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How to Start Blogging from Scratch - Blogging for Beginners

teacher avatar Nikhil Kumar, Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome to The Training

    • 2. Blogging - Before we start

    • 3. Picking up a Blog Name

    • 4. Buying the Hosting

    • 5. After Signing Up with Hosting

    • 6. WordPress Basics

    • 7. How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

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About This Class

Hey There! 

I'm Nikhil and I have multiple blogs that help people with various things. In this training, I'm going to teach you about creating a blog from scratch (without any coding knowledge), how to write SEO friendly articles and ways to monetize your blog. 

I will be showing step by step instructions to be followed. 

Important Links:

Disclosure: BlueHost compensates Buynimo when you purchase through this link, so my services are free of charge to you! In fact, if you have any trouble at all setting up a blog with this tutorial, just contact me and I will do it for you (free!).

Meet Your Teacher

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Nikhil Kumar

Digital Marketer


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1. Welcome to The Training: Hi, My name is Nicole Kumar. I'm a digital marketer, entrepreneur and a writer. Last month I earned approximately $2000 from my blogging channels. In this class, I'll be training you step by step on how to start your own block without any coding knowledge. How to write Google friendly articles on how to one money with feel free to pause my videos during the class and implement that stepped down under the tab. If we talk more about myself, I am a digital marketer by profession. I have a lot of police. They started to grow their marketing campaign. I'm all for contributors to Insurance magazine. I had my own started for two years, was received a lot of recognition. I started blogging back in my college days, and I left it as soon as I got a job. I had never let my domain and hosting expired was sedated in ranking many off my articles. Toe Top One will first figured I started blogging actively 3 to 4 months back against and work around getting more money out of it. I'm also one of the most writers encore in many categories, so I hope I add value to your life as well as I want to give back to the society. And I have kept the training three as well. Let's dive into the training and welcome aboard. 2. Blogging - Before we start: all right. I want to talk about few things before we start. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Basically, you won't be earning money as soon as you publisher first block. This requires a lot of time and a lot of patients blogging. Nathan and we spend up with extra to $70 for domain hosting. And it's a self certificate, and all of these are worth the investment. It requires a lot of patients. The all the steps can be completed over the phone. But I strongly recommend doing it on a laptop or a system or a Mac, because you know it's more about a website here. 3. Picking up a Blog Name: almost of industry has hundreds of bloggers. You can start by writing whatever you like. Much in 2020 things have become really competitive. And with more free information of level online, it is getting difficult to make money by writing water where you like now to gain success in blogging in 2020 we need to follow the strategy of it actually works. To begin with, I would trust you start with something less competitive. For example, mobile reviews isn't gonna work now as it used to work in 2010. But if someone would have return about Corona virus on 15th of January 2020 when we first actually heard about it, he or she would have earned a lot more than the people struggling with mobile reviews. Block now coming back to the step a good block name must be descriptive. People should understand what the bloggers about just with the name. If you are writing about specific topic, let's say cooking. You must add it to your blogging name. You can also use related words like food recipes meath in your blogging name. Even this will give readers a fair idea that the blog's about the food. If you're starting with the Perth Room, log with your own hobby. This is all about you. You can add your name to. For example, I like cooking. I want to share my recipes with the people on Internet so I can name my blogging a kill. Recipes are if I want to teach people about making money, I can take a name, make money with lickle, or you can start with something random like by anymore, which is live personal upside, which will help you diversify your content. I bought this moment to start my small he comma stole but ended up making one off my personal long and I write about money. If you are unable to decide your blog's name, you can start a discussion below and I'll for just a few of the names. Once you have decided on your blog's name, we have to check if the domain name is every level. If you talk about housing, Auriol state terms, domain name is the name plate off your house. In this training, I have added a few of the links in about section and project and resources sections. These feelings are the same, so you can start with checking your domain name here. You will be related to my website, where you can take your domain name for free. So de they're known as the extensions, which we're talking about. You can if you consider dot co dot org dot net Doherty with. Now, as I was talking about nameplate here, two houses cannot have same plate. For example. You cannot buy google dot com because it is already taken. So he had. You have to search your blogging name and with the extension. So we decided on nickel recipes. That is, Dartmouth. Check for domain. Yes, I do. There were level. You can also check for other names as well, Like we drive it, make money with naked. Here we can ordered species or any special characters you can add dashed. Oh, but first prefer that you know you don't have any dash of the rift, something This is also heavily with. Let's try with something around them. For example, I want toe teach about fishing fishing glasses dot com. Okay, this is not a level in this case is you can do is ardor, prefix fishing, the fishing glasses dot com and it is every level so you can add and you're not weak with your domain name and see if it is a level. 