How to Start a WordPress Site in 15 Minutes (Step by Step) | Angel Sans | Skillshare

How to Start a WordPress Site in 15 Minutes (Step by Step)

Angel Sans, Constancy is the road to success.

How to Start a WordPress Site in 15 Minutes (Step by Step)

Angel Sans, Constancy is the road to success.

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2 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Installing Wordpress

    • 2. Walking Through the new Wordpress Site

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About This Class

WordPress quick class, we will look at how to install WordPress 5-minutes. I will be walking through on the basis you need to know to start blogging.

Meet Your Teacher

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Angel Sans

Constancy is the road to success.


My name is Angel Canton, I graduated from American Business College in San Jose California, in the specialty of technological information.

For many, it is difficult to excel when they have not been trained in the necessary skills in the school of life, so my emphasis is on helping people overcome themselves because I believe that everyone has something so valuable to contribute.

This is the reason I recommend the marketing of internet networks as one of the best routes to run a business or blog and succeed in large.

I do not consider myself a genius in the line of marketing or web designs, my tactics are not a secret but rather they are simple and easy. I do not teach "How to make you rich of the night the day" That is far from reality.

Making a living online... See full profile

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1. Installing Wordpress: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this class in this class, we will be stalling. Ah, were present for that. I really create Ah pseudo may inside my ah hosting a calm and using this account emotion hosts. And this is my provider and for that already created over here domain. This is a Sudan May from my original domain, which it rbc on the it'll that come, we will be just doing quick installation. There's gonna be how to install wordpress and probably let them five minutes. Because this very simple The first thing we have to do we have to first look for the application which is right here sometimes, like you're using Ah ha's gato. Well, you say blue hosts probably is gonna look a little different than my ah see panel, but assumed you locate. This is called scrip, sometimes coming with different application. But mother 10 coming like this and it's it on our place, like right now and the first thing we need to do like I located applicator and then we click. And now from here Ah, the website gonna take you like to this area. This is from emotional hosting, but probably you are doing, Ah, blue horses a little different, but the process is very much the same. Probably the screen's gonna look just different, but the process is to the same. And from here, you have to go and say in style now and click there thing though. Oh, here we had to pay attention because sometimes gonna ask you like to use different ah, toe big our own protocol. In this case, we can choose this one. Ah, with started arrested TTP Colin slash large. Or we can use the other one, which also you that tree Palavela. Um for these are probably gonna use the triple argue because I prefer that one doesn't mean this pseudo me is gonna be after the stupid Valium. And if you have a like a special directory where you want to start, like let's say you really have a wordpress install and you see panel, but you want to stall another like a kind pseudo main, You can also choose if you're the crayon directory inside. You see panel. Okay. Are we here? Ah, you had to choose. Ah, that the website in a in this class in this class, we when I call it. Probably just a taste. Okay? And we want to leave everything I said the fall and this one right here is like, if you want a neighbor, multi side doesn't mean you want a house. Different site, But this is different area. We just ignore this part with justly at the fall. And over here we have to create a user name for these use, and they probably would we just create like, something senpai when I pick like this. I mean, um, this a on five and the password Ah, we can generate possible over here, or we can create our own possible. And this guy, we want you something. I probably like them or something like that. But I recommended to use like, a very strong powerful for the disease. They say, Well based easy for hackers. For those guy tried to get inside your website, there's gonna be easy to feel without wanted the That's what I recommend to you. Like very strong puzzle. Okay? And let me go down. And from here they're gonna ask you wish email you wanna pick like this email is when you usually I received your email just in case, something is going wrong with your website. They're gonna send you an email. And that what? You will not be aware. Like a Somali straight to get into your website. Okay. And from here, you can pick your language like you speak English. Your English, you speak another language. You can trust that want to. And we go and down there's gonna be a couple plug ins. Ah, this ah warp installation recommends. Like the longing in attempts, this is like, how many times people can try to logging or guessed that logging and your and your website onto that before there was website block detail. Right now we want to leave you like that, implying we want to also check this one. Because right now we will be no installing plaudits for the moment and easy for Woo Corman's. Just in case you wanna sell something only? No. Let me just go here all way down here. Probably see the results in Ah asking you for email. Like what? You