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How to Start & Style a WordPress Blog

Kara Ferreira, Websites for Creatives & Coaches

How to Start & Style a WordPress Blog

Kara Ferreira, Websites for Creatives & Coaches

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10 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. A Note on Blog Monetization

    • 3. Hosting Your WordPress Blog

    • 4. Installing Creativo Blog Theme

    • 5. Branding + Changes

    • 6. Editing Homepage Content

    • 7. Setting Homepage & Widgets

    • 8. Blog Posts and Categories

    • 9. Menus and Finishing Touches

    • 10. Conclusion + Project

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About This Class

Blogging can be a rewarding hobby, side hustle or even a full-time job. If you've been thinking about blogging but don't want to dive in unless you know that you'll have a great blogging website, then this class is for you. I'll walk you through how to set up the Creativo theme 'Laura' bogger template, how to customize it, and how to load in your post categories and blog posts.

By the end of the class you'll have a blog up and running and your class project is to screenshot your posts page.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kara Ferreira

Websites for Creatives & Coaches


I’m Kara - owner of Kara +Co Creative (, a website design shop for solopreneurs and creatives. I’m passionate about enabling entrepreneurs to take control of their own websites. I’ve been designing websites since I needed to make one for my health coaching business five years ago - and since then I’ve built over 100 websites on both WordPress and SquareSpace. As a self-taught designer & developer, I know what it’s like to feel stuck and unable to create the website you envision for your business. In my classes, I’ll give you all the tools you need to change that!

