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How to Sketch a Cute Face

Sykosan, 2D Animator and Teacher

How to Sketch a Cute Face

Sykosan, 2D Animator and Teacher

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5 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Shape of the Head

    • 3. Facial Features

    • 4. Details

    • 5. Conclusion and Class Project

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About This Class

In this class, I share with you some cool tips to draw cute faces. This class is not about "how to draw faces" in a classical way, but simply about how I draw faces myself.

Who is this class for? 
This class is suitable for all artists. Whether you're using pencil and paper or using a digital app such as Photoshop, you can apply the same process.

What will we cover? 
, we will look at the following:

  • Sketching the general shape of the head

  • Adding facial features such as the eyes, nose and mouth

  • Adding details

So if you want to draw cute faces, this class will help you achieve that.

Meet Your Teacher

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2D Animator and Teacher


Hi! I'm Sykosan :)

I am French / British and I am a 2D traditional animator and illustrator with 16+ years of experience. I am based in London. I specialise in 2D character animation and 2D special effects. I offer classes on how to draw and how to animate, particularly in Photoshop, but not exclusively.

Throughout my career I have animated for all kinds of cool media, such as advertising, feature films, video games and music videos. I got to work for some great clients such as the BBC, MTV, SAMSUNG, SONY, ADIDAS, GUCCI, and many more.

Today I hope to pass on some of my knowledge and help artists on their way to improve their skills.

