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How to Start and Run a Profitable Social Media Marketing Business

teacher avatar Chris Towland, Local Marketing Specialist & Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

39 Lessons (5h 33m)
    • 1. What Exactly Is This Business?

    • 2. What Countries Can This Business be Run In?

    • 3. How Much Can I Earn

    • 4. Why Is This The Perfect Local Business

    • 5. Intro to Our Automation Software

    • 6. SocialPilot Basic Setup

    • 7. Getting Your Business Off to a Flying Start

    • 8. Choosing An Ideal Business Name

    • 9. Creating A Business Logo

    • 10. Creating a Facebook Page For Your Business

    • 11. Creating Your Facebook Page Profile Image and Cover Image

    • 12. Completing Your Facebook Page Setup

    • 13. Connecting Your Facebook Page To SocialPilot

    • 14. Schedule Your Promo Posts

    • 15. Adding Auto Curated Content

    • 16. The Flying Start Finale

    • 17. Adding Client Social Media Accounts - Upgraded Account

    • 18. Connecting Accounts Create Group

    • 19. Connect A Facebook Page

    • 20. Connect Twitter

    • 21. Connect LinkedIn

    • 22. Connect Pinterest

    • 23. Connect Google My Business

    • 24. Connect Instagram

    • 25. Setting Up Queues

    • 26. Creating Posts

    • 27. Social Media Post Ideas

    • 28. An Example Post - Start to Finish

    • 29. New Posts Each Month Or Not

    • 30. Rescheduling Posts

    • 31. How Much To Charge

    • 32. Specialize Or Not?

    • 33. A Website to Promote Your Social Media Business

    • 34. Client Targeting 1: Targeting Businesses That Spend Money on Marketing

    • 35. Client Targeting 2: Finding Clients With Facebook

    • 36. How to Attract Clients by Word of Mouth

    • 37. The $99 Deal *** This one is BIG!! ***

    • 38. Reel them in with the Teaser

    • 39. The New Client Questionnaire

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About This Class

Are you looking to start your own, easy to run, online business?

How about a Social Media Marketing online business that can be set up quickly, with very little cost and can operate 80% on autopilot, but can still bring you a repeat income from local businesses month after month!

Set Up Your Own Profitable Online Business Within Just 48 Hours

I'm Chris Towland and I've been self employed, working online from home for over 13 years. In this course I'm going to let you look over my shoulder and see exactly how I run my Social Media Marketing Service so that you can copy me and have your own online business set up within the next 48 hours. 

More information about this online business...

  • Easy to run from the comfort of your own home

  • Quick to set up - You'll be up and running within 48 hours (if not less!)

  • Can easily be run part-time at hours to suit you and can be run alongside any existing online business or traditional business

  • Very low cost - you will need some software to run the business but I have secured a lifetime discount just for students of this course, so the cost is just $25 every month - and that is a total cost - even when you've got 10 clients or more!

  • 80% of your work is done by the software on autopilot

  • Your Social Media Marketing clients pay you month after month

  • Your clients could be local businesses, or anywhere in the world - the choice is yours!

  • No face to face selling is required and for anyone who prefers a hermit lifestyle, you could even run the business without ever meeting or speaking to your clients. 

The course lectures include...

  • How to get clients (and even some of that is done on autopilot)

  • What to charge

  • How to quickly create superb Social Media posts

  • How to set up your online business to get the best results for your clients and for you 

  • The best way to use our 'magic' software

  • Even additional online services that you can offer to boost your earnings even further. 

I'll also give you all the documents you need to run the online business and even a promo video that you can download and use to attract your clients. 

Social Media Marketing can be VERY profitable for businesses, but most small businesses don't get the results they deserve. You can now help them to get extra sales and extra profits from Social Media... and they'll happily pay you month after month to run the service for them!

I personally have businesses in my own town and in other cities around the UK, who have been paying me for this service for over 3 years! They can see how beneficial the service is for them and so they keep paying me every month. Of course, I also offer them other services to increase my monthly income... and all that is covered in the course too.

What could be better than an online business that pays you regularly for years and also is providing a service that makes a real difference to small businesses?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chris Towland

Local Marketing Specialist & Entrepreneur


"Chris Towland is a local marketing expert and author who has worked (both directly and indirectly) with hundreds of small businesses across the UK to help them improve their marketing and boost their profits.

Chris was recently called an "internet marketing expert" by former Dragon's Den star Rachel Elnaugh who was so impressed with Chris's SEO DVD's that she recorded a video recommendation of it.

He is also the author of a number of popular business books, DVD's, online courses and audio-books.

Chris helps his clients, who are primarily small business owners, to attract new customers as well as make more sales to their existing customers.

Two of his main focuses for this are Email Marketing and Twitter.