4. Buying the Hosting: Now that we have to then our domain name, we have to look into the hosting. So basically in again real state terms if we talk like we have selected are nameplate, but we still have to look for the house to live. So in that case, we go for hosting because managing buying us over and managing Earth over can be really costly for you. So there are a lot off hosting companies. It's, you know, provide shared hosting and then they by a large over They have a big you know, data farms where they store their data and be basically turned out a little space from them . So I strongly recommend Blue Host hosting here because ah, the you know, the support is really good here. It very cost effective Onda. Um, the service is provided along with the hosting is really good. Also, we get free domain and you know, it's a self certificate. Otherwise, in other hosting providers, we have to buy these things separately. Let me just quickly show you here if I just want it and the thing Yeah, so you can see that we will get free domain name for one year Okay, then free SSL certificate. This is something which basically is not included in other hosting companies. The charge, I think 50 I'm in 10 to $50 separately for this thing then Blue hosted really affect, you know, at the stalling the word with it's really easy on blues because I I feel like it is made for the word breath. Then the support is 24 7 Andi as I should like the blink. If this link includes a discount here, otherwise the cost will be 799 If you click on the link, you will get in 3 95 per month. They also have money back Guarantee, which no other hosting provider offers. Andi the chart, and they're always have level through chart and phone calls. You can try that out now. We have to click on get started here, so they basically have four plants here. Basic plus trifle offend pro. If you're just beginning. Ah, with the blogging, you can go with the basic plan. Otherwise, I would always recommend the plus plan because, you know, difficult unlimited website stories options. But there's no you know. Fourth, I'm not forcing before this one you can go ahead with this one hand by yourself because they can. In future, we can upgrade whenever we want. Solar select dysphonia. So if you see the difference, we can, you know, make only one website in this basic plan in place, we have unlimited of absurd. Stephen, I you have, like, 10 to 15 with third for me. So you gonna understand that part? No. Uh, in the bottom, you can see other things, like at their every level, options and everything. So let me select the basic plan. Here. We have to write our domain name, which is Nick. It'll recipes dot com. Okay, Awesome. Here you have to write your domain name nor nickel recipes. Obviously. Next. Okay. It is every level. Now you have to enter your basic details like name and everything. Country. You don't have to. Breuder. Complete address to stir street Address is fine, Andi. Yeah, Here comes the package information. So here the 3 95 It's 4 26 months. But I would recommend you to go for 12 months because I would say 90% of bloggers, you know, the drop off from the blogging within 62 tournaments initially because they don't have patients. But if you have patients, I need ur 13 about, you know, running your blog's. You can go over 24 or 26 Evel. So if you select the derailment plan, the price we concerned even 40. Okay, for domain registration is three. As they have stated, that's a self certificate. The three. Now, these are thumb our nose, which we don't really require right now. So this is basically ah, they will protect your information. Whatever you feel above. I mean, so there is something known as who is I'll just show you here. So if you write any domain, any, um, um, anything you will get the complete information about that owner off their domain. So for those people who have not selected, you know, this privacy protection thing, so it really doesn't matter. You can go ahead and, ah, you know, turn it off. Okay, So here, like, if you can see that blue hosting have given ah, special offer, I think this came from exiting 10 when I was, you know, trying to open a new tab. The blue host start like you know, I'm going to close it down. So they gave me and special offer lets, you know, track. You can try that out. I'm not really sure about it, but the a lexicon dates well, so, yeah, you can see that they have reduced the pricing in each of the category $511. I guess so. Instead, after Andy won our 2 59 Awesome. So I don't need prediction of the privacy score. Guard is not required. I mean, we can add that later any time you want. So, case now, the total price is 59 40 if you can see. Ah, you know, there are a few more options, like tackle exemption, everything. And if you select any other country that, like Indian all you have to you know, the tax will be calculated accordingly spoken. Try that out. No, you have to make the payment. You have to integrate card details. Check this include consummate. We have PayPal options as well. Like if you're you know, click on more more women