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1. Introduction: today I want to share with use and cool tips Control could face is the way I do it. My name is Cyprus on French, and I'm based in London. I have worked as a freelance animated and industry in the past 15 years. In that time have drawn thousands and thousands of faces. But Michael artists have my own preferences style if you want. So this gas is not about how to draw faces in the classical way, but simply about how hydro faces myself. This class is suitable for all artists. Whether you're using pencil and paper or using a digital pap, such a spokes shop, you can apply the same person together. We will start with the general shape of that. Then we will place the facial features Eyes nose. Now, finally, I's also important Details. One shot. Follow this class. I would love to see you draw your own complain, so please share it online and hashtag meet with hashtag cycle this'll classes available online. Just follow the links below, so I can't wait to get started. Let's do this 2. Shape of the Head: Welcome to my class. We'll start with the general shape of the face. We'll try a couple of different angles. It's a very easy step. So let me show you how I do it. It gets started. We're gonna draw Cem shapes of cute face. Now, the shapes really don't need to be a difficult OK, really. The kid faces usually rather round shape. So what I want to do here is Teoh to draw a face seen from the frond from 3/4 and from the side. And we're gonna just just place the line for the eyes face. That's 11. So let's do this. It's gonna be really quick. So, uh, they stopped by the front gate, still on patrol something really quick. It's just, uh a nice, oval shaped like this. So personally, I like to have a science quite straight. That gets quite pretty elegant. So Right, so that would be for the front. I'm gonna just draw a line somewhere in the middle. Say Okay, this is a sad face. Now, um, let's strike side view eso. Same idea. So here on the left, it's gonna be more, um straight This and then from the side. You have some sort of an angle there where the jewels are. So just quickly maybe roughly sketch out and neck here. And maybe here's why his neck we go. And maybe I'm gonna try to do a 3/4 version here. So same idea, Snoble, say, And again, I'd like to see a little bit of that, old man. Now may be the next. Could be somewhere here like this, boys, Um let me have the middle of the face here. Could be somewhere here. So and usually for the eyes. I like to draw a line across the face. The eyes are usually pretty much a dead center in the face. You can see me, but with cartoons, Sally Carter, new style. You can have the eyes slightly higher up. And obviously I'm gonna draw large big guys because they're all cute. Oh, so I let me draw a line quickly, Somewhere near here, Right? Like here, here and here now for decide you you could all sort or another line for where that the here is gonna be on. Here's where you could just if you want to be fair, I really do this myself. But for the sake of this of this exercise. Um, I think that should do, right. I'm using a photo shop here, but to be fair, you're using software that the same rules apply. You can also use pencil and paper. Same results. Really? Doesn't matter. So I'm not gonna get into the the details of what brush sittings I'm going to use or this sort Brexit really is completely irrelevant in the same size. All right, um, so that's it. That's it for for the general shape. But you can use the same war if you want to tap some other angles so very quickly and just want to say, Look, if the characters looking up and you probably know about this to me, for this is not new. Every artist will tell you some things. Um, so oh, my brushes being based low right now, right? So if I do this, for example, imagine characters looking up. If I do this like so you can imagine the characters looking down. So yeah. So if I played Chris Mayes here and I'll be here, notes could be here and here could do this, and then those could be down there and you can see that so easily done to just organ. Date the face of your character by just just a few lines. Place really quickly. Even if that space far from the final look, the final result. Even if you change this, it doesn't matter. It gives you a direction. It gives you confidence. And where you going with your with your face. Okay, so that's it. For the first step, Onda will move on to the next. 3. Facial Features: great. We've just established the shape of the votes. Now we need to add some facial features. That's the eyes, the nose, mouth and ears. Again we can play around with. Those are We want to make sure we have something that looks cute. So let's continue. That's absent facial features. Teoh, these these faces. Okay, I'm I'm gonna start by placing the eyes. Maybe. And then I'll get on with the nose and then the mouth. Um, yeah, let's go through these three faces that we got here. And this there goes, right, I'm gonna start way the front you game. I might be the simple things. Simple thing. Okay, so I'm the way I placed the arts. Usually it's quite simple. I am just to draw, like, the orbits. So it's gonna be a matter drawing two circles roughly, roughly in the middle, little bit above the and little bit above the middle line. All right, so the eyes would appear they are you up eso Once you got the orbits like this, you can you can place the shape of the I. So let's say if you've gone on i a with a man die the thin I mean, depending on if it's if it goes our focus down, that's that's when you can. You can define these things. So, for example, now I could sign that this is quite an open large I So which nice and in cute. So let's let's try that. So let's say I would draw the upper lid. I lived here. Maybe this, for example, and then the bottom one just like this. That's a quite large. I