wanna send die installation on details like after you stole this when they want to send your email like a new website has been created under these on they're gonna send you old, infirm, mentioned your logging everything. That's very important. Toe Put your own email here. That what you received that looking and in for a measure, Just in case you forgot what you're power in your email or your Houston eight in this case . Okay, let me just I just my okay after you don't everything you just on that would check to make sure everything look okay? We got the triple obvious on. We got the student. May we got the issues. That description has to be something else over here. And this is the title. Ah, user name, password. And we hit Install. And this day, like let on that mean it. This is really quickly. Right now it's continent That but you think is done Simple, Linden. We already finished the installation. The next step is like in this case, it give me choice Like I can go astray to see my website. Let's see, Has look like right now 2. Walking Through the new Wordpress Site: Okay, This is just the basic. Ah, warp a thing over here and I'll be here. And the second link I got in on the below to these one. We can go straight to the dodgeball. Let me just click and I want to. All right, we are in the Dodge for now. Okay? Are we here in the Dodge for? If this is your first time here, this is a very easy Ah, we here in this part which say pose is what you can add your new articles. You just go here and click new. Let me just do this are for demonstrations. This is the way you're supposed to add a new article. Oppose. And this bar on the top is where the title go. Over here. It's called the content in right here. Ah, you. If you have attacks like that much to the content, you just put it right here to the attack. And also, you can create your own category from here. And this one is for the future. Image is going appear when someone is watching your block. That the picture is going appear whether which is gonna catch customers. Oh, visitor. Attention That's very important to put also picture. Okay, Now let me just go to the other section. Right here is the media. Ah, library. They call. But we hear you can up blurring Ah Berrios and pictures only. It also fires but must be used this part just for video saying pictures from here. Saint Angel, just go are the new and you can add new burial or you can a new picture if you go down. This looked pretty much the same like the post. But this is our pages. Okay. From Padgett here, let me jellicle purchase problems. We only have one US A default which is called sample. Let me think. Ok, well, here's ah purchased. We can add a new page at it the same process. But this is purchase. No, because okay. In patches ST Ng, we just added the title over here is gonna be the content for the page in this part. Over here on my right side pro. You can see these are new option. They say parent, I mean is gonna be under another pitch. In this case, we only have one pitch you want. We want to list on this page recite inside this space, which is called a simple patch. Otherwise you came just Ah, leave it blank and it's gonna be ah, it on parents for this pitch over here. Also, there's another part to say. Older doesn't mean you want a big like I wish one go first. It's going to be from one to think the pain. How many pages you got in your website? And you also can set ah feature image for doom for that interview Dung. Yeah, you got the same option, like at the post you got here in the right. Ah, corner. You see the published bottom and you just bullets. And I said that precious life. Let me just go back to the left. You're gonna see that coming area? Let me click. Probably. We're gonna have one common by default. Okay. Are we here? You have a choice. Like when you see our comments are from the new users. You have it. Ah, choices over here. If you're who we're in this one, you can see I use on a problem or approval span or just trash that come in Such I would people live you like a but Mersin. Don't even pay attention to that. Just trash it. You no need to waste your time reading those teams. Okay, let me just go to the next one over here. And this one appearance is when you you can switch or change your website. Think Let me just click here right now we are used in this one is called 2017 as a default . But if we want to use the 25th thing, we just say Activate industry. We had new We have a new thing, you know. Let me refresh. This page is gonna be the other Ah ah website. And now we had the other thing. But I like the other one better than this one. The magical back and reactivate the 1st 1 If you're going down, you want to see this custom? My doesn't mean some thing. They have a like you can custom my like let me just click here. They're working. You can see better. But remember all the things are different now. All had this thing Ah features some has more than others. Is the pain also there like a premiums are think they go the more time they have a lot of features to use Over here. It's ST Ng. You can go the title and the site identity, which is Ah, the lower. You can upload your own logo here, being right here. You can put also a background image if you want. Toe. I know this. Is this it for them? I can die. Kong is that little pitch up here in this area. Then you just closed. I want okay thing you can go over here. Let me just go. Bridget, The Bridget area What you do? We hear you can put morning from Major and you can decide. Let me see the majority phrase despite that way we can see that. Which area? Okay, which it appears in the city where he, like others imposed did this Ah, information you see here category archive and meta. These are right here. Those are the