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1. Introduction: Karen, hear from Karen co-creative if you're new to skill share. I am a website designer working primarily with women entrepreneurs. If you've seen a few of my other videos and you may have noticed that with while and wonderful anymore, actually this change the name since I'm doing a bit more now, but still focusing on women's sold printers, helping them get their website up and running. And today I have a tutorial about setting up a blog on WordPress. I think platforms like Squarespace aren't great, but they don't give you a lot of the sort of design aesthetic flexibility that you might want. And there's also a few kind of really cool features about blogging with WordPress. Better SEO, for instance, which will help your blog get discovered more easily. Which is why I often recommend if you're really want to sort of make it blogging, if your goal is to have this be a something you pursue block long term, maybe monetize it, then I definitely recommend Wordpress. And today we're going to use my favorite theme for WordPress called create TiVo to build a WordPress blog, create TiVo is a very flexible theme with a very agile front and Page Builder, which means that you can customize a lot of the features of your blog. And it utilizes bakery page builder, which I do have a full skill Chart Tutorial on. It's called customize without code. Yet. So I'm gonna show you this theme. Taking over my shoulder will be working with create TiVo. This is it. You won't need to purchase it. So you come to Rocky slash create TiVo. I'll put that in the notes somewhere. And that's where you will purchase it, $59, but very well-built theme. And it has a few different blog templates we'll be working with one of them. This is sort of a more modern layout, your blog. And then we also have the Laura, you can see they're similar. They just have slightly different aesthetics. And you can customize a lot of this. You can change what's up here at the top, for instance. But we're going to be using this as the starting point. And I'll show you how to go ahead and create a blog in WordPress. So join me next video and we will get started. 2. A Note on Blog Monetization: Okay, so first, I do want to talk a little bit about blogging as a website designer who's been doing throughout 5-6 years. I've worked in a lot of women over the years who come to me like, I want to start a blog and I want to make money doing it. That's great. There's something wrong with that. The one thing is the most successful blogs that you and I all see and know. The ones that you read daily are the ones that you stumble across and you just love them and keeping them going back to them. Most of them did not start to make money. They started because they had a topic or sort of a variety of topics even that they were very passionate about and they wanted to talk to others about them and build community. So a blog is primarily about building community. And if you are consistent and passionate about it as the thing, you'll be more consistent, more passion you about topics. You want to be more passion about sharing things than about making the money. Because the more passionate you have, the more likely you will be consistent and the more likelihood you have of succeeding at this. It's really just about sort of building those contact points, sharing information and building community. So I just want to put this little video in here to having you a gut check of like, why are you starting this? It was to make money. That's fine. But just know that it's a long road minus income right away. And you might need to access your vehicle off the bat. You probably don't have to spend a lot of money to make money on advertising, social media marketing, things like that. But for those of you who are really to send this because they want a hobby blog, they're really passionate, a topic. They have information they want to share. And then yeah, they can monetize that start to offset costs, Great, and then grow from there. Then this is for you. Alright? So again, we're going to work with the creative a theme. In the next video, I'm going to show you how to set up your WordPress hosting. Started there, alright. 3. Hosting Your WordPress Blog: Go over setting up your website hosting. Some people that go to start a blog. They a little bit confused because they hear do a WordPress and then go to That's not what you want. is his word press, but it's a little bit different. It's not easily can't sell any goods through it. You can't download premium themes like the one that I'm going to be working with today on it. So you don't want What you want is, which is a WordPress installation hosted by a third party. And that third party I always recommend is site ground. I have all of my websites with them. I switched to them for other host after I wasn't happy with that host, I've switched my clients to say ground at having issues with their other hosts. So this is what I recommend because I had been using it with clients, use it and it's the best in my opinion. So when it come to site grounds, we've got the URL is up here. You're going to go to Manage WordPress hosting gets started. And here, if you only are going to have one website and you know that, and you also know that you're not going to have a ton of traffic off the bat, like you're not a celebrity or someone who has going to be paid advertising and drive a lot of traffic, things like that. And the startup plan is fine for you. If for some reason you know that you will be having a lot of website traffic or unit that you want to have more than one website, then the group big planets for you. So you can see here for just $3 more a month, you get unlimited websites as opposed to the one I think I've had about six and my Argand. So you go ahead and start your plan. If you have your domain name, you or dot whatever purchased already, you will still enter that in here and it will initiate a transfer process for you as you go to set up. If you don't have his own mania, you will buy it right here on site ground. So go ahead and get that set up and then you'll meet me in your account. So this is mine. And you can go to main dashboard for the lives of love sweets. Yes. So this is what you might see when you first log in. If you set up the account when logged out, log backends with, you're going to see if you go to websites. So you can see these are a bunch of mine in here. You will have already started your website with your domain names. You'll go ahead and complete. At that point, you may see that you need to track the point, the name servers of your domain so that it'll show up. If that's the case, you