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How to Start a Successful Social Media Marketing Agency

teacher avatar Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (3h 5m)
    • 1. 1 Course Overview

    • 2. 2 Website Overview and Homepage

    • 3. 3 Services and Pricing Overview

    • 4. 4 Have Your Own Social Media

    • 5. 5 How to Sign Clients with Walk Ins

    • 6. 6 How to Sign Clients with Walk Ins Continued

    • 7. 7 How to Sign Clients with Walks Ins (Part 3)

    • 8. 8 How to Sign Clients Through Email

    • 9. 9 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits

    • 10. 10 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 2)

    • 11. 11 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 3)

    • 12. 12 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 4)

    • 13. 13 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 5)

    • 14. 14 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 6)

    • 15. 15 How to Identify Good Potential Clients

    • 16. 16 Growing Engagement on Instagram for Your Clients

    • 17. 17 How to Grow Your Client's Facebook Audience and Promote Their Business

    • 18. The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Pitching Social Media Marketing Clients & How to Avoid it

    • 19. How to Find Clients on Upwork

    • 20. 5 Services You Can Provide for Your SMMA Clients

    • 21. 4 Client Service Ideas for Social Media Marketing Agencies

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About This Class

Social Media Marketing is a huge business trend this year. Businesses are starting to see more and more value in building relationships and acquiring customers through social media channels.

It's about building customer loyalty and brand awareness & you can leverage this to your advantage!

In this course I'll go through the step by step process to show you what you need to get started, provide value, and finally...approach and land clients!

