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How to Start Selling on Poshmark for Super Beginners | 2021 Tips

teacher avatar Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Why Poshmark?

    • 3. What is Poshmark?

    • 4. SignUp

    • 5. Take a photo

    • 6. Title & Description

    • 7. Pricing

    • 8. Order Processing

    • 9. Request Package PickUp

    • 10. 7 Promotion Tips

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to start selling your unworn clothings and items around your home or work studio on Poshmark (fashion re-sell marketplace). The goal is to get familiar with online selling experience.

Poshmark is a easy fashion resell app among others; eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, eCreater, Shopify, Etsy, Square Shop, ArtFire and more. 

I will show you exactly how I managed to sell 770 items and have 72K plus followers and will walk you Step by Step through the process of selling using Poshmark. 

While getting familiar with online selling at the same time you can declutter your home or studio. You will be amazed at how easy and enjoyable selling items online can be.



Poshmark App for iPhone

Poshmark App for Android 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yukiko Sato

StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer


Love Tech and Fashion since 1977

Wardrobe stylist since 1988

KIMONO stylist since 1994

TESAGE designer since 2000

Online Marketer since 2009

Affiliate Marketer since 2010

iPhone Story Video creator since 2015

- Become a Patreon - SnowSugar -

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1. Class Intro : What if I told you that you do not have to Raleigh about employment during the pandemic. Here watching this video, you are curious about selling your creations core skills online. Maybe afraid to move your business online. That's, that sounds like you don't worry. I know many people who are not good at technology, even tech savvy people like me cannot keep up with the cutting edge technology. Technology is way too quick to improve rapidly. You don't need to know all the technology to start your online business. But I agree that there are too many tech tools to choose from. I'm here to help you to pick that ET and simple tools to start your online. I also guide you about how you get familiar with technology. Our goal is to sell your creation or a skilled online. Because of the pandemic, many artists and creators last they're face to face jobs and started to worry about when we, we'll get back to normal. That is not a mental health institution. Instead of waiting, period, your mindset to move forward. I have several sources of income. Our last face-to-face jobs, wardrobe, kimono, starving dogs too. But my online business grew 300 percent during the pandemic. Hi, my name is Ricky Casado. I've been selling items online since 2 thousand. Also, I've been supporting other online business creators to grow since 2008. With the mine support, our friends e-commerce businesses, roof 420 percent. Within three months. I implemented ebay Yahoo store for lesion, bizarre at x0, y0 creator, Shopify, Facebook marketplace, and other e-commerce tools over the years. Because this course is for super beginners who have never sold anything online. The top three reasons people are afraid to sell online are one, shipping is complicated too. They do not have a margin payment system to accept credit cards. And three, do not have a time to go to pass the office to mail things out. Those three problems for a true pain in the 2000s. Now things have changed. I always suggest selling unused items around your house or studio first to get familiar with online selling. Before setting up your e-commerce site. I picked Poshmark for the very first online selling tool. I picked it because of the feature of easy sipping. And because Poshmark does not require a payment system, start selling online. I've been selling items on Poshmark since 2018. I sold 770 items for over 10 K. Now my clothes, it has a 70 2k followers. I will show you exactly how I managed to sell 770 items and have 72000 plus followers. And we'll walk you step-by-step through the process of selling using Poshmark. While getting familiar with online failing. At the same time, you can declutter your house or studio. You will be amazed at how easy and enjoyable setting items online can be. Iv sharing other online selling and organizing tips. Since 2008, my students feel much happier with their success after taking my classes. I want it to be successful and happier to. Are you ready for salary online? Let's get started. See you inside a class. 