will contact your current host and ask them how to change the name servers. You could also start a transfer process. I'm not going to get into those specifics here. I'll like some instructions and resources, so you can figure out how to do that if you need to pull your domain intersect ground. Otherwise, if you bought a domain insight ground, you're gonna be ready to go. So you'll start a WordPress installation aren't remain when he had complete. Just say Yes, I would like to start a Wordpress installation. And you'll create your sign information and then it'll create the WordPress for you. So I'm gonna go ahead and see what that looks like. I might add a new site, comes we say as temporary. I'm gonna say temporary domain. When you did this process or if you need to do it now if you're watching this ones through for doing it, then you'll hit new domain or existing domain and go from there anyway. So I'm going to hit select temporary domain. It's gonna say that continue. We're going to say start new website. Just select WordPress. This is where it asks you to create your login. Can you? I'm going to say no, thank you that you don't need the site scanner. Finish. This might take a minute or two. This part here, it's just creating that WordPress installation in this hosting account. So you'll have a fresh installation. And It's really, it's a platform, so it's a set of encoded like coding language that helps to create the website. It's, it's a little bit technical, but it's elegant and yet your host on, your host helps sort of project out this WordPress platform. And now we're going to plug in a custom premium theme. And so we'll just wait for this to loan. Should be less than two minutes. So usually feels like last time, I guess when I'm not recording and there we go. Alright, so now we're going to want to go and log in as recommends here as we go ahead and jump in. Alright, so now we're in the sort of little door icons and bring us in there. Alright, so at that point you will have set up your WordPress installation and you in the next video where we'll show you how to add create TiVo. I'll see you there. 4. Installing Creativo Blog Theme: And you go to get into your WordPress installation, you're going to sort of see this Six Start Now. This really doesn't matter. So we're going to be installing a different themes that continue. Fine. It's gonna to have this contact form plugin. We're not going to add anything else right now. So now I'm just going to finish. The installation. Is just adding all those little things that's meant to sort of help the process along. But we're not gonna need any of that because we're going to install grew TiVo. Alright, so now we are in your WordPress dashboard. And here it says WordPress needs attention because it needs to be updated. It's run a click up here. What he's be updated. Alright. Just nega, happy we're gonna say yeah, update plug-ins. You may not see this when you log in. So you can skip a step if you don't see any WordPress needs updating. And also if you are using a different host besides safe ground, you also will not get those messages. Alright, so now we have sort of a blank WordPress website. We're gonna go ahead and install the theme. So we're going to appearance beams add new. At this point, you should have gone to that create TiVo rocky slash create TiVo Boucher theme and downloaded the files. So we're gonna go ahead and upload the theme. Choose file, mine down in here. So if somebody in a second to finding that hearing, alright, so this is here in the folder. You want to extract any files. So that's where the actual theme will still be a zip file. So if I have this one here, sorry that to a minute for me. Install it now. Snoring Go has a Activate. Since I have bought the steam forever ago. As an update years polio need to be updated. I'm gonna go ahead and update it. So now Curitiba is installed. We want to get all those nice demo pages in here. So what we're gonna do is if you don't see creative overhearing in to refresh your browser. So I'll do that. And now you'll see we have create TiVo here. So here we're gonna go crew TiVo demos, game time decision. Do I want to use this, laura, One thing I do, I'm gonna do that. Alright, so we're going to work with Laura. If you want, you can sort of roll the dice and do blogger. Or there's even another one, I believe, pure blog. So you can choose a different one if you'd like. But I am going to go ahead and choose Laura. So yes, when I say import everything, yes. Okay. Alright. So it's gonna take a second to install everything here is installing the all the pages and I'm going to install the plugins. So there's a little sort of extras that helped create some of the features. So it's a selling all of that for you right now. This is letting you know that some of the images need to be replaced. And you're gonna want to customize everything yourself anyways, that's fine. Import finished, visit homes. Let's go see. Alright, so now you'll see we're looking at the front end of the website. And we can see that it looks like that. Like the demo. All that must ups in here. Alright, so jump into the next video and I'll show you how to customize a bunch of these features will start with sort of the font and the logo. Alright, thanks. 5. Branding + Changes: Alright, so after the last video, you have created your sacred and account. You have installed WordPress, onyx. You have gotten your domain name in there. And you've now installed create TiVo and imported the demo data from Laura or one of the other Blogger templates. If you did want to get their Blogger templates, the steps will be the same. It has a little bit harder to follow them. Otherwise, you'll be doing this step for step with me. So first, this logos at your logo, right? Hopefully you have one. If not, pause, go to and create one. It's easy to do there, but we're going to assume that you have it. So how are we gonna do it is a pure Rayleigh's create evil live options, right? Go ahead and click on that link. Alright, so here, first off we have logo and favicon. So here we're going to remove that one and we're going to remove the retina one. You don't need to upload a retina version. But we're gonna go ahead and upload your logo from your computer. So I had this guy. So in my case it was really big. In your case, Local might be small. So I'm going to move my face out of the way, hopefully, none here and we're going to fix it by saying logo resize on right now. So we're gonna say 150 overdose and we wanted to be twice that, maybe a tiny bit bigger. So I'm gonna say 400 and Px. We must do that sort of based on relativity d, d was really small and you might be a little bit bigger. Scope