Meet Your Teacher

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. 1 Course Overview: All right, guys. Welcome to the course. Really, really glad to have you here. So this is me Great one here. This essentially, you know, really exciting for me because I get to share and impart this knowledge is already have with you guys. You know about social media marketing and how you conform your in social media marketing agency. It's actually phenomenal, phenomenal business model. So not only do I know and understand it, but I have implemented it myself and used it in the past. So I know that you can make money doing it. You know, this this kind of it simulates sort someone of a rebirth for me. And it's very exciting because this is exactly the business model that I got started with entrepreneurship, you know, about a year and 1/2 to 22 years ago. Roughly so it's very exciting for me because I get to go back to my roots. I get to explain to you guys and, you know, maybe it's kind of symbolic that, you know, if you're getting your start in entrepreneurship of your you know, your your walking through, you know, different business models and you're trying to make a choice on which ones Great for you. This was a phenomenal one for me to get started. And I definitely think it's a great one for you to get started with two. You know, if if you're already an entrepreneur on, you're just looking for some side money. This is a great business model to because you can literally choose how much you wanna work . You know how many clients you want potentially sign? I'm going to show you that the entire process from start to finish. Um, throughout this course. Ah, with anecdotal evidence. You know, stuff that I use myself stuff that I've used in the past two and how I acquired my clients and how I helped them. And I'm gonna give you all that I'm not gonna talk about. I'm gonna show you examples of what you can dio eso. It's it's phenomenal business model. And like I said, obviously, if you're just starting out, this is a great one to, because not only will teach you, you know, literally going through the process, which is it is half the battle guys. You know, whatever your first business model is whatever you know, whatever challenge. You try to tackle an entrepreneurship first time. It's not going to go 100 cents movie. I promise you that there's gonna be challenges. There's gonna be hiccups along the way. Andi. It's great that you can learn this from somebody that's already done it and been through the trenches so you can learn from my mistakes. You don't have necessary have to make those mistakes yourself. It's a great way to get some side income. You know you could sign you consigned client for us as much as you know, 1000 a month or or all way up to 10,000 month. I personally never signed any clients close to that. I had one client for 1500 a month, and I had one other client that actually stuck with me for a grand a month. And like I said, I've only was literally only doing it for like, three months, and I barely went out and tried to sign any clients. So I know personally, not just from myself, in my own anecdotal experience, but from other people that I've networked and helped along the way because they've reached out to me because like I said. This business model has been around for me for a while. In this business is literally how I got started. So I know a bunch of people that had success with it. I know it. You can be successful too. And I'm gonna give you all those strategies here in this course. 2. 2 Website Overview and Homepage: you're gonna need a website. If you don't. You have a website obviously already based around your social media marketing agency, which I would assume that if you're watching this, you definitely don't. You're going to need one. And there's multiple reasons that you're going to need one. Obviously, you know, you see here that there's an email capture. I always preach email capture in a lot of my courses, especially above the fold on your website. But in my experience, you're not going to capturing many emails from business owners on your website. That's not what you're here for. Uh, that's just my anecdotal experience. I didn't see many, if any, And trust me, I tried to do advertising initially. Um, Toobin is business owners, but it just wasn't cost effective. There are so many other better ways to acquire clients, and I will show you how to do that. So essentially you'll see that here. But the main reason that you're going to need ah website is because it authenticates you. It authenticates you as a social media marketing agency. If you go, you know their door to door is always one of the ways that you can acquire, acquire clients for your social media marketing agency. However, I get a lot of when I when I was talking in networking with people that were doing it initially and I know myself because you know, I want you to me now I'm preaching and talking to you guys taking courses. But I wasn't always 1000% confident with it. You know, I didn't necessarily want to get in the trenches and go door to door and, you know, speak to potential business center so I can understand. Now, Grant, I overcame that fear and I would edge you to to If if you're definitely scared of doing that, that's definitely what you should dio both because you know it will help teach you You know how to interact and kind of sell yourself, which is our invaluable skills. And just the process of overcoming your fear is invaluable on himself. If that does scare you, I will give you plenty plenty. Trust me of other methods that you can dio from your computer at home to acquire clients and they work. Trust me. Um but ah, that is one of the methods that you know I do talk about. So regardless of whether you're doing it from your computer and you're you're going through the process of the things that I'm going to share with you in the next couple lectures or you're going door to door, essentially we're going to do is you're going to let them know you are in many different ways on what you dio. Now what are those business owners going dio You know, when you interact with them, whether it's, you know, online email or, you know, your son listening to them in person or whatever the case may be the very first thing that they're going to do. They're not just gonna be like, Oh, yes, you've sold me. Let me just sign up right now. Know the majority of them will, you know, tell you we'll let you know that they're interested if they are on and most people will not be interested right away, trust me. But if they are interested, they're gonna let you know that they're interested, and then they're going to go and check you out. They're gonna look at you now. What are they gonna look at? They're gonna a look at the things that you bring to the table whether that's in the form of handouts. Business card. You know, whatever you bring to the table as a company, they want to make sure that you're legit. If you just walk up there as a person with nothing, you're not gonna have many ways to sell them on on your company and what you provide them. You might be the best, you know, marketer in history of the world. But if you can't get your foot in the door, if they don't take you seriously, they're never going to hire you because they just there's no proof. There s so one of the ways that that I teach people to authenticate themselves as a agency is to make a website. So website is valuable. Just authentication purposes. It's just basically a digital business card. That kind of gives you proof. Ah, that you exist. Eso when you hand somebody a business for potentially if you're in person or you know you're emailing and change with them or, you know, whatever the case may be, the first thing we're gonna do is check your website out. Trust me now, it's not gonna be a major selling factor of your services, you know? But it will if it looks good. And granted, This is literally one of the first websites ever created, and I still haven't updated it, And I probably should. If I was serious about social media marketing, I would definitely update this. But clearly, this is not I don't do social media marketing. See, uh, I don't really solicit any more clients for my social media marketing agency, so I just haven't updated this. This is literally the hub. Ah, and obviously, BJ media innovation is, um, you know, the name of my company, But I do have a bunch of deviates doing business as underneath bt media innovations. So, you know, I don't necessarily need to update this website to too much. I have a 1,000,000 other websites. I think I have, like, 24 now. Eso you're gonna need this for your agency. Just kind of authenticate you. I would definitely gear up and get a logo. You can create a free logo if you want. There's a 1,000,000 different, You know, um, free logo services online. You can literally just google free local services, you know, and they'll take you to something where you can create a free free logo, but it's not gonna look good, and I would add you to You can go to fiber dot com, and you can literally order a logo for uh, don't want 12 bucks on my account. I haven't done anything on fiber in a while, but that's cool. Cool. Whatever. Eso let's go toe logo Looks like they're here. Great here, so I don't even search for logo. And there's already once popping off. You can see you can get to premium logos here for five bucks. This person's got, UH, 2000 plus ratings with a 4.9 you can literally buy Ah, premium logo from somebody that that does it all the time. For $5 it is worth it. Trust me, you should go to Fiverr. We should buy a logo. You know you'll be able to give them a special occasions, and you'll look professional because of this logo is going to be the face of your company. Trust me, it doesn't sound that big of a deal now, and you might think like oh, I can just get one later, but changing your logo changing your brand name. Changing the face of your company is definitely gonna have repercussions later on. So by a logo initially, especially if it's only $5 it's well worth it. Trust me the next, most best. The next thing that's most important. Obviously, your logo is most important. This is going to go on your business cards. This is going to go on all the handouts that you have. This is going to represent your company. It's the most important thing you can go, and it's BG media innovation dot com for anybody that that is looking for it. If you're looking for a website and ways to create yours and thanks to put on it, you can obviously use mine as, ah, template, use ideas, you know, pretty much model it off of it if you want. I don't mind whatsoever. Like I said, I don't really do this anymore, you know, So I hope that it can help you out. So feel free to take some of my ideas. Don't copy it word for word. Like I said, Ah, but definitely you can. You can utilize some of the ideas and put them on your own website. So you know, I've got good copy here. I'm not gonna go into the services and contact just yet, but you can see the second most important thing. Just get back to it now. Obviously, like I said, the locals first important, the next most important thing is is above the fold. And if you don't know what above the fold is, it's everything above right here before you scroll. So what? What What is the business owner of the company? See, when they land on your home page Well, they see this. So what does this tell them? Basically, it says, you know, welcome. We RBG immediate invasion free business audit. And it's basically a border room in the background basically saying we're open for business . We're ready. We're professional, We can help you, and right above the fold to is more customers so they can see more customers than they can see services, you know, contact. So thistle is the most important thing. You're gonna have a good picture, The next most important thing. Obviously. You want there to be a little bit of scroll ability once the buttons here, Like I said, I'm not going to fix everything on my website. You can kind of look at this and mile yours after it. You definitely want to incorporate your business. Eventually, people always ask me. And this is another question I got. You know, should you Inc. To spend them on to incorporate right away, because it does cost. I believe it was. I'm trying to remember how much it was so long. I think it was like to 40 for me to incorporate. Might not even have been that much, but you don't need. And this is not I'm not. Ah, you know, an expert on law or anything. I'm not a lawyer, So don't take my word as gospel. I'm not recommending anything to you. I'm just saying my anecdotal experience from my experience and from other people that I know is experience They didn't have to and I didn't have to incorporate right away. You can sign a client and as soon as you sign a client, you know, even if you sign them for grand a month, which is pretty much the lowest that your services going to render unless you you have some other services are going to them and the next lecture Really fast. Say you sign a client for grand a month. You can take 200 of those dollars and put that into incorporating your business after you sign that client. So the reason that you incorporate is obviously to protect yourself in the future. Because if somebody potentially Susie or they're not happy with something, then it then it protects you as a person s so that they can only basically take what your business. And it's not what you own is a person, so it's a little bit different. It's smart to do. You should definitely incorporate um, you know, eventually, but you don't have to incorporate right away. You know, if you if you're trying to get your foot in the door, you don't have a lot of start up money. Totally understandable. This is a great business model where you can earn money when you don't need a lot of start up cash. You literally just need, you know, a couple dollars here and there. You know, like to get your logo to get business cards, and I go into that in the future. Some other things you might potentially need, but you don't need a lot of startup whatsoever, you know, so you don't need to necessarily incorporate and spend the hundreds of dollars to incorporate. But I do recommend once you sign your first client to spend some of that money incorporating its smart, it takes about two. I think it was a 2 to 3 week process for me to get my actual paperwork and become an actual business, so you should definitely do that eventually. But you don't have to do that right away, so you'll see down here. I have all my social media links. I didn't never made a YouTube for this, and I'm not going to, obviously, because I don't really do this to too much anymore. But like I said, you can literally, you know, go through and and model my website. If you're looking for it in the next lecture, you could see literally here all the things I have services here. But these are all the ways in which I can help companies right here, because there's there's three main selling points in my opinion of ways that your business is going to be able to make money, and this is not just for social media, marketing agencies This For every type of business in the history of the world, you need to either solve problems, reduced costs or teach something that the people don't don't know already. You know, whatever that might be. A. So you need to either solve problems, reduce costs or teach what I'm basically telling people here is These are all the problems I can solve. This is these are ways that I can reduce your costs. These of the services that I offer and then obviously services going goes into depth of that. So people look at my patient. They immediately know what I do. You know, more customers, trackable results. You know, I can manage their social media. I can, you know, I go into brand storytelling a little bit, and my services targeted advertising campaigns, content creation, building their email list, website optimization, all that stuff. It's pretty self explanatory. Doesn't really need to too much explaining. I don't need to be here selling them on it because my website basically tells them what I do already. Eso That's why you need a website. You know, more than anything, it just authenticates you as a business because one potential businesses, for example, say if you walk into a place and you sold somebody pretty pretty well and convince them that they need your services, well, they're going to go and they're gonna look at your website. If your website doesn't look good or if you don't have a website, they're not going to sign with you. They're not They're not gonna you know how you and they're not gonna become your potential client because you just there's no trust factor there. They're not gonna drop a grand on someone that they don't know anything about. That doesn't look legit. Eso looking The part is definitely gonna get your foot in the door. And once your foot is in the door, I'm gonna teach you how to help them and provide them values that they continue to sign with you over and over again. 3. 3 Services and Pricing Overview: All right, guys, to moving on here. Obviously, in the last one, we went over the importance of having the actual website, obviously. And then, you know, the home page, you know, just kind of offering, you know, letting people know. And the companies that are going to be looking you know what, What you can do for them, basically. So you're you're just to recap here either solving a problem, reducing costs or training in some sort of form or fashion. Um, the above the folds of most important, you definitely want to look professional. And your logo is crucial. Not you don't need an email capture. I would say Get one, just in case. This is a very bad example of anemone capture because there shouldn't be a phone number here. Really? Well, maybe there should be a phone number in this specific case, but it's not necessary. I would just go with the email or the name and the company that not this plus water that just completely unnecessary. So if I was was seriously implementing this business model even further, you know, and and just to reiterate, I'm not not implementing it because it doesn't work It definitely definitely works. Um, I'm not implementing it because I'm doing so many other things. I'm doing the content creation right now. Teaching courses. You guys, I have a YOUTUBE channel. I do affiliate marketing and email marketing, and I do a bunch of other things, namely retail arbitrage online on and Amazon FBI. So I'm a bunch of other business models that take up my time that I enjoy doing. Ah, lot more. But this business model can definitely work, and definitely earning money it did for me. I know specific examples of plenty other people that worked for on, and I'm gonna show you exactly how it can work for you. So that was the home page overview. Why? It was important. Now we're going obviously really fast. You're gonna wanna contact Page. It's the same basic overview. This obviously is going to contact you anyway, if you want to. I used to have a chat bar at the bottom of my thing, but then I found that I was constantly basically responding to chats a lot, and I just didn't like that. So I took all the chap ours off of my on my websites because it just It was a lot of man hours to men. That chap, if you want to do the chapter, that's up to you. But basically, you know you can you can use. Like I said previously, you can use some of things that I'm doing here. I think this pretty good right here. You know, leave us. Your questions will contact you. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients that we know how to certain investors basically saying, Look, you can contact me and here's why. You know, I want to listen to you. I want to know how I can help you, You know, solving problems. There you go. That's that's what you need to do. So, um, contacts pretty self explanatory and then finally services. Now you'll see that this this page literally goes into all the services I have. These will take you to hit in pages on the service page, visual, um, innovation package, and we'll go over the pricing strategies on and stuff further in the next lecture. But essentially what this is is the first package eyes. It's a slight. I believe it was like 1000 packages. The basic package this one's a little bit of upgrade. There's more services rendered on it. Then I just offers a simple social media management, so I don't do any of the other services to come without. I don't offer my expertise, my my advertising or anything else that I bring to the table and that you bring to the table on its simple social media management. So posting every day and engaging with falling slightly that you know you can offer that for 56 700 bucks whatever you want to dio, it's very, very simple. I found that most people don't go this route. If they're going to hire that, they basically go the full package or the you know, the hyper growth package. So brand stores. Another thing that tie talks about it, put it on my website because I wanted to potentially offer to my clients. I never actually did any brand stores for anybody, but you can definitely do it too literally. All thaws is it's basically a video trailer, essentially for the business to kind of put it simply on, and that will really be vital on their website. You can put that on their website and embedded on their website. You would also be important if you're looking to create them a YouTube channel in the future. You know, their brand story could be right on their home page. So something keep in minds pretty cool. You know, I'd recommend charging with 500 bucks for that, but like I said, we're gonna go into just a specific pricing model. You know, maybe at the end of this lecture, actually, because I can just go over really, really fast, you can choose. I don't want to tell you what the price your stuff at you can literally just choose. You know what the price of that. So, actually, you know what really fast. I think I charged 1997 for this one. So it's basically $1000 but looks like 900 for this one. It's a little bit more included, and I go into details in a second. This one is 1997. I believe eso to me managing, I think, charged for 97. So it's 500 bucks. This one's roughly thousands from 2000 on, and this is and this is all monthly, by the way. That's a big selling point that you have as a business you charge monthly because there's a little bit more risk involved for you. Is that as a potential business? Because they could, you know, up to not retain your services, obviously, and not continue paying you. But if you do the things that I teach you and you literally bring customers started their doors, they're going to want to keep hanging. Trust me, I'm gonna show you how to do that. We'll get into that in future lectures and how you can provide value to your actual clients . Um, but just to give you an idea of pricing structure, this is monthly because it allows you to get your foot in the door with business because there's not as much risk involved for them. They can opt out eventually. They're not signing a long term contract on you. Basically, you know, you just wanna get your foot in the door so that you can show them the value could provide to them. So these are all monthly. Obviously, brand story is not a monthly payment. It's a one time thing because you only do one brand story for business. Whereas these three are monthly eso brand story. I think I was for 97 to website design is something I just put on here because I'm, you know, good at website design now. And I put this on their here Also put digital consulting for both because this is a hub for all my my services. Basically. So I do this just in general. This is also on you to me, you know, literally across the board for anybody that wants consulting with anything. You know, whether that's even marketing. I had some affiliate marketing Sultan Consulting hours put in last was that last month? It was That goes last month. So whenever people need consulting from me, I literally just just send it to the site and then a book it through here. But this you could put this your consulting on your social media marketing to if you want that way. If businesses don't necessarily want to hire you monthly, they can literally how you by the hour just consultant provide advice them. But I would I would definitely make this high because you don't want to give away all your secrets and basically tell them what you're gonna do for them. I find that a lot of people still won't understand what you're gonna do for them so that they're gonna hire you anyway. But you definitely don't want to charge, like 20 bucks an hour or something ridiculously low, because then they can literally extract all information out of you in a day or so for relatively cheap, and then they'll be able to do it themselves. Eso I would recommend going high with that 62 even 80 you know, price your stuff at a premium, guys. Not necessarily your monthly pack. Just do you want your foot in the door? Obviously. But, you know, press value yourself. If you see you see the value in your services and you see the value in yourself, other people will, too. You just find the right people. That's the guts crucial. So, um, if you know that you can provide value and help these businesses, you know, don't settle for a lesson. You think you're worth website designed something, and I also put on here. You don't have to put it on yours. If businesses you know, potential e commerce businesses, or, like mom and pop shops wanted you know to get on mine. I offered website design services. You know, that was, I think it was 500 or 600 roughly was a flat fee just to create the site. And then it was like I offered, like the first 20 e commerce items for free and anything past that was like plus 20 cents or plus 30 cents or something like that per item, just to give you an idea of my pricing structure. But this is all the the services that offer. It's pretty simple. It's not complicated at all. You can see that, like potentially, If they were looking at the digital innovation package on the quick details, it would take them to a hidden page on my site. You can't find the stage any other place, but clicking that button on this literally goes through all the services that come in this package. You know what we do? We target prospective clients who are looking for your product or service. You guys can all read this. It's pretty self explanatory. You know, I create and manage all their platforms that comes with this package. We post engage or grant organically grow the following they get target advertising campaigns, email, capture, monthly reports and analytics so you can all offer the same stuff. You can monetize it and switch it up a little bit differently if you want. Like I said, this is just giving you examples of what to do. And I'm gonna go into how to do all this in the future. I'm assuming that most of you guys, if you're interested in creating a social media marketing agency, understand how to create content on Facebook. Instagram, twitter, YouTube. Um, if you don't understand how to, you don't necessarily need to know YouTube by any means. It will help. For sure, Really. All you need to know is Facebook and Instagram. I would argue you don't need to know Twitter. Twitter can help slightly. I twitter still great for a lot of different reasons, but I'd argue it's on its way out in the next 5 to 10 years, easily facebooking and screamer, really your two main selling points. And if you're watching this course on your indecision, media marketing and you won't start an agency, I'm assuming that you know how to at least post and engage with people on Facebook instagram structure these the same way, if you want. I don't mind, you know, kind of not word for word, obviously. But, you know, like I said, you can kind of take the ideas and re marketed and not remark it. Sorry and restructure it around. How you want to do it? Basically, you're selling the same thing. You're selling the posting the engagement because, you know, business owners don't want to be, um concerned with that, necessarily. You want to take that off their hands so that they can focus on the things that they do best. And that's that's really your selling point. It's You're gonna take the tedious task of engaging in posting every single day because that's going to slowly build the following so they don't worry about it. And then you know you'll be bringing them clients through that obviously are not clients customers through social media marketing, while they're not worrying about it so that they can focus on the day to day tests of the business or just what they're good at, that's what you're basically going to sell them when you approach them. Ah, but you're gonna be posting an engaging valuable content you're gonna be engaging with the following doesn't take a long time to post that. Engage maybe an hour to a day per quiet max, literally Max like that's the most you should be doing, posting, engaging on. And then, you know you're also if they want to structure a deal around it, you can do targeting advertising campaigns. It's a big up cell. Um, you know, you can set up email capture on their website. Obviously, you can also set up free email capture. If you're there, there are multiple ways to do it. But if you're if you're posting and engaging with a following on the page, you can send out a post that captures. Email is a lot of different things that you can dio, but there's just giving you ideas of what to do. You also see that my up cell ah, package right here how the hyper growth package is a little bit more and granted. You'll notice that I don't have any of my my prices on my Web site. And that's another big thing. This is obviously there's more in here. You know, the CEO. You get influencer marketing, you get a bunch of other stuff here, But you'll notice that. And I would urge you to do this not post year. How much it is on your site. You just want the information there. You want to look good. You want to sell them in person car dealerships through this, the best they know this, you know, they don't sell you over the phone. So if you ever call cardio shipping asking what, What, the specific prices, what they're not gonna tell you and the reason they're not going to tell you they want you face to face. They want to sit down, face the face of you and sell you in person and talk to you in person because they know that they tell you that over the phone. You're much, much muscle, like, less likely to make a purchase from them. If they can get you in the door, get you in front of them in person, you're much more qualified lead and you you're much more likely to make a purchase. So it's the same thing with this, the same type of idea. You don't want to post your prices all over you hear your website? If you don't have to. You basically just want to kind of give the information what you do, how you can help them, and then literally, you'll see him be, say, book now and it's just a contact. It's just another hidden page that's a contact form on my site. It's not, you know, it's not letting them actually purchase it. It's literally telling them to contact me with the packaging service, and I'll get in touch with them, and then we'll go over that because I'm going to sell them on the phone. I want to tell them in person I want to sell them. You know, myself. I don't necessarily want them because trust me, your engagement rates will be ridiculous to be minuscule. If you're trying to do all this from an online website, it's just not gonna work for you. You're gonna have to put some man hours in to acquire clients, and I'm gonna show you how to do that. Don't worry. It's a lot easier than you think. In the next lectures, we'll go over how you can actually acquire clients. It's a lot easier, and I think there are ways to do it digitally from your computer there also, you know, obviously the walk ins and and, you know, face to face and kind of going out and talking to business owners yourself. So don't worry about any of that, but this just over use of the website you don't need a phenomenal website doesn't need to be. You know, all the bells and whistles, but you definitely need a website that that kind of at least at the very least, has your brand on it and kind of explains what you do. It doesn't need be fancy, just doesn't need a list your services and, you know, kind of in part what you do and what you can bring to the table. So that business owner doesn't need an explanation. They kind of know what it is that you do for them and why they potentially should reach back out. 4. 