know. I'm gonna go back and draw, maybe, uh, something thinner. So let's say this and like this, you see, it's more like a cat size. More like they then kind of, I go back again. You can draw some silver droopy ironing groupies. Maybe not the word, but eyes that go down and stay. There's people like that. So let's say you do this and you go down like that, all right, so it's good to make science, said I, but no. Sat in cute at the same time. Anyway, that's that's one thing you can do. So I'm gonna go for a more open, slyly Hammond shape. So more like mixture of thin I and, um and open open. I saw something of this. This may be the island partners to close. Like this. Sager. Okay, Same referee on this side. Okay, so we got we got the general shapes of the eyes there on this month is trying getting this one example. Eso here would place them slightly away from the front of the face. Okay, so, um, there was this nearly, like, a vertical line here is dead. The edge of the front from the edge of the I like this. And then you got but in the rest against the cheek like this. So it is pretty much a straight line like this. That's why would usually fall and pretty much the same for the top. Okay, so the I am from the side looks a bit like a triangle. Eso again. That's just three orbit. And then you can place the leads, the islets, for example, like this and a little like this. Okay, so it's I'm keeping it simple of the moment. And there we can do the same here. Roughly. I'm gonna place the orbit. So something my arm like that yet? Okay. And another one over there, but slyly squeezed. Okay. Close to two years, but you might notice. And this is maybe quite important to get her cute. Look, it's to have that will be that there's no touch the edge off the I. You want to have that distance there. All right. I want to have some distance. I for me looks nice if you keep some. So it's just remove those. Okay? I'm the same idea with place the shape of the islands. So something like this, for example, and something like this, you decide there's a point is quite useful in the isis to place this party. I right here. Eso usually slightly lower the limit of the eye so you can place it like this. For example, the same thing we, the ones like this, like this and here would be just just them. Okay, so it looks a bit like spider man of the moment. But as we add details, let's start looking more and more like a human lie. All right, but I'm going to stop right there for for for the eyes, my place now on the Abrams, the airbags are quite important. They give a the expression of the characters. So you want Oh, you ago wouldn't get that position rights because it's gonna give out an expression right away. So let's say, for example, if they go up like this, you create a look of someone was about the sad with this little bit. So we don't want that No, in this case or if you want to just go ahead. Um, she wanted Teoh. Decatur looks a bit angry. You would dio the friendly face and that's typically I think I closed. I go down. So okay, that looks right away. Angry like an angry for its OK, that's That's the language of the face. I'm sure you're aware of that, but it's so efficient too. To do this with the eyebrow, the eye brows really carry a lot of information. So, um, if you just want to draw a cute face, a general face, anyone, maybe something that is about the neutral eso you can go for something quite rounded. I best be curved or not. Or choir is until mine mine alcoholism to like this, but they can have different shapes were gonna go for something simple. Maybe something that goes around the islands gates, are you concede up. There's no translating it. Emotion. All right, if we do that on either side, it looks like a rather neutral emotion. So we're gonna stand at the end of the nature. You agree with me, but it looks quite feminine, I think. All right, So this is the general shape of the grass. Now they can have to the thickness you can play with thin eyebrows or something, I think doesn't matter in this gay spoken week. So this list of this here to hear, maybe you want you want to see it going away from the I hear, like, seven distance. So because of the perspective, same here on this side, the eyebrows will get closer to the island in this particular place here and further from the island in particular place here. All right, so that they could you be a depth, a bit perspective in the face. All right. And then we can go to this side, and then here you would go right up, right against the side of the face, to the eye blast. Go quite forward. And then and then just get do the same thing. Now, you so, um, grabby. With the position of the eyebrows. There's position that knows now. Now the nose as well. It's a different thing. If you like a long nose or short notice, breath can look quite cute. But generally we associate cute with a short note. I don't know why. Maybe because it's something that rip. Since youth, usually young people have short noses and older people have longer noses. I think it's because the nose continues to grow somehow over the years, on more maybe in other aspects of the body. So we start our lives with short anizers and end their lives with something. Anyway, So shorter knows may look cute, but not always. So I'm gonna just work on the front for the Maimon. I wanna place the I not too far dance, like Doesn't look too long. So if you know, if a place here, for example, that that that's a very long nose. If I place you were here, for example, it's gonna be a very short notice. Um, both. Okay, I'm fine, but I'm gonna place it somewhere here. All right. I'm just gonna place these two little dots here. There are lines as to suggest the nostrils. All right? You can do it any way you want, the moment just placing things. Let's do the same on this side of the draw. This little edge of the nose and a position, a nostril. Maybe