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How to Start a Successful Blog - Blogging 101

C. T.

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7 Lessons ()
    • 1. How to Start a Successful Blog

    • 2. Why Blog? 5 Reasons Why You Should

    • 3. How to Make Money Blogging

    • 4. How to Promote Your Blog

    • 5. Blogging Tips for Beginners

    • 6. WordPress Hosting 101

    • 7. Build Your Email List Faster


About This Class

1. Are you interested in building your online brand, platform, and authority?

2. Do you seek a low-cost method of attracting customers, clients, and sales?

3. Do you want to make passive income while working from home?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then this course is for you!

I've been blogging for a couple of years, and my website has steadily attracted more visitors and income as a result of broader search relevance and savvy marketing (current Alexa ranking < 200K). While many other digital content producers leverage marketplaces only, for instance, Udemy and Amazon, I believe blogging is critical to developing a sustainable online presence for the long term. Furthermore, my blog acts as the centerpiece of my online business.

How to Start a Successful Blog addresses the fundamentals of blogging. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Launch and design a blog for future success and profitability
  • Implement various monetization activities to drive revenues
  • Promote and market your blog to increase traffic to your site
  • Use professional blogging techniques to beat your competitors
  • Increase conversions of subscribers and sales
  • Understand website hosting and what to watch for
  • And much more

Let's Start Learning!

Enroll now and start blogging TODAY!


