How to Start a WordPress Site in 15 Minutes (Step by Step) | Angel Sans | Skillshare

How to Start a WordPress Site in 15 Minutes (Step by Step)

Angel Sans, Constancy is the road to success.

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2 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Installing Wordpress

    • 2. Walking Through the new Wordpress Site


About This Class

WordPress quick class, we will look at how to install WordPress 5-minutes. I will be walking through on the basis you need to know to start blogging.





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Angel Sans

Constancy is the road to success.

My name is Angel Canton, I graduated from American Business College in San Jose California, in the specialty of technological information.

For many, it is difficult to excel when they have not been trained in the necessary skills in the school of life, so my emphasis is on helping people overcome themselves because I believe that everyone has something so valuable to contribute.

This is the reason I recommend the marketing of internet networks as one of the best routes to run a ...

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