2. Why Poshmark?: Welcome to the inside of how to sell online using the Poshmark class. I'm so thrilled to show you how easy online selling can be. As I mentioned in the class intro video, the top three obstacles or sipping, lack of a credit card payment system and difficulty with package drop-off. Let me show you the process of Poshmark failing experience. There are only four steps. Step one, take a photo of the items you are selling, typing title and description, and publish. Step two, when you sell the item, you will get an email notification. Step 3, wrap and pack the item, then print the shipping label and paste it on the pockets. Step four requests a package pickup using the USPS app. That's easy and may take less than an hour. When I sold my very first item on eBay in 2000. There are also four steps, but they took more than an hour. Also, I needed to provide a my Social Security number when I opened EBay with eBay payments and PayPal accounts. Ebay has improved so much since then, but it is still time-consuming to list items. And it has a complex fee structure and so on. For the reason, I wouldn't suggest eBay for super beginner. Seller complaint. Ebay is not seller friendly, keeps raising fees and their eBay protection policy favors buyers. The shipping process is still complex and eBay App, it's not useful. Less is more. We all have only 24 hours a day. Especially creators, we need to have a time to create our products to sell. Let's start to learn how to sell items online using Poshmark. 3. What is Poshmark?: What is Poshmark? Poshmark is a social marketplace app that started as a fashion resell site. Now we can sell new items as a boutique. Poshmark expanded your category from woman to include men, kids, home, and now pet, to when I started actively using the Poshmark app to resale items in 2018, Poshmark had a 22 million users. They offered an IPO in January 2021, and now the total users are 32 million. I have sold 770 items for $10,380 and 53 cents within 30 months. Because post-Mao gives sellers easy shipping, they give you a prepaid shipping label for a flat rate of $7.45. However, people hesitate to buy something less than ten to $15 with the shipping for $7.45. We're super billionaires. Love about Poshmark is how easy it is to sell items on Poshmark. Their fee structure is very simple to Poshmark cut 20 percent sales commission fee or $2.95 if the item is less than $15. So if you sell an item for $10, you will get $7 and 50 cents. If buyers by the 10 dollar item, they pay the $10 plus $7.45 for shipping. If you want to have a post-market experience, why don't you buy something from Poshmark sellers before you decide? sell and buy are in the US only. There is Poshmark dossier for Canada. And they expanded to, a EU, Australia. But we cannot sell to Canada or Australia from a US account. This is because of custom tags. There are fees and shipping costs vary. 4. SignUp : After downloading the Poshmark app from either iTunes or Google Play tab, the method he would like to use to sign up Facebook, login, apple ID, or email. Sorry, there is no g-mail login option on the app at this time. Funny thing. You can log in with your Gmail login info from the desktop. I created my account using the e-mail method because I list items using both iPhone and Mac mini desktop computer. On the next screen, you will enter the information to create your account name, email. You will create a username, password, and select your agenda. You also get the option to take a photo or a select one from the folder on your device. For your profile picture. This can be changed later. You decide on a different picture. Also, you will want to enter snow sugar in him by code field. By doing this, you will get 10 dollar post credit. And so we're ie, it's win-win. You can embody your friends the same way to then tap create that. You are now signed up. Same as with the computer setup. The next few screens we'll take you through the setup of your preferences. You don't have to feel those fuels out or make any selections right now at you can come back to them at a later time. However, it is helpful to do so, right? When you sign up. That way, when you shop, only items that are on your size will show up. 5. Take a photo: The first step of sailing on Poshmark is always to take good photos of your listing. Good photos clearly show all the details that Buyers wants to see. Parsimony allows you to add up to 17 photos, two distinct. One of them will be your cover photo. Let's take photo of the item opened up our stomach app on your smartphone. Tap on the cell camera icon at the bottom. It will open up the camera mode. Take a photo of the items. Your cover photo is the most important photo because it's what will attract buyers. To click on your listing. Make sure you have a good natural lighting, a good clean background, and a clear focused image using your device. I use an iPhone six S to photograph most of the items I listed. Make sure all the other photos capture each angle of your items. That is overview, front, back, side, close up of your brand name and the pattern. I also like to take pictures of any tags and the close ups of details, tapers and pockets. If there are floods, take close-up photos and explain the condition in the description. After taking or selecting the images. Now you can crop them and make adjustments through the new app, like the brightness, contrast by brands and sharpness. Poshmark also offers in AP filters you can apply to the products to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. But I've never used the photo filter for my cover photo because I wanted to show the true color. If you select the wrong photo by mistake, please tap X to delete. I've been listing items in the morning when I had a soft natural lighting from the window. I can list four to five items on our. Now Poshmark offers a draft feature. You can take items, photos, and save as a draft, then listed later on your device or desktop computer. After creating a listing with photos, I normally would take, cancel, then save as a draft. I switch to my laptop to access the draft of the listing I just created. We avenging the photos as I want. Then I can tie for the thiol the item's title and description. Because I always think about how to list items faster. I was wondering if I use only a laptop computer to list an item. It may be a little difficult to take a photo of the item because most laptops still do not have an outward facing camera. So I would have to turn my laptop around. I'm not sure I can take a photo as easily as I can with my iPhone. The great news is that Poshmark offers a reparse feature to resell items you bought on Poshmark with our retaking photos to list on your clothes it you can pause this video and take some photos of the items. 