matter. I'm going to hit this perfect. All right, so there we have done your logo. The other thing you may want to do right off the bat as update some of these colors. So the footer for instance. So I'm going to jump right down to that by going over here and finding the footer. So it's asking about the icon color. I'm going to go and grab. The easiest thing to do for colors is to get the hex code. So you can do that by sort of going hex code, right? Amateur expert, bigger. If you need to do this. So here you can sort of jump around colors that you like and grab the hex code. So these are different ways of identifying colors. The RGB, HSL, We're gonna do hex I find is the easiest. But you can go ahead and use this to pick out the colors. I have already done that, so I'm gonna grab them from here. Alright, you probably might change this language to copyright 2020. Yeah, like this. Add your name here. So for this one, I filled my clients. All rights reserved for me. I do website by creative. Right? Now. That will be different. Here we're going to go to the footer widgets, that's this area here. You may not need to put any links here after I'm not going to have keep any links here on the footer menu. Don't bother with this. We're gonna get rid of these later. But if you are, then write out a footer widgets and hearing to change all of this. So the footer widget, Lincoln color, background color, I'm gonna make that weight. And then the link colors fine and must be a place for the title color hadn't colored. So here we go, here. I'm going to do the same with green that I had. Alright, so that's changed. Other things you may want to change right off the bat, the font, say you don't like these font choices. That will be under typography. So you can change everything, can change these fonts up here, body fonts, this is the body finds. It's hard to see the body font on. I guess would be the body font. The headings font family. I don't mind. Sidebar font family that's over here. Not show inside bronze page Rebecca home, I'm Lowell bringing home. That's over here. I'm going to do again at our menu family. That's Chris. I'm gonna do Baskerville. So I'm going to see that. So you can actually go and droid serifs Belle-V did. Alright, so you can go through, and you can see if you click on one and I'll change it, that's really bad. And when you can see what it's like. Most of them anyway because I have lived for a second. All right. Secretase button font family. Here you can change the size of everything. That's those out and bad 16's, fine. This will change a lot of this header many fun size. So this is very tiny. So I'm gonna go ahead and save that bigger. Make it boulder. I like that. Top bar font sizes. 14. Mood change those all to uppercase as well. At some point I'll show you how to do that. Heading font sizes are fine. Page footer font sizes bigger. Make the copyright a bit smaller. And here you can change the body font colors. You don't want it to be black. I personally think black is always best, Easiest on the eyes. Alright? So those are the major customizations that you'll want to do as far as the aesthetics and the main portions of the site. The other ones are sort of these things on the side if you don't want to sort of this pink background. Bag of them over here. All of those settings will be in the blog. And I'm not going to change my colors. But you'll find here we go. Sidebar design. This is where you can play around and change any of these colors. Finds those features to change the things on the side here. And the last thing I was gonna do, this thing if you want to connect your Instagram account that is also under this blog section. So that is the footer Instagram Widget. You'll just come in here and type in your actual e3 o and it will change. So you see this is now my, alright. So that was sort of the big customization points that you'll want to do to make this sort of feel like your own. In the next tutorial, I'll go over how to edit this page content as you want to change sort of what is available on the homepage. Alright. See you there. 6. Editing Homepage Content: Alright, so now that we did sort of more of the sort of large-scale fine tuning is more customized to your taste when I go ahead and edit the homepage content. So I'm actually gonna do is go to the backend here and go to dashboard pages. Alright? And here it's gonna give me different sort of options. So I'm going to hit open a new tab so I can see which ones I like. Homeless images. Okay, so I actually like this thing better than the other homepage, but I think they want the grid. Alright, so I'm a little bit of a pickle because I want this feature with the grid, with the four categories that are here. So I'm actually just gonna save a bunch of these elements, which is something you can do easily with the levy bakery. And again, I do have a full tutorial customized code on how to use it. But first, I'm going to start on this page and go edit with LEP bakery. And I'm going to go to this row. Edit. Move my face. Maybe. Yes. In this guy. Save as template. Your opinion is Save Changes. Close. Update, and we'll begin to do it. But and I'm gonna come here, I'm going to edit this page. So I want this carousel version. Some say this row. Again. Call this Greek aerosol. Save Changes. Close. Again, update. Alright, so now that I've got my pages list and pull up the home grid images, which is the one I wanted and hit edit with OAEP bakery. And basically I'm doing it this way because it's better to let period TiVo great, that part of it. And I can mess around with this product here because you can see here it's not giving me the option to edit that I have up here. I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to get rid of this slider. And we want to add an element and web template, actually, my templates. And then here we go See I have my category row. And I'm going to go ahead and click up here. Now, my templates pretty carousel. And here I'm going to add another row and do an about me sort of rho, I want this to be in two sections. Okay, that's updated already. And in this one I'm going to add an image here, then go here. And I'm just going to click this one for now. But you could upload your own here. Very small, so it's thumbnail. So I'm gonna faithful. And I'm gonna center that image to actually go back and edit centre save. And then here I will add text. And I'll paste in about text layer and make it bigger. Again, full instructions on how to do more of this and that customized code. But for now, this is pulling from our blogposts section. So we will edit that until we edit posts. But this, if we want to change any of these, we're gonna go ahead and click I'm