Email Marketing

Many of Chris' ... See full profile

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1. What Exactly Is This Business?: Hi, I'm Chris Toland on. I'd like to welcome you to this course, a course that will show you exactly how to set up a social media service for local businesses that you can run over 80% on autopilot on whether local businesses will pay you month after month to run the service for them. I'm going to begin by answering a few questions that you may have about this course, starting with what exactly is this business In very simple terms, we helped small businesses to get more customers by using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and instagram. For us, this is great because we can automate over 80% of the work we do for each client. So once it's set up, we can just leave it to do its thing. Our client paises, every month, month after month and they pay us before we do any of the work for them. I have clients who have been paying me every month for over four years. Now I cost the running. This business are very low, just $25 every month for the software that we need, and that's not $25 per client, but $25 gets is an account where we can run up to 15 clients, so you'll be well in profit with just your very first client, with no additional expenses when you add your next client. Also for the business who is our client? Our service is great because they get local promotion on social media a number of times every week. They attract new customers at a low cost, and most importantly, they make more profits. Small businesses need to constantly advertise and promote themselves so that they attract new customers from a restaurant or an electrician's to a flower shop off a builder. Each needs to be able to find new customers to increase their revenue on so that they can make profits. I'm sure that you know that social media usage is huge. 86% of adults in the USA use Facebook, for example. Many of them are on the site several times every single day on 44% of adults use Twitter, 52% use Pinterest on 47% use Instagram. That is an incredible amount of people that scrolling through social media every single day and by helping our clients to promote their businesses to these people. They make more sales on importantly, for us there, then happy to keep paying us month after month to run the service for them. You may have been wondering why the business doesn't just do this themselves and some will , of course, but most businesses either don't have the time to post regularly enough. They don't post in the right places, and also they don't post the right sort of content to actually attract customers to their business. This is where you can help them, of course, In this course, you'll learn everything you need to set up and run a profitable social media business From home. You'll learn how to set up your business, how to find clients, how to create great social media posts for your client. How to get great results for your client's have to get everything set up so that it works 80% on autopilot and additional services that you can offer to boost your income even further. You'll also receive all of the downloads and resources you need to make the business a success. 2. What Countries Can This Business be Run In?: What countries can you run? This business in this business can be run on will be profitable in any country, as long as the people there use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, which, of course, is a very high percentage of countries. It doesn't even matter if in your country you don't really use all of these sites as long as lots of people use one or more of them, it will be easier for you to find potential clients that are close to your own home. But if for any reason you don't want to do that, you can also run the business in another area off another country that is not your own. You can also have some clients at a local to you. Another's that further away. I live in the UK, and most of my clients are in my own town. But some of my clients or elsewhere in the UK on a few are in the USA 3. How Much Can I Earn: You may also be wondering how much you can earn with this business. This question, of course, depends on you as the person running the business, the focus and drive that you have on the time you have available to spend on the business. However, the figures that I'm going to share here are real because they're what I am actually charging. As I mentioned earlier, I'm in the UK and so most of my earnings are in British pounds. For the purposes of this course, though, I've converted all figures to US dollars at the current exchange rate of around $1.25 to the pound. So, for example, where a client is paying me £40 per month, it will appear in this course as $50 per month for the Social Media service. I have clients paying me between $47 per month on $197 per month for this service. The price they pay depends on the number of social media posts I make for them each week, as well as how maney social sites I post to for them. So the lower price would usually be for three posts per week to just one social site, say Facebook, whereas the higher price would be one post every day. So seven posts per week to three different social sites, maybe Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Of course. Don't forget that we use clever software to make this posting really easy and quick for us to do. Then, of course, there are additional services that you can offer to that increase. The in compare client. There is a section in the course that covers a lot of extra services that you can offer. Should you so wish. Some of these can easily add several hundreds of dollars per client per month. I have clients that pay me $350 or $400 every month for the services I provide to them. All in all, offering a social media service can be a profitable part time or even full time business. For legal reasons, I have to end this section with a financial disclaimer whilst iron. The figures mentioned a book from running this business myself. I cannot guarantee that you will do exactly the same in your own business. I know that this business works well and will work anywhere in the world. But your situation, time available, resources, location on level of effort will be different to mine. And so your results may be less or more than my own. 4. Why Is This The Perfect Local Business: one final question before we get started properly with the course and you learn how to set up your own highly profitable social media business on that question is, why is this a perfect local business? They were just some of the reasons why I think that this is a perfect local business to run . It's beginner, friendly, even if you've never run your own business before. I've laid out the course step by step with everything you need to do to get the business set up quickly and working for you. It could be run. Just a za part time business with a few clients will be built to create a full time income . It could be running from anywhere in the world, but your clients can I to be on your doorstep over near the side of the world. The monthly costs for you are tiny if you use the software that I recommend in the course on that has produced the best results for May that I have managed to secure a special offer from the software company, and so your costs will be just $25 every month and as your number of clients increases your costs don't increase it all. Even with 10 or 15 clients, your total costs will be only $25 every month. And that's not per client. It's your total outlay because of the clever software we use on how we use it. Over 80% of what we do is on autopilot, so you don't need to spend long hours on your business. Businesses concede the value of what you offer and can see how they will make more money. The service makes a real difference to the businesses of your clients. The income you receive from each client is Rick Irving. They pay you month after month, so you don't need to be constantly looking for new clients unless you want to. You don't have to make cold calls or visit potential clients in person again unless you want to. And finally I've proved it works. I've done all the hard work of testing and tweaking so that you can now set up the business and start earning from it quickly. So let's get started and I'll show you exactly how to get everything set up and working for you. 5. Intro to Our Automation Software: in this video, we're going to be looking at the ideal software to use to run our business. I've tried and tested lots of different software to find the one that is perfect for us to run this business. In fact, I've had access to and tested 17 different platforms. Most failed my tests for one of the following reasons. One. The software was too expensive. Some did everything I wanted it to but cost several $100 per month to use to low number of accounts. Some would only allow us toe had a low number of social accounts. So just one Facebook account of one Twitter account, for example, because we want to be able to run a number of clients in one place on for one cost. This was no good for us. Three didn't include the social networks we need some software would post to Facebook and Twitter, but wouldn't post to Pinterest and Instagram. For example, I wanted software that would post to all of the major social sites fool not all of the automation features we want. Some didn't have the automation features that I was looking for so that we can keep our work to a minimum. Thankfully, though, I found one system that passes all of the above tests easily on, in fact includes lots of extra features that will make our businesses even easier on better . And that software. It's called social pilot in the resources tub next to this video and also in the very last lecture. In this course, the resources lecture, there is a link that will get you a full 14 day free trial of social pilot so that you can take it for a spin and see exactly what it can do. You don't need to give any sort of credit card or payment details to get your free trial through this link. The biggest reason to use the link that I give you is that it's a special deal that have managed to get for you that is not available to the general public because you're joining through the link. In this course, you will save $5 every month for the lifetime of your membership. So let's have a quick look at just some of the reasons why Social pilot is the ideal software for our business. Firstly, the cost for just $25 per month over around £20 per month. We composed to up to 25 different social media accounts. Most of my clients use only 12 or, in a few occasions, three of the different social networks. And so this means I can run 10 15 or even more clients for a cost of just $25. And if you prefer to pay yearly for your social pilot of account, then the cost is just $250 which is only $20 on 83 cents per month. If you go direct to the social Pilot website, then this level of account will cost you $30 per month or $300 per year. So you're getting a superb lifetime saving by using the link in this course, and when you need more than 25 accounts, you can upgrade your account to be able to post 50 Social media accounts for just $50 per month, so that could be up to 20 or 30 clients for a total of just $50 per month. Secondly, social pilot will post to all of the social networks we need whether your client wants you deposed to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google My business. You could do all of these within social pilot. And thirdly, very importantly for our business. Social pilot has excellent automation features that mean we can reduce the time we need to spend for each client to a minimum. Social pilots automation features include the ability to shed your post for future dates, scheduling posts in bulk, creating a queue of post that posting certain times on certain days of the week every week and also the ability to repeat a particular post a number of times. So I hope you can see in this video why it's taken me so long to find the best possible software to run our business and also why Social pilot is software that have chosen for us . It's working exceptionally well for me and my clients, and so I know it will be the same for you, too. But please don't take my word for it. Use the link in the course to try Social pilot totally free for 14 days. If you then decide that you to want to use it on your social media business, then you'll be able to join at the reduced rate that is just for students of this course. When you follow the link in the course, you will land on this page here all you need to do obviously you can have a look and see everything that he says about social Pilot that all you need to do is click one of the orange Start your free trial buttons. It then comes down with the actual prices here on. As I mentioned, if you click on the monthly options, it is $30 a month or $25 a month. If you pay yearly now, you'll get your special price of $25 a month. But all you need to do is firstly click on Get a free 14 day trial off the professional version. So click this one here on Sign Up for your free account. Then when you inside any time during your 14 day free trial or even at the end of the free trial, you then simply need to upgrade your account to a paid account. Andi use the following coupon code when you sign up, and that is for the $5 off. So to get the package at $25 a month. The Cody's sw d Y d a. Five on to get the $50 discount off the yearly package. If you prefer to pay yearly so you'll get that for $250 a year instead of 300 that is sw D Y d a. 50 on. Even though I put them here on screen for you, I will actually put those in the resources section as well, so you can easily find those codes. So what do you do is you enter those to upgrade to a paid account, Andi, they will be applied. And so you will get that discount for as long as you keep your account. Would you got your free account? Please move to our next video where I'll show you how to get started with using social Pilot for our business. 6. SocialPilot Basic Setup: Once you've opened your free trial account with social Pilot, you need to log into your account on. Then we're going to do initially some basic set up off the account that only ever needs doing once. So here I am, in a social pilot account. This is what I've opened as a demo for this course. So there's very few accounts and things in here, but you'll be able to see exactly what we need to do. So here I am, in my main dashboard. What wouldn't do, first of all, is come over here, which is where you're account details are. I'm clicking on this little downward arrow here and we're going to go into edit profile of Clicked on there. That brings me into here. This will have what you've already set up your account with. So it could have your name first Name, last name on your email address. If you want to put a phone on website in that you can, there's no real need for that particularly. But one thing we do want to do here is that it? The organization details. So this is your business name. So you want to put in here a logo so you can actually click on here on upload a logo. I've obviously got one there already, but you just click on it and upload your logo and also your business name. So I've got local marketing solutions in there. When you've done that, all you do is click on the submit button on those details will be saved, so that's the first thing we need to do. The 2nd 1 is to come appear a mouse, overweight settings and click on there, and that opens up these details. Here. There were two things we need to do. One is to check the times. Oh, that he set. So let's click on change time zone on. Come in here on. You've got a few things you can choose. Firstly, when do you want the first day of your week to be a I like my week to start on a Monday. Some people would choose Sunday's start to their week, but to May Sunday's the end of the week. You can also choose your time zone now. This is important because what you need to be looking at here is the time zone for your clients. So If you're like me in the UK on my client's air in the UK, I want my time zone to be London. So if I set a post to be added to Facebook, say six oclock in the evening, that will be added at six oclock in the evening London time. Now, of course, if I got this set to U. S. A and I wanted them to post a six PM UK time, then that wouldn't happen unless I adjusted the manually for the time I'm actually setting there. So you need to set the time zone for either. Well, normally it would be your own time zone depend on where you are in the world. But of course, if, for example, I was in the UK, but all my customers or my clients were in the U. S. A. I would want to set this time zone for their time, so composed at the relevant time for them. So you set your time zone there. Whether you want to see times in 12 hour format or 24 hour format when you are shown the date within social pilot, what sort of date format do you want? So I prefer this format here. But if you're in America, you're very likely want tohave the month first, which is to make a very strange for you knew it. So I'm gonna stay to what we do here in the UK, which is day months, and then year when you've done those, you can Then again click the submit button and then our final bit of setting up again come up to the settings here, click on that, then we're going to go into U R L shortening. No, I for Click on here. This will tell social pilot too short and any links that you add into any of your posts. So, for example, if you don't want to have them shortened, you could just leave this click here default euro shorter, no shortening. And so that would mean if you put in a link to, say, a web page. So let me just grab one here to show you what I mean. So this one won't even fit on more line here, But say I wanted to send people to a page on my website. So this is a page on one of my websites for an article on one of my website. If I wanted to say post on Facebook with this link or I wanted to post on somewhere like Twitter with a link. Now, this is a very long untidy Not very pretty to look at you R l on. So it would take of a lot of space on Look, a bit of a mess if you use a shortening service. So here, for example, you can see they've got bit Lee snip Lee re Brandley. You can set up a free account on any of these here of what it will do is, for example, here is a bit Lee link this link I've settled through Betley. Andi, if anybody click this, it would take you to this page. But of course, this is far easier on shorter tohave appearing in any of your social media posts. So what you could do is going open any of these you like. I generally use bit Lee. So all you would do it. Click on here to say you want to use bitterly. You could then allow that to use your Betley account. Now, if you haven't already got a bit, Lee accounted. You see it says here I'm already signed intimately under my account. If you're not, there will be a button here that just says Click here to sign up with Bentley or log into your account. We barely if you've already got that. So that is something you can easily do. You can allow that on. Then what it will mean is whenever you post a long you are well in any of your posts. Of all I would do is in a post within social pilot. I could use that link. Their on social pilot would automatically through bit Lee change it to a shorter link. So it just all works automatically. So this just needs setting up. Once. Once you've done that, you click the OK buttered on that fit. That is all the basic set up we need to do within social pilot 7. Getting Your Business Off to a Flying Start: in this section of the course, we're going to look at getting your business off to a flying start. We're going to do this by setting up a free Facebook page for your business and then setting up your new trial accounts of social pilot so that it posts to your Facebook page every single day. I've also in this section, given you a total of 36 social media images on social media posts that you can use straight away to drop into your social pilot account. And this is what you'll be able to post to your Facebook page every day. So all you need to do is follow along with the steps in this section, and at the end of the section, you'll have a Facebook page that is promoting your new business, your new service every single day for you on the Internet. In the section. I'll also show you, just in case you've not decided on this yet, and you're just getting started. I'll also show you how to best choose a business name for your social media business. I'll also show you how to create a business logo for your business and of course, how to best set up your new Facebook page so that it gets great results for you. So, please, now go on to the next video and see exactly how we can get off to an absolute flying start . 8. Choosing An Ideal Business Name: in this video, we're going to have a look at some ideas on how to decide on a name for your business. Now, I'm not gonna be able to go into total detail in this video because a lot of the choice of name will depend on the type of business that you're looking to run on and just your own thoughts on how you want to form the name for that business. But I can certainly give you some ideas. The first thing I'd suggest you consider is whether the name of your business is going to explain what you do. So instead of, for example, calling yourself L. D or Boots, which, of course, is not descriptive. You may want to be called something such as my own business is Chris Toland local marketing solutions. So that has, in it local marketing solutions. It shows that I'm doing marketing for the local area, so it's descriptive. Whereas if you were just called Al De or Google or Fizer, then it's not immediately obvious. What do you do? So more branding would be needed beside that. Obviously, somebody like Google have the money to do that branding, and that's all been done now, and everybody knows who Google is. But when you're new, if you've got what you do in the name of your company, then obviously it's more obvious than people straight away exactly what your business is all about. So in my courses, I teach people how to run businesses around the social media area and also around the marketing area. So if you are a student of one of those courses, you may want to call your business something social media or something marketing or maybe something digital marketing or something. Local marketing. So you could include any of those or or or some other description. If you preferred, that would actually explain. What do you do? The only thing I would suggest here is that you don't get too specific that it ties you down in future. So, for example, if you did call your business Chris Toland social media, that very much ties you down to just social media. So if you suddenly decided to add something to that late later. So you were doing I don't know, postcard marketing or you doing search engine optimization, then that doesn't really come under the social media banner. So if, for example, you were calling yourself Chris Toller marketing, which I don't recommend you do unless on the strange coincidences, your name as well. But if it was your name marketing or your name digital marketing. Obviously the marketing field is far wider, and you could definitely include search engine optimization under their Web design advertising. All those sort of things could come under a marketing banner. So that's one thing to think off straight away then. So assuming you were calling yourself something digital marketing, what is that? Something going to be? So what's going to accompany digital marketing in your name so it could be your own name? As I suggested, I've used Chris Toland local marketing solutions so you could go down a similar line. You could use your initials if you like that. So C t local marketing CT digital marketing, for example. If you're going to be offering your services to your local area, could it be your town? Name your city name your region names. So Darby local marketing or Leicester Digital marketing, for example, Or do you want to use another catchy name? So, for example, it could be a target, local marketing or premier digital marketing? Or could it be something else? Cities short, snappy, a memorable like shark. So sharks marketing or target marketing or rhino marketing or something along those lines? What I'd recommend is you actually do your own brainstorming session. So look at the ideas I've just discussed. So the idea of a describing word for your name or words so like the digital marketing side and then the snappy shorter side, which is likely to be the prefix. So whether you have your own name or an area name or whatever, do some brainstorming right down quite a few of these and just see what you like. If there's any you don't like, cross them off the list later. But just brainstorm of many of those as you can initially, What you may want to do is also ask some of your friends or relatives as to which they think are good names for your business. Andi, just never that down and see if he could actually get down to the one that you really think is ideal for you. Then when you got down to the last 1 may be the last 12 or three. You may want to do a quick check to see whether the domain name for that business is available. So go to somewhere like name cheap dot com and just actually have a look at their domain name checker and just see whether your name. So if you did come up with sharp digital marketing, for example, is it possible for you to get shark a digital marketing dot com? Or if you're in a particular country and you can use that? So fix. So I'm in the UK I could look for shark marketing dot co dot UK, for example, so it's worth checking to see if that is available. So even if you're not looking to create a website straight away, it may well when you've decided on your business name to actually grab the domain name for that so that nobody else can actually get it on at a later date. If and when you decide to have a website for your business, and I would definitely recommend that you do, then you've already got the domain name for it. Another thing to think off is to make sure you're not choosing Ah hard to spell name of the way to think about this is if somebody heard your business name from a friend and they decided to come and try and search for you on Google, would they be able to type that in and get it correct? So, as an example, just off the top of my head, if your business name was Mississippi marketing, how many people would be able to spell Mississippi? No, of course. Ah, lot of people would be. Lt's down Mississippi. But I would suggest if we're looking at the percentage of people that could spell shark on the percentage of people that can spell Mississippi, I'm guessing, Ah, lots more people would be able to type your name and get it correct if you are the shark marketing compared to Mississippi marketing. So it's just something that's worth considering. So if you come up with your preferred name, just check maybe with a few friends that they would actually be able to spell that correctly. If you actually just said the name to the could they spell it? And then my final bit of advice is just to check any legalities within your own country. now, I'm not a lawyer, so I'm certainly not giving you any sort of legal advice. But you maybe just need to check for your own country. If there are any rules around the name that you are using in the UK here, certainly if I wanted to be a limited company, then they can only be one limited company of a particular name in this country. And I've seen companies trying call themselves the same name, but they've had to then have a bracket, their town or city name after that, just to make it actually legal. But certainly if I was just creating a business that wasn't going to be a limited company in this country, I could effectively call it any name I wanted to, but doesn't say you will need to check into the legalities for your own country just to check that you're happy with the name you've come up with 9. Creating A Business Logo: in this video, we're going to look at creating a logo for your business. Now this could be a logo that is used in many places. Obvious ones online would be on your website Andi on your Facebook page or Twitter account , etcetera, but also depend on how you want to promote your business. Your logo could also go on business cards or letterheads or your signature off your emails or even on flyers and promotion materials. So what we're going to look at are two different ways of getting a logo for your business. The 1st 1 is getting a logo designed for you at a low cost using Fiverr dot com, and then the second method we're going to look at is creating your own logo for free using canvass dot com. So, firstly, let's go over to Fiverr dot com and see how you can get a logo created for you. So here we are on the home page of fiver dot com, which you can find it. F I v e double r dot com on what we want to do in the search bar at the top here is just type in logo and then you'll see logo design on. We're going to click on that. Then what you'll see here. These are the results for logo design in all categories. There are various categories you could choose if you wanted to. Their different options, you could choose, so you could look at different styles off logo design if you wanted to. Well, just look at some of the general ones that come up here. One thing I would suggest you do is click on budget and that she put in here the maximum that you are willing to spend. Because if we look down here, there are some of these one here is starting in £145. So that is what, $170. Something like that. Maybe you maybe don't want to spend that much on your logo on. And I honestly don't think you need to. I think you can get one perfectly good designed for probably 20 or $30. But but what you can actually do is always start with a low budget. See if the type of designers that come up on their samples are what you're looking for. And if so, then you could go with that. Alternatively, you could always change the budget and look a bit higher. So it all depends on what your budget is on the type of logo that you're looking for. But if, for example, I put in here £20 so obviously your account on Fiverr. If you're in a different currency, it would come in a different currency. But I'm in the UK Some mind comes up in pounds. So if, for example, I said £20 so this is looking at all of the ones here, look under £20 on what you could do. It's come down and actually see all of the people that are offering the So here, look starting at £17.8. I know it's an unusual figure, but that's obviously a different currency that is being converted to pounds, which is why it is a strange figure there. The important thing you want to look at is the rating, so just like if you're buying something on Amazon, when people have used these services, they're asked to give a rating from 0 to 5 on. You see here, for example, this person has got five out of five, with 158 people, giving him a ranking. And so he's obviously very good. Some of these here 4.84 point nine with 390 reviews. So there are some good ones here. So what I would suggest you do is just have a look down the list. And when you see these, they are showing you on example off the type off logos that they will do on some of these. You might not want something that he's a a cartoony type one like that. You may want something like here. For example, this is a minimalist logo, Andi. So if you like that kind of idea, what you could actually do is just click through on it will open up that particular designers page, and it explains what you get within your package that you'd be paying for. So here this is £12.81. So what's that about? 15 16 $17? Something like that. So that's quite cheap on it will normally give you quite a lot of their samples so you can have a look through here. These are obviously not the exact designs you would get you get something completely different, but you can at least see the type of things they've done. Andi decided that is the kind of logo and the kind of design you may want. So you can see I'm just looking through these very quickly just want have chosen at random . But if you think that is something that could be good for you, then this could be one that you to your list and see. See if you can find any better or whether you want to go for them. They've got 4.7 out of five, only 26 reviews, but still quite a good score with 26 reviews. What you'll then want to do is look at the right hand side here and see the package that they're offering and see whether that is what you're looking for. Words. Well, things I would find important here that I'd want to look at are as follows now. Firstly, how many days until delivery depend on how busy this person is? This is three days delivery. So assuming you're happy to wait three days, then that is fine. You will find some will deliver within 12 hours. Some could be several weeks. So you need to look at that and see whether that's in the boundaries that you are happy with unlimited revisions. Now, this is something that's really useful. So what this means is they will send you some initial designs. Now, here you see, this one will send you two initial concepts. So the way it will work is they will ask you for details. So once you paid for this, they would ask you for details of what you're looking for in your logo. So you would obviously want to give them your business name. If you've got any idea on colors like here, you've got blue on Grey's that in there, a different one there that obviously chosen their various colors. So you would give them your business name like here. Dogs on the shore, any color you want any ideas you've got of how you want the logo to look? So you give them that. And then this person here, she will create two different concepts for you, and she will send you both of those concepts Now. You couldn't then go back in Sochi. I don't like either of those they're both rubbish. Start from scratch because you're getting two concepts in this price. But what you do get is if there's one of those concepts you like, what you say. I don't like this particular dog that is here. Could have a different one. I don't like the color or I don't like how it's It's particularly made up. You get unlimited revisions so you could keep going back and saying, I don't quite like it like that. Could you try different font here? Or could you have pet concierge at the right inside or whatever it may be? So she will do unlimited revisions for you until you say yes, I'm happy now. Other sellers may say their arm or initial concepts included or less initial concepts and may give you one design, and that's all you'll get. Some may give you unlimited revisions, so may give you just one or two revisions, and again, you need to look at those and see what you're being offered for the price. Usually the more you pay, the more concepts that would be included on the better the number of revisions that would be included as well, then. There's also here to other things that are quite important. The 1st 1 is source file. The idea of the source violence. If they're sending that to you, they're actually sending the files. Actually, make up all of this so effectively, if later on you decided you wanted anything tweaking, you could actually send that source file to another designer, and they could actually make those tweaks for you. Whereas if they actually just sent the finish version of the logo say, a J pick, for example, then you wouldn't actually be able to move anything or change anything in that design without starting from scratch. So source files are definitely useful toe have. But some may make you pay a little extra for those source files. The other thing that's very useful to have his logo transparency. Now what that means is if, for example, let me see. This is a good example. He are here. For example, this one is motorized or whatever it is is on a black background. If you just had your logo on a black background or on a white background when you put it on your website, if your website, for example, or your Facebook page is not a black background. What you would have is a big square that is black with your logo in the middle. Let me just quickly come over to my website and show you exactly what I mean here. So here we are on my website on. If you look at my logo here at the top, you'll see this brick image that's behind your stone image to say you can actually faintly see it behind my logo. That is because this logo has a transparent background of all the lettering etcetera you see in its proper colors. But then there's no background. Where is obviously if, when we came back to the example, it was a black or a white background? What you'd see here is a big square around it. So, ideally, what you would have is, your designer would send you a logo with your choice of background color, say white, for example. But also they would send you a transparent background so you could use that then on any color that you wanted to, and it would look perfectly fine. So those are the important things to look for. Let's just come back again and see one or two others and see what we could be offered here . So here, let's have a look at this one. I'll design a professional logo for legal attorney, your law firm. So that's just a particular business types. That is fine. We name may not be that type of business. It's very unlikely that you will be so we won't look at that. Let's have a look it this one here. This one's only £8.54. So what's that? 10 11? $12? Maybe, but he's got 4.9 out of five with over 1000 reviews. So that's quite good, I would suggest. So let's have a look at a few of these examples. They are quite minimalist. You just say so, and they do look quite Milliman minimalist. I can't even say the word, but again, that is perfectly good for a design for a marketing social media type company. So if you're happy with that, let's have a look. It What's he offers? Let's click on the what's included two days delivery. Perfectly good. He'll give you two revisions on to initial concept. So there you get you two concepts, but it only due to different revisions for you. So it's not unlimited revisions, but again, he only charging you £8.54. And so he's not going to do revisions for the next six weeks for you 300 dimes when you're only paying $10 also for it. But you also do get a transparent logo and you get high resolution with him Now I would suggest what you could also do with these. That is the basic version. If you went up to his standard package, you see there that is £46. But with that you get a quicker delivery. You get more revisions to concepts he's then, including source file three D mock ups, a social media kit. What exactly that is, I don't know, but there's probably details here somewhere. But I hope you can see with this video that you can look on five or dot com and see quite a lot of people that will create a logo for you at a low cost if you're getting a great logo and some of these do look really good, for example, here on all your paying is about $10 for that, even if you have to go through a couple of designers doing this at $10 a time, a new then shows the one you liked at the end of that. That is a really cheap way to get a good logo design for your business in the Resources Lecture, which is the very last lecture in this course. I will add a couple of links to some of the designers that I've actually used for logos from fiver. And so there was, I know have produced some very good work that I'm actually had myself or for my clients. And so if you want to actually try those links and see what they can do for you to see if they're right for you, then by all means check out those there in the last lecture of the course. Alternatively, if you want to just come to fiver on, actually do the search yourself and have a look through there. I've shown you what you need to do. Just look for logos on, then put in your budget and see who comes up in there. We're now going to have a look at how you can create your own logo for free by using canvas dot com. So I'm going to go over to Camber now. So here I am on the home page of camera dot com. Now, camber do have paid accounts and free accounts I actually pay for mine because they use come for quite a lot. But you can definitely still do this with the free account. You pups won't get quite so many choices of designs and things, but you can definitely do it with a free camera account. So define Camber. You just go to Canvey dot com When you are here on the home page, all we do is click here in the search box and type logo, and that brings us into the logo template section. So what you can see here is the weight Campbell works is they give you lots off templates in the first place on all you need to do is look down these to find one that you particularly like on. Then you can change it for your own words. Obviously, you wouldn't have commune onto yours, you'd have your own business name, for example. But as you can see, there's lots of different styles. They keep scrolling right down these. There's lots and lots and lots of them. So you could either come down there and just have a look until there's something that you like the look off. Alternatively, there are different categories here across the top. There's a number off them for this cafe deejay games, recreation, soccer, ex cetera. So you may want to just find one that he's relative to what you're trying to create, if that makes sense at all. So computer, for example, maybe that's have a look at that that may give a few more techie type, um, looking options there, so there are a limited number of them in that section. So all you would need to do is choose one of these that you like. The look off Onda se, for example, we decided this was the one we wanted. All you do is click on it. That then opens up there and you click on. Use this template, and then when you're in the template here, you can actually click on any of the parts of it that you want to change. So, for example, if you like the overall look but decided this image here isn't what you're looking for. You could click on there and then come to elements down the left hand side here. And as you see, there are lots of different icons and things you could look for so you could look for a particular category. So, for example, multimedia, This is not necessary or you'd want to use. But you could wait till these open up on, choose any of these to replace this with now something that's always worth looking at. And you see me mention this in other videos as well. Income for when you mouse over any object or photo or anything like that. You see here, this one says free so that one is a free one that you can use at no cost. Some others, like this one here says Premium, Andi, as it's come down underneath, there is This image can be purchased for only 99 pence, so that would be able to see whatever that comes to in your own currency. So you may want to stick to the to the free ones. You may be happy to pay the slight premium, but obviously that is something that you need to decide yourself when you're looking at choosing any of these objects here. If, for example, you're happy with what was already there, then you can leave that on. Don't need to change it at all, but what you can do is change the wording underneath here. So in our example, we were calling our business target so we could change that there, for example, if at any point you wanted to change any of this. So the wording is in a particular fund. But you can click on the top here and change the font for different wanted. If you wanted to, you can change the size of the tax. So that's 33.8. I could change it to 24 if I wanted to change it to 32. For example, if you wanted to change the color of the text at the moment, it's white. If I wanted that to be green, I could do that. That's being about the white just for now, so you can do anything to change that. If you wanted to, you can move things around on their do whatever you want it to. So if we wanted to change this to say Target social Media for Seo Social Media business. So we wanted that maybe slightly bigger. What size? 11.9. We may all that to be 14 or something like that. So you would just move that around all of these wording. Things like that could be moved within this image. You just drag them if you want to change them. If you want to move them on so you can see here is a way off using one of their many templates. Have a quick flick through those again there. There are lots of different templates you could use to create your own logo. And obviously doing it this way within camera dot com is completely free. When you've done this and it's exactly how you want it. You just click on the download buttered on, actually download it to your computer. Now, when we were looking at the information about five or dot com, we were talking about having a transparent background for your logo. You can do that here as well. All you need to do is click on transparent background there, and it will automatically save it for you with the transparent background. So you could then use it on any website on any colors, etcetera. So you can see this is only a quick demonstration of can ver but there are lots of instruction videos within camber. If you need to know how to do anything there, which is a very good, helpful system, there is a help button here. Look on the bottom, right and corner. But it's another way that you can actually use camber to create your own logo free of charge. 