1. How to Start a Successful Blog: Hey, everyone, chat here from Chatham and dot com. In this video, we're gonna talk about how to start a blawg. I've been blogging for some time now and really enjoy it and want to share my insights with you. So let's explore together the why and the how. Choosing a topic, selecting your domain name and, of course, like thing of log platform a lot of how to start a blawg and create a blawg. Videos and articles typically jump straight to the block platform that you should use, but I think it's really important that we take a look at why you want a block in the first place. Do you want to block to express yourself to share your knowledge and passions and interests have to refine and improve your writing skills? Do you want to become an authority in your industry? Expand your online presence and marketing activities and market your business and drive traffic to your website So all of these reasons are valid reasons. I belong because I love sharing my knowledge and insights with others. I also think it's a great way to make money online, and it acts as a central piece to my online business, so I would encourage you to think about and jot down. Why exactly one. A blogger. It's one reason maybe it's a couple, but I think it's important to know why you want a block and capture it somewhere. A second important question you need to ask yourself is how much time you will commit to your blogging activities. Are you planning on putting in 12 hours a week of 1 to 2 days? It takes time to build a profitable and successful blawg. I don't for me that I spent two days a week creating high quality content, implementing the best seo practices or surgery engine optimization practices and also promoting my articles and posts out there in the online world to drive traffic to my website. So if you want to create a successful blawg, your get any to put in the time, it's just a matter of figuring out how much time you can allocate towards your activities. Once you get your head wrapped around why you want a blogging your time commitment, then we can move on a topic selection. So how do you choose a topic idea or theme for your blawg. What a lot of folks do is they choose a topic that's related to their passion, their interest or something that their knowledge about it also may be something that's related to your business. You also want to consider sub topics and categories related to your main topic or idea, because you want to give yourself opportunities to write about different things and you want to create variety for your readers. Your chosen domain name will essentially active your online address, for example, chat tenant dot com, and you're probably familiar with top level domain extensions such as dot com dot net dot or get cetera. What I recommend the folks is that they try to secure a dot com extension because dot com is pretty standard. We're all familiar with it, and it sends a signal of trust. Recently a bunch of TL. These have been introduced into the marketplace, such as doc club dot money dot space dot photography. I'm not a big fan of these new extensions. I think it's gonna take you that much more marketing prowess to drive traffic to your site with one of these extensions because they're unfamiliar with folks. But It's totally up to you if you want to go this way in choosing your domain name, what I do and recommend is brainstorm. I typically jot down 5 10 maybe 20 different ideas for websites that I have. I use different word combinations, and there's also some tools out there that you can search for that can help you with selecting a domain name. Then what I'll do is on narrowed down my list. Two, maybe three or four different possibilities. I'll check their availability at a website, such as who is dot net or against other websites that are similar and just see if it's available. And if it is, just keep that in my back pocket for the meantime. Now let's put our ideas and discussion points together. In this example, June loves food and wants to be a food blogger. She wants to share her ideas and experiences with others, and so she's gone with domain name of food for the soul dot com, which is a great choice. She's also looked at what she can write about different categories or sub topics. So how to tips and recipes? Product reviews? Maybe she tries out a food delivery service and reviews that she buys maybe a cook book from Amazon and reviews that restaurant reviews, lifestyle and trends, health and fitness and just general experiences. Maybe she attends a vegan event and writes about that. So Julie has set herself up for success. She's chosen a great domain name. She's chosen a bunch of sub topics that relate to her main topic to create variety for her readers. And so this has all the makings of a very profitable and successful blood. The last step in the initial phase of starting a blawg relates to choosing a block platform . And there's many blawg platforms out there, as you know, such as WordPress, blogger, Squarespace, Whibley, medium and the rest. And I'll give you my recommendation as the one I think you should use. I've been using WordPress since 2010 and just loved the platform and recommend it to anybody who's interested in getting into blogging. It's used by over 60 million websites. 