and so say you have a different category name you want to do. You would edit the title and that category here. And the link we can fuss with after we firm up our categories and the Post section. But if you know that you want to change those names now if you would go ahead and change them here, all of those for the image in the background. That's the inner row. I'm sorry, the intercolumn. Intercolumn. Surely it's not. Let me see. Okay, so it's there. This is where you would change that image, would x-a out and add a new one. So it's the blue in a row. Design Options, Media. That's where you can change the background to all of these sections. So that would have this all updated. And again, that's how you would update Pages. And for more information on customizing pages created completely custom pages. You'd only be bakery customize without code. That's all on that course. But this is how you would update this homepage using the Blogger theme. Next, I'm gonna talk about updating the posts themselves. And then we'll do sidebar, which is here. And from there we'll basically be done. Alright, join me next video on how to upload your posts and make it so that bees are showing your own content. Alright, see you then. 7. Setting Homepage & Widgets: So in the last video, we customize the homepage a bit. He's got that started again, you can go to the other sculpture chorus to figure out if hydrogen in that. But if you did decide to use the different base, so we wanted to create images, you're actually going to need to set that other page as the homepage. So to do that, come to customize my face out of the way. And then homepage settings into make it home grid images. Publish it. Now you can see that page that we just worked on is here. Perfect. The next thing we need to do is to customize these widgets on the side. So we have what we want to show here. So to do that, we're going to come here into widgets. And I'm gonna open media in a new tab. And that's so that when it comes to the creative about me, I can change this text. So when you click in here, you would change the title if you'd like. You can change all of this and remove the signature. And then the change image source, we need a link. So from intermedia library. And here you would click on, let's say we want this one and we're gonna grab. You can upload an image if you need to add a new one or otherwise, just look, I'm the one that's in here. And you can copy this link here and then come back in here. Save, Scrabble, update the About Me section. Here, you can delete anything you need to cat social links. You can come in here, you'll need to put in your links and delete the pound sign. If it's something that you don't want to show. Anything else search you might wanna delete recent posts I tend to delete from because they're at the top of the thing anyway. We sit to comments, I tend to delete. And then the categories I leave, you can add any of these things to that menu, c, s. So that will now be up-to-date here. So you'll see the new photo and all of that. Alright, so now are more customized the right homepage settings, and now we'll dive in to posts in the next video. 8. Blog Posts and Categories: They're little endeavors, actual blogposts. So when you're looking at your dashboard, smooth myself out of the way. You'll have your menu on the side. Posts are only focused on. So you'll see here we have all of these things. I'm gonna start with categories and you're just starting out. I had updated these a little bit, but you can add new ones if you need them or delete them. There's no hard and fast rule as to how many categories you need. I would just say you don't want a time. Um, if you're doing this on your own and you're a one person operation. You don't need to have 20 categories. Focus on maybe the five or six biggest ones. I need forums grade as all you need is income through and if you hover, you'll see the option to delete any ones that you don't need and you would add new ones in by typing over here. So let's say fitness. And you said pattern category, that'll be there. So that's the category function. Next we have all the posts. So if you go to all posts over here, you'll see all the demo content. And I'm assuming that we don't need all of us in here. You don't want to keep it on. So I'm going to go ahead and do this and hit move to trash. And you're going to notice if we hit up here, visit site Openly can do tags and change the way your site looks quite a lot. Because now you'll see here there are no posts to pull from. And there are no posts pull from. And it's not showing the categories was not showing anything that does not have posts in it. So as you add your blog post, you're not gonna see any categories that you haven't yet add the blog post for. We're gonna go ahead and add a blog post. Now, I'm going to add new. This is really a lot to add to your blog titled How to decompress after a stressful week. You'd want to make sure that you don't do anything to sort of cheeky here, too clever, you wanna make sure that it's something that's a little bit SEO, Search Engine Optimization, friendly. So yeah, so that's that for the body of your post, I do suggest writing out your blog posts in a like a Word doc or a Google Doc and copy pasting it in. So I'm just gonna grab this text here. You'll see this adds it in right there, and we've got to change. You need to formatting, you can highlight it. So if I say, I don't wanna see a quote anymore, I wanted to be a paragraph. It'll get rid of that little thing. I wanted to have. Look quote, extra formatting. Then I do this. You can bold things. You can turn things into headings. So a heading would be, say on heading here, heading. You gotta highlight risks. Heading. And you can choose what level of heading you want it to be. To add new elements. Sort of click these two ideas, click like best and you'll see this plus sign pop up. This is where you can add a spacer. If you want to add a space between things, you can just type it in. It will come up. And there's lots of different options. You can add images. So otherwise, if it is hit browse all, you'll be able to see all the options here. Sorry, embed YouTube videos really easily by selecting the U2 function here, he is put in the link right here and it'll show up. So those are all great things to play around with to sort of get this set up. And it wasn't you don't need anything does hit remove block. So that's how you'll sort of populate the body of your blog post. You don't get too fancy with the design of these. You just need to basically lay out all the information in a nice, neat way. The other thing you want to pay attention to whenever you edit blog posts is over