these are they? Which area? This is the blocks s Leiber. And also you can put some on the foot. Doesn't mean you can put this one right here under. And if you're gonna be, you put anything there is going appear there and Manu is Let me just click on menus quickly for many of you can create your own menus and this care. Let me just call a menu and you create a menu. And when you have a more than one page, you just click the pitch and say out to the menu and you have a couple choices here. One is like octomom attitude. I added to the top level. Or you can you ask you this one for the whole top level? And therefore I like source our social links. OK, but you have a more pages or we hear you just click all and you can arrange which one go first and which was gonna be ah, liking order, which was gonna be first and think like, let's say you have a home page. Contact us in block. Let me Jessica down. And this part right here If you don't know how to work with coding, don't even ah worry about this area because this is more for calling. You need to, like, change a lot in from Major. Yes, it is like a heads up of hearing for her some warning because you messed it up with this. Our information right here. That's it. Ah, you were precise. Gonna make all messed up. And we just leave it like that right now. Let me Jessica plugging. I'm plugging. So if you're same thing, we only have to plug in the don't want to say hello, Dolly. But if you want a new plug which has a talent since the thousands plugging right now available for anything you want, we can find any planning for anything like Ah, you wanna Adam or pictures like a natural or Ah, Do you wanna use your own comments? Ah, widget. I mean plug ins that is different that is plugging for everything you want. The only thing you have to do is just it's type. Ah, is Jessica click here in such whatever you're looking for? Like I don't know what Commerz, or like I don't know any any plan you are you need or someone recommended Judge, Go here and you can search for the plucking and stating here that is information. You can edit the plugging, but this area is like a more for developers and this other area users is where you can add it. More juices. If you wanna add your friends or probably you have, like a thing. Members, You just coming in. The cell is a user. And you, Jessica, What new And from here, looking at any use their journey to create a juicer. Name, email, last name, website, and generate possible and used this very strong puzzle and tools for tools. Ah, we don't use this part that much unless you have a like a content. Like already content from the old website Any duking tried toe X import inside this website But this is kind different. If we coming down, we're gonna find the last part which is called generous area. The generous citizen for General. If we click and this part is gonna take us, let me just say live down toe the general Syrian never let me just over here You can replace the title for your website. You can change the description or you can just If you don't like the people, are you just gonna raise? But make sure when you do that go all went down Kid this part into safe changing in reading from here you can give that left the pitch at the default. Like right now this play like that the largest port doesn't mean that the Morris imposed gonna chew up. Or you can pick your own page. Which bed you wanna use as a default? In this case, we only have the simple. You have a like a home. You can use hump issue here or you can use ah, blocked page. Let me just go to the other one. Discussion. I think we're being They're here. All this is very important over here. Like ah, your neighbor. Anyone came post doesn't mean anyone. Even though they haven't registered to your website, they will be able to leave you like those, but comments what? I recommend you all the Chinese do these like they must be a register first. That way they can coming interpose. Otherwise, anyone like anonymous people can come in your post premature on check this one in also, there is someone like a bother you all the time over here. Probably. You can see that It's like a blacklist. You can put the I p in the black list right here. You just eyes that is going appearing comments. Let me just go back to the comment that where you see the i p right here Let's see if you got these aerial image us up in it because they may just go added on this guy. I don't see the i p, but you can choose like this. They say we we don't want coming from this guy. We just click here and we keep we get that email and we come into these, uh, this caution area and we just put in the bloodless the email or if they had a euro, both are the option. You can use your l e mails or I p addresses. Media is also the same. Like this is for the image. This is the standard side. You just live a default. Don't touch anything here because otherwise you imaged gonna be like a kind of big or too small, and these other per permanent links what I recommend you. This is my RPM pilot of people. Just leave this one aside the fall or they use a plane. But I like to use the this one right here, which is ah, post me because do you see there is a link right here in this part. The last are extension is how it's gonna look like you post. I prefer to show up, Like in this case, that the name the title is going up here in this area. And I don't like when they put down numeric numbers. Or sometimes you can see Ah, which years in which month this poll was created. I don't like that one, too. I prefer to keep us to keep this way. Only let me genital back through the home personal. All right? We don't. With this class, I really walk you through how to use at this different section right here. Okay. See you next. Classical luck.