options. Here you will see the papal option. You can pay through paypal as well 5. After Signing Up with Hosting: Once you make the punches, you will come to this page where you have to create your account on Blue Host. Okay, so here you have all the details. Like what you have barred and your reserve. Basically, I Okay, let's just go up and create an account first. So here your domain name will be shown. This is just a temporary domain which I had bought. Uh, not I have bought, but Blue Host has assigned me because I didn't enter the dome. In that time I went, I was taking this account. So you have to create a password. Basically e my caps his own. Okay, clear to go. No, let flogging here. You don't have to worry your domain. We won't be like this. You, uh I mean, it will be a really moment. So this is the first sign of resigning. So I think this taking a lot off time. Okay. What kind offside to are creating, like Mitt Select. Um, with nurse. Actually, this account I have taken for a business, but I'm teaching you without a blood. Oh, okay. Okay. Suppose I'm writing about finance. This is for myself over it. We heard skippered and live for going under your name. Like I'm good, right? Make money with kill. Uh, so I am really much going for developers. You can start with the little one now. These are the teams which you know, uh, which comes with WordPress so you can select teams that coordinated their design. What you need. Just like blawg here. They were doing it for the normal with threats. So for Blawg, none of these are like, see, you can see, like we have 4 20 pieces here, so Okay, be this Looks like a good, you know, minimal. But I'm I'm a with this one. Let's go over base three Worth. Let's see. No, that pretty via phone. Well, good. Yeah. Okay, Now they're installing word breath. So what? This is a CMS content management system. Uh, it it is one of the best friend in management systems for, you know, blogging and stuff. I mean, 99% of great writers youth word with Okay, now that is set up. That's a song with my partner, actually full. So these are the recommended things which they are asking us to do but be one toe because the my the our fight first. Uh, Okay, let's go. Toe WordPress. So this is I mean, our admin panel is opening up his how the WordPress Admin band looks like. Look straight the first time, guys. It is always going to take some time. Okay, I think you did open a No. Yeah. So this is how the world put an implant. Looks like here we can customize the baby won't no. In next. Ah, class. I'll explain. Like how toe, you know, customize the word, breaths, team and stuff. 6. WordPress Basics: So this is how, um okay, this is how word breaths and repented. Looks like this is the dashboard. Where you three basic things you can you know, there are multiple cards about your nearest what with even Ah, your number of posts and everything. So, as you are, pregnancy will see many other cards as well. The section is supposed to have relied the block, so you will see the fellow world is already there. You have. We have to, uh, you know, put it in the class because Google hates probably gives him and all the new installation of wordpress have this. Hello, world Post. So, you know, it is a kind of looked obligated. As soon as you install the WordPress. Make sure you may put this thing in a dress, So I'll just quickly tell you how toe, uh, right opposed a little winding. Let me just quickly go back and explain all other things. And I'll have a separate video on the post so that you know how to a writer seo friendly articles. So this was the post area where we write about write the articles, andi categories is something where, you know, segregate the articles based on the car degrees. For example, If I'm ah, you know, writing about recipes, I can write red meat recipes, then add Then I can add a new categories and let's see, uh, egg recipes. So you like this? We can have a different, uh, you know, recipes. So we can You don't have to always come here while writing a new article itself. You can create new their degree, their stuff. So the further about post media eyes were all your, you know, photos logo than everything is told. So currently, yeah, this is a new website, so we don't have anything. PD's are, uh, those, like, privacy policy, terms of service about contractors. These are known as the pages. So there's something we don't update on a regular basis. Okay, then come and spend. People, come on, command comment on your post. It comes here. So basically the good thing about workplaces that we approve the comment here, and then only it will be shown on our website. They're setting where you can, you know, make a before option where all the common thread that people stood on the website, but it is better to have, ah, approval options so that, you know, people don't commence. I'm spam on your comments. The loopy forms is something of which might not be in your WordPress tits I have installed separately on Duh. Okay, we can ignore this one appearance. Uh, very we can. You know, if you want to select the team from here. These are the preinstalled teams on. This works as good as you know. Any other team, even like a few off the top writers used these teams that did other basic, you know, default teams given by the WordPress. In case you want to add a team, just click. Here. There are. You know, you can see there are many things. So you're going to Stipe in, Let's say personal blawg so he'll hear. You will hear to know in numbers off blogging design. First off, you just have to record install and activate. So customizes something where you can see your team and ah, integrate view off the things. For example, let me just j I can see Is the color scheme from here completely off