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How to Start a Creative Business through Blogging (For Beginners)

Izzy Matias, Creative Entrepreneur & Writer

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17 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. How to Start a Creative Business through Blogging + Your Class Project

    • 2. The Foundation of Your Creative Business

    • 3. How to Cultivate a Business Mindset

    • 4. Transform Your Doubts

    • 5. How to Find the Problem to Solve in Your Business

    • 6. The Tools You Need to Start a Creative Business

    • 7. Study Your Community

    • 8. Your Brand Name

    • 9. Your Content Strategy

    • 10. Your Promotion Strategy

    • 11. Your Monetization Stragety

    • 12. Which Blogging Tasks Should You Focus on First?

    • 13. Why Email Marketing Is Important

    • 14. Ultimate Blog Post Formula

    • 15. How to Set up Your Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog

    • 16. Launch Your Creative Business

    • 17. Your Next Steps


About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to set up a WordPress blog for beginners with the mindset that your blog is a creative business. Izzy Matias will walk you through a step-by-step process of crafting your creative business plan from cultivating a business mindset, finding your niche and brand name to launching a profitable blog. With each lesson, you will be tasked to fill out a section of the workbook, which serves as your class project. By the time you finish this class, you will have finished drafting your blogging business plan.


1. How to Start a Creative Business through Blogging + Your Class Project: Hi is he a blogger for eighth of entrepreneur and writer? I helped bloggers struggling with consistency, grow their creative business and live on their own terms. In this class, you will learn how to set up a creative business through blogging, so they're different types of creative businesses. But this class focuses on setting one up through a self hosted WordPress block. So the expectations in this class is that you know something all they create the business can be difficult, but the rewards are so worth it. So it's just like that finance concept where high risk equals higher return and the same applies to your creative business. They're different ways that you can approach your creative business. You can't do it full time as a side hustle, so that's probably a day job, or you can have a part time job. So that means you're still having money that comes in. But at the same time, you have energy and time to work on your creative business. Your class project is to complete the blogging business plan workbook, so I've linked it down below, and there's also another sample uploaded so you can refer to that. I want you to open your workbook and really decide on how you will pursue your creative business. Will you be doing it full time as a side hustle, or will you be having a part time job? 2. The Foundation of Your Creative Business: before we move on to anything else, it is crucial to establish your reason for starting a creative business. Why do you want to be a creative entrepreneur? Is it because you want to have more control of your time? Is it because you want to travel more? Is it because you want to be spending more time with your loved one's? Chances are you want to start a creative business because you want more freedom. Now the next question is freedom to do what? What does living on your own terms look like? Answering this question will help you stay laser focused on building your creative business , especially on the days you feel like giving up. The reason why you have to answer this question is because it helps you senior and gold. I want you to imagine your ideal day in the future, one where your creative business is already a success and you're earning your ideal income . What are you doing? Are you traveling most of the time? Are you taking more classes or learning new skills? I want you to take five minutes and write down everything you're doing in your ideal date. That means from the time you wake up to the time that you go back to sleep. By doing this exercise, you'll get the clear idea on why you want your creative business to work. Establishing the purpose of your creative business is so important because it's your guiding light. Remember, it's okay if this purpose evolves because you, as a human being, are evolving. Now it's time to get your workbook and answer why it's important that you start your creative business. 3. How to Cultivate a Business Mindset: we'll be talking about healthy growth debate, a business mindset when blogging. Some people view blogging as a hobby are creative out there, but that is not how I want you to future blogged. Your blood is a business, specifically eight in business. Because of this, you have to have a business and growth lines. And what is that mindset? It means that you have the grid and discipline to work on your business. Even on the days that you don't feel like doing it, you have to keep moving forward. And that also means that you have to invest your time and money in order to see your business group. So that means purchasing certain tools or, you know, certain items that will help level your block. When you see your blog's as a hobby, then you won't prioritize it. You'll just work on it when you feel like it. But because you have a business mindset, then you know that you really set aside time. You'll make time for it and you prioritize your book. Take a look at your current scheduled and video. Write everything down your schedule from Monday to Friday, as well as your weekends and really take the time to see which areas or what time you can set aside for your creative business. So, for example, if you wake up with 6 a.m. every day, but then you actually have 30 minutes where you scroll social media. Why not convert that into time working on faith of business When mapping out your schedule ? It's OK that you have different times that you work on it every day. Or maybe in the beginning you only want to work in it from Monday to Friday. That's also OK. It's totally up to you, and it's OK that you have different times were in your work in each and every day. Once you decided the time that you want to be working on your creative business, I want you to take out your schedule or your calendar, are even on your phone and set the reminder and really plotted out so that you get a daily reminder on times that you would be working on it as well as the time for self care. In the beginning, I want you to start small. That is just so that you easier way and really work towards that certain ideal thing that you want to be working on your create business. So, for example, if your goal is to be able to work on your creative business on our as day, why not start with five or 10 minutes and then from there once you've easier weight and then you can add on additional five minutes or 10 minutes daily. Now I want you to open your workbook and decide which are your working hours for you creative business and for self care. 4. Transform Your Doubts: life often Entrepreneur is a tough one. You'll be constantly putting yourself out there so you have to be prepared. You have to be aware Negative self talk doubts What is holding you back? Why haven't you started that money making block you've always wanted? What are you afraid of? You are your own cheerleader. You have to believe in yourself. I know that this can be challenging at times, but you have to keep moving forward. How exactly do you do that when you're doubting your every? You do that by turning your negative self talk into positive affirmations. For example, instead of saying I am a failure, you can say it's okay. I'm not perfect. Nobody is. And what's important is to keep going. Nobody gets it right on there first, right? I want you to get your worksheet and write down all the limiting believes you have and frame them posted after. For example, one of the things that I was struggling with is the feeling of not being good enough. If you also struggle with this positive affirmation that you can tell yourself is I let go of the idea of being perfect. I'm a work in progress. And I'm on my way to a successful life. Really Think about all the doubts you have uncovered them and face them, transform them, deposited affirmations. 