right here. Now, at this point, there's one line I would like you to keep in mind. Who knows? That is cute stuff. Turner, a curvy little, knows this and that. Interview. Cute. You can curve the other way around. That's okay. Works, too, But generally people finding more cute if those skirt the other way. Eso if you want toe nail that curve. This is the moment when you can pay attention to this, and usually there's nice. Continue to between the eyebrows and the nose. You see that that line? Okay, you can pay attention to this when you draw a 3/4 face. So that's what I'm gonna draw him into toe the line and it would go like this, you see. So here, I mean, it could going there so slightly differently. But if you have some nice, continue a T between the eyebrow and the nose it will give, since nice validity to the line of your facts. Now let's go back Teoh side view and things time will see the nose with it clearly of shape most so, like I said, I like it knows as curves this way, but again. So I'm gonna just shape a couple of knows is safe. I went for a straight nose. You could have something like this. All right, this is a straight nose. Um, that's okay. That's fine. You could also have a nose that bends slightly the other way, like a Typically, I think a lot of Indian people have Ah knows that bends this way. And I couldn't look really nice, so it could be like this example. All right, that's gonna cute, too. I like that, too. But it is not usually the shape I go for by default. So I'm going to show you what I usually go for, which will be something more like a nest. Say, play this like so that's the kind of knows I would usually go for for something cute. All right. I guess it's quite again. It's quite youthful. Soft, no shape. And then we can place no strolls like this as well. Uh, that's it. So next big thing to position would be the knife. So I'm gonna stop again. Uh, so you have some choices as well. You can have a good now this quite high up or quello down or right in the middle. And, um, again, you might. Some people might find that different positions are cute, but that's a very personal thing. I find that there's all positions gonna work. My profits goes for a slightly and math of slightly closer to denotes. Now it's personal preference. So I'm going to just show you that old all those work. So if I went for a Mathis by low, it could be like this. I mean, this one looks a bit like Canadian right now, but that could work. Teoh get. But you could have a very high like this. And I gives you a feeling that this bigger chin as the one before look, get you gave you the feeling that I had this much. All right, So you gruesome somewhere right in the middle, Like here. Now I like to have a slightly slightly up, so go slow. Neither is right. So I'm just positioning. Just a line. Just suggest my we're going to see the details later beverages. I'm here. This and I'm gonna do same here. Okay. So, um, the final thing I would like to position is you are the heir for me. I usually keep it faces. Some people have, ah, sort fascination with tears, and they will love to draw some details intact. Big years. I've seen this in and Japanese mango for some reason that they seem to have a fascination years Meltem, quite large and detailed. I personally don't care much about about years, so I keep them simple, rather small. And I don't detail them too much so but that's up to you, if you like. Here's just go full on details if you want to. So let me place the years. That is usually as you can see, the cover, the top of the ears kind of just on top of the I minus. Right. So if you imagine I'm fellow wearing glasses, um, the disciple of the glass to go straight horizontal here from the side of my eye to pretty much the top of my here. So that gives you, like a good, good positioning eso. I'm gonna put the air right here. The top of the just the top of the I we go something that they don't keep it. Small things. Okay, um here will look something like this for the front and from the quarter. Look, something maybe Like this, Chris. There you go. So one last thing we might want to consider this boy, it's the chin high. My characters right now have no chin, but it can have upon kitchen large June small to something cute. Usually, Creed face has a rather small urchin, but small doesn't mean nights absent. You can still have a have a shape and still bitterly pointy. So, um, I'm gonna here on the front. I've already saw the shape of the chin. To be fair, I'm just gonna accentuate this a little bit, all right? Like this. And the right, for example. I'm going to worry. I'm gonna consider here the shape of the cheeks and the shape of the chin because, cheeks, when you we get Oldham and less cute loser cheeks. So, uh, having full cheeks is often a sign of youth again. And sign of being healthy and a sign of being cute s Oh, yeah, I'm going. Teoh, give this character some cheeks on. Tiny little chimps are just gonna go straight down here. Mm. Go. So I'm going to give it just a little bit ashamed by this seeing and making sure that can see a little bit of that cheek number for that chins. I don't want too much that chain gonna to produce a little bit. So that's that's the chain. That's quite a subtle, a subtle thing here to to draw, and you'll find with time that different shapes will suit. You better know you're like some shapes more than other spirits, something worth paying attention to. And here's something I'm gonna try to get distracted. Louisville chin here. Um, they go something like this. I'm just placing the draw a little bit. Eso the jewels should go down from side of it the bottom of the year. That's where your child starts. Eso should start here. Okay. All right. So, um, so that's the patient. Teachers pretty much placed. Maybe the one last day. Last thing is the hairline. Okay, again, this is something like a change from my happened off forehead, off level forehead that dependent people with taste. I'm just gonna play something really quickly here. Something that is not starts to solve. Lines I would usually draw. Um, if you like that, just do that if you don't try something else. So maybe something like this is something like that's here. Yeah. Something like this. Really quickly displacing this ***. That's that's how I would usually place the headline. Okay, that's it for the facial beaches. In the next step, gonna have lookout detaining all this and make it look nice and be more finished. 