10. Creating a Facebook Page For Your Business: in this video, we're going to have a look at how to set up a Facebook page to promote your social media business. So let's get started straightaway by heading over to my Facebook account. So here we are on Facebook. This is actually on one of my Facebook pages, but you could actually be anywhere in Facebook. It really doesn't matter, because what we're going to do is look along the top here toe where it says create, and then we're going to click on there. Then it gives you these options on what we want to create is a page, so we'll click on there. That then brings you into the Creator page page and you have two choices here. One is to choose business or brand on the other is community or public figure. We want to create a page for business, and so we're going to click, get started. That brings you into here. So we created a page for a business or brand. 1st 1 is to create a page name on this should be the name off your business. So I'm going to create a demo page here just to show you how all this is set up, so we'll say that company is called Target Social Media. It then asks us for a category, So this could either be something like marketing. It could be if you search on social there, for example, it comes up with Social Media Agency so we could call it that you. Alternatively, if you're going to be offering all the services as well, you could type in marketing so you could be a marketing agency or Internet marketing service, for example, or advertising and marketing. I'm going to choose marketing agency, but you could choose any of those that you think is relevant to yourself. So it's like that. It then asks for your address, so I'm not going to put on a dress in here. So what you can have even if you don't want your address showing, Because if you're like me, you'll be running the business from home so you don't necessarily want tohave your address showing. So what you can actually do is here is you click don't show my address, so it would just show that your business is in a particular city state, Andhra region. So what you will do is actually add in your street address your city and state on your zip code or post code. If you're like me here in the UK and also optionally a phone number in there as well. So let me enter those in now. So once you've completed all of your details, you will then click the continue button, then ask you to add a profile picture if you have one Ready, for example, if you have a logo for your business already, this is a small image that goes on the left hand side. You may want to upload that here. Alternatively, in another video, I'll show you how to actually make your images for your Facebook page. So I'm actually going to skip this now and we'll add them later. But if you already have a nim ege there, you may, for example, want to use your own photo in here. If you wanted to do that, you could actually upload it now. But for now, I'm going to skip on similarly with the cover photo. This is the image that comes right across the top of the page there. Andi, if you have one of those ready to upload you can do that. Now, I will show you again in a video in a while how to create one of those on. So at the moment, we will just skip that brings into here on this is your new page for your business. A simpler that it is. Actually, the basics are now set up on your page Is live now straightaway face, but will suggest that you invite 10 of your friends to like the page. We will do that in a while, but I don't recommend you do it straight away because, of course, if you invite your friends now, they're coming to a page, has got no information on it at all. So unless they know you very well and think they trust you because you're gonna be setting up something good or you've already spoken to them, I don't think it gives a good impression coming to a page. It's got nothing on it. So I'm actually gonna click across here and that she closed a little bit there on the bar, then some other tips on what to do. So if you click on see all page tips, it does actually give you some tips there on actually what to do. And you can definitely follow those if you want to. I will show you now some of the other things that we should do to actually get our page set up. So the next thing we should actually do on our page is click on where it says, settings here that brings you into this page on what we want to do is click on page info that opens up this here on. There are a number of things that we should complete down the right hand side. You don't necessarily need to complete all of them, but you should definitely complete any that you are able to. So let me just actually type in some of these. Andi. I will fill them in on then come back and show you what I've done. So firstly, there is the description field. Andi, you should put something in here to explain the services that you're offering. I've actually just put in a quick sentence here, helping small businesses to attract new customers with social media. You could add something to that. If you look at later in the course where I have the website ready for you to use. You could use some of the information actually off that website. So if you have a look at that lecture, that could be useful to you. So here I've only the description. I will just save the changes to that page. Next categories. You've already got the category that you chose initially, but Facebook will let you add. I think it is three. Let's just check on that now. So if I wanted to also add so short media agency Andi also, for example, advertising the marketing, you could have that in their on again Save the changes on that just means that Facebook will help you to get found in mawr of their categories. So it's good for you to put three of those in their phone number you would already have in there. You can obviously change that if it is not correct. If you have a website, put the website you are l in here and again save the changes your email address. Put that in there and save changes you've already put on address in there. Now I've already selected that customer says here customers visit my business out the street address on checking this box will hide the address on your page. So it is unchecked. That is how we wanted to bay. Located in is just like if you're located inside another business, so you wouldn't want to use that generally service area. If you're looking to help businesses in certain areas, certain cities, certain regions, you can actually type those in here. So, for example, for May, it could be the city off Darby. So I could just click on there, and you can add a number of those in there. It says up to 10 neighborhoods, cities or regions. So, for example, what could I do that? Could I actually use? Yes, stuff future, for example, Is the county the time in so the state as it would be in the States, So you can actually put those in there. So put 10 fairly large areas again. These will be areas that Facebook will help you to get seen in. So that is worth doing there. Then your business hours. So you could say that your business is always open if you wanted to, or you could have certain hours when it is open, so people find your page on Facebook, they will see the hours that you are open or not Open. Impressive meeting. Just leave that price range. You can leave that. If you have a website and you have a page on there with a privacy policy, you could actually put a link to that page in there and again. You could say that. So that is ALS. The basic set up. We need to create your Facebook page to promote your business in the next video. I'll show you how I use canvas dot com to actually create the images that will actually go at the top off your Facebook page. But for now, that is it for this video on the basic set up of your Facebook page. 11. Creating Your Facebook Page Profile Image and Cover Image: in this video, we're going to have a look at creating a profile on header images for our Facebook page. So let's head straight over to Facebook. So here we are on my Facebook page, which is for my local marketing social media service. I've called it local marketing solutions. As you see there on the images we're looking at is this one here, which is called a profile image on this image here, which is called a header image on. We need to have both of these on our page. Now, in this image here, I would very much suggest you either use a photo of yourself as you see I have done here. Or alternatively, you would use your logo. Now, if you've already watched the video on creating your logo, you may have had one created on Fiverr, or you may have already created it yourself on canvas dot com on. So what you would actually do is hover over this area here, click on update. Andi, actually, then upload your new image. So let's just go over to the demo Facebook page that I created in the last video on. We'll have a look at actually how to upload one of these. So let me flick over there. Here we are in target social media. So I would mouse over here and click on update. Andi, I'm now going to up load this photo because I haven't actually got it within Facebook is yet. So I'm going to upload the logo that I created actually in can ver in the logo video on that, then comes to this here because it's uploaded it. And it now says you can drag that to reposition it so you don't obviously move that to be in the center. The other alternative you have is to actually enlarge that. So what I would suggest is, as you see on the side here, you only see what is in the circle. So you want to get it to the size that you want. Generally, you'd want as big as you can while still looking good on whilst still fitting nicely in the center of the circle. So when you've got it, how you want it, we'll say we want it just there. Only then do is click the save button that's saved on. Then it changes to appear here, so that not only now appears on the left hand side of your page, but also as you see, whenever you do a post, it will actually appear as a small icon There on the left hand side of each one. You see there, for example, we've done the post, which is now updating our profile picture on that little logo appears there. So that is all there is to uploading your logo, either from can ver or from wherever you've had one created on five or dot com, for example, Let's now have a look at creating the other image that we need. That is a cover image. So for that, let's actually go now over to canvass dot com. So here we are on camber. If you remember, when we created the logo, we needed to search on logo in here, which was 500 by 4 500 pixels. We clicked on there, and it brought to said on we had a choice off the various options here, and as you can see, the one that recently used it was this one here that we used. Now, this time, let me come back to home a second this time we want to search on. Start typing in Facebook in there and it will come up with one that is Facebook cover on. We want to click on that because that's what we want to create and that brings us in to here. So what has happened now is camber has opened us up a blank canvas. You see this rectangle here that is the right size that we need. If you wanted to, you could actually just searched through photos and drug them onto here on. Add some text on there if you wanted to on just make the right size that you need for your cover image. The other alternative you have is that you search through that ready made templates that are provided for you here by camber. Now something of mentioned before you'll need to look out for is when I mouse over there, you'll notice in the bottom, right hand corner of the image just there. It says free. Now some of these will be free and some are off a premium. So you will need to obviously choose one that is free unless you want to pay for it. But there are plenty that are free. Now I have a camber pro account that I pay. I think it's 12 or $13 a month for because I use camber quite a lot. But you'll find even on a free can va account. There are lots of these you will be able to get at no cost. Now, what you're looking for here is not one that you want to use exactly as it is. Because, of course, we're creating this for our social media company or social media business. So you won't want to use one that says vacay and have palm trees in the background, cause that won't make sense. All you're looking for is a template that you like the look off, and we're then going to change it toe our own use. So let me have a look down here at one that I think might be useful for social media business. And as you see, there are lots of these. No, I quite like this one here. Blue Moon brunch. Now, we're not gonna want food in the background there, but I quite like the look of it. So what I'm going to do is click on that unless you see what happens is that comes over here to the right hand side and this is where we can then edit it now because I've had to shrink my screen to fit on this video. What I'm gonna do is actually remove this now and squeeze it over there, which opens up this every a little more so that we can see it a lot easier. Now the next thing I'm going to do is click here on photos. Now that's actually move this over again. So that's rather wasted. But I was trying to do will change it again in a while. But what you can now do is in photos. Canvas again will find hundreds of thousands of photos for you on pretty much any topic that you want. And lots of these are free again. And depending on the size or the type of account, you have weak ember. Some of them are free and some will be paid. So you see this one here there is a premium. If you wanted to use that one, for example, and as you can see that mersin over it, if you particularly wanted that image to use that would cost 99 pence for me here in the UK Obviously, if you're in different countries, that would have your country's currency showing there. But you'll see there are lots of these that are actually completely free. So if, for example, that's because I'm searching on a particular type that if you wanted to look at full photos that you see all these showing up as free their free, free lots of them that are free. But what you may want to do is search for something related to the business we're trying to create. So, for example, we might want to search on photos for social media. And if we look at these again, some will be premium. Quite a few of them will be free on what you do is find one that you think is ideal for your business and that you want tohave in the header image, the cover image for your Facebook page. So say, for example, let's have a look, which one we think would be good. This one here, for example, could be ideal for us. Now, what I'm going to do is click on it and drag it over here to our image when you drug just to the right place, Let go Cumber then actually brings it straight in to that image and puts it there in the background for you know, what you can do is double click on the image, and you then have the option off moving this around within the cameras if you want to somewhere that you think actually fits better fuel image and you click done on it, then shows where it is now. I'm not gonna spend ages messing around with this to get it perfect, because I'm only using it for this demo. But what you can see there is that she background image you could have chosen from any of these that free. Or you could pay the extra feet and use a different one if you wanted to. So if I decided I actually much preferred, for example, this image or this image a social media one is up free. It is. So I could drag that one across. Let that go there, on what you could do again is double click the image on, Move it around if you wanted to just to get it, how you want it to be. Now that one doesn't look very good there. Because I've got some wording on the right hand side. So I may decide that actually doesn't work for me either. So I could come to even this one here, for example, drug that over That was quite well for social media. They're very much ladies hands, so I don't think I would use it on mine. But that may be ideal for you. So you may decide that's a good image for your cover photo on your Facebook page. What you could then do here on the right hand side, is just click on here, Andi, change it to be your business name. So, for example, let's get rid of everything else on there. We were calling business target social media. So you may want to have that on there on. You could change this to something else. So social media for I don't lobby, for example, if that didn't work at all, let me just get rid of those things there and come back a little bit shows how do ate my typing is social media for Darby. And if I click off that, let me get rid of this year to make it a little bit larger. Ugo. There's the image that we've got. Target social media, social media for Darby could be Darby Darby, small businesses out of the 50. When I'm going to get rid of typing, he's excellent today, As you can see, I'll be still be small businesses. I don't like that. Let's put that underneath. There we go. So if you're doing that specifically for an area target, social media, social media for Darby, small businesses, or it could be for small businesses and Darby however you want. But you can see there how I have used one of these templates are brought it in of them, going to photos of change of photo of draw up in there of then changed the template to read exactly how I wanted to. If you wanted to actually add any other text into here, or you wanted to just start with a blank photo on add text in, you could come into the text section on, for example, at a heading or subheading. You just click on it. It would then appear in here, and you could obviously change the wording. You could come appear and change the font to a different front entirely. You could change the size of the fund. You could change the color of the text, anything you wanted to, and then you could drag that to move it around, have it wherever you wanted to, so you could do anything. You want them to just get rid of that. Anything you wanted to do. Make that a good image for yourself when it has finished and you're happy with it. All you then do is click on the download button and then she download that to your computer . So I'm just going to do that now. It then comes up and says, preparing your design and you will then just download that to wherever you like on your computer. So call that dog Social Media Cooper. But I will save up to there so just quickly coming back to my Facebook page again. Now to add that image or we do is click on here where it says add a cover Andi, choose from photos, videos for upload, photos, video or create slide show. We want to upload a photo or video so I click on here, then lets you find the image on your computer and actually upload it alive, chosen that one. There I click open that, then uploads to my page, and I simply click save. And there you go. So we have now gone from not having a Facebook page. It'll tow having one that has got logo on. It has got a good looking professional cover photo at the back there on. We've got some of the other settings already done as well, so I hope you can see there in this video how you can use camber dot com to create your cover image for your Facebook page. 12. Completing Your Facebook Page Setup: in this video, we're going to look at completing your Facebook page set up and also adding some of the ready made content that I have created for you and is included as a download in the course . The first thing we're going to look at is over here, and obviously we're on the demo page time set up for the course on over here. We're looking at the user name. So as you can see, you've got the name of your business here on underneath it says, create a page user name. This is something that will help people be able to search and find you easily within Facebook. So to change this, we click on here and then says you can select your own user name by putting it in here. Now what it suggests is the first thing you do is that she just try the name off your business. So target so short media in this instance. And it says here this user name isn't available because obviously they only let one person on the whole of Facebook have this particular user name for their Facebook page. If it isn't available, you will then need to try some other options. So, for example, you could add your town or city name or something like that in there. So target social media. Darby, you could alternatively add your own name in there. So on my own Facebook page, for example, mine says Chris Toland, local marketing solutions. So you could add something like that on their Once you've done that, then you are happy with it. What you will then do is click create user name on. There you go. It now tells you that that has been created now easier for people to find your page in search. People could also straightaway visit your page by going to that you are well there or sending messages to that there. Now, this is all changeable in settings of the later date you can if you want to go and change that. But what you'll see now is that now appears here. So it is at Target Social Media. Darby, for example. The next thing we're going to do is add a button. So if you look over here on the page, there is add a button and if we click on there, what it will be is when any public come to your page where you can see the bottom here, this will be a button that they can click, and it will say one of these things on it. Book with you. Contact. You learn more about your business shop with you or one that we probably won't use. Download your app or play your game. Now the option you'll choose here will very much depend on your business and also what other assets you have set up at the moment. So, for example, you could use if you already have a website for your business. You could use the learn more about your business option because if we click on there, one of the options is learn more. And if I go to the next page, then let's you put a link in here to your actual website. So, in other words, what will happen is let me just come back there. This button here will say, Learn more about my business or learn mawr, and if anybody clicks on that, it will take them straight to your website. So that's an option that you could use if you particularly wanted them to book something with you an appointment, for example, You could click on there, and if you come into next, it will then say, Where would you like that button to send people again? It could be to a booking link on your website, or it can ask them to make an appointment with you. Actually, on Facebook again. It's an option that you could use if you wanted to. The other option would be just for people to contact you. So if you've got nothing else set up, if you haven't got a website or anything like that or booking or an online booking option, you may want to go to contact you so it could be contact us. You could just ask them to send you a message via Facebook. Alternatively, you could put a phone number in and actually have a call now link. So whichever those relates to the asset you've got set up on how you want to run your business, at the very least, and we'll do this one now is I would go for the send message option. And if you click on next there, it will then say, Do you want this to just be in your messenger. Let me come back. You can see that again. If you just for messenger, that will then just ping you within Facebook Messenger when they actually want to send you a message from clicking this bottom. So whichever option you choose, I will go for that one Now will say Just send message with the messenger. I'll click the Finnish border. There we go. So anybody coming into your page, we'll see a send message button. If you want to test that bottom now it's all set up. You can do that there. Or you could edit the bottom and change it for something else. So you could always set it up Now was the send message option. But then if, for example later you have your own website set up, you could then change the bottle and edit that so that it actually goes to your website instead. So that is the second thing. We set up the third thing. We want to come over to the left here where it says services on. We'll click on there. If you know the services you want to offer, you can click on here and add a service now, I'm not going to do this now, cause this will depend on your particular business and what you're offering. But you could, for example, say you're offering my social media service, and this is going to be an outrageous offer for that. You could call it whatever you want to there. If you want to add a price, you can. Or you could leave that blank. You could give a description off the actual service in there. If it is something that has an hourly duration, you could abduct in there. Or you could just leave that whether you want the service to be shown on your page or not. And if you want to add an image, you can add a new image in there. Now you can have a number of different services added there. So depending on what you are offering in your business, you can add any amount of services to that, and they will show on your page on people available to find those so they know exactly what it is that you're offering. So that is everything for that one. The next thing we're going to do is post some content onto your page so that it looks like it has actually being here for some time rather than being a brand new account. So to do this, let's go to the home tab here. That, of course, brings us to the main page off your Facebook page. What we're looking for is the section here that says, Write a Post Now, obviously, at the moment the only content we've got on your wall on your feed for your page is the logo that we added, as in the image for here, the profile image on. Also, there's the one for the cover, the head of image as well. So that's on there. We haven't got any of the contents. Obviously, if somebody came to your page now, they're not going to see what you want them to see. So we're going to actually add some content on for you to want to promote your social media business. I have created some content for you on that is all downloadable there in the course. It is all next to this actual lecture and whatever I did for you. A's 20 social media posts. So 20 images relating to social media there were also 6 $99 deal posts on 10 outrageous offer posts. Now, if you're just watching the course from the start, you won't know what the $99 deals are or the out major's offers when you get to the how to find clients section of the course. There is a number off videos in there called the $99 Deal, and in that video you will see how I use the $99 deal on the outrageous offer to actually get new clients on. It's a It's a method that works really well, so I definitely suggest you do it. So all of those air in there so effectively I've added 36 different images for you. So they say it's 20 Social media posts 6 $99 deal posts on 10 outrageous offer posts, and they're all there for you to download and use in your promotions on your own Facebook page or anywhere else that you want to. So what I suggest you do now is just add 34 or five of those social media posts to your page, so it looks like there is some content actually on your page, so to do that or we're gonna do is click in the writer postbox here, and then we're going to click on photo or video and then upload photos, stroke video. What, and then going to do is actually just find this folder on my computer, so this will obviously be when you've downloaded all the images from the course, you'll need to store them or save them in a folder on your computer. So at this point, you'll need to then find that folder to be able to upload the images. So here I am in the folder. But as you can see, there are. This is a folded with the 20 social media images on my computer. So what you need to do is just choose one of the images at random, and we're going to post that on your page. And then we're going to repeat that several times so that we've got a number of posts. You could actually now choose several images in one go and post them all in one post. But what we want to do is fill up some of your timeline, so it it looks like so that you will have a number off separate posts on there, So I'm just going to choose one of these random. So I've gone for number 12. I'm then going to open it. That will look load to Facebook if you wanted to have a look at the image. And actually you could type the same text in there or some other text if you wanted to. But if not all I'm going to do is click the share now button that then gets uploaded by Facebook. And as you can see, that image has now been added on to your page. Now, as you see, it's still saying your page isn't reaching people, and that's because we've not invited anybody and there's nobody will be seeing it is yet unless obviously anybody just happens to stumble across your page or his searching on the details that you put in here. So what we're going to do now is actually do that with another few posts. I would say I would do 34 or even five of these. Now, don't worry that these posts have been used because we will be reusing them in a month or so's time cause other saying you've actually got a total off 36 different posts that you can use, so you could be repeating these probably once a month or so. And that will not matter in the slightest. So let me do the same thing again and going on another couple of these and then I'll come back. Let me just pull the video while I do that. So you don't have to sit through it, okay? I've now added another to post this doesn't say you may want to make this four or five, but as you can see now, this looks more like a complete page because I've got that image there. I've got that image there. I've got that image there. And then I've got the head of cover images, etcetera that we did earlier. But if you've got 45 posts on there, doesn't say if you want to make a post of your own, explain a little bit about what it is that you're doing on what your business is about. If you wanted to take any of these and add any information to it. This one, for example, says we don't have a choice of whether we do social media the question is how well we do it so you could have some texture that if you want to do saying, Let me help you with your social media or something along those lines. So what we want to do is make this look like it is a proper page that has actually got some decent quality content on it. Also, if by this stage you've already decided on what it is you'll be offering and how much your prices are on exactly what your services are, there's no reason why you can't add your own post in here that actually have some of your services on their. For example, if you have watched the videos on the $99 deal or the outrageous offers, then you may actually want to add in a post for that. So you could look out the 10 outrageous offer posts I've included for you on actually post one of those here with a bit more information from yourself as to what people can do to actually take advantage off that outrageous offer. And that's it. The initial set up of your Facebook page is now complete. So what, I would suggest you do next is actually invite some of your friends too. Follow your page on. This means what will happen is it Firstly shows that you have some people who like your page obviously to try and attract clients when you've got a page with no likes, it all is not the easiest thing to do. And also it means that your friends will then know what you're doing on. They could very easily look to recommend you to people that they know so that if they are already run a business and they need social media or what ever it is that you're offering, they know that you're offering that service. They also may be able to recommend you to friends of theirs, for example. So to add your friends, we just come down the right hand side. Now Facebook is suggesting you share it with 10 or more of your friends to do that down the right inside here it will show a number of your friends. You can also click the sea or friends bottom to see even more of them on. Simply to add any of your friends to this, you will simply click the bottom so if you wanted to invite this person here, Khloe Lang, All you do is click invite That will send an invite to that person on. What I would do is go down the list on invite as many as you feel happy to do. You might want to invite all of your friends to actually like a page. If you wanted to do that, that would be superb. You click the sea or friends, but and there go right down your list of friends. Invite as many as you can. At the end of the day. The more people that know about your business, the better it is for you on the more likely that you will be attracting clients, finding clients, getting recommendations from your friends, etcetera on what it will mean is when these people then reply to your invited, actually like your page when you then post more things on your page, which would was setting up in the next video. What will then happen is they will see your post as you post them, and they will then share them on their own page. They will then maybe comment on them. They will like them on that then all helps your page to be seen by other people on Facebook . So I would go now is your final part of the set up and invited many of your friends as you can to like your page. 13. Connecting Your Facebook Page To SocialPilot: in this video, we're going to have a look at connecting your new Facebook page with your social pilot account. So by now, you should have already opened up your social pilot account, or at least your social pilot demo account. So the free trial account. So if you haven't done that, I would definitely recommend you do that now and then. You can follow along with this video. Now. I am going to be connecting this Facebook page fairly quickly, not going into any major detail. And that is because in the social pilot set up video or the social pilot set up section, there is a more detailed video on how to do this. Someone do it fairly quickly. Now Just say conceit again on this may be perfectly enough for you anyway, so just follow along and see how you get on. So let's go over to my social pilot account now. So here I am, in my social pilot account on, All we need to do is click on account on, then Connect account that then says, connect a social network on. We, of course, want to connect our Facebook page, and so we're going to click on here that will then come up with your Facebook account. Andi, it may say you already signed in, so it will take you past this page. It may ask you to sign in, so let me just stop the video and actually sign into my account. Now that then brings you into the connect page page on this will list any Facebook pages that you have ad men access to know. As you can see, I've got quite a few, and this goes down the page as well. But all you need to do is find the one that we're particularly looking forward now. So in my case, it is the target social media Facebook page. So all we do is click on there. Then at the bottom of the page, we click on save on set Up schedules that then brings you through to here. So on this page, we can then set up the schedule. We want to be posting to this page on a regular basis on, I would suggest, because we've got 36 different images to use. I would suggest that you actually schedule a post for every single day, so it will be posting on there on a daily basis on if you're running the social media service. As you can see, we are recommending to people that they should be posting on their own social media on a daily basis. Of course, for you to do that as well makes perfect sense because you are showing them exactly what they should be doing to. So what? I would suggest The social pilot will come up with what it suggests to be optimal schedule times anyway. But of course it's here. Got three every single day. So the several ways you could do this one is you could just say, OK, I will go with one of these on a daily basis and get rid of the other to the other option you've got is to go for manual set up on just decide on that yourself. And so, if you went from manual set up, you need to decide on a non ideal time to actually be doing this posting on a daily basis and what you could do. It's click on some of the days Andi suggests that this was going to be at say, 6 p.m. And we could add that in for those days. We could then do deal the days Andi maybe posted a different time say eight. 