5. How to Find the Problem to Solve in Your Business: we will be talking about how to find the problem you can solve in your creative business because this is a creative business. You cannot just pick a random topics and hope for the best. It's so important to validate your ideas. You have to see if there's a community that you can serve. If there is the man for what you want to offer, I want to eat the brainstorm. All topics that are your strengths as well as the thought makes that you can't stop talking about these air topics that you will join you as well as the topics that people keep going to you for advice, start with those and write as many as possible. Now you have a list of possible topics. How do you make sense of them, and how do you know which wants to pursue? What If you want to cover more than one topic, here's the good news. You can combine two or more topics to create your niche. For example, in one of my previous blog's I'm Rich Together, My Love for Music and Travel rebranded my blawg as a travel blogger for music lovers. Take a look at all the topics you've written down and see if you can combine them to find your unique angle. What is that specific thing that you can help people with? However, just because you found that unique angle doesn't mean that that is what you should pursue. Going back to my example of my travel block for music lovers, things weren't taking off and growth was stagnant because I didn't do any research. When I finally did, I found out that the man wasn't much. I was just hoping that I would reach people who were like me. But in reality, when I did my research, very few people were interested in searching for the type of content I was posting on my block. This takes me to my next point, which is the importance of doing your research. Are there actually people out there were surging for what you want? The offer? Is there a market for your creative business? So here, just some ways that you can validate your niche keyword research. I'll cover this more in one of the later videos. Essentially, you can do keyword research via Google Earth undressed. You can also do it via Google trends another way that you can validate your niche is by searching for existing courses or products that are doing well. So don't over analyse the sport. Burnish can evolve as your business is evolving. I've actually changed my nation multiple times because I've evolved, and I've realized that I've outgrown a certain ish and the community and want to serve is different. It's hard to do this at first because you'll be thinking, What if I'm already known for something? But then, if that's not what you lied, aligns with your strengths and the need in the market, then it's going to be hard to be building your brand around that whatever need you set before, make sure it's focused enough. But it's not niche that very little people are searching for it, especially if you want to be selling something. It's now time to open your worksheet and decide what problem you want to be solving. And what community do you want to be helping 6. The Tools You Need to Start a Creative Business: the tools you need and starting a creative business. Since this is a creative business, you have to be willing to invest in your business to see it grow. And like any business, there will be start up costs. Back when I did my research before starting my latest blogged, there were people online saying that you could start a profitable blawg in under $100. While that is true, I want to know that you have a lot of options and that how much you really going to be investing in at the beginning depends on what you need. I'll be sharing with different options so that you can make the best decision for your creative business. This is going to be a guide on how much you can expect to invest in. It's not an exact representation, rather an estimate just so that you have an idea on the range of how much it will cost to start the eighth of business again. It all depends on what you choose is best for you. In terms of a blogging host and domain, I personally used site ground you may be thinking, Okay, what's the difference between a blogging, host and domain. So the domain in the simplest way that I could put it, is your website link. So that is the W W dot Whatever your name is dot com. So, for example, my domain is eczema. Thea's dot com. Your blogging hosts is the provider that stores your website. Before you choose a certain blogging host provider. It's so important to do your research so they're different all prince that you can choose from. And personally, I was deciding between blue host and site ground because they were quite similar in terms of the price range. If you look at the workbook, you'll see that there's a whole table there where you can write out the options that you're considering, as well as how much each is gonna cost, as well as the pros and cons of going with a specific tool. Because this was a business, I really wanted to invest in the best tools, and in the end, I chose site ground because of its superb customer service. I wanted my community to know that their information was safe, so I wanted to be getting an SSL certificate. So this one, just basically when you see in the your El Bar on top. You see that? Some websites are http and then hdb s when you see the S, that means that that website secures the information. So that just means that the website with the https is more secure. And I saw that site ground came with a free SSL certificate. But I had some questions. So what I did was I chatted with someone from customer service and the response was so quick that I was impressed, like I didn't even leave my room and I already got an answer. So that gave me more pizza. Mind that in case anything happened to my website or my blawg and I needed immediate action , there was somebody that I can contact and that they would respond fast. Another duel that you will be investing in is your blogging platform. So going back through the example of a magazine, it would be the material that you use. So if it's a magazine, right, that like, for example, it could be mad paper. So in terms of your blogging platform, is that wordpress? Is that squarespace? So as I mentioned in the beginning of the class. I said that we would be setting up a creative business through a self hosted WordPress block, so I just want to expound more on what this means. WordPress is a blogging platform, and even if you choose for impressed that you have two options. One is to get wordpress dot com for a self hosted word. Best block. So with wordpress dot com, that just means that you're hosting is under WordPress. But you'll store all your information on wordpress dot com as well as your domain name will be. For example, if I had chosen word breast, my domain would have been eczema. Tia's thought WordPress don't come and know that if you're starting a business, it looks more professional to have that is E t s dot com versus eczema ts thought repressed dot com with a self hosted WordPress blawg. You can do exactly that. That means that your platform is WordPress and used have control off all your files. So later on, I'll be showing you how I set up my blawg through site ground and with site found. They already give you the steps on how to set up your self hosted WordPress blogged. The reason why I recommend a self hosted WordPress blawg is that if anything happens through all the other platforms, that means that your content goes down with them. So imagine if you've built up your blog's and then one day that certain blogging platform closest down, you can find a lot of blogging platforms that are free. But it comes with a cost that you know you don't have complete control over your information and your site content, whereas if you use a self hosted WordPress blawg, you have ownership of your content. And if anything happens, you still have that content as long as you back it up. Another thing is, when you go with a host, you have to really check the plans because there are options and, for example, for site found. They have plans that on your first year it's at a certain discount. But then once that one year finishes, you go back to their regular pricing, and that is actually something that I did not see when I signed up for the plan. So what I had calculated in my head was that, oh, I'll just be spending around 3 to $5 a month for my hosting that, but that was at a discount because that was my first year off hosting. Now, on my second year when I got a renewal notice and I wanted to pay for it. When I checked how much the final cost was, I was super shocked because it was much, much higher than the initial plan. And that's when I realized that, you know, I and I didn't know this, that there was actually a line on their Web page that said that the first year off your hosting plan is actually at a discount, and for every year thereafter, it's going back to its regular price. So that's something I want you to really check when you're