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How to Solder Electronic Components Like A Professional

Ashraf Madhoun, An Engineer with +10 Year Experience

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10 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 2 Course Contents

    • 2. 3 Things to Consider when Choosing Soldering Irons

    • 3. 4 Soldering Accessories

    • 4. 5 Step One Preperation

    • 5. 6 Step Two Tinning

    • 6. 7 Step Three Soldering

    • 7. 8 Cleaning Your Soldering Iron

    • 8. 9 Tips and Tricks

    • 9. 10 Examples of Bad Soldering

    • 10. 11 Let's Try Soldering


About This Class

>>> In this Course you will learn how to Master Soldering in no Time <<<

>>> Continues Updates <<<

STOP Wasting Time, Money and Effort on Bad Soldered boards, Start Solder correctly to have a long-lasting Fully functional Board.

Ever Wondered Which Soldering Iron is right for you?

Did you ask yourself why My soldering doesn't look or feel like a professionally soldered board like you see in most online videos and images or even in boards that you purchase?

This Course Have all the answers for you

You will learn how to master soldering and use the right tools for the job

You can count on these results:

  1. Learn how to choose the right soldering Iron

  2. Learn how to change the soldering Iron tip head

  3. Learn what is the best solder out there, and why it is the best

  4. Learn how to clean your soldering Iron

  5. Learn how to extend soldering Iron life span

  6. Learn what are the right tools you need to have to keep yourself safe while soldering and solder the right way

  7. Learn the difference between good soldering and bad soldering with real-life examples

Basic soldering is a skill that's easy to learn and not hard to master.

  It just takes practice! 

There is a huge range of soldered situations out there, from tiny chip resistors on circuit boards to large UHF connectors.   

There is also a large variety of irons, tips, and solder to choose from, and it certainly does help to have the right tool for the job. 

Good luck, and remember...   

Good soldering takes practice!  

Warning: You are working with HOT liquid metal, it is a matter of time before you will get burned.    

Be careful!

Contents that will be introduced in this Course

  1. •Soldering Tools

  2. •Soldering Accessories

  3. •Step 1: Preparation

  4. •Step 2: Tinning

  5. •Step 3: Soldering

  6. •Cleaning

  7. •Tips and Tricks

What you’ll learn

  • Choose the right soldering Iron
  • Choose the right tools you need to have to keep yourself safe while soldering and solder the right way
  • Choose the best solder out there, and why it is the best
  • Clean your soldering Iron
  • Change the soldering Iron tip head
  • Extend soldering Iron life span
  • Get your own Soldering tools that are right for you
  • Solder Correctly following The right steps to an excellent soldering
  • Set the right heat, solder and tools to be a soldering professional
  • Differentiate between good soldering and bad soldering with real life examples

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic experience in Electronics
  • Basic experience in Electronic devices
  • A Well to apply, not just watch

Who this course is for:

  • Electronics Geeks
  • Anyone Interested in Learning The right way to solder
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineers


1. 2 Course Contents: hello and will come to this new listen. Today we will talk about the contents that you need tohave all the contents of this course so that you can get a clue for its coming decks, starting with soldering tools. Then we'll talk about shouldering accessories. After that, we will go through three steps off, soldering the preparation, dining on soldering. After we finished soldering, we will go on to cleaning. Then we will take some tips and tricks. So this is an overview off what will take and the scores starting with soldering tools, soldering tools. The only tools that are essential to solder are a soldering iron on some solders. So this is a typical soldering iron on. This is a solder back. There are, however, are lots of soldering accessories available, but these two are the most important to soldering tools. Different soldering jobs will need different tools on different temperatures, too. For circuit board work, you will need a fine art imp on a wartime rich are on final grade solder. You may also want to use a magnifying glass or you connectors such as excel are will require a larger tip hired him Britcher on thicker solder clams and holders are also hand you and soldering audio cables. Because you want something toe, let's say club on the, uh Why are so that you can solve that it correctly. There are several things to consider when choosing a soldering Iike Iran. As you can see, this is the soldering iron on. This is the tip off the soldering iron. So the first thing to consider is what is, which is how it's letting beside that soldering iron, how many, what it needs or the board consumption, Let's say, which will control the amount of bar coming out of the tip off. The Soldering Ireland second thing is adjustable or fixed temperature, so some come with adjustable, while other come with only one Tim Britcher, which make them cost less. Third thing is the boar source electric or gas. Ah, I know that most of you on Lee saw the electric one, but there is also a guards. One which does not need doesn't need electricity, and it's helpful because it's portable and the fourth thing is a bore tubal or been shoes. This false ah aspect win be related to the failed aspect because if it's electrical. It will be been shoes. If it's girls, it will be a portable. We will talk about these things in details in the coming less on solder gun not recommended as these have no temperature control on can get too hot. This can result in damage to circuit boards, milk, cable insulation and even damage connectors. I know that most of you now has their own soldering gun. Also during Iran without a temperature controller. This is bad for soldering, so stop using it on. Try to get a new one with a temperature controllers so that you won't damage your boards or melt your cables. You might even wonder why I'm not soldering things right. This is one off the answers, the temperature off the soldering iron. You need toe. Be able to control the temperature because soldering small items take Liston picture of Ansel during big items. In the next lesson, we'll talk about what is adjustable or fix them. Rich are bar sores onboard Hubble or been shoes, which are the several things that we need to consider when choosing a soldering iron. Thanks for watching this. Listen, this is educational injuring team. See you next 2. 3 Things to Consider when Choosing Soldering Irons: hello and will come to this new Ellison in which we will talk about things to consider when choosing a soldering island. We did mention that these things are what is adjustable or fixed temperature bar sores, portable or been shoes. So this start with what is. It's important to realize that higher, what does not necessarily mean hot are soldering iron. Higher wattage. I know. Just have more bowel available. Took up with bigger joints. I know what is Iran may not keep its timbre char on a big joint as it can lose heat far Selvan It can reheat itself, so you need to take this not into consideration. Smaller joints, such as circuit boards, require Alyssa Wattage. I run around 15 2 30 watts, which would be fine in this case, while audio connectors need something bigger, at least 40 what is recommended. So as you can see, you can't get the same soldering Ireland for these two different jobs, or you will bear the smaller joint if you used a 40 watt ah soldering iron or vice versa. There are a lot off cheap lower islands with not on Richard control available. Most of these are fine for basic soldering. But if you are going to be doing a lot, you may want to consider a variable temperature Soldering Eireann. Some of these have a thermos static control so you can vary the heat off the tip. This is very helpful one soldering different items and different size, so you must take this into consideration when buying a new I run a soldering iron. If you have a temperature controlled irony, you should start at about 350 a 315 to 345 ah degree cities us. You may want to increase this. However. I prefer about 700 to 715 Fahrenheit. Use a temperature that will allow you to complete a joint in 123 seconds. So if you are blazing the tape off the Soldering Eireann at a joint on, you are not sold doing it in a range off 123 seconds. This means that you are choosing the wrong temperature for the job so they exist. Knots into consideration toe make your next soldering job are way much easier now talking about bar, which is the second most important element. Most soldering irons are electrically bar on are either 110 toe 230 volts a C depending on where you live, or bench top soldering stations which transform down to low voltage DC. This is a soldering or a typical sort. Darling Eireann Battery and gas board units are also available. These types are great for the toolbox, but for more than incident work, you'll want a blood in one on your bench. So if you have, let's say a portable job you are sold during our teams inside a wall, you will need to have these portable items. This one is the guys. One you can fill it with. Gas on. Use it just like honey. Ah, kitchen goes, You will fire it up on it. Will he the tab so that you can use it for soldering. It won't give you a very great result, but it can get the job done. Gas soldering iron can lose their heat in windy conditions more easily that a good high wattage means board Ireland. So you need to take this into consideration. You won't be able to use the guards soldering ah, Iran in our in the environment because when ah when, ah, make this item lose its heat very, very fast, which which is bad for the soldering a job that you are doing now let's talk about the fared most important element, which is sold up the most commonly used sold. The type is Rosen core. Rosen is flux. It cleans the wear on contact as you solder, so it's easier to use this than using other types for beginners. Rosin core solder comes in three main types. 