the thought this chakra gives the ability to have a feeling off community transcending the individual needs and diseases. We start thinking us a collective like what we can do for the whole. This is the chocolate it brings that collect. You, uh, thinking ability on the sixth chakra is called Hodja. Out of the hey bro Chakra Simply called the Bro Center. This chakra clan, Anson's brutality duality is part off the bully life here. The good, the bad dork light Life has to be like this. Life has to be like that. All these theories you, this all part off duality Onda chancing, transcending duality is seeing things passes. We thought having a strong of ocean or are craving it was just being on the seventh chakra sas sata hard. The contra crown is beyond the manifested reality. It takes us to a stewed off your awareness. And, uh, if you're strongly functioning from that, be transcend all the limitations on function in a whole new level on the chakras are linked toe the physical body through glance. Huge chakra has a corresponding the and at a physical level. And that is how the sexy body is linked to the physical and controlling the basic up 6. 5: how spiritually evolution happens. No, we have some understanding off the May energy median social now hand may also have seen the basic tendencies off. Check us if a person is functioning from the three Louis across, say, the faster crab, the second check around the chakra. That human being is going to be focused only on basic survival, sexual instincts on the power over others. This is going to be in the life off the person, Onda. If we transcend these three chakras and reach the heart chakra and beyond, we are going to experience and awful on condition allow. And we're going to be more console off the evolution off the collective humanity and no more concerned only about us. This is what I call spiritually evolution. So how does this happen? As more and more energy flows through the main energy meridian Social. Now the chakras get a bacon. It is not that these chakras are not functioning now. They are functioning even right now, but not at their complete put and shell for almost every human being. The lawyer three chakras are functioning at their complete wouldn't shell, but the highest across our knotted functioning with their complete potential. And as we do our inner work, they get a vacant and start to function with their complete put on show. Uh, this is how that spiritually evolution happens. 7. 6: understanding the things off Meditation. Meditation is no more a mystery. It has bean very well understood at the yogis on If we learn from them, it is almost like signs. We can replicate the results. A meditative state is a state of mind in which you are thoughts are going to be still That is the goal off this course as it is how to reach the stillness off the mind, how to reach the meditative state. That is what we are trying toe achieve. It is not like again. You take a ball or a bat and you play Meditation is no to something that you can do. If you do the right facilitation, meditation happens. If we struggled to meditate, it won't happen. It is a simple fact. But there are Weise Ridge. You can facilitate good meditation to happen and it is a simple secret. And I'm going to reveal that deep I gave you on understanding off the meridians area, the Lunar channel, the solar channel and the social. Now, if the make the solution, it is going toe balance both the hemispheres off your brain. Andi, it is going toe take you into a pretty deep, meditative state. This might sound Laker. Very good. Logical explanation. This one off The explanation be how, at the moment, from a scientific perspective, when the brain hemispheres were balanced, we're going toe enter deep, meditative state. 8. 7: What's the best time for meditation? The morning after you get up is the best time for meditation. One reason behind this is after a very good rest. You would be relieved off a lot off thoughts that are running you in your mind during the day, so naturally you will have a sort off clarity and lightness in the morning. This is one of the reasons way we select morning and also in general morning. It's a very pleasant time. In a collective perspective. Most of the people would rest at night to live in a busy tone. Maybe it would be different, but in general, if you live in a place where most of the people sleep at night, the night is generally a very calm and bless and state. The whole energy shifts at night and in the early morning it is so pleasant and beautiful on the the sun is just rising with its fresh new energy on the trees, with our given out a load off Oh, and beautiful energy to balance the Europe and morning is in any way have any magical time . You just notice the difference if you meditate in the morning and the known yourself will find the difference in just one day. Sit for meditation in the morning and on the Sony. Um And one day you try meditating around 12 in the noon on. Did you see if you find any difference? Andi evenings are also very magical for meditation. My favorite time is early in the morning on day and evening before they know on always make it Ah, habit to do meditation before having any heavy meal. If only your stomach is more or less empty you could enter, huh? Meditate. You state with ease. Um, having no foot? Yes, just the major preliminary requirement for you to inter deep meditative state. Yeah, even if you want to do after food, it is not going to harm you. But naturally you will be having the ability toe enter a deeper, meditative state If he has stomach is empty. If you have the ability to how ah ball movement In the morning it is unveiling good. He will have ah, um matter experience because more, um clear the bodies, but with the mind is going to be prepared to enter a meditative state. But if you're not used to having a morning volume int. It doesn't matter. Just sit for medication in the morning and directly start practice. 