13 PM and add that in there. So we want to come up with one time shed your for each day. If you want to have a different time on each day so that it is appearing on your page at different times, then you could do that. But just set this up so that you've got one time shared guilt there for every single day off the week on. Then all we're going to do is click set this schedule and that's it. The account is added to your list on is now set up for us to be able to post to it. So that is it for this video. In the next video, we will actually look at creating some posts to G O onto this page. 14. Schedule Your Promo Posts: in the last video we looked at how to connect your new Facebook page to your social pilot account on. Now, in this video, we're going to have a look at how to shed Jal. All of the ready done for you post. I provided within the course how to schedule all of those within your social pilot account so that they yet posted on a daily basis to your Facebook page. So here I am within my social pilot account on, we need to come to the create post section and to find that we click on posts on, then create post that brings us into here. We then need to select the accounts that we want to post two. And to do that, we scroll down the right hand side here and find the correct one, which in my case, is the demo account of Target Social Media. You'll have seen edict click the correct one for yourself. We then come over the left here on. We're going to import to the content that we need here. First of all, we're going to start off by adding an image. Now, as you know, I've included 20 social media images for you. I've included 6 $99 deal images on Day 10. Outrageous offer images on what I'd suggest is you certainly queue up by this method. All 20 of the social media images on some off the six $99 deal on the 10 outrageous offer one depend on which of those you actually want to be offering to your customers. Now, you'll see some of those images are actually in pounds, as in UK pounds on somewhere in American dollars. So you obviously want to use the ones that are relevant to you on. If you're in a country that uses a completely different currency, then it would be quite easy just to make your own within the camber. So what we're going to do now is actually add one of those images. I'm going to click here on the ad media bulletin on, then upload image that will open up the box to find the images on your computer. So you should have already downloaded them in a previous lecture. You should have seen all of the images there, downloaded them to your computer on what you now need to do is actually just choose one of these, say these 20 social media images. So I'm going to choose this one here. We'll click there to add it in now. I've already had to look at what this actually says. It says don't use social media to impress people. Use it to impact people on one of them. Got to do is add some wording. Now you will see next to this lecture. I've added a pdf document for you. Let me just actually drag that into the video here and now there is the pdf on you. See, I've put ideas, the wording for your own social media posts. So these are wording to go alongside these images on. As you see, there's quite a few of the dairy. It's on a couple of different pages on. So what it suggests you do is when you want one of these images choose firstly, one of these lines that will actually go along with the image, your posting. So if you remember, that image said, don't use social media to impress people, use it to impact people, so we could use this very 1st 1 Here, do your social media posts help people to fall in love with your business. So if I copy that, let me move that out the way and will then paste it in to here. You'll also see in this document at the bottom, I talked about Hashtags on I recommend adding two or three relevant hash tags to the end of each post. So if you are looking to market to a specific area so in your city or your town or your region, for example, I would use the hashtag with that town name, etcetera Onda alternatively, use something that mentions social media or marketing. So in this one, let me use two of those that will go for social media on marketings or we do for those if we put them at the end there. The other thing you may want to add to these is if you have actually got a call to action or you've got a page already that has got the how to order from you or how to sign up for your service. You could actually put details of that there. So you could, for example, put see how I can help you at www dot for example. But Aziz, I'm adding these here. I'm just showing you what to do with the basic image and some text. And so we'll just add those for now. So once you've done that, all we want to do is click. Add to queue. Now there are other options. If you wanted to actually post this now, you could do that. The other options Here I do talk about all the videos that show you how to shed your your post in the way you want. But what we want to do. If you remember earlier in this section, we set up a cue to post to this page once per day. So if all we do is create these posts and click Abda que, they will automatically be in that queue and only one will be posted each day. So all I'm going to do here is go up to kids and that has now gone on. As you see, it's been successfully scheduled. So let's just do another one to add to this list a swell. So I'm going to do the same thing again. I'm going to come down this right inside, click on the correct account that we want to use. I'm then going to find another image. Click on upload image. Let me find another one. That's a lot. So I'm going to choose this one here. So I click on that, that at the image. Now I know this one says you don't need to outspend your competitors to beat them just out social them. So again, I'm going to come to the pdf Say, this is next to this lecture and you can download this, pdf and use it yourself. And I'm going to use this one here. Does your social media presence put you ahead of your competition? Make sure it does, because customers notice. So I'm again going to post that in there with an exclamation mark at the end on We'll just at those hashtags in there that again is ready. We can just add it to the Q. And that is in. So if you wanted to, then add in all of those posts they will all be in there on all be scheduled. If you wanted to see what was actually in your Q, you could just come here, go to manage posts. You would then have to come down, click on all accounts and come down to that specific Facebook page on the These are cute posts. So as you can see, there were the two that have got set up on they are automatically set. This one is for Wednesday, second of October 8. 13 PM This one for Thursday, the third at 6 p.m. Now it may take you 15 20 minutes, 30 minutes or so to do it. But I would actually add in all of those images and then they will automatically just be going out for you over 30 day or even Mawr, period. So it effectively means that all of your Facebook promotions your Facebook marketing is being done on autopilot. If you can do as was suggested in the previous video and add all your friends to that, hopefully when they see these posts coming through, they know it's from you. They will share their posts on. That always helps to get the word out about you on your business. Andi, Finally, for this video, what we're going to talk about is rescheduling these posts once they've gone out. So you will actually have in cute posts all the ones that are ready to go out over the next month or so. What you need to do is put in your diary for a month's time, and then you can actually reschedule. These just to be posted to your page again. Toe have them re shared is great because more people will see them each time and different people will see them each time. And to do that within social pilot is really simple. All you would do is come up here and go to delivered. That shows you a list for this particular account off all off the post of be made. Now, if this is showing anything different and it's showing different clients, you obviously need to click him at the right and click the correct account for you, and it will then just show things that have been posted for that particular account. Now, of course, if this has been running from a month, you would have 30 orm or listed down here on all you would do for each one that you want to re share and reschedule. He's come to here. See, this one is when we want to re share you click on re share post and it brings you into this page here, you would simply come down here again. Choose the correct account on add to Q. And that's all there is to it Now won't do that right now, cause I've only just added that one and posted that one on my page on As you've seen, I've only got two to shed your because this is a demo account. But once you've got all of them in there and you get towards the end of the month, just go back in and do exactly what have done there. So go to delivered, re share the post on, then just re add it to the queue. So that will mean that all of those posts, including the $99 deal ones on the outrageous post ones. They will just keep being re shared for month after month. So that's it for this video. In the next video, I'm going to show you another way that we can get automated content supplied for us that we can also post to our page that will help us to look like an expert in our field on also give mawr quality content for the people reading your Facebook page 15. Adding Auto Curated Content: in this video, we're going to have a look at how to use Social Pilot to add curated content on content that is written by all the people to our Facebook page. This all helps us to add other very relevant information to our Facebook page as well as makers. Looked like an expert in our subject, even if you're only just beginning in this business. So to do that, you need to be in your social pilot account and then come right down the left hand side here to content and feed. We click on there and then in the options that come up, we're going to click curated content, then what? This actually does Whatever is in the search box here, social pilots will find content from other people relating to that subject. So for you, you may want to because, of course, you're creating a Facebook page to do with your marketing business or social media business . What you would do is actually search on a relevant keyword here on this shows things that to publish within at the moment the past month, but it could be three months or six months or whatever it may be So you just do a search on that. Andi Social pilots will actually find content for you and actually show it down here. Now I'm going to look at for putting the word social. So she pilot then comes up with some options for you to look at. You could look at social media, social media, marketing, social marketing. I'm just going to click on social Marketing on, actually see what comes up on one of the options here is how to use social media to promote your business. Now that maybe an article that would be worth me posting to my Facebook page because it's obviously relevant to social media, that I'm looking to promote myself. So what you do is firstly click on the link here and that will open up the article in a separate window. When we look down here, you could then look and see. Is this something relevant that you would actually want to share on your page? So is talking about creating accounts on various platforms posting regularly, So all things that we actually talk about in our business, So the idea being if we can share this on our page, people can actually look at it, see the information, see that we've shared it and then hopefully come to us to actually do the service for them . So all you would need to do if you decide that is relevant for you to add to your page is the same as before. We'd come down the side, find the page we want to share it to and then here, next to here, we simply have to queue of that now will be posted or adding to the Q to be posted to our page. So you can actually do that for many of these, as you like. A nab them all into your Q. And they will be posted to your Facebook page when it comes to the right time. Let's just have a look at another one. We can Ada's well, and I'll add this straight away just so you can see what it looks like. And let some of this one here. What does social media have to do with the buyers journey and I've had a look in It looks like inappropriate article to actually post to Facebook Page. So what I'm gonna do this time instead of out into the queue. I'm going to share it straight away. Someone to click the share now booted on that Has them been posted straight away. Let me just wait until that appears on my Facebook page. Then we'll have a look at it on there. So here we are, on the target social media Facebook page on. If I scroll down the page there, we have that post that we've just added. So what social media have to do with the buyers journey? It's taken the image from that particular article on. Then there is a link here. Of course, if anyone clicks this, it does go to that page with the article on it. So it's not taking them to anywhere of yours. But it just helps to add some other related content and relevant content to your page so people can actually see that You know what you're talking about because you're putting good quality content on your page. Now, you wouldn't want to have too many of these because we don't want to have too many posts that are taking people away from your message and what you're particularly offering to them . So we'd want more of our own posts, which are these type of posts here. And, of course, your offers. You outrageous offers you $99 deals, etcetera. But having one of these every say, three or four days, I think the great idea just to boost your standing as an expert in your field. So, as you can see, that's how you easily do it within your social pilots account just by using content and feeds on, then the curated content option. 16. The Flying Start Finale: this video is a brief conclusion to the getting your business off to a flying start section on. I just wanted to look at what we've already achieved if you've just followed along with the videos in this section. So firstly, you should have been out to use the information to choose the ideal business name for your particular business on. Then we've gone ahead and created a logo for our business. So we've got all of our branding sorted straight away with then created a Facebook page. We set that up properly. We've created a Facebook profile image on the cover image for that in camera dot com. So we've got all our Facebook page looking excellent. We've then completed that Facebook page set up with all the information about our business . Gotta bought an exceptional sorted out on there. And then we've added all of our friends are invited all of our friends to that page so that we've got some friends looking at that page and friends sharing air content on. Of course, we straight away added four or five images to that page before we share with our friends just so that we've actually got some real quality content on there. And so the page looks like it's properly occupied. Andi properly frequented. We've then connected our new Facebook page to a social pilot account, and we've set up our schedules so that Social Pilot will automatically post to our Facebook page on a daily basis for us. We then used the 20 social media images I provided the 6 $99 deal images on the 10 outrageous offer images that I provided on. We've scheduled all those within social pilot so that they're all set up to post to our Facebook page one per day for the next month or even more, and then also shown you how at the end of that month you can just add it to your calendar. So you remember to actually go back into social pilot of reschedule those so that they can repost again for another month, and then you do that on a monthly basis. So you've always got quality content being posted to your page to tell people all about your business and all about what you do and then finally, we've used the curated content function within social pilot to add other people's content related to social media related to marketing related to small business, etcetera on. We've added some of those posts into the mix as well, just so that we've got all the content in there, which adds to our standing as an expert in our field. So all in all, if you followed along with these videos, had actually done what I've suggested. You've now got your business set up. You've got your business running. Your business is being promoted and will be being seen and shared by your friends, which will obviously attract other people. So we're off to a great start in a later section. You'll see all of my main methods are actually finding clients on those will always get you really good results. But what you've set up already is just a 00 pilot method to always be pushing your business out there on Facebook on always helping you to bring in clients and to tell people about your business. So if you've not already followed along with this section and got all these things set up on, got your posts automatically going to your Facebook page on a daily basis, I would highly recommend you actually stop. Go back, follow along with this section and get all of these things set up now so that your business is being promoted on autopilot day after day after day. 17. Adding Client Social Media Accounts - Upgraded Account: When you first signed up for Social Pilot, you very likely started with the professional account, which, as you know, is normally $30 a month. But we have our $25 a month offer through the course. But when you find you've got a number of clients signed up, you may want to consider upgrading and changing your account to the small team account that lives will cost you $50 a month. But there are a number of benefits of this, and I'm just going to outline some of these now. One of them is that instead of your 25 social media accounts, you get 50 social media accounts, so you could probably run 2025 not 30 clients, just for a one off cost of $50 a month. But in this video, I want to look hurt. One of the other features that comes in when you go for the small team option that is here . The unlimited client management on this actually makes the on boarding of your clients so much easier. So I'm going to show you in this video how you can on board your new clients. If you have a small team account. Then in the next video, we'll show you how you can actually add to your clients on board your clients if you've got the professional version. So here I am again in my social pilot dashboard on. One of the new has come down here to team Andi client clicking on there. Then I'm going to click on invite clients on others say this is where the particular account type the small team account type, comes into its own because what you can actually do here you go into manage cloned invite links and you can click on invite Client in here. So say, we are looking to invite one of our clients in Nickname. You would just put the name of your client so it might be the person's name. Or it could be the restaurant name. For example, if it's a restaurant you're dealing with in here, organization name would be your company name. If you have a company logo, you can upload that there. Now. If you don't fill these in, can you remember we actually, in our earlier video, we looked at your profile settings and we put an organization in there If you leave this this blank, it will use the details you already uploaded into that section. Then a message here. This would be a message to your client that he's going to be sent in an email so it would be Hi, Fred, or whatever the client's name is, Please connect your social media accounts so I can get your account set up something along those lines. Then he, uh we've got two options which are very useful for us. If you want your clients to be able to log into their accounts at all, you would want to take one or both of these boxes. If you want them to be able to create their own posts and send them within their account, you would click here now. I personally don't use that at all because I don't want my clients to create their own posts because that's what they're paying me for. But what is useful is this so they could view the scheduled on delivered posts. Now, if you click there, that means they can log into the account and they can see the post that you've created and see when they're scheduled for. On also see the post of being delivered on, See the analytics on those posts and see how many times have been seen in that kind of thing. Is that something that you would find useful? You can take this box the other thing that is useful as well. If you create a lot of posts for your client and you want them to have a look at them and check, they are happy with them prior to you sending them out, you could do it by this method so you could shed you little the Post. Say to them, you need to just log into the account, have a look at the shed. Your post. Check your okay with them. If you are, then I will send them out. That is a way they can actually come in there and see them. If you're not using that, you would actually effective in need to email all of those posts to your client and say here the post. Please also eyes, and please let me know if there's any you don't like before you, Then add them to the account. So that is a useful one. But you can either choose to use that or not, whichever you prefer. Then here are all of the types of account that you are going to be running for this client . So if you're going to be doing the social media on their Facebook page, Twitter there is Pinterest. There is linked in there is Google. My business there is Instagram. There is also a tumble of log on and I don't even know what a VK profile is. But one of those as well, if you wanted to use it, so all you would need to do is have clicked all of the ones you are going to be dealing with for your client. So let's get rid of a couple of these are the ones here and will say it's just going to be Facebook and Twitter on. All you would do is click the create invite link buttered. Now let me just put a little bit of blurb in here. So So let's just try an example. I've actually just put a message in there so I can show you exactly what's gonna happen here. So we'll say this is for its restaurant. That's our own organization. Details will put them in elsewhere I've read. Please connect your account so I can get everything set up for you. Do want this Have better wording, but I'm just doing that quickly. To show you have selected the accounts we want. I click create invite link. That then gives me a link here. So if I then copy that on open that link up in a new browser window, then here is what the client will see. So you could just send them that link in an email explaining what you need them to do. They will actually get to this page and see here. I've read. Please continue accounts, etcetera. They will just need to put in their name email address, choose their own password on. Then they'll actually be able to sign up on connect their own accounts through there. So, as you see, it's a very easy way for them to connect their accounts and give you access to them without them having to send you a password at all. So once your clients is actually being in and done this on connected to their accounts, they then just automatically appear within your own social pilot dashboard, and you can manage them on start actually creating your posts on posting to those accounts . So the great thing about this way is it means that your client has actually got access so they can see what's actually happening in their account if you want to give them that access. But also they don't have to send you or give you their passwords for various things. So which is a better way for them to sign up? But as they say, this is only on the higher level of accounts. If you don't have that, I will show you very shortly in the next video exactly how you get around that on the professional version off the account. 18. Connecting Accounts Create Group: in this section of the course, we're going to have a look it how we connect all of our clients social media accounts to a social pilot account. So in other words, we want to connect, whether it be their Facebook account, a Twitter account there, Pinterest. Whatever it is, we connect those into our social pilot account, which then enables us to post to those accounts so firstly and went to look at some very basic set up of this. And then we'll have separate videos for each off the social networks to show you how to actually connect to them. So here I am in my dashboard. What I would do, first of all, is actually set up a group for a particular client on This is so that we'll have one group for a client's name. And then all of the accounts that we want to post to for that client will put into that group just so that we can keep them all as one unit and so we can effectively subdivide the accounts for that particular client. So that sounds more complicated than it actually is. So we need to do from the dashboard or from anywhere we click on here, which is groups, and then we're going to create a group. We're then going to create a name for this group. So if, for example, you were creating a group for the Social Media accounts for Fred's restaurant, you would probably put Friends Restaurant in here. If you like to get your clients with a particular number for each client, it could be double 01 Fred's Restaurant, for example. However you want to do that just so that you know which clients all of these accounts belong to. Now I'm actually going to set it up with some of my own accounts. So this will be my Twitter Facebook page, etcetera, for my home based entrepreneur accounts. So that is the name I put in there. If you want to description toe actually describe what's going into this group, you can add that in there. But I don't bother, because I know who it is from the group name and then the bottom. Here. We don't need to bother with anything else. For the time being, all you will do is click Create Group that was then created this group for you now If you've already got groups, you want to change what is in the group, you can come on click on here, but we don't need to doing him for that now that is always going to do for manage. Groups were then going to go into add specific accounts to this group, and for that we click on accounts and then we connect accounts. So, as you see, what we can now do is choose any accounts that we want to add for our clients were first. We're going to look at Facebook, but we will do that in the next video. 19. Connect A Facebook Page: in this video, we're going to have a look at how to connect a Facebook page or a Facebook group toe our social pilot account, They say connecting groups. But it's very unlikely you'll usually want to do that. It's normally going to be connecting either your own Facebook page or your client's Facebook page to your Social pilot account, so you can then post to that Facebook page. Now, if you're wanting to connect your own Facebook page all, you're wanting to connect another Facebook page that you already have the permission to post two, then adding, it is very simple. We're in our dashboard here. I've gone to accounts that we come to it again. Andi Connect account, and that brings us into this page here. We obviously want to connect Facebook a Facebook page. So you click on Connect Page, and that brings you in two here, so it's pinned you into your Facebook account. Obviously, if you weren't already logged into your Facebook account, you would need to do that, then ask you to re enter your Facebook password. So I click on that. That then shows you all of the pages that you have got currently connected to your Facebook account. If you want to connect one of these two social pilot, all you do is find the one you want to connect, you click on it. And then you remember the groups we created in the last section in the last video. If you is a particular group, you want to read it to you, click on that group and then click on Save. And that then brings us to this page here. Social Pilot will then suggest to you a schedule for posting to this account. It will have all of these times in here, but what I tend to do so that we can set this up later on. We're gonna look at all the different methods you could actually post to your accounts within Social pilot later. So I would click on manual set up, so that will clear all of this on all way. Then going to do is click set this schedule and there we dio on. That account has now Bean added toe our social pilot account. So that's what we do if an account is already connected to us on Facebook, so we already have access to it. But what if this is a new client? So say it's a new restaurant on. You don't have the facility to manage their Facebook page for them at the moment. So how do we actually get the access to that so that we can add it to our social pilot account? Let's have a look at that now. The first thing you need to do is create a Facebook business manager account. This account only needs creating once, and then you'll be able to use that account to add any of your clients in the future to create your account in the first place, you need to go to business dot facebook dot com, and you will come to a page like this, although yours will look different because you won't have created the account is yet. So when you get to this page, it will either say create business or it will say, create account and you'll need to click on that and either a touch that account to your existing Facebook page. If you have one or alternatively, you'll need to click on that and then click create new account, and it will let you set one up there that is obviously completely free. It's attached to your existing Facebook account. So once you've created that, it will then show your businesses here on this page on the business that you just clicked on, set up. Now that it, of course, your own business. This is not your client's business. You set this one up for your own business because what we're then going to do is contact your client through that account to get them to give permission to access their account. So once you've set that up, as you see, I've got one here for my local marketing solutions. So what you've got that sets up, you will click on there to go into that particular account. Once you're inside there, we want to click on business settings. That name brings us this page here, and we then click on pages what we then want to do because we're asking your client to give you permission to post to their page. We want to click on add. We then request access to page that brings us to hear what you then need to do is search for the Facebook page off your client. So I'm going to search on a local restaurant name that isn't one of my clients, but just that I can then find their Facebook page and show you because obviously they're already appliance. They wouldn't appear in this same process. So if I search for G. Georgie's, for example, this is a local restaurant to me. Here, all you do is click. You find their page and click on it, and then it says, Select the role you need on the page. We want to be able to published content, so we'll click on that some of these automatically, then get clicked for you because this will be part off that. But this bottom section here, we don't need to ask for admin access because that effectively gives you permission to control everything on their page. Now, a lot of clients possibly wouldn't want you to do that, because that would mean you could you could virtually lock them out of the page. Or you could change a lot on the page that they may not want you to. So we don't need to request that we really just want the ability to publish content on moderate comments and the creator effectively. This means you would be able to run an advert on the page. But it wouldn't be spending the client's money. It would actually be spending yours if you chose to create an advert. So that actually works quite well for us with what we want to do. This doesn't mean you need to spend money and divert. It just gives you the facility if you want to. So once you've chosen that, all you would do is click Request access on this would send a notification to that. Clients asking them to give you permission. Now, I'm not going to do that because this isn't a client of mine. It's just one that I chose at random, so they would then receive within their Facebook a notification, and they would need to go into that on, give you permission to access that. But the great thing is once lived on that. You then get access within your social pilot dashboard. So what would happen is again. You would then come in here in social pilot accounts at account connected page. When you then go to connect a page, it would then have their account within that page and you could connect it just as you see me do earlier in this video. On that. Is that page connected? So you composed to it from Social Pilot? That's all there is to it. 20. Connect Twitter: in this video, we're going to have a look at how to connect a Twitter account to our social pilot account . So again we are within the accounts section off. Social Pilot on. We want to connect a Twitter account. So let's have a look. First of all at how we would connect a Twitter account when we actually know the log in and the password details. So this would either be eight, which account of our own or a Twitter account of a client, where they have actually given you their log in details of the Twitter account. So all we do is click on Connect profile. Nothing goes in on it has updated the account. It is added, this one for me on I also again want to add this into the group that I created. What I'm going to do is click on the group that I wanted to go into, and I'm going to up date the account. So that's which account now is in my list off connected accounts. So if you want to add a Twitter account for a client and you're going to be doing their social media for them, the very easiest way is simply to ask the client to send you their log in details. So that is the log in I d. On the password on. Then you can just add it into social pilot in the way you've just seen me do that here. There is another way, which means the client doesn't have to give you their log in details, but it is a little bit tricky and they have to do the work on it. Which is the tricky thing on that is by using a service called Tweet Deck, which is actually owned by Twitter. Now what I'll do, I will attach to this video a link to a video that I found on YouTube, where it shows what your client would need to do within tweet deck toe actually add you as an extra user so effectively, what they do is they go to tweet deck. They input their own Twitter account into their that, then lets them go in and add a new additional user. And of course, they would add your details of the additional user. You would then be able to have them appear in your social pilot, and you will be able to actually add them in there without them giving you the details. But others say I've tried that with a couple of clients. They've always found it very clunky on Haven't like doing it on. So now I don't even use that with my clients at all. I actually just asked them for their log in details. I've never had a problem with any giving me those details on obviously a student. I've got them. They just added into Social pilot on. I can then do the posting on their Twitter account. I've done that with lots of clients and never had a problem. So those are the different ways you can actually achieve, adding eight with the account into your social pilot account. 