4. Details: fantastic. Now what I want to do is add some more details and then tidy up. So let's practice. Let's Ansel details to these faces. Now the real work starts if you want. This is where you you bring the character to life on the ever so important details. So I'm I'm going Teoh Probably start from with different face and a side view. Andi, I'm gonna probably speed up a times because this will take some time. But I will try to explain. Everything I do is miss possible as I do it. Okay, so let's get this back home, all right? The first thing I could do, maybe sexually make flip the picture recently because usually, you know, it's a very well known trick to just to see some problems because you get used to the formations one way. If you just flipping around suddenly you could see some of the problems appear more clearly . So I'm going to do that now And have you could test may be transformed. This actually an honor for me doing this. I was queuing here and then generally I wanna just re draw some lines quickly on try to make things been senator calling and balanced. So here, for example, just trying to make this one of them will symmetry. Now, these eyes have drawn here quite big, to be fair. No. Maybe I will make a little smaller. Maybe later. I'll see. Um all right, so it's It's one thing that symmetry is something that's hard to get, right? Beginning It takes time, and you never quite get it. Perfect. You know, we know we're not. Machines are not robots. Um, so and to be fair, doesn't need to be perfect, but we would experience my point is that with experience, you get better everything. So practice is really the key to getting better. It's not just about tricks and shortcuts, so, uh, yeah, well, just work those lines in a bit, so yeah, I'm just working the general shape of the head. Yeah. Making look been more natural, Say, like so. All right. I would like to absolute detail to death on this stage, so I'm gonna start here. Maybe so. The mouth is quite settle. It's such a yeah, complex object. Eso I've got some lines I like to pull. Usually someone just show you. Usually, I quite like to draw a little dimple their corner like this. Some little thing, though. Yeah, a little dimple there is. It is quite natural if you get if you wish to draw it well and it's like it. That's the point here, trying to do something cute. So I'm going with the old line seal and it's a bit complex, but, um, trying to draw shape of the mouth So this there's so many different things in mind. So it's like a wobbly line. Um, you have. I saw two shapes, the bottom lips in these two shapes and one of general larger shape. The top it say it zits difficult thing to to get right now, I think we all have different tastes, like lips and different shapes. It's it's good Teoh Teoh, observe and to decide for himself what what shapes we like. So I think those lips under this small on go through them with bigger just scale. It's great to draw computer digital because you can do this things so quickly. No. So do you listen a bit So notice? Um, I drove the similar things on a spear. Ah. Mm. This is often the no study often. Same things. So, yeah, I don't know how you go about drawing lips, but try this even to bill sit U s. So the site is quite particular. It's very, ah, different way drawing lips here because they're quite prominent on a stick out its afternoon bever hit and miss a fine. So I'm not. Sometimes I have to draw a few times to get right now, I wish to also get rid of the lines of construction they do get in the way after one, so you can either filmmaking look faint. Phentermine Transparent way. We could just start a new layer on your drawing on top to get rid of them because eventually, if you want to have a large drink, it's nice. He has to look like it doesn't have to me at the facts or to any infections. Eso the lines of constructions sometimes taken look nice. Sometimes I can get in the way of having something that looks nice. So here we're trying to make something execute and there's a sense of purity, something being a perfect in goodness. So getting rid off the construction line despite well, if you want to clean up the face and to make sure it looks next. Nice. So eventually you have Teoh get rid of them. So I'm so if raising them here little So the place of Dinkel again here. There you go. Sometimes I draw the top in the bottom of I was lying to the lips. It helps defining the lips, although I will obviously keep them in the final final Look. All right. Uh, okay. Want to revert back? Teoh the picture the other way. We'll flip it presently. Okay, Just, um I'm going. Teoh continued. Teoh, meet us to the eyes. Now. Just gonna get rid of some of these lines. So I'm gonna Simpson islands, and so eyelashes and people with some thickness kills. So I'm working on the thickness Blinds. Where are woman to be taken visible? I'm thinning them. You know the places you can see. All right. Just gonna place, huh? The iris in there, like so? So it gives. You can see the iris quite large again. That's helps making your character look tribute. If you maybe I was very small. Common makes someone looks really up. I condense like this. So if the Iris Cuellar's mixed the eyes that more relaxed, also more pleasing, less aggressive. Uh, yeah. Me Move on to the other ones three, right. It's