4 Have Your Own Social Media: I really, really want to jump into really fast, you know, growing your own social media marketing agency following. So obviously your prime goal, especially want to get clients, is going to be to coro your clients Social Media Marketing Agency. But there's no reason you shouldn't start growing your own to for multiple reasons. A will give you good practice, which is crucial and be it will give you more social proof inauthenticity in the form of your own social media. So it doesn't need to be anything crazy doesn't mean you need to be anything ridiculous, but you do want to grow it so that you know if if companies check you out and they look at your social media because that's literally what you're promoting them. The fact that you can, you know, market their products and acquire more customers, and sales for them is basically what you're dealing through social media. You're gonna want a social media presence of your own to kind of, you know, sell them on that because they look at your social media and they see that you have 100 followers on Instagram. You know your your social media marketing agency has $100 on Instagram. I'm not hating on $100 or anything like that. But you know what's their incentive to trust that you can do something for their business that you obviously can't even do for your own agency. So you don't need to have thousands and thousands of followers or anything like that. But you do need to have some social media presence. Like I said, it will give you a little bit of practice on how you can get better. And B it will give you a little bit of proof and authenticity so that when they check it out, they'll obviously believe what you're saying. Now you see, here I have my instagram linked. I'm a Facebook link and I have my Twitter link. 5. 5 How to Sign Clients with Walk Ins: we're gonna move into how you can acquire clients, because obviously that's very, very important. And it's probably the thing that I get asked the most, you know, because most people can provide value in the form of social media engagement and posting and stuff like that. And I'm obviously going to get more into how you can provide value to your clients specifically later on. But first, we're gonna dress how you can actually acquire a client, because this is the problem that most people actually run into and get stopped with. So I'm gonna show you really, really fast a couple things before we get into this process. I want to go over. Can va obviously campus a great place where you can You can go and you can, you know, create ads and create, you know, specific posts that look really, really professional. Basically free editing software for social media. So you should definitely check out camera dot com. It's 100% free on Ben. Obviously, another form on and use for Canada will be the handouts that I that I actually printed out and handed to businesses, and I'm gonna go over that in a second with you, so you can use camera for that. Just a little tidbit of information for you there. So check out camp now with business cards, you know, Do you need business cards? You don't necessarily need business cards, but I would suggest it. Uh, and one of the best places, in my opinion, is vista print dot com. So if you're looking for business cards, go to Vista print. No way. Affiliate with them. I just use them myself and you can I think it's like 1000 for 9 99 or something ridiculous like that. So you know, you can't beat that price, So check out this different. That's another great one. But I'm gonna go into the specifics and you can actually see that I've printed out, you know, going through and taking pictures of all this stuff, cause obviously I don't use it anymore, but this is literally the printouts and handouts. Everything that I went through on did when I was going door to door, because the first thing we're gonna go over is how you gonna quiet acquired clients going door to door? Because regardless of what anyone tells you on and we are in the digital age pretty much where, you know, a lot of business takes place online. But I promise you, I promise you I know this from both talking to other people in networking with them and asking, you know, specifically what work for them. And I also know this anecdotally from experience, that this is going to be your highest murder. You know, you're gonna have toe. I'm gonna show you other ways that that work after this online. But you know, the best way to acquire clients in the fastest way to acquire kinds. And I promise you this it's going door to door and speaking with them yourself, show you how to do that and be successful doing it and how to be prepared and the things that you need to do. So you're going to need two things initially, Um, and then obviously you can go through and copy some other things that I've done here. I don't mind if you kind of, you know, like I always say, you can, you know, kind of model your stuff after mine. Just don't copy it. 100% word for word. I'm going to go through this process for you. Pretty in depth. So you get a good idea of how you can be successful door to door because you don't just want to show up to somebody's business and and say Hi, I'm social Media Marketing Agency and have nothing to show for it. You want to be prepared? That's the name of the game. Be prepared. So let me show you how I do that and how I used to Ah, literally go through an implement this process so first and foremost and you can see how just just how, you know, basic my old, um, business cards word. I mean, this is my old literally my old logo before even had a new logo. That's how old these are. So it's pretty funny, actually pulled this off my computer here, but this is an example of the whole business card I had, and you'll notice Let me go in PowerPoint. So you get a better idea. You'll noticed that, um, these a picture of the handouts right here that I used to hand people. I know it's a little sideways, but you get an idea and I'll go over a little bit more in depth in the future. But this is that the printed handout of everything that my business basically did. And, you know, you could find me on there and with my business cards stapled to it. So I literally go hand these out to people and talk to them. You know, whether you're going in the door, you want to obviously, you know, when you're there's always that barrier to entry would like the secretary or, you know, the person that you're walking in this will authenticate you. So a, you know, you get a better shot to have to speak with manager or B. You look widget, especially if you're dressed the part and you have something like this and you hand it to her and your nice You know, she's much more likely going to give this to a manager and, you know, basically say somebody was here for you from X y Z agency, and this is what they wanted. And he's gonna be much more inclined to call you back if you have something like this to hand them. So you're gonna want to be prepared. You don't just want to go in and talk and say that you're from a social media marketing agency or anything like that. You're gonna wanna be prepared and look the part. So I spread these hands out handouts out. You'll see it literally list all the services right from our website. Um, and with my business card attached, um, let's go the next slide. This is literally the binder I used to use. Um, you can see it had a folder and a binder with literally all the printouts. I had multiple ones. So just kind of go through that really fast. Um, you could see I had multiple printouts of, you know, literally Thea the handouts with the business cards ready. And I also had pricing plans ready in case they were interested. So I had a sit down meeting with somebody because that happened on two occasions initially , and I wasn't prepared. And I lost those potential sales because I wasn't prepared. You know, you've got to go in, obviously be prepared to fail, be prepared to get turned away. But, you know, expect, expect to succeed. And, you know, you just might. So I wasn't a pair of those 1st 2 times. I had the sheets. But when I actually sat down to the meeting on this is also if I were, you know, throughout the process, when I sat down for the meeting with the actual guy, he was actually interested the first time and the second time he literally just a shot right to the point. He was really interested. But these were two different businesses, obviously. But the first time the guy was interested in, I sold him on it. But then he asked me about pricing plans and I you know, I didn't have them any of those numbers on on hand, and I basically had to come up with them literally on the spot, and he could tell and that, you know, that didn't sit well with him. And I never end up selling him because of that. So you want to come prepared eso Like I said, you won't have your printouts ready with everything that your service offers. With your business card attached, it's gonna authenticate. You make you look great. And what they're gonna do is when you sit down and talk to them, they're probably most likely going to say all right, I'll think about I'll give you a call. Well, now they have your business card. Now they have your number. They're going to give you a call. But the first thing that they're going to do is they're going to go check that website because your website should be, um, Zoom here. Your website should be on your business card. It's hard to see there, but it is. It's actually on my business card, and it's right there on my hand out. So the very first singer in to do is they're gonna check your social media. They're gonna check your your website and make sure that you're legit. And if you have the business card, you had the hand out and you have the website and social media presence. You know it's going to go a long way to proving that you're authentic. You know that your authentic and your real and your natural company so be prepared, have the handouts, stuff like that. You know, I look professional with binder basically addressed. Well, I went in with that pricing plan ready, and you could see that had basically all three of these things in my binder had the hand out for the the secretary or the manager, Whoever was running the store where the CEO, Obviously, if you get the owner there, if it's small business, that's phenomenal. And a lot of times I realized that, you know, the owner was actually there. You just don't wanna go around lunchtime. But I had that initially. And then I had the pricing plan with literally there were 12 sheets behind that because I wanted to kind of up sell them. And I'll show you what I mean by that. And second. And then I had literally my speech prepared word for word. Now, I didn't recite this. I didn't read it, obviously, cause that's stupid. But I basically studied this for, like, 23 days before I went out and did this and literally had all this practically memorized so I could recite it and it came off authentic. I'll show you what I mean by that. So I'm moving on really fast. This is an example of the pricing plan you already saw. You know, if if it helps you really fast, too kind of Look at this sheet on and you guys come down with this this power going on actually attach this power point. Teoh, this is Lecture five, I believe so attached his Power point lecture five. And you asking print this ad or check this out for yourself. Literally looking model off things that I've done because trust me, this works. Trust me on if you're scared to go door to door Like I said, I'm gonna give you other options too, you know, acquire clients from the computer, But trust me, you're gonna want that that face to face presence you're gonna wanna build report, and you're gonna want to see for yourself, You know, because this is another thing, and I'm going to in a second, but you're not gonna have You're not gonna acquire clients better than going door to door, I promise you. So you're gonna have to I would lead you to get over that fear of, you know, going door to door. The first, maybe 5 to 10 aren't going to go that great. If you're scared, that's fine. Eventually you're gonna get over and you're going to realize, you know, screw this. You know, my fear is holding me back from being successful and landing $1000 a month client and once you realize that and something will quicken you because that's what happened with me too, you know? And you'll realise that that the only thing that is holding you back is the fear. And literally, once I realized that it was like I think was like four or five in, you know, I was nervous the first couple, and then I got through it and I started realizing, You know what? It's just a matter of numbers. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna start talking to businesses. And I talked to about 20 of them and finally like that. I think it was like the 23rd or something like that. I vaguely remember. It was like it was like, mid twenties. I think I landed a client and I was actually surprised I was, But I was prepared to go to 100 1000 businesses and get turned down on. There was nothing like that feeling of signing my first client because I was like, Holy shit, this this really works. I can actually do this and replicate this. And if I hadn't, you know, obviously had some success in other fields, you know, start Khaneqin doing my content creation and and had a successful, you know, Amazon business and stuff like that. I would have probably pursued this and Stein more clients. And that's definitely something that you can dio. But you're gonna need to get over that fear. And another thing is, you have to expect, um, toe win. I say that many times already, but it's the truth. You know, you're going go with the right mentality. Don't go in scared. And like I said, if you have to get over that initial fear, that's totally fine and normal, and it will help you trust me, but go in with mentality of, you know, I want to go in and face to face and see these business owners to, because not only I don't one to pitch them necessarily on, and obviously you're gonna have to pitch them for the most part. But you want to see if they're good fit for you, too. You don't. You're not just, you know, trying to sign their money. You're providing them a service. It's valuable for that money. You should be giving more value than you're getting back, regardless of what they're paying for you for your service, And that's the mentality that you need to have. You need to go in and think about. You know, the fact that and realize that you bring something to the table to you're going to help this business out. It's not the other way around, you know, they're they're basically purchasing a service from you that's going to give them a greater return on their investment. So you're going in, uh, and basically saying, if they're a good fit for your business as well, not just whether or not they want to sign you, but you know it. You'll come off if you have that mentality that will shine through in the interview, and they'll realize that you actually have value to provide. You know, you need to switch your mentality around and basically go in. You'll be ready to pitch them. Obviously, be grateful for their time and stuff like that. But, you know, you're like I said, you're there to see their good. Their business is a good fit for your agency to you know, you don't just want to sign bad clients you were looking for. Somebody have basically partner with, and if you go in with that mentality. You know, it will completely change your perception. Both of you know how you speak and how they perceive you. 6. 6 How to Sign Clients with Walk Ins Continued: What if I told you? You know, I don't know where you are right now, but a lot of people, especially a lot of people that I talked to a networked with, you know, they're in a spot where they, you know, $1000 per month or something like that could literally change their entire lives. You know, that letter could give them the extra, you know, side money that they might need to give him all of this spending money or breathing room. Maybe they pay off some of their debts. You know, maybe that that's that's That's a really, really nice car payment. That's a really it's a pretty decent apartment anywhere in the country. And I'm not obviously in the world. So whatever your reasons are, $1000 a month is only one client. It's very, very possible and very, very easy to sign a client. I'm telling you, you just have to be okay with failure. So if I told you that you had to, you know, you could have $1000 a month. Ah, client paying you recurring $1000 a month. Just This is only one time You could replicate this process. But what if I told you that you could have, you know, $1000 per month client a month from now? For sure, for sure. But there's a but there you had to be okay with failing 100 times 200 times. What would you dio? Would you be OK with that? Would you be OK if I told you and said you were assured $1000 a month client for sure? Because they're out there. There's millions that there's literally millions of businesses in the U. S. And there's, you know, there's millions of business throughout the world. I don't care where you live. You can definitely sign a client. Now, if you live in a poor country, you're gonna want to do you some of the online methods later on it. And I definitely get into that and they're definitely gonna help you out. Trust me. But the same type of thing if I told you that you had to be okay with failing and you had to walk into 100 businesses, you know, 200 businesses and they had to shoot you down every single time. What would you dio? Wouldn't that $1000. Change your life. You know, that's that's the mentality. You have to think you have to be okay with the failure. Once you get past that failure, you will sign a client just a matter of time. Just have to get through the nose to get to the SS. So sorry. Keep saying that. I just wanted part that because that's crucial. Um, and you know, once you realize that you know, successes his limitless, you can literally replicate this over and over again. So moving on, you know, obviously you're in a hand the hand out with the business card attached to whether that's that's the secretary or the gatekeeper. Basically the barrier to entry, Um, or that's manager for sit down meeting if you you actually scheduled meeting. But you're gonna wanna have your pricing plans ready because they're going to ask you if they're interested. They're going to ask, you know about pricing about you know, how much it's going across and you never bring up part pricing until you're ready to make the sale or they've asked their brought it up for you. You know, you're just literally going to want to talk to about what you can do for them. You know, this is what I provide. This is how I can help you this African South problems reduce your costs or teach you You know how toe you know better engage on social media. Like I said that solve problems, reduce costs or teach. You're just going in and you're telling them how you can provide value to their business and make their lives easier. Get them or clients get them more customers, get them more sales. It's a really simple. Then once you've got them on the fence and they're interested, then you bring up the pricing plan if they haven't already asked. So you're gonna want to prepared with that museum in to show you really fast right here. You'll notice that the brand story I actually had relatively cheap this was this. Raised this to about 500 but you can sell it cheaper. Basically, all this is is doing a video trailer, and we went over this before on their ah, about their site about their company. So you're going to put that on whether that's on YouTube, you're starting to YouTube channel to kind of bring them clients online or you're starting Facebook and you want put it on Facebook or Instagram. Whatever the case may be, brand story is basically a video trailer that explains their businesses story to kind of galvanized customers and connect with people. Website design, something I offered you can see here. You don't have to offer that if you're not gonna designing websites. But I did because a lot of companies actually had either poor websites or, you know, Mama pop shops didn't have any websites, and I had that was something I could capitalize on. Then you'll notice that I just offered a social, simple social media management plan. You know, if they didn't want any of the bells and whistles that I go into over here, and they simply just wanted me to post and somebody to take and a lot of people, actually, we're interested in the social media management. But then I got them. I got them talking about the packages and what else I offered. So this was my foot in the door. It's important to have this as a foot in the door on. You're gonna wanna basically important and and tell them that you know basically you're saving them time. You're just simply going to take over their social media management all day, every day, basically post and engage with their customers. And you could set the parameters for this. You're you're gonna wanna post about once a day on on all their social media and engage with their following. And that's simply all days is they don't have to worry about posting and building their audience on social media. You'll bring them the customers basically, by posting and engaging with their social media and building their following in any business owner. If they don't understand the importance of social media and, you know, building following, you could definitely tell them that. But obviously, you know, that's something that they should understand. But you're basically take all that off their hands they don't worry about, so they can focus on what they do best, which is selling, you know, improving the business and stuff like that. So that was my foot in the door for 5 15 months now for 9 50 a month. I guess I thought it was like 99 but I guess I put 9 15 months. I like that better visual innovation. Business package was my starter package, and I have all the information here. That was the second sheet of this handout was my digital innovation package. So if they ask, you know what's different about the digital innovation package from the Social Media Management? Well, this is everything that's different. I literally handed on the sheet and then I would go over with them. This tells him everything I do and why. It's important. Then I also had a hyper growth business packages in my 2000 won plan. I didn't have any 5000 month clients. I don't have any 3000 month plans. I don't have any 10,000 month plans. I simply had these two just my foot in the door. Um, you know, I assigned to clients for 9 50 a month, and I think that other one ended up. I ended up doing a deal with which was basically most of this. But besides, the S E or something like that for 1500 a month or 14 50 or something like that. So I had to clients at 1.1 was 9 50 Gether most 14 50 was pretty good money for basically just engaging with social media and doing what I do every day for my personal stuff. Anyway, um, you know, you just basically saving them time and bring them customers. So this is my digital bit business Innovation package on the hand out, you can see here I literally managed all their social media platforms. You know, I posted engaged, valuable, constant Every day on this set the parameters for everything I was doing. I was organically growing there, following every day, which kind of, you know, helped increase their brand and targeted people. And I'm sure you have do all this later. And, you know, I also read targeted advertising campaigns for them and generated sales through Facebook ads. I also did email captured by setting up email capture on their sites and, you know, by running promotions on both on Instagram by having people basically, you know, tweet their email are not sweet. Wow, basically comment their email or comment a friend or something like that and posting their emails for a chance to win. But I also ran free giveaways where people could literally message of their email in Ondo or submit their email for a chance to win. So the email capture so that that business could market remark it back to those emails, you know, potentially in the future. And I also gave them a monthly report of everything I was doing on and kept track of that now, when a lot of times. And I was also prepared because a lot of times they would say Okay, well, I see you have a 9 15 month package in a 1950 my package. What's the difference? Well, the difference is basically time, and I also added some other things in here that I didn't have in here. And I highlighted them on every single sheet for that. This is what this package gives you that this one doesn't. This is why you should get the, you know, the basically up. So, you know, everything else came with it, but I also took those. Okay, So I didn't I didn't retarget back the Facebook ads. I'd run a campaign for them, but I wouldn't target retarget the demographics that we're working, which basically kind of saved them money in the long run and and gave them or clients for Wes. You know, cost for quick. That's something that's a little beyond the scope of this course. But if you know anything about Facebook ads and I have a Facebook ads course coming out, you know relatively soon, I think already said that first left here. But if it's not already out, it will be out very, very scene to look for that. It will help you do all these things. Um, and I also did a CEO in website optimization for them. I also did influencer marketing and got in touch with influencers that, you know, they could give potentially free products to that would run promotions to their instagram following. And I also did the brand story for them and offered that for them as a potential Upsell. So that came that $350 came in this package, basically with influencer marketing. So SC own website optimization and you know, the retargeting along with the email capture and monthly important analytics. So that's basically that I had my pricing plans. Basically, when I'm trying to tell you is you need to be prepared because it because if you you know, you, you don't want to lose a sale. But by not being prepared. If if there you've sold them and they're ready to, you know, basically invest and see what you're all about by paying you for a month on that first month is very, very important. Gonna want to provide as much value in that first month because that's what's basically going to set your relationship so that they pay you more in the future. Um, you know, if you want to set up a long term contract eventually after that after the first month, that's up to you. I don't recommend doing that because one of the best parts about this business is the fact that them as a business, they are not signed into a long term contract, so there's no risk really involved for them. They can literally just opt out any month. It's a big way to get clients to pay you because they know that they could just stop paying you the next month. If they're not satisfied with your service, you need to keep providing value and keep making them satisfied 7. 