21. Connect LinkedIn: in this video, we're going to have a look at how to connect a LinkedIn account to your social pilot. Now. Firstly, I will say that you may want to connect your own linked in account on and promote your own business on Lincoln by using Social Pilot, but I actually think it's probably quite unlikely you will be connecting this for any of your clients and promoting their businesses. Arlington, I found myself. It's not something I've ever done for any of my clients at all. It's not one of the major networks that my clients would actually want to be promoted on. So it's not something I offer as a service. But I'm going to show you here how to do it, just in case you actually want to. So a shooting This is your profile on LinkedIn. You can obviously connect a profile or a page, so I'll go through both of these. Firstly, if you want to connect a profile, you would need to know the log in I d. On D password. So if it's yours, you'll obviously know that if it's going to be for a client, they will need to give you their log in i d on their password. So what you would actually do to connect this to your social pilot account is coming yet. We are obviously in the accounts page on ad accounts, and we're going to click on Connect Profile. That then brings you to this page here, which is a page or linked ID. Andi. You'll need to enter a say your log in details on your password, and we're then going to sign in on that says you need to give social pilot permissions to post your page, etcetera. You click on the Allow Bata on that comes into here. If you want to abduct into a group, you would take on the group or groups that you want to add it into. There is also the usual Hsieh Jal's underneath here. I like to actually reset those to remove them so that we can start from scratch on those on that is it that is everything done for adding that account into social pilot? Let me come back now and have a look at how to connect a page in Lincoln. Now what I'm going to show you here is what you need to do if your client has a linking page and they want you to post to their page for them, so the first thing they're going to need to do within their actual page on lengthen, they're going to need to add you as an admin. So let me just go over to my LinkedIn account now and show you what they need to do. So here I am, within the home page off my own. Linked in account a SE. This is to show you what your client will need to do to add you as an admin to their page their business page Arlington Firstly, you are going to need to be connected on LinkedIn with your client. So this needs to be done one of two ways. Either you confined them on LinkedIn on connect to them. They will then need to accept that connection. Or, alternatively, they will need to find you on LinkedIn, connect to you, and then you'll need to accept that invitation. Once you're connected, your client will need to g o again to their LinkedIn. When they're in their they click here on the profile at the top. Onda under manager at the bottom it will list their company pages, their business pages. They will need to then go into the one that they want to make you an admin off. That then takes me into that page. Now, as I've mentioned, I use business pages on linking very little because they seemed to get very little coverage and very little exposure by Lincoln. So I don't really use mine it all now. But here is how you would use it. How you would add somebody is an adamancy go into the page. They would then need to click on admin tools here. Then they click on page ad means that opens up this page here, then add new had ad men by name. So what they would need to do is search on your name in there. I've just searched on a random name. When they find you coming up in the list, they'll need to click on you. That then adieu is an admin of the page. They would then just need to simply save the changes here. Now, I don't want Steve Brennan as an admin of I paid somewhere to remove that, but they would just save those changes and that's all they would do there. So let me come back to my social pilot account again on once your client is added you as an admin within LinkedIn, you'll come back to your social pilot accounts, and then we're going to go for Connect Page. So you click on there. It will already have. If you've already connected it to your own personal LinkedIn, it will already have that connected. So I click on that. It will then bring me to this page here, which shows all of the linked in business pages, which are connected to your account on If they've added you as an ad men, you will then appear in here, so all you would do is click on that specific page. If you want rather into a group again, you're clipan. Click on the group, and you can then save on set up schedules as you've done before. So that's all there is to add either a linked in profile or a linked in business page linked in company page into your social pilot account. 22. Connect Pinterest: in this video, we're going to look at how to connect a Pinterest board to your social pilot account. So let's first look at how you'd connect one of your own boards in Pinterest. And then we'll look at how you'd connect one off your clients within Social pilot. You need to go to the camps. Andi connect accounts were then coming over here to Pinterest and Connect board. We're going to click on there. This then brings you to Pinterest. Now, if you already logged into your own Prince rest account, it will bring you straight to this page. If you're not logged in, then it will ask you to log in. So I'm already loved in this and says, Will you give permission to your application? I'm going to obviously click OK, that then connects on. It will then show you all of the boards that I have admin access to within Pinterest. So they're quite a few of those that I've got access to their So these will either be boards that a mine and I set up myself or boards that I've been given admin access to. So if I want to actually post to one of these. So if, for example, I wanted to post to this online business and online marketing ideas board of mine, I would simply click the button there, then come to the bottom. If I want to add that into a particular group. As usual, I would click on there, thank click on the Blue button, save and set up schedules that then comes into the usual place here, as I've done before. I would release that 30 hasn't got any of these preset schedules, and I would then save it and that then adds that Pinterest board into my list off connected accounts. So let's now assume that you have a client and they want you to post to their Pinterest board. Let's have a look it what they will need to do to add you as an admin to that board on. So I need to go over now to my Pinterest account. So here I am, in my own Pinterest account on your client would need to log into their own Pinterest account, click in the own name here, and that brings them to this page. They will then need to click on boards. This will then show all of the boards that they have admin access to themselves, so this will normally be their own boards. If they would then want to add you. That mean what they will need to do is firstly, find the board that they want to give you access to and then click on the name of that board that then takes them into that particular board itself. You could see all the pins there that are related to that board. They will then need to click on this pen pencil sign here. Andi, come down the page on it, says collaborators. Enter name or email address. They will then need to enter there either your screen name within Pinterest or your email address for your Pinterest account. I would suggest you give them the email address because obviously the lonely one of your email address the name could be others that come upon their. They will just need to enter your email address in there. This is the email address titties connected to your own Pinterest account. They'll then send you an invite. So what would then happen is in your notifications within your own Pinterest account, which is here with this bell symbol, you will actually receive a notification that you've been given an invite to a particular board. You will then need to accept that invite on, then in your own Pinterest accounts. When you then click on your name, the board will then appear in your list of boards, so it will then appear somewhere here down this entire list on. You'll then be able to go back to your social pilot again. So let me go back to my social pilot account on then. As before. If you go into accounts, connect, account and then connect the board when you then go in this time it will appear in your list of boards. So, as you saw me do earlier in this video, you'll just then be ableto abduct and that will then appear within your social pilot account and you will be able to post to it. So that is how we add a Pinterest board into our social pilot account. 23. Connect Google My Business: in this video, we're going to have a look at how to connect a Google my business account to your social pilot. Now Google. My business is something that until recently I didn't post to at all for either myself or my clients. But since Google Plus has now Bean removed by Google, they're giving a lot more prominence to posts from Google. My business. Andi. Those posts are turning up in a lot off different searches within Google on. So I do think it's something that is worth adding into your mixed now, and I have definitely started doing that for a couple of my client's already, and I can see it being a service. I will offer more than Maurin. The future on. Thankfully, social Pilot will let us do it within the mix off normal posts in Social Pilot, so two and a Google my business location into your social pilot. You'll need to do the usual accounts, connect accounts, and that brings you into this page here. Then down the bottom. We have Google my business connect location. If we click on here, that will then move you into Google on if you're already signed into your own Google account, then it will bring you into this page here. If you're not signed into your Google account, you'll need to sign in or if you haven't got a Google account, which is unlikely because if you use Gmail or any of the Google properties like YouTube, etcetera, then you will have a Google account. But if you haven't, you would then need to set one up. But if human you have, you would just simply click on the account that you want to use. And it will then say, Do you want to give access to social pilot and you simply click allow that then opens up a page here on says, Which of your accounts do you what she want to give access to, or which of your actual locations do you want to add into social piloting with words so you'd simply tick on any that you want to add and then save and set up schedules that would m bring it into here? As you know, I like to get rid of that and go to a manual set up and then set this shed you on that straightaway, then brings that Google my business account within social pilot. So let's have a look now that what is needed to be done if your client wants you to post to his Google my business account for his company. So this is what your client will need to do on. Firstly, he'll need to g o into his own Google my business account. So let me go into mind now and then I can show you what we need to do. So here I am, in my own Google, my business account on your client confined. There's by going to business dot google dot com and then obviously logging in with their own details when you're in this page, were in manage locations here on this will show your client any of their locations. They've already got set up in my business. What they will need to do is for the one that they want to you to be able to post to. They will need to come down the list here and actually click on the name off that particular location or that particular business that brings them into here. They'll then need to come down the left and click on users that then has details off the people. They've already given permission to access that page. They will need to click on the top right and here for add new users. They will then need Teoh. Here, do a search for your email address, so you'll need to give them your email address that you log in to your own Google account with. They will then do that search. It will come up with your details. They then need to choose a role on the option. Here they'll need to choose to give you access to post to their account is the lowest of these communications manager. If they give you access to the others, you'll still be able to post. But that gives you a lot more access to their account that they may not want to give you, too. So that may, for example, allowing you to change all of their details within Google. My business. If they want you to look after that side of their business to, then they could give you access as a manager. But if all you're doing is posting to their Google, my business account, then communications manager, is fine. So once they've done that they've got your correct email address in their fuel Google account selected communications manager they just invite. You will then receive une email with your invite. You'll just need to accept that invite, and once you've got that, you can then go through that same process within social pilot Andi at them into your dashboard. So that is all you need to do to add a Google my business account into your social pilot. 24. Connect Instagram: in this video, we're going to have a look at how to connect on INSTAGRAM account on instagram profile with your social pilot account. Now, Firstly, I need to explain that when you've actually connected an INSTAGRAM account and you want to post from Social Pilot to that instagram there is a little bit of a circuitous route that you need to go by, but he only takes seconds on actually works really nicely. The reason for this is the way that Instagram works on the A p I that they have effectively . They don't allow direct posting from an Internet service onto Instagram. It actually has to go via an app on your phone. So what you will need to do is several things just to set this up in the first place. Firstly, you'll need to download the social pilot app to your phone. Now it is completely free. You can look within either Google store or the Apple Store just for social pilot and you will find their app. You will then be able to connect that to the same account that you have in the online version of social pilot. So what happens is when you connected an Instagram profile effectively. When you post, it's actually pings you on your phone. A reminder on it then takes you through a process of just pressing a couple of buttons on. Then you post it actually on. Instagram on your phone on doesn't say it's not the social pilot thing. That's just the way Instagram works with instant. I'm not liking you to post things over a computer or a desktop, so let's look now at how exactly you will connect on INSTAGRAM account on. If you're doing this for your client, what you will need to do is contact your clients and get from them their log in i d. On their password. Andi. Within your instagram app on your phone, you'll need to add them as an additional account on. Did you do this in the APP? Because in one instagram app, you can effectively. Ada's many accounts for Instagram is you like so you will simply log into your existing INSTAGRAM account, go to settings, scroll down to the bottom and it weights, has Loggins and then you'll just add on account when you abducting their, But then you can access your clients instagram account by there. So to add them into your social pilot dashboard, all we do on the usual accounts Andi connect accounts page we come down to the bottoms where it says reminded for Instagram connect profile. We click on there on what you then do is put in here your clients or your instagram account name. So if I wanted to have on a mind, for example, my Chris Toland instagram account it just simply at that and click submit on what it then does it comes up with a impose screen on how you do actually shed your a post reminder for Instagram so you'll be able to see this will go through this one we're actually doing posting to these accounts later on. But as you can see what you do effectively, you will create the posting social pilot that then pings you on your phone on the social pilot up saying, get reminders. You press one button in there, it takes you through to the correct instagram account or takes you through to your instagram account within the instagram app on new, then publish it So it literally it sounds more complicated than it easy. It actually just takes a couple of seconds to do, but and it works very nicely. But it is just an extra step that, unfortunately, you have to go to with Instagram posting. So if I just close that what's happened now is that added this account into social pilot. If you want to add that into any of your groups, you would do that and you don't date the account to add it into that group. And that has brought me in. They're so it has added that into my list off social pilot accounts. The one thing I did forget there, so I'm going to go back into it is just over all the schedules here at the bottom do my usual resettlers schedules place that to gain, but lately account. There we go. So that has added that account that instagram account into my list of social pilot accounts , and that is a way there is to add on instagram account 25. Setting Up Queues: as you will see in the next video. There were several ways that we can use Social Pilot to make posts to our social media accounts. But the one of these that I use most requires a little bit of set up first. But this set of only needs doing once per social media account, and we're going to do that now. That is setting up our posting cues have to do this. I'm here in my social pilot dashboard at the moment, but I'm actually going to click on Accounts on, then Manage accounts. And if you remember this them brings us into the page. That shows us all of the social media accounts that we have set up within our social pilot account on. If we want to create the posting cues for a particular account, we just need to find that account in the list. So that say, for example, I'm looking at my tour gadji Twitter account, which is this one here. I need to come over to the right of it to whether is the pencil symbol and click there to go into edit. That brings me into here. Now this is the page you would have seen when we first set up this particular account. And as you see, it's the one we've called it Tor Gadji. It's got that which assemble cause it's a Twitter account. I've put it into an account group, my home based entrepreneur one on. Then underneath are any Q schedules that have already been set up. Now, here there is nothing set up. There is nothing showing. If you have that, she got anything it would show just here. Now, depending on your own preference, you can either set up these schedules at the time you first create the account. So, for example, if you're setting up your system to be able to post for a new client, you may decide to set these schedules up at the time. Or you can do them at any time, as you see now, by going into accounts, finding the right account on, then updating that account. So let's have a look at what we need to do. So what we're setting up here is a schedule off days and times when we want to post to this particular account for this particular client. So if, for example, your client is paying you to post every day of the week. You'll want to set up a time slot for every day of the week. If they're just paying you to post to Twitter for them three times a week, then you can set up this schedule for three times a week. So let me just show you how you'll set up one particular day. And then, obviously you could duplicate that to post two every day that you want to post it. So if, for example, we wanted to pose to this account on, say, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, what I would do, let's set up a Monday one first. In fact, you could do Monday, Wednesday and Friday set up all of these. So if we wanted to post to those three days at, say, 6:45 p.m. we could simply do that at time. And there, you see, the schedule appears Monday, Wednesday and Friday, of all scheduled to appear at 6:45 p.m. On what we'll be doing later is when we create posts. If we add them into the queue, the system will very cleverly post one off the post from your cue when we get to one of these times. So, for example, if we've added into the queue 20 different posts when we get to Monday at 6 45 it will choose the first post from your Q, and it will post it to this particular account. When we get toe Wednesday at 6 45 it will choose the next one, and it will post that. So what it means is, once we've set up this schedule for this particular account, when we then add posts, we can simply add the post into the Q, and they will then just automatically be posted out when it gets to one of the times you've specified. So it means you can just keep adding post into that Q. As soon as you create them and they will automatically go out at the time, you and your client wants them to. So that's why I used that more than any other posting method, because I know they're going to go out exactly when I want. So this year, we set up to give up Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 45 If you wanted these to be at different times, so for example, let's do it from one here. Let's get rid of the Wednesday one. That's delete those from there. So we are setting up a new one to send Wednesday at Will say at 707 p. M. Well, you do set that. I've just got Wednesday selected at the time, so there's one now appears Wednesday at 707 If, for example, you wanted to to go, you wanted want to go it 9 33 I am a swell. So you having to posting on a Wednesday there? We've now got to scheduled to post on a Wednesday looking at the times here. So when should you post for your client? Now that may depend on what your client wants. They may have certain times when they want the post to go out for May. Most of my clients are restaurants on. I know that a lot of students of this course also doing the social media. Four restaurants I find the best times of day to send when their customers are actually on social media are between 6 p.m. Andi nine PM each day. So if you send between six pm and nine then you will find you get good results. Or at least I do with my clients. So that's when I would suggest you initially try. But you can, of course, send it any time during the day. If you're flying for whatever reason, wanted you to post four times a day, then you'd obviously want to spread those out throughout the day and not have them or between six and nine PM, for example. So all you need to do for each client is have many posts as you want to be going out or as many que schedules. So let me get rid of that one there. If, for example, we wanted another one to go out on the Sunday we could say that Sunday is going to be at 7:30 p.m. We could set one there. We might want up one on the Tuesday. So what I like to do is have these. So they go at different times each day. Run it being 6:45 p.m. On every single day had changed them slightly. So like Tuesday, for example, I might want that to go. It 7:45 p.m. I might want to have another one on the Thursday parts of that at 8:15 p.m. We could have won on Saturday as well. Which may be goes that six 05 p.m. So all of them that I've set up a schedule for this particular account. This is for this Twitter account to get those different times, so you to go through all of your different accounts. So when you take on a new client, if they've just got, for example of Facebook and Twitter, you could go into both of those accounts. If you wanted them to go it the same time on each day, Twitter and Facebook, you could set them up like that. Or you could set them up completely differently, whichever you want. But you will want to go in and set up these cues on these schedules for each of your accounts. 26. Creating Posts: in this video, we're going to be looking at how we create a post on posted toe one or more of our social media accounts. Now there's quite a bit of information that's going to be in this video, so you may want to watch a couple of times just to get to grips with it all. But it is actually all really simple on once you've done it a couple of times yourself, you'll soon get the hang of it, and we'll find it really easy. So here I am, as normal in my dashboard of social Pilot on to create a post. I'm going to go to posts and create post, and that brings us into the create post dashboard here. What? I know me doing this dashboard start on the right hand side, over here on actually decide on which of my accounts I actually want to do a post for so you've got two choices. One is the groups that we created. So if you remember, I created a group called home based Entrepreneur. So if I click on there, for example, that will highlight the different accounts. So that is an instagram Pinterest, Twitter and the facebook that we put in there, so you could either choose the correct group. So as we looked at before, if you were setting up a group for one of your clients, for example, you might have, say, a Twitter account under Facebook in that group, in which case you would actually click on that link for your client, you'd look down here If, for example, you clicked on that for your clients and for this post you didn't want it to go to Instagram, for example. You can unclip that and it will leave. The other three actually clicked for you. There were ticked for you there, toe actually post to them. So in this example, that me conflict that one as well. So I've got two of these. Click. You're the alternative, because if you haven't got that plate will come back to that in a second. But you could just choose from this list individually. So if you wanted to just post to that one, for example, or just that one, But I'm going to come back to where we were and click there will release a couple of those . So I've got two different accounts they're selected for this example. So that's it for the right hand side. We now come over to the left here, which is where we put the actual post itself on where in the tablet is called Create Post Andi original. I'll show you the difference between these here in a second, because they are quite interesting and quite useful. So let's have a look at what we can include in our posts. Firstly, as a savior in this original Tampere, the first thing you can do is obviously add text, so you can either type your text out there or copy and paste it from elsewhere. If I do that from one of my website, this is an article on one of my website, so I could pace that in there. So how to build a reputation when you just started your business? Five simple steps. We'll stop there on that. A little bit more information. It will always give you a count of the number of characters here, so that's saying there's 236 characters now. If you're posting to Facebook or linked in, for example, it won't matter on the character count, but as you're probably aware with Twitter you have got a maximum of 280 characters, so you need to be under that. If, for example, you go over it, it will always keep count and it will turn red, which I assume that is over. That's 291. So it will tell you by turning red if you've got too many characters there. So if you're doing a post for Twitter, you need to keep below Teoh 280 characters. So but is ah simplest format off a post on that is just some text. Let's have a look now if we wanted to add a link in there on because, of course, here this is some information that is effectively pointing somebody to a link elsewhere. So if you remember earlier when we were looking at the basic settle for social pilot, we did a lecture which was called basic quick set up that needs doing once only on in there we chose a shortening service for our links. The reason for that is this. If you see here, look at the length of this link that I'm going to post, which is the link that people would need to click to see this full article. There is the link now. As you see, that's exceedingly long. But as soon as it goes in there and I come away from it, what's happened is now Social Pilot has shortened it to Billy, which is the link service that I actually chose. So it's created that, as a short link automatically for me, which obviously reduces the number of characters in there. Andi makes it look a lot better than that massive link that we had on there a second ago. So I fully recommend if you've not set up the shortening service within social pilot, that you go back to that lecture called Basic quick set up for social Pilot but just that setting so that you are using one of the shortening services. The other thing you'll see that has just happened is that social pilot has automatically added this section in here at the bottom of the page. So what is done? It's not only short in this link for you, but very cleverly. It is then visited that link, and it has got the image from that link, and it has grabbed other images from that page as well. And it's also grabbed a bit of the information from that page. So all that is displayed here at the bottom on this is a really useful feature, because if we leave, this is it is now and post it, it will automatically post this image here. Now, if for any reason you don't want to use that image, you can come over here on that. She removed that particular image, you could click here and remove the image. Or you could click down here and actually select a different image. So that one has gone on. Each has selected this one instead that we just removed that for a second. That brings that back there. So you've got a choice. You could use any of the other images. It is found on your site on that page on the Web site, you can use the one it selected automatically, or you can change it by mousing over here and clicking here. This will let you choose a different file from your computer. So a different photo from your computer so you could use that the images well, any sort of post to social media will always look far better on will catch the eye of people if you're using an image, so I would always use an image with your posts whenever you can. So what else can we do here? As you saw, we are in the original tab. We've got three of the top CIA, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, depending on where you're actually posting two. As you saw, we were looking at home based entrepreneur Facebook on. We're also going to look at the Twitter one as well. You should always post your text in the field called Original. But then, if you want to make any amendments to it for the different sites, you then click on the relevant site on the right here. So how would we want to use that? If, for example, we clicked on Facebook? Exactly. The same information appears again here. But if we make any changes in this tab, so if I made the changes there, if you go back to the original, those changes aren't there. If you go to Twitter, those changes on there, they're only in the Facebook tab. And that is because changes here are only changes that will be posted to Facebook, not Twitter, not to anything else. So how could we use this? Let me just get rid of those random characters that I've put in there. So firstly, this could be used if there was somebody on Facebook that you were wanting to actually tag in the post so you could put their actual Facebook name here at this point, for example, you may want to add hashtags that are specific to Facebook or Twitter. So if, for example, you wanted to add hashtag of entrepreneur now, usually, if you're doing hashtags on Facebook, you do less on Facebook than you would on Twitter. If you're doing a post to Instagram, you'd use lots of hash tags on that usually, but again has stuck with what there is not appearing on Twitter. It's just on Facebook. The other option we have in the Facebook tab is with the number of images, because Facebook will allow you to do either an album post off the carousel post. So, in other words, you can have more than one image in your post. So if I hear select a couple off these images that we still let those two there you see this option opens appear so you could have an album post over carousel poster with a carousel post that lets people actually scroll through the different images you put on there on Does it says you could have up to four images. So again, these could be the images that if I just turn here that it actually found on that particular page on my website so I could add in a number of those if I wanted to. Or alternatively again, you could upload more of your own images to use in this post. And if we come back to the original, that still just has the one image. There is not the the cover cell or the album option there. And that would be similar on Twitter, for example, because Twitter, we'll let you have an album option. So what it's doing is effectively keeping you to what is allowed on a particular network. So again, you can make any amendments you want to in Facebook. If you want to make any amendments in Twitter and again, you might want have hashtags in there, you might want to be mentioning somebody's Twitter account. So you might be doing Chris Tolliver, for example. So that is in in the tweet. It will be mentioning my Twitter account. So those are the various different things that you're doing. Twitter, Of course. You see, if that was posted in Facebook, it actually wouldn't mean anything. So what's happening here is this is just making the amendments on the specific sites that you want to make them on. Let's have a quick look now at other things we can actually add to our post as well as text and as well as images on the next one is video, and you can actually upload a video. This needs to be a video that you've got on your computer somewhere, but you can just click this button here on this will let you then upload a video on actually include it in your posts. Social Pilot is actually one of the few social media programs at the moment that does actually allow you to upload on post video, so it's a great feature to be ableto have. Obviously you wouldn't want to upload on posts an absolutely enormous video, so I would suggest you do try and keep them short. But if you've got, for example, for one of your clients, a short video that you have created that I don't know promotes one of their meals on their menu or creates a price double that they're running, for example, then you can have a quick video that is uploaded and posted, which would work really well for you. So that is just uploading a video toe attached to your post. The other thing that we can add to our posts is a gift. Andi, I know some people call these gifts, but I call them gifts on to add one. We simply click the button here at the bottom. Onda we get this that opens appear that has hundreds off animated gifs that you can use in your post on to find one. You could just enter in a keyword. So Sunday, for example, Andi, you get lots of options. They're coming up for Sunday. So So you're doing a post your client about today Sunday, and this is what we are offering menu items or anything that I don't know. But you could click that and that will then attach that to your post. So that's all built in. You can just search for those, find them yourself on, actually add them into your post. Let me just delete that because we don't want to have that certain day one in there, we'll come back to where we were. So that's covered what we can actually include within the social media post that we're going to make. Let's look now at the methods that we can post these now, the 1st 1 If you're not ready to actually post it, you could click here and save it is a draft. If you do that, you can then come back to it later, toe work on it further. It will be here in the draft section, so you just click on there, and any dress that you have will be there in that section. If I click here on this downward arrow on this blue box, it will show you the different methods we have to be able to make. A post. On the top one is add two Q. In the previous video, you saw that we created our cues or our schedules for each particular social media account for our client. If we click on. Add que This will go into the queue for the particular social media accounts that we have selected for this post. So what that means is it won't post until it gets to one of those times that we have scheduled on. If we put this in the Curie, for example, now we put 10 different posts in the queue. It would post the 1st 1 in the queue when it gets to the first time slot and then the second time slot. So one hours it was something like 6 30 on a Monday. When it gets there, it will post the 1st 1 in the queue. When it gets to Tuesday at 8 15 it would post the 2nd 1 in the queue, and it would keep going through like that until the Q is completely empty. So if we created this post, we add it into the queue. It goes to the back of the queue on will just be posted when it gets to that point. To me, this is what I normally used for my posting because a set of all my schedules. So if I've got to climb that I want to post once a day. I can just add, for example, 10 different posts and put them all in the Q, and they will only be posted one per day. And if I do that, that will have 10 days worth of post for me, for example, rather me having to come and post on a daily basis. So that is the Abdic you option. So to add that we just simply click here. Share now is just what it says, Really. We've created a post. If we click share now, it will be shared this very second to the ones we have just selected down this side. So if we wanted it to go to both of those, we've set it all up here. We would simply commend share now, and it would go share. Next is another way to add to the Q. But if we just quickly have to queue button, it would go to the back off the Q. If we click share next, then what it will do is it will be the next item after the very 1st 1 in your queue. So whatever, the very front of your cue will be shared next. But this will then be the one that is after that. So even if there are ah 100 items in your cue, this one will effectively Bay number two in the queue. If we share it next, the next option is to shed Djula Post and I'll click on this one just to show you what we look like. If we do this on, that brings up this here. So this will let you shed your this post for a particular date so we can click on here and pick a specific date that we wanted to post. So if we wanted it to be on the 27th of June and we can also choose a time so we could choose 8 25 PM and then we'd simply click schedule on this post would be held until the 27th of June 8 25 and it would then be posted. So that is the schedule option. That's this one. Shed your post on, then Finally, we have repeat posts and again I'll click that Want to show you what it will do. This one says, How many times do you want to repeat this post so you can choose any of those from 1 to 10 times, so they will choose 10. It then says, in how many days I knew there need to input in there the number of days that you want it shared 10 times. So if, for example, I put in 70 days, then that's going to be shared once every seven days. So it'll be shared 10 times once every seven days for a total of 70 days. If you put in there 65 it's going to be approximately every 6.5 days. For example, when you press the preview button, it will show you all of the dates and times that is going to schedule it. So the first time is going to bay now. So we are now the 17th June 10 27 PM, and so that would actually be shared straight away after that. It will then show you the schedule on the times that it is going to go out. If you're happy with that, you can just click schedule and it will schedule it for all of those times on dates. If there's any of those you don't like, for example, for whatever reason, we don't want it to go on the seventh of July. We can just delete that one that has disappeared now, the seventh of July. If you want to change any of the dates, for example, you didn't want to be on the 30th. You want it to be on the 29th. We can change it Any of those you want to. But when you should you that it will actually go out this one post on all of those different dates. If you decide you didn't want it, so many you can come back. You could change. It only wanted to get a four times in 36 days again. It would split it over that period of time. So it's a good way to actually have one particular post repeating on a regular schedule. So up to 10 times Andi for creating a post. That's it. You've seen everything. As I said, this video has gone on for quite a while, cause there's been quite a lot to show you. But it's all very simple, really. You come down to the right hand side, decide on a group or individual accounts that you want to create a post for and you'd click on them. You then come in here. You add in your text and any links your links automatically get shortened. You created in the original tab on. Then if you want to make any changes to 14 Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can do that. You don't have to. If you're happy with the original version, being posted to all of the networks or to all of the social media accounts you want to post to that is fine. Of course, if you'd only wanted to post a one social media account that is also perfectly fine. You then can change either the images that have bean selected by the software itself. You could upload your own image. You can upload your own videos. You can add gifts. When you've done all that and you're happy with it. You can. Then either save it is a draft and come back to it later. Or you can choose one of the various posting methods. Press the button and that's it. It will be shared, or it would be added to your cue. So we were late to be talking about exactly what we yearn to post, but that is how you create posts within your social pilots account. 