50 by 15 60 by 40 and 63 by 37. These numbers represent the amount of time all of 10 and lead are present in the solder as showing below sold. Our type 50 15 means that we have 50% in and 50% lead on the melting temperature would be 425 Fahrenheit. 60 40 means 60% 10 on 40% lead on Devin. Think temperature will be 371 while fold US 63 37 63 10 percent Aunt 57 lead percent. Ah, the minting temperature will be 361 Fahrenheit. You must take this into consideration. You will find this information is in here on this label. So depending on your soldering iron, you need to choose the right solder for the right job. The other type of solder is acid core asset core can be to determine out toe fittings on Unless you are Experian against at soldering you should stick to rosin core solder and the general bursaries and course Wonder will work fine for you. Okay, Going forward in the next lesson will talk about the soldering accessories But we will keep it to that. And this lesson. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, please ask in that you want able We are here to help you. Thanks for watching This is educational engineering. 3. 4 Soldering Accessories: Hello and welcome to this new lesson. Today we will talk about soldering accessories, which are tools that you can use to make your soldering job away much easier. Let's start with soldering iron tips. Try to use the correct size step whenever you can. As you can see, these are the Ireland tapes. You can't replace the island. Tips for your soldering iron easily smaller wears on circuit boards require smaller find tips. My cables with XLR connectors require larger tips. Types. Off tips are pointed flat tips, sometimes called spade tips. As you can see, these are the on example off several types off soldering tips. You need to make sure that you are using us more. A small tape for smaller soldering jobs. Andi Larger Deb for bigger I temps Next soldering iron stand. As you can see in this image, this is a blast extent for the soldering iron. You can place it here while you are doing something on. Keep it fired or keep it on. These are handed use If you are doing a lot of soldering. It is a heat resistant credit for your irony to sit in so you don't have to lie down on the bench. While it's hot, it will bear your bends. It can be essential if you are planning to do a lot off bench soldering as it is only a matter of time before you burn something global. Probably your elbow resting on the hot tip if you don't use one. So it will cost you about nothing, and it's very helpful, so I recommend it very much. You must get one clamps clamps off some sort are strongly recommended trying to hold your soldering iron. The solder on the wire is tricky enough, but when you have to hold the connector as well, it's almost impossible. There are how far adjustable clams that can be manipulated toe hold both the connector underwear in in place so you will still have two free hands to apply. The hate on the soldier, as you can see in this image you can, is the way out here on the item here on break them closer together. Then you can use you your both hands one toe. Hold the soldering iron on the other one toe, hold solder toe. Be able to solve our right and correctly as you can see. Ah, here is one of the option that I use. You can ah use this option. It's not a great option, but it gets the job done. If you are in a place without a clam. Next is magnifying glass. If you are doing work on BCBS printed circuit boards, you may need to get a magnifying glass. This will help you see the tracks on this under BCB on unless you have exceptional site. Small chip resistors are pretty difficult to sold are on will without a magnifying glass. So you need to have that magnifying glass to see our teams in, ah, higher scale so that you can solder them right on. Going further. Let's talk about the solder wick solder Wick is Hamish that you lie on a joint on when it heats up. It also Mills That's older, which is drowned out off the joint. As you can see, this is basically ah, a way out. A couple. We are that when heated up, it will take the solder out off aboard. It is usually used for cleaning up solder from tracks on a circuit board, but you will need a solder sucker to clean out the holes in the circuit board, so this words on the board itself. But if the board has holes with shoulder inside these holes, this won't work. You'll need this item, which will talk about sold off. Second, Um, now sold that week plays the week on the sold Are you want to remove then, but your soldering iron on top of the way the week will heat up. Then this older will melt and flow away from the joint on in tow, the way it's very simple and very easy. As you can see, you just need to heat it up so that can suck the solder from the ball now for the soul during Sir cars. As you can see, this is one of them. If you work on busy bees before too long, you are John going to need one of these. There are spring loaded vacuum device that sexta melted solder out of the joint. They are a bit tricky to use as you have to melt the solder with your IRA own, then quickly position the solder sucker over vomited solder and released that spring to suck up the solder so it will use air vacuum to suck the solder or limited solder from the board on to clean it. That's it for the accessories. Next will talk about the main steps and soldering that we mentioned area in the scores. If you have any questions, please ask in the Q and A board, we will add links to Bush's each of these items and the resources file. Um, if you have any question again, you can ask it in the current A board. We are here to help you. Thanks for watching this is educational engineering team. 4. 