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How to Solve the Pyraminx FAST

teacher avatar Byron Erwin, Efficiency Is Key

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic Anatomy and First Step

    • 3. Special Case and First Layer

    • 4. The Final Step

    • 5. Congratulations!

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About This Class

          Here I will teach you how to solve the mysterious pyraminx The pyraminx is a puzzle that requires no prior knowledge of solving twisty puzzles. This is a very low level of difficulty that just about everybody can solve and have a blast while doing it. I believe that you will be blown away at the simplicity of this course.

          As promised, listed below are links to products I use and recommend in case you would like to pick some up for yourself: 

The pyraminx I use in the course:

Speedcube Professional Timer:

Qiyi FBPB Speedcube Mat Small:
Qiyi FBPB Speedcube Mat Large:

My Lighting:
My amazing white desk:
The microphone I use:
Microphone extension cable:
My camera tripod/boom:
The microphone boom I use:
The camera/boom 90 degree adapter:
The camera that I use and I LOVE:

Meet Your Teacher

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Byron Erwin

Efficiency Is Key


Hey Everyone. My name is Byron. Getting the opportunity to teach people the joy of the Rubiks Cube all over the world is amazing. It's incredibly addicting and very fun. What I find really enjoyable is teaching people how to solve it then watching them grow into faster and faster cubers. This platform gives me the chance to do just that - but on a larger scale. I'm excited to meet and talk to you guys about this awesome past time. Lets get started. 

