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How to Start Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

teacher avatar Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

    • 2. Course Overview

    • 3. How Affiliate Marketing works with AmazonAmazon AM works

    • 4. How to Pick a Profitable Niche

    • 5. How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

    • 6. How to Get an Amazon Affiliate Link

    • 7. An Overview of the Amazon Dashboard

    • 8. Two Things you Must know about Amazon Affiliates

    • 9. How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Website

    • 10. Your Amazon Affiliate Website ContinuedCreate Website Part 2

    • 11. 4 Amazon Promotion Strategies Part 1

    • 12. 4 Amazon Promotion Strategies Part 2

    • 13. Final Remarks

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About This Class

"If you had to start affiliate marketing as a beginner, what would be the easiest platform?"

My answer would be to become an Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in the world. It does a great job in selling its products and people already trust it! If you would like to know how to start affiliate marketing with Amazon then join this training.

Who is it for?

  • If you would like to create a side income through affiliate marketing this course can help you.
  • If you are a beginner and want to know how to start affiliate marketing then Amazon will be the best solution.

What you'll learn:

  • How to setup your Amazon Affiliate Account and get your Amazon links so that you are identified as the Affiliate and earn a commission
  • How to find the best performing offers that will get you the biggest conversions
  • How you can get started promoting Amazon offers even if you do not have a website
  • And for those who want to take the extra step, I have included a section on how to create your very own Amazon Affiliate website.
  • And you’ll learn how to drive traffic to your affiliate links using FREE traffic methods

What you need?

  • If you have a computer and an internet connection then you are set to start affiliate marketing with Amazon.
  • No programming or tech skills are required as I walk you through the most important sections of the Amazon Affiliate panel and teach you exactly how to use it.

Join today and start your first affiliate marketing campaign with Amazon

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist


Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have been involved in numerous projects related to traffic generation, online marketing, blogs, app creation and web design.

Hope you enjoy my classes!

Enjoy my courses!

