How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency From Scratch | Nickolas Ite | Skillshare

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency From Scratch

Nickolas Ite

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    • Lesson #1: Upfront value

    • Lesson #1: Reverse ingiengeer

    • Lesson #3: Real life proof of concept


About This Class

Most successful student:Daniel WallockHelped Bookkeeping Central earn $726,000 in new leads in 25 days with strategies learned in this Udemy course !!  (ask me for links, I cant post them on this page)////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////What am I going to get from this course ? If you follow the steps to the point you will have at least a $1.000 sale at the end of this course and a clear path to taking your side business full time. What is the course about?This is about the PROCESS of building a real longterm online agency from scratch. We will reverse any online agencies in your country, and package the service so it sells and offer it to the marketplace! I am currently doing this full time myself, and will use my own agency as a case study during the course. What is the target audience ?If you are a struggling freelancer. If you want to learn a real and ethical ways to start an online business. If you have been trying to make money online for years with no or little results. If you want to run a business without building a network/audience. If you currently have a agency/consultancy without clients or a good income. What kind of materials are included?Spreadsheets, support group, action steps for each video and relevant links.How is the course structured?Its 14 videos created with action task in mind. The main course is structured to see one video, and use 1 week on the action steps so you have a profitable agency within 10 weeks.





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Hello, I'm Nickolas a full time agency owner sharing some knowledge.

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