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1. Introduction: welcome my course on how to solve the pyramids. My name is Byron. I've been a competitive speak uber for about the last 11 years or so. And within that time I've taught many people how to solve various types of cues from three by three to pyramid inks, Mega minx four by four, etcetera. And this is going to be one of the easiest puzzles that you can ever learn. This is probably the easiest one that I own in my collection, and it's going to be deceivingly simple. I think you guys going to really enjoy this as well as if you're interested in picking up a good one. I do have one in the course description so you guys can start learning on a good quality paramedics. So with that being said, let's get started. 2. Basic Anatomy and First Step: All right, you guys, This is gonna be one of the easiest puzzles that you'll probably ever learn. It seems very intimidating, but it's actually quite simple. So let's first start off with the basic Anatomy of the Cube or of the puzzle. Sorry, I'm used to three by threes, so you'll notice it turns in a couple of different ways. These points can all turn as well as if you grab a whole section. This whole thing can turn as well. Now we're going to start off by indicating the difference between the centres and the edges . Centers are going to be the pieces that are directly under the point. There's three centers. There's this one. There's that one because it's under the point. And then there's this one. So they kind of look like, uh, I want to say what a radioactive symbol and edges are gonna be between the points right over here, and the same thing applies to all sides. So if you have these, these three blue triangles that's telling you that when it is solved, this entire side will be blue. So let's give this thing a mix and we'll just begin solving it immediately. So now that it's all scrambled, first thing you want to do is actually just a line. These tips. You want these tips to align with the triangle that they are underneath. So blue, matching blue, yellow to yellow and red Tourette. So we'll knock that out on all of them. Next thing we're going to try and make one side, we're gonna try and solve one side. First thing we have to do is get all three centers on one side. So we have, For example, this one has one here, one here. And remember the centers with one's directly below the ends, the points that directly below it. So this one, this one and that one. So we need one more red one here. If we want to make a red site. Now you can turn this all you want, and sometimes you'll get a red line up and then you're done with this stage. But sometimes you won't. For example, here in this example, you're gonna have to do something a little bit different. So if you ever run into this situation where you have the two on the bottom and you turned the top and you have no red piece that lines up. First thing you want to do is turn the whole thing like this. Put the two that you have above and bring it down. Now, this one, you're going to turn and you have a red one that lines up there. Then you're just gonna bring these two up here simply like this. And there you go. You have one side handled. You already have your points taken care of. So now you know, this is the red side, and we're gonna start solving the edges of this side. 3. Special Case and First Layer: So let's say you're solving the red side and you don't have anything to start off with. And you just want to know you want to solve that red side first thing going to dio turn this around until you see another one of these triangles that are red and sometimes you won't. But here we did. And now we're going to hold them on the bottom. We're gonna turn the top and see if there's a red one and there's not. So we have the same situation. Put it on its head, turn it down, find the red side and then turn them up. Just like that. Once you have one side established as far as the center colors. So, for example, we're doing that read like we're doing earlier. You're going to kind of put it on the bottom, and you're going to look in these areas up here for a piece that matches the side you're solving. So example we're solving for red and up here. I found a red piece here. Now this is one single piece. Show you here. It's just one piece and it has two colors on it, red and yellow. So we're going to have to look at both sides. We have right here. We have yellow there. The secondary color is the color you're not immediately solving for. So what you're gonna first want to do is line up yellow to the yellow side. So, for example, if it was over here, I found my red piece. It is currently on the green side. I know that because of the used to down here are green. So we're gonna move this top one until it lines up with the yellow side, and you should see just, you know, three triangles here. There's more here, but you'll see in a little bit later. So now that you haven't lined up there, you're going to lift up the opposite side like this and they're gonna move it over so that when you have your three red and then I'm gonna bring this piece down. What that does is solves that part of your red side. Now we're going to repeat the process, keep this side solved down. We're going to look in this top area for another red piece. And I found one right here. You're going to look at the other color which here we have blue and we have to bring it to the blue side. This is the yellow side. So we're gonna turn this top to make it match the blue side. So now that it's on the blue side and we have it here, we're gonna lift the opposite side, insert it and bring it down. Just like that, we ran a check on our right side. We have another piece that's missing, so we're gonna look up here again for another piece that has read and we have not. So when this happens, that means that the red piece is going to be down here in the bottom layer somewhere. So this is actually in the right spot. But we have to bring it out, twist it and put it back in the way we do. This is we're simply going toe open it like this. Move it aside. Close it. And now we have it up in this layer like we normally did before. So we're gonna follow the same steps. We're gonna look at the secondary color, which is green. We're gonna move that over to the green side like this. Now it's on the right hand sides. We're gonna open the opposite side. Bring it over tow line up with three green. I'm sorry. Three red, and then bring it down. You have one side completed. Once you have that completed, you're going to want to line up the rest of the centers. So line up this triangle blue to blue and the blue and yellow, yellow, yellow, and you're going to repeat the exact same thing on a different color. So let's just say we're going to solve yellow. Since it's in front of us, we're going to set that on the bottom and we're gonna repeat the same process. 4. The Final Step: Now, before we get started, I just want to let you guys know if you're interested in picking up this magnetic pyramid X or the cue of the loops, anything that I recommended that I use. You guys are free to look in the course description. And you guys can pick up some of the stuff for yourself if you're interested, including this beautiful cubing that So now that we have the yellow on the bottom, we're going to start solving that one. We're gonna first start by looking in the these areas up here for a piece that's yellow, which I found one here. Now that I found it. I'm gonna look at the secondary color, which is blue. Make sure it's lined up on the blue side and we're going to open the opposite side. Move it over. Make sure we have our three yellow and we're gonna bring it down. Now we're going, Teoh, check on it. Make sure that we're good. We still have one piece left, so we're gonna look back up here for yellow piece, which it's right there. Secondary color is green, so we're gonna bring it to the Green side. It's currently on the red side. So we're gonna move that over to the green side, just like that. Now that it's lined up, we have three green. We know it's on the green side. We're gonna open the door, We're going to step in and we're gonna close the door. Now you have your yellow side completed yet again. We're going to line up our centers to make sure we have the three triangles red, bright red, blue, blue, blue. And now we're gonna do the same thing again. That literally how simple this this puzzle is. So we're gonna pick a color that we want to solve. Let's just go with Blue. We're gonna set that on the bottom, and now we're gonna look in this area for another blue piece. So here we have one secondary color is indicating green. It's currently on the red side, so we have to move this to the green side. Now we have it on the green side, indicated by three greens. We're gonna open the opposite side, so we're gonna open the door. Step in three blue, close the door. We're gonna check on our blue side. Looks like we have another piece to go. We're gonna look up here again. Look for a blue piece. I got one right there. So now that you've found that blue piece we're looking at the secondary color secondary color is red is currently on the yellow side, so we need to move this to the red side, so it's gonna move it around. We know it's on the red side because we see three red right there. And now we have the blue piece there, So we're gonna open the opposite side. We're gonna step in and we're gonna close it. Just like that. We'll check on it, were good. And it looks like we have this completed. So as you see it, it's pretty simple. There is a faster way to go about this, and I may be posting a video on that soon, So stay tuned for that. But as far as the Pyramid X is concerned, that is pretty much a simple as it gets. When it comes to solving this, you're gonna solve one side, and then you're going to pick another side to solve. And as you saw that side, you're gonna mess up the side you already solved and eventually you continue the process, it will solve itself. That is how this Q or this puzzle works. There is faster ways. So after you get one side, there's five different albums you can do to just immediately solve it from that stage. But to completely eliminate the algorithms, this is the best way to go about it. So go ahead and practice that and have fun with your new puzzle. 5. Congratulations!: If you guys were seeing this video, that means you've completed the Pyramids course. Hopefully, this was able to help you guys out. I hope you had a lot of fun learning as much as I did teaching it. It has been a pleasure. Now I do have another course that's available, and this is taking another departure from this cube onto this cube. This is known as the miracle You or also known as the Bump. Q. This is a three by three variant that has the centers moved off center, so it is a shape shifter. So as you mix the cube, it becomes a hot mess of jumbled shapes. There's no colors for you to tell how to solve it. And trust me when I tell you this. If you know how to solve the three by three, this is going to be a piece of cake. So go ahead and look the courses that I offer and find this course, you'll have a ton of fun with this, as well as links in the course description so you can pick this Cuba for yourself. It's very inexpensive, and it's very high quality that will see you guys in the next course