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1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: If you have to start affiliate marketing as a beginner, what would be the easiest platform? My answer. Become an Amazon affiliate. Amazon is one of the biggest e commerce stores in the world. It does a great job in selling its products and people already trusted. If you would like to know how to start affiliate marketing with Amazon, they joined this training. You learn how to become on Amazon affiliate how to find the best performing offers that will get you the biggest conversions. How you can get started promoting Amazon offers even if you do not have a website. And for those who want to take the extra step, I have included a section on how to create your very own Amazon affiliate website. I have broken my training into simple step by step lessons. No coding or programming is required for any off my methods joint today and start your first affiliate marketing campaign with Amazon 2. Course Overview: Welcome inside. You are about to learn how to use one of the largest affiliate programs in the world. The main advantages off Amazon are that you have a huge selection off products, and literally you can promote almost anything you can think off. And because Amazon is a trusted platform, you have the opportunity to see big conversions on your advertising efforts. Here's what I'm going to cover in this training. You will first learn the basic principles off affiliate marketing and how did applies to the Amazon program. You will learn how to choose a profitable niche and select the best products for your promotions. I will walk you through the process off, setting up your Amazon affiliate account. Then it's time to get a little technical. You learn how to get your Amazon affiliate link, and I will show you how to generate this link evenly for any product that you want. I've also included a short lesson on setting up your own Amazon affiliate website, and at the end I will review how you can promote Amazon products even if you don't have a website. So let's get started 3. How Affiliate Marketing works with AmazonAmazon AM works: in this lesson, you learn how affiliate marketing works as well. You will learn wider is such a massive opportunity to earn money through the Amazon affiliate program. So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people's products, and you earn a commission when a person buys the product that you promote. For this to happen, you have to be identified as the affiliate in Amazon. You will get a unique euro with your affiliate idea embedded in it, and this will identify you as the affiliate. This principle applies to all affiliate programs, whether it's Amazon or Click Bank, or whether you're running C p a affiliate, marketing campaigns or anything else, You will always get a unique link with your affiliate I D. But we will go into the technical details off tracking links in a future lesson. Why is Amazon a great way to start affiliate marketing? Well, it's a trusted brand. It's the number one e commerce retailer in the world. If you look at this screen, you will notice that Amazon gets over 2.2 billion monthly visits. But in terms off online marketing, there is another advantage, and that is that Amazon does most of the selling for you. Here's a page on Amazon and you can buy SanDisk Ultra 32 gigabyte memory card. So this is the typical product page, and on it you see the product, the description of the product, the options available for the products as well. Assay rating for the product and you can even read customer reviews and customer reviews are very valuable because this is social proof for the product. So as you can see, you have a lot of information about the product pricing options, customer feedback, everything. So this is a very good sales page. And because Amazon is trusted as well, people already feel safe buying from this platform. For that reason, when you advertise as an affiliate on Amazon, you have a good chance off getting the conversions and earning a commission. But there is a downside as well, and that is the commissions for its sale are lower than other affiliate programs, usually somewhere between 4% to 10% off the sale price. However, here is the upside. If you refer the customer to Amazon through your affiliate link and that customer buys multiple products, you will earn a commission for the total sum as an example. If you refer a person to buy a pair of $99 headphones and they end up buying a computer for $2000 as well, then your commission will be based on 2000 and $99. Now that sounds a little bit better than just earning 4% because it includes the total value off their Amazon order. Now, one more thing before we finish this lesson, the Amazon affiliate program is called Amazon Associates. I will show you how to sign up to this affiliate program in an upcoming lesson, but you will have to have your own Amazon account already set up. If you don't have that already set up, then go to Amazon and open just your normal account. So go to Amazon and sign up. Thanks for watching, and I will see you in the next lesson. 4. How to Pick a Profitable Niche: in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to find a profitable niche in Amazon. You need to do some research first, and you also need to know generally how much commission you will get for which nish, I'll show you where to find it. Now let's go to the Amazon Associates main page. This is the girl that you have to go to. If you don't want to type that you are l into your browser, then simply go to Google and typing Amazon associates, and it should be first on the list. So let's click on it now. I want you to scroll down. Then you've got three steps here to join the Amazon Associates program. Now click here on advertising fees. Basically, what you have here is a table, which shows the commission rates that you will get for selling different products from different niches. So as you can see luxury beauty and Amazon coins, you'll get 10% commission for its sale. The next one up is 8% commission. That's for furniture, home, home improvement, loan and guardian pets, products and