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How to Start a Successful Business

Robin Sacredfire, Author, Entrepreneur, Researcher

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12 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Course Goals

    • Lecture 1 - Introduction

    • Lecture 2 - Business Models and How to Effectively Choose One

    • Lecture 3 - The 3 Business Levels

    • Lecture 4 - The Fundamental Purpose and Principles in Any Business

    • Lecture 5 - How to Evaluate a Business Idea

    • Lecture 6 - Similarities Between Freelancing and Entrepreneurship

    • Lecture 7 - How to Do Market Research

    • Lecture 8 - How to Find Business Trends

    • Lecture 9 - How to Make Money with Common Trends

    • Lecture 10 - Why You Need a Website & How to Use It

    • Lecture 11 - Effective Marketing Tips


About This Class

Description: This is a complete course for anyone interested in starting a new business, evaluating a current business or in reinventing an old business. The course will take you step by step along the many areas that have to be analyzed for a company to guarantee its   durability and increasing success. Anyone that is interested in fully grasping the components of any business, from small to large companies, has here the change to absorb the more important information regarding business management.

You Will Learn to:

  • Start Your Own Business
  • Create a Business that is Profitable
  • Identify a Successful Business Opportunity
  • Do Business Consultancy
  • Analyze the Financial Potential of a Company
  • Differentiate a Good from a Bad Company
  • Evaluate a Business Idea
  • Do Market Research
  • Profit from Common and Old Businesses
  • Overcome Business Challenges, Barriers and Difficulties
  • Reinvent a Business You Already Have
  • Be More Creative with a Business
  • Invest Effectively

Target Audience:

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Business Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Coaches
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Freelancers, artists, musicians, authors, writers and other independent workers
  • Anyone interested in starting a business
  • Anyone interesting in making money online
  • Anyone interested in profiting from a business idea






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Robin Sacredfire

Author, Entrepreneur, Researcher