all side. Ah, I can add Ah, logo and stuff from here. So east him have. Ah, different customization. Actually, it's not like you know, this is there. Ah, this is the, uh you know, you will receive that you will get the same options as a show near it. Depends on teams, actually. So basically, we have to play around here and see how the customization is working. Then visits are Ah, let's say you you would have seen, you know, if some of the third having ah menu in the footer or you know, the sidebar something like that. You can add it here. So basically, it's actually side. What? I don't know why it is written for her one here. This has nothing that this has to do with the team. But I don't know why 41 is being shown here. Or maybe team is, you know, like that where everything is in the food. Religious would like. Shape that out. No. Okay, so this should have been aside about where this area this area is known other side. But so whatever we aren't here will be shown here. Right? So OK, menus is something where this this is our manu. Currently showing only sample is because we don't have any contenders off. But here we create my new, like primary Manu. And are the pages on that, like home about its contractors? Okay, I would not notice these things. These things are according knowledge. So ignore that part. Plug in ways. So what press has various plug ins? I mean, there are many plugging for support WordPress to make our life easier. So one off the plug in i would vest to install is used a few Okay, because we are going to write a lot of blocks on dis actually health in it. All right, So if you want to have you know, multiple contributors are writers in your platform, you can just go to you. This are Neil. You can give them a user name, their humility, and right here at the author, our editor, maybe. Make sure you give administrators Ah, roll toe only toe the trusted wealth. Because I was there. And Mr Sorry was there. Administrator. They're going to move you now. Insert things. This is a general 13 where you can change your website name. I'm not the dominant website name. Then your email. I d then. Ah, this is all about your time. zone everything. One thing I would say fish two changes by my links. But my links is basically a structure off email. So generally I always adjust to youth post name and do the safe changes. Okay, so let me just quickly set up team here with you. Look, funeral preventable, at least. So Okay, let me go toe. Frances, Seems this actually looks good in this one, or this also looks good. It's pretty neat through Mukai installing this one. So what Chris is all about playing around? You're getting No, this things here. Oh, I think I know this. The red flower look are excited looking right now after activity in the new team. Okay, full. It may. Just with clear eyed, opposed. They come from my block. Hey, Hey there. This is my first blogged. Oh, you okay? This is our first boast for your death coming here. Okay, this look good, Def Looks good. Uh, we can remove archives on Muktar driven making it since, Right, So to remove that, I have to go toe. Sorry. We have to goto reject, which you will find here. That's criminal on our caves. So the same thing would have been changed here of no fish. I see our guys and matter is not here anymore. Now we have to add two off the pages. So let's create few pages. Add new about this. The are publish. Okay. No, I read one more. It's a contractors you made me. Uh, actually, the $17 bomb published. So now we have two pages and one article. So, uh, okay. Now let's try make reading a menu for my newest first, you have to create one of said crime reading when you okay Que germanew. Now you can see all the PGA victory after it is automatically already. If we can remove this sample page, we don't need it on display Location off primary menus, family prime remains on the top, The mean menu which we are talking about, Save me new. And if you look at the website now, they should look a little preventable. Okay, so, yeah, you have to play around it then. Uh, we can always click here to launch our third killing. If you see from any are incognito or something like that, you won't be able to see the website. It is being shown differently me again that we open privately. Okay. I think this is coming right now for gender. Public for one through long. Shared. Okay, That's really fishy. Here. See? Now anyone can. Accidents have played here. See here for the doctor. 7. How to Write SEO Friendly Articles: I wanted to show you, like how to write, you know, it's your friendly articles. So I wanted to show it on my own Blawg here because I have already posted a few off the articles. So this is actually, you know, assess your school. So if you can see all of the marriage in green, So that means, you know, it will be, uh, really good for Google Toe Index, all of these articles. Okay, so now let's look into how to write it. Three post fixing. You have to click on our Neil then and tell your title It's the digital marketing the fix have you? So you have to ride your grand in here. Okay? Are you so I'm just going to copy it from Google for now. Justice fool, You let me just, you know, quickly. Copy a few of the things I'm just showing your to you. Uh, I'm not going to publish it for, you know, for the year. Phillips. Obadiah, we have a condition here. Okay? I delete the word counts would be more than 300 try to make it as long as possible. Because usually we have seen in reports that Guba generally indexes the post or article or website, which has more than 2000 words, you know, So they basically tank on the top of the search engine. Funny, there's in a river beach, but this is the Houston field, which we had installed earlier. We have to rent out