country. So basically, these are all of the knishes that you have, and These are the commission's, so feel free to browse through this table so that you have an indication of how much you can earn by promoting different products. Now let's cover our very important question and that if how to find popular products and categories, So I want you to go to this euro. So here, let's just go to amazon dot com Forward slush Best sellers. Here you see Amazon's best sellers, and if you scroll down, you will see the top selling product from different niches. Now this step is crucial for your market research. On the left hand side, you see different categories off products. But the products in the main area here are the big ones that are top selling right now, and this is up to date information on Amazon's hottest sellers. Now you can click on the category here, and now you have a list off the top sellers would in that category so you can see the top products while the list goat list goes on. And these are good sellers which have a good review. So you know that these products are converting right now, So here we have the best sellers in electron ICS we can quick here. And then we've got the best sellers for portable audio and video. Now, when it comes to selling Amazon products, there are basically two ways that you can approach affiliate marketing. You can find a product that is low cost but cells in large volumes. Or you can find on expensive product and make less sales, but earned more per sale. Personally, I would recommend going for the most expensive products as the bias off these products have more disposable income, which means that it's more likely when they make the purchase. They will also by other products, and you will get an even higher commission. But depending on your niche, you can choose and promote the products that are most suitable for you. Let's go back to the Best Sellers page, and I want to show you one more thing. These are the best sellers, but you have some different categories here as well. So we have new releases here, and in this section you see items that have been freshly released on Amazon and items that have already started to perform well. As you see, these are getting good reviews and it is something worth promoting. The next category. We've got movers and shakers. Now this is very important for you because this shows you products that are very quickly moving up in sales rankings. So they have a growing popularity. In other words, these air trending items. Then we have most wished for items. This section can be really valuable, especially before gift giving holidays like Christmas. But even in general now, the most wished items thes air products that people have added to their wish list. So it's possible that these items have been saved and they will be purchased at a future date. So if you advertise them, you have a good chance that you are advertising to a person who has already been thinking about buying this item but has delayed the purchase decision for some reason or another. And then you have gift ideas, so this shows you the most popular products that are given as gift, and there you have it. You can go to the amazon dot com forward slash bestsellers page, and you can do your market research here. The products that you find the product that you select from this bestsellers list thes air good products. And you should see good, solid conversions when you start advertising them. I hope you found his video interesting, and I think we can move on. 5. How to Become an Amazon Affiliate: welcome. So now I want to walk you through the process or setting up your Amazon associates account So you can basically just go to Google typing Amazon associates or Amazon affiliates. And here we are, Amazon associates. Let's click on it, then click here, joined now for free. So here you can either sign into your account or create on Amazon account. So I'm going to go ahead and sign into my existing Amazon account And here, oldest steps that are necessary to set up your Amazon associates account. So firstly, check your account information, and if everything is correct, then click on next. Here, you have to let Amazon no, or which websites and which mobile applications you plan to use for your Amazon advertising campaigns. So here I'm going to add a couple of biologists at one of my websites. I'm not going to use any mobile apps, so I'll click on next. Okay, so it's just asking if any of these websites are directed primarily at Children under 13. So no confirm. Now, I'm just going to take a couple of minutes to fill out my profile. What is your preferred associates store? I d Okay, What are your website or mobile ups about? So I'm just going to give a general description. Okay. Which of the following topics best describes your website or mobile ups? Select secondary topic. What type of Amazon items intend to list on your website or mobile? Haps Definitely. Books, digital downloads, perhaps computers and office. And this one as well. Movies, music and games. This is very general, so I will include it. What type are your websites or mobile ups? Okay. Contents, nish, secondary coupons. How do you drive traffic to your website? So I will just select the main methods. Okay, let's find how do you utilize your websites and apps to generate income? Okay, I'm just look online retail and other affiliate programs. How do you usually build length? Okay, bloke. Editor. What is your primary reason for joining? Okay. How did you hear about us? Word of mouth. Now I just need to prove the dying human. Okay? Agreed to the terms and click on finish. Congrats. Thank you for applying your unique ideas here. So this is the unique I D. That will be visible in my tracking cure. Also in the Amazon link that I'm going to use. So basically, what this means is that my Amazon Associates account has been set up. However, once I get my first sale, then they will verify that everything is correct. By reviewing the application and to get my first sale, I have 180 days. If I don't make a say within 180 days, what happens is that my Amazon Associates account will be cancelled. But not to worry. Because if they can see your