7 How to Sign Clients with Walks Ins (Part 3): this is, you know, basically my speech. Um, you see, I wrote a approach template speech for when I got the meeting, and I finally, you know, I set the meeting up with with the business owner or the CEO or the owner whenever it is. Um, you know what I would say? And this is not foremost This is literally kind of in my own words. So this is by no means like a speech. It's literally just, um, kind of in a speech pattern. So I kind of wrote this literally in a talking fashions that I could remember and talk and speak it to them so it didn't come off as formal and prepared. So I'm going to read this to you and basically kind of give you some ideas. You can literally, um, you know, go through. And, uh, you know, you some of this stuff if you want. Like I said, you can print this power for now, will be attached to lecture five, and that, you know, kind of model some of stuff, but if you want, if you want. But this just gives you an idea of how to be prepared for both you know what to say initially had to sell them, you know, by basically like I always talk about either providing value in the form of reducing costs , solving a problem or teaching s so basically what I'm doing here it is. I'm selling them, telling them what I can do for them as a business to make their job easier and get them more customers. So read it to you really fast about what I wrote on. And like I said, this is not formal. This is literally in a speech pattern. So it's literally broken up, kind of like for me to remember and just speak to them. So it starts out. I'm from a local, the local digital marketing agency. And what we actually do is help small businesses like you grow. We'll take the burden of social media posting of your social media, posting on everything off your hands so that you can focus on what you do best. More importantly, will focus on building your online presence through social media and acquiring people, or leads in a very on sale Zewe, which allows you to connect with those people when they don't necessarily have their guard up against the sale will foster that relationship for you. You can potentially acquire them as a long term customer and an ambassador for your brand, through word of mouth or social media shares. What this will do is organically build being organically begin to build your your brand online, which will act both as a free source of advertisements to people that are already highly interested in what you're selling as well as both your brand's image and brand loyalty among those that you connect with and granite guys. I'm obviously gonna keep going the second, but this you know, I'm not prepared. I didn't read this ahead of time, but I would suggest that you do. I literally had this memorized in the past, like like that. Like I could snap of the fingers. I could recite this to you, not word for word, but it was literally in my mind. I might have read this 100 times and rehearsed it 100 times, so I was prepared so I could literally speak this to them on. It didn't come off rehearsed that whatsoever. I'm just reading it to do you give an example of what you can kind of say to sell them and give you ideas that will help you. So, you know, moving on, obviously, to continue on top of the online presence. You know, the posting and engaging and organic building of your following what we really dio this special has in targeted ad campaigns on those networks hands down the most cost effective way to get your product slash service out there is through targeting the right demographics online on social media and then funneling those demographics to your store or wherever. The difference between this and is actually is the actually targeting of specific people already looking for your product and the optimization of ad dollars. So your business is spending less. That's key guys spending less and reaching more people that are opening to that are open to market to making a purchase or coming in. Obviously, I didn't, you know, edit this, uh, or proof. Read this and I definitely should of, For example, you run a nutrition clinic for this. This was obviously, you know, pretty nutrition clinic pitch. So I, uh, looks like I kind of Taylor. That's that. So, for example, you run a nutrition clinic. Normally, you might put an ad on TV, or you might purchase and yelp advertising or whatever with those You're aiming aimlessly spending massive amounts of ad dollars, and you can't be sure that a anyone's even seeing them. Or be if there even a member of the target audience of your product. The major difference with, say, Facebook advertising done right is the ability to target a specific demographic of people in a specific area, say, within 10 to 20 miles of your business that are already searching for products like yours or services like yours. Your ad dollars are optimized for people that are already 10 times more likely to make a purchase because they have an interest in those types of products. The ads aren't wasted on count. Aren't wasting countless dollars on cold traffic that may or may not be interested that you have to guess on basically, And on top of that, you can't track it. I mean, you could definitely show how much I mean you can definitively show how much are why your ads are how here this was sick. I mean, you can't definitively show how much our ally your ads are giving you that has a question mark. It's obviously I'm asking in that. And you can see the little the doctor. Thoughts are open, you know, four speaking in there so that, you know, it's kind of a breaking conversation in case they want to say something that I can respond Teoh. But basically that's me asking them a question on if you don't know what our allies, that's obviously return on investment. So basically, what I'm saying is your aimlessly spending your ad dollars and grant guys, this will come off much more, you know, speech e and better. Uh, when I prepared for it and spoke into a business owner is just giving you an idea toe, you know, obviously reaffirmed that again of what you can say. So basically, I'm asking them, you know, I mean, you can't definitively show how much are why your ads are giving you, can you? And then obviously the majority of them will say no because the majority of them are doing out yelp advertising and stuff like that, and they can't definitively say there are. Why would just scary to them. And I'm bringing that to light. That's exactly the value that you're going to provide to them. And I'm gonna Basically, when they answer, I'm gonna say, because we can We could do the targeting and then we can track it and you can see the numbers for yourself. Actually, I could even show you some examples of how we're building this page from scratch. And then I would show them in the example of the vacation page that I was doing, which is my first client. It was an online vacation network that was basically paying me 9 50 a month to do their advertising for them was really, really cool. And it was getting really high return on investment. Uh, and obviously I'd show them the vacation page that was, you know, with the affiliate marketing. And then it says I share the posts and reach the people of amount spent and then explain that these are also just posts. You know, this isn't even the beginning to really beginning to really running ads, so you can imagine what an ad could potentially do to you. This okay, here, moving on. Also, it's really beneficial to build all your social platforms together so they can piggyback off each one on get the best traffic. They can all kind of be linked, and they have specific positives in the way that they could be used. But this can all be orchestrated over time as we are, or guilt organically build and you'll start to see it for yourself. So basically, what I'm saying there is, you know all this is not gonna happen overnight. I'm gonna start building this organically for use that we can start building the business model of, you know, turning leads through social media and basically what I'm suddenly saying there is I'm gonna set all this up, but, you know, it takes a little bit of time. Uh, we also offer other services along the way as we start building your online presence and you can check them out. And then it says, hand them the paper. And that's when I gave him pricing plan. And granted, this is if they haven't asked for yet already. If they do, then obviously I'm asking for. And that's right here. What separates us is we know we can bring your results and we know we can show them to you . That's why unlike Yelp or any other service. We don't tie you in any long term commitments, and I'm basically talking about the pricing structure of why it's monthly to go back to that CFC here it's per month. This is literally what I just handed them. This paper right here, this sheet, this this handout I'm going over this with them to move on. It says so. Basically what separates us is we know we can bring you results and we know that we can show them to you. And that's why I like unlike Yelp or any other services, we don't tie you into any long term commitments. So we're differentiating ourselves now. We offer monthly packages that you can choose to renew or not. We genuinely believe that we can help your business grow. So can I sign you? Then I go for the kill, I say. So can I sign you up for the digital innovation package? It's funny reading this stuff because this is literally like, you know, I'm a big proponent of getting better and, you know, continually improving. And this is obviously like, you know, years like big a year and 1/2 ago, if if not more so it's funny to read this stuff, but obviously this worked and I was prepared, and that's that's that's the crucial thing, guys, basically, what I'm saying is you have to be prepared if you know what you're going to say. And obviously at the time, I was no pro at this, but I was able to sign to clients, and I barely even tried to do it. I think I think I said, I want to like 23 businesses and I had to clients and it was not difficult at. Oh, you just have to be willing to put the time and put the effort and be willing to help roll up your sleeves and b b. You know, open to rejection and you'll be surprised at how successful you convey. So keep keep going on here. These Air three These were questions right here that's prepared to answer, basically saying that, you know, if they had a question about something specific, then I would answer in this former fashion and gave me idea, you know, a way to be prepared, kind of anticipating that that's the questions they would ask. The first was basically about the base package and and that's going over the base package. OK, so that's our base package. It's only 9 50 a month. Then once you feel more comfortable on you and you like the results, we can either renew you for another month or, you know, up you to the Hypergrowth Month package, which is 1950. And there's no hidden fees, anything that you're welcome to the side month, the month If you're happy with our investment with your investment in our service, Um and then if they asked about the social medium on this is obviously sideways. But you guys from print this out and see this one, I What's it called when I upload this this power point on lecture five. That issue. Remember, lecture five. This powerful will be on. You can literally use all the stuff that I that I put on here, you know, as templates for your own Just don't copy it word for word. Um and the next one is going over the social media management. So they have spot social media management. And then the 3rd 1 I think, is about the last package, you know, depending on what they asked about. I was ready with an answer. So the social media management is strictly social media management will take over your social medium media accounts or create them if they don't exist, so you can strictly focus on what it is that you do best. This doesn't include any of the special targeting ads or lead building or any of the following things that are other packages, um, kind of mold together for your business and put it in the best position to grow and get more customers through your doors. But you can certainly start there if you'd like, and then move up to packages in the future. So basically what I'm saying is, I'm suddenly saying that you know, this is a great package. I can provide you Valley value by taking time off your hands and, you know, building your audience but doesn't. But it's also an up sell subtly by saying like, but it doesn't have all the benefits that the packages have. So basically I never sold a social media management things, but I was a way to get my foot in the door because they saw five month was my based service , but really my based service was digital innovation for 9 50 a month. So then the last one finally is being prepared. If they ask about the other one on, I'd say there are other services that come in the hyper growth package that aren't offered as part of the innovation package. And then it says, highlighted here. You can see that because I literally highlighted all the differences for them. I was prepared in case they asked about it. You know, what's the difference between these packages? Well, it's basically time allocated because my time is important, just like their time is important and obviously not going to say that to them. But I also highlighted, like I showed you previously, all the other stuff that that the up sell package, the highest package didn't off or did offer that the other package did not. Um, and this is highlight and says those types of strategies are unique to the hyper growth package. But more importantly than anything else, it's the time. The more time we're able to put in a really hone in on your target market, the faster you'll see results and more of them so literally with this whole thing, this whole she of paper that I have here. And obviously I wouldn't bring this into the meeting with them, but I would. I brought it around. Just to be prepared is basically me saying that Listen, I know what I can provide for you. It's It's basically my sales pitch to them, and you need to be prepared with a sales pitch. Not just, you know, this will give you some good ideas, not just basically telling them what you could do for them and selling them on your service but being prepared for when they ask you questions because they're going to ask you questions. So you put yourself on the other side of the table. I assume that you're pitching to yourself and you're the business owner. More that somebody's pitching to you. Your service near the business owner. What would you ask yourself? What kind of concerns would you be put? Put yourself in their shoes so that you were able to understand their perspective and break through the barriers. So I knew that, you know, potentially, they would ask me, why would they pay 1950 a month when they could just pay 9 50 a month. And, you know, I was I was ready. Highlighted with a difference in the services. Well, this this is what this author's you. You know, basically I was prepared, and that's what I was trying to stress to. You wanna have a speech ready? You wanna have, you know, a plan in place for when you go into the meeting. You don't want to be caught off guard. And I guarantee you, if you if you implement all these strategies and you're ready And like I said, you can print out and use all these as templates, you will sign a client. Just It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when and how Maney knows you have to get through to get to that. Yes. 8. 8 How to Sign Clients Through Email: so just kind of go through three email templates with you first and foremost. And this is something that I want to go over because they get a lot e mails from people and you want to keep them short and sweet to the point. Um, and first and foremost, you wanna I'm gonna go over to that is gonna get responses really fast because the best way to do it is either to give value first or kind of lead with a question to get the person to respond, because you get them to respond. You know whether it's business center, whether it's the manager, whether it's somebody running the store. If you get them to respond, they're much more likely to continue responding rather than if you send them one long email or something, explaining initially where they can just, like, kind of ignore it and say that didn't receive it or just not open it or whatever the case may be. So I'm gonna need you, you know, obviously putting the business name in the subject and these top ones will be the subject. And then this will be the body of of your thing of your email What? You're gonna want to send their business name in the subject for all the templates to get their attention, Kind of obviously bringing to light that you know who they are, but you're gonna want to keep them short and sweet. For the most part, the 1st 2 are gonna be just trying to get responses so that you can kind of go in and tell them what you dio and offer to set up a meeting with them or their owner because you're gonna want to get them in person. You can't sell them over the over the computer with it. This with any of these, really, you're gonna have to go sit down in person. But these are just two techniques, and I'm gonna teach you with emails and the digital audit to kind of avoid the process of going door to door and getting rejected over and over again. But like I said, that's something you should get used to, regardless. But these two methods will really just get you meetings, which will obviously be higher converting. So you have to go through as many businesses. You can let it just go to a couple and hopefully one will sign. Um, so first informers, we're gonna keep them very, very short time. We're just gonna get responses over these 1st 2 So this first email template is Hey, and they're gonna put the business name and in the subject line to kind of get their attention, show that, you know they are. But then it says, I'm hoping I'm not. I hope I'm not bothering it. Would you mind referring me to whoever is in charge of your and then put their business name in their instagram page Facebook page? Twitter page? Whatever the case may be, you're gonna throw that in there. What? Basically what you're doing is you're putting instagram twitter. You're putting the social media on a pedestal, basically saying that this is important and you should have somebody that is in charge of this. It suddenly says, you know and puts it up there. That basically says this is important. Um, because a if they do, then you can obviously they'll refer you to that person, and then, you know, you can talk to them or if they don't, that's really what you're looking for, because then they're basically gonna be thinking. Well, what do you mean? Like I do this or, you know, way have one of our our you know, sales associates do this or something like that. It's We didn't think it was that big of a deal on. They're gonna start questioning. Why should somebody be in charge of this? Maybe we should have somebody in charge. Is your suddenly saying a lot of things in this in this email, But really more important, what you're trying to do is you're just trying to get a response out of them is that they're more inclined to respond to you in the future. Then thanks to your time in your name, the second email template. And like I said, these are your vetting these businesses. You're not just sending amount massive amounts to mass businesses. Hey, business name again. I'm sorry to trouble you. Would you be so kind as to tell me who is in charge of your and then their business name in the social media page? It's the same exact thing. Same exact process, just different template. You're trying to get a response out of them basically saying that social media is important and somebody should be in charge of it and then thank you for your time in your name. Now they're one slightly longer, but still short. And that's crucially. Don't want to be too too long. Your first email. You know they're not going to read. It looks like I have a spelling error here that's supposed to be a to email template. Three is basically a little bit longer, basically kind of giving them this feel but keeping it short and it says, Hey and then business name again. I hope this email finds you Well, I'm reaching out to you because I noticed that their business name obviously doesn't have a and for media page yet. Um, my company and then put your company name in actually runs social media pages or whatever it is Facebook page if they don't have a Facebook page and instagram page, if they don't have an instagram page, you know, obviously you can fill those in. My company actually runs, you know, social media pages for businesses like yours. In doing so, we create a closer bond between customers and your business, so basically tells him what you do, and this is obviously once you vetted and figured out that they don't have that page yet on then says looking forward to hearing from you. And then you were named. But I just want to go for some email templates that you can use too cold email businesses to get responses because you don't want them to be to home. You are looking to get responses because getting responses means that the bunch people sorry they'll be much more responsive to, you know, responding and giving you information in the future and potentially setting a meeting so you don't want just want a cold email with a long email short, sweet to the point, looking for a response. 9. 9 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits: I'm gonna show you how to do digital audits on these can take a little bit of time, or you can shorten them. I'm gonna show you how I do it basically, and I'll run you through the process. Essentially, what this is is your providing value. First, you're sending this to the business. You're you're going to spend about half hour if you get good at it, you know, to about an hour potentially auditing a business and sending it to them. You're providing value first, and that will get your foot in the door. Because when they see that, they that you know, all this stuff and you know you're providing value to them, uh, in in the form of a digital, you know, social media audit. Essentially. Then they'll be much more inclined to listen to your pitch and, you know, seek a meeting out with you because they need to fix all this stuff. You're bringing all this stuff to their attention. Basically, you've gotta look through literally. This is one that I did for a business back in. Looks like this is almost a year ago. So wow. Eight air over. Yeah, Almost a year ago. So and literally about a year ago. 8 11 16 So this is where it was a year ago. Still doing this stuff, you know, I was making decent money and it so I kind of started. And this was probably right around when everything started to pick up for me and I stopped . But you can see, you know, it's not Look at what? How far Coming a year. You can definitely do this. You can easily easily do this just to put the work in. Eso. Basically, what I'm doing here is I'm gonna show you gonna go through the process of showing you how you can perform these audits. You know, some sites that you can use to do this and then literally, you're just gonna give them tips on how they how they can improve. You know what they're doing? Well, obviously, because you do want to provide value and tell them what they're doing. Good. You know, you're not just gonna want to go in to a meeting or two, you know, an audit and basically say this is everything that you're doing wrong because that's not gonna work. If you know anything about you know, Social Dynamics and one of the best books that I've ever read. Still to this day, and everybody talks about it and put it. But they talk about it for a reason is you know, Dale Carnegie's how to win friends and influence people. And if you know anything about how to win friends and influence people, you know, you know that basically, you want to make the other person feel good, you won't provide value to them. And the way that they feel is how they're going to associate you the way that you make them feel basically on you make them feel important. That's what they're going to associate with you, you know, feelings up. Goodness, you know, stuff like that. So you don't want to make them feel small. You don't want to make them feel good initially by telling them. Look, you're doing collection. It's good stuff, but, you know, notice how I don't say cons. You know, your this is what you doing wrong. You need to fix this. I'm just saying potential areas of improvement, you know, bring them to your attention. So if when you go into a meeting, you don't want to sit there and say, This is what you're doing wrong. This is what you're doing wrong. This is what I can do for you. You want to say, you know? Well, these are all the things that I can provide for you, but really, I want to know clearly you're doing something right, because your business is functioning. You know, I want to listen to you. I'm gonna figure out, you know, combined your expertise and partner with you and figure out you know what is working with you and, you know, potentially areas that you feel like you could improve on so that we can address them. You know, we're working together. Um, you want to talk them up and make them feel good? You don't want to just put them down. That's not gonna work for you. Trust me. Um, so moving on really fast to show you the process here, we'll just go to we'll go to Google or find a business like this. Really fascinating. Show you ways to do this in the next couple sections. But just to show you really fast, you know, we'll find one will find a business that we can on it. So Google, I think it is dot com. And you know what? Let's go yelp Help! Three spaces. Watch this video. I think it waas And depending on where you are, you don't need to do this. But I'm gonna do I'm close to Philadelphia. So we'll do Philadelphia, Um, nutrition, Just good nutrition. And what this is going to do is basically, if you know anything about any of my search engine optimization, you know, lectures any my other courses or any of my email, marketing stuff or affiliate marketing stuff. Basically, search engine optimization is crucial. You know, you're and you're gonna want to know that you know, both to rank your site in search engines, but also to utilize search engine, see your advantage so that you can use them to find what you're looking force. Basically, what I just told Google is to find sites on Yelp that that have videos that are located, You know, that talk about businesses that are located in Philadelphia, that deal with nutrition. So we're gonna open this one. We'll see what this one looks like. And this is this is a way that you confined businesses that could potentially to your service. But I go into that and free future lectures. I don't know why I'm speaking in, like, syllables instead of words. You can find that in future lectures that work better. Um, all right, so this is seven reviews. Still fairly new that you know nothing about Yelp. That's pretty. Uh, it's pretty low. It's in Lambertville, New Jersey. So it's a little far away, but it's decently close. Um, this looks like a car place. I don't know why. It's Yeah, Health of Heath Services. That's strange. Attempted nutrition, health sources, Indianapolis This is an Indianapolis. But if you know, if I would sense they have a an office in Philly. So check this one, uh, three reviews You don't, and you want to make sure that they don't have like, a two star rating because you're not gonna want to do a business. You're gonna want to promote a business. That's a bad bad rating on any any site. So you're gonna want make sure that they at least have a decent rating. This one doesn't have a video, so that's definitely something you could do. You could open up with them on do a brand store brand story for them. You're also gonna want to basically look for two things, and this is crucial. You're gonna want to either make sure that their business is message herbal or that they have a on any other social media if it's linked that they have someone to message because you don't want to go through the process. And I did this twice, I think back in the day you don't wanna go through the process of actually filling out the audit and spending half our narrative of your time just to realize that you can't message them. So you want to make sure first informs that their message, a ball and the way that you do that is a that you confessed Emmanuel, which most people you can and be that if you find them on social media or they have a website and it doesn't look like this, this particular business has a website must This is it. Okay, so they do. So they do have a website, um, urine will make sure that maybe have a contact on their website. And what I would do is I would message them on yelp. Once I'm done with messages audit on on Yelp, I wouldn't message them on their contact. It's potentially on their business so that multiple people are seeing it and bring it to their attention. You also notice that they have social media and these were things that you're gonna want to be paying attention to what you're looking. I mean, they have a pretty decent website here. We're gonna check their social media to see if, um, you know, they could use some improvement. They definitely could use some improvement. Only about 455 people, 420 have good reviews, so that's good. This is definitely a potential business that we want to target. You could obviously messages on social media, so that's cool. So we could send additional audits them on social media, have a twitter. Looks like they have linked in Google Plus and YouTube, which is great, but they don't have an INSTAGRAM should definitely have an instagram. So that's something that you could bring to light and digital media audit on Twitter. They have a decent following, but they could be better. Let's check their engagement August July, so they have decent engagement that they could be posting more on and they don't get or they have decent posts, but they could be in posting more, and they don't get that much engagement. Eso that's crucial. Those are things you're gonna want to bring to light to check their engagement on Facebook . June 22nd 27th is the last time they posted. So that's something you definitely want to bring forward. They're not posting enough on Facebook, you know, stuff like that. These are things that you're gonna wanna look for so that you're gonna be taking over there . Basically, what you're doing is you're saying you're gonna you're gonna be taking over their social media to continue to grow their audience and bring them more customers and more traffic on their ways that you could do that. But that way you can post every single day, and they're not. They don't worry about that. So does look like the actual posted in August. That was a pan post, but still, I mean, August 4th I was five days ago. They should be posting more than that, and they get decent engagement for a small, a smaller, small company. But they could be getting better. These are all things that we're gonna I'm gonna probably audit. This business will show you how out of this business they have. YouTube. But they have no subscribers. That's definitely something I could help him with so I could get them on YouTube a little bit more kind of grow their audience on YouTube. I could also grow their audience on Facebook a little bit, and we could create an instagram for them. So I'm gonna go in, and I'm actually gonna audit this business really, really fast. You could do it in depth on gonna walk you through the process that I used to audit this business. But this is how we found them. Basically on Yelp you can search through Yelp and, you know, crawl through Google on and I'm gonna show you how to do that in the future. And future electricity when you're looking for businesses and identifying business is kind of like I just did to that might potentially need your services 10. 