5 Step One Preperation: hello and will come to this new listen. Today we will talk about the fair step and soldering, which is liberation. So if you are repairing the cable for a connector, but any connector bars first that screw on Bart off on XLR or casing off 1/4 jack off, for example, get into the habit off sliding these on before you start on the cable or else you can bit. It won't be long before you finished soldering your connector only to discover you forget about the connector casing on aunt. Have to start all over again. As you can see here we have a connector casing Onda plastic. Let's say a plastics aboard for the connector. So when buying the connector your by bite with these two items, you need to both them before start soldering because if you solve that these items you won't be able to bless these items inside the cable, so you need to take this step into consideration. If you have a connector, you have to blaze any accessories or supporting bars inside the cable before starting soldering. Once you have all the connector Bart on, you will need to strip the insulation from your cable. This means removing the insulation from the end of the yr and exposing the cab. Our core. You can either use our lobster bar side Qatar or on. I've do this. It's up to you the of your stool to choose toe strip Our would be our stripper, for sure. Now there are many type of fire strippers. Most of them work the same. You simply both the world in and squeeze it on. Bull the in bit off, it will cut toe Fabrice it Debs on. If you have chosen the right depth, it will cover the insulation off perfectly. It is possible to shows the wrong depth and cut too deeply or too shallow, but they are very easy to use. These are two of examples off the YR strippers Now. In some cases, you may need to use a book it life or side Qatar. Use side cutter for small cable on a pocket knife for bigger cables. Take this into consideration. If you are using side cutters as showing here, As you can see, this is called aside. Qatar British. Position them about 10 millimeters half an inch from the end and gently squeeze the Qatar into the insulation toe bites it, but not full enough. Took up the cab, are stands or strands off the court. Orbit the cutters slightly so you can tell the world on bars, the wrist off the insulation. You may have to do this a few times to cut through all of the inspiration, but it's better to cut too shallow aunt have to tell Andi cut again rather. But rather than cut the core and have to start again. So it's up to you, and it's upto how you use your own stripper. We will show you this in video in the practical part of this course at the end, but for now you'll have toe stick to these instruction toe. Cut the where correctly. Now you should be able to slide the insulation off with your Qatar or bullet off with your finger. This may sound like a tedious method, but in no time at all, you will be able to do it in two cuts. Onda Flick of the cutters so you will get used to it. We're removing the inspiration from larger cable using a knife. Great caution should be used. The chance off. Cutting yourself is very possible in that case, because you are not using the right tool step for stripping large cable. Using a knife to remind the amount of the outer jacket that is Toby removed, hold the cable in one hand on the life. In the other hand, bless the sharp edge off the life and the location on the cable war you where the jacket is to be removed. Bull the blade off the knife around the cable, applying enough pressure to score the jacket. The 10 drive to a safe location. Hold the cable with both hands on both sides off the location where you have scored the jacket. Begin handing Obor. Begin bending the cable back and forth to stress the jacket. This will cause the jacket to split where you have scored the jacket. Now slide the outer jacket off the cable. If you are removing more than four feet off jacket from the cable, you will need to do additional steps at 5 to 6 inches from the end of the cable. Using your life carefully cut into the jacket to the end off the cable bill. Back the jacket to expose the inner wires. Grab hold off the jacket in one hand on the inner wires with the other hand on Bull them about. The jacket will split as you ball until you get to the location on the cable that you have already cut through the jacket. These are the basic steps for the preparation. There basically did. You have to expose the Khobar so that you can solder that cab are correctly. You have to take these steps into consideration when cutting A. I recommend choosing the right ah, wire stripper so that it will make your job or your life away much easier on it would avoid . You will be avoiding hurting yourself in the next lesson Will bow talk about dining, but that's it for now. If you have any questions, please asking in the current able thanks for watching this is educational engineering team 5. 