26% of the top 10 million websites use aboard press. It's the number one content management system with more than a 60% share in terms of the websites that use CMS, and the benefits are many. There's no experience necessary. No coding or programming required. Work press is pretty much a plug and play dragon drop environment, so it's very easy to use and flexible. There's many design options via theme, also its search relevant. So when you have a domain names such as chattel dot com and you create content, search engines can access your content, whereas if you choose a block platform such a blogger on medium or one of those, your content isn't really searchable because you're just a profile within their ecosystem. So if you want to be search relevant, you want to go with a WordPress WordPress equivalent so you can be found and show up in search results. With WordPress, you want to get your head around a few items, such as wordpress dot order versus wordpress dot com, hosting providers and plans with one click installation process, which is very quick and efficient and how to use WordPress. Now I talk about the 1st 3 items in another video, which provide the link to in the Description section. As for how to use WordPress, there are hundreds of really good free online courses that you can take to learn more about WordPress, the ends of the outs. Like I said, it's very easy to use, but it's going to take a couple of tutorials, really, just to understand what's going on. In the meantime, we can take a quick glimpse of my website and some of the keys to the WordPress environment and platform. Here we are within the WordPress environment for my site. Once again, this is not meant to be a WordPress tutorial, but just a quick glimpse of what's going on. So when you enter your website, you typically land on the dashboard. This is what it looks like. You can actually minimize these things if you like, and you can choose to get rid them all together. But a lot of what the WordPress engine is about is about post media pages and comments. So posts are essentially dynamic there based on dates, and they relate more to blogging, whereas pages are basically static and we'll see this on my website in the second. As for media, this is where you upload images and music and other digital media, and then, if you enable comments on your site, you're gonna be dealing with comments here. A lot of these items here on the menu bar, such as appearance is where you're gonna choose the theme and customize a theme for your website plug ins at functionality to your website. You can add uses if you like. There's different tools such as CEO and the ability to back up your website, which would go here. And as for settings, these are just some more new ones is that you want to take a look at in optimizing your site. So let's take a look at what these mean in the real world as relate to my website. Here is my blawg, based on the free wordpress dot org's software. So we talked about pages. Pages are course static. I've changed the names of a little bit here, but what you typically see is about US services. Contact us etcetera if we scroll down a little bit, these air posts. So these are different things that I write every week, and if we scroll down even further, we'll come across these widget areas. So in these widget areas, a showcase of different categories to get myself, outs and variety of things to write about much read Post and a couple of other items here just so people can click through my YouTube channel and Facebook page. And that's how straight for it is if we click on the post itself. I've just given it a title about its, um, images and some links. That's pretty much what you're doing as a blogger. Your posts are gonna consist of text, images, links and whatever else you'd be necessary. So again, this is just a quick limbs of WordPress, and I highly recommend it for blogging purposes. I can't wait to see your site up and running, and I'll see you Mother videos Bye for now. 2. Why Blog? 5 Reasons Why You Should: in this video, I'm going to give you five reasons why you should start blogging. There is a lot of noise and competition online and offline, and it seems like everybody is trying to build their brands and sell products and services . You want to rise above the noise, and you do that by position yourself as an authority and expert by blogging about a topic or range of topics to enhance your profile. Take me for example, at Chatham dot com. I write a lot about online business and Internet marketing, and I've been able to parlay this into sales of my digital products and sales of affiliate products and services. Readers can see that I have a firm understanding of these issues and take me up on my recommendations. When you blawg and implement the best search engine optimization practices, you expand your relevance online and grow your platform. You can also take your post and promote them on the different social media networks, as I do to drawing people to you, your brand, your products and services. When you blawg, you can generate income directly and indirectly, and I talk about different monetization techniques. In another video which you can find in the description section. If we're talking about monetizing your blawg directly will be looking at ads and banners and affiliate marketing sales. Indirectly, you can monetize your blog's by attracting clients and speaking engagements, for example, so there are various ways to monetize your blog's. The one thing I wish I did from Day one is focused on this building and collecting email addresses through my blawg. Facebook likes Twitter followers and Lincoln connections are all nice, but there is nothing like having an email address of somebody who wants to hear from you. Imagine you're ready to launch a new product or service to an email list of 50,000 subscribers. You'll get conversions and be able to count profits right away. Another son benefit of blogging is that it forces you to keep learning about your business and the marketplace. When I'm working on a post, I typically come across a bunch of new insights, products and services. For example, I wrote about financial tech companies and investing services, and many of these products and services I probably wouldn't have come across otherwise. There you have it, five excellent reasons to start blogging. So get blogging and I'll see in my other videos. Bye for now, 3. How to Make Money Blogging: in this video, we're going to talk about the seven ways you can monetize your blawg, and this is a really important topic. If you want to make this a viable income stream before we get into the seven ways, it's critical that we appreciate understand how important it is to promote our blog's. What we know is that not all the visitors that come to our websites are gonna buy whatever it is that we're