10 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 2): so I will be auditing this business that we just pulled up really fast. It was health source of indie. We're health health source of Indianapolis. So we found them on yell. So this is really cool because you don't have to go door to door to do this. But you do have to put in a little bit of time ahead of time to give value first. And this is effective because you're like I said, giving value first to them. And you're also demonstrating your expertise and you know, things that that you can identify basically that you know, they could improve upon. And you're basically saying, You know, I understand that you can improve upon this subtly. Of course. Um and I'm gonna help you do that. Basically, if you know, if you you, you know, hire me a central. You know, you're not gonna necessarily ask for the higher and give the value first and then you know , you'll notice that I need to just rough numbers. If you send out about 10 of these, you might get like 3 to 4 responses and potentially set up one interview. And that was roughly the numbers that I had to go through. I guess so. Your this is a little bit different. Um, you know, your not necessarily your you're gonna be giving, you know, about 1/2 hour to an hour of your time, depending on how good you are at at it. And I'm gonna actually go through this one really, really slow with you guys to show you the process. You got five sites here that I use to reform the digital audits that you can also use that will help you in their own 100% for free. Eso localizer yet ext up City s your report card speed test in ECM Rush. And they're all going to help us perform this digital audit. Now, you're not going to necessarily use them all. Um, specifically, depending on, you know, each business is gonna be slightly different. I'm gonna actually excited this one right here, because I have it in front of me were accepted this and you'll notice that I actually have the temple it up because I know obviously built this this template so I could just literally just bang them out like 123 I would sit here and literally bang out like 20 to 30 in a day and send them off and hope to get get a meeting. And that's that's really what it comes down to. You gotta roll your sleeves up. You got to get to work and, you know, put the work in. You're gonna get the client is just a matter of time. So we're gonna run through this one really fast. First and foremost, we're going to check their Facebook, their instagram, their twitter and just kind of basically put their profile name. Just kind of basically tell the business that, you know, we know who they are. We see their pages and we know how many followers they have, So it's very, very simple. I'm gonna go to so many things up here, ex out of this. Ah, we are going Teoh, go to their Facebook first. So their Facebook profiles Health source of Indianapolis. They have 455 people that like it. So we're going to simply 4 55 Was it health health source of Indianapolis? I don't even know how to spell Indianapolis. That's sad. It's especially sad because I live in the US Um, OK, so their Facebook and I will go to their Twitter. They have 419 followers. Health source of indie That's instagram. It's in the I think that's what it waas source of indie. And when I say that is 44 19 right, I think that's what it waas so decent, you know, for business, especially a small business, but could be better. So there's definitely things that we can improve upon now. Like I did bring to your attention to, um, activities for a second. Uh, we they have a YouTube, but they have no subs on. They barely have any videos. This is definitely especially with something that I have an expertise in, something that I could definitely help them with. But for the purpose of this digital audit, And if you want to throw in your digital audit, you can definitely throw it. Ah, column in here. I'm not gonna do it just for demonstration purposes. You can definitely throw another column here for YouTube. You know, you could throw another common here for Google. Plus, it depends on what you want to dio. I just kept it simple with these three because the majority of my businesses that I went after didn't have YouTube's, so I didn't I just didn't throw it in there. But you can to it. If your business does, just simply add another cone or another row and you know you can You can do that. But I'm going out of this for for now. If I was really ought to be in this business and I'm obviously really going on in this business for you, like for demonstration purposes. But I'm not going to send this to them because, you know, I don't I don't do this anymore, necessarily. I just don't have the time for another client. Otherwise, I would have kept my other on someone X out of this for the time being. But if I were really auditing this obviously would keep it. Now, this is important. We identified that we don't have on should have grabbed there you are else. Much just pretending I grabbed there you or else because I don't want to waste time. And obviously that's something that you don't need explanation on, um profile name when we noticed that they didn't have an instagram. So this is crucial. We want to basically say not available. They're gonna notice that. And basically, what we're subtly saying is that they should have an instagram. We noticed that they don't have an instagram. So now the very first thing that we go through is Facebook. We're gonna analyze their facebook. Now, how do you analyze their facebook? You analyze Facebook with, like, allies? Er all right. Now, basically, we're gonna go back to their their Facebook, and we're gonna post their Facebook. And this is the same thing that you guys, you're simply gonna post the URL until like Leiser and it's going to analyze their page. And then I put observations. Correct? I did. Yes. So this is what I like to do. You don't have to be exactly like Ideo and I'm gonna go through the process of exactly what I dio. You can model it after me. You can simply copy it if you want to. It doesn't bother me. Obviously you're not able Copy this word for word because every business going to be different But you can copy process 100% if you want. That does not bother me. Okay, So you see here like allies or just analyzing their their Facebook. They got swept 69 out of 100. So it's decent, but it's not. It's not good. And you'll see here that that localizer literally recommends things that they can dio, you know, ask more questions to their fan published post more often that something we identified that they don't publish enough, you know, they they should be more engaged with their audience. Review the length of their post as business partners, customers, friends open your page and let Okay, So what I basically dio is I go down here to this thing right here to the average rank. It's kind of it kind of looks cool. I'm gonna just take snip open. There's a tool you can use. Nippon PC. I'm sure there's a toll on Mac. I don't know what it's called because I don't have a Mac, but you can basically just take a screenshot of this little right here and simply come here and paste it in. I'm gonna make it square, so nothing so I can type around it. Ah, and then I'm simply going to just hop down here. Why is it so big? All of a sudden should be 12 right? A weapon. This is gonna be a long process. These these these lectures to time demonstrate this, But But this. Trust me, this is the most effective way to sign clients from your Peter because you're demonstrating about you first. That looks like we're good now, so I basically basically just, um, just basically toys posted that in it kind of looks cool. Kind of looks like, you know, I know what I'm doing. So I posted a infographic for them. Kind of makes me look official. I'm gonna come back and basically what? I'm going to deal with them in a list pros and cons. And I'm simply gonna take them from this page and also give some insight to them. And I might even take some other infographics off this page to, like, you know, if they had something bad here, Um, you know, we could say ah didn't really have to too many bad things. They haven't 5% almost 6% like her. If that's pretty salad likes, you know, for 55 is not great. But it's not terrible that I've seen businesses with a lot, lot worse, um, posts per day, like What I'm saying is you could basically if they had a bunch of red access here, which it kind of looks like they dio you could simply take a snip here as well, if you wanted and post that to I'm not going to for this specific example. All I'm simply going to dio is just come back in and go pros now, pros. I'm gonna good quality pictures on page is easy to find and on website Ah, see what else? They have a good day of location of the business and you can book now, so it looks like they do all their stuff. Is there good info? Location of the business. And you can book now from the site? Yeah. Formation. Jesus in formation is president and location is on Facebook page. Um, you can It's easy for customers, too. Look now from Facebook, stuff like that, I'm not gonna continue to go. You know, maybe I would say something like great, great business foundation, uh, with a lot of potential for growth. Something like that kind of subtly says like you're doing a lot of good things, but you could do a lot of better things to, and I can help you with that. Now, I'm gonna say not negative areas for potential improvement, and we'll go through those really fast. Now, what could they potentially improve on? We could either go through and physically look at potential things that they can improve on . Um, you know, they could post more frequently. They'd actually post 22 hours ago. Remember when we looked at it before they hadn't post, But before that, um, it was 22 hours before that. It was August 4th. So it been about roughly six days, maybe a little bit less, so they could post more frequently. That's definitely something. And I think that was something that localizer analyzed to, um But you could also just simply go in and, you know, copy and paste some of these if you really want to do it fast. But there won't be as much of a specialized in, you know, human eyes touch. But if some of these things that don't sound the best, you know, ask business partners, customers and friends become fans, that's that's pretty obvious. So I don't never put anything like that. But, you know, you can if you want to you. I'm gonna basically say, um, post more frequently because that's a potential area for improvement. Um, see what else we can find. Its final two more just just frequently. And I would I would you know, you don't want to go crazy here, but you definitely want to give, like, three or 45 Because if you're basically not telling them that they can improve on things, you know, what do they need you for? So you're kind of subtly saying, you know, this is your doing the rich guy, but like you could be doing a better job. And here's why. Um, if I was doing another pro, I would say they have good reviews. That's obvious. Something else that they can improve on. They're also hashtag so that's good. You don't want to abuse it on Facebook, so that's definitely a potential heir of improvement. Too many hashtags hashtags are more relevant on Twitter and Instagram, for sure, you know, you definitely do want to be hashtag 11. 11 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 3): basically where we left office. We're looking through here for negatives that we could basically negatives about what put it, potential areas that they could improve on. Now we got they obviously a post more frequently. You know, we went through the pros, and now we're looking for areas of improvement, basically, like I was saying when it cut off the hashtag. So that's a good thing because you know, you want to be hash tagging. Basically hash tagging on Facebook is known as geo tagging. Geo tagging is Is it Will anybody that's relatively within the area, especially if you're a restaurant? It's very relevant, not necessarily for other things all the time. But, you know, if they hash tag certain things, people that air within a certain location that are, you know, potentially searching that hash tag will notice them, Uh, you know, on Facebook or, you know, instagram Twitter, whatever the case may be. But, you know, you don't want to be abusing Facebook cash Facebook. I don't know what Facebook is, but you don't want to be a big using Facebook Hashtags. Um, you know, one or two, maybe three, max. But this product, too many So that's something I would definitely say. Um, you know, I would say, uh, you know, use of hashtags is good, but too many can distract Ah, hours from posts in granite. Um, you know, it's obviously better to hash tag too many than not hashtag at all. But, uh, you know, we're looking for potential areas of improvement now. Another thing that that I always like to shekhar their links, you know, do their links work? Do they have, ah link to their website and it looks like they do so let's see if it works. It does. So that's another pro that you could add that there were links work. Now this is we're just working on their Facebook page now. We're not working on anything else, So that's what we're focused on right now. Um, looks like they're they're number that's gonna be relevant later on. Not see. It says they have an instagram feed, but they don't. So that's strange. What does it look like? They do have an Instagram hs Indianapolis? Let's check that. We couldn't find it in stream, and it's not linked on their sites. That's definitely definitely something that ah, we want to yet and sometimes not here that we want to bring up. What was it again? It was ah hs Indiana less hs. Was there an underscore there? No hs in the I don't even know what that's how you spell Indianapolis. Okay, so they do have an instagram and they only have 264 followers. So actually do have an inspiring but they don't get great engagement on Instagram. They could definitely get better. Definitely something that we could help them with. Because instagram, if your your business in 2017 and you don't have an instagram, you're doing something seriously wrong. So this is something that we can definitely help them with, You know, in streams, one of the best lead generation magnets on online eso I can personally help them out with this for sure. Just posting and getting more engagement, you know? And I can also hook this up to my software which doesn't cost me anything, uh, and basically grow their following so it would help them because it would generate them or leads. They also if I was doing their instagram before, which I'm going to do later now that I actually realized that they haven't instagram. So let's throw that on there. Um, mistake of this. I'm not gonna actually throw there. You are Ellen here. But I would. We said they had to To 64 to 64 uh, and well, to 64 hs in being a Bullis Annapolis. Don't. Even though that's how you spell it. But I don't care. Obviously, if I if I was really sending us them, I would check that, um, now moving back down. Now that there's a huge because those air big selling points that I can basically bring to their attention that say that I can help you with this. You know, I could hook this up to my software. I'm not gonna tell them that, obviously, but I can basically guarantee them, you know, about 100 to 200 to about 500 extra followers every single week. And that's definitely something myself. Work and bring them. I'm not gonna tell them that, obviously on you know that something will go over later and how you can get your owns offer very, very cheaply. But, you know, or you could just simply manually do it if you didn't want to actually download software. But, you know, this is something that's a big generation magnet that, you know, they should obviously be using their bio Inc. Which they're not, and they don't have one, and there follow account is very, very low. Granted, they post decent decently on instagram. But, you know, they could be improved on that. So back to Facebook, we'll get to that eventually. Um, we're going to check some there weighing, See here. See if we can make an appointment. Does not look like we can't. Okay with your health appointment. Okay. So that you can videos that you have videos. I would venture to assume that this girl probably runs there. Their instagram she their their their social media. So that's an easy up sell, because she obviously works there. You know, you could easily take that off her hands, see if they have any testimonials. If they do, it doesn't load very fast. Come on, come on. I'm gonna assume that they don't have any testimonials. So that's definitely something that you could do to You could offer them, you know, to go out and find testimonials for their brand story. So That's definitely something that you could That's another Upsell something that you could bring to their attention that you could help them with that. It's basically what a digital audio this is. You're looking for things you're identifying things that you can help them with. And trust me, even if you you go face to face and door to door with clients, you're still going to digitally audit their business when you're done, you know, so you can figure out what you can help them with. The difference is you're not sending it to them ahead of time. You're obviously already talking to them and potentially signed them. But you're gonna audit their business anyway to figure out places that you can help them with. So this is relevant, you know, Regardless, it doesn't look like they have any testimonials that are loading. So I'm gonna put that up here. I'm going to say no, no testimonials, testimonial. That's definitely something that we could bring to the attention. They should have a couple of those for sure, especially if they have one up here. They should either not have this tab or, you know, puts them on there. So that's definitely something we could get done for them. We could record its couple testimonials. They don't have any contact information. That's strange. Can't connect on the contact page. It's definitely something else. We should put contact page. We'll just find one more. You're not. You're not gonna spend hours and hours here, but what you are doing is you're just looking for ways in which you can help them. And another great thing is they have. Here you go. You have there their message. So this is definitely something that we that we're gonna want for later because, you know, we're gonna probably message them on Facebook. If I was gonna actually send this into them, I would measure the message of the digital audit to them on Facebook with a little paragraph explaining what I did. I would also email it to them. I would also send it to them on yelp like we talked about and I would probably d m them on instagram. And you can't I don't believe the end on Twitter if you're not friends, but we're following each other. But I would definitely do instagram. I definitely do Facebook. I would definitely email them and are definitely message them on Yelp. That's four avenues for them to get it seen, you know, for people that are potentially going to see it and bring it to the to the owner or the CEO on will be talked about. And then hopefully we'll reach back out to you, um, locations home. Let's find one more. I'm just going to simply say, um, you know, lack of interaction with other local businesses. You know, they could be networking with other businesses and do, like two for one on their pages, and that could definitely help them. They shouldn't be running promotions. You? No, no. Maybe, Like no evidence of emotions on and lack of interaction with other local Jesus businesses. I was up late last night helping my girlfriend moved, so I apologize from a little slow today. Uh, okay, so now, moving on, if you wanted to, this would be a perfect spot to throw that. You know, if we were pulling that snip up, this is the perfect spot to throw the like analyzer separate here afterwards. Um, I'm not I wouldn't do this in a specific example, but just to kind of show you I'll do it. Um, you know, it's just kind of authenticates you makes you look like you have software that can analyze this stuff. You know, they probably I would venture to say, don't know about this. So it looks like, you know, you've pulled to infographics up of your obviously running, analyzing your analyzing their their site. You have put your own, you know, specifications and and, uh, you know, potential areas, improvement suggestions and, you know, stuff that they're doing good paucity of two infographics. It just makes you look legit. And then basically, obviously recommendations you would simply through the same thing. You would basically say, you know, summarize everything here. So you'd say, you know, post more frequently, you know, use Hashtags, but But on Lee, you know, to Max, you don't want toe deter customers away or potential studies have been shown. This is actually true, Teoh that, you know, customers get deterred and, you know, kind of slightly put off from too many hashtags. It just doesn't come off authentic. You know, one or two suggested on Facebook, not 10 like they have eso that whoever is posting on the Facebook obviously doesn't know that, um, you know, set up a testimonials page, which is definitely service that you provide. You can say that you know, they should potentially look into interacting with other local businesses to to trade potential clients and customers that are in that niche, stuff like that. You're simply just recommending and summarizing there. So I'll just leave this. We'll go back up right here, and I'll just assume there's no reason Teoh literally go through and re type all that stuff because you asking kind of do that on your own? Um now we're going to start with Instagram. It's two grand, and I always actually I'll make this a little bigger usually, and like, underline and bold it because it's a new section. But you know, I won't go to crazy just for the demonstration. You guys can obviously format this whatever you want. This was all the Facebook exception, so you'll see Facebook was. It was like bold underline. It should be a little bit bigger, kind of identifying that that's a section than Instagram's, a section because we're literally just gonna go through and talk about Facebook on Instagram and Twitter, and then we'll move on to their, you know, their speed, their website, stuff like that. So this is basically a digital audit and granite. I'm going very, very slow to kind of explain these things to you guys. But you know, you can obviously you know some of that yourself. So instagram if it wasn't available, I usually saying, Oh Seong from my digital it's not available or Twitter wasn't available. I'd say, you know, it's not available, so I would go, like, not available. You know, Dash Instagram is and tell them why it should be available. It would be a great platform to launch your for your business. You know, it could be used specifically, engage with more people that, like blank that, you know, on a different platform that might not, you know, otherwise. See you want on Facebook or Twitter, you know, would be a fantasy fantastic showcase for your business because that's basically what wouldn't scream is it's a showcase for their business. It's literally picture. It's a picture site, you know, it's fantastic, you know, and I basically summed it up by saying like, you know, pictures speak 1000 words, you know, especially pictures of, you know, your services and how that how they can help potential clients stuff like that. You know, you basically just want to tell them in about a paragraph why they should having Instagram or Twitter or Facebook if they don't have that which obviously went into the end of your digital audio, which basically say you offer all these services and they're interested in hearing more about it to basically you know where they can reach you, whether it's your email, your phone number and you're basically gonna send a bunch of these out and hopefully you'll get a call or two back. 12. 