9. 8: no good entering them. Practice segment. What a theoretical aspect that I have covered until now form the basis for understanding the practice, even if you have not grasp some off the points that they mentioned in the theoretical aspect. Do not be both hood water where practical aspect that I'm going to cover no is radius and she'll to get established in the practice. So your entry a very important aspect off the course fitting position in what position to sit for doing meditation. Meditation can only happen when your body, his stable as well as relaxed your spine has to be straight. We took leaning anywhere so you can sit on the ground on a folded blanket or you can sit on a child. It thought, leaning against the back off the child. Just make sure that you're Boeri is stable on your spine is straight. Don't sit on a very comfy bad daughter cushion. Make sure that the surface one which you sit is sort off stable and not spongy. You need your base to be very stable so it is. Sit on a flat chair or a stool or sit on the ground on meditation cushion or somewhere blanket. Just make sure naturally will do feel stable if you're sitting out of select the polls that are different. Meditative poses like full loaders off loaders. Easy sitting Bull's You just keep your legs in a very comfortable folded Hey, that comes natural for you. Don't be boarded too much off green. Oppose in a perfect way. We just need to make sure that you are sitting in a stable way on your spine is straight on and slightly. Bring the chin down towards the chest so that your head it's aligned with this pine. It will not be a perfect straight line. It will be more or less like an elongated yes, if you see from the base of the spine to the head. Toby more or less like an elongated Yes, just take a position, which is comfortable and try to make the spine has straight as possible asi progressing meditation. You will naturally see that the body alliance itself to facilitate medication, it sort off naturally happens. It will seat 10. 9&10: before entering the actual meditation technique. Let us take a few moments to observe our mind. It is an opportunity to know our mind. So close your eyes on, observe your mind. Observe the thoughts. What do you find are their thoughts off the past are the thoughts from some off the inflections that you had recently are there from a distant past, something that you often remember? That's it. Some thought off future planning that you're always concerned with. Let us take a note off the state off mind. All right. Now our thoughts make up the mind. So observing the mind and what a rant in it uses an idea off. How are my infections? Whatever be the state of mind that you experience now, just take a note off it for you to rougher in the future. Because once you start practicing medication on a daily basis, your mind is going toe go through a lot off transformation. The they the thought functions. The way the frequency off your mind is is going to change so taken out off the situation right now, and let's get into the meditation. The actress partof meditation is going to be taught. This meditation technique is called Hannah. Bonus at the it is. But this meditation technique, it is said that good luck here, this technique, my talk. So how come from some other Yogi? It doesn't matter. All we know is this technique is very efficient, and it works. So let us focus on this one. Major meditation. Tepic. In this technique, you're simply going toe up. So the breed the yeah, that is moving in on out off your nostrils. Now again, Close your eyes, please. On a contest for long hoods instruction. Andi, start the meditation. Being seated in your comfortable position. Close your eyes. Bring your mind to the region off your no strips inside the nose. The victory Gin two nostrils. They Adam is going in and out. Off. You know, strengths just be a bad the Yeah, that is going in and out. We are not going to do any modification. You are not going toe force it. You're not taking the effort to hold it. You're going to simply absurd. Oh, they are that is going in and out off the North's truths completely. Keep your badness on the touch. Sensation off the Yeah as it goes in and out. Steve, have are off this touch sensation off the it might happen that you are mind and play for, said he it some sort or other you might get distracted. It doesn't matter. Get pack again to the breed and start observing again. Let you were awareness. Be continuously on this touch sensation off they are as it moves in and out off your nostrils This domain meditation technique It might sound very simple, but it's very efficient. I will, father let you know what is sufficient. And I will also introduce a slight modification. Onda take you into a deeper state off stillness much for no. I know that this is a very important meditation technique. Now you can come out off the meditative state if you want. Oh, Andi, follow what I'm going to see. I'm going to give you some theoretical background off way. This works. Mind needs an object to focus upon if it has toe come out of something. When you are playing something or hiking or watching a movie, you would have sowed that you're completely you must in it and not or that anything else that is one of the reasons why any exciting activity