listing. All your options are the tools that you're investing in. Have a discount at first and then it has a regular price after because this is something that you should really take note up, especially like when you're doing a list of your expenses. So I actually have a worksheet where I list down all my expenses for my business. It's just so I know that. How much would it cost for me to be running this business on a yearly and monthly basis. You know, I need to earn at a minimum to break even. So, for example, would it cost you like, $50 a month to be running your business? Then you know that you need to be making at least $50 just to get back that expense. Another thing that you will be investing in is a blawg means. So when you're starting out, I know it can be super super time. Think to just go with a free theme. However, if you want your blog's the look professional, I highly suggest that you buy a premium WordPress theme because that means that it looks more professional. And one thing nice about WordPress is that it's very customizable. That's another reason why I love word breast, like literally you can we get the way you want it to be. But of course, like you have to have that technical knowledge. However, if you don't that I would highly suggest that you purchase a premium theme with all the features that are your musts personally, what I did for my block waas to buy a Genesis framework and then a premium theme that was compatible with it, because I wanted to really make sure that the theme that I was buying as well as the framework would make sure that my blawg loaded fast. It was also Sq friendly. There were certain features that I really wanted in my blog's. So based on that, I did my research and narrowed down the possible themes that I was going to buy an honesty . This part took me a long time because there's a specific look that I was going for, what, at the same time, I wanted to make sure that my boss would be the best that it could be in terms of the technical side. Another thing that you will be investing in our marketing tools so it really depends on the tool, but you can actually get some marketing to us for free. So, for example, if you want to be scheduling your tweets, you can use Tweet deck, and that's for free. But there's this one tool that I used to use for one of my previous blog's, but it's quite expensive, so I'm still saving up for that, and when I can finally afford it, I am going to be purchasing it for my blog's. So it's called co schedule and with co schedule. It's like an editorial calendar where you can see an overview off the whole month and as well as like which posts are scheduled for which days as well us. It integrates your social media platform so that you can see at a glance what is your content time for the month for the year, and it costs quite a bit. So that's why I want to save up for it. I also use email marketing service that also costs a month, the amount because your blawg is your business. I also want to let you know the importance off protecting your block and your biz legally when you start to block their certain pages that you're required to have thes our privacy policy, disclosure disclaimer and terms and conditions. Another thing that I invested in with my blawg are illegal dump. It's I got these single templates from this blogger who's also a full time lawyer, so she created peace Legal dump. It's She also has other legal contracts, depending on what you need for your block. So as you can see there different tools and resource is that you have to consider before you start a creative business. And I highly, highly recommend that before you invest in a tool to do your research about all the options out there so that you think what is best for you. Because even if, for example, if you're thinking OK all buy the most expensive dual, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best fit for your business. It really depends on what you want your business to be. So, for example, if you eventually think that you want to be putting out video content, is that certain tool that you want to invest in helping you with that business? Is that going to be helping you with your video content? Yeah, so now is you leave a time for you to do your research and find what's best for you. I didn't really want to be pushing you to a certain tool. My recommendation for you is to really set up a block through a self hosted WordPress platform. Now is the time to go to your workbook and do your research on which tools you're considering investing for your business. Now if you have any questions about certain tools you can let me know, and based on my experience, that's what I'll answer. 7. Study Your Community: in order to know how the best serve your community, you have to anticipate their needs. This means that you really have to understand your community. The best way to do this is through research. First thing I would tell you is look inward. If you are your own ideal customer, what are your current struggles and where do you spend the most time online? The first method that I'm going to be showing with you in terms of doing research is through Facebook. For example, if the needs have chosen is traveling sustainably, then on Facebook, what you can do is go to the search bar type Travel bloggers find relevant Facebook groups if you click the group's section so that it narrows it down and then you join a number of travel Facebook group. So I would suggest maybe joining a couple of general travel blogging groups and then look for specific groups that are relevant to your mission. For example, you can see here there's this group called Sustainable Travel Creatives, bloggers and content creators, so that is aligned with garnish. Once you're in those groups, I want you to look at what are the most common questions that people are asking as well as the type of content that they're really looking for. This will really give you an idea on what type of content to focus on. One thing good is that if you can find Facebook groups that are active, then you get more data are real time. Another way we can do research is through Google. Second Cyber Keyword on Google As you're typing a keyword, Google is trying to guess what you're searching for. You can see that Google is already suggesting other topics related to your keyword that are relevant as well as the things that people are searching for. Another way to do research is through keywords everywhere. So what this does is when you search on Google after you type the key word travels sustainably. You can see that there are 1600 people searching for this keyword every month. You can also see other data like the cost per click over here and the competition. So I like using the stool keywords everywhere because it tells me if it's hard around for a specific keyword as well as other related cures that you can see here on the right side of your screen. People are also searching for sustainable travel. Block sustainable travel destinations. Sustainable Travel 2018. Just by doing this research, you can see what people are searching for and then create your content around that. You don't wanna be wasting your time creating content that people don't search for. Another way that you can do research is through Google trends. If you're undecided between choosing to specific keywords, this helps me see and really choose which keyword I'm going for. So, for example, if you want to write a travel article about that, say Oxford, I want to know what people are searching for when they want to find travel guides on Oxford . I would die Oxford travelguide, and then you can compare the term. Let's say things to do in Oxford. You can go there more than two surges you can actually at three of you want. But here I just wanted to see do people search for Oxford Travel Guide or things to Do in Oxford. The average is around one vs 45 when they search for things to do so this would help me then decide on my headline as well as my keyword that I want to be ranking for I. Also, you spend the rest to validate if people are really searching for a specific term or keyword below the search bar. There, already certain keywords and terms that interest is saying that people are searching for people who really are searching for the key word things to do in Oxford. They're different resource is and tools that you can use in terms of doing your research about your community research about what you can write about, what content you can publish, that will be relevant to your community and that people are searching for. Another thing can do is to really ask people one on one before example. If you already have a following, or if you have friends