account, you can always apply and have the account approved again. Okay, And then here, enter your payment and tax information. You can do it now, or you can do it later. After you make a sale, for instance. Okay, and now we're in the Amazon Associates dashboard, and that's all there is to it. I've just walked you through all of the steps that you need to go through to open on Amazon Associates account. And as you saw, it's very, very easy 6. How to Get an Amazon Affiliate Link: in this lesson, I want to walk you through the process of getting your Amazon affiliate link. Once your account is set up, then you can promote any Amazon product that is available. But just adding links to Amazon on your website will not earn your commission. You need to use a special link that has your unique affiliate code in it. That way, if a person buys anything, you will be identified as the affiliate and earn a commission. I'll show you two ways to generate your Amazon affiliate link. Let's go to the Amazon Associates dashboard. Here I am looked into my affiliate panel. The first method involves you moving your mouth over product linking and clicking product length. Now what you can do is you can do a search for your product here and click and go. So in this example, let's do. I search for Sony headphones and Amazon will find relevant products and display them here. So basically, you could just do a search for a particular keywords or a search for the name off the actual product that you want to promote. So here's our list of products. Now let's say I want to promote this one so I can click here on this damn arrow, and this will instantly generate a affiliate link for me so I can use this link. But what I recommend is to shorten the URL, and then your link looks something like this, and it's much better. I wouldn't recommend using the longer link because it looks ugly and scary, and people might get suspicious just by looking on it. But this link, it's short. It's very clear that this link is for an Amazon product, so it will not threaten any person. And it doesn't look like spam. So if you are planning to ads links to YouTube or Facebook, this is the link that you want to use. I will close this for now. Now, if you don't want to use the text ling, but want to use some other type off advertisement with your affiliate code in it, then click here on get link. And here you have a choice. You can use an advertisement that looks like this, which is the product the model and a shop now call to action. So this is a text and image ad. If you want to use the text. Only then this is exactly what I showed you earlier. You've got the long link and a short link, or you can create an image on Lee Odd. So if you just want to use the image on a block post, then you could just use this. And if you scroll down and here is the code that you would have to add to your website, So basically this page gives you a little bit more options as to what type of advertisement do you want to embed on your website or inside your content? Now I will show you my second way of generating your Amazon affiliate link, and I do believe that my second way is much easier. So let's go to the Amazon Bestsellers page and let's select the product, this one fire TV stick. I'll click on it now. This method will only work if you are logged into your Amazon Associates account. So as you can see here, I've already looked in, but this is the product that I want to advertise. If you look over here, you've got the Amazon Associates site stripe, and it's a convenient because it lets me generate a link to the very page that I am browsing so I can browse for products that I want to promote and then using the side stripe , which is by default, visible. If you're logged into your Amazon affiliate account, then you can easily generate links directly to this page. And just like before, I can choose to generate an image. I can select a small image, medium image, large image text and image ads, or just a standard link. But this side strip offer something extra in that I can generate custom shopping out. This is a new feature on Amazon, so here you can see what the ad will look like. And then here you have the coat that you will add to your content. And alternatively, you can directly share this product page to Facebook or Twitter. So this is very, very convenient because let's say I want to select a different device. So now I've got a microwave, and if I want to promote it, I can just go to the site stripe clicked on get Link and here I have my texting. However, when you are like, I'll just go back here and if I wanted to. I can generate a link directly to Amazon, but I do not recommend it When you are going to link. I always recommend that you linked to a particular product page. You will see better conversions if you're linking to a niche product. The problem with linking just directly to Amazon is that it's just unspecific and it's too broad. But if you are recommending a particular product and you link directly to it, I've noticed that you can get better conversions. Okay, so I hope you found this lesson interesting, and I've shown you how easily you can get your Amazon affiliate link to any product that you want. 7. An Overview of the Amazon Dashboard: in this lesson, I will walk you through the most important parts of the Amazon dashboard. On the home page, you will see general statistics you have on earnings overview and when you are starting, this is important so that you can see how many clicks you're getting. And what is the conversions off those clicks. You can also do a search for a product of here, and then get your affiliate link or you can browse for products here. Select the category that you want and browse through different products, then moving up. We have product linking, so we went through the product links section in the previous Listen. If you want, you can click on banners and then get banners for different Amazon pages so you can go through the section based on your knee. She can select and use banners on your website, so here's just a quick example. This is how the banner looks, and this is the code that you have to embed in your website or on your