focus given deal through it. We show like, No, if we're doing it in a right way some, let's say my focus here. What is based? Remarketing basics. Okay, so right now issues bad. So that's obvious. So distilling like I still die deliver. It is, you know, it's it is too short. So we have to make it more you no longer this remarketing basics begin with no one. Uh, it's how to stop for text land that they should be obviously more than 300 worth that matter description. Now, what is the matter? Description? This part. This is how you're, you know, excited. Going to be shown on the Google 30 engine results speech. Okay, so I am now going toe. Tell it a CRP, which means searching the results. So this is how it will be shown for this start is known as a better description where you know, we have a small ah, sleep small, You know of you off your website. So this can be changed from Marin. So you can write load, is it envy afterward? And Iraqi would Here. They're not being there. Six from Nick. Come, please. For me. - Okay , so we have to make sure this isn't really known in green in color. Okay, That means nobody's perfect. Now we have to add, Keefe is in matter description, which I have added. I don't know what they're doing. It. We'll see. The spelling is wrong. No, it shouldn't make here. For one thing, we have to, you know, enter one link, which, you know, since people out off your website. So let's say ah, I want to, you know, hyperlink this one. So that is known as a context social media marketing. So let's say I like this, you know, disposed from before I just copied here. Onda. Uh, no, I can just put the hyperlink here. So now this is an hour. Boning duck means people can go our fight off my website. So this is the like, you know, Google things we're not trying to capture every little I know. You know, this gives Google a good and good standing. Like, you know, we are writing something genuinely for intelligence. We also have to, you know, make sure that things are, you know, internally, Link. So let's say your website I can just type a linger toe. Uh, you know, it's a blogging how to learn blogging. Yeah. So this is no linking to one off my articles. So that is also on. Now, keep river in production. For this is the first batter IES. Always known. As you know, introduction. We have toe enter our key Flavin introduction as well. So right now this paragraph doesn't have digital marketing basics, so actually the a lot now that should do it. Okay. And as for the length you know the content, it should appear to times. So basically, this usto plug in. It's really good. It shows what exactly you have to do here. Okay. Full. Just like you know, if I have a longer than the record, I could have portrait everything. Let me just write it here just to show you guys Mr Six. Yeah, are specific now. Expansion with three more than $300. Just, you know, Poppy, this part, I think 34. The disturbance? No, this to 35. Nothing like a fuse are already being shown that good. But if you wanted, I mean, yeah, Maxim did go to the maximum. I think that you'll stay for yourselves. I have hardly seen excellent from. And this copy? More of the things. No, I think it will feel like, you know, to add more giver freezes. Okay, Perfect. So everything is green here on day. Ah, it has been shown f good. So now coming to the format. You know, generally, if you are trying to publish a gallery kind of thing, you can click here. If you're trying to publish a video, you have to click here. So we generally keep standard because, you know, it gives a lot more options. Now, car degrees. As I told, we have two separate all our laws based on the car degrees. Okay, so right now I have blogging. Passive income, personal violence. Aiken easily are here. Digital marketing. I got a degree. See? No, this is this has been adding visited. Marketing guardedly tax is something which we I would give Google somewhat off. You know, a better understanding. It is better to have, you know, at least 3 to 4 dives. So let me just rendering the remarketing basics to the marketing Digital marketing. Uh, good. Here. All three started featured images. Something if I show you my website for these other featured images are then you know, which will be shown with the article. Even even if I send this link to someone, this image will come in there. Okay, So digital Margarete, let me just, you know, quickly download this image. No, this size. This is Britain. No, you just have toe ard feature team each and try writing alternate text. Okay, so this is really important. Many off the many of the bloggers actually leave this part, but this is really important to rank, so you can ride digital marketing year. So this is basically you know, what if their description off your picture I mean, generally, people writing stuff, their key words here, but And if I goto stuff there Cheever here. But, you know, it's not really important to, you know, even published. I mean, are this I'm stuffing the keyword everywhere, so it's completely fired. Just having our next. It is done. Now you have to always Alak Ament. If this discussion thing is not coming in you over WordPress upset. You can always come on top. Come here. Screen options and just check Difficult serve here. It will come in the bottom and welcome and allow people to comment on your block that some people will, you know, feel that you know, for the truth are coming and reading your block. Just publisher. Okay, But now should come. Yeah. The published for key publishing Keep learning from other schools here instructs destructive off as well. This was a freak also. I have not. I did, you know, more off trade secret stuff. This is just to start and it will really help you, Andi. Ah, like so. For there was best