that are part of your target community, you can ask for their feedback. You can ask them what air their struggles, what are the things that they're looking for and what type of content they want to see. So maybe if you're thinking that what if people have already written about specific topic? Chances are that's already happened. But don't let that stop you. What you can do is to find the things that are lacking in those articles that are already ranking for the topic that you want to be publishing content about. What I want to do is to see you and those articles and those block boats. What are the things that people aren't talking about yet that you can talk to them about? So, for example, and that things to do in Oxford If you see that people aren't actually writing about the different ways that you can go around Oxford in a day, you can cover that because then you know that that is something that they haven't been talking about yet. But it's still relevant to what you want to say and what you want to cover. So whether that means that's entertaining them, inspiring them or teaching them something you it must be giving them value and at the same time, the waiting present that makes it relatable and tells the story because that's how we connect with people through stories. So now it's time to answer your worksheet. I've put up the specific section that you need to be answering. It's basically about doing your research for your community 8. Your Brand Name : how to choose your brand name, so choosing your domain name can feel overwhelming. You might even get stuck in that point where you don't know what name to choose that you can't move forward. So that's happened to me. There was one time where I was about to launch a block, and I got stuck on thinking of what the main aim wanted to get because I wanted it to be related to my thought big. But then I couldn't find the right mix of words. So I delayed launching that block by months just because I couldn't decide on my domain name and the niche that I want to be in my main that pre was not over thinking. Worst case in are you is that you change your domain name and that's okay, because people are there and they stay because of your content and your story, not your remaining. Now I will be sharing with you tips on how to choose your remaining. So the first is that it must be consistent across all platforms, so that means your blog's all social media and any other platforms that you son on having. So once you ready have that certain domain name in mind. First thing I want you to do is check if it's available on all platforms. You will be on because the last thing you want is that once you've already settled on the main name and you love it so much. But then you find out that someone already has it then that needs. You just have to start from scratch again. Once that you check that that the main name is available, go ahead and secure it already because you don't want someone else to get it before you do . Next. Step I have for you is that your brand names and the main aim should be easy to spell And remember, because if you have a super complicated or hard to spell name, then it's harder for first time. Visitors are customers to remember, and that would be so sad if you know they really want to check out your blog's. But then later on, they can't remember it. So, for example, that happened to me a few years back when I had a music box. I really wanted my domain name to be a music. There are at least three related to music since I really forced the issue. I settled on Overture on nine and you know what? It was hard for people to remember because the spending was super complicated. So that's something I learned, and I want you to really learn from that experience. Another thing that I have for you is that you can even use your name as your domain name. In the beginning, I didn't really know that that could be done. I was just thinking I wanted it to be separate from me and my name because I was afraid of showing myself online. So I wanted to use a But it's okay if you feel like you want to use your name, go ahead and do so. Another thing that I learned over the years was that you know, if you want to be part of a knish and you have that certain keyword to also include that keyword in your social media names and in your blog's description, for example, my keyword is created business. If you check my social media profiles and my blawg, you'll find that keyword bread and across all those platforms. So in the same way, once you've chosen your knees and your keywords. I wanted to include that in your social media platforms and on your block. That makes it easier for people who were looking for that specific topic to find you. Now I want you to open your workbook and really think about the main name and write this down what your final name is, what your brand name is as well as your, and don't forget to cure it once you find out that it's available on. 9. Your Content Strategy: In this video, we will be talking about your creative business plan. Specifically your content strategy. Your content strategy will dictate what you post how often you post and in what form. So this is where your research comes in. It's not time for you to decide on your core topics based on your niche. And really, what are the topics that you want to be helping your community with? Take a look at your niche as well as the common struggles and pain points that your community pass and how can you serve them in your niche. I want you to choose due to three main topics so that it's not too many and you don't spread yourself too thin and people don't get confused about what complex you talk about. This is especially important when you're just starting out later on and you've established yourself and you have a huge following already and a loyal community. Then you can start the branch out on other topics that you wanted to be talking about. But now is the time to really build your authority on those 2 to 3 main topics. For example, my blawg helps female blogger struggling with consistency, grow their creative business, so that taken them on their own terms. In my blog's, I've chosen three main topics. So that is bloom, create and travel so bloom. It's all about self care and personal development. Create is about blogging, content creation, blogging tips, whereas travel is about, you know, making the most out of your trip when you go abroad as a digital nomad. Once you have your main content toppings, I want you to decide whether you will be publishing articles for videos. So again, this goes back to your research. Do the people in your community prefer blawg? Articles are watching videos, for example. What I did was I did a survey on INSTAGRAM through the Paul feature, and I asked them what my community prefers. Was it La Poste? Our videos and majority off. Those who answered said that they still prefer eating block posts, and that's why I'm sticking to block posts. The next thing I want you to decide on is your posting schedule. Will you be posting your content weekly or daily? Maybe you want to be boasting it three times a week. Whatever you choose, I want you to just really think about what is the most realistic schedule for you. Can you commit that? If you have a full time job and your ideal posting schedule is two times a week, you really have to check if that's doable and realistic. What I would suggest is to start posting weekly first and then work your way from there. Another thing to consider is, will you be relocating your main topics? What I mean by this is, for example, for my blawg. I rotate between my three topics. So if I post this week about content creation next week, it will be about self care in the week after the about travel. And then after that, I go back to content creation topics. That is how initially did my posting schedule. However, I want you to know how important it is to really review and analyzed your analytics. So what I did is after testing out that rotation of topics for a few weeks, I looked at my Google analytics and really checked what were my top performing posts. And then I found out that people really responded well to my post about content creation. So event week, my posting schedule to include more posts about content creation in the same way I want you to be doing that, you know, test out your content in the beginning and see what really resonates with your target community. Now that you've decided on those things, I really want to share with you that the secret to staying consistent is planning a hit, and you can do that by using a content calendar. Your content calendar is really an overview off what you'll be posting when and