content, and you can either I frame it or use the full cold here, and then you have some different four months for different banners of different dimensions moving up. Next you have native shopping ads. These arts can also be generated from the Amazon site stripe toolbar, but this is basically one day will look like so you can browse through this and you can use these types off native shopping us. Then you have mobile pope over us. If you go to the section, then basically you will get a code that you can copy on your website. And then, if users are viewing your content on a mobile phone, they will get a pop over. At that looks something like this, and the last section ist linked to any page. So here you can find a product or category and generate links to it. But the most important part of product linking we've already covered, which is the product length. Then we have the promotions in the promotion sections. You can view current promotions on certain products, but I believe that using the best Sellers page that I showed you in the earlier lesson is more helpful for finding deals. And using that method, you can find more relevant promotions to your niche, but feel free to browse through this section, and you can do some market research and find some other like promo codes. Or, as you can see here, this shows you when the promotion is starting, when it is ending and again you can get a link for it. So there's the promotion sections. Then we have the tool sections. The most important part is the site stripe. This feature is enabled if you're logged into your Amazon Associates account link checker. You do not have to worry about this. This is only for advanced users who are changing their affiliate link, so they used the Link checker to ensure their affiliate code is still working. But we're not doing this so we can skip this product advertising AP I. This is an advanced feature, the same US one link linking your accounts. You don't have to worry about them when you're starting with affiliate advertising, and the only thing that you may want to use is the If you have a WORDPRESS website, then you can get the Link builder plug in, and this simply you just download the plug in installed in your WordPress site, which I'll show you how to do later and then you can generate different types off advertisements and add them to your blawg. But we do not have to worry about this for now. Then you have the reports, and here you have a summary off everything that you saw earlier. But you also have a history off all your traffic conversions and earnings. So here you have different tabs, so you can just brought through them and see how all of your campaigns are performing. And if you want, you can click here the fee schedule. And this is just another way of getting to this page and seeing how much commission you can get for different niches. But basically, that's everything. But the reality is, if you congenital eight links to product pages and then view statistics for those things that you are all set to go and start affiliate marketing. 8. Two Things you Must know about Amazon Affiliates: in this lesson. I want to talk about two things you must know about the Amazon Associates programme. Number one Amazon pays on the 24 hour cookie. This means that when your affiliate link is clicked, your cookie is activated, and whatever the user purchases within 24 hours will result with you earning a commission. After 24 hours, you don't get paid, but within 24 hours, everything and anything they check out and pay for. Well, you will get credited with the sale and earn an affiliate commission. So what's the solution to this in your content? Have plenty off Amazon length. This could be in the form off image links, product links or text ling's or actual button length because the more a person clicks, then the more cookies get activated and number two don't cloak your Amazon length in case you don't know what cloaking is, then I want to show you Betley. So this is bit Lee, and on this page you can add long links and they will be converted to short wings. Here's an example. This is the long link for Are you Timmy course? And I added it to beat Lee, and it could converted to this one bit. Lee, this girl here. So it's a shorter girl. If you use this link while the origin is unknown, people just see the Bickley link. If you are advertising on any other affiliate program, you will take your ugly affiliate link, use a service like bitterly and converted into a short link, which is more user friendly. And it doesn't look like scum, however, on Amazon, do not do this because you may get your account band. If you need a shorter link, then use the Amazon inbuilt length shorter. 9. How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Website: So let's summarize where we are at this moment. You have picked out a niche that interests you. Your selected them best and most profitable products to promote and your Amazon Associates account has been created. Now it's time for the technical part. In this lesson, I will show you how you can create an Amazon affiliate website. The reality is that you can create your own website with the click of a few buttons. The process is easy and you don't need to code or program anything. It's actually a simple tricks that process Step one, you need to choose a domain. A domain is the address that a person types into the browser to view your website, and then Step two is to select a hosting provider. Hosting is storage space online. Your website will be uploaded to this space and access through your domain. Ural. Now it may be tempting to choose the cheapest hosting provider, but I do not recommend this cheaper hosting providers save on costs and used lower quality hardware. This means that your website will load much slower than other sites and you will lose potential visitors. I recommend you choose either blue host or site ground for your website. Both options are easy to sit up and the websites load fast. Side ground is a little bit faster, but costs more blue Host is dependable and it's fast as well. Currently, they are giving a domain for free. If you choose their hosting before I show you how