27. Social Media Post Ideas: in this video, we're going to have a look at creating the social media posts for your client. Now, your client hopefully by now has already sent you back the completed questionnaire with all the information that you've asked him, Including what information? He actually wants to be included in some of his social media posts. So that will hopefully give you a good idea off quite a few different posts that you can create for him. You will also know, depending on the package that your client is paid for, how many posts you actually will need to create. So you will know by now whether he's looking for you to post three times a week, every day, twice a day, depending on the packages that you've offered him on. Also, you'll know whether you're looking to post to just one social network say Facebook or Twitter. Or are you looking to post to both of those for him, or maybe even one that maybe instagram maybe Pinterest. What I'd suggest you try and do for each client is create five weeks worth of posts. So if your client wants you to post three times per week, then that will be three times five, so a total of 15 posts that you'll need to create. If you're posting once per day for your client, then you'll need five times severed. So seven posts per week times five weeks, therefore 35 posts in total. Now you could start with more post than that. You could start with less posts than that, but because we had to reuse them so we will actually post them more than once, in fact, will repeat them over quite a long period of time. Then having enough for five weeks worth of posts means that we can rotate those, but no posts will appear to frequently. So it's good to have that large batch of post that you can repeat in your social pilot posting time after time. And, of course, the post that you create. You'll be able to post them to more than one network. So if you create a post that is great for Twitter, if your clients also want you to post Facebook, then that will be easy to just schedule that within social pilot to actually post to both of those social networks. If the idea of creating 35 social media posts for your client. Sounds quite daunting then. Don't worry, because, firstly, other say you'll be able to use what the client sends to you in their questionnaire. But also I'm going to give you a document, and we'll have a look at that very shortly that currently has got 45 ideas for social media posts, and that doesn't mean 45 ideas, so you'll be able to create 45 posts each of those ideas you'll be able to use for quite a few different posts. Some of them are very, very easy to just create a number of posts following one of those ideas, and you'll see what I mean shortly. But first, whatever it suggests you do for each new client that you take on is consider for their particular business. What are you actually trying to achieve with your social media posts? So, for example, depending on the type of business, their overall aim might be to get people to their website, for example, so if they sell on online product, then they may want people to go to their website or they may just want people to go to their website to see details off their products and services. They may want people to G o actually into their business premises in person. So if, for example, it is a restaurant, obviously the overall aim of that restaurant owner with his social media posts will be to get people to actually visit their restaurant. It may be to get people to actually call the business. So do they want somebody to call them to book an appointment? If they are an electrician's or a plumber, for example, they may want people to actually call them to book for them to actually go and look at their electrics or repair their central heating boiler, for example, on a restaurant also may actually want people to call them to actually book a table to go and eat there. Another option is brand awareness. Is it that the business just want to be seen? Lots online again, going back to our electrician's example. Most people don't need Electrician's on a daily or weekly basis. It's normally on a very irregular basis. If something goes wrong in your house, if you're electric suddenly break, for example. So the idea for brand awareness from the electrician's would just be that they want to have lots of coverage on the Internet. They want their brand, their company name, what they do to be seen on the Internet on a regular basis, so that when somebody in that area has an issue with their electrics, the name that they think off is that particular company. And so that you, too, they're then going to contact. They come to the front of mind, as it's called in marketing on, so they come to the front of the person's mind on that, too. They will contact to get to come and sort there. Electrical problem on another reason somebody may actually want you to do their social media is because they just want to get mawr social media followers, more Twitter followers mawr. Facebook likes, for example, and they want to build those up so that when they actually do any promotions off special deals or especially vents at a restaurant or music nights at a pub, for example, then they've got a big audience that they can actually tell about those things, and so they actually get four more people make far more sales, etcetera. So depending on which of those is most important for your client and for their business. That might change slightly how you structure the different posts that you create for them. So, obviously, if it is a company that is wanting people to go to their website, then you're going to be putting that in more of their posts instead of including a phone number, for example. So you need to structure your posts around. What are the requirements off the business? Let's now talk about just for a second the types of posts that you will create on. Normally these will come into four different categories, the 1st 1 being engagement. The 2nd 1 humor the 3rd 1 Promotions on the 4th 1 Education. So let's have a look at those in a little more detail. So first of all, engagement, the idea of posts for engagement on social media are to get people to like a post to comment on a post to share a post. So, in other words, we're looking to try and get engagement on our social media posts. The reason for this is that every time we make a post on, say, Facebook, Facebook will only show that post to a small percentage off the people who like our Facebook page. So say, for example, you've got 1000 followers. Facebook may only show that to, say, two or 3% of the followers of that page. Now that's obviously not many people. That's going to be 20 or 30 people if you've got 1000 followers. However, if you can get engagement on a post and so you do get likes or shares or comments, then Facebook will think that people like that particular post, and so they will show it to mawr of your followers. And when that thing gets more comments, more like they'll show it to even more followers on. The bonus of this is that if you get engagement on at least some of your posts, then Facebook will also start to show your other posts to more of your followers, too. So overall, if we're at least getting good engagement on some of our posts, then all of our posts and everything we do on Facebook will be shown tomb or more people. So because of that, what we look to do is have at least a number of our posts that are specifically aiming to get engagement from our followers. The second type of post is humor Onda. We all know that if you see a funny cat video on Facebook or the person who's doing something silly, then were more likely to like it were more likely to share it with all the people on. So what we look to do in some of our social media posts is have something that's funny on their. Ideally, it's also relevant to the business that we're trying to promote. So if it's a restaurant, a video, that is something to do with somebody looking funny when they're eating, for example, or funny faces made with food or something like that is again, something that is likely to be shared on gain likes. And so it is something good for us to include in the mix. Our client now I don't tend to add a lot of humor posts because they're very often difficult to find relevant for a particular business. But if you cannot see include at least a few of these in the mix, then that is a good thing to do. The third type of post is an obvious one for business, and that is a promo promotional post on. So this could simply be one that says, Here's something that we sell its great click here to get it so a simple of that. So it is something that, specifically promotional for the business. Now I would recommend that you don't have any more than 20% of all of your posts being promotional. You can still get a great response by having 80% off all the other types of post on just 20% of directly promotional. Because, of course, all the post we make are still helping to promote the business itself. And there will, of course, be links to the business on their Facebook page on their Twitter, etcetera. So keep your specific promote posts down to 20% or less on the final type of post that we will look to create our education posts. Now these are not education has in teach them how to do algebra but to educate them about the client's business. So, for example, this could be where if it was a restaurant, you could include the menu, so we're not directly selling to them, but we are giving an idea of what we do as a company. Pictures of food is a perfect one for a restaurant, so you could have lots of images off meals. So, for example, with one of my clients, I have a number of images off delicious looking Curries because it's an Indian restaurant on just a picture off attempting, looking curry with a comment off. Anyone feeling hungry or something like that is a good educational. So it's basically telling them a bit about our company or your client without actually directly selling anything. And as you'll see in a moment when we look in more detail at the Social Media Post ideas, including photos off your client's business, your clients products, your clients, restaurant or food in the restaurant, for example are very, very important in social media. And so using a lot of those in the educational posts will definitely get you good results. Finally, as another place to actually find ideas for your social media posts before we actually look at the pdf I have for you is to do a search and find businesses that are similar to your client. So again, using the restaurant example, you could do a search for restaurants in another area, say, a nearby city on Facebook. Andi, just have a look at some of those restaurant Facebook pages and see what they are posting on. Is there anything on there specifically, that's getting lots of likes and lots of comments on? Is that an idea that you can use yourself for your client on? You can actually pick up loads of great ideas like that, because effectively, somebody else is doing the work for you and testing it in the first place. You can simply look at that. See what works. Obviously, don't just take their pictures. You can use and create your own pictures, but you can actually use that idea and then create it in your own way for your own client. So let's have a look now at the Social Media Post Ideas. Pdf. The pdf can be found in the resources attached to this lecture and also in the Resources Lecture, which is the very last lecture in this course, and it is a Pdf document that you can download. I would fully suggest that you actually print this out because at the moment there are 45 social media posts ideas. As I invent or find any new ones, I will add them to this document and update the one that's in there. But I would fully suggest that you download it and print it out because she will find loads of different ideas in there for creating your posts. Post with photos getting notice More shared MAWR Unlike more always use a photo in every post that you can. Maybe the company's logo would be ideal images from their website or Facebook. Or you could create an image. If you see the lectures on creating great Social Media graphics for free, you'll see exactly how you can do that. You can re use an image for more than one post, but don't use the same image for every post. Of course, we'll just have a very quick look down this list. Other say there's absolutely loads here for you to use on. I don't need to go into any great detail because the more fairly self explanatory, but some of it here. Photos of customers. Just a photo off customers enjoying a meal in a restaurant or hair salon clients after their new hairdo is finished for example, fill in the blank questions. Pa problems Andi so and so, so asking people for their particular replies on that. You can obviously have offers or competitions some of the other ideas, such as posting a milestone, Let your funds celebrate it with you. So when you reach 1000 Facebook likes, for example, what would you do if questions? So what would you do if you got home on? Did you see this? And then you have a picture of a snake or something like that in your kitchen? Comment below with your answer. So this is looking to get people to react, to get people to engage with your posts, so I won't go into any more details on this. Now you'll be able to see all of those ideas there. It's very easy to look at any one of these on. Probably create 56 even 10 different posts from one of these points, so it won't be difficult for you to create 20 3100 200 post if you need to from a particular client 28. An Example Post - Start to Finish: in this video, we're going to have a look at an example off creating a social media post from start to finish. So we're going to be starting with the document off Social Media Post ideas that you have available to download as a pdf on what you will do is, firstly, choose one of these ideas that you want to actually work with. No, I'm going to come right down for this example on. Go for number 41. Ask about favorite things on. I'm going to do this for a restaurant client of mine who actually owns an Indian restaurant , and I'm going to use This is an example here. What is your all time favorite curry? Now, of course, this could still be anything any favorite thing relative to any type of business. But I'm going to do this one for a restaurant. So we're looking at that one there. I'm going to just copy that on making note of it, because we're going to come back to that shortly. So all of them have used the document. I've looked through the ideas I've chosen one I want to use to make a post. So it is what's your favorite something or other? Andi. I have grabbed that our next step. We know going to G O and create a social media image for this particular post. And to do that, I'm going to use a website called cava dot com, and I'm going to head over to my account there now. So here I am, in my account on our societies that can va dot com, and you can get a totally free account with Camber. I have upgraded and I have the pro account, which is $12. 95 a month. Andi, there are, as you would get some benefits to having a pro account. As you'll see in a moment, there are lots off images that you can choose to use in your designs on with the pro account. There are a lot mawr images that you're able to use, but there are still quite a lot available with the free account. What I'll do. I'll show you how we can actually make an image with the free account, and I'll just show a few of the bonuses off the pro account, just in case you wanted to consider that at some stage but you really do not need to use that to get started. I've actually only recently upgraded to the pro account. Up until then, I've used the free account, and it's been perfectly fine for what I've needed. So what I'm going to do here is you could click the button that says Created design or in this section here has created design. There are types off image that you can look for now. We want to create a social media image you could create. Wonders is specifically a twit opposed to a Facebook post. But as you'll see in a document that I've put underneath this lecture, there are specific sizes for different types of posts that you're going to make now. As you see here, a Twitter post is a different size to a Facebook post. But I've actually found that if you want to quickly make one image that will do for all of the social networks of square image such as this, so it is just their social media image will actually be fine. If you wanted to be perfect and you wanted to have the exact size image for each network, then you could do that and I will put a document below That actually shows you the specific sizes for each of the social networks. But if you just want to create one image to do a post that can then post to a number of different social networks, I would suggest you go for the square social media image. So if you want to create a design or we do, then is click on here. So when we arrive on this page here, what you see down the left hand side are a lot off templates. And then the right inside is where we're going to actually create image. But we're going to select a template first. So it should already be on this when you come into this section. But if not, you can click on templates at the start on what we're going to do is look down here for a template that is the type of image we want to create. Now, when you mouse over these, you'll notice that some of them come not saying free, as this one does here on some of them won't so depend on the type of account you have. There will be more of these available in the higher accounts, if you see what I mean. So you need to every see unless you want to pay for a particular template on this will be the same. When we look at images in a while, you'll want to find ones that are free. So what I'm going to do here is I think this one is one that we could use for mouse over it . It will enlarge they so you can see what it's like now. Obviously, the wording isn't what we're going to want. Maybe the colors on what we want. The image at the top isn't what we want. But what you're looking for is an overall Templar to format for an image that you would be able to create for your particular social media image that you want to be posting. So I'm going to select this one simply by clicking on it. And as you see, it appears here on the right hand side. So what we're going to do now is actually make amendments to this and change it so that it can turn into social media image. Now, if you remember, we wanted to use the format off. What is your all time favorite? Curry? And I've copied that from my all the document. What I'm going to do is come here where we've got this text here at the bottom on. I'm actually going to paste the whole thing in there. So if you see what's happened is we've replaced the tax that was already in this template. Now that is taking up too much space there. So what you can do is we've actually got this text selected. If you come out the top here, that is the font type on. If you wanted to change the font, you could actually come down here and select a different fund if you wanted to. 52.7 is this particular font size, which is obviously too big because it won't fit on that page. So I could reduce that to 48. That's still a little bit big. Come down to 42 that fits a lot nicer there. Now, as you see here, there's also this area that is in a gold color. I can just drug that around, but it fits better or preventively. You need to decide. Do you actually want that section. If you wanted to change the wording in there and keep it the same, then you could do that just by clicking on it again, changing the wording that's in there. But I actually don't think I really need it for this particular image. So what I'm gonna do is click on the gold color there, click my delete key on, just remove it entirely. I'm going going to bring this text by dragging it, moving it to exactly where I wanted to bay, which is just there. We could then look at the color of the bottom. So I've got this bar here that is a gold colored by. If I click on it as you see, the same color highlights here. If I click on that color it, then let's me choose any of the color you could put in a hex code here for the color. If you know a specific color for your client, you could choose one of these other colors and just change it as quickly as that you could , even if you click on the plus, Here have ah whole spectrum of colors. He could decide exactly what color you wanted for your particular client. So what I'm going to do for now is just keep the gold color that we had that before on then this wording here again, you can change that to something if you want to. Let me just change that now. So I've just changed the wording to say, Let us know your favorite. And again I could click on there if I come up to the top. That has highlighted that particular font on the font size is 9.9. If it will go bit bigger, they could Still, plenty of room could still move these things down so they fit. So you can play around with that until you're happy that it's what you want, then Obviously, this image here at the top isn't what we would want. So you have two options here. Firstly, if you click on the photos tab on the left hand side, what you will actually find here are again thousands and thousands off different images. And if you mouse over them, you will see that some of them are free and some of them won't be. There are lots of different categories, so the flowers is food, money, music, school, beach, etcetera. The other thing you could do, though, is you could search for something yourself. So if I search for curry, that will come up with a lot of different options there, off Curries and again, mouse over them and you'll see which ones are free for your level of account. So when you find one that you like, you can then just click on it and it comes onto this right inside here, and then just drag it into position, it will automatically put itself actually in the image in the right place, just moving around a little bit. I want it now. There's lots of other things you could do with the image or with this for the overall image . If you wanted to, you can obviously put filters on there. You can crop the image if you only wanted a part of it. You can obviously do lots of different things With the wording. You could have other things on their There are the text options that you could add on to hear if you wanted to. There are different elements, so if you wanted varying charts or frames or grids or different icons and things like that . You could have those on there as well. Another useful option we have down the left hand side here that you will definitely want to use for your clients and probably your own social media images to, and that is uploads in uploads. As the name suggests, you can actually upload your own images to then use within the templates. So if, for example, your client has images on their Facebook page or that they can email to you or that you can take from their website, you can actually upload them within your account at Camber. And then you could obviously drag and use these in your social media images if you wanted to, so that gives you the other option there. See you why they can use the free photos that are already within camber or you can actually upload on. Just use your client's own images. So I actually use quite a combination of both of these values as many of my clients images in the in the overall social media images as I can, but also you've got extra ones, such as the one we've used here that come from within camber itself. So those are all the different options we've got for text and elements and photos and various things there. But coming back to example that we are creating in our template tempting looking curry with a good number, it etcetera on there. Andi, we're asking them a question. What is your all time favorite curry? So when we're happy that that is the image we want, what we can then do is simply click on the download buttered on would then save it to our computer. I've now downloaded that and saved it to my computer on. And Comfort tells me your design has bean published or downloaded in a case on. So what I'm going to do now is go over to my account in Social Pilot on. We'll have a look at how we can actually post this. Here I am in my social pilot account on DWI. Obviously want to create our post. So what we're gonna do is come down to posts. Andi, create post and that brings us in here. If you remember, my normal process is to come down the right hand side and choose on the accounts or the groups I've already created a group for this particular client on women. Click on here, which will highlight the two accounts of Facebook account Onda, a Twitter account that we go into post too. What will then need to do is create a wording for this particular post. So I'm going to start my post with the same wording that we had used previously in the image, which is what is your all time favorite curry on, then I'm actually just chosen a few Curry's actually off the client's website. I made a bit of a post I can add to this, so let me just actually pace that in here. So what I'm saying is, what is your all time favorite, Corey? Do you prefer a spicy my address, a creamy masala or maybe a very army? Or would you choose one of our specials, such as the chicken? Have a Yali or king Poor shooting, he tell us your favourite below, and then what I'm going to do is add media and upload the image from my computer. So I've done that. I've uploaded the image in that now appears down here. What I'm then going to do is go into make any changes for Facebook and Twitter because we're posting to both of those now in Facebook. I'm happy with that exactly as it is with that wording there. In Twitter, though, there's one slight difference we might make want to make because in Facebook with saying, Tell us your favorite below and that's because they'll make a comment on the post in Facebook. Whereas in Twitter, that needs to be slightly different because they won't be telling us their favourite below , well, actually want them to send us a reply so that they actually do a tweet, including what they think is their favorite. So I'm changing that to say, Send us a reply with your favorite on for this post. That's all I want. I've got the image that we created. I've got the Facebook version. I've got the Twitter version. I'm happy with both of those on all I'm going to do now. I've selected the right accounts, and I'm going to add this to the Q. Someone you click that button post successfully scheduled, so that is now in the schedule for those particular accounts. And so that's all we need to do to actually create a post from scratch. So starting with one of the ideas creating an image on, then posting it in social pilot, that's all there is to it. If you wanted to see where those posts on now, Andi managed them. If needs be, If you click on posts, we've got a couple of options. The 1st 1 is you go to manage post. So let me click on that, and that brings us into here. So this shows us what we've got selected on when it is due to actually post on. This says Monday, 24 June and you've got the two different versions there wanted to go to Facebook on one is to go to Twitter, and they are cued up there the second option if we click on posts and then go into calendar . So this shows anything that you've actually got queued up to be posted in a calendar format . And what you can do from the accounts dropped down here on the right is choose the group again. From there on, then, if we come down to look at today 24 for June and there are two posters are scheduled to go out 7:30 p.m. So that is all there is to it. 29. New Posts Each Month Or Not: in this video, we're going to look at whether you need to create new posts for each client each month or whether you can use your posts over and over again. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that the answer is no. You don't need to create new posts every single month for your clients. You can actually use the same set of posts over and over again. It's good if you cannot new ones in there on a regular basis, but you don't need to create a complete new set. Every month on now I'm going to show you exactly why him I am in my Facebook account on this is opposed that I have made for one of my restaurants. Clients on it is basically saying problems or prawn crackers. Which one do you prefer on? This is one of the samples that I've actually given you in the have to create a post lecture. It's one of the ideas in that pdf that you can download. And the interesting thing is, this post here has reached 1630 people on this page. It's had 22 reactions, comments and shares, so it's had likes for scroll down here, you'll see there's been quite a few different comments and people actually saying which one of those they prefer now? The interesting thing is, I've been using this same post for this same client for over three years. It would have been posted probably once a month, once every six weeks for over three years. But as you can see, it's still getting a reaction. It's still being seen. People are still commenting and liking on. So in other words, it's still working of. The reason for this is that when you do actually post on Facebook, not all of the users of that Facebook page not all the people who like that Facebook page will see every post that you make. So the people who see this when it's posted this month are very lightly, not the people that will see it posted next month or the month after Andi. By the time they actually do see it again, that probably will have forgotten about it, and we'll just react to it again anyway. So what it means is when you've got some posts that are doing well for you on posts that are being posted for your client, you can actually reschedule those time after time. Andi. So it firstly means that your client is still getting posts that work for them on a regular basis. But from our point of view, it means the work we do for each client is dramatically reduced because once we've got a good set off posts for that clients, we can then just keep repeating them time after time. Another interesting thought is that if you create an image and a post for one business in a particular niche or business type, then you can also use that same image for other businesses in that same niche. So, for example, if you create an image for a plumber, you'll obviously need to change that plumbers logo. But the overall rest of the image could be used for any plumber. So let's have a look. It's an example of that. Now here is a plumbing image that I purchased is part of a set to use for social media. For plumbers on this is some general advice for the public, so it's plumbing advice. Obviously, this would just be a social media post that would effectively pin this particular plumber as being an expert in his area. There are quite a lot of these, actually in the set. Let me just pink through a couple of them now. So you see here there were different ones. Actually, in this set, so different options there on with these I could effectively use these for lots of different plumbers. Each one could have them set as the social media on their own accounts on on their own Facebook pages. If you wanted to on any of these, you could add in the logo for particular plumber. It could go anywhere here. It could go up here, for example. So if you wanted to add that in there, you could. So as you can see, this type of an image could be used for many businesses in that particular niche. Plumbers in this instance, as you wanted to firm enough. This is a relatively intricate image and one that I actually bought a pack of images for. But even if you wanted to create images yourself, think back to the pop Adan Andi prawn cracker image that we looked at a couple of minutes ago. Even an image like that without a logo on, it could be used for any type off restaurant that actually has pop Addams on Braun crackers . So you could use that for again numerous businesses within that particular niche. Interestingly, if you're actually just setting up your social media business when you start to look for your first potential clients, one way you could actually get started is by using the methods in the finding a client section, particularly if you use the how to find potential clients on Facebook. Method on what you could do is always look for clients within a particular business type. So obviously plumbers here in this example. But if you look for, for example, plumbers or just landscape gardeners, what you could then do is create images for your first client on then, because you're looking for MAWR in the same sort of business area, you could then automatically use the same images for the next one, so it will actually mean you're cutting down on the work you're going to do in actually creating those posts so you'd be able to take on more clients quicker without having to create brand new posts for every single one If you decided you wanted to check out some ready made packs such as this plumbing one that you could use straight away to post on social media for a particular business type, then I have actually managed to find a number off different sets of these you can actually purchase. This is, as you see, the plumbing set that I have already purchased. I've found a number of these. What I will do in the very last lecture in the course, I will actually post some links to any of these that I find that are currently available. There is a lady called Jean Collender who actually does create a number of these sets on hers are very good. This plumbing one is one of her that I purchased from her. So I will actually put links to any of these that are currently available in the final lecture. So if you're interested only of those, you could actually have a look at them. They're just to see whether that will help your business. And that should just give you a short cut to have a lot of this content for a particular business area very quickly, but of course, you can use the methods that I've already showing on creating images in Can Va on. Actually, just create a lot of these for yourself on day used them either just for one client or use them for a number of clients in that same area. So hopefully in this video you'll have learned a number of important things for our businesses on important things that will reduce the amount of work we need to do for each client. So the 1st 1 being that you don't need to create a brand new content every single month for a client. As I've said in a different lecture, if you can create five weeks worth of content for a client on actually shed you'll that then after the five weeks is up, you can then just reschedule that content that it goes around again. You might want to change the order of it slightly. I will do another video that actually shows you how to easily reschedule your content within social pilot, and it doesn't take very long to do that so you can just reschedule that occasionally ad in the yard extra post for clients so that they are having some new content in there, but a lot of it can just be rescheduled time and time again on the second thing. We've learned in this video that you could create a number off posts or even purchase a number of images or posts that you can then actually search for a number of clients within that particular business type. Plumbers landscape gardeners etcetera on then actually use the same content time after time for different clients within that business area. So both of these great ideas that we can use in our business is to make things easier for us on so that we can make more money. 