it gives you structure. And it also eliminates that feeling off overwhelmed and not knowing what to post. Because if you already plan ahead, then all you have to do is start executing it and taking action and start creating that content. So now I want to share with you my content calendar. This is to give you an example, but you're totally free to make your own format. I just wanted to show you this so that you get an idea on how you can do it, but it's still up to you how you want to execute your content calendar. So here you can see this was my January content plan and my big goal for the month was finishing this content calendar. And as you can see, I really labeled the Rose depending on which platform I would be posting in, whether that was my blawg or instagram Facebook, Twitter or through my email use that. So my strategy is that I'd be posting on instagram a couple of days a week. As you can see here on January 1, I boasted about a list of things and grateful for in 2018 and then the next day. What I did was, yes. I posted a new piece of content on instagram. But on Facebook and Twitter, what I did was to repurpose my post from Instagram the day before and post the exact same photo and caption on both platforms. So this is just the way I wanted to do it at first, because if I tried to create content specific to each platform, I know that I burned out really fast. So in the beginning, what I wanted to do is just so that I'm active on these bathrooms. I would mirror my posts. So as you can see my current email use that their schedule was set for Sunday, and it would talk all about the new year. And then I intentionally didn't post a block post on the first week of January just because I had already said a scheduled break for the holidays. And also, I know people are busy over the holidays, So that's why I decided to start posting on the second week of January. On January 8, I published lessons learned in 2018 to help you become a better blogger. And then, as you can see, what I wanted to do was to promote that post on Thursday on Instagram. And then what I also do is on Sunday, I then promote that blogged post in my email news that there So that was my promotion strategy. So here I just want to share with you an overview off how I did my January content plan. And, as you can see, January 8th was about create. So this was a content creation. Top it, and then the next week I posted about self care and personal development. So that's about a Vision board for content creators, and the week after I posted about travel and then from the last week of January I went back to my create content bucket. It got that done. There really helps. You see, you know, what are your themes for the month or what you want to be posting? And then, based on that, you can create your promotion strategy. I'll be talking more about that in the next video, but now I want you to take your workbook and work on your content strategy. 10. Your Promotion Strategy: in this video, we will be talking about your promotion strategy. Promoting your content is just as important as creating it because you have to be strategic about the way promote your content. How do you plan to promote your content? Will your on ads to drive traffic are you? Will you be sharing your posts on social media? One thing I want you to take away from this is that you have to spend as much time promoting your content as you did creating it, if not more. You can't expect people to come to your block if they don't even know that your block exists in the first place. So now you might be thinking, Okay, how do you promote your content and where which social media networks will you share your content in again? This goes back to your research. Where does your community spend the most time at his own instagram on Facebook? Twitter Pinterest? Yes, You want to be promoting your content as much as you can, but also take note on which social media platforms you have to be focusing on. And that means the Social Media Network, where your community is most active in. So where can you promote your content? You can do so on Facebook on Twitter Instagram been dressed, linked in blawg loving reddit thes air Just some of the places that you can promote your content. I want to read a theory that it's so important to include your promotion strategy as part of your content calendar. Yes, you want to promote your content as much as you can, but you also have to be realistic about it. So might for you is to set aside time for you to solely be promoting your content. So whether that's 10 minutes a day or maybe you will schedule all your promotion in one sitting during the weekend. Do so. Another tip I have for you right now is that ah, lot of bloggers are seeing success when it comes to traffic when they share their content on Pinterest. So I highly encourage that you do more research about pin dressed and how you can promote your block post through this. For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, Pinterest is a visual search engine. So think go, go! But in photos So now you might be thinking how do you promote your content without feeling to sales E or being into someone's face too much? What I can tell you is that when you share content, even if it's to promote your own block posts or videos, make sure to make it valuable content. So this means that you give tips about a certain topic or block boats that you're gonna be sharing about. Maybe can do trivia, write an advice post or even share a story. So again, let me reiterate that it's so important that the content you share resonates with your community. So, for example, if you are publishing a post about self care, you can then prepare your audience by talking about self care during that week on your instagram or Facebook post, so that when you do plug about your blood post, they already know that it's coming because you've been talking about self care during that week. So now I want you to go to your worksheet and to really choose which Social media platform you will be focusing on to bill your community and why 11. Your Monetization Stragety: how the choose your monetization strategies. In this video, we will be talking about how the monetize your blood in the different ways that you can make money on night. Here are the different ways that you can make money on my affiliate marketing for the Smiths digital broad ups, physical approach, ducks, membership websites, coaching services and sponsored posts. So these are just some of the ways that you can make money on night. And this is not everything but the ones I intimated or what I will be talking about in this video. First Affiliate Marketing. So what this athlete marketing that means for more things somebody else's brother for service while getting a commission. So, for example, if you're really a fan of a certain product and love it so much and you keep talking about it that you know, other people will then purchase that broad up because of your recommendation, then you can actually make money through that. So what you can do is you can include it in your blog's link on for this myth, or maybe even through a video review, you might be wondering how exactly to go about this. Chances are that you will find that, say A. I think they're on their website that says Help to become an affiliate for Maybe you can even approach them and send an email and say, Hey, I really love your product. I would love to promoted on my block and request for an athlete thing, and then they can get back to you and send you that personalized code in the same way. If you have a product for service and you want other people to promote it, you can also create after the bank for them. So this link with then track if a person purchases the products through your link and then you get the commission before you get an athlete, think I want you to really read the terms and conditions so that you know what you're getting into. And you know the different payout schemes. Because each product in each affiliate website link will have its different terms and conditions. So really read through that. The second is the advertisement. So the well known advertising network is Google AdSense. So what you will do if you want to get a cool AdSense account, is you have to sign up to go to their website. There will be terms and conditions and lose their that you have to apply for. And if you're blawg is qualified, then they will approve it. Once your account is approved, then you can start showing ads on your block. They know that Google AdSense Is that your only option? When it comes to advertisements, there are also other advertising networks out there that you can reach out to, and you can