is very interesting. You have some eagerness to do such an activity. In this meditation, we are giving the mind an object focus that is great. They are not doing any specialization here or trying to bring something that it's not harm in our one reality. Breathe is something that naturally happens. It always happens, and we are just going up. So it when we observe it that is one all chemical process happening, especially when you go into a deeper stillness. Deeper stillness does not happen until a specific pattern off energy movement happens in your subtle body. I am going toe explain very soon on how to enter that state. But no, that when that deep inner stillness happens who interest state in which you go through some sort off transformation after each session off meditation you are going to be a new bosom. This you will no for yourself in your daily life. It is not just a simple teddy from expedience. You will know this 11. 11: to take you into a deeper state of Stiller's. I need to go back again to the medians. I already explained you the three major medians and then you die being Qala on social. In other words, the lunar Medici. In the solar median on the main major center, median the social. If only your ableto feel at a very subtle level R c at the subtle level. We know how the planner iss moving in the medians, but at the moment we don't have such advanced skew. But that's a day to know that or too rich Meridian, the Bronner is moving through. If you absorb the IRA inside your nostrils, if the yard is predominantly flowing through the left nostril, I know that the planner is predominantly flowing through the lunar medium. I am here differentiating. Yeah, on the Bronner, the energy brown eyes energy. Yeah, this simply the yeah that you can't feel when they are flows through the left nostril. Predominantly, the Bronner are the subtle energy is flowing through the loner medium. When the year is flowing through the right nostril. Predominantly the prana is flowing through the so lot median are being god. This is a very simple bay to know how you are prana his flowing at the moment If you keep on observing, you know that for a specific duration, the Bronner flows through the lunar median are if you're so the north stools the rlp for in predominantly through the left nostril for a specific duration on, it will shift to the right nostril. Throw the day it will keep on shifting from the left to right and from the right to the left. This is how the body maintains the balance. Both isno stills in to be active. They are. It's to be flowing through for having a healthy human body. The body knows this innately, so it naturally test this. He taught any interference. This what naturally happens. But in all coming, what we do is we trigger a change that is not so natural for the natural body. Okay, from you get perspective, you're going toe, make the body do something that which it does not do as that main working. My kind is, um you can take even a few days to observe all they are flows through the left nostril for a specific urination, and it shifts to the other north truth and it gives on three on Lee For a very brief moment . It flows through both the nostrils. We'll leave in the air, flows through both the nostrils. It means the Bronner is flowing through social Now won't leave in the prana How the energy is flowing through the social mbna the main meridian. Your brain hemispheres are going to be palest on leaving. You are in the violence to state you're going toe Enter a deep, meditative state So now we're concern iss how to make the prana flow through social Now how to make the breed balanced in both the nostrils. If we are able to achieve this, we are going to experience a very deep state off meditation in the state. It will be in a transcendent reality beyond thoughts beyond duality, beyond the time experiencing the pure of Artois. More and more you get stabilized in the state more and more, you're going to be in the know beyond duality. We come back to the technical aspect off how to do that If you keep your attention on the left north. True we're braid is going toe shoot toe the left most. If you keep your awareness on the right nostril, herb rate is going toe shift to the right. Now it's true. Now keep your attention simultaneously inside both the nostrils. No very conscious way and see what happens or breed a floor. Fea r is going to get balanced in both the nostrils. That is also on another region where you can keep your have Agnes toe make these balance happen between the two holes off the nostrils. In just about the lip, there is a small bridge like structure into a tree gin. If you keep your happiness, you will find that the R is getting balanced in border nostrils in. The image was clean. Ever just do them working so that you'll get it with clarity in the region. A bridge like structure if you keep your awareness where breath is going, toe shift toe both nostrils, making the Bronner no to the main median social. No, no, You may not experience this shift happening awfully on you, our first attempt because they are forcing the body to do something that it is not doing on a regular basis, making a prana flow through social DNA is actually one off the ghouls off the Yoki. Yogi, What's a lot off your foot practice to make the Bronner flow through social, this one off the very important stages that Yogi has to attain. There are a lot off techniques toe make this happen, but they're a bit complicated, so I'm not going to cover them in the scores. The technique that it covered in spit efficient. But there's a small limitation for this technique. If you