so easy to make a a character look like there are cook. I'd, um So you want toe pay attention to that. And again, that smoke thing that really you get better with time and practice beginning some time to talk. Teoh know how to place the iris that looks natural Often it should be slyly kept from the top. You can see in my own eyes they always done top eyelids. It always cut stuff. The top oven islands as the bottom park. It's often be if the eyes are open enough, there can be visible more. But that's, uh, obviously bench where the character is looking. Let's have more highlighted and eyelashes and iris go. So I I draw my eyelashes as if they were done a ziff. They had Cem makeup, you know? Um, yeah, because again, it looks pretty cute to expose. Anyways, I'm so we get in there now, I'm going to concentrate. I think on this view, essentially, because what I'm gonna do on this 3/4 view, I'm going to then repeat to the other two. So I'm just gonna go through this one for the moment and probably gonna speed up the recording through the other two. So let me take you through this one. Next. I would like Teoh work on the eyebrows. Okay? It's I'm gonna just give them a little bit. Thickness. Here in the Libya, thinnest was the end again. They could look very different if I wanted to. I could make those like, for example, I quite like hand eyebrows. I have some sort thickness to them. Eso If I wanted to, I could just drove us and I'll be fine. Why not? You know, it's actually quite fashionable in the fashion, in the streets and reason people like thick. I rise for the moment. I don't know why, but anyway, so I think you can really go with any size. It's as long as the shape is elegant and pleasing. Size is not a problem, so we go on. But I just say that in the bet. Give him a consistency. Thickness, right. I could also slightly shade the top eyelid. It's something that looks pleasing again. That's why they do it with make up. Um, so I'm just gonna give it It's a little bit a little bit shading latest by following the shape. Um, thank you. I'm doing it a little bit on purpose so you can see the strokes. I'm gonna zoom in the basic and see it because naturally, there are some natural falls in the islands. So if you do see the stroke in this particular case, that actually adds details, it's quite realistic. Still, why not? So that's why it's in the same when you draw there the eyebrows. If you draw the mind so that they follow the natural shave direction of the hair, the hair, they will give you the moment. Isn't those details All right, I'm gonna detail now the viruses in, But, um, I usually like to leave Cem the lower part of the area slightly brighter because that's where I would show the color of the the iris. But the top is off to know we'll make it black often used in the shade on. And well, that's just a style that have come to to use a lot. That's that's the way I draw by. Different now, this is no earnestly realistic way to stylized way of doing it. You could find your find your own way of doing it. But this is about my own wave of doing this, kind of. So here we go. I'm gonna draw just, uh, the pupil right in the middle here and here. I always find it freaky, my dear, this guy looks stunned. Um, so then I will draw, like the area the bottom of the iris star. Well, I would like to keep clean, clear, and then I'm gonna shade top part, including the I was I think so. Okay, so you see, we're starting to read theatrical. I would be better now and usually right at this point already start putting some reflections in the eyes. You know, there's reflections in the eyes does dot white give the eyes. Summer life makes them look like they're moist and they're like that open enough to let the light said it gives the feeling that the cat is listening is actually paying attention. So we want seriously all reflections. If it's lacking reflections. It's just that the eyes maybe particular closed all the emotions behind intact. So anyway, so that's put some of those they speak sample like this, You could maybe draw a line around them. Maybe another one there, another one that it's not much. But, you see, it brings a life into the eyes for it. So, um okay. I want to clean up. Cem expects of it. Malone We work the shape of a head a little bit, just like this. All right, let's not forget that is ah, Ukrainian mother back there after needed by the hair. But in this particular case, not gonna draw much hair right now. I'm just gonna suggest some streets, a pair. My draw this to some tiny simple details in the year. Very cartoonish way. I don't really care, too. To your seat. Tells to this like I mentioned before. Okay, Right. Thing up from all the face, we move some of this construction lines, the thick in the outline. Okay? Just maybe suggest a little bit of shoulders here, all right? Just just another heads rest in something that is not just empty. Okay. All right. Okay. That's another thing that that line here between the true and the leg could be drawn. Of course, I could just go ahead and and drive draw this, but I find it's it creates strong angle and removes, um removes the softness of the face. And because we're trying here to create sweet and cute, I try to eliminate the lines Miss possible keeps the the skin looking fair. In a way, it's hard to say. Sometimes it's little things like this, huh? I do them. I don't know why they just work one way or another. Uh, yeah, it always have a reason for everything. Anyways, you go. Um, all right. Just go change the proportions of little things even, man. Just Teoh to my own tastes. Really? Now, that's all. Um so there's something very mango you can dio on the cheeks, which I think looks kind of pretty a Zinkhan. See, my style is, anyway, is very influenced by So they do this lines on the chiefs after acute like this, they do these things and yeah, they they are surprisingly