to set up your domain and hosting, let's just briefly summarize the third step, and that is to choose a website platform. This will let you create your own website through a user panel so that you don't have to waste any time on coding or programming. For this. I recommend work breath because it's very easy to install, and it's even easier to navigate through, configure and create your pages. So let's go to the screen, and I'm sure you had to set up your domain and hosting first. So let's go over to Blue Host and then move here over WordPress and WordPress hosting and I'm going to click on Choose Planned and they have three plans available. If you're planning just to have one website with one domain name, then I select you go with the basic. If you plan to have more than one website and use multiple domain names. Then you will want to go for this option, which is the plus package. So you would still like this. But if you're just starting out, then I suggest you start with one website for your Amazon affiliate links. So I'm going to click on the basic. And the first thing is to select your domain. So whatever domain that you came up with, you can type it in here and then you can click on next to do a search. If this domain is available, okay, does the main was not available, So let's just go back and I will change this a little bit. Okay, so this domain is available, and on this hosting package, this domain will be registered for free for the 1st 12 months. Now, it's just a matter of filling in your account information. You can select your package by default. It is selected for the 36 month price, which is the cheapest for three years. You will not have to worry about hosting, but if you want to just give it a go and try it. Then you can change. Change it and select a different package. Okay, moving on. Here are some package extras. So I will unsolicited all of them. Domain, privacy and protection. It's a personal choice. You don't have to buy it. But what it does is if somebody looks up your website online, you will be identified as the owner of the domain and the website. So if you so like this, then your details will be hidden. So it's a personal choice. I would just uncheck this because you're just starting out. Your website will not be known. Then you add your payment information here, agreed to the terms and click Submit. Once the payment is processed, you will receive on email and with all the log in details to your hosting package. So I show you what it looks like when you log into your blue hose account. I'll go back to the main page here. I will click on Logan. You will type your domain ning and your password. And here is the blue host panel. So to create a wordpress website you will go to my sites, create a fight. Do you give your site a name? You can give a tagline. You can always change this later, so it's not permanent. Quick on next. Here you will select your domain. You will only have one domain available. This is just a sample video. So I'm going to use this domain. Here you have some recommended plug ins that you can install, so I would just leave them checked and then click all next. Okay, so WordPress has been successfully installed. Here's the user name and passport to the war purse installation. You will want to save this. And here's the website Euro. So it's just copy this and paste it here. Now this isn't visible here. For some reason, it probably will be visible on your monitor, but basically it's like this. Here's the URL, and then it's forward slash WP admin. And this is the log in Page Logan with user name and passport. And here I have the user name, so I would just copy it, paste it, and here's the password. It's just copy it based it 10. Your Amazon Affiliate Website ContinuedCreate Website Part 2: and this is the WordPress panel. To get familiar with this, you will have to log in a couple of times, browse through it, But basically, on the right hand column, you can edit all of the settings and on the left hand column. This is your navigational toolbar. So here you can create new pages. You can add posts to your website, but the first thing that we have to do is let's just a copy net. Here is the page doesn't look fancy. Nothing special. The first thing that you need to do is to change the theme off this website to make it look presentable. So you go to your dashboard, go to appearance and click on themes. And now click here. WordPress themes. Here you can browse through many different themes, and if you select something that you like, then you can install it. One of the things that I like it's called generate press. It's a simple theme, but it gives you a lot of options to customize it. But do your research, find a theme that you find appealing and then used it to install the team. He just over your mouse over it click on install once it is installed, then you have to activate it. So now let's go back to our website and refresh so you can see the former thing has changed where I've got the header at the top main columns or main content areas on the left hand column. And then I have side column over here. If you want to customize this team, you can click customize here or on the left hand toolbar. Click Customize. Then you have many different options that you can customize, such as the layout, the Kohler's topography, the menu's widgets. There are a lot of options here that you can customize for your website. If you want to add a new page to your site, then you can click here and add new page. So then you just give your pager name. You can add your content here and then click on publish and publish again, and now we have to sample pages. So this was before, and this is after the page was added here. If you want to add content to your site, then you would add a post so you go to post. You can click on add new or Quicken all posts and then are the new give you a postal name at some content. Click publish, publish. Let's refresh this And here The Post. So my first post, Now, this part here, this is the menu. You can customize it by going over appearance and then menus. You use pages to create the structure off your website like you can have on about US Page I bloke