6. Title & Description: Next, add the listings title. You get 50 catalogs to catch the potential buyers attention. It's important to try to be as descriptive as possible in the title. When it comes to the title, there is an easy formula to follow to make sure you're listing comes up in 30s, both on the app and on Google. Bundle quantity, brand, item, name, item, style, color, size, and condition. I use parenthesis to show the number if I'm selling a product as a bundle. And WT means new with tags, meaning the items is brand new with tags attached and has never been one before. Putting this in the title will make your item more popular. Same with putting N W O T, which means new without tags. This is a brand new item, has never been worn before, but it does not have the tags attached. After the title. You need to add a description. The more specific you are, the faster your item we'll sell and the least amount of questions you will get it in the comments. Here are the things I'd like to add. Size or dimension, color, materials or fabrics, details of item fit for style or a period. Was or cleaning instructions, country of origin, condition of the item, and it flows or a defect. You can find some brand name on the tags inside of the item. Or by looking up the item on Google. You can type text and MOT up to 500 characters. The next step on how to sell clothes or items on Poshmark is to fill in all the distinct details that are automated through the app. First, you will find in the category quantity, size. Then select whether it is new with tags or not. Brand and color. You can select up to two colors for the listing. For the category. Try to be as specific as possible. For clothing, choose from woman, man, kids, home, or pets. And then from more specific options like to assess jeans, shoes, skirts, and more. The more accurate your listing is, the first or someone who wants to item, we'll find it and buy it. When I cannot find a brand name. If it's vintages, I type vintage in the blending. If it's not induced by the media in Japan, I will type made in Japan. Be creative to use the brand name feature. If there is no brand name, you can't find. I had a nice surprise when I found people is dated Paris. I designed on Poshmark. You will save time and attract more buyers with a clear description. You do not need a super long item description like those used on eBay. 7. Pricing: The last step before posting your listing is to set applies, fill out the original plies of the item, and then the discounted price you're setting now suggests that a pricing features show up under the distinct price section. When you tap to suggest that a price, it will take you to the similar sold item page for you to set your price by considering other similar items. With tags, items usually sell at our 50 percent discount off the original and all other items at a 60 percent discount. But I sold the vintage ultra high waist jeans for a 140% from the original price. So do the research before you decide. These averages will vary for items that are more in demand or rare. Uh, here, price your items too high. It won't sell easily. But if you price it too low, you won't sell easily either, and you won't make any profit. I always set the price high at the beginning. Then I can offer deep discounted price after I get many likes. It's free to this data item. By the 1 third cells, Poshmark takes a 20% cut. For cells under $15. The fee is a frat ray of $2.95. Super easiest things is Poshmark does handle all the shipping and labeling for you. So packaging and selling your items to buyers, it's super easy. Pricing is the key to selling the item faster. Please think about what is the right price for your item. That's it. Congrats on posting your first item on When you edit your post later, login from your computer or app. Tap on the item you want to edit. Tap on Edit upper right corner, then tap on the area you want to edit when you finish editing. Tab done next, and just share your follower. And through the social media. Happy parsing. 