selling. And so when we think about the marketing fun home, we think about attracting many visitors to our website, and that's gonna narrow and trickle down two conversions. And so it doesn't matter for selling webinars or online courses or what have you. We need to get traffic visitors and eyeballs to our website, so we need to ensure that we've implemented really good marketing activities in order to do so. The first way to monetize your block is through ad banners, and this has been a popular avenue for bloggers for many years, and the idea is to place the ad banners on your site, and as folks click through these banners, you'll get paid per click. Google AdSense is a very popular network, and there's some other popular networks that you may be familiar with. But that's one avenue to go. In addition to the ad banners, you also have native advertising, which are paid and sponsored ads of like articles. And a lot of bloggers have been weaving these to add channels into their blog's. The second way to make money from your blawg is through affiliate marketing and referral programs. Affiliate marketing is a performance based type of marketing activity whereby you promote a person or company's products and services, and when those proximate services sell as a result of your promotions, you receive a commission. I'm affiliate marketer, and that's one of my primary revenue streams from my blawg. There's tens of thousands programs out there that bloggers have joined, and many bloggers uses activity as a successful way to generate revenue from their blog's. The third way to monetize your blawg is through product and service sales. If we're thinking about products, we can start with digital media products such as online courses and e books. You may also want to think about branded products such as hats and T shirts were thinking about services. You may want to offer coaching and consulting services. Or perhaps you're a speaker and you want a list that on your site as well. The fourth way to monetize er blawg is through webinar and live event ticket sales. I see a lot of bloggers out there promoting their next webinar on what they do is they charge a fee for folks to attend. The fifth way to monetize your site is through subscription fees. For example, I see a lot of financial and investment sites out there that provide exclusive information on a quarterly or monthly cycle in exchange for subscription fees from their subscribers. And so the idea here is provide some very insightful value added exclusive content to subscribers in exchange for monthly or quarterly subscription fees. Taking subscription fees up a notch results in the Sixth way to make money from your site, which is through membership fees. The idea with the membership program is that you're trying to create an exclusive community , and you're gonna be offering benefits and content access to different things. For example, you may create a private Facebook group that only members can access another way to generate revenue from your blog's is when your blood becomes popular enough that you can invite business partnerships for placement purposes. For example, a company likes your site and likes your message, and your site attracts enough visitors that it makes it worthwhile for both parties to place an ad banner on your site. There you have it seven ways to monetize your blawg. Just remember that you don't need to implement all these activities, just the ones that make sense from a return on investment standpoint. Good luck with your activities and I'll see him. My other videos bye for now. 4. How to Promote Your Blog: in this video, I'm gonna talk about the top methods that I use to drive traffic to my site, products and services to grow my brand and profits for all 25 ways and click on the link in the description section before we begin. I just want to take a detour to Alexa dot com, which is owned by Amazon. Get with Alexa dot com is that they rank websites and offer some other services and tools. And right now I'm on their top 500 sites on the Web page. And if we scroll down just a little bit, you see there's Google number one, YouTube, Facebook. A lot of these companies that you know amazon dot com, Twitter, etcetera and the reason I'm showing you this because these websites and companies are superhighways, they attract millions of mine balls and millions of visitors every day. And we need to, as marketers understand how we can leverage these platforms, how we can build equity and drive traffic to our websites. So do come here. Have a look at the website by country or by category, and again understand how you can lovers them to increase traffic to your site. Let's start with Google because Google is ranked number one around the world. Of course, with Google, it's a search engine, so our thoughts there would be around search engine marketing and search engine optimization. I took a course early in the year because I realized how important it was as a blogger to really appreciate the best practices of S, E O and quickly. I've seen the results in my activities. For example, if someone searches for COURSERA affiliate program, you can see that my result comes up fifth. This, of course, is on page one, and that's really what you want to do. You don't want to just be blogging for the sake of blogging. You want to leverage the search engine to drive traffic to your site. Here's another example with affiliate marketing tips for beginners. So here I'm actually on the second page, which isn't ideal, but it's certainly better than being on the 10th page. And I'm just a few results down from other folks, you may know, such as Pat Flynn and other popular affiliate marketing sites. So, again, something I've really focused on is leveraging s CEO on the Google search engine to improve traffic to my site and to get notice when people are searching for different things. YouTube is not only ranks second, but, of course, it folds into the Google ecosystem. I came to appreciate you tube that much more this year and decided to reboot my channel and really focus on