30. Rescheduling Posts: in this video, we're going to look a rescheduling posts so that you can use them time after time for a particular client. Here I am, within my social pilots account on all you need to do to be able to reschedule your posts is go to posts down the left hand side menu here and then click on delivered. This will show you all of the posts that have actually being posted with the most recent here at the top. You can also sort this by clicking on all accounts and then choosing a particular client on that will then just show you all of the posts that you have posted for that specific clients on when you look down here. If there are any, you want to repost or reschedule, or you may actually just want to reschedule all of the posts for a different month, all you will do, say, this post here, we want to reschedule it. All you do is click on re share post on this opens appear Andi, you then have the choice off adding it to the Cube. So if you already have the queues set up that we've looked at in a previous video, you can just click there or again you have all the various options. Such a showing it now, sharing it next schedule in the post or repeating the post again all things that we've looked at in previous videos. You, of course, will need to select the particular account that is going to be posted to all the group if you want it to go to a number of different accounts within a particular group. But that is only would do you press the button and it to the Q or whichever you want to do , and that is it for that one. You could then move on to another one so you could quickly go through a particular client. Reschedule as many of their posts is you want to so literally within about 10 minutes, you could do the rescheduling for a whole month or two months worth of posts for a client. So that is all there is to rescheduling your posts 31. How Much To Charge: in this video, we're going to have a look at how much to charge for your services. I've got to start by saying, I can't give you definite prices to charge for your social media services as there are so many variables. For example, there are loads of variations on packages. You could offer the number of posts per week that you'll make for a client. The number of social media sites that your posting to on any additional services that you're offering to and then they'll also be differences. Depending on the country and the area that you're in. In some areas, you'll just be able to charge more than in others. Finally, it also depends on what competition you have in your area on what they are actually charging for those services. So whilst I can't give you a definite pricing structure of what to charge, what I can do is give you some idea of a starting point. You can then see how this compares to what you want to offer on what others are charging in your area and then decide on your own package prices on. The great thing is you can change your prices as often as you like. So if you start with a price that is too high and no one buys it, then you can easily lower your prices. Or if you start with a low price on, find that businesses are snapping your hand off to actually take your service. Then you can gradually start to raise your prices until you get to a level that is just right for you. My recommendation to you with regards to pricing is that you start off on the low end and then get yourself some easy winds. Get some clients that start paying you every month. They will be getting a bargain for a great service. But as you know, our costs from running this service is so low that you will still make a good profit. I'm these. First. Clients are a great chance for you to show how good your services on. Get some testimonials to be able to add to your website so you can get more clients at a higher price. So let's have a look at an idea of the packages you could offer on the prices you can charge. But don't forget this is your business If you want to offer different packages on different prices, then of course you can do that. Let's have a look now at the demo website that have included for you as part of the course and I'm here. I've included some sample pricing and also some packages that you can offer. There's a link to the demo website next to this video so you can go there and have a look at it yourself on. Also in the Resources Lecture, which is the very last lecture in the course. There are options for you to be able to actually download this website and that she set it up the exact same site for yourself. So let me come right down to the bottom of the website and you'll see down here the packages that I have actually set up. So I've done three options. A bronze silver and the gold package. Of course, each package has more than more in it. If you go to silver or you got the gold on each package will cost more as well. In the bronze package, I'm suggesting you could start with offering three posts per week to one social media site So this will be safe, for example, three posts per week to the client's Facebook page. So you might decide to do them on a Tuesday, Thursday and a sudden day, for example. So three times a week on each time you would create an image reach of those posts. Andi, that would just be set up within your social pilot account on just automatically posted out for them three times a week. Now I'm suggesting for this that you could start off with a price off $47 per month. Now, I do think that is very low. I like to have a very low introductory package because I don't want to stop any business from becoming a potential client of mine. There really shouldn't be any business. It all that can't afford $47 per month on. So if they want to come in in our introductory level, then that is a price that still make you money. Because, as you know, your social pilot software is costing $25 a month, so you're virtually doubling your money even with one client at this very low level. And, of course, your $25 you'll be able to run 10 15 if not Mawr clients with that one account. So at $47 per month, it's an absolute bargain for the business to get you posting for that level on giving them the social media service for that price. But it's still a decent profit for you. Our next package, the Silver Package. I'm suggesting what you could do here is offer five posts per week and that's every week on that is to the to social media sites of their choice. So this could be Facebook and Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, etcetera, etcetera. What I'm also saying here is what you could possibly do is add in a bonus for taking this level, which is the same posts going to the Google. My business pages. Well, again, that is something that social pilot does for you automatically so effectively. What they're getting is five posts per week to three different sites. So it's the two sites of their choice, plus Google my business Now, of course, from your point of view, you will, of course, be making the same five posts, so you will only need to for this week or for each week. You'll need to create five posts, and those posts will be sent to all three of these sites. But it is the same five posts. You're not creating new posts for each of these sites. You create the five posts you set them up in social pilot On those same five posts are posted to all three off the website. It's also worth pointing out that you're not creating a brand new five posts or three posts every week. What I suggest is you will create about five or six weeks worth of post in total, and then you'll just repeat those. So every five or six weeks, those same post will come around again. You'll probably want to add each month, adding a few new posts in there into the mix as well. But it doesn't mean you having to create brand new posts every single week because you will be rescheduling those posts that you've actually made five or C six weeks before. So for the silver package, I'm suggesting you start with the pricing off $97 a month on again. That is a great price for the client. It's still very low for them having five posts to that money Social Media pages per week. But it's actually again a good profit for you on other say, if you find that people are snapping your hand off for these particular prices, you could stop to rate raise these whenever you wanted to. Let's look now at the potential gold package for this one. I'm suggesting you could have seven posts per week, so that is one post every single day. Andi, I'm suggesting you could do this to the three best social media sites for that particular business. So again, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ing instagram linked in whichever ones Onda. Also the bonus off seven posts of another post every day to the Google my business page. And of course, these seven posts are the same post that go out to each off the networks for that one. I'm suggesting you could charge $197 per month now for you $197. They remind your scheduling all this in Social Pilot, you'll be repeating the posts month after month. You'll obviously be adding some new post in there for them, but ah, lot of it will be automatically scheduled on will have Bean created for you a month or two before, so for year there's an excellent profit in there. But you look at it from the client's point of view. They're getting proper posts post it will get them a good response on. We'll get them results, so it's a great deal for them. They're getting seven posts per week 23 different sites, plus the bonus. So that's four sites in total, so every week, effectively, there are 28 posts going out. That's over 100 posts during a month that you're making for them. So if you look at that for the price $197 a month, they're only paying about $2 for every single post that goes out for them. So it's an absolutely superb deal for them on. I think you could charge a lot more than that, but even if you charge $197 they're getting a great deal. You're making a super profit. Others say these are only samples off the packages. You could change these packages in any way you wanted to. You could change the prices in any way you want to, but I hope you can see that is some sample packages. Sample prices that will make you a good profit on will be a really good deal for the clients. As I mentioned at the start of this video, I would definitely recommend you start on the lower end of the pricing structure. Andi, get yourself some easy winds. Get from clients. See how the whole system works. See the get good results for them. Get some testimonials from them on. Then when you've got your own website, I could go in and change this price. Today. I have to change it again tomorrow for wanted to. You can change these prices whenever you want to. Of course, if you get a client at a price of, say, $47 you wouldn't then change the price for that client. They will carry on paying you that price. But you then just change the price. Any new clients that come along so you could raises to 67. This could be 97 if you wanted to. You can change them as much as you like. I also mentioned earlier that you should have a look at what? Or the businesses are charging local to you. So just do a search in Google for social media and your area on, see what comes up and see if you can see on there. Some websites will have prices. Some may not have prices on, but if you can actually have a look, if you can see any with prices will have a look at one that I've actually found in my area . It has got the prices on. You could even give companies a ring and actually just pretend that you are a business looking for social media services and see what their prices start up and see what they packages include. That will mean you obviously giving them a call. But if that's something you're happy to do, then you could find out what the local competition is doing. So let's have a look at just one site that I found. This is a social media company that is about 10 miles away from me, and let's have a look at the prices they offer. So here we are on their website. I'm gonna come down to their prices on the bottom here, so they have three packages, one called Launch one called Growth one called verified. And of course, they've got different names here. I've just called mine Bronze, Silver, Gold. You can call your packages whatever you wanted to, but let's have a look at what they offer their package, which is a launch package of these. Don't stand out very well on my screen, so hopefully you can see them. I'm like how I like them just seeking actually read them. I can actually read that better like that. The launch package this, firstly, is £150. That's British pounds per month. £150 is about $190 U. S. On for that, all they're doing is doing 10 posts per month, So that would be approximately, what, 2.5 a week? So it says 10 personalized images, 10 copyrighting as in the text to go with that and that is 10 posts to one social media platform. And that is all their doing for $190 per month. Now, as you saw our basic package of just $47 a month, we were doing three post per week. So that's 12 posts per month. So we're actually doing far more than they're doing $490 now. I think the one difference will bay. They will be doing 10 brun new posts every month, so they will be every single month creating new posts, whereas we will be reusing quite a few of the ones that we create. So obviously there is slightly different in that respect. But as you can see there already charging nearly four times more than us for their very basic package, their next package, the growth package, is £250 per month. Now that is over $300. I reckon that's about at current exchange rates about $312 per month. For that, they are doing 20 different posts per month to two platforms, so that is about five posts per week to two platforms. But I would say that is $312 per month, and then they're very five. Package, which is £399.399 pounds, is approximately $500 a month, so $500 would mean you're getting a post every day to three different platforms. So if you remember, I was suggesting for a gold package a post every single day to three platforms, plus the bonus of the Google my business platform and we were looking to charge $197 for that. But they're charging $500 here for that same package effectively. In fact, this wouldn't have the Google my business either. This is to three different platforms. So it just shows what companies are charging what companies can charge over $500 a month for this particular package. So I hope that gives you some ideas of what you can charge and what other companies are charging. So what I would suggest is you have a look at what other companies in your area we're charging have a look at the packages you think you would like to actually create for yourself. Other said I would start on the low end, get some clients in, get some easy winds, and then look to increase prices later. But I hope you can see from the prices I was suggesting to just this example that have found here there is a massive spectrum must've potential for you to be earning a really good income, even just from one client. Andi, don't forget your costs with social pilot are only $25 per month. So if you look at the profit between what your client would charge even if it was just one client on what your costs are, there is massive potential for you. So what I suggest is don't overthink it. Just start off somewhere as to what you think is a reasonable package that you could offer at a reasonable price that you could offer on. Just get started on as you go along. Tweak it updated. Increase the prices if you need to drop the price is a little if you need to just get the ball rolling and get yourself some clients. 32. Specialize Or Not?: one decision worth considering when starting your social media marketing business is whether to specialize or not. In other words, will you concentrate on a particular type of business that you market your services to, or will you just market it to any business that you confined? This is very much a personal choice on we depend on you as a person as to whether your happiest, just concentrating on a specific type of business or not specialising has its benefits. As it means you can tell your information toe a particular business type on, become the expert in social media for that business type. The downside, though in specializing, is that you could put off all of the businesses of different types from contacting you in my own business, I started by offering my services to all business types. But now I specialize and promote myself just to restaurants, because they are an ideal fit for what I do. But I still do get all the business types that approach me, though, and of course, I'm happy to work with them to if you decide not to specialize in a particular business type of first, but later find that you get better results for a particular type of business or you have more report with a particular type of business. Then, of course, you can change things as you go along. You can either then, in that situation, spend more time looking for that type of business, type two or feel service to, or even change your website so that it just aims towards that business type. 33. A Website to Promote Your Social Media Business: in this video, we're going to look at using a website to promote your business. Now it is possible to run your business without a website on in the course. I'll show you ways that you can actually do this. However, the question you should ask yourself is. How many professional quality businesses do you know that don't have a website? Also as well as giving you a professional image? A website is an easy place to send people to learn about what you have to offer, as well as for them to actually place an order with you and pay you for your social media services. I realized, though, that students of this course are very different technical skill levels for very high to complete beginner, so have included options for all levels. To start with, I've created a website that you can use to promote your social media business. There's a link to a demo version of the site next to this video on also in the very last lecture of the course, the resources lecture. So let's have a look at the side here, So, as you can see, I've put a hold of at the top which is where your own logo would go on its thing got a whatever this color purple Lee background is here. Ready purple A. So you can see. It's particularly talking about getting more customers. It's talking about social media. I won't go through all the wording government. You can have a look at that yourself and go through it in details. But as we come down, you'll see it's got some moving parts here. This is showing percentages off adults in the U. S. A. That use social media on explaining to a business white so important for them to be on social media and active. I've put a bit of an information here just for you as a student, saying that if you're in the UK instead of using these figures here, you should change them because the figures are slightly different in the UK to what they are in the USA. No, I realized of awesome students in other countries as well as the U. S. A. On the UK I guess if you do a search, you should be able to find Twitter usage statistics, Facebook usage statistics and overall social media statistics for your own country. But these are the two that I found readily that I've put here for you to use on your website on it, then goes through a lot more details on just why they should use social media, but also the mistakes that businesses makers. You see, there's been more moving parts and things. As you see here, these ticks will appear. There's no Tikken evidence. We moved slightly down, so we not to take the thumbs down comes there. So this is showing the reasons that most small businesses fail. But social media Andi with then, of course, introducing our services or your services in this case because it would be your website. If you decide to use this word in yourself, it'll explain what you can do for them at this time. Of course, we've got ticks that appear as we come down it. This what you'll do for them on it, then gives them some options. Now these are only suggested options off different packages that you could offer. You can change this yourself, I've said in the bronze package. Three posts per week, toe one social media site, silver, five posts per week to to Social media sites of their choice etcetera, etcetera and lots of details down there. But you can make the packages to be however you want. You could only have one package if you wanted, you could have 10 packages you've you wanted. But it's your choice. What you do these air something you to start with. I've also got some prices here for you to consider starting with. But again, you could have a look at what people charge in your area for social media and package. Your price is in line with those. You can do whatever you want. This is just give you an idea of how to start. You would also have here order buttons. So whether you decide to do the same as May and use a direct debit facility, I use a company here in the UK called Go Carless. I have got links to them within the resources section. So you're welcome to check those out there usable in a lot off. You're up. Obviously, the UK on a lot of other countries as well. Now I know that the USA is coming online with them very soon, but you could for these bottoms also use a service like PayPal and just link them to your PayPal account. And then we finished at the bottom. Your name would go here if you wanted a photo. You can put that here as well on then frequently asked questions that the customer may be asking. So is there any long term contracts? And I'm saying, No, there isn't. Now again, this is how I run my business. If you wanted to change this and say Yes, there's a six month contract You're welcome to do whatever you want, but as you can see, that is a full website there. There are a couple of other pages attached to it as well. There's a contact us page. Let me just click through. We're going to have a look at that where you'd be ableto have your contact details, your phone number etcetera. It says Here I use a plug in on my WordPress sites, called formidable forms, so they can just fill in a form when it gets sent to me again. If you wanted to do that, you could do that. There is also a privacy policy page, which is one of the pages that Google expects all websites to have and I've put down here a some poor goes very, very quickly a sample privacy policy that I have used on my own sites. If you want to use this wording you're welcome to, I am not a lawyer. As far as I'm concerned, this covers me for what I need it to. But if you want to do the research and find a different one of these, you are completely welcome to. Of course, it does have spaces here where you'd want to put your name, your company name, etcetera. Your domain name for your website. All those sort of things. So you just fill those sort of things in there. Let me come back again. We click here and come back to the home page. So what you have here is a complete website to be able to sell your social media services. There are quite a few options that you could consider as to how you use this site on the information on this site. Firstly, if you're used to building websites and you have your own preferred website creation software, then you're of course, welcome to either Just use what is on this site as a bit of inspiration on create your own Web site from scratch. Now, that would be great, because it will then be in your words on everything on your site would be unique, and it would be yours. You're completely welcome to do that. Secondly, if you want to create your own site, what you could do is use your own website builder. But use some of the wording, some of the images and things off this site. I'm quite happy for you to copy any of these that you want to take them on. Put them onto your own website so you could just use whatever you like here and take it and put it into your own website. Builder Option number three is to build the site yourself off the WordPress platform on. The great thing with that is, I have built this site on the WordPress platform using a program called Architect On. The Great Thing is, if you use architect yourself or want to start using architect on your WordPress site, then you can simply download the files for this exact site on uploaded to your WordPress site on. It literally takes minutes to do that. So I'm going to show you how to do that now. So let me just go over to my WordPress dashboard. So here we are, in the dashboard of one of my WORDPRESS sites. Now, this is a site that's already got quite a few pages, but I'm just using it for a demo. This would work just as well if you've got a brand new WordPress site that has no pages in it at all. So what we would need to do is here I am in the dashboard. If I just go to pages number, I'm going to go through this quite quickly here. If you decide this is the route you want to follow and you download the files that I'm going to give you in the resources section of this course is in the very last lecture of this course. If you decide to use those files, you could then look at this video again and see exactly how you need to do it. But I just want to show you now how quick it is to actually do this. So all you do is go to pages on Avenue. And that brings us into here. We then need to give the page a title. Now for you, This may be your home page. I've already got a home page. I'm just going to make up a name here so we'll just go lots of A's on home. So that would just be the name off this particular page. We then need to publish the page to the website, so that is now published. It says here it is now live and then going to click the button that says Launch thrive architect Because don't forget, I already used five architect on this site. So we're gonna click that button there of that launches a new page that brings us into here , depending on what theme you have on your website will depend on what is showing on the page here. So don't worry about anything that's already showing. This will all disappear very soon. What I'm now going to do is come over to the right inside here and click on this cog here that says settings. Then I'm going to import London. Page says, Are you okay? Because this will overwrite the current content of this page and that's what I want to do something. Click OK, That then opens up the media library for this WordPress install. Now, what you would do is go to upload files and then the files that I'm going to give you that you will have already downloaded to your computer. You will upload them into WordPress. When you've done that, there will be one of them that is called social Media site, home dot zip, which is this one here or leader is click on it and click import. Wait for that load for a few seconds, which hopefully won't take too long. Andi, There we go. So that is society looks a little. Can I get rid of that? Just so you can see that better. So there is the site that we've just uploaded on. It appears there, so everything will be there working. It's got sections there you could see. Click on here and just change your logo. You could click in here and change any of the wording if you wanted to. And I do recommend that you do change the wording to make your own site. So it's your own unique site from other than the one I've created, because we don't want to all use the same, but everything is here. If you wanted to change this, for example, to the UK version or to a version for any other country, you could do that. And that's it. We have created the new page for that new site on. All you would need to do is upload the other pages of giving us wealthy contact page on the privacy page. Andi, create your new website with those so other mentioned. If you go to the Resources lecture, which is the very last lecture off this course, you'll see details there on how you can actually download the files for this website. I have been there for you, free of charge. You can just download them on, set them up yourself. If you already use Dr Architect, you can just download them straight into your site on get it set up just as you've seen, we do here. If you don't use architect at the moment but you want to, then I will show you exactly how you can do that on just learn how to actually create the site. Andi. Set it up yourself and finally, option Fall on creating a website for your business. If you have no idea at all how to build a website and it's not something you've done before , then there were two different possibilities for you that again have included in the link in the resources section. The 1st 1 is I have another course that will teach you from start to finish how to create your own website in less than five hours. So it it starts from the absolute beginners point of view on, we'll show you everything you need to do to create a website that is actually using Dr Architect. So once you've done that and you've created your site, you will then just be able to upload these files and have this site there for you very, very quickly. The other option is if you have no intention of learning how to create a website and just aren't interesting that in the slightest there is an option for me to actually build the website for you. Now there is obviously a cost involved in that because it does use up some of my time to do that. But I've kept it lowers I possibly can, just for people that on table to create a site themselves, and if they want my help, I can actually do that for you. One very final option would be that you actually get somebody else to create the site for you. If you go to a site such as five or dot com f i v e double r dot com, then there will be people then that will actually create a WordPress website for you. So that's another option that you could get someone else to actually create a website for you for your business. But others say if you have a look in the resources lecture, the very last lecture in this website on attached to this current lecture that you're in now you'll see a link to the demo version of this website. So if you have a look at both of those, and then you'll see the available options for creating a professional looking website for your business. 34. Client Targeting 1: Targeting Businesses That Spend Money on Marketing: for our social media business, virtually any small local business is a potential client. But in this on the next video, we're going to look at ways to find prime prospects for us to target. In this video, we're going to look at targeting businesses that spending money, the idea of targeting businesses are spending. Money is as simple as it sounds. Some businesses refused to spend money on marketing, advertising or promotions, and so if you approach this type of business with your service, the new chances of success are quite low. But on the other hand, if you can spot businesses that are already paying for advertising, then there's a far better chance of them considering what you have to offer. So let's look at some of the ways we confined companies that spending money on advertising and marketing. Let's start by looking at some offline methods. Our first method is looking at any flyers or menus. You may get through your door now. Both of these leaflets here were posted through my letterbox in the last week. One is for a local taxi company. One is for a Chinese take away. Now, obviously, both of these companies have paid for printing. This one is a full menu that he's folded three times. This is just a single flyer but have both been printed on. The companies have also paid for them to be delivered and pushed through letter boxes. So these are straight away to companies in my local area that are paying for advertising. So it is worth you investigating them further and seeing whether they are a company that you could possibly help with their social media. Now, as they say, these came through my door. But you may also be able to see flyers in the windows off local shops or maybe on a notice board in a in a local shop or some sort of public notice board you have in your area. It's another place we're looking for them and it's there, There. What I know normally do is just take a photo of them on my phone, and then I can actually, when I get home, consider them, have a look at them, see if they have a Facebook page, see if they have Twitter etcetera. But it's a great starting point because, you know, they have companies that spending money in your local area for advertising. The second possibility is local ad booklets This one called local links Again, he's pushed through my letterbox on a monthly basis. I think it is on. It has lots of adverts in the yet This is the outside cover. But let me also show you the inside. So as you can see, this is just a double page that's in that brochure. Andi, there are quite a few adverts on here on in the whole booklet. There are lots of adverts on each one of these again has paid to advertise on. So they are potentially a good candidate for you to investigate further to see whether it is with you contacting them. Another option is to look in any local newspapers that cover your area. Usually in these there will be lots of local companies that will be advertising again. Each one has paid for. Those adverts will have paid for the design of the adverts. Probably Andi is clearly paying money to promote themselves in your area. Now, these are the kind of brochures newspapers, etcetera I get in my area in your area. You may get two different things. There may be some advertising postcards that arrive. I know in some areas people do these large postcards with a number of adverts on there that might be various things that you get through your door or that you can see in your local area. But just get into the habit when you see any, just take a quick photo of it on. Then it's something that you can add to your collection to maybe investigate later to see whether they would be a good prospect for you. Let's also now look at some online methods that we can use to find out who is spending money. The first online method we're going to have a look at is on good old Google on what I've done. I've gone into Google search engine. I've searched for wedding dresses Nottingham. So this is looking to see if there any bridal wear wedding dress shops that are paying for advertising that I could maybe contact with my services on. If you look at the top here, there is trying to highlight this without actually covering it over entirely where it says add, that is because this company here, this is the wedding room knotting him. And also this one here, which is Stacey's dot co dot UK Under 3rd 1 down there all say at next to them that is because they're all paying Google for advertising. This is an advert that has come up specifically related to the search term that I've put up here. So if you do a search for whether it be a Chinese restaurant in your town or your city or wedding dresses in your town depend on what type of business you want to look for. Any adverts will appear here at the top. Alternatively, they could appear down the right hand side, depending on the type of search. But it will always say add next to it on what that means is this company is actually paying Google for advertising. What they'll be paying is for every click through. So I'm not gonna click this to go to this site because it will then cost them. But they might be paying 50 cents or a dollar, or here in the UK, they might be paying 50 pennants of pounds something like that for an actual click through to their website. So again, it is another method of noticing companies that are spending money on advertising. The next online method we're going to look at is using Facebook on to see whether people are actually paying Facebook for advertising. Now this is a little trickier to spot on. There's not a way you can do a search that I've found, at least for a particular area or a business type in an area. But if you do happen to look at a particular page for a business, you can see whether they advertise on Facebook at all. So here I am, in the Facebook page, off on Indian Restaurant in our local area, which is called a gnocchi. Andi, when you on the page, what you need to do is scroll down until, on the right and side you see a box that says Page transparency, which is here. If you think click on the see more button or link that will open up this page here. Then when you come down here, this will say this page is currently running ads or this page isn't currently running out. It will say one of those two. If it says it is, that means they do actually run advert on what you then condo's is click to go to add library that will open up a new page, Andi, that will actually show you the adverts that they are actually running on their page at the moment. So with adverts on Facebook, they will have targeted a specific demographic. So normally that would be the location. So people would only see that if they're in a certain area around where the restaurant is, they may target people by age. They may target people by their interests. Those sort of things on. These are the adverts that they have had running. So as you can see, there's quite a few there. So this gives us the benefit off. Just knowing that this company does pay for advertising on Facebook so again, it means they are spending money on advertising on may. Well, be interested in looking at your service is now a gnocchi are very good at their social media, and so it possibly wouldn't be an ideal one to target. But I wanted to show you just the advert side will look at in another video how we can look on Facebook to see what kind of prospect on Facebook. So what kind of company on Facebook is on ideal one forwards to target? But that's showing how you can look at Facebook on DSI. Whether a company is running ads on there or not. The final method that we're going to use to have a look and see whether people are doing marketing online in your local area is with Groupon on. What I'm going to do on Groupon is come down here to where it says local and mousing over there. Then there are the different types of business that are running group on campaigns. In my particular area, I'm going to click on the food and drink. One will look at the restaurants, but there will be all the types of services as you can see automotive beauties and spirals , etcetera. So if I click on food and drink and see what comes up here is a local Mexican restaurant called Taquitos Andi. As you can see, they are offering a deal here where they're doing a two course meal for two people for £23 that's 54% off their normal price. So if we were converting this $2 that would be about $29. So if I wanted to take up this offer on Groupon, I could pay $29 on two of us would be able to go and get a two course meal at this restaurant, Um, which would be a good deal. The thing we need to consider is what sort of a deal This is for the restaurant themselves , because usually group on you don't pay them to advertise, but they take a cut off the money that is being paid. So normally, Group on will take 50% of the amount that is paid. So if here this is 23 British pounds, say, $29. If a group on a taking half of that they'll be taking $14.50 so the restaurant is only getting $14.50 and so for that they are having to give a two course meal to to people, so they will not be making much profit on that. What companies try and do with Groupon is used them as a way to get new people to come and try their restaurant on. Then they hope that they will be wild with the food and will come back again and again. So from our point of view, we just want to see that these companies and there are quite a few of them in the area here that are using Groupon on this will be costing them quite a bit of money to use Groupon. So they are ideal. So the companies for you to then have a look and see how well they're doing their social media on. Is it a company that you could then approach to see whether you could offer your services to them? So that's it for this video. Hopefully, you'll have seen a number of methods, both offline and offline, methods where we confined businesses that are already spending money to promote themselves , to advertise themselves, either online or offline. Andi, they are ideal companies for you to investigate further to see whether it is worth you following up to see whether you can offer your service to them. 35. Client Targeting 2: Finding Clients With Facebook: in this video. We don't have a look at how we can use Facebook to find potential clients for our social media service. So let's head straight over to Facebook on see how we can do this. So here we are in Facebook. On how I'd suggest you get started is to firstly choose a business type that you're going to do a search for on what we do in the search bar here at the top. As you see, I've already typed in restaurant Darby. So I'm looking for a business type of restaurant. Andi, then a town or city name that you're actually looking for some clients. So normally this would be a town or city near to where you live. But of course, you could look for clients anywhere in the world if you wanted to. Darby is a city that is about 10 miles away from where I live. So I'm looking for restaurant Darby. What we then want to do is filtered down as you see across the top. Here there is a tab that says pages at the moment, we've got all. So this has got some pages for businesses. If you come down here. There's some posts and businesses that videos from businesses, but we want to actually look at specific pages from businesses on Facebook. So we're gonna click here and it will just filter it down two pages. So, as you see, then there's just quite a lot off pages. So these are all restaurants that have got Facebook pages on Daryl within the Darby area. So what you really want to do then, is just pick any off them and go into it and have a lock on DSI. Whether it is someone who could use our services or not on what I'm gonna do is show you two examples off these pages which could use our services on another one that I mentioned to you earlier. It's actually this air gnocchi here that does their social media very well. I'm guessing they already pay an agency to do that. So I don't think they would make a good client for us because they're clearly already doing it very well. So the 1st 1 we don't have a lockout. Is this one here Cucina Italian restaurant in Darby. So obviously to go into that, as you know, in Facebook, we just click on there to go into their page. That's popped up their message thing. Here, let me just remove that on. We'll have a look at what we can see on this page. So there are a number of things I would look at on a business page to see whether they are a good prospect for us, for our service. The 1st 1 I've mentioned this in a previous video on this is to see whether they are already paying for adverts it all on Facebook. And to do that, if you remember, we come down the page here to page transparency. We click on Seymour Andi. They're not currently running gaps because that's what it tells us here. And if we click on add library, this will show us where they have everyone, any adverts on their non there, so they've not won adverts so we can come away from that page so they don't want ads. It's nice if they do, because you would know that they're spending money on that area, and so that makes them a good prospect. But it doesn't necessarily stop me contacting them if everything else still lines up. So let's have a look at the rest of the page. I'm going to close that. Come back to the top of the page. The next thing I want to look at on their Facebook page is the images at the very top of the page. So we have their profile image, which is here on also there. Header image, which is here, and what I want to look at is to see whether they are good quality professional images. Now the profile image here, As you see when I enlarge it, it is a proper photo on a proper image off. It's the outside of their restaurant, I guess. But as you see when it's in its square here, it actually doesn't fit properly. So they've actually not made a good professional image to be their profile image there the header image, which is this one Here again, it's a decent photo. I'm guessing this is food within their restaurant. It's not bad, but I think it could actually be a lot more professional. So there is some potential there. This says Toe says to me at least that they could be doing better with some of the images on their page, so that would mean they are a potential prospect for us at this stage. Next, I want to have a look at their page and see how many likes they've got. And we can see that just on the right hand side here it says, 827 People like this page on what we really wanted to make sure that they've got at least four or 500 more than that is even better, of course. But what we want to know is that if we started posting for them on their page and they were paying for that, are there already people that will actually see those postings because they've got no followers at all? They could then pay us, and we can actually start getting some followers for them. But if they have known it all, it does make the job more difficult. Where is here? They've already got 827 so they're off to a good start, at least, So that is a good thing for us there. Then the next thing we're going to do is have a look at the actual posts that they are making, and this is the most important part. Now you will see if you can write down the page, you will seal the posts, but to get to them quicker without anything else in the way. If you just click on post see on the left this will just list the post they have here. The first thing we want to look at with the posts is what sort of frequency are they actually posting? So how often are they actually posting on their page Now, bearing in mind, today is the 18th of July on the last time they posted was March the 29th. So that's considerable time since their last post. So look at their next post that is actually on that same date. But it's march the 29. The next post was February the 11th. So that was a good month and 1/2 before that. And then before that was November, the 13th last year. So, as you can see, they're hardly posting it all. So this is a great prospect for us because they are just not making use of their social media it all. They've got 800 on people that want to see their posts, but they're only posting once every month, month and 1/2 2 months, something like that. So that would mean this is a good prospect for us because they're not posting to social media and you could obviously do that for them and help them. The other thing that would look at is to see the posts that they've been making. So here all they've done it is something that says it's Mother's Day in Italy. Bookings being taken. So that's fair enough. There's nothing wrong with that. What else they don't that's obviously the same. This is just their menu for Valentine's Day. So all they're doing, they're not putting any posts that we're going to really get any reaction from anybody. They're just putting posts that give a detailed details of their service they're still getting when they have posted. 