page. I keep products page. If you are filling in content in your blood area, then you will add posts. So basically, pages are for the structure of your Web site. Posts are for the content of your website, and before I finish, there's also plug ins. This is the most important part of WordPress, and this is actually, I believe, why War Purse is such a really awesome product with plug ins, you can expand the functionality to anything that you want. If, for instance, you want to create different pages or you want to create, say, landing pages, then I recommend a plug in called element er. So then you go to plug ins, click on add new. If you have downloaded the plug in, then you can upload it here. If not, you can do a search for it. Here. You can browse through many different plug ins as well, so let's just both to and then you can click install now, and once it gets installed, you have two activated. I've added the plug in, and it added another navigational panel here called L. A Mentor. But if you want to edit any page with elements or you can go to Page is let's click here sample page, click on edit and then you have an option here, Click on Edit with Element or, and the way this works is, you can drag a widget onto your page. Here you have different widgets and basically Kikkan, just click it and drug it. Here you go back to different elements. I can add a button, click it and drug it so you don't have to code anything. You just click and drug, and then you can set up the button however you want. Let's say I want to add a different background color, okay, and then you just update your page. So let's exit this. Let's go back to the ward, present ITER and actually, let's go to a different page. Let's go to the one that I created earlier. Let's click on edit and let's say you have a lot off content here. Okay, so this is just a quick sample. You have your article here, and at the end, you want to have a cult election. Click here to view your product to add your Amazon link. Let's just get a random link from Amazon. Okay, I will get a text link. I'll use the shortened link so I can cope e it, Go back to my ward press set up. And here I can highlight the text click here based my link. Apply it updated and I can preview it. And this is the blawg. And then this is the link. If I click on it, it will redirect me to the Amazon page. And that's when I wanted to share with you in this tutorial, the evey trickster process off getting your domain you're hosting, installing WordPress and quickly for meeting your new Amazon affiliate website. If this seems technical, then my advice is to log into war purse, browse through all of the sections. This will start making sense because work is easier, especially creating content. It uses pretty much the same commands as you do. If you're using Microsoft Word or Google docks, you just need to get familiar with it. Let's move on to the next section. 11. 4 Amazon Promotion Strategies Part 1: in this lesson, I want to share with you four simple strategies you can use to promote your affiliate links with strategy number one Product reviews. There are many affiliates killing it by using product reviews there. Two Ways off. Going about this. You can write product reviews and post them on your own website, ofcourse adding Amazon affiliate links throughout your page. You can convert your review into a video and posted on YouTube. This will involve adding your Amazon link to the video description, or perhaps even in the comments section. Many people have recently recorded unboxing videos, which is basically a review of the product and what you can expect when you open the packaging. Product reviews are a good way to start because it doesn't cost you anything, and you can post it to your own website. But you can even posted to other websites like, for instance, Quora, which is a question and answer site, or even medium. So you can even write a review and then posted on medium and add your link below. And the best part of product reviews is if you need ideas on how to expand on your review or If you need more content for your review, then it is very valuable for you to read feedback about the product that you're actually reviewing. So to do this, you just find the product on Amazon and then click on the ratings. And then here you have a lift off reviews so you can read all the pros and all the cones about this products, as well as the main features that stand out. So this is like feedback from actual customers who have already used the product so you will find is very valuable for preparing your content for your review and strategy. Number two involves writing core preparing product comparisons. Now this is an extension to the review strategy. Here you create a website in which you are comparing multiple products off the same category or from the same Mitch. The benefit here is that if a person is interested, they may click on your offer multiple times to check out different offers, and all of them are from your page. This means that your affiliate links will get activated and there is a chance that they will buy through your link. I will show you an example Let's go to Google and typing top headphones. Okay, and let's click on the first search result. So scrolling down here. Here's a list of the best headphones, and then here we have headphone number one, number two, and this is a brief description of the product, the advantages and disadvantages off the products. And, of course, every product here has a link. You can view it own Amazon, so this is an affiliate link. So in this example, what the people have done here is they've created this product comparison page. But also you can click here and you have the full review. So each review. It's full off Amazon affiliate length, and each review provides different content about a particular product. And here you have, like a ranking list off all of the different products. I'll show you how this principle works. In another example, let's go back to Google and this time typing top VPN services VP and Sense for virtual private network. So it's a way off browsing the Internet securely so that nobody tracks your results. So let's click on the first choice, and this is actually this is an affiliate website as well, and It's a product comparison site and they are actually paying for clicks on Google. So let's click on the 1st 1 And here we have, like a ranking table. So all the different VPN. Let's just close this all the different VP and services. You've got reviews off them. You've got the pros and cones off them. And and here's the call to action. You can click on it, and this is actually our on affiliate link for this company. So the good thing about this type of technique is that if you creates a website like this for Amazon, you're likely to get multiple clicks on different offers, so there's a much higher chance that somebody will actually buy through your affiliate link . 