How to Start a Blog - Blogging for Beginners | Laurie Wang | Skillshare

How to Start a Blog - Blogging for Beginners

Laurie Wang, Social Media Marketing Coach & Blogger

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17 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Blogging Goals and Inspirations

    • 3. What is Blogging?

    • 4. Your Blogging Potential

    • 5. Choosing a Profitable Topic for Your Blog

    • 6. Your Target Readers

    • 7. Idea Generation - Blogging Topics

    • 8. Choosing Your Blogging Platform

    • 9. Introduction to

    • 10. Introduction to Blogger

    • 11. Introduction to Tumblr

    • 12. Introduction to Medium

    • 13. Overview of the Best Blog Setup

    • 14. Choosing a Domain Name

    • 15. Purchase Your Domain Hosting

    • 16. Connecting Your Domain and Hosting & Installing Wordpress

    • 17. Wordpress - Step by Step Tutorial

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About This Class

This course will take you step-by-step into setting up your first online WordPress blog. Created in February 2017, you'll get the latest and best strategies to start your blog for success!

In this class we are going to learn how to start that blog you wanted to create in 2017 to share your passions and creativity, so let's do this! This class is suitable for everyone, especially absolute beginners. Created with bite-sized lessons, it is a crash course that will help you learn all about blogging before taking the plunge, and even if you don't know what you want to blog about yet!

Who should take this course? 

Anyone who is looking to setup a blog the easiest and fastest way. People who are looking to start a blog for a company, business or personal use should take this course.

The course consists of:

33 Easy to follow lectures
2 Step-by-step tutorial videos

You will learn basic skills for blogging such as:

  • How to choose your blogging niche
  • How to come up with unlimited blog topics
  • How to get a website domain and what is it
  • How to get reliable and cheap hosting
  • How to install Wordpress in one click

After taking this course, you'll be able to create your Wordpress blog in one day and start blogging straight away with my step-by-step instructions. 





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Laurie Wang

Social Media Marketing Coach & Blogger

Hi, my name is Laurie Wang. I'm a digital marketing consultant, trainer, Skillshare instructor, and public speaker living in London, United Kingdom.

Through my lifestyle and travel blog New Yorker Meets London & Instagram, I help to inspire more experiences in people's lives from new perspectives, opening their eyes to the wonder and vastness of what is possible. My work has appeared in Elite Daily, Metro London, Fast Company, and Women 2.0.

I also set up ...

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