all the critical aspects of succeeding with a YouTube channel. So you can see here with my cover art that I'm identifying and pointing people to my website. I'm not using my cover art to put a silly picture of something. I am focused on getting people over to chad CNN dot com. Course I've highlighted. Subscribe here again is my website, and if we scroll down a little bit here, you can see that I have focused a lot on S CEO and thumbnails and providing really good content. So I'm seeing some great results from my efforts in YouTube. I'm investing a lot more time and resources on this platform because it's so popular and because video marketing and people watching videos is growing exponentially. So if you're a marketer and you want to drive traffic to your site, or if you're a blogger, you definitely gotta get over here on YouTube and think about how you can create some videos that reflect some of the content in your post. If your business, of course, you want to create a couple of videos again, optimize search on YouTube and just have been sitting there because with of course videos, people will come and watch them again and again and again. And that will help you to drive traffic even within the videos themselves. When quick on the description sections, you can certainly visit my videos. You're seeing them putting links there to drive traffic to my site. And the things that I feel are important do use you to definitely think about how you can leverage it and add it to your marketing portfolio. Everybody knows Facebook, and Facebook is ranked third on the list that we saw a sign from creating an active profile and page I highly recommend that you create a group. I created this group many moons ago, and today it's attracted over 16,000 members, and the nicest thing here is I control the narrative. So I recently launched its course and I pin the post here and to have this exposure to that many members and get engagement on it is just absolutely amazing. So when you start a group and grow your group, you can really control it, said the narrative on what happens in the group to promote your website. You could even put your website here in the cover art. The other thing, I'll say, is if you don't feel like creating a group, try to become an in men on a popular value added group and gain pin post privileges. Because if you can do that and gain privileges here maybe once a month, twice a month, that's still a great way to advertise your site and get people over to it. Twitter is another popular social media site, and you can see from the get go here that I am calling out my website to get people to learn about it, to know about it. And if you scroll down just a little bit here, you can see that my profile is complete again. I've added a link to my site. This is not a short your analysis of the full site to gain credibility. I like to use his pin posts or pin tweet area a lot and keep it updated. So people know that I'm actively engaged in my profile and my activities on Twitter images are so important and critical in our social media post. So you do one include images and hashtags. So do consider all these factors when you're trying to optimize the different social media profiles that you have on different platforms. Stay here for a moment, and something else that I want to call out is automated content marketing. So I use different tactics here. But the main tactic that I use here is I use Hoot Suite, which is a social media management service, and I bulk schedule many posts each week to get posted on my behalf. So I don't always want to be here on Twitter posting live. Sometimes I do. But other times what's happening here as we scroll down is this was posted on my behalf automatically. So was this so poster going out every two hours of the day from my website and from other sites that provide valuable content that I want to promote, and again they're going out every two hours. So this is keeping me in the game I'm creating an omnipresent presidents on these platforms , and I achieved is 24 7 presidents easily through Hoot Suite. Naturally, focusing on your target market is very important and something I do with my instagram account. When I first created it, I replicated my profiles from other platforms onto it. But then I got thinking, I thought to myself, Why not use it to try to reach a different audience, to cross promote to a new breed of people who may not discover me otherwise? And so I use my INSTAGRAM profile on account here to talk to a different audience to drive in traffic from other folks. So this is about lifestyle, travel, food as opposed to my other profiles that focus on online business and Internet marketing. So a lot of my posts here reflect just that lifestyle, travel, food and in some of these posts here, I'm receiving a lot of engagement. This one here about affiliate marketing 54. You're getting 15 and nine, so I don't spend a lot of time on Instagram. But I do think it's valuable to when you can cross promote to drive traffic from different segments of the market place. Amazon is a top visited site, as we saw under the leader in global e commerce. So nice thing here is as an author, I published a few books. Of course, it makes him passive income. But what's nice is when you create an author page, you can leverage it in multiple ways. So number one, you can see her with my bio. I call up my website. I added a video here to showcase them. A real person have also linked my blog's that new post show up here and within my books. On the first page, I call out my website, so these are multiple ways to again highlight your website on a very popular site. And to be honest with you, it doesn't take that much time to self publish a book. You can write even a short e book of 20 or 30 pages or so. Just have it on there so that you have a presence and that you show up in search results. Staying with the self publishing trend. E learning an online courses, of course, is a very hot market. You, to me, is a major player in this and the nice thing here is as we saw with my Amazon page very much