12. 4 Amazon Promotion Strategies Part 2: Welcome back. Let's continue talking about different promotion strategies. Strategy Trade is to build an email list. The benefit off this is if you own an email list for a particular niche, then you can send your list emails in which you promote different Amazon products or in which you recommend Amazon products. For example, you could send your list helpful articles about products, and in these articles, you could add Amazon links so you could do some research and find out about some Amazon best sellers or some limited time Amazon sales. And then you could just create some content and then send an email to your list. If you want to try this strategy, you will need a couple of tools. First, you will need an email. Auto responders. This is a service that lets you build a database off emails, and it's a service that lets you send emails in bulk. Now for this, I recommend using a Weber because a Weber is an affiliate, link friendly auto responders service, and you can get started just for $19 per month. I believe when you have an email auto responders set up, then you also need to create a landing page. Now London page is a separate page in which you are giving away a reserve for free in exchange for an email address. This reserves could be a video tutorial on online course on e book. It can be anything that you can think of that provides value to potential customers. Now, in case you're not like programmer and you hate coding like me, then I won't show you two ways that you can create London pages very easily. If you have a wash press website, then I highly recommend you get the element of plugging. Here's a preview of how the plugging works, and basically it's a simple clicking drug interface. And with no coding whatsoever, you can create any websites that you want, and you can try it for free. In fact, you can use it for free because they have plenty of free landing page templates that you can use now. But if you do not have wars press or your own website, then there is another solution. So if you don't have a website or any hosting than I recommend you try London G, and this service is really good services. Well, you can create landing pages also through a click and drug interface, so you don't need to do any coding or programming. In fact, this service also comes with a number of free templates that you can use. And here's a preview of older templates. So it doesn't really matter if you're using glum, dingy or if you're using Element Er. Basically, you have the power of an experienced programmer at your fingertips without actually known how to coat. You will just need to create your landing page integrated with your email auto responder, and then you can start building or in my list. Now let's move on to the final strategy I want to share with you and strategy number four is to use Facebook groups. You will need to do some research on Facebook and join relevant groups that are focused on your niche. Let me show you how this works When you are logged into your Facebook account, do a search for your particular niche. So let's say learn English now in the top toolbar here, click on groups and here you can see different groups, which are all related to learning English, and you see how many members there are in each group, so basically you can browse through all of these groups and then joined them, and then our request will be sent. Your request should be approved and then you will be a member off that group. Then you can enter the group and you will have an option to create posts into the group. As well as commenting into what the group members are saying, you can leave links to your own content as well as directly linked to Amazon. The best way to make this work is to read the content in a group and make your comments relevant to what other people are saying because you do not want to spam the group with your links because you might get banned from the group. But test this out, see how it works. Do not worry if that does happen, because there are plenty of groups for you to join and to figure out what works best at driving traffic to your offer through Facebook groups. But I highly recommend that you try this because it's a free method. It doesn't take a lot of time, and you can get a load off clicks to your all first to Facebook groups. However, in these posts, make sure that you use the shortened Amazon length. Instead of the long, ugly length, the long links they will look like spam, so always used a shortened version. And with that, I will end this lesson. I hope you have gained some ideas on how you can promote your Amazon affiliate links through these four strategies that I have shown you. 13. Final Remarks: I would like to end by training by saying congratulations for coming this far. I appreciate that you have gone through all of my lessons, and I hope that you have found value in the training that I have provided. Hopefully, you should be in a stage where you can set up your Amazon affiliate account, get the links to the products that interest you, and then advertise them using one of the methods that I shared with you in this training. I wish you all the best. And I hope you earn a lot of money using the Amazon affiliate program. Once again. Thank you for watching. And if you enjoy this training, then please give me a review so that you can let others know about the value off this training. Thank you.