were, body is too congested. What do I mean by that? If you have a lot off mucus generating nature, say you're no still sore, blocked most of the time. Do do some allergy or any infection. You are not going toe experience the shift off, Yeah, toe Botha nostrils. So if that is something that experience, what I would suggest is who have toe focus on some preliminary healing before you can enter a deep, meditative state, because the state of meditation that we are focusing happens and the subtle body is prepared. I have introduced you to the technique, but know that it takes sometime for the settle party on, and the physical body gets prepared for you to take you into a deep still state off mind beyond duality. This is a time taking process, but you will start seeing the process quite soon. I want to hear meek a distinction off the practice for those who want to. I used this for simply having a calm hand, a laxed state off mine Hand a stage in rich you want expedience and deeper stillness if you want to. Just how relaxed, peaceful state off mind you want to do a simple sitting meditation and you want to go better the life if you want to use the medication as a simple tool toe house, um, basically lacks to state whatever be the health condition, even if you are most also too congested. For some reason, you are not able to hear the body. The medication is going to work by simply observing the break in Santa nostrils. You don't have toe. Try to shift the breed. What to balance the brief. You don't have anything just simply absorbing the breathe as it flows in and out. Whatever be the nostril, let it float through the left nostril or let it float of the light right now is true you don't have toe able that about it. This simple meditation itself has its magical properties. As you keep on absorbing the breed, the magic happens. If you wonder with the parts, come back to the breath again. Come back to the Brita cane and a cane. You might go with the thoughts. You might think about something Onda. Some strange disturbance might come. You have to come back to the brake again and the cane. This is the only thing that you have to do necessary. First stage off the meditation if you are body is healthy and if you do not want to stop with the simple, peaceful state, but you want a chew, the deepest Tell us that is the actual goal off this course material you are going toe. Spend some time given any observing the breed. The first stage of meditation, the Ana Panis City. We're goingto simply sit and up so you can do this for 15 to 20 minutes every day and then one toe, though next instruction, which is tryingto balance the break in both the nostrils. Spend 15 to 20 minutes for simply absorbing by them, your mind and body or help. Cunt was sort of stillness after that. Tryto violence the Britain both and hostels and spend 15 to 20 minutes. You do this for a week. Absorb what happens if you are experiencing the breed getting balanced in both the nostrils . Wonderful. Very good court result, you know, know that it happens, but for some reason who are not able to balance the breathe and you want it to happen. I'm going toe. Give some specifics. Officials. The first thing that you have to focus on his foot food has a direct impact on your food. It it reminds how healthy your war is going to be for a week. Reduced the foot if you are 18 3 meals a day, maybe reduce the quantity minute you'll see to half are. You can try hard to means a day hard. You can even try one meal a day. If you reduce the quantity or the number of times you eat. You give the body a chance to remove the mucus when we keep on eating. Very often, the body does not get a chance to get rid off the mucus that the food generates. This results in condition if we reduce the food and take our if we shift toe a mucus listening diet, the bill expedience a better meditative state. Fruits and meat fall under new classless diet. For some fruit bed would be very agreeable. Andi. Some would not be happy with simply a fruit diet. Um, if you're eating a fruit diet, it's quite easy to stay in a mucus less state. Also, if you're on a Palo diet or something, and you will see that the world is able to get it off a lot off mucus. But if you do not want toe, make a lot off changes in your foot preference, you want to eat water where you're eating right now. Just reduce the quantity off food and see the magic happening. Kind of it. Practice that you can incorporate toe kill the body is some hot yoga techniques. You can do some simple Lassen us just a few hours and as well, though 12. 12: if you do somehow yoga techniques like Show understand it will help you a lot to heal and clear the body. After doing shoulder style, you have to do fish post. I'm just mentioning one off the main asking us you can incorporate this. Ascona has support off your daily schedule, huh? You can also do Doesn't us that you are already doing if you're doing or selectors last that you like. But I sure understand, is one off the very important poses. And you can also incorporate forward, bend backward and lecture Kratz Nam. Someone smells for our side requesting and always after finishing the asana and Osasuna on and then go to medication. If you are incorporating husbands as a part of her daily schedule, faster do hasn us on. Then Goto sitting meditation. And if your morning is healthy enough and if you breathe is shifting to both the nostrils. What next daily? Keep up a practice as you know the practice daily. Even if the breed flows through social mna for a short video, say 5 to 10 minutes each day it is going to bring magical results. As he practiced this