the same story that I have an instructor page here. And of course I've added a link to my website and I've created several courses and in these courses I mentioned my website as well. So you definitely want to think about creating an online course. Of course again, it can be short anywhere from 30 minutes on you to me or even less time on skill share, which is another popular learning platform. There you have it just some of the ways I drive traffic to my site to grow my brand and increase my revenues. Like I said for all 25 ways, you can click on the link in the description section, Good luck with your marketing activities and I'll see in my other videos Bye for now. 5. Blogging Tips for Beginners: in this video, we're gonna talk about log design tips and ideas to improve readability and to get folks going back to your site after their initial visits. For more information on this topic, you can click on the link in the description section. Let's hop over to my blawg to discuss home page post subscribers and mobile responsiveness . Starting with your home page. You want to make it easy for readers toe. Understand what your website is about within 30 to 60 seconds or so. What is the theme, the topic and the message that you're trying to get across? You can see right here that I've stated my value proposition and what my site is about in online business, personal finance and lifestyle design. And if we hover, we're here in the H one meta tags area. You can see it says how to make money online Internet marketing for beginners, lifestyle design, etcetera. And these meditations confirm these value proposition statements here. If we scroll down to the bottom, my categories do much of the same thing. So lifestyle design on my marketing, personal finance, self publishing, working on line. This is all related, and over here my blog's confirm these categories, so sometimes when I'm visiting websites, I have no idea what's going on. There's a lot happening, and it's just too difficult to understand what the topic or theme of that site is so again to try to simplify it for your readers and first time visitors before we school back to the top. Let's just stay here to discuss categories. I've listed seven categories here, making it very easy on the reader to pick where they want to go. But some websites feature 10 15 20 categories, which I think is way too much. It's overwhelming the reader, and it causes to some degree click paralysis. So where do you click next? Because there's so many options. So try to keep your categories anywhere from 5 to 10 and that will make it really easy on the visitor to your site. So if we scroll back to the top here, a related idea isn't menu bars. You can see that I have one menu bar here again, when I'm seeing on many sites are the implementation of two or three menu bars, and there's just menu bars all over the place, which again is creating a lot of confusion and uncertainty. If you're gonna use multi menu bars, I do recommend having a start here tab that would at least decrease some of the confusion so that the visitor to your site knows where to go right away. And then you can leave them in the direction that you want them to go moving on to your post. You want to focus on creating a fluid and consistent experience from page to page from post oppose So you can see here with this that I have a banner. Here is another banner here You can see the content, typography and images that I use if we go over here. This looks very much the same as the previous pose in stylistic elements and aesthetics, and we go to another post once again the same idea. So the reader isn't having Teoh guess or readjust from Post opposed. They can get a pretty good understanding and expectation of what they're going to see and how it's gonna be laid out. Another thing I want to talk about, of course, are the implementation of images and videos, so I'll excuse flat icons, which is very on point. At the moment, I've we've been a video here about the topic, so this video comes from YouTube and I've just taken it and embedded it in my post. I like to do this to give the reader option so they can read and they can watch. And if we scroll down even more, it's nice to break up your text because you don't want to create walls of text that make it very hard to read and make it very arduous. And you do that by creating shorter paragraphs and chunking information. And also you can use headings, brief headings to divide the information. Divide the text on your posts so all these ideas will really help your post. To stand out and improve reader engagement subscribers and growing your list is a big part of the blogging experience, and if you're not doing today, you should definitely get on it as soon as possible. I've decided to go with thrive themes and their WordPress plugging because it's an amazing plug in and appeared that with email marketing provider A Weber, the idea here is two full number one. You want to create visually appealing option forms to increase your conversions. What I'm seeing out. There are a lot of folks sticking with free WordPress plug ins that just don't cut it because they're very generic looking. The second thought here is You don't want to bombard your readers with too many. Opt informs. I have three forms that are active on my site. I've also created of Joining pays specifically for opting purposes. But my goal isn't to throw an opt in form and somebody's face every five seconds. So you really want to be strategic about the implementation of your opt informs last. Blogging an idea and tip I want to share with you focuses on mobile responsiveness. A responsive site is a site that adapts to the different devices that all of issues such as our laptops, smartphones and tablets. What I'm still seeing out. There are sites that don't adapt, and that is such a pain point because when they don't adapt on, let's say, a mobile phone, you got to keep scrolling. To read the paragraph across the screen as if it were a laptop doesn't make any sense. And there's various WordPress plug ins that can