6 Step Two Tinning: hello and will come to this new listen. Today we will talk about thinning whatever it is you are soldering you should 10 both sides before you attempt to sold out of them. This court's or fills the I R or connector contacts with solder so you can easily melt them down together no to 10 hour a blind. The tip off your I run to the YR for a second or two. As you can see here, this is the tip of the island or the soldering iron. Apply its end to the wire for a second or two to eat it up, then apply the sold after the way our this is the solder. After a second or two, you must add it to the why are the solder should flow off really onto the wear and caught it. If it's standard, why are the solder should flow into it on? Fill the way our until it reaches this point. Be careful not to overheat the where, as the insulation will start to melt. As you can see, this is ah, bony fillion or plastic insulation. If you hear the where for more than two or three seconds this installation will heat up on Gmail down on some cable, the insulation can shrink back if he did too much on exposed more cab our core that you intended, you can cut the We're back after you have tended, but it's best simply not. Toe overheat that way, so make sure not overheat it so that you can get on accurate results. The larger the cover core, the longer it will take to heat up enough to draw the solder in. So use a hurt him, which are soldering iron for larger cables if you can. 10 contact. As you can see, these are three contacts. To attain a contact on an audio, excel our connector. Hold the irony on the outside off the contact for a second or two, then apply the solder into the cavity off the contact. It's just like soldering aware or training our Once again, the solder should flow freely on fill. The contact connectors, such as Jack's, have contacts that are just holes in a flat bart off the connector. Doesn't this U boat your ira on it on a blind? The solder toe way Vyron is touching. That's older. Should flow, uncover the whole Once you have 10. Both Barts. You already sold of them together. This step can often be the easiest. When soldering audio cables on, we will talk about it in the next lesson which is step three soldering. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, please add in that you want a board. This is educational engineering team. 6. 7 Step Three Soldering: hello and will come into this new listen Today we'll talk about the fair step which is the final step soldering. You simply need to bless your soldering iron into the contacto Melt the solder when the solder in the contact mills slide the well into the contact Then remove the irony on hold the wire. Still, while the sold our solidifies again you will see the solder sit as it go hards This should all take around 123 seconds. A good solder joint will be smooth on Chinese If the joint is dull on crinkly Dewie probably moved during soldering. If you have taken too long, it will have sold off spikes. If it doesn't go so well, you may find the insulation has melted All there is too much stripped. Why are showing if this is the case You should this old other joint on start again This step is the easiest one because if you did step one unto ah, in the correct way it would be so easy for you to solder, which is the final step. If you did anything wrong, it will affect the whole soldering process. So make sure that you did everything the right way or the solder. If you are not satisfied with the results. Thanks for watching this. Listen, if you have any questions, please at them in the human table. We are here to help. You have been learning on. Thanks for watching. 7. 8 Cleaning Your Soldering Iron: Hello and welcome. Today we will talk about cleaning your soldering iron. You should clean your tab off enduring Use their our money cleaning solutions on the cheapest on some say best is Adam Sponge. Just drop the soldering iron tip on it on after each sold, our connection on you will be good to go. As you can see, this is a sponge dump sponge on this Is that it before clean before cleaning on This is the tip after cleaning. As you can see, it did, Ah, very great job. Even though it cost nothing. Some soldiers stations came or come with a little bad at the base off the holder. As you can see here, this is the iron or soldering iron holder on This is the base. If you have one of these, you should get into the habit off webbing The tip on the bad Each time you apply solder with it toe. Keep it clean, Andi, To avoid damaging the tip if you need to clean solder off a circuit board solder Wick is what you need. You play This is sold away. New place the work on the joint or track you want to clean up on a blind, your soldering iron on top, the solder mills Andi is down or is drawn into the week. If there is a lot off solder, the week will fill up so gently Bulldog would throw their going on your IRA own on. The soldier will flow into it as it buses, so it's a very easy and effective way to clean the board on the soldering iron. Next, we'll talk about some tips and tricks in soldering job, but for this lesson, that's it. Make sure to clean your soldering iron efficient efficiently on frequently tow. Avoid damaging the tip on to avoid damaging the whole soldering iron. Ah, keeping your soldering iron clean will ensure that will have an efficient soldering job over the time. Thanks for watching this lesson. This is educational engineering team. 8. 9 Tips and Tricks: Hello and welcome to this new lissome. Today we'll talk about some tips and tricks. Some of them might seem obvious, but we needed to mention them in case you didn't. No, let's start with the 1st 1 melted solder floors, the world's heat. This is a very basic thing. If you have heat, the minutes older will go towards that heat. You should keep that, um, tip in your mind while soldering do most beginning solders, then to use too much solder on heat the joint for too long. So in your beginning, or as a beginner, you'll try to keep the soldering iron for as much time as you pan on the joint on your key . Bushing the solder. This is wrong. Keep that in mind. Don't move the joint until the solder has cooled. If you move the joint while the solder is melted, it will damage your joint. Or at least it will make the connection. Lose number four. Keep your irony tip clean. We mentioned in the previous lesson how to clean your island Tib. You need to keep it clean all the time to avoid damaging the soldering iron on toe, get a final result, Number five used the global time off Iran on tips. Eyes If you used the wrong type of Eireann all wrong type of step, you will get embassy joint soldering