How to Solve 2X2X2 Rubik's Cube ( Beginner + Advanced + Blindfolded ) methods | Maged Boutros | Skillshare

How to Solve 2X2X2 Rubik's Cube ( Beginner + Advanced + Blindfolded ) methods

Maged Boutros, Online Trainer

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8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Beginner method : Notations

    • 2. Beginner method : White face

    • 3. Beginner method : Yellow face

    • 4. Beginner method : Yellow Corners

    • 5. Advanced method : OLL

    • 6. Advanced method : PLL

    • 7. Blindfolded method : Y Perm

    • 8. Blindfolded method : Solving


About This Class

In this course you will learn how to solve the 2x2x2 Rubik's cube using beginner, advanced and blindfolded method. It is highly recommended to have a previous knowledge of solving the 3x3x3 cube using the beginner method ( Here is the link of my course to learn the beginner method : ) 
You will have any algorithm you are going to need in solving in the project files. I am not using any software inn explanation, just the cube to make sure you see it very well and observe how i am solving it 

This course is for beginners. Intermediates and advanced can also learn special skills in this course


1. Beginner method : Notations: Hello, everybody In the first story ALOF help solve the cube there two by two by two insist oral. We will start talking about the invitations. They are the same as a three by three by three. But the only difference that is that A by two by two We don't have this middle air. So we don't have anyway, rotations or any medal politicians just like this. So they are the same. The right and right Prime the left the left prime up prime Down and down, Prime and front on front, prime and back and back Bright So these are the mutations, if you know how. Told that three by three by 32 with you then you already know how to solve this one. But if you don't, I really suggest is that you first learn how to solve their three by three by city. But if you don't want to, it's okay just follows me and I will show you how to solve that. Two by two by two rabbits You Thank you for watching and seeing the next to go 2. Beginner method : White face: along with everybody. In this tutorial, we will start solving their toe by toe to Rubik's Cube. As in the three by three, we were just start solving the white Cross, then the white corners. But here in two by two by two there there is no edges, so we will just solve the corners. So which is here is the whole white face. So first thing we have to note is that here, the order or the arrangement off the corners is just like this. Let's have the white in the top. So Zarate and the blue comes after it. The blue and the orange since the origins, agreeing then the green on there. So let's just start with any corner here. So let's just have this corner. It will be our reference. So we will put it in the down face just like this. So we have white, orange and blue. So here the sorry, the white orange and the blue There one comes after is the white, blue and red. So we need the white and the blue and red. To be in this position, we'll just start looking for it in the upper layer. So here it is not in the upper layer. So it must be going. So we will release it up in the upper layer with any aneurysm off the three algorithms we know before in the three by three. So let's just do this Arrest, which was again, are up our prime. Now we have it in our upper layer so we can just grab it to its vertical position. If you remember from the three by three and the stickup is on the right, so we'll just do this. Al Gore s are up our prime. Now we have the two corners adjacent to each other and correctly solve it. So we know we can now go to the next stick next corner, which is after their white and blue and red, white and blue 100 comes after it the white red green. So we need the white and red and green Toby here and it's already in the upper layer. So there's no configuration. Just do the aggressive there. What sticker is on the light So are up our prime. And then we have solved our corner and the last corner it is here and the watch ticker. Let's first get it in its vertical position and the white sticker is on the upper face. So just those aggress off the upper off the upper sticker are up. Our prime up prime are up. Our prime up crime are so are up our prime. And then we have our white faced old with and all the stickers or adjacent to each other. So in there we can easily go to the next step. Thank you for watching and see you in the next tutorial. 3. Beginner method : Yellow face: along with everybody in the next step off solving Zettel by two by two rabbits You as in the three by three. After solving the white face, we were solving the middle layer edges and we can just ignore the step because in the two by two by two we don't have any ages on. After finishing the middle layer, we were solving their lacrosse, which is related to the center and edges. And this step can be also ignored because we don't have either centers or it just inside two by two by two. So the next step in solving the three by three by three is to solve the euro corners. And by the forced sale office, we'll all will be solved it. So this is our objective here solving their you know, face just ignores the 3.3, and our objective here is toe have all these four stickers here. So, after finishing their white face here, way would put it down, of course. And we might have face three cases or four cases off the yellow stickers. Here is the first case is that we have no sticker on the upper face. No, this this is thes case. We have one sticker. Solve it So the 1st 1 is toe have no sticker star of it. And in this case, we will just hold the Cuban Any position. It doesn't matter. But is the second case just like this? We have only one corner. Solve it. We will just grab it in that left position. Know this not like this. Not like this, but like this And we will do the algorithm. We were doing industry by three by three which is our our prime up our up, up our prime. Now we have one corner Solve it again So we can we will grab it to the town left position or the front left It doesn't matter and do