here. Document. You can set the publishing date. You even back data if you wanna pretend you publish it awhile ago, you want to select a category. So we'll say this is, self-care. Tags are as important, but they can be useful in terms of helping the website to decide what Pete to show people as like a similar blog post. So here we put stress. Society, relaxation. That's hurt the things featured image. This is the image that will show up at the top of your blog post and also on the list pages. So you can add other images throughout your blog posts. But it's important to have this image. It'll have displayed best if it's a landscape image, select to write like this one, and of course an upload whatever one you need into here. So we're gonna say, okay, we'll go ahead and publish this. It'll give you the option to go ahead and view the post. So here you'll see the image. I show up at the top. We have the text and all of this. And I'm wondering why it's not. Now it's showing better governed to that gap. Alright. So that will show this. And that's her blog post. I'm gonna go ahead and go back to the lugs. I'll post. I'm going to repopulate all of these ones. And and this is good to know if he ever delete something, you need to be able to find it and trash, restore and apply. All right, so that way I have all the content I need. Set the site looks more normal when I do this. And you'll see right now it's pulling that New Post here. When you add all of your content, all of your actual blogposts, it'll all post here. So yeah, so hopefully then you have sort of your homepage designed out, that sidebar fixed. Now you've added all of your own content as opposed to the dummy content. So it starts to look more like you're on site. Now we're going to pull the pieces together by tuning up. See this menu change because I, I updated some of the categories. This menu doesn't look so great. So we're going to update some of those things. Make sure these links are live in the next video and then you'll be ready to publish. Alright. 9. Menus and Finishing Touches: So now we're going to clean up this menu in this menu. To do that, we're going to come over here. Dashboard under appearance will have menus. Alright, here. So I look up here and figure out the main menu. This might be confusing. The Khomeini was not the money. That's wonderful. Display the Main Menu, CSS primary menu next to it. That's what we want to edit. And so the conduct of pages there, we're going to add in some of the other pages. I'm going to change this. So I had made the About page, the post page somehow it ran, add that to the Menu. Contact us. Use this to bulk it up. And again, how to edit any of these pages and pages of your own that will be in the other sculpture course. Customize it out code. So we're gonna save this menu. And then top menu is that when I had the categories in it, I'm gonna grab this. And you'll see here is it's thrown categories, run them down here to categories. You'll add self-care. And it's only only show the ones that have posts in them. So as you add more posts and have all your categories, you can add them all in here. So I'm going to save those menus. Here as we can see the science now you can see the menu is more populated, which looks better. This now has the third one in there that we have going. So if we come in here, we can see this content. So as the blog page. So we're gonna come back here actually and go to customize homepage settings, home list images where I make a new About pages. So Publish. So now let's just show you a gentle about content. And this again will be in my other course, but even just come in here and you want to use this as a simple About page, does hit go and hit edit. And here again, you can click to edit any of these components. So you can edit this page so you're on about page. So I'm going to excite the sample page again. You can edit the content pretty easily and such as texts in their contact us. Seeing come in here and you can add in a little bit text at the top if you want to come here to the bottom. Cbs wanted to give a bit of background on this page. You would edit that text block where you put that to the top by dragging and dropping the sort of waiting to see. If it's interesting. Because when I drag this down, I get rid of it. I mean, W form, simple contact form. Alright, so now we have it in the order that we want to. So we're gonna say, okay with that update. And then the last change apply wanna make is if we come to this homepage, I want to make sure that these are all linked correctly. So I'm gonna show you how to do that. So we're gonna come up here to the bakery. And on this one I'm going to go down to the dashboard. If you need to open the dashboard. You can do that by when you're looking at the back end before you open that up right-clicking and hitting dashboard. So here when I go to posts categories and what we actually want to do is a view. So let's pick one that has lifestyle view. So now we have the category. We'll copy that link. Forgotten this button. This is lifestyle. You'll make for this stuff today. So now this one has the URL, that's my temporary domain here. So again here we want to edit that. So this one, we can go back. That one was fashion. Actually I deleted fashions, I have to change that, but i'm here we go view. And this is for link. And again I can list a fitness now. It would go through and do that for the other buttons. So the last touch would be to make sure that these are correct, those settings, if we don't create TiVo live options, they will be under social media. And so here if you put in all of your legacy, if I delete that, their Twitter will disappear. See you next time when you could delete any of the hashtag and then add any links for any of these enable Show correctly. Alright, so this basically concludes the course. You've now installed the theme, edited the homepage, created your content, updated your menus. So now you're really ready to go. Good luck with your blogging. 10. Conclusion + Project: Have it. We've gone through how to install, Create, TiVo, import the demo data, updated, customize things. If you need more help with your modifying pages, you can check out customized code and other Skill Share course. But for the purpose of this course, we are all set. So why don't you go ahead and modify your blog just the way you would like it to be. And then for the project, for this course and love to see a screenshot of your blog page. That means that you won't really be able to share your project until you've at least for him if he blogposts and added them to the site to look forward to seeing your work and check back often for more sculpture courses by me. Alright, thanks.