now. Other tips and tricks in troubleshooting if either off the Barts you are soldering is dirty or greasy, that's older. Won't take or stick to it. This old of a joint on Clean the bars before throwing again. Don't sold are with their T Bart's clean, then solder. Another reason the solder won't take is that it may not be the right sort off meter. For example, you cannot solve the aluminium with lead. 10 solder you need to sold are the right type of metal for sure, not aluminium. Aluminium has its own soldering machine, but in our case we are not soldering aluminium. Your soldering cab are also doing metal or irony, not aluminium. So keep in mind that you are soldering Kalbar when using this method. If the joint has been moved during soldering, it may telegraph graining or dull. It may also look like this if the joint was not heated, probably while soldering. If the joint was overheated, the soldier will have formed US bike on there will be burned. Flux is rude or list over. You need to make sure that there is no spikes. You mean you need to make sure? Not over here. The solder. Andi, make sure that your soldering job is done correctly and efficiently in the next lesson will talk about examples of that soldering. It'll give you an idea. Thanks for watching. If you have any question regarding the steps and tricks, please ask in the Q and a bore. This is educational engineering team. 9. 10 Examples of Bad Soldering: Hello and welcome into this new lesson. Today we'll talk. We will see some examples of bad soldering starting with this dry joint. As you can see, this is the way out on this is the joint. The Khobar needs more solder. As you can see here, we don't have our solder wife here and here. Solder is covering everything. So this is called a dry joined when there is lack off solder. This is called joint because Barnes moved while solder cool. As you can see, the soldier wasn't really called on. This part was moved so it's not in its place on when it called, it was move away. So it's called call joint or cool joint. Okay, Another cool joint where was not held in place. As you can see, this wire should have been here but instead of it moved here because it wasn't in place While the solder I wa school down No, the lugs hold in for as you can see is full on the surface a shine or around as you can see here it's full on This surface is shining all over around and we can see the way out, which is wrong. Solar has to cover the way out on the way it has to be inside the hole. Next, we will get ready to do some hands on practice. But for now, just download the resources off the scores on watch fees joints to avoid making the same mistakes. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, please ask that you want able This is it the occasional engineering team. 10. 11 Let's Try Soldering: Hello and welcome. Now let's try soldering fares. Blufgan, your soldering are Iran. Second, Let Byron heat up. This will take about five minutes, so don't rush things up. Three. Clean the tip off your Iran ones. Finish hitting gob four, apply a small amount of solder to your IRA own. Five. Clean the tip off your island again to make sure that everything is clean. Correctly. Five. Strip off about half an inch or 12 millimeter off insulation from a base of fire. We'll start by distinct. Abso fire. Screw the wire from moving. Similar tediously blazed the tip off the Eireann Onda small amount off the end off the solder to the yr as the solder mills the soldier will cover on floor into the yr. It removed the solder on the island from the way our nine all of this should have taken about 123 seconds. As you can see here now we have ah sold out yr and about 123 seconds on Congratulations. You have just tend your fair Swire. If it looks like this, then you did tended, tried or sold that. Ah, right. If you if it was looking Bolotsky shiny with a bar areas. Then you did something wrong. That's for the failed soldering. Ah, job that you have to do. The second job will be soldering XLR connectors. This is what we call XLR connector Fair. Secure the XLR connector from moving. Using this glib if you have or the clip that I mentioned in the accessories lesson. Second simultaneously blaze the tip off the island on a small amount off the end off the solder to one of the cups on the connector. As you can see here as the solder mills, the soldier will flow and fill the cub, which is what we need. Number three with the XLR connector held, Seek secure. Hold that end yr with a bear off needle nose pliers, as you can see here, bless your soldering iron into the contact to melt the solder. When the solder in the contact mills side it will slide. Ah, Okay, let's repeat it to concentrate on that specific point when the solder in the contact mills in this contact slide the way our into the contact, you can simply slide as you can see here it's melted down the kebab, the solder so we slide the wire that we saw sold out earlier in this contact on keep holding that way until ah, the heat goes down on it's stick in place Remove the Iran and hold the wire Still, while the soldiers qualifies again you will see the solder set as it goes hard as you can see here, this means that your join is done correctly. This should all take around 123 seconds. A good solder joint will be smooth and shiny. If the joint is dull on crinkly, the wire probably moved during soldering. If you have taken too long, it will have sold our spikes. Congratulations. You have just told that your fails connection. You are now on your way to soldering like a professional. Keep waxing, you will get better. You need to keep Bretzing on items that you don't need so that you can improve your skills and know the exact time that you need to place the soldering island tip on the item. So that gun as ah solder this item correctly. If you have any questions, please ask in the current able try toe practice and keep practicing until you find yourself doing things the right way on getting amazing results. Thanks for watching this Lissan. This is educational engineering team