help convert your site to a responsive site . The key take away here is that designing your blawg isn't a one time event. It's an ongoing activity to discover and implement the best practices. It's also critical to base your design decisions on click metrics where possible. I encourage you to step today with the best design practices and marketing trends and weave them into your design activities. And you also want to keep tabs on your competitors and borrow ideas if need be. Continue creating great content and ranking higher and search, and I'll see in my other videos bye for now. 6. WordPress Hosting 101: Hey, everyone, chat here from chataan dot com. In this video, we're gonna discuss the best WordPress hosting service for your website. Blogger Companies site. If you already have a hosting provider, no problem. You'll still want to listen up for more information on this topic, you can click on my post in the Description section I Love WordPress and if you're just beginning your WordPress journey, where presses used by more than 25% of the top 10 million websites, and it's the most popular blogging system at more than 60 million websites. So I say Forget about Squarespace, rainmaker, Wimbley, Wicks and the rest. Your best bet is to go with WordPress. The one item that you'll want to consider are the differences in New Once is between wordpress dot org's and wordpress dot com, which I talked more about in my post. Conduct a search for hosting providers and you'll come across hundreds. But it's important that you choose the right 11 that will keep your site up and running optimized. That will give you peace of mind and provide you with great support if need being. Before I knew anything about hosting, I was recommended a hosting provider, which gave me nothing but headaches. And so this year I moved all my websites over to Dream host, and I'm so much better off for doing so. There are two main items you should consider when looking for hosting provider, service and pricing service refers to shared hosting VPs and dedicated, and there's some new ones is among the three, which you can read about more. In my post, I would say a lot of folks, including myself, have gone the way of shared hosting because it's affordable and it gets the job done. The price that you pay for your hosting services will depend on a couple of items. Number one. How many sites are you planning to launch? One or many? And secondly, how do you plan to pay? Will you go month to month or will you pay annually? And so depending on how you plan to pay, you can receive a discount, which will lower your costs in your search for hosting provider? Let's start here at wordpress dot org's, and they updated their hosting page with three recommended providers. Blue hosts, dream host and site ground. And what this indicates to me is WordPress has done their due diligence here. They like these three providers based on your experience based on how they deliver the WordPress experience to their customers and the support that their customers get. And so we're pressed, of course, could list anybody and everybody, but they've chosen these three based on experience and their WordPress centric solutions. Before we go any further, I wanted to hop over to PC Mag because they've reviewed a bunch of hosting services, including the three. We just spoke about it. So if we scroll down just a little bit here and we take a look at blue hose, looks like it's got a 3.5. If we take a look at Dream Hose, it's a 4.5, and site ground received a 3.5. In fact, Dream Hose is tied with host Gator for the highest reviews. This is also a nice particle because it will identify some other considerations that you might want to look at when choosing your hosting service. It also talks about getting started and the different services that I mentioned, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPs, etcetera and some more information, but just going back to the top here. Like I said, it seems, of those three providers that wordpress dot board recommends Dream Host, according to PC, gets the best rating. As I mentioned earlier, pricing is important, and a lot of us are looking for the most affordable rates. Well, you'll often come across is a rate that looks too good to be true, and that rate could be based on a six month or one year promotion. And so you need to look past that to compare apples to apples, for example, where the blue host site here and they've crossed out the normal rate and they offered a discounted rate. But if you scroll to the bottom here, you see regular rates, and when you click on this, you'll come across this page here, and then you can look at the race that they charge four years 23 ongoing, etcetera. So again, have a look at the finer print. Look at the details. So again you compare one service to another. Here we are a dream host and just like blue hosts, they offer information about their pricing. And so if we scroll down. You can see that they offer some plans here. And this is what I mentioned earlier about getting a discount. If you're going to pay a couple of years upfront, over here is just some information about what is in their plans. And that's something also, look at when you're thinking about which plan to consider site ground, same deal on their pricing page. They talk about their plans. And this is what I spoke about when you're considering one website or multiple websites because it will impact the price you pay monthly. I just want to take a couple of seconds to show you the ins and outs and user interface and layout of my previous provider compared to the provider I have now in dream host. So with this previous provider, you can see here that there's information all over the place. It looks a little bit dated. I'm not a big fan, that control panel and it also seems like this provider was always trying to sell me on something. If we hop over to dream hose, you can see here. My dashboard is very clean. It has a very minimalistic layout. It's very easy to navigate the side panel here and then always trying to sell me on