12 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 4): Okay, So we're gonna go through and actually audit their instagram now. Very, very easy. You know, you can take some. You could take a snap if you want. I wouldn't. There's no actual tools, you know. Yeah, Ext up city. All those other ones that I listed in the Power Point actually are not for instagram there simply to run, you know, overall in the business, you know, to run on the website and stuff like that. Eso I'm not actually run that on their instagram or anything like that. But what I will do is I will offer them insights into what I feel like they can prove upon eso what I'm basically gonna go to. I'm gonna go back to Instagram and come down here to pros and we'll go. Some pros there follow counts, is more than their followers. They shouldn't be following that many people if they don't only have 264 followers. That's not a good look. I'm not going to say that, but that's just my personal opinion. So they have decent post engagement. Um, they should probably come up with see their facebook page. They dio That's you know, I don't like that will go personally, but that's just me. Um, looks like I could do that logo in photo shop. That's how bad that looks. But that's none of my business. Um, let's see. I'm gonna say that ratio I'm gonna just cause I'm looking for for you know, that they use of videos and you could find some other ones. I'm not gonna go through an ad pros. It's easy to find prose for the business you're gonna find, like, 3 to 4, maybe five things you don't. You're not. Soon will bring negatives to their attention what I'm trying to say and things that they can improve on. You're gonna want to be basically given the paddling back to say, you know, you're doing some things good. You obviously understand the importance of it. But you know, you you could be doing better things to improve engagement and and, you know, potentially get more customers through their doors and stuff like that. So that's what you bring it to the attention basically, So I'm not gonna go into areas of improvement. And like I said, I'm just going through this So you guys get an idea of things that I would look for, um, and how you can look forward to. So, like we said, areas improvement, you know, they're there. Follow ratio. So follow follower fishy. Oh, my God. Ah, Engagement on the posts. I don't like you Come back to that post engagement. Ah, I'm not sure what this is, but that's terrible. They will be giving. They just posted a we saying that they've been away. But that's see, this is something that they can improve their posts because nobody if they post it simply, somebody scrolls down. Nobody's even gonna know that a necessarily. They posted this and be what it is Unless they read the description. You want it to be easy to understand, especially on Instagram. What the picture is for, like, this one right here is kind of self explanatory. This one right here, some kind of self explanatory there, obviously celebrating something, you know, last day. So that's that's somewhat cool. Not sure what this is or that this is pretty self explanatory with summer barbecue package . But this is just that they could improve some of these posts here like this Post is it's not. There's no point to it. It's not relevant. They should improve some of these and they get better post engagement. So somebody scrolling down, Yeah, it's great that they're doing a giveaway. That's phenomenal. I totally 100% behind that because that can definitely get generate engagement. But look, they only got three likes on this because nobody probably even knew were understand that they were doing it. Give away, you know. So they were giving six away. But, you know, if nobody's aware of that, you know it's not. It's not gonna do anything for your business. So I would probably take this picture in the camera and say, You know, free giveaway or something like that on it. And if you don't know canvas, I went over that before. It's basically a you'll notice that I think this is yes, so here's better. Better view of it. You'll see that these are some of the things that I've done in the past. You can literally just kind of pull pull pictures up and, you know, basically it looks. It looks. What's it? What I'm trying to say? Professional. You can edit them professionally. You can put text on top of the pictures and overlay it. It's very easy to use camera. It's free eso like what I would have done, basically, as I would have opened up a picture off that that of the, uh, this right here and then I would basically, you know, overlays and text on it so people knew what What the relevance of the picture was Not necessarily just a picture of a weeks has nothing to do with their business. And people aren't going to know that this is giveaways. That's something I could bring to their attention. I could basically say, you know, more relevant 11 c on posts, stuff like that. So I'm gonna leave it here. We could continue to go through and look for areas improvement, but that's basically what I would do. And then, obviously I would do recommendations the same way. Recommendations are basically with areas of improvement. You're simply listing things that they can improve with areas it with recommendations. You're going to basically take the areas of improvement and recommend what they should do about them. So it's very self explanatory for the follower Fowler follow such follower ratio. I would say, you know, ah, follow more targeted pages, but on follow the pages that don't ever engage with your business because then you're just following. You should be like a fan page only be following people that engage their business or that you'll bring something to the table that you you want to follow. You shouldn't be just following people cause you're a fan of them. That's on a good business. Look, you say that for your personal profile, post engagement, you know, they should be, um, asking more questions of their audience esque. More questions of audience to inspire comments, just fire more comments, likes and post engagement stuff like that. You get the point. Um, you're basically just giving recommendations on how they can improve those areas. And obviously you would think that if by giving these recommendations, they're just gonna take them and do them themselves, you'd be surprised. You know, not many people, especially if a business owners looking to hire someone for this on and they realize that you bring something that table. They're gonna hire you to do this because they see you as this is being one of your areas of expertise. They're not gonna want to figure out how to do all this stuff, but by themselves. Basically, you're bringing all this stuff toe light into their attention and saying that you know, you could solve all these problems for them, so they don't worry about that. Now we're gonna move on the Twitter. Twitter is the same thing. And like I said, you can kind of I'm gonna attach to, um, specific audits to this this intellectual tend not this lecture on you could check all these out and the audits I specifically went through before. But Twitter is literally the same thing, so I'm not gonna do it. It would be pros. Um, you know, areas of recommendations and are areas of improvement and recommendations. So I'm gonna skip Twitter because basically the same thing, it's not necessary. It's basically waste your time toe. Explain it because it's literally the same process. Now, moving on, you can go out of, like, analyzer. Um, we are going to move on to the web presence. Um, So I'm gonna open this up, and this will be in another section. Obviously, Twitter, just like instagram would be bold and underlined and bigger. But I'm bigger for this. This sick of this Web presence is the next category, and we're steps in better for a second and then bold underline. It's just so you get the idea that it's new, Um, and then we're going to start with There you are. L and list it so that they know that we know what they're legitimate pages. It's very simple. And then you're gonna come down here in prose. So we are going to actually go over their Web presence here now, basically, the white presence. You're just going to kind of audit their website? Actually, the website looks pretty good, in my opinion, with the exception that they don't have Instagram here. So if I was gonna go through and like I said, I'm not gonna actually go through physically and do this because it's pretty self explanatory with pros, you know, you'd literally be just bringing stuff so light that you think it's good, you know, it's a nice set up, uh, streamlined. It's got, you know, it's easy to navigate. Those are all things that you could say. Um, you know, they have a consultation here. I always preach this literally right above the fold. You want like an offer or, you know, an email captured and clearly they haven't offer. Your first visit is $2027. So they have an offer right here to draw attention. And they want you to quick this. This is where they want to drive the majority of the traffic. Obviously, um, they want to get you in the door. So that's smart. I like that. I'd say that that was a pro. You know, they have clear, you know, basically, um, what's the word I'm looking for here? Bios of their doctors here. So that's good. You know, that's enough of good stuff. Now, I'd go through and give some pointers and areas of improvement clearly, and I put all of this in this war document here, so I'm just gonna act like I'm doing that with you while I'm going over it. Um, one of the potential huge areas improvement is the fact they don't have an instagram page here. They don't have their instagram linked here. And that's something that we should definitely tell them to improve. Because instagram they should be driving traffic to their instagram. That should also be driving traffic from their instagram and their Instagram Bio Inc should most likely be here so that when people click their instagram bio link, it takes them here and their potential to sign up for the first visit. That's something that they definitely need to be doing that they're not doing definitely an area of improvement that we could bring to their attention. The service is a link, just the franchisees. So I mean, if we could, we could probably get a couple of their franchises. That'd be great. This is really cool right here. I like this. Go back to their home page, see their contact information. I would I would suggest maybe putting testimonials on their on their both on their Facebook page and their website. That's always a good up sell, especially for service based industries like this. This chiropractor business. You definitely gonna want some testimonials. So that's something you go out and find for them. You go out and get past customers. Contact them basically, you know, record a video testimonial. If they accept it were, you know, simply take their statement and put that on the website with their picture very, very easy ways to do that. But that's something else I'd put inward to suggest to them, you know, add testimonials, and that's something that you could do for them. You'd also implement those testimonials into their brand story. Overall, if you were adding to their YouTube or even putting a video brand story on their home page , you could definitely put it that something outside add, you know, potential brand story in quotes on their home page. And then, um, you know, when they ask about that, if they call you, you could basically say, You know, I offer a brand story. This is what it is, Really help your business that's helped other businesses in the past because it's actually true. You don't have to say that. You haven't done it yet, Just like it Brand stories help, you know, businesses tell their story all over the country all over the globe. Yeah, I could do that for you. You know, I could do that for you as a separate thing or you know, you. I offer that in certain packages and you know, whatever you want to dio, however you want to structure your pricing plan or with the services that you offer is up to you. But, you know, this is just ways that you could attack the problem, So I'm gonna I'm gonna stop here. I'm not gonna go through and actually audit their site because you're basically doing the same thing. They're going to look for areas improvement pros and then recommendations now. 13. 13 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 5): obviously with Web presence, we did the or l you know, areas for improvement pros, you know, recommendations and stuff. They're not here, But, you know, I want this won't be posted on the Electra. 10 to other finished ones will be so you can see them specifically. Um, but now we're gonna get into. Like I said, the review sites and search engines. That should say search engines review sites in search. Oh, my God. Engines. There we go. Now, a couple things that you're gonna need. This is really where really, Where you pull the big guns out because you're gonna want to, you know, show their web presence overall is what you're trying to do. And these are things that you can improve and make. Justin's are So you're going to use, you know? Yes. You're going to use up city S C O report. You're gonna use Google speed test. We're gonna use ECM Russia. I'm gonna show you how to use all of them. So right here with the X right here. We have up City s CEO report card, and you can just click the links in the power point. That'll take you right to them. Obviously, we're in a Google speed test. Just take that exit off. Clicking a link. I should be this one. And then the other one waas Same rush. He's before that you're going to use um we'll just start putting the info in there, so it waas health source of Indianapolis, Their phone number waas Um and we'll scan that. I hate how it says para listings. I don't understand what that means. That's never happened before, So I'm just gonna put, um, there. I've never ran into that problem, for you can just put your own phone number if you want, But obviously I'll show you why That's gonna kind of create an issue for you. So this is basically what you're gonna see now if you put their phone number in, they might have different phone numbers for each business on, and you'll notice that clearly they're all there from numbers are right. But one thing that's important is it says that they're missing a yelp listing and it says that they're missing a being listing. So what that basically means is they haven't claimed there was things on those. Now you're also going with Google and, um, Yeah, so this is basically what I would take demonstrates a second. Just go through a process with us. We're gonna pull Senate back up. And usually I have never seen a zero something strange with this actual this listing and this Ah, this site. But let's just pretend this is, like a 33 or like a 60 or something like that, because that's typically what it will be. Sometimes you'll see like high eighties, and that's pretty good. Sometimes we'll see. Like anything below 50 is terrible, obviously zero. There's something wrong here, probably because the phone number or the fact that they maybe they even subscribe to this website and not sure, And that's why we're getting, um, that they have a power ranking already or something like that. I've never even seen that before, but I would just literally post this in here and say under it, and I always bring these in red, and I'll show you what I mean by that. Let's pretend that this had 33%. You have a 33% optimization right, which means 30% 3% of the time customers search for you on any search engine on the Web, they will find the correct information. So I basically say, if they said 33% right here in here, I would say, you know, two out of every three people that search for you find incorrect business information. Now, granted, you won't see this zero. Like I said, that's something up with that. And I don't really because I'm demonstrating. I don't really have the time to figure out what exactly it was, but I always put this in red, just kind of demonstrate that it's important. You can put it above you or below. Whatever you wanna dio on. And the next thing you're gonna want to do is check there, there, there if they're less things or claims. So I'm gonna open up Google and I always take a snip here, Um, and I'll show you what I mean by that. I think a snip here just to kind of show them that I can see their Google listing so they clearly have a Google listing right here. Um, it's it's claimed, which is that that's good. It looks like their website is linked. So that's good on their Google listing because When people search for the business, you want them to be able to find it. There's a picture of the okay, so that's good. They have the picture of their business up, so the Google listing actually looks pretty good. So let's move on to their Yahoo listing now. I would obviously take a sniff of this Google listing and let's blow it. You know, um, you know, every everything checks out on Google. You're doing well or something like that. Just kind of give him a little pat on the back and I'll check out being so I would take a snip here of their being. Now you can see see directions. It looks like they're claimed on being, so that's good. You'll find a lot of businesses that aren't claimed on on being, and I find I'll explain you how you can search for these later, because this is a big selling point. If they're not claimed on Google or being, that's huge, and that's definitely something. They definitely need your help so that you could bring it to their attention. This business is claimed on being and Google's. That's pretty good. Um, they once again their websites linked So the things that they're being less things pretty good, so we'll go. That says their Facebook listing were to check that, um, so it looks like all these air. Good. So that's what I would go through there. I would literally put, you know, list all their their listings if they're missing a phone number. Potentially, I would bring it the attention if they were. And obviously you're taking snaps of those much like this. So they're missing a phone number. If their website wasn't linked to you, bring it to their attention. If they weren't claimed or they didn't have directions to their business or their business hours or something like that, you would bring all that to their attention, basically saying that they should have that because they're missing out on potential search engine traffic. When people are searching for them, they you want them to be able to be found because that could be a potential client. A potential client could. You know, you don't look at the one sale of them. They could be a potential re occurring client that searching for their business, because that's what we like to call warm leads. People searching already. Mawr inclined to sign up because they're interested. Clearly, do you want people to be able to find them when they're searching? And you know you want people to be able to contact them and get in touch with them and find the location of their business when they're searching to. That's crucial because you know, the potential life blood of that client could be, you know, two years and then, you know, you're talking if they sell consultations or visits for, like, 90 bucks 100 bucks, you know, 100 bucks a month is you know what 1200 a year for two years is 2400 bucks. If you simply do that one customer, you could argue that you could not argue. It's bad would put it. You basically convinced them that, you know, hey, each customer could potentially be worth if you bring them in and they spend an average of two years with your business on their potentially loyal because they like your service. You know, that's 2400 bucks that I just brought in just by one customer. Now, you obviously that's gonna be multiple customers, but that's just an up Sell in a selling point that you can convince them off on why this is important because s e o and search engine optimization And, you know, being able to locate a business online and searched for in Google being yelp Yahoo, All those are is very, very, very important. So now we're gonna go over to the CIA report card, and this is more stuff that you could throw in. Um, health source, those email address. I don't know if it was up there. We did find it on. Um Oh, jeez. Your email address was on. No, it was here. No, I saw it here. Okay, I think it was just info at health source of Indianapolis dot com. Pretty sure we're going to say that we go back to weaken excited gx now, because you're done with that? Their email. I just waas info at health source. I don't even know Cairo phone number we had before it waas on their yelp website is So what is their website? You're simply just gonna do all this for for each business now, obviously going to get better That, um, main keyword would probably be Cairo back there Predator domain won't do that. Does your company provide marketing? Always See now. All right. And this is more that you take here. So they get 86 rating on their SCL. And that's something that you'd sniff and put into the digital audit. Um, and then, you know, you might This is still you're gonna want to sit for a little bit, maybe five minutes or so, and then they will come back with actual rankings here. And that's something that you could post. Okay, here we go. So it looks like they have quality quality back link, So that's definitely something. They're doing good. They have about 2300 back. So obviously they're ranking pretty well, is your main key your car factor in the title of your home page? No, that's but we just kind of guess when I put that in there, Um, website Times. Pretty good. Is your home page load? Innocent? Yes. Yes. Um, so these are all things that okay said, see, they won't even went down. So, with competitors, you know, these are definitely things that you're gonna wanna bring to their attention. If you have, they're not ranked for the which would, you'd assume would be there. There most broad keep their Broadus keyword chiropractor, you go back and type in health source. If you want to go to type in. You know, Indianapolis chiropractor if you want. But you could run those all and then put them all into your digital audit. You're basically just bringing to the attention of things that they could improve with infographics from these sites that will make you look authentic and like you, you kind of, you know, obviously can run. And now see this is still shipping. It's still running, still running analysis. But I would basically take this and say, Look, you don't rank your 100 plus on Google Rankings Your 100 plus on being Rankings, your plus on Yahoo rankings And another thing I like to do to is, I'll go to literally I'll go to Google and I'll type in chiropractor Indianapolis, and you'll see that they don't even pop up in the 1st 4 eso Indianapolis kind of actors pops up on. And this is a way that you potentially help your client, too, so they're not even on the first page. Doesn't look like in Indianapolis chiropractors that's something they definitely definitely need to improve on. So maybe I take a snip here. Usually, you know, this is pretty rare. I guess there's a lot of car characters in Indy, but, um, you know, I would take a snip and then show where they're located on the page. Um, you know another way that you could help them right here. You'll notice that, um, are 63 best Indianapolis chiropractors. If I was working for them and was their social media marketing agency, I would reach out to whoever runs this page. I would reach out to whoever owns this page best 10 chiropractors in 2017 and basically try to get them to write a story and include them in on their list because Okay, so this is Yelp Page, but this is it Looks like you, Angie Angie's list. So I would reach out to Angie's list and say, You know, listen like, I think that we should be honored on this list. I think that, you know, we definitely have one of the top chiropractors in India, and this is why you know people are very satisfied and give him all that business information and get them to try to put me on this site. That would give me more search engine traffic. Clearly. So that's the way that you can help it. Just little caveat there, but it doesn't look like they're on the first page unless I'm missing something. So that's something that you bring your attention. You could take a snap of the entire first page. Here they are. You know, that's not that. Yeah, So, I mean, that's something that you bring to the attention basically saying that they're not on the first page and need to improve their S CEO, and you could definitely improve. There s, You know, if you don't know anything about Seo, you could definitely take, uh, take it over a fiver and outsource the S e l And you could simply just go to S e o. And then you could hire somebody. If they're paying you 1000 a month, you can literally hire somebody to give you back links for 5 to 10 bucks. You could, you know, full S e o. For 95 bucks. You know, you're taking a portion of your of your earnings and basically outsourcing that I always outsourced my because I didn't understand at that time. I understand a little bit better now, but I'd still probably outsource it. Just cause the tedious in long task to actually, you know, make sure. I mean, I could make sure that there that their website is optimized sdo wise, you know, with, you know, on Page Seo and stuff like that. But back links and, you know, making sure they're ranked in search results. Hi. Hi. Uh, there's something that's a little bit above my my head right now, so we definitely outsource if I was running an agency myself, and that's something that you could do. You can outsource lobbies to save your time. Then you're basically taking home the net profit while all the people are doing the job for you. So that's another way you could do it. 14. 14 How to Sign Clients with Digital Audits (Part 6): I'm gonna show you. Obviously, you're gonna want take snips of this right here in page insights. Just like I said, All these things are the things they're going to use it the end. Likewise. You're gonna use her Facebook Next up. City s a report Speed test at Seem right, You're going to use at the end when you're doing the like, csco report and stuff like that because that's something that you're definitely don't want . Teoh. You know, put on your your digital audio. And like I said, you'll you'll have two examples of how I fill these out myself attached a lecture tents and feel free to check them out. Um, now you're gonna want to snips of this. You know, the mobile, the desktop. Clearly they were decent, but they need a little bit of work and you'll see numbers that are lower than this a lot of times and literally tells you hear how you can fix these so that you know, if you bring these to their attention, you can literally go back to this website and fix these manually yourself and then it will . You're obviously giving them value. So you take snaps of those. Tell them anything. Improve that with ECM Rush. Um, you're going to put there, put their website in the ECM rush. Why is nothing copying their go? And it will literally pull up all the potential keywords, their back links. You go over here to organic research and back links. I go toe organic research and see how people are finding their their site. So for the keyword health source, chiropractic eso clearly then they don't rank for chiropractor or Indianapolis chiropractors. So these are all things that they're searching for. They get about 1600 people a month searching for health source chiropractic about 1300 with space, you know. And these are all things that you could take a snip of and bring to their attention, basically saying that they get the majority of their traffic from health source, chiropractic and all sorts of chiropractic here. So those were definitely thinks they're gonna want to optimize. It's good that they're ranked first in the possession because that's their name. But they definitely could improve on some of the back and keywords because although they get the majority of their traffic from these two, you know, that's still only roughly over. Maybe that's like a little under 35% of their traffic. Almost. What is that? 65% of their traffic. Almost, if not a little bit more comes from other back and keywords and search results. So that's something you're gonna want you bring to their attention. This is a great website. You take steps of this kind of show them. You know what? You know what? They can improve on how they should be focusing on there. There s Seo traffic, eso I take snaps of here, maybe take snip on the overview page, and then I'll add them into the digital audit on, and that's pretty much the end of it, guys. And at the end of it, you know, I'll give some some recommendations on things that they can improve upon, Um, and then at the very end. So let me just pull this back up for a second. Well, every time we finished everything and I gonna give some web recommendations and the same process of there s overall, So this goes through everything of all the web recommendations. So you know whether or not they needed to claim their business on Google, whether or not they, you know, should be targeting specific back and keywords stuff like that, whether or not they need to improve their page speed with Google. Ah, speed test any anything that's Web or SDO related. You're gonna put in a web recommendations, So this could be, like 10 10 bullet points, long things that you could potentially improve for them. Then you're gonna go down to the bottom and what I like to say, the bottom we'll see in some of the example, uh, on its that I have is I'll just say like, I hope you get a lot of value. I'm basically giving this to them for free. I'm basically saying, Here's a report. Your here is your digital business audit of everything that you're doing, what you're doing, well, things that you can prove on and you're basically giving them value first and saying that, you know, you bring something a table and you can identify all these problems and potentially fix them for them. So I ended with a I hope you get a lot of value for you know, your business, which is health. Whatever out of this digital media audit that I'm going to say, You know, I personally love, uh, I personally use chiropractic because I actually dio, But, you know, if you don't don't say that, obviously, you know, I think that I could I could We could You know, I'm looking for a partner in that industry. I think that we could be great partners because I could help you with this. This and this want promoting business that I love. You know, if there's anything you need or have questions about, please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to reach out to me any time. You know I love to help, and then you simply say thanks your name or your business name. You know, your phone number email that you could reach them at and then your potential website. And that's literally the end of the digital audit. Now, that should only take you 1/2 hour an hour. Maybe if you're if you're really, really bad at it, but you'll get better, I promise. You know, when I was getting good at this and it would literally take me about 15 to 20 minutes, bang one of these out, you know, it doesn't have to be perfect. Just get it done and give them value. You're just trying to give them value first. Um, and, uh, you know, that's basically the bottom line there. 