the algorithm again And we have sold our your office. The second case off to have is to have two yellow a Jason corner solve it just like this. And in this case, we just put them on the right and do our aggressive are up our prime up our up our prime on way have our first case. No corner Soviet. It doesn't matter in which position on we will do our address now we have toe adjacent salted corners. Boot Simmons. Right? And keep doing that. Graze on now. Know according to do it again, Put them on the right. It might take some time, but eventually you will do it just like this. This is the last case off having toe to solve it corners. But they are opposite to each other, not a Jason. And in this case, we will put the we put them in this position. So in the down left and zone the upper right and we just do our progress. Now we have to solve it adjacent. So put them on the right, doing the average until it's solved. One corner. Solve it. Keep put it in the down. Left the rest again until it's solved. Just like this. Now we can continue to the next step. Thank you for watching. And she is the next 4. Beginner method : Yellow Corners: Hello, everybody. In the last step off solving their two by two by two Rubik's cube as in the three by three . After solving their yellow faced we saw after serving the your face we were looking in tow tow adjacent corners on the same side and putting them both them in the back. And if we don't have to adjacent sides Uh, we were doing our prisons twice, our twice. So here we don't have any tools. Solve it corners adjacent to each other. So it doesn't matter in which position will hold a vacuum. Just we will do our aggressive, which is our prime if our prime back back Oh yes, Prime. Our prime back back are are up crime And now we have toe adjacent colors on the same side. So we will just put them on the back just like this and do our algorithm again Our prime. This is our prime back back our prime, our prime back back are are a prime. And there we have our cubes Or on that said, there is no extra presents or anything. You need to know just their toe aggressiveness, which you already know from the three by three by three. Thank you for 5. Advanced method : OLL: Hello. Welcome. Everybody in the first story off out solves the Rubik's cubes that two by two by two aerobics here but in advance of missile, so in advance is measured. We started Kelvin's arteries as in together Missile on. After having it solve it, we might might face seven cases off the white corners or the yellow sticker stories, a little corners or the yellow stickers in the upper face. So, interrogator misted, we will just do one aggressive, but we may have may have do it four or five or even six times. So in order to save this time Ah, there are only seven cases we might face in after solving the white race. So and they're old. In the video description, there is a files that contain all the seven cases. And for every case, there is a certain algorithm that solves a yellow face in one move, which is our objective. So we were just hold the cube in the specific case, and in this case it is case number one. I think way we have only one solved yellow. If you look, look up, get in the in. The video description will find it once over here and yellow sticker here and here and here on just does this algorithm our prime up, prime up, trying our prime Oh, up our And then we have solved that Ah, they'll face in one move. This'll is a case that we have no solving your corner in the upper face. So we would just look up in the file description and we would find the specific reason for this case. We just holds a Cuban disposition where two stickers are here and the other touring the opposite side And just do this rigorous are up, up, up, up our r And there we have solved our yellow face in one move. So that's our objective is to solve their yellow face so we can easily now go to the second step. Thank you for watching and seals and x 6. Advanced method : PLL: Hello, everybody. In the next step off solving their toe by toe by toe aerobics Cube is advancing missile. After having the interface told, Did we We may faced only two cases. The first case, just like in the beginning missile. If we have toe adjacent, solve it corners. We were putting them on the back and those algorithms to solve them in one step on this, I will not show you because I already showed you. And it is the beginner method. So this is the second case that we don't have any toe adjacent corners to each other. So in this case, we will just keep rotating Is up, Claire. Until we have two corners just like this, this corner is solve it in its position, and the definitely opposite one is also solve it. So we will just keep pretending this upper layer until having toe diagonally opposite corners, solve it and in their position. And then it doesn't matter in which position we will hold. The cube, once we have a low in the upper face will just do this. Alvarez, if our prime our prime a prime up our story up our crime f prime are our prime prime, our prime If our prime and they're we have our cubes. So that's it. Uh, Now you can solve that. Rubik's cubes that toe by toe aerobics, cubing, advancing missile. Thank you for watching. And you in the 7. Blindfolded method : Y Perm: Hello work Everybody is the first story a off solving their toe by toe by to ridicule blindfolded. I really recommend that you first watches that three by three by three blindfolded metal Because there are some some tricks that I already illustrated illustrate them in the three by three by three. So if you know how to solve the three by three blindfolded So you already know how to solve that toe by toe, blindfolded or so the only Al Grisman we will use in the two by two is the wiper. If you remember it from the beginning from the three by three metre. So because there is no edges here. So we will only deal with the permits that deal with corners, which is the wiper only I would just show you to you the like him, if you remember, changes these two edges and these two corners. So it is to corners and these two ages and we don't have is the toe by toe any edges. So we are just concerning with corners overly