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How to Speak Holiday Spanish - with Quiz

Mark Zucker, Learn today

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6 Videos (36m)
    • Taxis, directions, asking for a price

    • Hotel checking in, paying, saying you made a reservation

    • Restaurants, ordering food, being polite

    • Socializing with people, meeting and greeting, light conversation, small talk

    • The beach, the swimming pool, sunbathing and not sunburning!

    • Going to bars


About This Class

How to speak Spanish when you go on holiday. Easy step-by-step essentials for how to chat better on vacation.

Topics covered include:

  1. Checking in at the hotel
  2. Asking for directions
  3. Asking for taxis and talking to 'taxistas'
  4. Eating out, how to order food as you like it, being polite, paying the bill
  5. Ordering drinks, ordering for your partner/family
  6. Talking to new people, meeting and greeting
  7. Making small, light conversation
  8. Tips about who to practice with, for free
  9. Tips about understanding menus, tapaterías
  10. Asking for information, asking what people think and how they feel






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Mark Zucker

Learn today

I'm a teacher with 10 years of experience and a passion for learning and sharing what I know. I teach Spanish and English classes to students and professionals. Check out the Business English Academy on Skillshare for my English classes.

I am open-minded to speaking to new people through Skillshare who want to chat. You may learn something or even teach me something new. Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

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