15. 15 How to Identify Good Potential Clients: you know, I showed you ways to get clients, obviously specifically went into how I got clients and acquired flying through walk ins that we went through email templates that you could potentially use to cold email businesses. Now, then we went into the in depth process of, you know, providing the digital audit and sending it off to businesses. The next one, obviously, is word of mouth. You know, if you can sign one client and provide a good service for them for a month or two, you can only use them as a testimonial on your website. But you can, you know, they will tell other businesses and Pete owners that they network with about your service that promise you. So get your foot in the door, sign one client, dedicate hard work to them and do a good job. And you know that word of mouth will really spread like wildfire. Promise you now, moving on, I'm gonna teach you how you can identify. Um, you know, good prospects potentially for your business. Now, obviously, if you're walking door to door, you're not able to necessarily do this. You kind of want to target a you know, police that has a bunch of different businesses at one location. So maybe like a, you know, a business park or, you know, the mall or something like that. Whatever the case, maybe you don't wanna You know what? Or a, uh, like a little town square, something like that. So you're gonna want to find a place where businesses are in mass quantities that you can literally just walk into hit everyone. Every business, you know, ended that. You know, you can have 100 a day because if you had on your businesses, I promise you you'll get a couple of meetings and I promise you most likely will sign a client. You have to get over that rejection. But now I'm gonna teach you. You know, when you're scouring for businesses to send emails to or you're scouring for businesses that potentially, you know, Cold call or its government businesses to potentially give digital audits to how can you identify business that might even need your your expertise and your help in the first place ? So what we're gonna do is we're gonna use the Google when we're gonna site crawled through Google. So you're gonna type site Colon. On what? First we're gonna call through its Google. So google dot com um, space manage, manage this business like that en quotes and then, you know, whatever, whatever the niche and location of the business you are. So maybe you identify that you want to go after nutrition businesses because I already had an expertise in nutrition. I felt like a good help nutrition business is with my social media marketing agency and my expertise on nutrition. So I targeted that Maybe you're good at, You know, um, you know, archery or, you know, you know, sports and you want to target, you know, sports or something like that. Whatever it is, you you should probably identify a niche that you can potentially target. And then you can move niches for that, you know, you know, on and on, you don't need to stay in one each. I don't necessarily recommend that you stay one niche, but, you know, just to kind of identifying businesses and better scour through the online sites, you should identify anything you want a potential target. So I'll see nutrition this, um, in Philadelphia because I'm by Philadelphia. But you can you know, obviously type in, You know, um, sports clinics, Dallas or whatever. You know, it depends on where you are and what you're looking for. Now, this is how I'm gonna What this basic gonna do is it's gonna give you businesses that haven't claimed their their site on Google just big up self. You can assume that if they haven't claimed their business on Google, they most likely need your services for other reasons, too, because that's a big, big problem of them, including plan services on Google. So I would I'd obviously go through it and slightly ordered all these before I sent them an audit. You know, it looks like this. This business could definitely use ours too. Um, see, if they have a Facebook, they do have a Facebook. But I'm not going to go through and look through all these. But this is that something that you can dio. Basically, what you're telling the search engine and telling Google is to search is to crawl through google dot com and find any business that doesn't have a manages business and hasn't cleaned their business on Google. Any nutrition business in the Philadelphia area that hasn't done that. And that's gonna provide, You know, resource is for you to look through. And these are potential businesses that you can send us out to the second sight really fast . We're gonna call you help. So we're gonna go site you hope dot com and then it's going to be watched this video on and we'll just go. Nutritionists, Same thing. Philadelphia. And what that's gonna do is that's gonna tell Google to cite Cross three up when there's only one here cycle offering help for, you know, potential nutritionists in the Philadelphia area that need that they have a video on you because this is basically gonna tell you if they have a video on Yelp. They're basically paying for yelp advertising, which I believe is 203 100 a month. They're paying for for yelp advertising for that outrageous pricer might even more than after, I think if it raised their prices or not, they can afford to pay for Yelp advertising, which is basically not giving him any return on their investment. They can easily, easily, easily afford to pay for your services. And that's something that you're gonna wanna look for. So this is obviously a good potential client for me. So if I want to get in touch with them, I could send a business, not it. If I wanted to Cold call them or email them. I could send a cool car, an email on basically five cold calling or emailing them. I would send them a template said hi. You know, I wanted to talk to you about area up advertising, Um, about your yell plan on your yelp advertisement plan. You know, looking forward to hearing from you, Brian. And what I'm basically saying is they're gonna get back to me because they're gonna assume that I'm from Yelp on. And, you know, obviously whilst what I know that they pay for Yelp advertising. So they're gonna get back to me. And what that's gonna do is it's gonna allow them to respond to me so I can kind of get back to them and say, Oh, no, you know, I don't work for Yelp, but I did notice that your pantry up advertising and I wanted to know, you know, I was interested to see you know how that's working out for you. Whether or not you they provide you with any return on their investment. They're going to say, Well, you know, I'm not sure because there's no way to track you up, obviously, and that's your foot in the door. Then you can say, Oh, well, you know, I can actually provide a similar service, but I can show you results. I can show you trackable results, you know, And if you know you're not happy with it, By all means, it's only a monthly long service. So it's something like that just to kind of give you an idea. Usually there's more search results here. Let's try something else. Let's try see doctors Philadelphia. Okay, so here you have a bunch more. Um, you cite cross through here. That's just two ways that you could get it. Obviously, you can send out a bunch of, you know, just the draughts to anybody, but this will give you a better chance because these businesses are much more inclined to hire you because they're already paying for yelp advertising. And they already if especially if they don't clean their business on Google, you know that they could use their service 16. 16 Growing Engagement on Instagram for Your Clients: Alright, guys. So now that we've, ah, gone through all the ways that you can potentially get clients, you know you're gonna want to be able to provide value very clients. And I'm assuming that if you watch this, you're taking this course. You You you have a good idea at least a base knowledge of how you can. You can post and engage with people on social media to grow businesses found your your spending your time so they don't have to grow their following and potentially generate more customers you know, really, really produced a more of a filing for them so that they can bring more customers through their doors or make more sales or generate more leads. If they're like an online or digital company. I'm gonna give you two specific, maybe three specific examples here on the next two lectures. The first one's going to target following on instagram for them on how you can turn that automation so that you can hire multiple businesses and the 2nd 1 is going to be running Facebook ads and Facebook promotions. So stay tuned for that. Now let's just assume let's go to a page. Let's say uh, um, Truffles finding nutrition page so we'll go to nutrition. Stripped is the bad one. Uh, you know what? Let's go back to Google really fast. Se cool dot com Manage this page, nutritionist Philadelphia and we are going to find this woman and see if they have any social media. Doesn't look like they dio home, so this would definitely be a good good business to go after. I'm gonna find somebody else. Try this person. Okay. Says she's a practice, ladies. A prime target for, uh, you know. Ah, social media marketing agency. She literally has, um, six out of this person. Fast. She literally has. I didn't mean to click that 33 followers, and she's falling 28 people. She hasn't posted anything yet, so you could obviously posted engage with people on target. Follow for her. This will be phenomenal. Remember, she's a nutritionist. So one thing that she does have, um this means pull that up. One thing she does have is she actually has her sight attached, so that's a good thing. But she doesn't have any five any really following yet. And she definitely doesn't have any posts or she's not engaging with people on Instagram, and that's definitely something we can improve on now. If I were to look at her Facebook Page two or her Twitter, I would probably see the same thing very, very similar. So and we're gonna set up Target falling for her. She's a nutritionist, so we would find somebody that, um, she's a Philadelphia nutritionist. So we would trip in nutrition, Trish and Philadelphia. And here's one Now they only have 660 effort. Of course, their accounts. Private nutrition. That's terrible. That's another business. That bet needs it. They have a private, um, instagram page so people can't even find them. That's but how many people need this? This service? This is not what we need. Nutrition. Come on, Patrician Philadelphia. And let's try to find Champ Nutrition Center. Okay, so you could obviously follow target fall through key where this is probably decent. One chance. Okay, It's a champ Nutrition Center. Philadelphia and ah, roughly 1000 people like this. So you know that she the lady that you just looked at what was a nutritionist in Philadelphia? So you're gonna want to target follow pages that are roughly around Philadelphia that have a following that you know, the people that liked their posts. And you're gonna follow the people that like their posts because, well, that's going to do is you know, I have a whole course on this on instagram marking, but it's gonna basically, you know, say you target follow 1000 people throughout the course of hours and days or whatever the case may be. You know, roughly every single time you follow somebody, they're gonna get that notification and they're gonna see, you know, 90% of people are gonna click on that and then click on your profile to see who followed you. Well, let's say 20 to 30% of those people follow you back. That's how you're going to grow their following. Now you can manually do this and you can literally go down and hash through hashtags. Or you could, you know, simply follow pages and target for one pages that you find. But you're basically going to target, follow and grow the following that way and that what that's going to Dio to go back to her is not to go back to her six hour this for a second to go back to her bio page. It would basically I just use this for the whiskey enthusiast is one for my one of the the pages that I run for one of my friends. But so, basically what it is is you target follow. Um uh, and everybody that came back to your page would look at your posts, and obviously you're gonna wanna post for her or whoever. The Kate you know, whoever you're working for, basically, But not, let's say, 2030% of those people that come back follow you and engage with their posts. And then maybe 10% of that of that 20 to 30% initially click on your link, and that's how you generate leads potentially. You're gonna want to be doing that for her. Now, you can turn this on automation. I don't necessarily. Especially if you get multiple clients. You know, advocate for you to do this manually to too much. You can obviously, down would follow like here, which will really, really help. Especially if you're If you're you get a client, you sign a client file like I should probably be one of your first investments. You know, you can get accountant's license for one account for 57 on. Then you pay the upgrade Freedom for five or unlimited accounts license I have followed. Like myself, I use. It's phenomenal. Basically, that will target following target engaged for you. So you can just literally you're basically outsourcing all that to an automation service. You don't have to do it, and then you slowly build their their following and you're not even picked. You're not even doing that for them. All you really have to do is post every once a while, maybe once or twice a day on and follow like will literally automation. Automate your following target following and grow their foundling for you. And you start to notice that maybe a Christo from 100 or 200 people a day and will slowly grow up and they won't realize you know how you're doing that. But obviously you'll be doing it through this target following method and turning target following on through automation. So then it really look like you're building engagement for them, and obviously you know you'll you'll be doing social media engagement, which will give them more social proof for potential clients. within the area as well as potentially bringing them clients to their website. You know, if they're from the Philadelphia area Ah, and interested in nutritionists. So that's really, really cool if you're not looking to spend 57 99 or 97 99 at least initially on app that you can download is just typing into Google so you can see what it's called. An app that you can download is called captivate and spelled like that. It's only on the APP store. I'm not familiar with any APS that can do this on the on the android market yet, but captivate works phenomenal for iPhones on the APP store. You should check that out. It's only five bucks for the unlimited license for Captivate, and it works phenomenally, just like follow like the only catch is you can only use one account with that. Another thing you can do is this auto insta. It's a Google plug in for Peter. This will turn on automation for you to, and this is 100% free. I'm not gonna go through the process with you here. You can walk through it literally has step by step instructions you can target. Follow. You can target like you can target. Engage. But that's something you should look into. Two. It's free. And it can basically turn on automation services for you. So we're not looking to get follow like your captivates. Probably your best bet Aan den auto install is a Google clog in. That can help you too. This is also great, but I recommend I think captivates a little bit better. So that's how you're going to do that, guys, you're gonna target, follow and basically engaged in post with all their social media to grow their following. That's the first method. I'm gonna go over Facebook ads with you in the next lecture and then, you know, hopefully that will help you run promotions and basically generator following on Facebook. 17. 17 How to Grow Your Client's Facebook Audience and Promote Their Business: traffic. You know, you're gonna want to start generating traffic with Facebook with Facebook ads here to your your client site. Now, whether or not you're gonna conversions you for lead generation, whether did they have an e commerce site you're trying to get store visits to, You know, whatever the case may be, you know you're gonna wanna either target traffic or engagement. So in this specific example, I'm gonna show you how how you can run a special, and you obviously name it whatever you want. I'm gonna show you how to run a special to certain, Um, a certain location. Say, for example, you had a restaurant that you were, you know, managing their social media and you they wanted to run us a lunch special or something like that. Well, how would you do that? So right now you're in traffic because you want to get traffic to your specific post for people to see it. You'll notice the reach and audience size over here changes as you move things around. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna come down here, and we're gonna type in in locations that usually has the United States. You can, you know, kind of move this around, But let's say I was I was working since I used the example of Philadelphia, cause I'm right outside of Philadelphia. If I was, you know, if I was employed by a restaurant that was right outside of Philadelphia, that wanted to, um, you know, run a one special. Well, maybe I would out. First thing I would do is that x out of the United States. We don't target the entire the entirety of the United States because then, you know, they're wasting ad dollars on everywhere else throughout the United States That would be able to go there for launch. So depending on whether or not you're you're business or location is you know, location, relevant or not. Depends on how you'll target this. But you could potentially target. You know, if it's an e commerce site, you could target the world that they can ship to the world. You know, it depends on on your business specifically, but I'm just giving you an example here. So let's say, uh, I want to run a lunch special for a business right outside of Philadelphia, some type in Philadelphia here and Philadelphia, and then I'm such simply going to because it's a lunch special. You're gonna probably want to factor that in, because people on long don't have that one will break. So you want to kind of go somewhat close, said this radius we're gonna simply go down to Probably. So, let's say 15 miles from Philadelphia, not 25 15. There we go, 15 miles outside of Philadelphia. Um, now, maybe it's like a sports bar, so you'd probably want to target men. And I'm just giving an example here. Obviously, you you're gonna need to figure out the this type of information. What? The target demographic, Uh, the business thinks they have. And if they don't have it, then you're gonna have to run and retarget, you know, run broad in the retarget back to whatever demographics work, and I'm gonna say, roughly if it's a sports bar target people that are probably working age 23 24 in the low end, and then maybe mid forties, um, would be a good target there. Now, I'm gonna say English for languages, and now you get into the detail targeting. You can go through suggestions. I like the brows you can see here it offers multiple demographics. And I'm not gonna actually submit this for you. I'm just giving you examples of how to do it. You'll see that, you know, within 15 miles men between the ages of 23 to 45 within 15 miles of Philadelphia, there's 770 feet people potentially on Facebook that I could reach. Now I'm gonna browse and I'll show you a list. Demographics, No education demographics there there studied the schools that they went to their their education level. And you should really, really familiarize with all these types of demographics here. You know, parents generation their home life, politics, whether or not their relationship their job. So those are things you're definitely gonna wanna look through. You're gonna wanna kind of, um, you know, really familiarize yourself with us. Maybe the bad interests you could go down. And you know, if they're drinkers, you want to target them because the the the bar's running a lunch special or something like that. You know, if they like burgers. If it's a burger bar, something like that you want on target people that like that, you'll see that you know. Let's just assume it's a pizza place. So I'm gonna type in pizza and you'll notice that it just dropped it down to 260. Because there's on Lee 20. There's only 160,000 central people now within 50 miles of Philadelphia that are men between the ages of 23 45. And then you're gonna want to continually add to this Maybe so you can really, really hone in on your targeting Now you wanna come down here to placements and I always recommend not doing auto placements. I always edit placements and then I go mobile only I found that mobile only works the best You can go all the vices if you want, but I never go desktop only mobile only seems to work the best And give me the best return on my investments on Die on Click Instagram. I don't really target Instagram. Some people teach to do that, but I don't um And then I own quick audience that working messenger. No. Now click on Facebook and you're gonna want X out of instant articles. So it's simply just checked feeds for Facebook Mobile only That's the best return on your investment, trust me, and I'll suggest I mean, it depends because you're you're not paying for this. You should have. You should basically tell them, You know, when you you initially sign up that this is the price for you to run it. But you know, they're gonna have a separate ad budget. So whether the ad budget is 100 a week, where the ad budget is 500 a month, you need to kind of go through and lay that out with them. And this will tell you how much you can daily spend. But the more you spend, the more return on their investment. You're gonna see because you'll see here, you spend $20. You could potentially reach about 16th Teoh 1600 to 5000 people out of the 230,000 people and assumes that you probably get about that many link clicks. If you only go for five, it's going to significantly lower your reach, you know? So that's something you need to think about. Um, we're not necessarily going from incorrect clicks here. We're going for impressions because we want people to see our um, the fact that our page is, uh are our business is running a special. So then we'll just assume that we're gonna, you know, proceed through here. And this is where you actually set the, uh, add up so you can go back to Canada like we did before to actually set, then add up. And this is you're gonna run be running promotions through here too, you know? So if you're running a promotion back when you know you were doing the campaign objective, you'll do a promotion. Not targeting. And are you single image? If you have a video, you could also be single video. Um, and then you can upload your image. Put the website. You are all you know, maybe their website. And then we'll start to your preview will pop up right here. You're gonna write your headline for your ad. Your text. Um you know, often I come Teoh, it depends on what you're doing, But I've actually found that, you know, if it's obviously e commerce, you want shop now on play around with these, you know, whatever you think's best, if it's if it's ah, it's a restaurant you might want to see See Menu. Something like that just depends on the type of business. It's hard to kind of specifically lay it out unless I know the niche in the business that you're running. And then obviously you know, these a little bit more advanced on. You don't necessarily need to those, um and then you basically confirm and pay for the ad and the APP will start running and you will pop on people's feeds. And that's basically the overview of Facebook ads. Now I'm not gonna go specifically in depth and Facebook ads, because I could talk about that for hours. You know, you need to get get acquainted with Facebook ads manager, and you're definitely gonna need to get an adds manager account there 100% free, you know, so whether or not you're running promotions, whether you're running ads for them, that's definitely something that you should be offering a certain media marketing agency. But it's not as hard as you think. You literally just at the very least, hop on Facebook ads manager and start playing around and looking at the demographics that you can target, because that will give you a better idea you know, say you signed a restaurant will give you a better idea of what you potentially target with their with adds to the restaurant. And, you know, you can ask them ahead of time when you're sitting down meeting with them. You know, I want to help. You want to get get the best your return on investment for your ad dollars, And we're gonna retarget, you know, after the first couple to make sure that your ad dollars are being optimized. But, you know, do you have a potential demographic that you think were in mind that, you know, you see a lot in the restaurant? Maybe it's, you know, you see men between the ages of 20 and 30 or something like that. Or maybe, you know, your target demographic is little kids or something like that. If it's Chuck E cheese, you gotta you gotta ask them. They're gonna have a better idea and be able to give you a better idea if you just ask them . And then you can retarget that off that information later on 18. The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Pitching Social Media Marketing Clients & How to Avoid it: All right, guys, I want to take a brief moment, you know, because this is a problem that I see a lot of students facing. And when they actually finally, you know, correspond with a potential client and they're going to meet them, whether this is, you know, face to face or on a call or whatever it is even through email. You know, a lot of times on, don't talk about your approach on your mentality, your strategy when you're trying to acquire a client or maybe your second client or whatever it is. The number one problem that I see in this situation that most students are making is they're approaching it with this scarcity mindset. They're coming from a place of weakness instead of a place of strength. And like I said, the scarcity versus the abundance. You want to know that there is an abundance of potential clients out there. There are a lot of businesses, a lot of people and a lot of you know, companies that are willing to pay for your services. If you have a foundation that you can provide a service for them, and so what? I'm what I want to say is if whether you're on a call or you're in a face to face meeting or you're in an email, you gotta work on the way that you're approaching the situation and you got to come from the place of strength and place of abundance. But rather than just some phrase what I actually mean by that So let's say I'm sitting face to face and you're the potential client and I'm trying to acquire you as a client. And I'm trying to offer, you know, we're having a negotiation back, back and forth of Okay, this is what I provide. This is, you know, the potential price and all sorts of things. What what typically people do. And this is number one. Take that mistake that I see is they'll set up and they basically say, you know, Oh, you know, I charge, you know, $1000. But, you know, I could I could offer you $500 for the first month. I could give you a price reduction. And, you know, maybe if you like my services, you