apply for that will want to advertise on your book. So it really depends on that network. If they will approve your block another ways that you can reach out to friends so you can tell them that, for example, you have ad space on your header and tell them the specification off, how big the photo is or they want to put a short video clip, tell them and reach out to them and say that you know, just make sure when you approach that friend that it's relevant to your blood and your community because the last thing you want is that for example, if you're niches in the music industry or about music and then you approach a health brand , then that wouldn't make sense for them to advertise from your blog's, because then their target market isn't your working, so you'd have to make sure that your community and the brand that you approach, or if it's the third way, is through digital products. So, for example, thes digital products can be an e book on online course, a great worksheet. So there is a lot of options when it comes to digital brother, and you just have to make sure that the format that you deliver it in something that is relevant to your community, so what you can do is, for example, you can look at your top performing posts to see what sort of thought makes your community is interested in. And then, based on that, that's the topics that you can talk about in your e book. That is just so you can get an idea on what your audiences interested and also you can get inspiration. That's a from those block posts and then include That's a snippets in that evil. When it comes to E books, you can actually self publish them so that me, through Amazon or even through your blog's so you can just upload it or no set it up through the mail chimp or an email service provider. And once they send you the payment, they get an automatic found off the booth. Fourth Way is physical products, so if you already have an established community, you can then see what sort of physical products they might be interested in. For example, you're a blogger who, this illustration or art what you can do it. You can sell T shirts, tote bags, bags or maybe even caps with your artwork on it. So the fifth way is to a membership site. So the weight gain membership site, the first from an online courses that with an online course you worked once, and then you get the passive income. After that they membership site. You have to put out new content every month. So that means you could be doing Facebook lives every month or giving them out a new video lesson every month. And the good thing with a membership site is that people subscribe to it, and that means that they pay months for your subscription. Now, an example of a membership site is page in so The way that that works is that a customer can choose how much he or she wants to pay monthly, and that amount corresponds to the type of content that he or she will be receiving on a monthly basis. So, for example, if you paid $10 a month, you could be getting a free video lessons every month as well as blood boosts. Or if you choose to pay a higher price than could be getting more items, which, for example, means a 31 on one coaching class with the person. Speaking of coaching, that brings me to my sixth way that you can make money and that is coaching services. So this one is more personalized because you would really be helping the person and giving them calls one on one. So, no, you could have a structure do that, or you can even be giving out. That's a one hour the imminent coaching calls, and it's a view how you want to be doing this. Like, for example, you can book your calls, zoom or Skype or maybe even Facebook, so that really depends on what you want to be doing. Seventh Way is responsive post. So you might be more familiar with this weight because this is the common way that bloggers and influencers make money online. So you'll be seeing this on instagram Facebook, maybe even on mutual part on their blood. Boss, Now, when you're doing sponsored posts, they know that it can also go the other way. Normally, you would be waiting for brands to approach you. But why not be the one to approach this certain rent, especially if you're already a avid users of a certain product, you can reach out to them and off course. You make sure that this certain product fits well with your community. So a tip I have for you when it comes to sponsored post is to make sure that you and the brand really agree on the deliverables. So that means that you really read the contract before you sign it. Make sure that if you have any clarifications questions to really ask before you signed the document when it comes to sponsored posts, make sure that you really believe in the product because people nowadays can tell when you're just doing it for the money, so might for used to really examine and make sure that when you say yes to post, is this something that you really use? Or are you just saying yes, because of the money? Thes are just some of the ways that you can make money online now, no matter which way you choose, make sure to create the content plan around that. So, for example, if you're going to be launching an online course, make sure to create that awareness before you drop the course. So, for example, what it in your content or the block bulls that will be writing, including the Taser can snippets or teasers about the topic of your online course? Or maybe you can even announce at the head of fine and tell them like I like the lunch online course. Now give me your email if you're interested to know more about it, or if you want to know once it is available, it's now time to open your workbook and decide which way you will monetize through block and again. Once you decide that you're going on around them, 12. Which Blogging Tasks Should You Focus on First?: in this video, we will be talking about which blogging tasks you should focus on first. So when it comes to blogging, I know that it can be overwhelming at times because they're just so many things on your to do list. Like, should you be writing all if your blood posts first, should you be going your social media or Instagram furs should be growing your email list first. Or maybe when you're setting it up, what they do first. Is it true? Maine. Is it right in your about me page? Really? Just you crafting everything all your block posts in one go before launching it. So what I have for you is a blogging timeline that you can follow this guy just to give you a structure on what passed its first field freak that we get as necessary. And it's really up to you to figure out what works best for you might have for you is the batch content, So that means you schedule a day or half a day for a certain type of fast. For example, you can dedicate one whole day to just ranking Basques and then another day just for photography. and then another. Take a deeper scheduling. This would make it easier for you and faster the work on your contempt. 13. Why Email Marketing Is Important: I'm going to be giving you a quick introduction to email, marketing and white, an important tool and growing your business. Why should you have an email? This. A lot of successful bloggers are always talking about having an email is. Why is that so? It's because if you just rely on social media to promote your posts and build your community, imagine if one day all those social media networks shut down, that means you would have to start building your community again from scratch. Imagine all that hard work gone just because they say they decided that they want to close it or the company goes bankrupt. Or there's a glitch really can't predict what's going to happen in the future. That's why having your own email list is so important because you own your email. Is the people in your email list signed up there and gave their consent that they want to be receiving emails from you, and nobody can take that away from you. So even off all those social media platforms closed down, you'll still have your email list. Another thing to note about email is that it builds personal connections with your community another reason why a lot of successful bloggers really promote email marketing and say it's so important is because you get to build that trust with your community. It's a more personal approach and really building a relationship with your community. You get to send them more personal notes and messages about your struggles or you know how to really help them out. Having an email list is an avenue for you to launch your products, because if you already build that relationship with your community and you get their trust , once you launch a product, they're more likely to buy it