something. So once again, do consider those items we spoke about when looking for hosting provider, because it will make your online experience that much more worthwhile. I look forward to seeing my other videos Bye for now. 7. Build Your Email List Faster: in this video, I'm going to discuss how to build your email is superfast based on three guiding principles . And later, Ron, I'm gonna show you how I convert at 17 and 28% respectively. What I see on many websites is the use of one. Maybe to opt, informs. But if you want to build your email is fast. You need to deploy a minimum of three before five to increase sign ups just the same. You don't want to overdo it and provider implement too many. Opt, informs, say 67 or eight because that may overwhelm and even turn off the visitor to your site. At my blawg, I'm running three different opt in forms that appear all over the site and some page and post centric forms that will take a look at later. This here is a scroll Matt often form that drops down and appears when you first visit my site. And I've set to reappear every three days so that the reader visitor doesn't always have to see it at the bottom of all my posts. I've set up a footer often form, as you can see here, and any time you try to leave my website or leave that page or post you see that a light box appears. So these are the three forms that I have running all the time. The design and creative that goes into the planning of your opt informs is gonna have a huge impact on your conversions. I've gone with a very simple flat design that is subtle but yet appealing, and I think that's why achieve the conversion rates that I want to achieve just the same if we take a look at what this form to very bright, very aesthetically pleasing, easy on the eyes and easy to read. So think about your design and creative and what elements you put into your often forms. Another idea is to run an A B or split test to have two or more forms compete against each other to see which one is the highest converting. I recommend running the split test over a period of a month, or at least until you get 1000 impressions to really get a sense of validity as toe, which form you should keep in place. The most important option in building your email is fast is gonna come down to what you offer potential subscribers. What I see a lot of out there is the basic line around. Hey, join my newsletter joined my email this that no longer is going to cut it. You need to be able to offer something that is value added to the potential subscriber or that they're interested in getting in exchange for their email address. So here are my results. And before we talk about them, I just want to refresh the screen. Just so you know what, these results are valid and that they are true. And as you can see here, I'm experiencing conversion rates of close to 4%. Here is 28% and here is just above 70.5, and we're going to take a look at the examples that correlate to these results, starting with my story. The my story opt in form is on my my story tab where I talk about myself and introduce who I am to the visitor to my site, and you can see it right here. It's very simple in line with the page, so it's a seamless integration, and it's using flat design and I just say here, don't miss a beat. Stay up to date with my online business and lifestyle insights to achieve your goals faster . And I think the key there is in enticing people to achieve their goals faster. And who wouldn't want to do that? I've also replicated this option form on a tab here I called Join in. So this is specifically set up for collecting email addresses, and I talk about what they're going to get when they join my email list, and also what the next steps, what they can expect. And again here is the same form. So this one's converting at close to 4%. So I should call out that these here are page and post centric forms. They don't appear everywhere on my site, and the next one we can take a look at is the one here that's called Review that converts at just above 28%. As an author, I have a few books on Amazon, and if folks click on one of my books to get a preview, they scroll down a little bit. But come across this which says, Get my e books for free, learn how and this is a link that will direct him over to my website once they come to my website. But come across this a book review club where they can get my books for free in exchange for honest reviews. And I'm hoping that they leave on this reviews. They may not always do that, but the idea here is that I'm offering access to my books for freeing. And so here is the opt in form again, this is page or post centric. And so you won't see this all over the site. And here it calls out, don't pay a cent events and again join my community, get my books for free online courses for free and other products to grow your online business and profits. So again, this is very enticing. This form here attracts a 28% conversion rate. Very simple in design, but very appealing in its offer. The last form we can take a look at is the one here about free e books that attracts a 17.5 conversion rate. Passive income is a hot topic, as you know, and so not only do I have a book on Amazon about it. That's selling well. I wanted to use it as opt in bait. And so here this page is all about the launch of my new book about passive income, and this form here, very simple in design, is the one that attracts a 17.5 conversion rate. So here the idea is to download my book for free. We also saw that with an often form at the bottom of all my posts that talks about it offers the same thing. But this is just a great way to offer an e book about a hot topic that folks want. And again, the conversion rates have been really good to build and grow your email this fast run multiple forms a minimum of three, but remember not to overdo it. Think about the design of your forms and make sure they're appealing and lastly, create some exciting offers for potential subscribers. Best of luck with your email is building activities, and I'll see my other videos. Bye for now,