8. Order Processing: After accepting an offer or someone to actually buys your item, you will receive an email notification that will include a prepaid shipping label with the buyer's address and your return address already filled out. Poshmark allows you to ship your order after two hours after receiving the order because cancellation happens within a two hour frame. Poshmark offers priority shipping two to three days. Depends on the shipping addresses with USPS up to five pounds. So I usually skip my items in priority mail envelopes or boxes, which you can get for free via You can also Apollo emailers or any other boxes or envelopes you want. A heuristic been more than five pounds. You can upgrade to shipping label when you ship. Please keep in mind, there is no option to set the weight of the item or a package. When you list items like eBay offers, make sure to add extra cost of shipping on your listing. Price. Upgradient to six pounds will cost $4.50 extra. If you sell an item for $8, your profit will be only 55 cents. Getting a good review is very important to attract buyers and increase sales in the future. Take time to package your order nicely. Make sure that item is clean. When you see prion items. Some sellers like to add some tissue paper ribbon. And a thank you note. Since I teach how to cut waste, I just add a handwritten thank you note or my online class info to add a personal touch. I once got a three-star rating because of overlapping by a pure respire. So rep. Nice. And simply, when the buyer receives their item, they will accept it in the app. Leaving a review and rating out of five stars. Then your earnings are deposited in your account. If the buyer doesn't accepted in app after three days, Poshmark automatically credits your earnings on your account, which you can take anytime under my balance in the app. You can use the balanced to shop on Poshmark or use the elected body to send it to straight to your BankAccount. Getting into the fun stuff set into Poshmark online has a kind of thrill. As you see happy buyers and money going into your bank account. 9. Request Package PickUp: In just four easy steps, you can schedule a package pick up using USPS app or website. From USPS app. Tabs, schedule, pick up and tap schedule and new pickup. Type, your name and street address along with apartment number. If applicable. City, state, zip code for number and email. Then tap confirm our address. Select using pull-down menu. Where should the carrier look for your shipment? And so the question, is there a dog at this address? Type quantity on how many items are we picking up? A package type and way and type, estimate the total weight in pounds. Then agree to the terms and conditions and tap on schedule pickup. You can edit or cancel the schedule pickup before to AEM of the day you entered item info. Next time when you schedule a pick up, you can duplicate previous orders to skip typing your pickup location address on your app. For website from your desktop. First, easier scheduling, create, or sign in to a account. Tell them your pickup location and they all verify that address is eligible for pickups. When USPS picks up your package, you will get the thank you for shipping order e-mail from Poshmark. And you start to see tracking on the Poshmark app. 10. 7 Promotion Tips: In order to sell your item is faster. You need to promote your items. Gray promotion tools are already built in vital reparse my gap. It's super easy to promote your items. Tip number one, list items daily. Tip number 2, offer a discount on Friday night. Tip number three, share your items at night or weekend. Tip number four. Items are followers. Tip number 5, join Post party, and share your items with others. Tip number 6, job price during job price campaign. Tip number 7, offer bundle discount. Poshmark also has an offer, a feature that allows you to offer a lower price when buying an item and negotiate when selling. The Poshmark bundle feature also allows someone to buy multiple items from Hugh at a ones and save on shipping. You can also add a bundle discount feature in your settings, which gives you a virus and automatically scan when they buy more. Poshmark has a great feature to promote your items in a Poshmark community. The person walks sharing feature helps you to gain more cells and followers. By sharing your listing at least three times a day. It moves it to the top of the page, appearing in more searches. Speaking of followers, gaining more on Poshmark also helps get your post-closing notice and increase the cells. I gain more followers by finding accounts in the app that a follower, the same brands as me, had a similar blends. They stayed in there ON clause it as me. Or where located near me or by college. You can do all of these are in the app and followers and sodium by their specific categories. I also went through and mass followed a bunch of other accounts to gain more attention on my clouds. Another great way to get more followers and cells is to connect your Poshmark to your social media accounts. Pinterest especially gives you a higher chance of making cells. When you link your Pinterest, every pass you share and make goes to the factory to Pinterest as well. Also share your account on Instagram so your other friends can find Qd and affordable items to buy. The awesome thing about Poshmark is it's not a just an app, is also a community. When you create a your closet, don't forget to create a meet your partial listing like an about page. This is where you introduce yourself and help the community to get to know you. Also like and comment on other people's media partial listings to engage and meet new people. Make sure to respond to your comments. Whether there be questions about the product or other parsers, just complementing your cross it. How excited are you selling on Poshmark? Do you have some unwanted closed or other items you can list? What else do you want to know about sailing on Poshmark? Let me know in the comments below.