How to Spy on Your Shopify Competitors for Free | Nitish Gautam | Skillshare

How to Spy on Your Shopify Competitors for Free

Nitish Gautam, Professional Internet Marketer

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4 Videos (39m)
    • Spy on Shopify Stores Overview

    • How to Spy on Shopify Stores using Free Tools

    • Shopify Research Paid Tool

    • Spy on Shopify Stores Conclusion


About This Class

Shopify has changed the way we do business online, and building an eCommerce store with Shopify is much easier than other conventional methods. In this course, I talk about some free online tools and methods you can use to spy on your Shopify competitors and get an idea about what's working and what's not.





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Nitish Gautam

Professional Internet Marketer

I am Nitish Gautam, a digital marketing expert with a wide variety of skills. Ever since I could remember, I've been reading up on the latest SEO, Social Media & PPC strategies; and have worked with many companies as part of their Marketing team. As a result, I've acquired knowledge which would be useful to anyone in the field of internet marketing.

I hope you have a great time watching my tutorials. And remember, I'm always here to help. Just hit me up and I'll respond as quickly as p...

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