26 people have liked to ever loved that posts that they all get reaction. Some people on 12 people have actually shared the posters well, but for these, there's just the frequency is just not there. They're not posting enoughto actually really get any benefit from social media. So I would say this is a company that would definitely be worth contacting to see if you could interest him in your services. So what I do at this stage is keeping no to these because I want to have a look and see if I can find out the number of potential clients. So Well, I do here is actually come over their name, right? Click on, then copy the link address. That is, if you see it in the bottom left hand corner of the screen whenever mouse over. That is a link directly to their Facebook page. So all I do at this stage is say they are a good prospect for me. I'll keep a copy of that link on there. Later on, I would either come into here on either send them a message by the page so I could send them a contact through their. Alternatively, I would have a look, had come back to their home button there and see whether they have a what site said that I could actually contact them via email on I can't see with a quick look on their with their health, but say all I'm going to do at this stage is keep the link to this business so that I can actually come back here and do that later. So I'm going to go back again now to the restaurant Darby Search page on Let's have a look at another restaurant page That would be a good option for us. I won't have a look at this one here. The Himalayan Gurkha restaurant in Darby. So we come through to their page on will follow the same procedure again. We're going to come down here page transparency. They don't want any adverts going to the library. I have not done any advertising. It would have been nice if they did, but it's not a problem. Let's have a look at the top of the page here. They've obviously got a picture of the mountains to represent the Himalayas. Which is fair enough. The other image the header image, though, is obviously it's a photo from inside their restaurants and missile sites when they take away menus or something. So it's not a bad photo, but it could probably be better, I guess. But there is some potential there would say, but let's have a look now at the number of likes have got this. 488 people have liked the page on, so it's a reasonable number. It's something you could definitely work with, but definitely help them to improve on. Definitely get some posts on there for them. Let's have a look at posts again. We'll click on there and let's have a look what we've got now. One thing I do need to point out to you when you look at the post, but the very top off their page. If the top post has this symbol here that is called a pinned post. So even though that says March 3rd, that's not their latest posts, because when you have a page you can pin opposed to the top and that will always appear at the top of your page, So it'll be the 1st 1 people see until they as a restaurant, they all that as the business, they decide to one pin that post. So that's the 1st 1 But we're gonna compacts that just because that could have been doing it any time. So let's come back to the most recent one. So the most recent post they made was June 17th and as I said. Today is the 18th of July, so it was just over a month ago. Have not made any post for a month, which is great from our point of view, there obviously not posting regularly. It's also interesting as well to see that the last post they made said Restaurant, closed only four today. Now, if it was may, I would definitely be wanting to post straight after that as soon as I could to say we're back open for business and please come and see if I kind of thing because anybody having a very quick look at this page could actually think that these closed because the latest post says, closed only for today. But that is that post that's have a look. What else have done one there June 16th Just saying Happy Father's Day, May 25th of nearly a month before that? That's a photo off the restaurant. I guess we just some information on their well on darling guests. Showers of love. I don't quite know what they mean by that, but that's just saying there are open at bank holidays. This is saying Happy Mother's Day were opened today so as you can see they all get to reactions to these 12 people actually liked that post, but they're not very exciting posts. If you look at the sort of post that we could create for them with your list of post ideas , we could be doing a lot more for them. So again, this is another page that would make a great client for us. We could definitely help these because they're not making money posts at all on when they do, they're not particularly good. So this again would be a great one to come here. Right Click copy the link address so that we can then have this on our list. What do you do when you actually copy these? Keep a list of them somewhere. So you could, for example, create a spreadsheet and actually put these prospects in there and then making noting that spreadsheet when you do, then eventually contact them to tell them about your service. So I'm gonna come back again now to the search page. Ondas. I said this time we're going to have a look at a business that I don't think would be worth contacting because they're doing their social media so well on this just shows you how well a company can do this when it is being done properly and how you can actually help companies because you'll be doing very similar. That is a gnocchi. So I'm just going to click on here. So let's have a look here festival. You've actually seen this because we did it on the video, but I'm gonna go to page transparency. This says they all running adverts. And if we wanted to look at the library there, it shows us some of their adverts. At the moment they're doing a two for one offer. So in that respect, these would be good to contact because they do advertise so they are used to paying money for their marketing. However, I think you'll see in a second that when we look at all our other tests to see whether they're worth contacting or not, you'll see that they're probably not. So let's have a look. As usual, we've got their profile image is actually their logo, which looks like that on. Then, as you see at the top here they're header image is a very good looking, proper image that has got a number of photos off their restaurant. It's got some of their stuff on there. It's got some of their food on their. It's clearly an image that is being created for them just for Facebook. So they've done that very well, so there's not a lot we could help them with. With regards to their images. Let's have a look at the posts now on. Have a look here. This was posted one hour ago, so they've already posted today. They do on award here, where they have their top 10 Facebook funds each week and you can win vouchers for the restaurant. So that is that post there they posted four hours ago. So that's two posts today already, and they're talking about some awards that they're looking. Teoh hopefully win, then seven hours ago. So that's three posts just today and again, it's talking about their restaurant, and it's a good photo there of their restaurant. Then July the 16. So that was two days ago on it's giving people a discount. So that's more reasons for people to like the page and due to visit them July 16th again. So two days ago, and that's some good photos off their food. You remember when we talked about creating posts? We talked about quality images with the posts, and you can see in okay doing this really, really well. So here is a calendar event. We talked about these in the post ideas. Did you know that July is national ice cream month on. So there is a photo off some Indian ice cream to do that? Very well. They had a competition here for the cricket World Cup. And you see, again, it's all proper quality images of the body there with the name of the winner on it on the fact that they've won a £20 voucher. So you can see that they are posting quality posts, great images on on a very regular basis. So I don't think would be able to help these at all. The other thing that's worth noting, and this is probably through the fact they do lots of advertising. They do great posts. But social media works so well for them just close that that they now have 15,884 people who like their page. So whenever they're posting, if you look at the actual become about the post. Second, when they do a post, it's come down to one that was posted a while ago. So 90 likes to shares. 18. Likes seven like 21 likes 14 likes so that she don't get many likes and comments as a thought they might do on here. But as you can see, they've got lots of followers. Andi. They do their social media very well. So I think if I saw a restaurant like this, I wouldn't need to keep this unless you want to keep a list off. These aren't worth going any further with, but hopefully in this video this shows you how to look on Facebook on Do a Search four businesses that could use our services on. I've just looked here at restaurants in Darby, but this could be electrician's in a town and city. It could be a wedding dress higher. It could be plumbers. It could be pest controllers. It could be anything that you want to look for, but you can see there. It's been very quick and easy to find businesses that could use our services, so go ahead and use that method come up with a list of people that can use our services, and then in the upcoming videos, you'll see exactly how we can then contact them. 36. How to Attract Clients by Word of Mouth: Let's have a look now at some ways that you can find yourself new clients through word of mouth. None of these are rocket science, and you will need to make a little effort. But they are all methods that I've used myself to get new clients and so convey ouch for the fact that they work. The climate finding method I suggest you start with is friends who own businesses. Friends who own businesses are the perfect starting point. Is there not only ideal clients, but they're people, you know, and so will be easy to chap to about your new business. Start by making a list of friends you know who run businesses usual address book or Facebook friends list and go through everyone making a list of everyone that runs their own business. Then go through the list and see which of the businesses are. Twitter system will work well for then speak to your friends on. Explain that you could help them to make extra sales through Twitter. If you wanted to, you could offer a month's free trial to a couple of people so that you could test the system yourself as well as proof how good it is to your friends. They will hopefully, then want to stay with your service. Long term, a swell has become a testimonial that you can use to attract all the clients. Whether or not you want to offer a free trial, though speaking to friends who have businesses is a great way to get used to talking about your business and to pick up your first clients to the next client. Getting method, I'd suggest, is businesses that you use yourself, for example, restaurants that you eat at on stools that you visit again. Make a list of businesses, restaurants, shops, etcetera that you use regularly. Which of these would make great clients for you? Which of them would you be able to help to make more sales? Of course, we're not looking here for major chains such as Walmart or Tesco, but rather local independent businesses that you'll be able to help very easily businesses that you visit regularly. And so no, the staff and the manager will certainly be the easiest option for you when you next there , have a chat with them about what you do and let them know that you could help them to get extra sales for a very low cost. Another method that's been great for me for finding new clients is attending local business networking events. You can find these regular events in most towns and cities just Google networking and your town or city name or business networking, followed by your town or city name. The way I have had most success at networking events is as follows. Don't try to sell yourself for your services. Just chat toward the business owners about business, how their businesses going on, what problems they're facing. They will invariably ask you what you do. You can then tell them that you help businesses to get more sales through Twitter. When I say this, I'm nearly always asked how I do this or how it would work for the person's business on the conversation just goes on from there, as well as getting clients and people you speak to it networking events. One of the bonus is referrals. Business people speak to business people, and so the more people you speak to, the more the likelihood that they will mention your service toe. Other businesses who may be interested. I've gained some great clients in this way. I only know the more you can use the's word of mouth methods, the more people will know about your service on the more clients you will attract. 37. The $99 Deal *** This one is BIG!! ***: in this video, we're going to have a look at the $99 deal. The idea of offering a $99 deal is that it lets a potential client test your services for a fixed period of time for a fixed price, even though with our normal packages, we don't tie clients in with a contract period, and so they could actually cancel at any time. Some will just look at the monthly cost, think about how much it will cost them per year or for a couple of years, and then decide to not even try your service. The $99 deal gets around this, though, because a business concede it is a cheap way to try your service with no times. It also, though, still makes you a nice bit of money and gives you the perfect chance to show them how good your services and so get them to sign up for a monthly package after the deal Period is over. The price. The package in the time limit is totally up to you, but I would recommend that you keep the price at $99 or less off. It could be a £99 or £79. Deal, if you in the UK, so it's not a difficult decision for the business to give it a try. You could, for example, offer three months of Social Media for $99. For this, I'd offer the bronze package that you'll see in the How much to charge lecture. And so this would be three posts per week to one social media site. This would normally cost $47 per month. So at $99 for three months, they're getting a great deal If you wanted to, you could also offer a separate package the silver package at $99 for two months if they wanted to try that level of your service. That is normally $97 per month, so they'll be saving a total of $95. Of course, you'd only let the business have your $99 deal once, and then they need to upgrade to a normal package. In other words, you wouldn't let them have 1 $99 package and then follow it with another unless you wanted to. Of course, after all, it's your business, so you can run it. Exactly how you want to next to this video, I've added a pdf that you can download that will include some ideas of how you could word your $99 deal. The offer could be sent straight to a potential client you found on, say, Facebook. You could send it via email or Facebook message if you wanted to, or it could be center the follow up. If you've offered your service to a business but have not joined yet, you could also think about creating an image for your $99 offer on posted in local Facebook groups, either for business networking or for things for sale in your area. For example, with the link to the details of your offer on your website. In the latest version off the promo website that I provided for you to promote the Social Media Service, you'll see how I am currently using the $99 offer on. Do I have to say this is working really well for me because it's a great way to introduce new people to your service. Let me show you what I'm actually doing with a website here. There is a link next to this video to take you to the demo site if you don't already have the link for it. And of course, in the Resources lecture, which is the very last lecture in this course, there is a link to show you how you can actually get your own copy just to download your own copy off this website to use for yourself on the latest downloadable copy off that has this what I call the outrageous offer on it. So let me just show you now exactly what it is. Onda explain why it works as well as it does. So the first thing you notice that when people arrive on the same website as you've seen before at the top, they straightaway see something that says warning outrageous offer below. So that hopefully gives them a warning that there is something down below that they need to look at. So even if they only get so far, I think they've had enough. They'll hopefully go down to see the offer. Everything else on the site is the same. But then when they get down here, they actually get to a box. When it is how to get started, they then get to a box which says, My outrageous offer now the bit in blue here is for you as a student, just basically saying This is the way I'm using a $99 deal. At the moment that's working really well. But if you don't want to use this, then obviously you can remove this and not have this in your website. Not in your promotions at all. So the choice is yours. Obviously, you wouldn't want to have this bit of text here on your own website. So let me just bring that down and let's have a look at the outrageous offer on why it works so well effectively. What it's saying to people is the normal prices feel service. All these here. So it's your normal bronze, silver and gold at whatever prices you normally have. Those so those are there as before. But it's then saying here is an outrageous off of you. I know that my social media service could make a big difference to a business, but I realized that you don't know me and don't know what social media could do for your business, because, of course, somebody is finding you for the first time. They don't know you don't know what your service conduce for them, so to let you test my service for yourself are willing to make you this outrageous. Offer a full three months of social media for just $99 that's not $99 per month. It's a one off $99 for a full three months of social media posts to your business Facebook page. You'll get three post to your Facebook page every week, just like the Bronze plan below on it, then goes on to tell them that at the end of those three months, they can either what great to a full package or stop using you suitable together, although you are convinced that once they see the results, they want to continue with your service for a long time and then goes on to say that because the prices so lowered, it takes your world set up the package. You have to limit this to three businesses for months Now. I include this just so that it's a bit of scarcity if you like, so people will take the plunge rather than not because they're thinking, OK, it's only three businesses I need to get in there. If you prefer, you could remove that on. Then we simply have a button which could be a link to PayPal, so it would just charge them $99. I actually charge £99 for this in the UK again, it doesn't have to be 99. It could be whatever you want. But what is ever is an offer that is a great deal for them to effectively here on my package prices on the website here, that's $47 per month on your charging them 99 so effectively they get in one month completely for free. So the reason I like this and the reason it's working so well is because they're not signing up for a long term service. All they can see they're doing is they're saying, Okay, I can afford a one off $99. I'll give it to go for three months and see how well it works. So firstly, you're not giving anything away for free. You're still getting $99 on As you know, it doesn't take long to set up a business to post to them three times a week for three months. So you can set that up for them. Do it for the Facebook page because that's the one I would suggest will get the best results for people. So I make it clear that this is only available for Facebook. I wouldn't do this for their instagram, for example. But what it means is they're getting a great deal. They're doing it for a one off price. But it is nice money for me and we nice money for you that you are getting $99 from each person that takes you up on this. But of course, once you then prove this works for them, you can They're not great them to either one of your off the packages that we have down here. Alternatively, any other services that you offer. So it's just a great, cheap way for them to test you as a person on your services on for you to then sell them off the things on the back end of that. So whether it be these services or anything else that you offer, So as I say, this is something you can either including your offers or not, but for me it is definitely working very well. And so I will certainly recommend that you give it a try. I only know the $99 deal idea is a great way to get businesses to try your service into low cost, to make you some nice money and to prove how great your services. 38. Reel them in with the Teaser: as you've seen in the previous videos in this section, we've looked at a number of ways off identifying potential clients for your social media business. But of course, wouldn't you found those ideal prospects for you? You need to contact them. If you are somebody that is confident enough to she just call a business on speak to them, then that is absolutely superb. You will always get a really good return on a really good response when you actually speak to businesses yourself in person, either over the phone or face to face. However, if you're anything like me, you won't like the face to face side of things or even the telephone prospecting. So for May, I need to look at all the methods of doing this on. The best way I have found is by using what I call a teaser email or a teaser message, depending on how you send it. Andi, that's what we're going to have a look at in this video in the resources next to this lecture. In the course, there is a pdf download for you, which is called teasers on follow ups on. We're going to have a quick look at that now. I'm not much Read it all to you because it's self explanatory and you can see it yourself. But there are a few bits that I want to point out to you now. So as it says here, we're using this. Once we found a potential business that would make an ideal client. These you would have found using some of the other methods in this section of the course. And you've decided if you don't want to speak to them, then we're either going to send them an email or a message on Facebook. Now, if you are sending these by message on Facebook, don't send too many in one day. If you send Mawr than 10 or so, then Facebook will realize what you're doing on. They will have an issue with that, and they'll probably block you from sending them. So if I was you, because we're not looking for hundreds of clients using the service, if you were sending 345 a day, that will be perfectly enough, and over a period of time you'll pick up a good number off clients for your service, so don't send too many by Facebook messenger if you send them by email that there's not quite such an issue in that you won't get blocked from doing that because you're still sending individual emails to individual businesses. You're not spamming, but you won't need to send too many to actually get a decent number of clients for your service. So let's have a look here. Firstly, there is a diagram, which is what I suggest as a flow for what we're doing so effectively. You'll start that finding a potential client will then send a teaser email or message will have a look at that email in just a second. From there, you like to receive a positive reply. You'll receive no reply, or you'll receive a negative reply if you receive a negative reply, such as the business says No, thank you. I'm not interested or go away or something to that extent, then you don't need to do anything else. You just stop at that point because we're not going to annoy somebody that doesn't want to hear from us. If you have no reply at all from them, we've then got some follow ups in this document that follow up three on dure. Follow again down the path, depending on what happens at that point. If you get to positive reply, so they reply to you and say, Yes, please or 70 more information or would like to hear more something along those lines. You then again, go down this path to use. Follow up one on, then follow on from there. So let's have a look at these now. Firstly, this is the teaser on its very basic. It's very simple. What I do suggest with the wording of all of these various messages in this document, please make them your own. If you want to add something to them, change them. Take something away. Please do that. They should be your voice onda a message from you rather than just everyone using my exact same messages. So what would do say we're sending this as a message them on Facebook? We've already looked. We've already identified that they are a good prospect for us, so we simply send them a message saying High. I've been looking at your on include the name of their. So if it was Fred's restaurant, for example, I've been looking at your friend's restaurant Facebook page, and I can see that the way you're updating the page, you'll be losing out on a lot of local customers. Is it okay for me to send you a few details of what I spotted? And that's all we're going to say. It's a teaser. It's saying that we know something you don't you're going to be losing out on. Customers cannot send you a few details. That's all we're saying now That's a Facebook message. Very should. There was an email version as well that he's just very, very, slightly different, but very slightly so would send those the interesting thing. Then comes if they send you a positive reply saying yes, please, or send it over or something of that type. So here is the wording for that follow up. But this again is only an idea. You will need to change this depending on the potential clients actual Facebook page and what is on there. Now if you have a look at my video, which is called Client Targeting to finding clients with Facebook, which is in this same how to find clients section of the course you'll see on there how I actually look at a potential clients Facebook page to decide whether they would make a good potential clients or not. Andi were basically putting those details in here, So let's have a look. I say thanks. Here's what I spotted on your Facebook page on. Then My note to you here says each of these will need to be edited depending on what you find on their Facebook page, and it tells you where to look for that, which is what I've just mentioned on. We're then going to suggest certain things that are wrong with their Facebook page. And what is she gonna tell them these so effectively? We're giving them something for nothing. We're saying to them these things a wrong. You're losing out on customers because of it. So we're pointing that out to them. Then later we're going to offer to help them. So the 1st 1 is your Facebook had the image. Now, if you look on their Facebook image and it's not very good, then you go with this section. If you look in their Facebook image is really good and professional again, as I've shown in this particular lecture here, then you wouldn't include this section so we could be saying something like Your header image doesn't look very professional. So doesn't give the very best first impression of your business, etcetera, etcetera. The next one is frequency of posts. So I would have a look and see how many posts have made this month, last month and the month before on Let's actually tell them that we then say to get good results on Facebook, you should be posting at least three times a week, or preferably every day. So again we're explaining. So we're telling them what they're doing. And then we're saying what they should do to be better. Then images in posts. You have a look and see. Are they using decent images? And if not, we include that section, and then the important one is mix of posts. So this depends on what they post. But have a look on. You could include that section there, then at the bottom of it, we're saying, I hope you find they seem so useful. If you'd like some assistance in getting real results in your social media, they can. I can help you from just $47 per month for more information on how to get great results. Then we're going to give them a link to your website or two. However, you're going to be taking orders from them. However, we're going to be taking payment from them. I've suggested already in this course that you're having a website of your own is the very best way to do that. So hopefully that you will be going on you be able to send them straight to that page. So after that, if you've not heard anything, when you've sent that to them, if you've not heard anything for two or three days, were then sending a simple follow up saying I was wondering if you saw my message about your Facebook page. Simple is that if we're still not heard anything seven days later, we're then going to send them another message, and we're gonna follow up again with a $99 deal. Now you probably by now seen the let your about the $99 deals so you'll see what they're all about on here. It's some wording for a $99 deal on. You could actually if you send in this by Facebook, including image there as well. So that is a flow for if they do reply to you and actually say yes, please send me some more information. However, if you send the teaser to them and they don't reply it all, I would wait two or three days and send this saying I was wondering if you saw my message a couple of days ago about your Facebook page and then, if again, you don't get to reply from them. Still, seven days later, I'd send is different message, which is a game to do with a $99 deal. So we're following the two scenarios there. One is they've replied to us. One is they haven't had their awesome follow ups as you'll see here, if you still not got an order from them at that stage, here's what I suggest once have sent a couple of follow ups. If I have not had a response at all, I'll usually just move on and find another potential client. If they have replied it'll though, and they look like they could be interested. I'll probably send them another couple of follow ups, maybe every two weeks or so, and I'd include a few more social media facts and figures such as the ones on the demo website. Or you could send them a link to your website a different offer, for example. And that's saying the final point here. You can read it yourself, but I will go through. It's it's important. The above flow is just one way that you could contact potential clients. It is a way that works. It is building in some manual follow ups. You could probably automate some of those follow ups if you wanted to if you were doing them by email, but I find it's probably best to do it by Facebook. Message on. Actually, just do the manually. It doesn't take very long again. We're not dealing with that many potential clients. As mentioned, you know the lectures. You may prefer to start with offering a freebie. You may want to go straight in with $99 deal, or you may send them straight to your website to read the information There. You may send them a video or you may use another method entirely. It's certainly worth trying a few different methods to see which one you prefer on which gets the best results for you. But hopefully you can see in these teasers on follow ups on with the flow we've got here. You've actually got a full process to use on an ongoing basis to find clients for your social media agency. 39. The New Client Questionnaire: in this video, we're going to have a look at the new client questionnaire once your new client has paid you for their first month on. Do you know the social media sites that you're going to be posting to then? This is the question there that I suggest you send to them so that you can find out all of their information on get some ideas from them on what they want you to be posting about on their social media accounts. So let's have a look at the question there. Now. You can download a pdf copy of this questionnaire from the resources actually next to this video. So if you download that, you'll be able to use it to the basis for your own email to send to your clients. You may want to change it. You really want the wording to be your own with. Obviously, as you can see with your logo and things at the top on, you may want it just to be in your wording so it makes a little bit more sense to you. But all this does it ask for some basic information. I'll go through it very quickly, but you'll be able to see it yourself when you download it. It's all fairly basic information. It's only just over a page, long as you can see there. But it just says to them, Here's the information I need from you to get lots of social media posts. Creative your business. Please email the information to me at this email address. You obviously include your email address That on it says, Send it as soon as possible. Don't worry. If you don't give me all the details straight away, give me what you can and I'll get started. You have your phone number in there. They want to call you to discuss this. His information you need firstly about them in their business. So he touched for their business name. Obviously, depending on the client you're sending this email to If you already know some of this information, you don't need to ask me to gain. For example, if they've already emailed you and so you know the address or, you know, the telephone number. You don't need to ask for it again. You can just amend this because you're sending this to them as an email. You can just amend it each time for the new clothes that you're sending it to. So we're then saying, What is your Facebook page? What is your Twitter, etcetera? As you can see from my note here, depending on the social media sites that you are posting to for this client will depend on the information that you need to ask for them. If you look at the social pilot set up section, of course, you'll see the information that you are going to need to ask for for those particular social sites on. Then at the bottom, it says Now, for the information will help me to create great social media posts for you on there is various questions that you could ask them their which will help them to send some information to you, and it will then help you to create the post for them. Now, as you will see, when you get to the lecture on social media post ideas, there are lots and lots of ideas in there for you to be able to create post for your clients. But having this information from them up front is going to be great for you to use in those post ideas, as you can also see here. It asked for them to send any photos they may have of their products. Staff premises, etcetera. You may want to tailor this depending on the client's. You'll send me, too, because when we're same products, if you'll send it to a restaurant, for example, it wouldn't be products it would be meals, food, etcetera. But as you will see also, when we get to the Social media post ideas, I highly recommend that you include photos in many of your posts as you can so encouraging your client to send you some of the stage. You'll also be able to look on their Facebook page on there website, etcetera. Get any other images off their that you confined, but if they can send you some to get started, that is really useful for you. So I say, All you do is use this wording of the basis to create an email to send to your client and send it to them to get as much information as you can from them to help you to create the posts for them on their social media.