medication more and more Yes, More and more Planner flows through the Social Nam iridium. It is goingto bring some all chemical changes in your mind and body. Don't leave in the Bronner flows through Social Nana. That is important. Oil chemical Ross happening. It transmutes a part of her gross Karam, um said gross energy actually transmutes or sexual foods, That is, uh, the simple process that happens. But it might be hard for him. People who do not have a yogi ca background to comprehend his actually, no, that when the runoff lost recession now, or sexual fluid gets transmuted into a subtle form of energy and it is going toe feed the higher chakras. This is the oil chemical crosses. They're just going to happen when you make the prana flow through social. Now they're awesome, advanced. You keep practices that focus mainly. Impacting this transmitter should happen in a powerful him. But we shall be able to do those techniques only when we have a very good stability to feel and work a never settle body. That is not going to be the part off this course. As far as this course is concerned, we're quaint toe balance. They had in the nostrils Make the Frana Oh, throw social. Now they're going to do this has a daily meditation at least for 20 minutes. Every day you're going to do this and and you do this. What is going to happen is the gap between your thoughts is going to increase as you daily keep on meditating, you will see and the gaps keeps on increasing on. At some point in time, you experience no thoughts who stayed with the pure of Arness without any gods. That is the actual still state of mind. You do not expect this to happen in a few days or a few weeks or not, even in a few months. It may take six months on my pate mints, one year to year the cross. When that happens, you are no more going to be the same person. It is a very high level off attunement, and that happens we're going to be a company different person. What is the difference in that state? Your prana is going to be flowing through. So Shona most off the time her brain hemisphere is going to be balanced most off the time you are not going to be getting carried away by your regular thoughts and emotions as you are now. We're going to be in a trance and that state, beyond these record stores and emotions, you're going to be a very different being. Having a whole set off very abilities. The life flows through you with these How will new joy and excitement to live life start to see the world and its wonders? A good child, Just a bit awful state. And it keeps you happy. It is the power off the Now you stay in the still moment off presents a goat. Being carried away with the past are the future. This enabled the state of being pure joy. It takes some time to reach it. But it is really what putting your foot to reach that state, even though it takes a long time to achieve that. As you progress towards that, he will start seeing the benefits. Just a week or two. As you keep on meditating are going toe. See the change in your mind and body. So you're simply start to see the change within a week or two. That is what is going to fuel you. You were, um, um passion to work on this technique more and more 13. 13: We have clearly understood now the theory and the practice part after course. It is now in your hands to practice daily to have the benefits. It is only through a daily practice. We can make a very good progress With this system off meditation, allocate at least 20 to 30 minutes daily. It is not that you will do the practice only when you sit for meditation you can alter the breed into social. Now, on leaving, you sit for meditation back observing the break inside the nostrils can be done even when you're doing some other ordinary activity in your life. You can be gardening or washing. Are you Turn Cells can be doing any work keeping the madness inside a nostrils. The main reason behind doing this is it keeps you in a meditative state all through the day . So when you sit for meditation, we entered a deep, meditative state with ease. So this old plan is, uh do the sitting meditation and be our off your breed as, um long as possible through the day on the benefits are sure to come. It will make your life I joy not to relieve. You will find the base in which the new part three off energy that we have created impact in your life different aspects off your life is going to be impacted for the good on the this goingto make you whole new person. Keep up the practice, Aunt, reap the benefits. 14. 14: thank you very much for selecting the cause and putting a lot off effort toe make spiritual progress. It is really my pleasure to be ableto sharat you want I have gained through my experience when you work on yourself for you are all veteran Minto Piece off mind. It is not that you're going to impact on Lee. You We're going to impact the people around you, the energy off the place that you live in on and hold off the human collective one person cans form in this world makes on makes the interior world a different place because they all are interconnected in a very strong way. One drop in the Washington transformed transforms whole off the wash in in the same V. I never They put your foot on ourselves to make ourselves a better person. And when we get tuned toe inner joy and peace, you are contributing to the piece off the world. So, no, that we're doing a very important jaw by working on yourself, Andi tuning into your own inner peace and wisdom. So I really thank you from the heart for taking time to do meditation. Thank you, Andi. Have you shoot good luck on the journey off your life? How wonderful Time