because you've already established that connection with them and they trust you. People buy from brands that they trust, so you have to really build that trust with your community. So, no, I just want to talk you through how to set up an email account. Having an email with your domain attached to it not only makes you look legit, but it's also a good way for people to contact you, so I'm going to show you how to set up an email account. But this, of course, happens after you've already set up your website. Okay, Now that you have set up your email and you know you want to start your email list, how then do you grow that list? And that is by creating an opt in freebie. That means you could eight something for people to download for free. So whether that's a checklist, or maybe it's a free five day email course, give them an incentive to sign up for your email list and make sure that whatever you're giving away, it's really valuable and really delivering on that promise that you're telling them that they're going to be getting. And once someone has landed in your email list, it's so important to cultivate that relationship. So I highly, highly suggest that you set up a welcome email Siri's. So that means if somebody signs up to your email news that their list, then that sequence gets triggered where, in a series of emails will be sent to them. It's already scheduled ahead of time, so, for example, that's what I do. I currently use Convert get as my email marketing back four, and once somebody signs up for my email list, they are sent the welcome email sequence, so that means over the span of two weeks. They get constant emails from me. So really, that is just me, you know, building my relationship with them and getting to know them better. So now that you have a quick introduction about email marketing, it's now time to go to your workbook and brainstorm. What you're often freebie will be for your email list. Okay. To set up your email account, you're going to have to go to your websites. See panel. So if you use site ground, there's a button that says Go to see panel So you have to click that there is going to be a pop up with a label that says, See panel access, and it will ask you if you want to access it securely, so make sure the access see panel securely is checked and confirmed your selection. Then you'll be digging to your C panel. Now I want you to go do the section that says Mail and click on that icon that says email accounts in that page. You can now set up your email account, choose your user name, password and even change your maximum mailbox Kota, depending on your plan and Once you're ready, all you have to do is click, create account and there you go. You've done your email account. It's pretty simple, right? So now it's time for you to really build your email list and grow that relationship with your email subscribers. 14. Ultimate Blog Post Formula: in this video, I'll be sharing with you your ultimate blawg post formula. So if you open up your workbook, you'll see there's a checklist right beside how to set up. You're blawg. So the checklist is really just to help you out and make sure that, you know you don't forget any of the important things you have to do when creating a block post. Because one block boast takes a lot of time and research and energy. Creating a block boast is more than just writing a couple of paragraphs and taking cute photos and then uploading it on your block. Because this is Acre eighth of Business, you also have to be very strategic about the things that you post on your blogged again. You always want to make sure that the topics that you talk about and that you write about and you cover that they're all what your community is looking for and searching for. And now when you create your block posts, there's a whole step by step process that goes into it as well. I'll be sharing we the process of how I write my block posts. So I first start with keyword research. So again, as mentioned in my earlier video, I talked about the different ways that you can do research, especially if you have a topic in mind and you want to be able to rank on Google for it. So you have to do the right keyword research for this in order to know what people are really looking for. Just the share review. When I used to write travel guides, I would just attached the name of the city owes in and then the phrase travel guide. But then when I did my keyword research, I found out that there were better terms and phrases that people were searching for when they look for a specific place. And that's how I created my block Booth. Next step is for you to create your headline, so I use a couple of tools to help me with my headline. I mentioned one of them earlier, and this was girl trends. Another tool that I use for creating my headline is co schedule headline analyzer. So this one really puts a score on your headlines so you can type your headline, and then based on that, they come up with a score, depending on how long your head Linus, whether or not it's a positive headline or trigger certain emotions. So it's a pretty good tool to use when creating a headline, because your headline is the first thing that people see before they even read opposed people decide whether or not they want to read your block post based on the headline. So remember, it has to be catchy, but at the same time real them in because they know it's gonna be a valuable read. Next step would be to outline your posts. So based on your headline, what are the things you want to cover in your block post? And what I normally do is when I outlined my post most of the time, the things that are in my outline then becomes my subheadings. So this also helps me break up the chunk of text and make sure that the block post is easy to read this, then Segways to my next step, which is the right short paragraphs, because imagine if you see a block boast with a large chunk off next. And sure, even if you like to read, it may look overwhelming. So one way to really get people to read your blawg is the right short paragraphs, and this also means to use big phone sizes, so that really makes it easier to read, because nowadays a lot of people read blog's on their mobile phones. So imagine if they're reading your blawg and it's such a small font size they probably will leave your side. They won't even bother to zoom in. Once you've written your block post, the next step would be to create your blah graphics. So really, you have to choose graphics that go with your blog's post. And also, that means when you're about to upload your photos, make sure to rename those photos to incorporate your keywords. It's important to do this because this helps with your search engine optimization. Basically, this is how S E. O. Helps you with how you rank on Google by incorporating your keywords in your photos. It helps Google know what your block post is about. So going back to my example about a travel guide for Oxford, I would then rename my photos two things to do in Oxford and then, for example, if I have multiple photos, it would be things to do in Oxford. One things to do in Oxford, too. And that's really I think we will know that. Okay, this photo goes through the block boats, that's about Oxford. Next would be to add a meta description. So on my block, I use this plug in called Yost s Leo, and basically it helps me optimize my block post. And I think a meta description is basically saying to Google what your block post is about in a summary. So you would want to write something short, but also includes your keyword as well as a call to action. So if you're in Google first you'll see the headline, and then you see the short paragraph description below it. That is the method description. So make sure you always feel that in next would be the link to your other block. Post reason why you want to do this is to really make reader stay on your blog's. So, for example, if you're talking about solo travel on your Oxford block post, then you would want the link to your article about solo travel. So that means that, you know, people would then click on that and then they keep reading and they stand your website longer. And the reason you want people to stay longer in your website is to really build that community and also to let Google know that you know, people like the content that you're writing or like the content that you're putting out. And at the end of the block post, don't forget to add a call to action. It called. The action could either be saying, Leave a comment below, subscribed to the email list or watch my new video. It's really up to you, but it's so important to have a call to action so that it lets readers know what to do next . Next one, of course, is to proof. Read. Make sure the proof. Read your block post before you publish it because you don't want there to be any typos or grammatical errors. Because if a reader is going to your block for the first time and they spot, all of these, errors will be turned off and they won't stick around. Lastly, is to promote. So again this goes back to your promotion strategy, and how is really important to be spending more time promoting, if not as much time as you did, creating your content 15. How to Set up Your Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog : I think this video I'll be showing you how they was set up your website or a self hosted WordPress Blawg. So now let's get into the more technical side of setting up your website. So the first thing I would recommend for you to do before you even install where addressed is to make sure that you're able to secure your brand name in all black forms. And that also means for your blogged. For example, if you're considering site ground, these are the different hosting plans that they have. So they have the start up, which is great for one website, the group big and the go geek. So it really depends on your needs. Since I was just starting out, I chose the start of bland. So all you have to do is click order. Now I'll walk you through it. Once you've chosen your brand name, that's what you're gonna use for your demand. So once you've invited all your personal information as well as your credit card, details will then be going to your purchase information. So here you just have to double check with plan. So here to start up and then they descend there, Singapore, because I'm in Asia and you can select lock in that discount either for 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. And after that, that's when you'll be charged the regular subscription. If you want to try outside gun and you're not completely sure whether or not you want to pursue it, you can do a one month trial. And then here there also extra services. But all I'm gonna be choosing is the domain registration. So it's totally up to you if you want to be adding any extra services aside from the domain registration. Next is to read and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. And once you've done that, you just have to click confirm. And once you're ready, you click. Pay now. So once your payment has gone through, this is the confirmation page. It's now time to set up your WordPress blawg. Go to a customer area click start a new website, so it's gonna ask you which software to install and then you want to click. Of course, a WordPress, because that's what we're going to be setting up. And here you can choose your WordPress log in details, so you can just set a password for yourself. You just click confirm, and it's going to be asking if you want the enhance your account. You have three and agreed decide grounds, terms of service and privacy policy, and then you click complete set up. This is the easiest way that you can set up your account Now. There's also another way that you can install WordPress through the sea panel, which is what I'll be showing you next. So you would go to WordPress under auto installers, and all you have to do is click install. Now this is where I would recommend you put your brand name and also include your keyword under your admin account. It will then have a default admin user name and had been password, which then you can change in the easy set up. It comes already with certain themes and plug ins. I would just leave that checked and then you click Install. You'll also be getting an email that you have to verify your contact information as part of registering your domain. So Seiken says that if you failed to verify your information, then your domain might be suspended. In order for you to log into your WordPress website, that would be your domain dot com stash WP dash log in dot PHP that would take you through your log in. So when you first log into your WordPress account, this is how it's going to look like. There are multiple themes that you can choose from once you're okay with your siem click. Continue. So when you first and they're WordPress, this is how it's going to look like here. I also want to show you how it looks like for my block, which is eczema. Ts not come. So now I'm just showing you how to create a page because I have installed the Yost S O plug in. It helps me optimize my page. My focus keyword will be creative business. You can change how it's going to look like when it comes out and search results on Google. So include keywords in your title and as well as your slug. And then here in my method description, I would just include my key words. But then I also include more about my nish. Once you've added all the elements wanted ad, you then click publish. They're just going to show you how my about me looks like Instead of making it about you. First, focus your content on your ideal community. I then added. Information about me is here. I'm just establishing my credibility. And also I added a call to action and my often freebie. Also going to show you how to create your manual click. Create a new Manu. Once you've set up the different pages, like your contact about me privacy policy, it would show up here. You can actually also include posts in your menus or even add custom links so I can't stress this enough. But you have to take the necessary steps and actions to make sure your blood is legal. You might be tempted to get free templates online for privacy policies. It's really best to talk to a lawyer. I can't give you a one fits all attempted. Each block is different. Make sure you have that privacy policy and all the necessary legal elements in your blog's . So once you have it all set up, can then proceed to create in your first block for go to post click at you so you just title the same way that you would create the page again. Here I have my plug ins to help me with search engine optimization. Well, let's say the keyword you chose is start a block. So I want you to use the ultimate block post checklist to help you when creating your blood . So once you've optimized it for search engines and you know you're ready to publish it, you just click Publish. Now, if you want to schedule your posts, you can test out times that you publish your block posts and see how active you committee is during those times and use Google analytics you create. The business is ever evolving and growing, and you really have to keep looking at your analytics to see what works and what doesn't. Now it's really time to start publishing your block posts and build your eight of business 16. Launch Your Creative Business: how the laws your creative business Because you're launching a business, it's crucial that you have a marketing plan in place. So that means that you could eight awareness and was and hype so that people know that there's something coming I'm gonna be sharing with you. Some ideas on how you can launch your business and create buzz and hype. One way is that you can hold the Instagram or Facebook live. Another is to create a podcast or even guest post on other blog's. You can even create a five day or 10 day three email course. And at the end of that email, Siri's again then announced that your business has launched. So what's important is that you make people aware and you let them know off what is coming . Another strategy is that you can grow your email list even before launching. So, for example, you can approach people or in that community that you will be serving and, you know, tell them Hey, I'm launching a blogged about this topic and I know you're interested. So maybe if you like, if you're also interested, you can join. My email is so you know, once it's life. I also want you to think about whether or not you will be launching a product from the get go. Because if you are, then you have to make sure that you also include this in your launch and in your teasers and hype them up so you can approach people and tell them that if you're the first 10 people are five people to buy the product, you can give them a discount to. This would entice them to really try your product out. So now I want you to open your workbook and answer how you will be launching your creative . 17. Your Next Steps: Thank you for your time and energy. Congratulations on finishing the class by now. You should have already finished the blogging business on birth and have the foundation for your creative business. I encourage you to upload your workbooks in the gallery and T shirt to leave a link to your blood once you have launched it. Good luck on your creative business. And I'm so excited for your journey.