so algorithm will be here. I would just do it fast. So this is the repair. If you notice changes toe edge is just ignore them And the change this corner with this corner specifically, it's changed. This is sticker with this is sticker. So let's just do it again. Now we have the cubes off. So it is the same means that two by two, it changes this sticker with this is sticker. So let's just grab. So if you notice this corner or this sticker specifically is change it or swept with cystic so that is, let's just do it again. So this is the only perm or the only aggressive we will use in their in solving the two by two by two rabbits your blindfold. So thank you for watching and see in the next. 8. Blindfolded method : Solving: along with everybody in the next four Alofs holdings are two by two by two Aerobics cube blindfolded. So again, I really recommend that you watch first, the three by three by three blindfold missile because there are some things that are already illustrated or discussed in the three by three Miss it and I will not discuss them again here in the two by two. So as you know, we were in the three by three holdings a Cubans, this position where the blue centuries and supper face and that it is in the front face because there are centers on in this position we will have here. The blue gate is a blue, orange and white corner, and here's the red Sari Zarate and they Lewenza Green called So in the two back to we don't have any any center. So it doesn't matter in which position we will hold the queue. But in order to make it easy for us, we were just looking for this corner there, the yellow and the red and the green, and we'll just put it in the down left position just like this. So here it is. Here, the yellow green and red. So we want it in the down left front, just like here. And we want the yellow sticker on the right. So we were Just keep protecting Zack, You until we have our yellow green court. A yellow green, red corner and yellow sticker is on the right. So just like this. So now we know that this corner is already solve it and we can just start memorizing the corner. So as I told you, Industry by three by three you are free to make your own remembering system. But I will just here show use my own system, which is destined one. So are we referring toe the stickers with numbers just like this. 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1920 2122 23 24. So first we start holding the Cubans his position where we have our corner the yellow green , red corner in the down front. Right. And our yellow sticker is on the right so and we'll start looking at our butter. So if you don't know the buffer, you must have watch it. Three by three by three blindness. So we're just looking at the buffer and decide where it needs to go. So here's a blue and yellow and yellow and the red one. So in the three, but three is a blue and red and yellow one. It needs to be here. So blue year. Lauren. It needs to be here, which is 20 position in my numbering system or remembering system. So the first number is 20. Then we will have this piece in our before. So why green? Red? It needs to be here. White, green, red. So in this position. So why Green did It needs to be here in that 16 positions. So 20 is the next 16 and we will have this piece in our buffer, which is white, blue, red, which needs to be here white, blue and red. So it needs to be here in the 19 position. So sorry story. Not 19. It's 12 15 14. It's 14 position. Then we have our blue, orange and white in the buffer, which is which is its position. So we have to break into a new cycle if you remember what's breaking into a new cycle, means from the 313 missile. So we will just choose. This piece will shoot at the sticker, which is number six in our numbering system. So and inside, where this needs to be in green and white and orange on a green and white on Lawrence. So it needs to be in there 21 position. So here his position in the doing back left. So so after After breaking to new 2nd 6 we will be 21 ons in yellow, orange and blue, which is here you go yellow, orange and blue in this exposition again. So our our numbers are 20 then. Ah, then six teams in. Sorry, Yes, 2016 and 14 and 6 21 6 So religious. Let's just start doing are aggressive. And of course, if you remember, we have to go some contract moves as usual. And here we have nothing to worry about in the contract moves because there are no edges. We will just have to keep this corner in its position. So let's just start. It's 20. Here's the blow by blow yellow read. It needs to be here in 20 position, so we will just be down, Toby in the wiper Imposition on. Just do that quite well, then undo the contradict move. So now we have this solve it just like here, the red and blue And you know, So we just keep solving the white, green and red, which was 16 the white and the green on Britain's position And since his position and its contract moves will be F toe and then our prime and then wife and then or if and I will have it is solving in its place. The next one was 14 which is year. So just to f and we will have it in the library position, then do white film. And under the contract move just like this on we were breaking into a new cycle, which is number six. So in this position just rotated place tohave it in the wiper position. Then do is that white and then under the contract moves. Then we were shooting and 21 which is in this position. So we will just do doing have prime and we'll have our seeker in the white paper position. Just do and then undo the contract move just like this and our last target is six against who? Just get it in the weapon position. They do the wiper, then undo the Now we have solved their toe by toe by toe aerobics cube blindfolded. So again you can use your own numbering system Or remember existence. There is a different number. There is a different technique story and remembering. You may use letters instead of numbers just like this. A B C D e f g h i j k l m In o p Q r S T u V w x and start remembering by putting their yellow green red piece in the down front corner and just startled. So that's it. Thank you for watching on DSI you is a four by four by four.