efficient. Basically, what they suggest is that a captain maybe blushes, basically, because they are, they're seeing some emotions. And again, that's another trick to bring in bit of life, to give a love their life to character. So it's something you can do like this. With those lines, all you can do it by shading with values graze. We'll get to it a little bit. I will. I hope to give a bit more life to the lips, particularly through a little bit of shading. Um, because again the shapes still settle. It's hard to draw lips down during your hard angles. There could be reliable so that the shading can can help you bring the lips forward a little bit and make them look more alive. So I'm gonna try that now. Maybe just go home and be bring a bit light in those islands just by raising a little bit like this. And before I get more of the mouth of just try to finish up the eyes in the dark. And these, so often the I like Teoh have the darkest lines in the eyes. Somebody's in the eyes of a striking and and their track tension we want to see. Uh huh. We're very attracted by the eyes because they carry so much emotion, so much information about someone really state of mind the intentions. So it's it's night up. More contrast in the eyes So you bring mawr expression in the eyes. So that's what I'm gonna do. You describe darkened in these areas. So again, this is just a sketch. It doesn't have to. I'm not working here towards the final Ah, product. This isn't I'm not gonna think this or clean it up perfectly. Your correct. It's just a sketch. Another thing that I find this Quinn ized brings the eyes to life is to have some shading. We have a live eyelashes, and those eyelashes tend to cast a shadow on the white of the eyes. And so bring having that shadow painting in gives a bit something nice in the answer, I'll show you just clicking. So I'm just gonna have a little shadow right there. Thanks. So in here, so and a little bit inside? Yeah. So in here and again. So you go. I think this gives a a lot of life to the I I You can if you would like to draw debate into the bottom of the eye, you can also have some shading just beneath the I like this. It's something one could do. Same ideas. The upper eyelid. It's a negotiating if you put a lot of value less that stuff to change very quickly. In Tiu, someone looks tired. But honestly, if you just do it, forget it, right? People to buy them out, it would look like the eyes and more defined. So sometimes I like to add some more details. Just little more things that suggests, for example, that we can cease. Um, yeah, just some more details from the the eyelashes. Like this. It's kind of cute. Uh, you go. So yeah, maybe that's Bassem. Attention, Teoh the mouth. Oh, would you just desperately, uh, before you conduced for the mouth is just draw a few little lines well placed like this? My Clockers was saying this annual dip here, uh, you want to feel that part of the mouth there has a little depth there goes down. It's nice, given another shade underneath here. Good. Not too much. But that gives, um that brings the lips forward a little bit. Now, um, I could just shade the upper lip, the appellate for spacing down. So I'm just less line, so you can just go ahead and, uh, then do remember shading here. Nice. All right. You can do a little bit. This underneath the notes, but too much just a little bit. My so, uh, maybe just have been the year. Nothing. I wouldn't be too much. Just a little beneath here sometimes. Just cheese of shading here and there brings a lot Teoh your face. All right. Okay. What led the next? I would like to give a big loss. Teoh last. So I'm alone. I'm going to use a different brush for this, But you could do it even if using pencils and just doing very softly. I'm gonna just Yeah, do this like so this, like so just in the middle of the lips, I'm gonna not do the whole lips just a meal like this. As if I took Cem lipstick and rubbed it against the lips. That's kind of what I'm doing here. So that gives it their friend nous to lips. Maybe I did a little too much year. My just put it back a little bit a little bit ago, and then you can use that Teoh give it a bit lost by just painting some white and swarm. Mm. I'm gonna go back to normal brush and and just do this. I think so. And their gifts gloss to those lips. You see, it's so easy. Just just a little bit That and you can pushed are also could try to give the character blush Same idea. And again, you have to be subtle with this t so easy to to overdo it. But practice again will make perfects. But then you push for a little bit of blusher on the lips on a cheeks a little bit, maybe in the nose as well. Okay, Don't do it. Too much spur. It's kind of pretty. And then I'm gonna erase what somebody else has to be 200 years here. So raise this good. All right? And I can do that. Have the same idea. If I just put a little bit white here, I can give the feeling that this is chief. So Libbie Shine. There might be a little too much here. Eso again if I feel like I've done too much and I can pull it back a little bit by painting , raising it in the butt. Hmm. But that's a matter of taste. But I think that's pretty much it's This is how I approach a cute face. That's that's why I like the kind of things I like to put, you know, in a cute face. So what I'm gonna do next is I'm going Teoh, do you to sing the thing to the other faces to the front while and to decide one. And and I will be. It's a cute face. Okay, so let me let me continue with that. So you go. This is down. I draw a cute face. I hope you like it. I hope you find this instructive. 5. Conclusion and Class Project: Congratulations on completing these calls. Now you know how I draw cute faces. So again I invite you to draw your own kid faces. I would love to see what you draws. Please share it online on hashtag me hashtag psychosis so I can see your beautiful work.