know, we consign you long term. Now that can work. And I actually did that initially when I first got started. However, the a better way to approach it would be, you know, to to sit down at the table, look face to face or whether it's on the phone number, email, whatever and basically come from the point of Hey, I know I have a great service. You know, I know that your company could potentially use my service. So let's find out if this is a good fit for both of us. Not if I can provide a service for you in exchange for money. That is the wrong way to approach it. Instead. If I come and I sit down and I say, you know what? I know that you know you as a legitimate company, and this is the service that you provide. And this is exactly what you're providing for your consumers. And I offer all sorts of these services. So why don't we both talk about, you know, a what you're looking for, always asked them more questions and get them talking and be, you know, what do you think if you were looking for, ah, potential social media marketing or marketing service in general, what would be specific things that you would hope that they would be able to provide for you. And then we'll see if it's a good fit. Not if. Hey, please, you know, Please sign me or please hire me. A police pay me money. No, that's the wrong approach. It's OK. What are you looking for? What do you what do you feel like? You're lacking. What do you need? And this is typically what I offer the value that I can provide for you. Let's talk a little bit and see if this is a good fit. And if it is great, if not totally fine, we can go our separate ways because I know that there are 1,000,000 other potential clients out there. I'm not saying, you know, throw that their face or anything, but it's a difference in approach. Its a difference in strength versus weaknesses, the difference in abundance versus scarcity. And if you come from that, always remember this phrase. Guys, let's see if it's a good fit and I don't just mean that for them or for you. I mean, for both of you guys. Let's see if you know this is a good fit for us, a much better position to come from much different approach, and it will work wonders in negotiations 19. How to Find Clients on Upwork: for most entrepreneurs that decide to start social media marketing agencies. Their biggest problem, and their biggest challenge is usually finding clients. And there are many ways to go about finding clients for S M M A business. You can cold email businesses with social media audits That's work for me in the past. You can also cold approach them and pitch them on the services that you offer. But what if there was an easy way that you could find potential clients that were already looking to hire people like you to manage and grow their social media? Well, you're in luck. There is. So let's hop over my phone and I'll show you exactly what I mean. Okay, so if you hop on up work and I have seen have it on my phone here on, you basically search through the categories and I'll show you here in a second. So we'll go over to more. And there is. It offers, Oh, jobs. There we go, jobs on the bottom. And so if you sort through some of the jobs, if we go to categories here and you'll see here, there's a bunch of different categories. Now for you specifically, you're gonna go to sales and marketing at the bottom, right over above accounting and consulting for social media marketing. And then you'll see Social Media Marketing is the third from the bottom, and you're going to click that now. If you scroll through here, you'll see some of the the social media marketing offers that people have on here, and they're basically looking for all sorts of services related to social media marketing. Now I did go out and outline three the other night that I'm going to share with you here in a second. But let's just scroll. This is in real time. Let's scroll to see exactly what is available right now. So basic Facebook marketing project market are needed to launch project. Let's check this out. I'm looking for someone with experience is on launching advertising campaigns. So basically Facebook ads. If you're going Facebook ads, you can do that. This person has a $500 budget, doesn't give any information necessarily about what they're exactly paying for this. Obviously, that seems negotiable here, but that's not always the case so you could reach out. You could submit a proposal at the bottom like you see and reach out to this person who basically say, Hey, I'm interested. I have experienced with Facebook advertising I feel like I could really help you out Boom. You know, they're interested in it. They have a $500 budget for this actual project. And if you're good at it and you provide the service, that money is yours to claim moving on. Some of them are higher. Some of them are lower. Obviously, it's going to depend on a lot of things. Also, this is a great place to forge relationships with people because you know that these people are obviously looking for people the manager, social media or tasks oriented, you know, and aligned with social media marketing. So if you can provide a service for somebody, even if it's cheap, you might be able to build a relationship with that person on a longer scale. And obviously, you know, that might mean future business for you. So moving on social media, marketing or social media mean him a social media manager for small business $5 budget. That's kind of low speaking and on and workshop engagements on site. Baba Leader. I don't know if this is a sketch, let's not do that. Instagram Growth My instagram has been stuck on the same amount of followers for over a year, blah, blah, blah. This person doesn't look like they have a budget here set on, and it's pretty much just up to you to reach out. So I'm not gonna waste your time here and scroll through. There's a bunch of different, you know, opportunities here. Facebook ads again right there and marketing advertisement. Brandon Marketings. You know, seeking Pinterest eso stuff like that. There's a bunch of you hop on up work. It's a great place to do so. And this is a perfect way for social media marketing agencies to really seek out potential clients that are already looking for this service. Here's a few examples on the screen I snapped the other night while I was scrolling through , I thought they'd be perfect, Easy ones. You know, it's a target for, you know, new entrepreneurs that are looking to finally get their feet wet and get a client. So I'm gonna show you here in a second. Here's one right here, Social media manager. I thought these were perfect examples of ones that I saw the other night. But like I said, you can scroll through and kind of pick them yourself. So this verse is looking for a social media manager. It says, Hi, I'm consulting. I'm holding for a restaurant. ST. Louis, Blah, blah bother basically looking for people to focus on their social media pages. They would like to help managing their instagram page of their Facebook page and coming up with promotional designs and potential videos for the website. Everything that you know, basically managing a Social Media brand would entail. Now let's scroll over. They would like help. Yeah, so hey says, Let let you know if any of these projects are feasible to you and it looks like it's in Missouri. But that doesn't necessarily matter what is the pay here. It doesn't look like any pay has been outlined, but you can simply reach out to this person and offer to do that pretty self explanatory. I think this next one will move on s Oh, here we go. Text for social media posts needed. It's an ongoing project. So here is a great opportunity. Ah, great. Great. Great opportunity. The budget here is 1500 bucks and the pay. I believe if I remember correctly, this one's a little bit low. But it's good opportunity to get involved now and then build a relationship and that pay can increase so high. We have to instagram accounts. It's ah for content curator type of counts where repost pictures and videos. On other accounts, the main topic is yoga. So 20 to 30 posts a week. That's what they're expecting, 70 to 100 words per post. So you're basically re posting a picture and writing a 72 100 word caption for it on yoga with potential CTS. They're called to action, so that's pretty self explanatory. Pretty easy stuff. The budget is 3.5 per post. So to let's do the math here to that's not what I wanted to dio calculator. So there's two different accounts. 20 to 30. So what's the skin? What's the potential here to earn? So there's 30 30 is the top number for per account. I'm doing a terrible job of articulating this 37 times that by two, because there's two accounts. Okay, so that's 60 obviously then 60 per day. So times seven equals 420 than 3.5 per post. So for 20 times, 3.5 equals of grand total of 14 70 per week. If you kind of you know the scalability factor there now, it might not be all the way up there. Let's do it from the money from the minimum. So 20 to 20 times two is obviously 40 than 40 a day, obviously, So times seven equals 2 80 to 80 times 3.5 equals 9 80 So basically you're looking at $1000 job here to $1500 job here, which you know would pretty much be a good social media marketing clients. So that's not terrible. And obviously it's an ongoing project askew. See here. So it's a great opportunity to really scale up. All right now moving on to this third example. Now this is a hoot suite set up, so that's pretty self explanatory to if you know, the one who'd suite is, it's basically an app that you can use to manage social media posts and schedule social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Pretty self explanatory, it's really, really easy to use and set up. So this person basically just wants you to manage their social media accounts through Hoot suite. Instagram seems to be especially painful for them, so they don't have a budget set. Um, and that's pretty much it. Yeah, they're just looking for somebody to manage their social. So that's a great job that you could reach out for. And that's another example of a social media marketing potential client that you could find own up work, if you know where to find them. Like I showed you in this video. So there you guys have it. You know, if you've been unsuccessful looking for social media marketing clients, this is your answer up work is a phenomenal one. I highly suggest that you have on up work and start reaching out to potential client. 20. 5 Services You Can Provide for Your SMMA Clients: What's going on, guys today, I want to do a quick video on five services that you can provide for your social media marketing clients. Now, this kind of this video stemmed because I've been getting a lot of questions. My course, Aziz Wells through email on, you know. Okay, Brian, your entire course went through how you can acquire the clients because that's, in my opinion, the most. The hardest part of social media marketing is getting more clients, you know, scaling up and how you can actually go through the process that both in person and online of finding and acquiring new clients s. So that's really what my my course focused on. But then you get the questions like like I have recently of Okay, I've gotten a Kleiner to What do I do? You know, what service do I provide for them? Well, if you're getting the social media marketing first foremost, I I would suggest that you have some base knowledge of social media in general, which we all growing up in this time period should essentially have. But if you don't or if you're just struggling for ideas which come trying to coming up with trying to come up with, you know, just ideas of what you can provide for your clients. I'm here to give you five today. Now this list goes much, much longer. There's literally hundreds of things that you could do for your social media marketing clients. But I'm gonna give you five examples of things that I think are great, you know, ideas and five kind of avenues that your your that I would expect the business not to be really, you know, running so that you could take advantage of that and really deliver results immediately. Eso The 1st 1 is going to be just overall social media management. Now, this is a simple one, but it obviously I need to bring it up because it's just simple. Now I'm a small business owner, not a small business owner. Percent I am. But like, I basically do my own branding stuff. I do. You know, I do e commerce and marketing a divinity video content creation and stuff like that, as you all know. And just for somebody with just a few of those things that going on for me, I already know how taxing and annoying it is to focus all my attention on, you know, my Facebook, my instagram, my Twitter, even my YouTube with certain things in responding to comments, you know, email responses and stuff like that, even you to me. Ah, little bit. So just kind of keeping my audience on all those platforms is a literal headache. So the reason I'm telling you that is because not only is it annoying for me, but I can't imagine how annoying it would be for a small business owner that's got its focus on all these other tasks and really doesn't have time to focus on the social media aspect of it. So, you know, I took Tylo passes course a long, long time ago, probably don't even know how long it was a year or two ago. And one of the things that he says in the course that rings true still to this day is you know who's got that type of money that's gonna pay you to do social media, marketing or social media management while small businesses, and I'm here to tell you that that is still 100% true. And not only do I wasn't true then, but I recognize that it's probably even more so true now. You know it's not that oversaturated, believe it or not, and you can find people that will pay you to do your social media marketing. So just offer simple, You know, a management service. You know where you'll take over that that, you know, task for them, whether that's posting a couple times a day on Twitter for them and doing tweets, whether that's posting every day on Instagram, whether that's, you know, engaging with the audience and posting on Facebook once or twice a day. Stuff like that, even YouTube potentially, which is something we'll talk about a little bit later in this are all things that you can manage and kind of, you know, do for them and post for them so that they can really focus on what their you know, what they're good at, what their business entails. While you're growing their audience and their reach on social media, that's number one. That's really, really simple. But I had to say, because it's it's it's obvious, but it's literally the most, you know, probably the most lucrative among all of these, because so many people need that and so many small businesses need that now moving on the number two is going to be on top of Instagram. You know, not just posting on instagram but doing instagram stories. And when I say instagram stories for a business, I'm not just just kind of saying, Oh, you know, uh, take a screenshot here and put some text here. I'm literally talking about producing instagram stories, high quality and scream stories. They're only 60 seconds, you know, throughout the day and really kind of honing in on good instagram stories that are gonna, you know, maybe if you're doing social media market for a restaurant, you know, just kind of getting in there with with a camera and then taking it back to your editing software or even an iPhone, you know, an iPhone, 10 iPhone, eight whatever. They still have pretty good cameras. You get in there and really get some good videos of, you know, maybe maybe them putting the sauce on the burger. These were literally just ideas I'm coming up with right now, you know, maybe then pouring. If it's a bar, maybe then pouring, you know, one of their best drinks or or high quality liquor or something like that, and you get like a boomerang of that in your in your instagram stories. Something like that. Just give you a couple ideas, really producing high quality instagram stories. This gun is going to help your client a lot because instagram stories and this is something I've talked about a lot in my past Instagram videos. But here, just keep it simply in 2018. Instagram stories have a lot more reach typically than in scram posts. And if you're not, if your company or your client is not taking advantage of, you know, high quality instagram stories, you could do that for them. And that's really going to start to deliver them value and immediate results relatively quickly. Number three and moving on his Facebook ads. You know, depending on what your company is or what your client is, you know, and these air gonna very obviously each one, depending on what your client is and what kind of you know market or business they're in. But let's just use it to go back to the restaurant example. So you let let's say you can target you use Facebook ads to target different people with, ah, coupon or, you know, ah, free appetizer on Wednesday or something like that. You can target their. You know, certain demographics that they already know, you know, usually come into their store were to the of the restaurant you can target, You know the location based you can also target interest. Stuff like that are all things that you can target both on Instagram and Facebook for that company, so that Number three on just to recap. First and foremost, we have Social media Management the most obvious, but still the most lucrative and probably the most businesses are going to need Facebook Instagram Stories number two and Facebook ads number three now moving on to number four is M. We'll go over here just to my website is a little you know, it's simple to create a landing page, start creating a landing page, driving traffic to that, whether that's through their instagram, if you're doing their instagram management or their social media management, whether that's, you know, with Facebook ads, whatever with them, that's with YouTube videos, whatever. Find out what it is that they dio figure out how to give away something free. Maybe that's a coupon. Maybe that's ah, you know, you know, building up a bonus point thing like subway sandwiches. Every time you go in and buy a sandwich, you get a check mark and eventually get a new one, something like that, and drive all that to a landing page. Excuse me to a landing page, kind of like mine here. As you see, I gave away my free drop shipping course to collect email leads on my website. You can create a landing page like this. You can create a landing page for your client, drive traffic to that in a multitude of different ways, and collect emails for them around targeted leads and start building their email list so that they can re market their future products in their future coupons and their future promotions. All back to that email is so start building them. An email is generating emails for them that are targeted, that already interested in what they're offering, you know, with a landing page number five and finally is creating YouTube videos or doing the video marketing. You would be surprised how few businesses have a YouTube channel. How few businesses have a are doing any type of video marketing whatsoever. They're using Facebook ads. If they're even using Facebook ads or instagram mats. It's probably just a picture, you know, with a white background, your typical white background picture on their you know, or even if it's a high quality image. You get a lot more engagement with video, and it's free. YouTube is one of the best marketing platforms on the Internet right now, if not the best, and it's free, So why would they not be taking advantage of that? You can do that for them. If it's a restaurant, you can start. Like I said, you know, figure out how to make high quality video content. Maybe you're you're dealing with a hardware store. That's I dont know why thats popped in my mind. But it did. You know, you could do reviews on different hardware products and, you know, interview the owner and put that on YouTube. It doesn't have to be, You know, these extravagant 10 to 15 to 20 minute videos with all this editing, just get them on YouTube, get, you know, get their video marketing on their already used the organic reach that YouTube has so that people searching for that are gonna find that business and be more inclined to buy for them . You can start building their audience on YouTube while you're doing all this other stuff, and that will obviously increase, increase their reach and, you know, really kind of give you, ah following so that you can market more stuff to those people in the future. Depending. Obviously, that's gonna very depending from business, the business. But use your mind. Use your judgment. Depending on what business it is, it's going to be phenomenal for them. So I suggest that they get into video marketing, and that's something that you can provide for them. So just to recap one last time. First and foremost, we have Social Media Management number two. We have instagram stories than Facebook ads, email capture, you know, building the email list for them and then finally, video marketing or YouTube across the board. Whatever you want to do with that, so even even Facebook videos. And that's something Ideo If you're gonna do YouTube videos, put the post a video on Facebook for them as well that goes hand in hand 21. 4 Client Service Ideas for Social Media Marketing Agencies: All right, guys. Now four Mawr services that you can provide for your social media marketing client. Let's jump in now. This goes without explaining. Now, on the 1st 1 I basically talked about where one over the five things I basically said. Facebook ads do Google AdWords You could do being adds that says that's his big ads. Obviously, you could do big ads if you know what those are. No, In all seriousness, you could do bing ads. You could do you too bads as well so you can set up a pixel on your client's website. 99.9% your clients are gonna have a website on start running retargeted gets. So what is the pixel? While pixel is a hidden piece of software that you installed on their on their website and you can super easily install that, you know, basically start capturing information on the potential customers that hit their website. And what that's going to allow you to do is running retargeting ads so that when you re target them on Google, you re target them on Google display networks. You re target them on Facebook, you re target them on YouTube you're going to put your those products that those people are interested in back in front of them. So for whatever reason, they decided not to buy. We're for whatever reason, they decided, you know, they hit the website and then they left. They're already like we talked about before. They already know the your potential client is when you walk and face to face is going to You want to develop that relationship with them because they know, like and trust you. It's the same thing with people on the on the website that hit the website. They obviously know who you are. Who? The client is not you because they hit the website. So they have been there before. They know who that person is. They know who the the person targeting them with the at is going to be. This is why pixels and retargeting ads work Phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal. They're super cheap, their own and the return on their investment and the conversion rate is ridiculous. So they already know that the potential store, because they hit that website already, they already like that potential store or they want to go on there and they obviously you're gonna build the trust with them as they see more and more of you. Because, you know, the more than the more they see of your content, the more they're going to start to know like and trust you. So that's a great service that you provide on, you know, for your client. You can set up a picks on their website and start running retargeting ads. You can also provide influence or sponsors sponsorship deals on instagram influencer sponsorship deals. Influencer marketing on Instagram is super, super underrated and super super cheap. Even still, you know, depending on what your actual client is and what their niches and what they actually provide might dictate whether or not this works better for you and something that you want to dio. But you can. You know, Let's say you have a mom and Pops pets store. Well, then you want to find somebody on Instagram that obviously charges a relatively normal price, and this is, you know, trial and error. You have to actually network and GM with some people to figure out what their prices are and then pick the best one that you think you might have to kiss a couple frogs essentially to get your princess, you know, so to speak. But that's typically how it works, and they're super underprice. A lot of people don't know how to price themselves on Instagram when they're doing influencing on. And you can get somebody with a great, great audience with a big audience very, very cheaply. So if let's say I always go back to the pet store example, let's say you're doing the mom and pop short up mom and pop shop that is a pet store. As your client, they pay you 1000 a month. Well, you can take, you know, obviously keep that 1000 a month and, you know, pitch them and influence or deal and say, Listen, I could get on instagram and find people that you know have audiences already that have, you know, basically pet pages and there's a 1,000,000 of dog pages. We've all seen them, and you can kind of hire them to do like a sponsorship deal of, like maybe taking a picture with, you know, adopt a dart like pouring pet food into a dog's a cute dogs bowl and posting that on Instagram, and then they can tag that potential pet food back to your your, um, your specific clients, instagram that's gonna bring you a shitload of traffic is gonna bring you a lot of followers. It's gonna get you get you a lot of likes all the client a lot of likes on that last post. And potentially, if the bio link is their store, it's going to get them a lot of people to the store, and you can pay that influence are very, very cheaply to bring all that traffic to you so you can leverage their audiences for very , very cheap. Now, if you guys have any questions on this, I can't go in depth with every niche example. But that's a great, great way and a great service that you can provide your social media marketing client moving on. So you can set up an auto responder with in order response sequence that you consider the landing page with an email. You know, to collect leads with that email that that landing page is gonna have an auto responders set up. But you can set up an auto response sequence that basically makes your client money on autopilot. So back to the mom and pop shoots pet store. Example. You can obviously, maybe you you create a landing page initially to drive people there to potentially win 15% off their first part, not potentially when may be fit for 15% off their first purchase, or even 50% off their first purchase. Just to collect the email, you might take a potential loss on that first product that they buy. What you're collecting their email and you're able to remark it to them in the future. Future products for your client And then you can also attach an odor response sequence up to that specific email. So not only they get hit with that first email that gives them the 50% off where the 15% off. Whatever you are, your clients comfortable with andan, you can set up a series of emails. This is on autopilot. Once you said that, you have to do it anymore, it just goes out. So maybe a day later, after they get that 1st 50% off coupon, they're getting more value, giving them more value, something I talk about in depth in the course you want to give value first a bunch of times and then hit them with a product or a sales pitch. Eso And then, you know, maybe two days later they're getting some more value some or information on. You know how they how you know you condone. I don't know. Uh, you know, 55 health factors that you didn't know you know is important for your dog or five things that around your house that are damaging your dog's health, stuff like that. Something they're gonna be interested in reading, obviously based it on your niche and your present, your particular client. What you think their audience cares about. And you know why you drove him to the landing page in in first place and then obviously eventually, maybe 45 days later you're gonna hit them with a sales pitch for another related products. So obviously you can set this up on autopilot. So maybe you have, like, 40 or 50 emails, you know, in a sequence over the course of three months, and that once that person you drive into the landing page and they get hit with that initial email, that odor response sequence is going to be working for you per customer, every single customer you drive for the next three months, making sales for your client that's going to really do a ridiculous job for their bottom line. And that's a great, great, great service that you can provide for your client. So I hope you guys like them.